Ishqbaaz 18th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Shivaye what does he like in food. He names dishes. He checks her diary and sees his cartoons. Some time before, Om says Riddhima and walks to her. She says you here. He says I should ask this to you, you said you are going to cleanliness protest. She says let me explain. He says you lied, you know I hate lies. She says yes, I came because of Mala, let it go, its small thing. He says even thorn is small and it hurts, I told you not to lie in this relationship. She says listen to me, I came for good cause, princess gave one million dollars for my funds. She turns and says princess is gone, maybe waitress will know. Ishana also hides. She says even waitress is gone. He says lets not waste more energy on argument. He leaves. She says it means princess and waitress were fake, why did Mala send

me here, I don’t know what to do. Ishana dances happily.

Shivaye asks Om whats problem to ask full name, its normal to ask surname, like I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi, and you are Omkara Singh Oberoi, you call me arrogant, Anika is arrogant, don’t start singing that, she gave me long lecture. Om asks him not to overthink. Shivaye says I don’t even think about it. Om says really, you are talking about her since 40mins. Shivaye says she irritates me, anyways tell me is your and Riddhima’s problem get solved. Om says that’s not puzzle to get solved, she lied to me, I hate lies the most. Rudra pops from the blanket and says I thought you hate Papa the most, how can you give Papa’s place to someone else. He asks Shivaye how can you give my place to Anika, I was your first problem.

Shivaye asks what are you doing here, hiding under blanket. Rudra says I can’t show my face to anyone, I will wear mask and roam. Om says real face is not seen, I felt I know Riddhima. Shivaye says its not a big deal, did you ask her version, you know your side of story, I know no princess came here, someone cheated her and you are judging her harshly. Rudra says they judged me wrong by that bad photo. Om asks him to be quiet. He tells Shivaye that even if Riddhima went for right thing, her lie is not justified. Shivaye says you just see people as white and black, we all are grey, think from Riddhima’s point of view before judging her. Om says good advice, think from Anika’s point of view, she did not say her surname, you thought its her ego, maybe its her confidence, some people don’t use surname and family legacy to go ahead, everyone stands on their own abilities.

Shivaye says you stay in world where all this looks good, I m not artist like you, I stay in real world, blood, surname and family matters to me, everyone thinks so, the whole country thinks like this, if anyone does business or makes relation, they ask surnames, will we get Priyanka married to guy without asking surname, surname shows person’s upbringing and family background, even animals’ pedigree is seen, you say it does not matter, we get good upbringing by good family, not by road, I don’t trust people who does not have good surname. Om says this does not matter to me. Shivaye says it matters to me, lineage is everything to me.

Rudra says my looks and body matter to me, I care for my body, I m getting bad. Shivaye says Rudra will get fine having protein shake. Rudra says I m so hot that clothes get ironed by touching my body. Shivaye says nothing can happen of him.

Anika and Pinky have a talk. Anika asks for marriage date. Pinky says I asked Shivaye to choose one of my finger and select date, but he took phone and got busy. Shivaye comes and says not again. She says pandit said marriage will be done this month. He says great, then leave it. Rudra asks Pinky not to worry and take stress, and says love angel’s words. Om and Shivaye look at him and ask him is he fine. Rudra says yes. Om says you were upset yesterday. Shivaye says I saw you crying. Om says what Rudra said last night. Rudra changes words.

Soumya looks on and says I have also seen Rudra crying. Rudra says I don’t cry. Pinky asks them to stop it, no one listens to me. Anika says I m listening, and calls Shivaye as Billu. They smile. Anika asks Shivaye to say date to his mum, his designers are sending her many mails. Shivaye asks her to check her language. He asks Pinky to focus on rakhi, and goes. Pinky asks Anika to work on rakhi, date selection won’t happen. Anika says this year rakhi will be best. Dadi says I trust you. Rudra signs Soumya and goes.

Tia’s mum tells Tia that Pinky invited us for raksha bandhan celebrations, they could not select marriage date. Robin says we should go, tia and Shivaye will meet in raksha bandhan, it will be fun. Her mum asks him to be quiet. Tia says we should go, and don’t irritate Shivaye by talking about marriage date. Her mum says I will talk to know do they want to do marriage or not, else we will see other options. Tia asks is other option better than Shivaye. Her mum says I don’t want this alliance to go out of hands. Tia says exactly, so don’t irritate Shivaye.

Rudra says Shivaye had to say this infront of Soumya and my respect got ruined. Soumya makes fun of him calling him cry baby. He asks are you making fun of me. She says no, I was composing song, I heard you really cries. He says happiness tears. She says oh nice, I heard someone played mean prank with you at college, shall I help you. He says no, I m going to take help of one I need. They both see other and leave other ways.

Anika stands at the door. Shivaye asks her to come in. she asks how do you know. He says I mean, I sensed you, its kwown when problem comes. She gives him a stare. He says come in please. She smiles and goes inside the room. He asks her what is she doing. She says I m setting reminder, you said please to me, I will cut cake on this day every year. He asks did she come for work or just like that. She asks does he not take memory sharpening pills. He asks whats wrong with my memory. She asks won’t you say good morning.

Anika says fine, I heard Shivaye keeps promises, I will tell Dadi. He says okay wait, good morning. She greets him good morning and asks how are you. He says I m fine, how are you. She says I m fine, there are some problems at home, wall leakage because of rains, Champa/scooty’s mileage got less, Sahil wants me to show him movies, you know movies are so bad these days. He says okay cut it, tell me whats the work. She asks him to eat badam and his mind will get sharp, Sahil got zero last year in maths, I fed him badams and he got good marks. He asks don’t you get tired of talks. She says no, I also eat badams, I have good stamina, tell me what food you like, Dadi said Priyanka’s brother’s fav dishes will be made on raksha bandhan day.

He says I don’t have time for this. She tells the works lined, and says I m more busy, you tell me what you like. He names dishes and she holds her head. He asks did you write. She says you are running like train, how will I write, did you eat medicine to fasten your tongue, did you hear my school story that I wrote my exam paper in one hour, say again, I can’t give test again. He says last time, and names dishes again. She notes down. He asks is it done and checks her diary. He sees his cartoon of Shivaye saying please to Anika. He looks at her.

Anika says I have holiday tomorrow, I won’t need to see Bagad Billa/Shivaye’s face. He asks her to come on his call. She says I won’t come. He says you have overconfidence. They argue. She says let me go home. He says we will see. She goes.

Update Credit to: Amena


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  3. Shivani


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    wow loved today episode .that badam scene was very hilarious .omg sso is falling for anika .show some ishkara scenes.this show is really a stressbuster

  4. Priya15


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    @SAT di.. I m replying u here..

    Di voh actually.. When I was going to schl.. One bike came rashly and hit me unknowingly… But in that force I fell down so I got some scratches and I got afraid bcoz of that I had high fever..

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  5. Mukta

    Superb episode!!!!!!!!!! Shivika just nailed it yrr!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful!!!!!!!! Anika u r d best!!!!!!!!!!! Hats off to u!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shivaaye’s glance at d end of d episode…….just fabulous yarr!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love u Shivika…….

  6. Priya15


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    @RENIMA di… Di i m feeling better now.. I l perfectly fyn soon….. And ya Di Mei bhi aap ki Tarah hi hun ishkara ki song sunkar..

  7. Priya15


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    @GUYS.. In strdy precap they showed ishkara scenes.. Na it doesn’t air today.. I didn’t watch the epi.. Pls say Me.. Kya aaj voh scene air Hua??

  8. diya

    Anika and Svy part was funny, lol.. Anika draw pictures… ha ha….. Rudra, Cry baby ..
    Dadi is so nice to Anika just like her own grand daughter….. Love for dadi

  9. Aashna57

    Todays episode was nice,at least we got to see some shiv om rudra moments,and this shivaye,I tell u,surname is not everything,I feel riddhima shudnt have lied to om even though she was tricked,she knows very well tht omkara hates liers and lies,todays shivika moment was funny,it was nice,crybaby oberoi really has to buck up

  10. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Om ~ “KANTA bhi bahot chhota hota hai, par wo chubhta bahot hai”

    “Jo baat tum mujhe nahi bata sakti to clear bol do”

    How understanding Om is…!!!

  11. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    The best thing I like today b/w OMSHI is that they both did argue… But no conflict was there… A healthy argument… Its good to maintain relations…

  12. Mukta

    ORDER!!! ORDER!!! ORDER!!!

    In the upcoming episode, the show is to witness high voltage drama as Ishaana gets successful in creating rift amid Om and Riddhima. Moreover, she adds fuel to fire saying that I did not expected that Riddhima will hurt you like this. Riddhima will try to sort the differences amid her and Om.

    On the other hand, Daadi will call Anika to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with them. So, Anika goes to Oberoi mansion with Sahil and ties Rakhi on his hand. Shivaaye gets deeply moved to see Anika’s love towards her brother Sahil. Shivaye feels that Anika also loves her brother like he loves his brothers.Lets see what happens next….

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      I really got my fingers crossed for these epis your honour!!!!!!😂😂😂😂😉😉😝😝😝

    • Enasanjida

      I think – Ridima sai pehla Ishaana expose hoga.. Look Ridima ; she lies very nicely. Omkara k samna Ishaana ka fath ti hoo. Joh vi soch thi hai – sabhi backfire hoti hain.

    • mishri

      Thnnxxxx mukta di..u r d best…me too waiting to c him regret for asking whether he is disable…plzzzz i want it to happen..

  13. Aashna57

    Todays episode was nice,I felt riddima shudnt have lied to omkara,as she knows tht omkara hates lies,shivaye and Anika rocked as always,the marriage date discussion was funny too,now atleast we saw the shivaye omkara and rudra moment for once,go for ishqbaaz!!dil bole oberoi!!!

  14. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Shivay ~”tum apni tarif karte huye thakti nahi ho”
    Anika ~”nahi…main roz badam khati hoon…stamina bahot hai “😀😀😀

  15. Mukta

    Hey one more guys…..this is more interesting and exciting!!!!!!!


    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show high voltage drama where Shivaaye is concerned for his family security. He had thought that all these attacks are planned by Anika and she is breaching security but it happens to be not true. Shivaaye is thus in more trouble to think about his family’s security while Tia is more concerned about marriage. Shivaaye asks her to not force him into anything but Tia is not ready to listen.

    Shivaaye-Anika’s special bond

    Shivaaye thus calls off his marriage with Tia for his family’s sake. Anika is moved seeing this. Anika has always admired Shivaaye’s love for family. Anika consoles Shivaaye and says that everything will be fine. Shivaaye although talks rudely to Anika but feels a little good seeing Anika’s concern for his family and for him.

    Wawwwww!!!!!!!!! U all can’t imagine how happy and excited I am after reading this spoiler………..

  16. Jeshna

    Hi Mukta… I’m gud…hw r u? Hey guys can u plzz tell me if Om has break up with Ridhima or not… Btw hope u get well soon Priya15 n b a little bit careful next time…..😉😉😉

      • Enasanjida

        R8.. Om ka dimag kharap hain.. Woh joot sai nafrat karti hain. Life main pehli baar koi loyal boyfriend dekha as Omkara. Yeh ; Ridima sai joot nahi bolta. Seriously azki generation main aisa boyfriend kaha milti hain. Yes ; Omkara itna practical kehti hain but azki episode jish tara woh Ridima ka upor….. kiya . Shivay say True – Om lives his dream but practical lyf aisa nahi hain. & Yes ;Omkara Sad wid Ridima not break up. Omkara ka dimag kharap hoga – 2 year relationship ek joot k liya breakup karagi. Ishaana full maddy girl. ( zalli ka zalli…)

      • Enasanjida

        & yes ; Ishkara fan say – plzzz say Ishkara. I want 2 say ; plzz see Ridima’s character. .. We all know why Ishaana do this as Omkara ? But we really don’t know – Ridima’s character. Why Ridima lie Omkara. ( he is so loyal & lovable boy) Do u think Ridima cheat but why ? We all know Ishaana cheat… But Ridima. Yeh phir Ridima love another person as lyk tia . or Ridima saach main Omkara sai love karta hain. If she truely love omkara …

    • renima

      Dear jeshna… has not decided anything…..of course he is upset with ridhima……but you know… is not very easy to break 2 years relationship……

  17. Luna

    If anika doesnt care about surname why she doesnt directly tells shivaye that she has no surname??? it looks like she is ashamed of telling him when i think she shud be proud of herself that despite being an orphan she has achieved everything in her own without any guardian support.

  18. nivedha

    Mukta Wat an update..
    Thank you…

    one thing about ishqbaaaz
    Shivaay always thinks about power ,family surname but anika is totally different

    Om only believe in truth but ishana is totALLY DIFFERENT and she cheat him

    Rudra always concern about physical appearance but sowmya is fatter but sweet girl

    Different tracks!!!! Of oberoi brothers😃😃

  19. Luna

    I’m getting sick of seeing Ishana in bits and pieces in every episode. bcoz of that only many ppl arent able to connect with her character. Cvs can do so much with her character. Ishana has many layers that can be explored but only then when they show her properly. i think the makers shud have introduced her later when they got time for ishkara love story to show.

  20. Luna

    poor om he hates lies but will fall in love with the biggest liar on earth. i can already imagine angry omkara slapping ishana after knowing her truth.

  21. nivedha

    Priya naan ipa daan previous comment paathen ..oru Tamilian in grp great ..😃
    Inniku episode super la annna om paavam eppadi ishu yemaaththa koodaathu

  22. Iamsofianeak


    |Registered Member

    Rooumyaaaa are the funniest chacters *-*
    Om will be heartbroken when he comes to know ishana’s names ( Bela & Mala ) & she runs afterr moneey , like he said to riddhima it’s a small thing but it hurts , yaaaay but ishana’s truth is big thaaant than this !
    hope next time shivay will kisssss anika in her cheeks to keep quiet :c
    Guyyyssss Tia & her mum are behing something verry dangerouss , tia’s mum wants her daughter to marry shivay at any cost and verry soon while shivaye is worried for his familyy !
    I’m sure that she want to marry shivaye only for money & she loves someone else 😮

  23. Luna

    It looks like rudra is nothing more than a comic relief in the show. How can someone always act like an idiot?? i hardly see him acting serious. cvs shud add more realisim to his character.

    • Shaza

      But thats the refreshing type part if the episode and i live roudra’s attitude and after all he is dumbell oberoi .. How can he be serious😜

    • mishri

      Yh his actions nd facial xpressions make me sick😂😂😂😂 he is such a stress reliever..he removes the tension in the his “cool”might change once he knw dat it was soumya i guess..??

    • Enasanjida

      @Luna dear ;Rudra is now only college boy. & U know – college read those all boys/girls r not so matured They r fun ; loving ; chill & enjoy this tym. So ; its natural – Rudra is not so much dumbo..Agaar itna dumbo hota – Omkara sai milkar Anika ko innocent prove nahi karti. Rudra – Home main sabka ladla hain…so ; he is naughty boy. Here we see – Rudra’s character – naughty ; fun loving ; jealous ;attention 2 him.he loves him brother a lot.. So ; he is jealous Tia & Ridima bcz he think – his bro snatch him both this girl.
      Rudra ka character i lyk it ..
      ” Billu ki shaadi hogi
      Billu sehra sajagi … His dialog & drama

  24. Guman

    Oh my god…😂😂😂😂
    Annika is just toooo perfect for shivaay….
    She has all the answers of his all questions..
    She is soooo adorable….
    And dadi is full on planning shivika’s marriage in her mind as somebody said in prev comments…
    Love u dadi…

  25. Shaza

    Right now i cannot see so much difference between ridhhima and ishana cuz both are trying to use him ..its just that ishana is the lead and the plans she is having to seperate ridhima and om are like she is negative but she is the lead though just a lil different makeup,expressions and bg then she will become the villain ..abyway exited to see how ishkara!s story will turn out to be😊

  26. mishri

    Hellllllo every1……hws everythn??guyz dnt u thnk om looked really bitter today..??for such a small lie he reacted this way..i cant imagine his reaction for ishaana’s lie..m so scared..will om hate her??i want it to be cleard soooon..thy must show more of ishkaara..nd the timing is still terrible!!!!will om act like another shivaay singh oberoi???i sure he will attempt sucide though ..

  27. Navi

    No ishkara scene. Not fair. .
    Rudra~ aap papa ki jagah kisi aur ko kaise de sakte ho. . It was epic

    • Mukta

      and Shivaaye bhaiya aap meri jagah kisi or ko kese de sakte ho…….
      Lolzzzz…..too funny yrr…….

  28. Mukta

    Good Morning sweet people………..
    How r u all????

    @How r u Priya dear??? Howz ur neck sprain now???

  29. Rosu 25

    Wow….shivay started to sense anikas presence…. Love u shivika…. Last part was super……

    Om is very honest person….He hates lies…. I don’t know what will happen if he know about ishaana true identity….

  30. Mukta

    Hey friends…….Let’s play a game.
    Who is ur most favorite couple in Ishqbaaz among SHIVIKA, ISHKARA and RUMYA????
    Plz do reply…..let’s see which couple get maximum votes……..

  31. pragya

    Even I read the spoiler…..😍😍😍😍 happy for shivay….let the universe greet him for his good karma……..i love shivika…..😍😍 💕 💕 💕 💐 😍 💐 ☁ 🌈 💐 🌈……thanks a lot mukta dear…..😊 😊 😊….hey aqua u are back……its great….how was ur work…….nice to have u here again 😊 ………..

  32. pragya

    If Om his this much serious about lies and truth…..then our ishana …….feeling sad for both…..😞

    • Ooshi Akbar

      dadi indicated about Om’s love that he will be in love he start telling a a lie either he didn’t even tolerate it for now and he said it’s impossible

  33. neha

    No matter how romantic or unique ishkara’s or raumya’s tracks go, SHIVIKA is my Loveeeeeee…..and even my craziness for Omkara can’t change the fact.😘😘😁😁😱

  34. sujina

    oh mukta i luv omkara…
    bt in couple all couples r difn from eo so i’ll say whn their chemistry ‘ll b better bt 4 nw shivika…

  35. Rose

    Aaj bhi no ishkara .urgh….totally unfair. When will their track start properly..there was ishkara scenes in the precap and I was eagerly waiting for that but no…looking forward to the intense love story of ishkara.Hope that makers will not disappoint as …

  36. yashna

    Hello ishqbaaziaans
    how are u all??
    Shivika part was good but for me ishkara is the best
    Frm jeshna and yashna

  37. Arya

    In yesterday’s episode I liked when shivaye said v r not black or white completely.V r gray.No one is gud or bad completely. V hav both gud n bad qualities in us. No one is perfect. Actually dis is the truth I think. No one is perfect. After all v r humans. N humans obviously do mistakes.

    Hello ishqbaazians….m new here
    Shall I join u guys??

  38. ishika

    Wow I syng vryone is grey..nd he frgot provrv preach wat u say…he s so judgmntl towrds anika n thts wat om said lol
    Though I love shivika😍 waitng fr rakhi epi…n yes precap reveals tht shivay is gttng addicted towrds Anika though his excuses😒😍😂

  39. pragya

    Ya sensing Anika s presence…..😍😍😍😍….pyar Ki pehali nishan……… u shivika…….rudra rocked aas usual……those cartoons…..superb…..and bagad billa ka expression……😋😋😍😍… CVs pls at least start one love story……all the thre are in queue……at least from one side…….this not fair ….

  40. Prathi

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show a new twist where Shivaay starts to realize his feelings for Anika.

    Anika takes a day off from her work at Oberoi house because of Raksha Bandhan.

    Anika is happy that she don’t have to see Shivaay’s face for a day, while Shivaay warns to call her if he finds any mistakes in work.

    Shivaay finds everything perfect but yet feels Anika’s absence from the Oberoi house. For the first time Shivaay praises Anika’s work, Om-Rudra gets astonished hearing this.
    Om-Rudra teases Shivaay that he may be missing Anika as she is absent from work, Shivaay stops them.
    Shivaay himself realizes Anika’s absence from the work and tries to contact her.

  41. Ooshi Akbar

    in yesterday’s epi when anika came at the door and shivaye said come in anika then he didn’t even had the answer that how he knows it’s anika at the door

  42. nivedha

    Many new ishqbaaazians ishqbaaaz family rocks..Keep commenting friends ..amazingly ishqbaaazian

  43. nivedha

    @ swadeentha It is always ishqbaaaz😍😍

    Because not only one but three love stories and serial name suggests it well

  44. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    It was soooooooooooo good.. <3 .I really love SHIVIKA SO MUCH..
    SHIVIKA'Z scenes were awesome ,mindblowing.. wat a attitude of shivay, and wat a dialogues of anika really WITHOUT SHIVIKA'S scene the episode is INCOMPLETEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE..

  45. swadheentha

    Nivedha as i am free now i want to see some clips that is why i am asking. I know ishqbaaz is going to be romantic

  46. Aliya

    Hai guys and sorry for late commenting because I have a function in my house my sister engagement date fixed so l was busy in that its on next sunday l am very happy

  47. Mukta

    So guys till now……
    16 votes for SHIVIKA…
    7 votes for ISHKARA…
    1 vote for RUMYA……….
    Keep voting guys……

  48. Aliya

    Awesome episode shivaye sensed anika the symptoms of the magic of love and its feelings:-):-)l miss u all for an half of a day

  49. NadiyaShah32


    |Registered Member

    Okk so my dearest Co Ishqbaazians..I am also sorry fr not being regular hea due to some engagements…But it won’t b happening now…
    Will try to b regular frm tomorrow!!!
    Love u all!!!

  50. renima

    Hey my lovely ishqies, how are you all ? ishkara fans and Shivika fans……i heard a news that Though ishana’s masterplan gone well….omkara will rethink and he is willing to forgive ridhima…..and will patch up……….Shivay will realise tia’s motive……and he will find out that tia has joined with swethlana …..

    • renima

      What do you think about this news ? well for shivika fans this is a good news…..but am worried for omkara…..and ishana……..they show very rare scenes of ishkara……both of them have pain……though its different……destiny will connect them…….. if omkara will ready to forgive ridhima……then what will happen to my ishana??? when he realise bela- mala’s identity…..oh my god!….if ridhima will find the truth about ishana ……just before ishana’s confession to om…….then…..i can’t think about it…….

      • Roz


        |Registered Member

        Good news for Shivika,,,,bad news for ishkara,,,,,Ishana is really in trouble,,,I too read that spoiler…

  51. Adityakiran


    |Registered Member

    Good Evening to ALL The ISHQBAAZIANS.
    Am New Here That’s Why I Know Only Few Names
    Will Definitely COME Across MANY Sweet Names of SWEET PEOPLE.
    GUYS This SERIAL is Very Very NICE.
    Even Now Am Watching This SERIAL VERY Interestingly
    SHAIZA Briefly Written The STORY for Me.
    These People Got Immense TALENT
    Are Just Displaying.
    This SERIAL Got Much LIFE.
    TEAM Effort is There in The GROUP.
    HERO And Om’s Conversation Was Very EFFECTIVE.
    Heroine is ACTING Very NICELY.
    Even Though Both Are Not in Romance
    Viewers Can Still find A Very NICE CHEMISTRY Between SHIVIKA


    But Still Didn’t Rise
    It takes Time.

    Hi Priya!
    Good Evening
    Priya if PAIN Hurts You

      • Adityakiran


        |Registered Member

        Me too Fine Dear.
        Am VERY HAPPY for Your Sister DEAR.
        Convey My REGARDS to Your Sister Ahliya On MY Be half.
        Once Again Congratulations Ahliya

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Hai Adi,,,,u said right…I love this serial,….my fav thing abt the serial is ,Oberois always stands united against their enemies,,,there is no villain frm the family……even when Shivaaye was in trouble,..I loved the way the family members supported each other…..
      I was fed up seeing saas-bahu, jethani-devrani ,Dadi-potha,siblings fights….lyk in MAM,SSEL e.t.c

  52. Roz


    |Registered Member

    N reaally hope that Ridhimma won’t come again with another lie to trap Om…Don’t knw wat will happen when he comes to knw about ishana’s truth

  53. Roz


    |Registered Member

    N Shivika part was superb as usual,,,,, Shivaaye sensed Anika’s presence…”Museebath aathe he tho patha chal jaayega” hehe N I love it when Shivaaye calls Anika by her name

  54. Navi

    All 3 pairs are awesome. But personally I like ishkaara. ..

    I feel day by day comments are getting less. Don’t you guys think so

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      aah,,,,that’s bcoz of moderation,,..they take 1 to 2 hrs (for my cmnts.. 3 hrs+) to moderate a cmnt,,,so nt able to discuss well abt the show,,,,[maybe bcoz of that 580 cmnts]

  55. nikki

    hay guys I too feel that commenst are less so keep on commenting till 10 because after that we will see our show

  56. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Where is tdy wu?? I m having power cut in my place… Plsss upload it soon tu.. Waiting forward to know wt hpn in tdy epi??

  57. nivedha

    Hii priya aditya renima di mukta aliya roses shai and all ishqbaaaz family members…

    So sad 4 ishaana
    Again riddima ‘ll interfere😭😭😭
    😱Vat o

    • Enasanjida

      Why r u sad 4 Ishaana?
      I think om knows- Ridima.. & Omkara knows that bela -mala same person & both r trick Ishaana. ..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.