Ishqbaaz 18th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 18th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. The goons come there. Shivaye beats them. They hit him. Shivaye falls down. Some time back, Mahi says you are not understanding, if Anika did not come, Rudra, Om, Pinky, Jhanvi or Dadi would have come, they all give life for Shivaye, he is the foundation of that house. She says you are praising them a lot. He says I stayed there for much time, I realized what’s family and love. He recalls everyone caring for him and thinks they all love Shivaye a lot. He says there is solid love between them. She says where there is money, love comes on own, all relations are selfish. He says no, family is not made by motives, but by love, so we did not make any family ever. She says great, you stayed between Oberois for 10 days and finding our family less.

She scolds him.

She says if they come here finding you, there will be another problem, pity on us and leave from here. He asks where will I go. She says go anywhere, I recall my life’s biggest mistake seeing your face. He asks what are you saying Maa. She says your mum is dead, I don’t want to see your face, go from here. He gets sad and sees her. He leaves.

Shivaye asks Anika to say straight, what she means to say. She asks shall I say. He says yes. She holds his face. Music plays….. She gets up. He asks is it speech to stand up. She says you want to tell me that… He asks what, say it. She says don’t stop me, you want to tell me, Anika you are so beautiful. He says wait, what’s that. She says you said again. He cups his mouth. She says since you came in my life, colors filled in my life, when you come in front of me, my heartbeat gets fast. If I don’t see you, my breath stops, if I don’t talk to you, my day does not complete, you have spread everything in my heart, you made me Ishqbaaz. He asks really, do you think so. She says yes, you get nervous seeing me.

He asks why will I get nervous. She says yes, you turn from SSO to cute. He says you are affected by medicines, I m not like this, its so not me. She says you are Tadibaaz SSO, I knew you will not agree. He asks really, you think I have become Ishqbaaz. She walks back and says you became SSO from Billu ji. He walks to her and says my Kanji eyes tells everything to you. She says it tells all. He holds her hand. Music plays…… She says you just don’t want to say it. He says I won’t say. She says you will say it for sure. He lifts her in arms and makes her lie on the bed. O jaana….plays………..He gets close to her. Ishq hai aansun….plays……….

She says you will say it right, its ringing. He says yes. She says phone ring. He says oh yes, ringing. He answers call and says great, I m coming. He asks her to take rest till he comes back, Sahil has come, he will meet you in morning. She asks where are you going. He says there is some work, you take rest like a good girl. She says fine, but on one condition, you should be in front of me, when I open eyes. He agrees. They smile. He leaves. She calls him out. He comes to her. He says sleep Anika, and goes.

Mahi comes to Kamini and asks did you send goons to kill Shivaye, I told you not to do this. She says I told you not to show me your face. He says you can’t do his Gangaram. She asks will you tell me, why do you care if I don’t care. Mahi says because he is my……. She asks what, he is your… He says I won’t let Shivaye die and leaves.

Pinky sits crying. Dadi comes to her. She asks why are you crying. Pinky hugs her. Dadi asks what happened. Pinky says Shivaye is my only son, he went away from me, like he does not value me, Omru was special to him, then Oberoi family and then me, I was happy and relieved that my son cares for me, he fulfills my every wish, he used to come to me running when I was annoyed, he used to ask me not to be sad, I try to accept Anika, but don’t know why do I feel that since Anika came in his life, he got away from me. Dadi says you are crying for this, mad, don’t forget Anika is his wife, he will worry for her. Pinky asks does children forget mum when wife comes, I have fever, I told Shivaye, he did not care, he took medicines for Anika and went, he did not see me.

Dadi says Shivaye is alive today because of Anika, remember she got the bullet to save Shivaye. Pinky says even I can give life for my son, if he ignores me, I won’t feel good, what shall I do.

Shivaye asks Ranveer to come in front of him if he has courage. Lights flash on him. The goons come there. Shivaye asks where is Ranveer. The man says we will say. They surround Shivaye. Shivaye fights with them. They hit him with a metal rod. Shivaye falls down unconscious.

Mahi comes to save Shivaye. He fights with the goons. He sees Shivaye and says I have come, nothing can happen to you till I m there. He holds Shivaye’s face and cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Akriti

    and forget to mention one thing…
    from today’s episode it is cleared that mahi is shivays brother but one question strikes on my mind Is that mahi is shivays step brother or twin brother???
    any guses guys????

    but I want him to be his twin brother not step brother…

    1. Ranilya

      Nice dp akriti.
      Though I feel they r step brothers I would want them to b twins or atleast both pinky’s children, real brothers

  2. Piyuu

    @anu congrats for ur first comment…

    1. Thanks piyu?

  3. Guys anybody saw payar ka dard hai

  4. Please kori tho bolo

  5. Piyuu

    nyz episode…shivikas romance scenes are nice expecting more phir bhi no disappoinments…pinky ithne possessive kyu hi i cant understand.mahi thum sweet ho kyu kamini ki peeche pad ra vo thume pyar nahi karthi usse chodkar chali jaa…mann kartha tha kamini ko maarne ka @arpita thum ranveer ko maarne ki plan kar rehi hu na aur saath kamini ko bhi maarna mei bhi aavungi tere saath.waiting for today episode.

    1. Hi you watched payar ka dard hai

  6. hi guys good mornign all IBzzzz.
    all your comments rocked the TU today
    owsm episode it was…so much of love…shivaye, anika, mahi & pinky
    anika’s love to shivaye…mahi’s love to shivaye…pinky mom love to shivaye…wow shivaye yaar u are so gifted so much love you get from everyone…..but you take so many steps to show your love to your wife…why?…im still searching for the answer although in someway you are showing tht you’re caring..
    WOW SSO you were too good yaar your hand romance…wow only SSO can do tht ..i was blushing …a little shivika moment is great moment for me to see both together blushing..eye lock…hand lock….

    pinky mom have to give space to shivaye whatever happenned dont forget he’s your son no one can change that but he just wnts to spend sometime with his wife thts all…i understand pinky’s concern here but mothers have to realize once their kid is married we have to let them go…come on pinky get this into your brain

    mahi mahi mahi was so cute so good to listen when mahi speaks. searching for love and i think he’ll get tht through shivaye after all i think they are brothers..right

    i cant stand this kamini but i just gona shoot her dead!!

    precap: mahi is gona save shivaye and maybe we’ll know the truth of their birth and i hope as anika’s wish shivaye is the one standing in front of her when she opens her eyes….

    1. Y do u says so Pushpa.. when annika opens u think mahi sso gonna swap again.. I was hoping no more swapping.. ?
      I want mahi in OF but as Mahi and not sso!

      1. Pushpa/Anu
        I don’t think there ll be anymore swapping. It ll be the same old track then.

    2. hi anu…no just that mahi is there to help shivaye….but dun know if he’ll again kidnap him because of kamini…….

    3. Ranilya

      Yes pushpa I too hope it’l b Shivay.
      Somehow I feel there’s going to b a twist here.. .sply due to her dialogue…. I mean y did she say so??
      Now that shivay is not hit by the goons…i feel Mahi will take shivay’s place in OM…
      Dunno what’s going to happen

      1. Ranilya

        Shivay is hit by goons *

  7. @ Akriti @ Anu thankx for replying guys. Anu phir sae first coment kiya congrats dr. @ Amaya cv’s , gul mam nd shivani r Monarks they won’t listen to anyone dat’s why i’m asking God Ji , coz aaj nain tho kal god tho hamari baath jaroor sunaegi na. Anyways guys @ Akriti @ Amaya @ diyas sorry guys i didn’t reply yesterday coz i had a competetive exam dis sunday so preparing for it . Plz pray for me to qualify in that exam . Exam qualify honae kae baad main sab ko lollipop’s doongi pakka.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Rock the exam Liba..All the best from Astha and don’t send any lollipop haan .. send some maida..sakkar,Milk powder,ghee.. we will make sweets for our selves..hey na we know that you will do it… you can…
      Love from Ishquise is with you..waiting for the good news of your appearance on exam being best,Love you….

    2. All best liba for ur exams! U will do well..!

    3. Ranilya

      Best of luck for your exam Liba.
      I’m b waiting for the lollipop….??

  8. @amayaa dear,
    @akrti dear,
    @rajjo dear
    @anu dear,
    Thnx for supporting me. Chalo sab milkar ranveer kamini ko mardenge.and you are right rajjo dear, hamare frnds jaroor hame bachane aayengr.
    @anu dear, congratulations for first comment. And your analysis was good

    @akrti dear, sso ka gangaram not bad idea.but be aware of asthababy ,amayaa dear, surbhi dear, rajjo dear.2 ka bhai he woh , surbhi ki naklu, aur rajjo ka jjija..soo be care ful (just kidding )

    Maahi dear your lines are awesome.
    @liji dear, agree with you Cvs ko agar adhe track ke baare main poochnge toh woh hame hi pagal samjhenge.

    Lax dear, annkhe phaad ke dekhna chahti thi.??????????? .

    Jab didi ne kaha ki ghanti baji actually she was talking about pyaar ki ghanti.baad main phone baj gayi…otherwise Sso toh meri didi ki ankho main hi kho jaate.

    @mouni dear, such agli basr romance se pehele na Sso ko apni phone band rakhni chsgiye.hamesha distrb karta he.

    Awww kiss ke baare main itni confusion. NAUGHTY THOUGHTS??????

    yarr but ek pal ke liye I also felt that he kissed her.but nahi We know that Sso is very fond of my ddi’ hair and hand. Soo wohi hua.
    @Akriti dear. I also want that maahi should be sso twin bro.

    @asthababy bahut dino baad chemistry cousin will happy. Soo sweet????? you rocked.


    1. Thanx arpi… keep loving….

  9. Ulta type hogayi.missing sekhar bhaiya ‘s comments very badly.
    Kuch bhi type ho jati he .urghhhhhhhh

  10. Anybody watched payar ka dard hai

    1. Ranilya

      Hi pppp.
      No havn’t watched pyar ka dard.. .. sorry

  11. Aastha_Reddy

    SSO went to the place searching for Ranveer right! they did not kidnapped him again…
    1.As now Kameeni know Maahi’s support for Shivaay and will try to save him,are they planning to trap Maahi in SSO attack case.. and will blackmail Maahi again..
    2. Shivaay was cool while talking with Annika even after getting call about Ranveer and then turned Aggressive in the dark place soon..he even went to that place alone Khanna.. when he knew that Ranveer is there!!his business mind went on holiday after the winning the game on Prinku marriage.. !!
    What is wrong with this Shivaay or anything more wrong with Cvs….we are not expecting logic but continuity in story is required Cvs … Now shall we expect some more flash back scene from this too!!!!

    1. I think he didn’t wanted annika to know abt it tat he’s going to ranveer as he knew tat then annika will be tensed which is nt gd fr her health or will nt allow him to go n he wanted neither to happen…….. bt yea he shld hv taken someone with him… …….he is mad totally mad once he took d whole country’s security with him jst to stop annika frm running tat too with a full proof plan ( during their mrg) n yesterday he went all alone……….this sso na most of d tym he’s in no mood of using brains otherwise he gets vry gd ideas when he uses his brilliant brain

    2. Astha
      1. Don’t think so.
      2. It’s just show heroism both Shivays n Mahis. Nothing else.

    3. Ranilya

      Astha it’s just that the cvs sent shivay alone on purpose…they wanted him to get hit by the goons, Mahi to feel for Shivay, save him.
      They have some plans for Mahi track I guess…otherwise shivay would never leave Anika alone in this state…he even ignored pinky remember….
      (Wo baat alag hain ke Shivay was mesmerized by Anika’s beauty n words that his brains stopped working)

  12. Ranilya

    Good morning dearies .. .
    Mahi stole the show today…oh….Mahi don’t worry, we all r with you..just leave that kameeni , she is not even your mom…
    Mahi n Shivay r brothers.. .thats so nice. Just hope evrything sorts out soon n Mahi is accepted in OM.
    Nakul is such a brilliant actor… no words to praise him… be it tadibaaz SSO, nervous billu, or vulnerable Mahi can’t take my eyes off!!
    Shivika romance was sure a sprinkle of chat masala…
    Anika n Shivay both equal in tadi…when one speaks the other is invariably mute with coy but will never agree on each other.
    Pinky ..wthats up with you…i agree Shivay was too blunt with you ..but pls understand.. he is concerned about the girl who literally took a bullet to save his life.. I know you would have done it too, but are his mother and it’s obvious for a mom to do though Anika is his wife there is still some kind of doubt in shivay’s mind so it matters more to him that Anika did it for him…and most importantly he is in love!!

    Will Shivay b injured/ paralysed??
    I hope Anika n Mahi get together n solve the ranveer kameeni issue ….Anika ko ek aur dever mil gaya

    1. Riddhima

      Rani happy morning ..If anika and Mahi become a team … Then image the way of communication between them … It will be soo much fun … Waiting for Us… ..

      But writers will have other ideas … ???

      1. Lol ya ridhi.. that wud be a treat to watch..

      2. Ranilya

        Yes riddi anihi ka kidkithod lingo!!

    2. Yea nakuul is jst a superb actor n also lucky tat he got so many shades to play in a single show n no doubt he justified all his characters vry well……..abt shivaye getting injured or paralysed plzz noo i can’t see him lyk tat he hs to be fit n fine in today’s epi itself……… annika maahi bonding will also be gr8

      1. Ranilya

        Sree n Pushpa…i saw shivay on a wheelchair or something like that…so I got this doubt…
        Hope I’m wrong

    3. ranilya…please no paralysed shivaye…no yaar definately nooooo…

    4. Loved ur comments today..
      shivika a sprinkle of chat masala.. very apt! When one speak
      Nakul.. yes tadibaaz sso, shy billu and vulnerable mahi..! So true he is such a brilliant actor.. I can’t take my eyes off him either..
      And pinky.. am tired talking abt her yaar… I just hope this doesn’t become a big drama..!

      1. Ranilya

        Thanks Anu

    5. Rani
      Loved the para about Pinkys doubts n Shivays reaction. ???
      Shivay is neither injured or paralyzed, he is just unconscious. He ll get back home before Annika opens her eyes I guess.

      P.S- Rani, Nakuul last day tweeted asking how people are watching IB in Australia. He wanted the information for a friend. There were very few replies but if u want I can share the link of that tweet.

      1. Ranilya

        Sure can send the link but I don’t use Twitter.. .so I’m not sure if I can reply…
        But still would love to see the tweet…

      2. Ranilya

        Thanks Lax.
        And good to know Shivay is not injured…
        Was going mad thinking about the new twist…

  13. Aastha_Reddy

    Annika called Shivaay by his real name…”ISHQBAAZ”.. kaha..yay!!

  14. Yesterday’s episode is cute and a bit emotional.S hivika’s scenes were too adorable .The way anika caresses shivaay’s face with her hand was just amazing.And my cute and poor sso baby lol??? anika k samne toh uski bolti hi band ho gayi .The way she described about sso assumptions towards her was just hilarious. Her dialogue “Aapki dil ki dhadkane aise tej hoti hain jaise kutte peechhe pad gaye hon “????.Sso tried his best to stop anika by getting close to her but he failed. When he lift her in his arms and got close to her my pulse got numb .But I know itni aasani se hume consummation scene na milega aakhir ‘ishqbaaz’hai pehle ishq baazi hogi phir kuchh aur

    And this pinky uska concern sahi par usse pata hona chahiye ki uska beta agar zinda hai to wo sirf anika ki wajah se. Jahan tak baat ignore karne ki toh anika pakda pakda i khelte hue nahi giri thi usse goli lagi thi toh sso ka concern hona jayaz tha . Isse yeh maan lena ki woh apni maa se pyaar nahi karta galat hai. Daadi please for god’s sake iss pinki ko samjhao

    And last that kutti kameeni yaar I am100%sure she can’t be his mother . Koi bhi maa apne bachche ko itna nahi kos sakti hai. I think mahi is pinky’s son.

    And last the precap so emotional.Feeling pity for maahi . The way he said “bhai k hote hue tujhe kuchh nahi hoga ” reminded me the kahani2’s vista’s dialogue ” mere hote hue tujhe kuchh nahi hoga”?? . Jokes apart but seriously the way caressed shivaay’s earlobe he seems like an elder brother

    So overall the episode was nice and as usual khidki tod . Eagerly waiting for today’s episode.
    That’s all for today . Waah yaar main kitna sochti hun . Bohot aage jaungi main!!!!!????

    1. Aapke dil ki dhadkane itne tez ho nayi hain ki haise kutte piche pad gaye hain! Ya that was a hilarious dialog ??
      Thanks for reminding again Prerna!

  15. Maahi really yr with each passing days i m jst falling fr u more n more…… first i was a fan of his language then his actions n now i m d biggest fan of urs as a whole……..glad to know tat sso n maahi r twins sone pe suhaga…… we’ll get more of brotherly love sso’s love fr maahi maahi’s fr sso ( a glimpse of it will get today)……… i m eager to see d family’s bonding with maahi after knowing d truth especially pinky, sso n annika……..
    Pinky why so insecure…….. Ur son will be urs only no one is snatching him frm u don’t blame annika fr everything……… iss baar rayta na tmhare heera bete ne failaya ………when Dadi strt making her realize d things i thought she’ll understand bt no she is in no mood to open up her eyes n get d things clearly
    Lastly shivika moment yea again they were on fire……really they r a cmplete package frm funny talks to gettng romantic n then caring fr each other they both jst compliment each other vry well……..
    Bdw i m still confused cn anyone clear it tat was annika under d influence of medicines??
    So maahi knows tat sso his bro n i think kamini instigated him against pinky tat she rejected him when he was born n tat’s why he hates pinky so much…….don’t know d revelation prt is still on d way n plzz this tym don’t end it so abruptly
    Waiting fr today’s epi as we’ll get maahi’s love n care fr sso bt i think sso will nt get to know tat maahi actually saved him……..
    P.s in insta there saw some pics tat annika’s hand in sling why she was absolutely fina till yesterday then wat happened suddenly……… in tat there is a scene if pinky annika sso in shivika’s room i think its after d fight also everyone were in same dress except sso he was in white…….Don’t know wats going on bt my sixth sense is telling me something tat is tat maahi in white bcz of d fight sso is still unconscious n maahi took over him ( least chances) hopefully will get d answers in today’s epi………
    How r u all guys??
    @Anu congrats fr first to cmnt…… day will come when I’ll be d first one hahaha

    1. Thanks Shree ? Waiting to see u comment first ?
      I saw the insta Picts too.. I see quite some of them saying it cudne mahi.. but I dun wanna a swap again? Pls CVs let it be sso?

      1. Even i don’t wnt tat………bt yea our annika hs sso detector she’ll definitly find out if he’s maahi within seconds

    2. Shree
      Shivika is a package. All their scenes, be it emotional, funny, romantic, fight, everything is a treat to watch.
      I think Annika was under the effect of medicine coz usually she is not so much on the face when it comes to romance. She is shy right??

      Also I think it’s Shivay only, not Mahi. I don’t think CVs ll opt for swapping again. That ll be boring. I guess there is an upcoming scene where Shivay is helping Annika with the sling.

      1. She’s shy n tat’s i was thinking how she is doing all tat n yea u r right sso returned back…… saw pics in insta….. now waiting fr 10

    3. Ranilya

      Shivika r the best, be it attitude, fights, arguments, romance, shyness….
      Hats off to Narbhi.

      And I too have the same doubt…Shivay- Mahi r swapped again??

      1. Really Narbhi r d best…..also ib i hvn’t myself so crazy abt a show or d actors……… N thank god he’s sso……. actually Lax was right it would hv been repeating of d same scenes if he was maahi

  16. Samm

    it just occurred to me that we haven’t seen much of nice interactions between mahi and anika, seeing as how she’s probably the only one who can understand mahi well, with all his issues of missing family and everything. i would love to see anika being a sister to mahi and bring him out of his trauma of suffering as an illegitimate child. also, did anyone think how awesomely emotional would it be if both shivaay and mahi turn out to be kamini’s sons but if they accept pinky as their mom? shakti’s flustered behavior around kamini will be seen in a new light if this actually turns out to be the case! i can only imagine the half of its emotional impact by imagining this scene. if done well, i think this will be the best twist ever! i hope the creatives don’t leave a plot vacuum in solving this suspense as well, like they did in the tia case…

    1. Wow! What a thought samm! Both actually kameenis sons but accepting pinky as mom! That’s would be truly emotional..!
      I don think our CVs think so well as u do!
      R u the samm author of precious and lucky??

      1. Samm

        yep, i think so too anu. too bad if something amazing doesn’t happen with such talented actors on set!
        and yes, i’m samm, the author of precious and lucky 🙂 thanks for recognizing 😀

    2. Nivedita

      Yeah, I am hoping for this twist..

      1. Samm

        let’s keep our fingers crossed for this 🙂

    3. Sammy
      I would love to see Annika Mahi bonding. That ll be really cool. But somehow I feel CVs won’t give us a lot of such scenes. I think their focus ll b Mahi – Shivay n Mahi – Pinky.

      1. Samm

        yes lax, both of them are similar in many ways so it’ll be a treat for us viewers 🙂 but i too think the show will focus on mahi-shivaay and mahi-pinky more than any other bonds 🙂

    4. Ranilya

      Same though I want see Anika n Mahi bonding I don’t want either shivay or Mahi to b kameeni’s sons…id rather prefer them to b Pinky ‘s children…
      The essence of IB is that, Shivay has NKK n Anika doesn’t…he will have to accept her whole heartedly with this difference.

      1. Ranilya


      2. Samm

        yeah, that works for me too, as long as mahi gets his happy ending 😀 but i just liked the the idea of shivaay realizing that everying that he is so proud of isn’t really his own from birthright rather than the choice/ love of various people in his life. it seems like shivaay is taking too long to accept anika wholeheartedly with her lack of family name and elite bloodline, so this could actually speed things up. also, it’s not necessary that kamini isn’t actually from a rich background (as the oberois think it’s a given that she wears such heavy jewelry and nice clothes), even if she doesn’t appear to be very well off now. the backstory could also go something like this: kamini was her rich father’s spoiled brat and hooked up with shakti who has a similar background, but things got out of hand and she ended up with a kid out of wedlock. her family must have abandoned her to avoid the slander and thus she became this insufferable person crazed with revenge. in that scenario, if both shivaay and mahi turn out to be kamini’s sons, shivaay can’t complain of his blood, but by the norms of this twisted up society, he will have a tough time coming to terms with the truth that the remarkable and lovable things about him which makes him special to his loved ones is his character and not his name and blood which aren’t his as he thought. mahi shows him how absolutely lucky he is to have a family that not only accepted and loved him but also leaned on him for support and took responsibility for his rights and wrongs (especially to anika, in the beginning) alike. pinky, being the emotional mother she is, will use her supply of tears to bring him around and also pull mahi out of his sad past. shivaay will understand and accept anika for who she is and we finally get some really romantic moments between them. everyone is happy and the end! 😀
        this the angst-fest i cooked up in my head while watching the past few episodes of ishqbaaz, but i see how well the story you want could go through too. and since i have a lot of time on my hands, i’ll go ahead and sketch it out: kamini somehow finds pinky’s son, mahi, and her heart melts to see the poor, crying baby. so she takes him with her, not knowing who he is exactly. over time the crazy people of their society finally crack her up and she takes her anger out on the poor kid, saying that he’s an illegitimate child, as it’s an easier route to her. but it could be that the mistake she keeps talking about was actually taking him in and sheltering him when he was separated from his family. she probably had to give up her life as no one would marry a girl with a kid or respect her for who she is/ used to be. this caused the resentment she spews out now and after knowing that mahi is probably the second son of the oberoi family, due to whom most of her life was wasted away, she has come down the road of revenge. so, when mahi comes to know he actually has a family which loves him simply because he is their son, he is torn between the mother he literally worshiped for years and the mother who wants him back in her home simply because he is a good person besides the fact that he has her blood in his body. but eventually he decides to clear kamini’s name as ‘a single mother with an illegitimate child’ and lives happily ever after with the oberoi family. shivaay, who is just a witness in all of this, learns from the story that you cannot judge a person by his bloodline and name because you never know what his backstory might be like. and thus he too puts himself and us out of our misery and gets cozy with anika! everyone is happy again and the end! 😀
        so, ranilya, which one do you like? i guess i have a lot of time on hand as i’m thinking of stories which is someone else’s job! 😀 😀 anyways, do tell me what you think of these two cases. 🙂

    5. Ranilya

      Good workouts here samm…
      You can get into the cvs team…
      Though both r good I wud prefer the second one.. .
      Kamini too will get a chance to lead a good life…
      Pinky sure can have 2 heera betas…she can plan another affluent wedding for Mahi with a girl of her choice(meaning rich here).
      And sure happy ending….
      They better move up with rumya.. it’s high time!! (I’m trying to forget Om….oh it’s so difficult)

  17. Shivaye oh god

    Heard Shivaye will die in the show.. onerous will first hate mahi but later will accept him.. omru and annika will not accept mahi, but later omru accepts mahi and annika – mahi remarriage track will start.. Annika can’t forget Shivaye and she will oppose to marry mahi

    1. Who told u please I think this is false news we can’t imagine without sso

    2. Pls tell us who told u , mene to kisi bhi spoiler mein na para. I think so this is fake news, mujhe to sso ki death ke bare mein soch karhi rona aa raha tha, agar is me 1% bhi sachi huyi to paka show jaldi band ho jayega

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