Ishqbaaz 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Tadibaaz Shivaye and Anika get against


Ishqbaaz 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika and Vikram dance. Shivaye says Anika…. She says you did not remove this ring, he has made you wear this ring. Anika says you make Ragini wear the ring. He says you are marrying Vikram, I will marry Ragini, then scores will be equal. Shivaye asks Ragini will you marry me. Ragini and Anika get shocked. Some time before, Gauri says remember, jealous SSO rocks. Om says Shivaye is adamant to get Anika married. She asks him to have hope. Anika comes downstairs. She thinks marriage got cancelled, even then sangeet function is kept. Shivaye comes downstairs and thinks Om is strange to keep sangeet when marriage got cancelled, they just need a reason to sing and dance. Dadi and everyone look at Shivaye and Anika.

Shivaye asks did you tell Gauri about marriage cancellation. Anika says no, I was

going to say but I felt she knows it, did you tell Om. He says no, I was going to say but I think he knew it. She says maybe Gauri told him, why are we doing this sangeet. He says we will just celebrate and then tell them that marriage can’t happen. She says fine. Gauri asks Anika to come. Shivaye says wait, listen, I have to say something I forgot, you look good, much good. Anika smiles. Shivaye says just smile won’t work, say something nice. Ragini comes and asks him what is he doing here, function is starting. She takes him. Vikram comes to Anika and says I must say you look much beautiful, shall we….. He holds her hand and takes her. Anika sees Shivaye. Ragini stops Shivaye and says let them be alone for some time.

Anika thinks we can tell others later, I should tell Vikram now that this marriage won’t happen. She says I need to tell you something. Vikram says even I have to say something. Gauri says see, Vikram came and Shivaye’s face got pale, his smile went and anger came in, see it will be fun now. Om asks what are you doing to do. Gauri says just see….. music…. Anika says I have to say something. Vikram says yes say. Music starts. Anika says Shivaye and I cancelled marriage. Vikram asks what, music is too loud, I can’t hear you, you mean marriage, that’s nice. Gauri comes to Shivaye and asks is your eyes on Anika, she is looking so pretty and happy too. Shivaye says yes, they are talking a lot. Gauri says yes, new jodi will talk, its their sangeet. He asks what, this function….Ragini takes him. Anika asks did you understand. Vikram asks shall we talk while dancing, come.

Vikram takes her for dance. Ragini and Shivaye dance. Shivaye looks on. Vikram asks Anika for dance. He holds her and they dance. Gauri says see Shivaye. Om holds her hand and takes her for dance. Gauri asks what are you doing. Om says its sangeet, everyone is dancing. She says we are planning. He says you can do that while dancing. Om and Gauri also dance, taking the centre-stage. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Shivaye and Anika take a turn and come face to face. Shivaye and Anika see each other. Moment pauses for them. Anika gives her hand in Shivaye’s hand. Lights go dim. Saans mein teri saans mili to……plays…. Shivaye holds her close and they have an eyelock. Tear rolls down her cheek. He wipes her tear. They hold hands. They go other way and stop to turn to each other. They see each other with intense emotions. Shivaye asks for her hand. She gives her hand. Vikram pulls back Anika, while Ragini pulls Shivaye for dance.

They continue dance. Gauri says Shivaye’s anger will get high now. She counts down. Shivaye gets jealous seeing Vikram holding Anika close. He comes to them and says Anika….. Dadi and everyone look on. Gauri says now it will be a dhamaka, what do you think, will Shivaye punch his face or stomach. Om says none knows which way the camel sits, its a saying… She says sayings are different for elders, I will tell you later. Ragini takes Shivaye aside again. Gauri says how did Ragini come in between. Shivaye asks what are you doing. Ragini says you left dance in between. He says I don’t want to dance. She says fine, I have something to tell you. She recalls swapping rings. She shows a ring and says its your ring right. He says its one which I… She says which you gave Anika.

He says how did you get this. She says I got this fallen outside. She gives the ring to him. Shivaye looks at Anika. She says its okay, I understand, Anika doesn’t need your ring, she has worn Vikram’s ring. Shivaye sees the other ring in Anika’s finger. Ragini says but she should have not thrown your ring, she should have returned it to you, see she is looking so good, they both look good, that ring is also looking good. He gets angry. He goes to Anika. Anika smiles signing to say. Everyone looks on. Shivaye leaves. Anika gets puzzled and goes after him. Vikram and everyone look on. Ragini smiles.

Om looks at Gauri and says was this your plan, Shivaye left from sangeet. Gauri says no, he should have got anger out on Vikram, he got angry on Anika. Shivaye goes to his room and gets angry. Anika comes and asks what happened, why did you come in anger. He says your life will have everything good, you were happily dancing with that 6.5 foot man. She says why are you feeling Michmichi if I was dancing with Vikram, you were also dancing with Ragini. He says I was just dancing, I did not make her wear ring or threw your ring. He shows the ring. She checks her finger and says how did I get this ring. He says stop this drama. She says I really don’t know. He says make some believable reason, when you make Vikram wear the ring, obviously he will make you wear the ring. She asks did I? He says this proves how much our relation matters to you, Ragini told me she got my ring fallen on ground, its not just a ring, its our relation, which you have thrown on ground, just like that. She says she said and you believed, you think I can do this. He says you have done a lot which I didn’t think you could do. She says you believe Ragini more than me. He says I wanted to trust you, but you never kept it, you crossed limits.

She says you are crossing limits without knowing truth. He says you want me to crawl infront of you. She asks what’s this crawl. He says you want me to fall down on knees and apologize to you in front of everyone, you want me to say Anika come back to me, so you are doing this marriage drama. She says firstly, I m a girl, not a detergent powder to clear misunderstanding, I won’t explain anything, this anger, Tadi, misunderstanding always happens, I m fed up, if you think I m such and I can do this, fine then. He says then you agreed that I should crawl and beg to you, I don’t bend in front of anyone, you removed my ring right…. He removes the ring from his finger and says scores got equal, no you have made Vikram wear a ring and he also made you wear a ring right. Anika says you make Ragini wear the ring. He says you are marrying Vikram, I will marry Ragini, then scores will be equal. She looks at him and says think once, while having tadi to make scores even, you can make a deal of loss. He says I never deal anything of loss.

She asks can you see me marrying someone. He says I have seen a lot, I will see even this, fine you marry that 6.5 foot man, I will marry Ragini. She says you won’t do this. He says I will do my marriage preparations now, you take care of your marriage preparations. She says fine if you want this, this will happen. They go out of the room and turn to make calls. Shivaye makes call to decorators and says cancel the cancelling order, marriage is happening. Anika makes call and says I gave cancelling order for catering, don’t cancel it, marriage is happening. They both mention two marriages happening now. They go other ways. Shivaye calls out Ragini. Anika stops.

Shivaye asks Ragini will you marry me. Anika and Ragini get shocked. Anika turns and sees them. Ragini smiles and says yes, I will marry you. Anika gets tearful eyes. Ragini says I was waiting for your proposal, yes I will marry you. He says okay…… Vikram comes to Anika and asks what are you doing here, is everything fine. Anika sees Shivaye. She says everything will be fine as you are here, our engagement happened now, why to delay marriage, why don’t we marry next week. Vikram says sure, your wish and happiness are most imp, we will get married next week if you want. Shivaye sees Anika and says I want our marriage to happen this weekend. Ragini says weekend means just four days, ya. Anika says Vikram we will marry in three days. Shivaye says four days are much, I think we should marry in two days. Ragini says yes, I m happy and excited. Shivaye and Anika see each other and turn away. O jaana….plays….. They leave.

Bajrangi says sell your fiancee Lachi to me. Rudra and Bhavya get shocked. Bajrangi asks what are you thinking, say. Rudra gets angry. Bhavya thinks I hope Rudra doesn’t do any foolishness. Rudra thinks of Bhavya’s words and calms down. He goes. Bajrangi says strange.

Gauri says it means they were making calls to cancel marriage, not to speed up functions. Om says then a clever bird has spoiled the thing, and now the marriage is happening, that too just after two days instead two weeks, there is monsoon offer, plan one and get one marriage free free, the credit goes to oversmart Gauri and Rudra, for their stupid plan. She says things got spoiled. Om says now shout loud, jealous SSO rocks.

Bhavya asks Rudra were you raising hand on Bajrangi. Rudra says I was going to kill him, I can’t believe this is happening in our country, why do people do this. She asks him to talk slow, people do this for money. He says such people should be killed., they ruined many girl’s lives. She says please calm down. He says how, three girls’ lives are in danger. She says not three, four…. you want them to get punished, you have to agree to me.

Gauri asks Rudra what did you make me do, this time Shivaye is marrying Ragini, two marriages are happening in two days. He asks are you joking, how can this happen, jealous SSO rocks, some problem happened in execution. She says no, I did as you said. He says then someone spoiled it, did Om do anything. She says no, he didn’t like our plan. He says leave Om, someone did it. She says who can do this, my mind is strange, its not working now, when will it ring. She recalls Ragini showing a ring to Shivaye. She says I m understanding something, Anika had Shivaye’s ring, how did it change. She recalls Ragini coming to Anika’s room. She says I understood, Ragini did this, I will slap her to the wall.

Ragini says finally, he just said it, he said Ragini will you marry me, I knew this will happen, but not so soon. She breaks a vase and says I m celebrating happiness, my plan was to make Anika away from Shivaye’s life, but I didn’t know my entry will get permanently fixed, my dreams will get completed. Vikram says I can see that. She says thanks, it would have not been possible without you. He says finally. She says I will become Mrs. Shivaye Singh Oberoi, nothing can go wrong. Gauri talks to Bhavya and says Ragini spoiled all this. Bhavya says cheap things are expected by her, she got herself attacked to get Shivaye’s sympathy, she has no fiance, Siddharth settled in US. Gauri asks is she mad. Bhavya says she is psycho, I will get her info, we have to bring her truth in front of Shivaye. Rudra hears them. He asks how do you know about Ragini more than me. Bhavya says there are many things which you don’t know. He asks her to say. She goes. He asks her to listen.

Jhanvi cries and says what did this happen Tej, I will call ambulance. She says phone is not working, what to do now. Tej says we can’t do anything, he is dead already. Bajrangi sees Rudra coming. Rudra accepts the deal. Bajrangi smiles. Jhanvi says all doors and windows are locked from inside. Tej says I have checked back door also. She says it means none came from outside, just we three were at home. She recalls Tej’s words and looks at him.

Bajrangi holds a girl’s hand and says I will show how to apply mehendi. Rudra and Bhavya look on. Bajrangi badly eyes the girl. Rudra says he is cheap, why don’t you arrest him. Bhavya says we are waiting for Sultan, if we arrest him, many men like Bajrangi will get caught. Bajrangi asks Chini to call Lachi. Rudra gets angry. Bhavya asks him to stay calm. She comes to Bajrangi. Bajrangi stares at her and smiles. He gets mehendi cone to apply to her hand. Rudra comes and stops him. Dhansuk and Chini look on. They all turn and see Sultan coming. Bajrangi says Sultan bhai….Bhavya recalls her parents’ death. Rudra thinks he is Sultan, he came early, what will we do now.

Gauri says Shivaye couldn’t do anything, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to do anything. Anika says I know Gauri, but this is the problem, he should do something but he doesn’t do, you all are trying, I m afraid like he was seeing mehendi rasam, he will just keep standing silently and marriage will happen. Shivaye holds the ring and gets sad.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. Today’s episode what should I say
    Aww……for rikara they were really cute today
    And loved when om want to dance with Gauri
    Today I loved them

    Frankly I loved only one shivika scene
    That time when shivika holds hand and lights go off and the glittering om decoration in dark

    Sso………ek number ka bewakoof
    how can he trust Ragini on this matter
    How many days he want to believe in Annika
    It’s too much that too after kitchen talk
    They spoke openly their heart feelings then how can he think also
    Now Pushpa di or Riddhi di. …….what’s your explanation?????

    And second scene want to beat both
    What is this one week me shaadi do din shaadi
    Speechless about it……….
    O Jaana oru korachal
    Annika you marry vikki and
    Shivaay marry that makki

    Perfect match

    And one scene which I don’t to see while dancing scene
    They showed it bhaar bhaar
    Iam frustrated with it
    No shivikalicious dreams nothing……
    Iam going to break my phone by seeing SSO proposal on TV
    Bahut gussa aaraha hai
    Iam ready to punch anyone
    The scene is going on TV
    Bye bye…….more gussa
    Ragini ……go to hell

    1. Nivedita

      Rikara were adorable! ? Thankful that they r finally getting good screen time..

    2. Pushpa

      Nothing else to say meenu …
      Cvs hv ruined shivayes character…4some reason thy hv chopped him to bcome senseless person…
      thy wanted to cancel the wedding but got ruined…
      The dance scn ws so great got our shivika moments agn but dashed by yuckini nagini…
      Nw v just wait 2c wht cvs hv ….

  5. hello amena di ur superb u update it so fast and writing 1 hour episode is not an easy task true ur amazing di
    lots of love to u

  6. Chinu

    Nice twist bt feeling upset for shivika

  7. coming to the episode
    this nagini am seriously gonna murder her one MU never ends and she created another lots of slaps to u for that nagini hate u
    plz just get her out soon can’t bear her anymore
    and rikara were awesome
    this bhavya’s hair I really don’t like it her acting is so fake surbhi and shrenu are awesome and real
    not mansi sorry if I hurt anyone but its my opinion yesterday shrenu rocked seriously her expressions were oh my god so real she was too cute
    anyways episode was OK except that nagini creating MU…

    and hello everyone how r u all?

    1. Banita

      Ayesha dr i m also with u for kill nagini…
      Yeh Omri was Adorable…

  8. Shraddha-DBO

    Hey all ishqies & pkjs, coming back after long time.

    Really loving the episodes nowadays.Missed Om for few days.Both the couples were awesomely beautiful.Really loving them so much.Shivika nailed it in every moment.Rikara was way too adorable.???

    I’m also loving RuRi, AniRi, ShivRi bonds too.RuVya r also good.

    Excited for upcoming episodes also want to see balanced episodes with all couples.

    Happy to know that ishqbaaz is gonna come in Malayalam….yipee??

    Missed my pkjs here……love u all.??

    Have updated birthday shots on shivika & rikara ff too.

    Will miss my dear ishqies & the shiw for 2 days??




    1. Nila

      Hi shradha
      Ib in Malayan too
      wow in which channel?

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Interesting isn’t it???

      2. LAX

        Asianet Plus..!!
        But they ll spoil the dubbed version am sure..!!

    2. Piyuu

      ib malayalam 21st aug mei start hone wala hi show ka naam priyamanasam thum dekha promo .

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Ya I’ve watched, r u from Kerala…..

    3. Nila

      shradha which channel?

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        Asianet Plus nila???

    4. Nila

      Thank u shradha?
      Asianet tk

    5. Piyuu

      yaa im from cochin………where r u in kerala?

      1. Shraddha-DBO

        I’m from tvpm yaar?

  9. Nandhana

    I’m sorry dears..just fed up..want our old dabhaang is alone ishqbaaz..but full of nafratbaaz???
    Yyyyy..CVS theseeeeee much MU..can’t handle it..first half an hr was so so.. beautiful..but rest I couldn’t tolerate..thus yuckini cheapdi always behind Shivay.. Shivay don’t you have sense man????you believe this cheapdi and not your Anika??have you lost your love or out of mind???(sry for punches)
    Omri how cute.. shivika scene and omri scene were the worth watchable one today..after all were unpleasant.. yuckini succeeded in her plan???
    But we all know only shivika will get married..even though can’t tolerate these idiots VATini…????
    CVS plz bring band baja bhadhaiyan wedding soon.. eagerly waiting..
    Shivika reunion.. marriage ?????it us really cute when we think of it..can’t control excitement..and how many twists within this marriage..what will happen next… everything is fine but it will be tooooo fine if we ignore yuckini VAT..hope comes true..
    Anyways waiting for shaadhi…
    Shivika omri…
    Dil bole ISHQBAAZ ??????????????????????????? ???????????

    1. Nivedita

      Same thoughts Nandu..can I call u that..stupid SSO believing that Yuckini..

      Yeah that dance scene of OmRi and Shivika was fabulous! ??

      1. Nandhana

        With pleasure even my sister calls me that??

    2. Banita

      Yehh dr…. Also waiting 4 BBB Shivika’s happy weeding with out nagini nd VAT….

    3. Lids

      OMG!! me too. I can’t take it any more. I’m also fed up. Why is SSO listening to that “Rag” in the first place. He always believes everyone except Anika. He is driving me crazy!! Does he really think Anika will just throw the ring away. WHAT is his problem, he is so stupid. Doesn’t he see it that Rags is the problem, forcing Anika and Vick to exchange rings quickly. Why didn’t anyone tell her to shut up and don’t get involve in their family matter. SSO is going to kill me!!! I need them just to get marry quick and start the next track. And please no more weddings!!!

      btw: Anika looked beautiful in that dress.

    4. Pushpa

      Yes nandhana….name sake ishqbaaz but full of hatebaaz villanbaaz…im just waiting 4shivika wedding hope cvs dun drag tht tooo…need to b free frm VAT & nagini…oh god just wt 2murder these ppl…

    5. Nivedita

      That’s cool Nandu! ?

  10. Karina

    This is totally bullsh*t, pardon my french !!! I dont get why Om is blaming Gauri when the whole MU about cancelling the wedding its because of Shivika, who werent able to say the truth in actual words to Rikara. Its like im seeing some charades game between them. Its so hard to speak the words ” cancelled marriage ” .

    And Shivay after all that he and Annika talked he still believed Ragini in a second when she showed that Annika wasnt wearing his ring. I mean, its so hard to just go and ask Annika about the ring ????

    1. Nivedita

      Om character..the CVs still want to keep showing..he is not hundred percent into trusting Gauri and her plans .hence he blames her..

      Plus that Dialogue for sure is directed at the fans who wanted a jealous SSO..

  11. Misha_Mikul

    Oh My Mata to our TRP?? even Naamkaran and Ye Hai Mohabbatein have beaten Ishqbaaaz ???
    just 1.7??? why can’t CVs understand the current track is very exasperating..Oh God??
    actually 1.7 is really high for current stupid track!!??

    Well, I haven’t watched today’s epi yet.. I’m still not ready for!!!??
    but reading written update and seeing pics, so far I can’t understand how the epi was!!
    Words speak how much my Shivaay got hurt?? My heart is very weak to bear Shivaay’s pain?? so I’m preparing myself ??

    as I said Nagini successfully created MU between ShivIka??ShivIka are stupid that’s why Nagini won this time?? but hope no longer………….
    SSO really has no conscience!!?? how can he believe and assume things in his way if anyone says anything rubbish???? I don’t like this at all??
    CVs, stop showing him so dumb!? he doesn’t deserve that all!???

    Best Scene…(have seen the pics of ShivIka moment)
    Shivaay- “achi lag rahi ho”??
    Annika just smiled??
    Shivaay – “sirf smile arne se kam nahi calega, say something nice”??
    They were soooo Happpyyyyy as how we wished for… But all got ruined in a sec ! ????

    Omkara to Gauri – “ab bolo na! zor se bolo jealous SSO rocks!”?????
    RuRi convo??they were blaming each other??

    Don’t know what to tell about RiKara, whether scold them for spoiled things? or love them for their cuteness?

    Loved Dialogue!!
    Shivaay – “yeh sirf ek anghooti nahi hai, hamara rishta hai Annika”???

    Shivaay removed his ring..Nooooo????
    SSO’s anger???? hisab baraber???

    “Shaadi Competition” who will get marry first?? Waah!???
    How disgusting it was?? ??
    We know the end will be ShivIka’s wedding! but it doesn’t mean that fans can tolerate all the stupid MU scenes til the shaadi????2 days shaadi will dragged to around 2 weeks!!
    so we can’t expect for happy Shaadi in ShivIka’s life right? ???

    That Nagini?????
    Fhat the Wuck? why have she been there? its Annika’s marriage function!! did Annika invite that dash****???
    then why can’t she shut everything and stay in her house??? ???

    How long we have to tolerate these irritating stuff??? seriously I lose my patience! it has crossed the limit!???
    CVs brought ShivIka’s separation track even after all fans were against on it?? but still we trusted them?? hope they would make it right very soon?? but they’ve been making fun of our faith and emotions?? I’m still staying even after seeing these all just because of
    Nakuul Mehta……???and for the rest lead casts!!!

    This week trp also??? CVs will definitely sit putting towel on head if this track continues for 1 more week????

    even the written update made me burst out, how if I watched the epi????
    share your opinion deariezz?? if I commented bad on any good thing..maybe I assumed in a wrong way as I didn’t watch the epi!??

    1. Don’t worry…Next week by Friday v ll get Or at least start getting Shivika marriage scenes….Anyways today other elements were good…Rikara Rudra Bhavya Gauri nd Ragini

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hope so Neha! I’m just done with this senseless track plus ShivIka’s kiddish thinking!

    2. MIsha!! Good update. But SSO needs this pain. Writers made SSO to a stupid singh oberoi for the past 3-4 months. I am mad at them!!!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Ani.. why are CVs doing these to SSO? just disgusting! there has limit of being stupid but in this case CVs totally ruined showing fans that SSO has no brain!!

        ShivIka’s relationship was so Pure and it has taught us many good lessons but nowadays OMG???? Unacceptable!
        when it will get a full stop!??

    3. Nivedita comments and uay get a better idea. First 15-20 mins good..then downhill from that..

    4. Nivedita

      I think wedding happening next week.

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Ermmm.. I have no idea that how much more twists and turns will be brought before and on wedding day.. end will be surprise or disappointment to fans???

    5. Banita

      Yeh Misha trp is high for this Awesome track….. Cvs just make our pappu noting else….
      Hope atlest they clear all MU before weeding….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Banita..Hehexx! “Awesome track” ????
        Let’s see what miracle gonna happen in 2 days(1 week).. who knows that will be a miracle or again a pappu for us…

    6. Pushpa

      Gd trp low…bt even cvs dun care i thjnk if not thy wont b giving us this crapy track fully ruin shivayes character..hate this yaar….and fitting to get married ?????? Whts this cvs hv gone bonkersssss……….i just hope the cvs hears us misha..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Pushpa..You’re right! If CVs care about the trp, they won’t give irritating twists back to back! only fans are worrying here!!

        Yup! that fight for getting marry 1st was totally exasperated ! ShivIka aren’t kids who take shaadi as a game even though they are tadi! doesn’t make sense!

    7. Nivedita

      Yeah will be a surprise for sure..and hopefully a good surprise..??

      I feel next week may be good..since they have advertised it so much..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hopefully Nivi!!!??

  12. Stupid Singh Oberoi!!! He do not have brains. Same mistakes again and again. He can trust everybody except his wife. Really?? Just a moment before they were planning to cancel the wedding. And in a moment he thought Annika threw their engagement ring which she did not remove during their separation for 3 months. He does not allowing Annika to explain. SSO does not deserve Annika.

    1. initially he thought he could buy her. Time proved him wrong
    2. He blames her for chip release. Time proved him wrong
    3. Annika tried to say Tia is a wrong girl. He did not believe. Time proved him wrong
    4. He thought Daksh iand Annika had an illegitimate relation. Time proved him wrong.
    5. Now he thinks Annika wanted to marry somebody. Time will prove him wrong.

    I like Annika comment today. I am not detergent. Har bath par safai dene. Everytime she forgives him.

    Annika should stop her marriage with VIkram and goes out from Oberoi manson. The writers are spoiling her characterization as well. She used to be a bold lady now doing stupidity of marrying somebody for her ex-husband.

    OM-Gauri best scene after they found their goof up.. Ruri scene also good. Bhaya also improved. Good track for Rudi-Bhavya. focusing on social problem as well.

    1. Nivedita

      Agree with everything you wrote. CVs r ruining Ani and SSO..

      RuRi and OmRi were fabulous and cute..?

      And BH..slight improvement…and I like the social issue.. but idk if it will b a good track..

    2. Banita

      I also like Anika’s comment “I m not a ditergent” Cvs just ruined d characters….

  13. Finally d build up has started….
    1.SSO s back…Tadibaaz Annika ‘s back…Episode at its best..Oso giving wife status to Gauri,finally Rikara happy moments…
    2.Ruvya:Real sultan s here…Good turns
    3.Tejvi:MUs phase starts..Finally V get a good episode before weekend….Media nd fans have been banned on sets…Shivika marriage scenes s being shot…
    4:Spice of d day:Rikara nokjhok…Gauri Bhavya convo nd Rudy reaction
    5.Ragini u r dumb….My Oberois r smarter…Anyways thank u Ragini nd Vikram for being Cupid’s for Shivika..
    6.Moral of d story;:Give equal importance to all couples…..Today Rikara gave us d happiest moments….

  14. Pushpa

    First apology gals yesterday i didnt manage to reply yr comments..sorry…will try to reply all today..

    2days epi more shivika scns…
    After so long v c shivika smiling to each other thts owsm…black is always elegant..””you look good, much good Anika….now say something nice””… there is a big bug on his coat bt he looked so gd in black wt his hairstyle…and anika so beautiful..better if her hair ws loose….tht dance ws…..the same eyelock hand tangled…behind hug tears of happiness shivaye wiping wt so much love in his eys…all ws heaven to look at?????…..suddenly lights on yuckini pulled shivaye bck….stupid 2rps ..someone please chase her out of OM…..Jealousy again looking at vikram dancing closely wt anika…bt the ring matter broke evrything…hogaya gauri yr plan fully tia tia piss..

    Thts so hurting shivaye…. this time u r wrong u suppose to believe anika …acha so u think thts wht anika is doing make u crawl&beg…u r wrong again here u r not listening2yr heart..stop& think wht jst happen and try to undrstd the situation…wht happen smart singh oberoi????? Yr brain stops functioning why?

    Bravo cvs finally the 2heart which ws patched up once agn broken into thousand pieces…so whts next ….another divorce…another separation…no no…. shaadi in 2days….wow lets c..

    Rikara finally u know na thts yuckini did plan properly2expose her..

    Hw people jst waiting to snatch other ppl husband…yuckini dun dream&thts just a dream…

    Finally bhavya tht sultan is here kill him hang him or send him to jail…finish wht u need to do..

    Precap…..promising but cvs knows better dun wt2say anything
    It hurts when the person
    Tht made u feel special yesterday
    Makes u feel so unwanted today…
    Is this the price u give4being in love?

    gdnite gals… hv a great wknd

    1. Nivedita

      Goodnite Pu…have a great weekend..

      Idk what Mon will bring..

      Seriously something should be done about VATini.. they were so annoying..

    2. Poonguzhali

      Dnt wry push harneet said some crawl scene is coming up. Rikara and ruvya expose that nagini sure

    3. Anikaa

      hello pushpa akka…how r u …do u remember me…mujhe bul gaye toh nahi na

      1. Pushpa

        Hey dear no nehi tho….busy?

    4. LAX

      U know whats the best part of the episode. Pushpa feeling that SSO can be wrong..!! lol..!! Just kidding.

  15. Hi amena thank u ur here wow
    Thanks for ur fast updates Every Day

  16. Nikita_jai29

    Omg.. Wu author amena dii.. Responding on pkj… @super fast author amena dii.. Love you dii..

  17. Nikita_jai29

    Episode is OK… Waiting for the next twist of marriage

  18. Nivedita

    Thanks CVs for freeing up my few hrs of IB obsession! ???? now I can freely watch other series and occasionally watch IB..? and have a life!?
    1)Today hate hate hate CVs of IB..and it’s hateful plots..???
    I was hoping some fun SSO giri.. not this crappy insecure and suspicion filled SSO..who believes Ragini despite his talks with Ani..????
    This just ruins SSO for me.. because by now I was hoping his fiery nature and instant reactiveness would be toned down.
    2) felt so bad for Ani.. I am with her for not justifying her actions with SSO..his believing the shitty nagini plot is the limit.????

    3) shrenu rocked as usual???? I totally love her cute exoressions and today kj’s charm was better…too..

    4) only thing I loved ??apart from OmRi ?and RuRi ?is the dance of OmRi and the brief dark moments of Shivika..??

    5)That Dialogue of Om.. Zor see bolo jealous SSO rocks…is.directed at us audiences I think..?
    6) And SSO dialogue of Ani wanting to see him crawl.. not gonna happen with this wedding I guess..??
    Though once he knows Anis reasons for leaving and NKK will he crawl?? I sure hope so..
    7)I hate that totally eccentric Dress designer woman of IB too…only unclassy people irrespective of socioeconomic status dress like that..Or maybe the People who love dark gothic stuff..if only a few were wearing the tacky trashy costumes..I wouldn’t care..but this was the whole family…??
    8) Only saving grace was the women’s make up..thank you to the make up team?? for making Ani and Gauri look like aillion bucks regardless of their tacky awards costumes ( this leather look was there a few days back in Ipk3- where it was even more tackier if one can imagine it).
    9) my hopes of a good Shivika wedding are now gone.?? I feel it’s going to be a comedy of errors pushed fwd by RuRi and Om…wedding Maybe fun..but not romantic.

    1. Nivedita true that Anu will leg pull about my cheek pull..?

      So Surbhi is too if Ur list..and Lee is there too..idk..I like him..but not to cheek pulling extent. I find Neha more adorable for cheek pulling..?

      @Mishu..u were do right SSO is yet again being a petulant child and the same old reactive idiot Singh Oberoi..??

      @Anu full on SSO bash club will be open today..?

      1. Nivedita

        *Surbhi is there on your list too

        I typed something and autocorrect just changed it all..????

    2. Pushpa

      Agree nivi…i ws in the same mode yesterday and today…..not looking forward to watch at all….crapy tracks agn… cvs thy dun care abt the character ist .wht thy hv done to shivaye & anika i cant accept ruin totally..i didnt like this script whr shivaye says crawl to anika…wht use sitty words …… and everytime villain winning…..bad bad perception to viewers….just hate it…

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Pu..I can see how upset u r..??

        The CVs r just pushing our patience…hoping 4 a little bit of week..but they need to wrap this nagini winning soon..

    3. Archiya

      First para lolzzz..same with me.. Ib finally managed to take me away from it… Was so obsessed.. It made me move away from everywhere, TU.,insta an the TV was left long back

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Archu…well I guess we all had a great fandom bonding while it lasted..?

      2. Pushpa

        Archu..i just couldnt take my eyes off…so difficult…

    4. Nivedita

      7) clarification.. no offence to anyone intended with my goth comments…but the women’s fake leather costumes just remind me of the gothic style.. and bits of SSO’s jackets.. I don’t remember anyone else’s style much..

    5. Anikaa

      hi nivi di…how r u di…pata hai ib bohot boring jaa rahi hai…lekin thoda wait karo di bohot jald kuch accha track aayenga…bas shivika ke shaadi ke liye waiting…agar ek baar hogayi toh maza maza he rahenga

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Anikaa, I too think next week will b good..they always show good tracks after a few bad ones. ?

  19. this is literally getting crazy! I can’t handle shivika separation anymore! I can’t wait for their marriage!!! Rikara were superb as usual and ruvya too! Overall, not so great episode but not bad either. Will eagerly wait for new twists and exit of villainbaaz!
    Have a good weekend everyone!

  20. Poonguzhali

    this nagini plz someone do something
    sivika came downstairs looking each other so cute.
    om first time called Gouri omkara sigh oberoi
    Gouri try to make shivaay jealous but her plan backfires now 2 marriage gng to happen.
    Annika’s word for shivaay was right.shivaay always believes third persons more than annika

    1. Pushpa

      Lets murder her poo…come tell me when to do it…

      1. Poonguzhali

        Right now push i cant tolerate her more

    2. Anikaa

      HI di…nice name…r u from TN

  21. nowdays ib is just struggling in my point trp fall dragging story makes viewers aggress and irritating god these cv dnt have any idea than faraq concept tadi and naagini stupid planss feeling mimichi when seeing tht naagini i want sso to be cunning intelligent he is really dumb nowdaysss wasting shivay character in starting ib shivay looks more good in mind than omru now its totally changed twisted omru is nw mindfull they are rocking im madly addicted to shivika bt now rikara♥♥took my eyesss gauri sharma too gauri omkara singh oberio
    All slays in black missed ruvya in black
    Mehndi seg plss antha segmentayavathu pakkra marri kattunga theripium andha naagini vachi drama start pannadhinga
    Tamil ib
    Rakshabandan with obros role reversal
    I love tamil ib than hindi better guyss switch to tht in vijay supr timing 8.30 old ib rockzzzz
    Hiii all pkj lovers i dono u all bt im following ur comments daily plss accept me as a part of u tq
    Love u allll ishqbazzzziesss♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Nila

      Hi meena
      Welcome to pkj family ya I too wish at least MF me koi drama nahi chathi hai uss nagini ki kaaran
      SSO I think he is not in mode to think now he is totally collapsed

      1. Hiii nila tq fr reply i wll read ur comments daily wll b rocking r u tamil because i wll be seeing tht u update tamil ib thts yy asking im tamil pkj family members are too good…love u all

  22. I think this show has the most incredible actors. lets face it the storyline is about the weakest that i have ever witnessed. The incredibly illogical scenes are sometimes so far-fetched and stretches reality. eg: Gauri is slashed with a sword twice, Om saves her from the villagers because ??? he then abandons her (she should have been at deaths door) and she miraculously survives to fight another day for the Singh Oberoi clan.

    The color co-ordinated outfits are silly. Garish makeup and silly costumes could have been stolen of the IPKKND 3 sets. The only thing this show has going is the incredible acting skills that is why I watch it.

    Sadly however I believe that the story that has the greatest potential is either being rushed through or sidelined. Omkara’s story should be given centre stage. His life has been turmultuos. He has family issues, betrayed in love. he is the perfect misunderstood hero.

    He has finally found someone who loves him unconditionally. The impact of this couple could surpass that of ARSHI (who i adore) or PARUD (steamiest couple ever) but their is no connection. Since the merge screen time is so limited that we cannot connect. The latter DBO episodes showed Omkara beginning to appreciate Gauri. Their was an inkling of a spark which led to nothing.with a star cast like this the sky is the limit.

    I have not seen any of these actors in shows previously as we in SOUTH AFRICA do not get it on main stream TV. I have watched RANGRASIYA & IPKKND on the net found them to be extremely good. When I began watching DBO I was not aware that it was a spinoff. I could not wait for Om and Gauri to connect, but they are so rarely in the same frame that we cannot see if there is that electrifying connection. Omkara and Chulbul had that incredible chemistry, despite the disguise. They were always aware of each other, when they were in the same frame. Let see if Gauri and Om can light up the fireworks.

    Writers you have and incredible cast. You could be on the brink of greatness.

    1. Most of ur opinions r agreed…..But Plz watch ishqbaaz from d start..This tym story s at its worst…But v r crazy fans nd v have seen tracks change from worst to best….All this s just build up nd by end of next week,things ll change for sure…..As abt Rikara s concerned,Yesterday scenes were good…Many fans on Instagram have sent letters to CVs to stop repeating Shivika story every time nd focus on other couples….M sure after Shivika reunion,other couples ll b focused upon…

  23. hii guys…………can anybody tell me when band baaja aur badhaiyaan is gonna air on hotstar………..because i saw da promo n it was to be aired on 16 august bt their is no union of all da 3 showx………….can anybody give me details of it………please!!!!!!

    1. Nivedita

      I don’t know if all 3 shows will converge or not @Lax @Anu any idea on this?

  24. Navz

    Gud episode i felt.
    Rikara are adorable..Luved their every dailogue.
    Ummhh…although ruvya pairing didnt attract me much but d track and storyline they took are good.happy to see some senseful story point in nowdays daily soaps.
    Now coming to our two headstrong tadibaaz lkg baccho se bhi ziddi aur immature kinda lead pair.
    Yesterday only they poured their hearts out and today they r back.
    I am in annikas team..yess she doesn’t need to give any explanation.
    When she can trust him where he himself cant take a stand for him then why cant he???
    And talking abt giving chances to each other…SSO plz dont start that topic becoz u will be in debt to her where u cant repay her in ur whole life.
    I felt that there was an auction going on when they were talking abt ek hafte mein shaadi..nahi 3 din..phir nahi 2 din mein hogi.(ADVAY SINGH RAIZADA is on top…he announced that he will marry chandini in one day..these guyz will never change.
    Guys ipkknd3 is superb ..anyone interested can give a try.)
    But hoping for a good week ahead for both ib and ipkknd3.
    Gn everyone.

    1. Nivedita

      Seriously Navz Shivika are being so childish.. especially SSO..
      Ani’s pt. I totally get.

      Yup Rikara were so fun to watch today..????

      And I like the human trafficking story plot point..hope it’s shown week..I kind of feel it will be a bubble gum pop quick wrap up of sultan next that all 4 Rikara Ru and BH will b back in OM for the wedding track.

      IPK3 has improved significantly in terms of costumes…

      But it still has a lot of misses. And an underlying thread of can only be watched IB bits and pieces..and definitely shouldn’t be watched by immature young audiences..

      1. Nivedita

        *in bits and pieces

      2. Navz

        Yeah nivedita ipkknd3 is good to watch for adults.
        Yaar ruvyas story line is good but that that actor who is playing sultan isn’t that good right?!!
        I got laugh when i saw him.

      3. Nivedita

        Navz I mostly skip sultan bh didn’t see that part..?

    2. Banita

      Yeh Navz Ruvya’s stryline is good….
      Rikara was Awesome…..
      Shivika always taadibaaz Ziddi….

      1. Navz

        Yes banita

  25. Dhwani_Naidu

    Just donno.. Shud I like today’s epi just becoz of rikara or shud I hate it becoz of nagini, shivika’s MU.. Loved shivika scene and when Om said enthu chirayya gauri omkara singh oberoi.. And seriously nagini.. Had I been there in OM, I wud have just killed her and gone to jail.. Today’s epi gave loads of mixed feelings and even that sultan’s entry looked mokka after all the drama.. Ruribh was gud.. Waiting for shivika’s mrg.. And seriously waiting for the oberois to make OMM of nagini and vikram.. Very soon.. Hope so..

    1. Nivedita

      Yeah I loved when he called Gauri.. GOSO. ?? And all OmRi scenes were amazing! ??

      But definitely hated SSO Mu Ani yet again..argh..

      Yup hope a big vat of VATini happens next week..?

  26. In real world how many time it happen with us we want to say no to someone and couldn’t tell them and especially marriage, such illogical show is going with stupid story, no doubt why low budget Tarak Mehta is on top 3 TRP ratings, simple, logical and near to real world people, producer of Ishqbaaz has wasted money on just grand slam set and weird dress, when all wear same color dress, i feel even band baja walla guys also wear same dress when they go in any function but they are poor people so people don’t look at it but if all these paise walla will do than its fashion.Beside the show real fact with this same color situation happen in one of marriage function where all grooms friend wore same like dress, guys who attending function didn’t knew and people asking for drink, ice cream and foods, groom friends got frustrated and made announcement on stage that if u see guys in maroon dress they are friends of groom not waiter so please don’t order to them. It was kind of insult and funny.

  27. Mona_2005

    Today’s episode was ok ok. before seeing this episode I really thought that shivika marriage will be exciting but now I think it can a bride swap .I just hope CVs don’t do this

  28. fed with drama either marry shivay or anika or go to hell

  29. Banita

    Today i totally CVs bashed mode…. What d hell this is…. I think now we can see our lovly Shivika bt again new MU….
    First 20-25min i m happy with d epi bt this nagini aagayi tang adane….
    Jealous SSO NOT ROCKkkksss….. Jealous SSO SHOCKkkkddd…..

    Omri was Awesome…. Finally they got sme space in 1h epi….

    Shivika nd Omri was really Adorable….
    Ruvya also Good….

    Saadhi in 2days….
    Pure weekend ki wat lagadi….
    Cvs we want Shivika weeding which they do all retual whole heartly DO U LISHEN TO US??????

    This week TRP dropped to 1.7…. I m not suprised for this low trp…. If they continue this MU more then trp will surly drop more nd their is no sine of ib in trp chart…..


    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Aww… got registered… Official monkey finally like us.

      1. Banita

        Yeh di finally…. We all r monkeys…

    2. Pushpa

      Lets bash thm up together for this crappy tracks…yeah they came close but anather MU…seriously cmon cvsss…..

      1. Banita

        Excetly Puspa…. Cvs only increase their Mu…

    3. Nivedita

      Same here CV bashing mode on..

      Yeah Bani..I am hoping they will wrap nagini track soon..I feel next week with wedding TRP of wedding will b good..this weeks TRP we will know next Thurs only..

      Yeah I want happy Shivika wedding too not yet another crazy wedding..??

      Happy weekend Bani!

      Yup the dance of OmRi and their convos was good .as was Shivika moment in the dark..

      1. Banita

        Hope so Niv…. We all waiting 4 weeding track lets see what happen nxt….

  30. Thanks Ameena for the updates

  31. IB_Fan_Girl

    Hello to all the ibians ..who r waiting that shivaye will become mature and sense able enough to stand for… And stand by anika?? why they r dragging…. Their story uselessly… I didn’t watch ib the whole week and I was restless that may b today I get to see that shivika love and confess each other…but still that farak .. Haq… And nagini vikram track is rocking…and noe these so called misunderstandings???? I m v v v upset with the current track of ib… And trp is also showing this 1.8 seriously??. Shivika story … Just ruining everything…??? happy for rikara little bit… But it also tasteless bcoz of shivika…chop track??? plzzzzzzzz CVS show some mercy on them…???? let them at least confess their khidkitod and ghartod love ??? I m v v v. Sad for shivika….!!! Ib loosing its charmmmmm plzzzzzzzz don’t do this WD our show plzzz unite them now….???? I want their… Bonding and trust…care…and support plzzz stop this base less track asap??????

  32. CVvs are crazy. If there is marriage I think it will be bride or groom swapping. They are portraying concept of marriage as a joke. From 17th Aug episode I thought some nice plot will start. After watching today’s episode I felt it is going to be lower grade. Fans are suffering.

  33. when the mode of stupid singh oberoi will be switched off and the loving trusting singh oberoi will be switched on we are fed up really

    i can’t believe that until now their reunion is not happened yet we were waiting for august to watch their reunion and cvs have fooled us by saying that this would happen (very soon) but all we see is only dragging so am not shocked that trp is 1.7

    and about the episode
    as a normal woman i say it anika must leave shivay and om and live her life she doesn’t deserve all this really she loves him but love without trust = zero, trust is the base of any relation and after all this yes he must fall on his knees to ask for forgiveness nothing else

    and this nagini i want to kill her she is a devil

    1. Nivedita

      So true Ur first line..?

      And last line too..?? but I feel that more for CVs..?? for ruining SSO yet again..

      Totally agree about self respecting woman should subject herself to this humiliation..

  34. Syamala Ranganathan

    it is too dragging and boring. There is a limit to test the patience of viewers. When people love they will not be so egoistic and test other’s patience. The director and writers are too much.

    1. Nivedita

      True that! ?

  35. My dear Ishbaazian, current track showed how weak SSO in trusting Anika. It a journey for SSO to learn how to trust & not simply assume what he saw or feel. If SSO yet to reach that ultimate trust, MU will still going on.

  36. AnuluvsIB

    SSO is dead to me! ? Neither do I have the time nor energy to bash him!!

    P.S Mext time if I ever say SSO club can go dormant… then pls remind abt this episode!

    P.P.S – Prajakta and Nivi, sorry couldn’t reply to ur comments.. had a busy day..
    Forecasting a busy weekend too so I might not be active here!

    1. Archiya

      Such a short comment.. Looks like ur seriously tired bashing sso

      1. AnuluvsIB

        No choice archu… if he does it once twice ok.. million times this keeps happening.. so drained out of all my energy!

    2. Pushpa

      Anu ….wht happen…im tired too yaar…frustating & no strenght

      1. AnuluvsIB

        I know push… this is the final week.. most likely Thursday and Friday episodes should be better… let’s hope!

    3. Nivedita

      Aww Anu! ?

      Seriously SSO man! ?????

      No problemo dear! Ttyl!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        I am hoping we get to see the shadi this week.. atleast 1-2 episodes should be better

    4. Prajkta

      Same here tired of bashing also
      Waste of time and energy ???

      Understood one thing expectations are worthless

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah Prajakta.. no point in having expectations..
        but still can’t stop expecting! If they don give us a good shadi and nice episodes post that.. we can conviniently quit the show..

    5. Anikaa


      mere anu di ko kiya huwa….ye ho kya raha hai…hamesha aap ki sso bashing mood ek dum active rahthi hai…aaj aapko kya hua..

      jab bhi aap bhaiya ko gali dete hai tab mujhe gussa aati hai lekin mujhe sunna hai…aap aise weak nahi ho sakte….aur itna late update …kuch toh huwa hai aapko

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Anikaa.. ur bhaiya had paar kar diya… every time he does that.. trusting some stranger over anika.. am so tired bashing him… I hope they show he has a plan!

  37. thnk u pkj lovely ladies for the grand welcome.really guys nothing to say about todays episode .i cant tolerate this nagini .shivay what happend to u man annika keeps trust in u even u say a baby is mine but cant u keep trust for a ring.u both look good together but this MU ……OMRI they were too good.
    So wedding shoot started hope atieast it will be tolerated ………..

  38. Shabana

    This is too much guys u won’t even thank me as because I asked amena commented here it’s truee only because of me
    U need to thank me for bringing her here hai na nahi tho I will cry ???????

    1. Renimarenju

      Thank u so much shabana for doing this …Relly u have done a great job…sorry seeing this comment now only…..Pls don;t cry my dear ishqie……..100000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times thank u so much……love u dear

      1. Shabana

        Thank God thanx a lot atleast u replied for me love you so much reni di I love you so much ?????????????????????????????????????

  39. Ranilya

    I was debating on whether i should comment or not…. and u can see which part of me won….

    Anyways, I would love to thank the production team n Cvs at this point… for helping me get out of this addiction called ‘Ishqbaaz’…..
    I was finding it so difficult these days to pull myself away from this serial…. you guys are are making it easier for me….

    IB was one soap among the few Indian Hindi Drama which related to the present generation n their thinking with a good base concept…. the character frames were well made… loved the uniqueness of the leads and also the supporting characters. The team had a lot of potential for a good progress but now they turned it into senseless drag like any other random serial on tv…..
    The essence of the characters have been lost…. The story is lost…..
    Can’t blame the director or actors here as they are forced to perform what they are asked to by the creative team….
    Its only the beautiful direction and the mind-blowing acting of the cast that has still glued us to the show…..
    But how long can this run in the same way????
    How long will people waste time for senseless tracks?

    1. Archiya

      Same with me.. V need to thank the CVS as they r slowly removing r obsession for iB.. I m getting time for other things… As ib is going total crap

    2. Pushpa

      Rani…true wht u say the essence in character is lost so its not ishqbaazz anymore…i hope cvs will read TU to c tht all r really gona stop watching in some point…creative team not creative at all….ruin the main 2 beautiful characters…….i might also stop i think ….

    3. Nivedita

      Rani Ur my twinnie today..??

      Same to same thoughts… I just wrote a short one..but every single line of yours I agree wholeheartedly..

      I was in CV bashing had to dish out a little on that too..??

      Yup the CVs have lost the pulse of the audience..this week.. now if next few weeks don’t have khidkitod, villain free tracks..your pic on IB will indeed be a foreshadowing..?

      1. Nivedita


        For reference of other’s..

    4. Anikaa

      hi r u..lagta hai galat time mein entry di hoon main…sab log itne gussse mein hai…omg…
      shant di ..shant di

    5. Banita

      Yeh rani i agree with evry point they jist ruin d characters….. We just watch this senceless show for Amazingg acting of our fabb cast….
      Dont know when cvs understand this simple thing…..

  40. Snehal dear, congrats. .GSG..

    And @nivi and @asthababy you are right both IB and Pkj is just irresistible for me…day by day..i am falling in live love and more love for this…… …

    But sry fue to lack of time i can’t give reply to all comments and roday also my comment will be short..

    @AMENA. Di…pinch me…you. replyed…..nice..i really appreciate your hard work…you give update so early..which is very nice….thank you sooo much for this…..

    Coming to episode. .

    1.Rikara part was sooooo cute…Omi adreesed gouri as GOSO..gouri omkara singh oberoi! !!!!!!!…omi i am loving this progress om didn’t get angry..ulta he teased her…awww soo cute…..

    2.shivika first some sec…..bahut acchi lag rahi ho…..sirf smile se kaam nahi chalega say something nice..awwwlwwwww kitne cute lag rahe the……suddenlyy buaahaaa ki tarah chopini tapak padi..?????..

    3.Jelous Sso Rocks…hogayi tie tie fiss..?????..anyway SAANS MAIN TERI.
    ..oh God…the level of intensity of
    emotions……was on its peak. ……cinematography is also best……????????…

    4.then chopini ‘stuchi 2 rupee trick…is enough forStupod singh oberoi. .

    5.Sso thoda dimag toh lagate ki 3 month se didi apki ring peheni rakhi thi ek hi din main aise kaise urar di…….plz don’t be soo dumb this is not suit you..

    6.jso tak thik tha but uske baad gad bad..

    After watching shivika i think i should bang my head on wall….what is this Sso..why are you doing clearly proved that anyone can brainwash of your brain…you can trust anyone in this world except annika……??????..

    8.LIKE. raghu kul.rit sada chali aayi…pran jae par bachan na jai..OBROS KI RIT SADA CHALI AAYI PRAN JAE PAR STUPIDITY AUR TADI NA JAYI..???????..

    9.glad that. Didi was not weak infront of Sso.. MAIN LADKI HUN DETERGENT POWER NAHI… this line…bina baat sune aise kaiseSso bold diya…i know Sso is hurt very much hurt ….but apne toh ring bhi nikal di…itna gussa….not good it is very very very badm.

    10 don’t know why but i felt when shivika were prpone their maariage it was funny..two weeks, weekend 2 days 3 days…HISSAB BARABAR…??????????????????????kkarliya hisab barabar .. tejvi…ignore…….??????

    12.rudy was best he was shocked to see all these… yarr itne dino basd sultan ko dekha toh thodaaccha dikhna chahiye tha na…scary se jyada funny lag raha tha…80’s ke jamane ki vilian wali costume…??????..

    13.precap- didi is looking breathtaking beautiful. …

    And gouri also.

    Hawwwwww mera comment lamba hogaya…kab kaise……..mere ko pata nahi chala…???????..fir se pappu bangayi meri..???..

    Ok guys byy aaj raat ko milenge..pakka..

    1. Nivedita

      3) Arpu..the cinematography of the song was superb..was getting a movie like feeling there…????and it would’ve been even more immersive if those tacky dresses weren’t worn by Shivika..

      1,2,9– agree completely. ??

    2. Pushpa

      Arpi…shivika entry frm the starirs ws gd like gd old days they talking smiling…..
      Couldnt agree more yr points r all taken…

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