Ishqbaaz 17th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Siddharth’s mum Ketki says always women had to sacrifice, our dreams, career, we had to leave everything. Priyanka stammers and says every girl wants to become something, it should he her choice, not a compulsion. Everyone smile. Some time before, Mallika cries and says Siddharth, I was never imp for you and your family, our relation was always about you and your work, the bad thing is if girl shows disagreement with inlaws before marriage, she is called family breaker, I wanted to make relations stronger, my whole world was revolving around you, but unfortunately I was not part of that world, everything happened according to your mum, not me, don’t say you did not notice this. Tej and Jhanvi come and look on.

Siddharth says you should have told me once. She says I knew you understood this

and did not take a stand for me, you did not support me, you know you are imp for me and even my work, even then you did not support me, you made me realize I have to face this alone, I have to walk in this journey alone. He says I respect whatever you have earned in life, I m really proud of you, I did not express this, I believe this. She says you told me, if you told this to your mum, she would have understood me, my and my work had no value, sorry but I had no other choice.

Ketki walks in and says life always has a choice. Everyone look at her. She walks to Mallika and says life always has two choices, we can choose anything between responsibility and freedom, it’s a bahu’s responsibility to keep family over herself, if you wanted, you could have chosen it, but you chose your freedom, Mallika Kabir Chaudhary, you did not do mistake in choosing, we did mistake and chose a wrong bahu for us. Jhanvi says I think you need personal space to talk, come I will take you to study room. Ketki says there is nothing to discuss is room, it was issue when Mallika has run away and insulted me by her decision. Shivaye asks her to listen to Mallika once, she has a reason.

Ketki says I understand it, I know her reasons. Siddharth says you are not understanding mom. She says I do, I did MBA from London and I had a career, no one asked me what will I do, I also had dreams, Vikram’s dreams, I fulfilled his dreams, I felt bad when I had to leave my career, but I did not run away like you, I understood running home is not less than any career, living as housewife is not a small thing, and then Sid has come in my life and became my world, Vikram used to be busy in his life, then Sid has grown up, studied and assisted Vikram in business, what did I get by managing Vikram and Sid, Mallika has come in your life, shall I sacrifice my son’s dreams and life for my bahu, I want to make a relation with my bahu, but on my terms.

Dadi says Ketki….. you think what you did is right. Ketki says maybe not, but this is happening since ages, always women have to sacrifice, everyone knows its wrong, but this happens, we have to leave our dreams, career, everything… Pinky says I think Mrs. Rana is saying right, everyone get roles like in pictures, if Hema says I will play Dharmendra’s role, film will flop, if woman says she will do husband’s role, life will be not balanced.

Jhanvi says who are we to decide, person should decide. Tej says family is imp, if both husband and wife work, how will they manage, one has to sacrifice. Jhanvi asks why don’t they both sacrifice, why should women sacrifice. Shakti says because women manage home well, I know mum has managed us. Dadi says this was not my wish, your dad was not there and I had to manage house duties alone, what about women’s dreams. Tej says woman has dreams of a good husband and good family, if she manages home, she will be happy. Priyanka says no Papa, every girl wants to become something today, even if she becomes housewife, its not bad, but it should be her choice, not a compulsion. Everyone smile.

Anika says forgive me to talk in between, but true thing is girls run home and work on their own, even then people say they can stay at home. Ketki says its all big things to say, but women has to make sacrifice, and men does not. Shivaye says its because society makes them so and women allow them to be like that. Dadi and everyone surprisingly look on. Ketki asks can men sacrifice. Om asks why not, marriage is equal responsibility for both partners. Dadi says marriage is a relation of partnership, it should be of equality.

Mallika says I want this, equality with Siddharth and his family. Siddharth says Mallika, whenever I said I m proud of you, I always meant, I started respecting you, you have made me realized this imp thing, you said right, we are equal and then our rights and responsibilities should be equal too, I was so lost and did not realize this, I promise this won’t happen again, I m sorry for whatever happened, if this time you run away from marriage, I will run away with you. Everyone smile.

Dadi asks Ketki to see, times are changing, relation’s meanings are changing, we have to change, old is not one who is born in old times, but one who is stuck in old times, you are educated, who will understand this if you do not. Ketki agrees to Dadi and says I understood, I was hoping that Mallika spends life like I have spent, but I was wrong, if I understood Mallika and explained her, she would have not taken this big step. She apologizes to Mallika and says I m a mum and had my son as just mine, I could not share him, there will be problems and fights when I have to share him, but I promise I will try my best to respect and love you and your dreams. Everyone smile. Mallika cries and says I will try, I know there will be arguments and fights, but we have to keep this relation, I will try my level best that I never run away. Ketki asks her to call her mom, not aunty. She blesses Mallika.

Siddharth’s dad Vikram Rana walks in and asks so shall we leave for home….. Everyone see Vikram. Tej looks at Jhanvi. Jhanvi feels uncomfortable. Tej walks to Vikram. Jhanvi worries. Tej says so great Pradeep Rana’s son Vikram has to come to my door. Vikram says Pradeep Rana’s son did not come, Siddharth’s dad Vikram has come, if person worries for someone, he has to go there. Vikram looks at Jhanvi and walks to her.

Vikram says its 28 years, everything changed but you never changed Tej. Tej says times can change, but Tej Singh Oberoi can’t. Shivaye and Om ask Dadi what are they talking about. Dadi says Jhanvi and Vikram were going to get married, and Jhanvi has run away from her marriage. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    Thankew Amena di for ur super fast update!!!!!!!!!

    I hope it got clear from today’s episode that Prinku is Tej n Jhanvi’s daughter!!!!!!!!

  2. Mukta

    Today’s episode was nice……. the concept shown was superb…….. it’s true that men n women should be given equal importance………

  3. Mukta

    BTW how r u all??? Hope everyone is fine!!!!!!!! I think TU is not posting Hii, hello type comments……. coz I replied in previous page but it didn’t get posted!!!!!!

    @Ahiba Congratulations dear for ur marks!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Abiha

    Episode was ok..
    Confession n all family supporting malika was nice..
    Rana’s hav history there would b bahu’s ran away n come to oberio’s ..haha..😂😂😂😂 ….

    @renima d,mishri,shabana d,nikki d,luna d,richu d,haya d, shivani d..thnxx…for congratulating all of u..

    • Piyaliii


      |Registered Member

      Congo di…sry I am late…
      Actually….yesterday I was in hospital so I can’t comment…I had just wished mukti di….
      Congratulations di….and don’t get upset..I am also just like you….I also get upset with my marks always….
      Because we both always think for 100%😂😂😂😂

  5. Diya

    Okay. I guess. Hope all this will lead to be of some importance to overall story. Good performance by actors as usual. I think Mallika story will be wrapped up by Monday since no telecast on Sundays-is that right? I guess the purpose of bringing Mallika was to make Shivaay and Anika come closer and realize their feelings for each other. Waiting patiently for the story to move forward and for Ishana’s re-entry. Hopefully they have sorted out her character and don’t make her go hyper like before. She deserves a better storyline.

  6. nikki

    Wow what a epi yaar ill miss mallika.plz koi star plus ko kaho ki woh sunday per bhi ishqbaaz ko dikhye yaar ab 2days thak inthazaar karna padega yaar so sad.

    Good night all ishqies

  7. Jazz

    The episode was so great. They all were coming one by one first siddarth then her mum and when his dad came oh my godd we should see the expressions on everyone face especially jhanvi’s and tej😮😮😮

  8. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Great episode it is…speaking of women’s dreams and their responsibility…ishqbaaz crew done a good job in expressing it….Sid and Mallika’s convo was nice….love them…every single character in ishqbaaz is amazing in their own way…that’s the thing which makes the show rocking…and finally jhanvi ran away from her marriage…that to from Vikram…seriously…so much twists and turns….this show is the BEST….

  9. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Hiii ishkes..I’m sorry I’ll not be able to comment here for some days..I’ll rarely be here..
    But I’m gonna miss the fun here!!😖😔😞

    So byeeee guyzzz
    Mukta abiha Luna sat shaza haya priya Nikki Maya mishri diya shahbana dhruvvv Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu Anusha roz rosu tharu dharu devga aaliya liya laya aditi…
    Shivu muku nishuuuuuu dhruv Bhai!!!!
    Have a good time!!

    Luv u

  10. |Registered Member

    OMG!! Precap was such a shock,,,,,So Tej is also an Ishqbaaz…
    First part was like a debate on the topic ‘Women empowerment,,,bt it’s a good thing that they tried to give a message to the society…I never thought that Sidharth and his mom will agree with Mallika so soon,,,,



    |Registered Member

    Unlike Malika Jhanvi is also Bhagodi Dhulhan… 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 but it would have been a great reason…
    And today’s episode rocked, atleast after so many days they showed something better and less commedy which this show requires. 😀😀

  12. MARY

    Again a new plot are they going to complete existing plots or not ?

    And someone said that dadi officially adopted Anika then how Shivaye and Anika will get married because they are bro-sis now.

    Today ‘s episode was boring without Shivika and Roumya

    • Luna

      Yeah Mary, it was me who said that Dadi has officially adopted Anika. Don’t u know that??? Then why Anika stays in Oberoi Mansion 24*7 for no reason??? Dadi is even okay with Anika paying her debt of 30 lacs in 250 years. Maybe she will clear the debt in heaven. Who does that for someone in today’s world until and unless she is ur family member??? I was just being sarcastic sweetie so don’t take it seriously.

  13. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Oh my god the episode was fab and precap 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 janvi was supposed to marry vikram rana !?!?? Waiting for next episode and guys how r u doing! ?!?!? Fatarajo renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di szfz and all ishqies .. I hope u all are fine and I guess won’t be active tomorrow because my exams are gonna start from Monday … so I guess I’ve miss all my friends and ishqies

    Anywas keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  14. mishri

    Todays epi was worth watchng…i agree with daadi..evn i thnk our genration is way bttr in makng decisions nd solutions unlike d generation of our mums nd grannies…i mean i admit we r hooligans wen it cums to discipline nd manners😉😉😂😂 i thnk 2dys epi made sense…thy targeted youth nd their parents…it really worked..we dnt jump into conclusions..we thnk lyk in movies true bt atlst we make good decisions ryt??????

    • Luna

      It’s not necessary that younger generation always takes good decisions. We can also take wrong decisions bcoz of lack of experience but yeah, I agree that our thinking is more open minded.

    • mishri

      Nahi luna di..i didnt tel we take d correct decisions..i tld we r sumtyms gud at it..yh i prodly say we r openminded

  15. Tridha

    I just read 3 spoilers-1 shivay will thank anika for helping mallika,2 oberoi’s will welcome ganpati & there will be so much sivika drama,3 ishana will make her re-entry soon this time she will have more powerful plans to get om at any cost

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      The first and second are awesome 😄…but third ..I thought Ishana will be guilty ..but she is again trying to win Om’s heart like that …😰😏…they took so much time but still I’m not liking ishkara if Ishana planned to unite with Omkara cuz of planning 😕…if they wanted to do like this then they could show Ishana as Om’s true lover and then trying to win his heart ..but again she is doing it for money 😡..I know she have reasons …but after once again same thing …I hope the third spoiler is fake ..fingers. Crossed for ishkara

      • Liya


        |Registered Member

        Yaa we waited for a long time and the writers are coming with the same old plot ,this is not fair😠😠 Ishu should understand her mistake and should win omms heart ..not by crook…

    • mishri

      I dnt lyk d third 1..ishaana is nt dat bad i heart yaaaar..itz sooo annoyng dat thy wanna kp repesting the same old thing…i wish itz fake spoiler..thy r killing her character

  16. mishri

    Nd d precap was lyk shockng nd hilarious😂😂😂…who thght tej singh oberoi wuld be a loverboy????maybe not…this would have been the root to d conflicts dasha di….. the ones u guessed…trust me the youngsters were shell shocked😂😂😂😂😂…nd y does priyanka’s speech make her bros shocked???????????????z she sick or sumthng???????😱😱😱😰😰😰..

    • |Registered Member

      Priyanka is afraid to talk in public,,,,,I think she has stammering prblm…In the first epi itself they showed Prinku getting afraid seeing the press, she was unable to talk and Anika helped her,,,,,In Rakshabhandan epi also she stammered while announcing smthng and Somu helped her

      • mishri

        Ah k thnxz roz di…bt itz nyc to hav 3 cute bros to be proud of u nd 3 cute sister in laws helpng u out…😄😄😄😄😄😘😘

  17. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys….I have a confusion …Jhanvi was gonna get married to vikram and ran for tej !? …or Jhanvi was gonna get married to tej but ran for vikram ?.pla someoen tell !? Pls ..I actually couldn’t see the episode so a pill confused ..anyway the episode was good actually they have shared a very strong messege that “both men and women should be given equal importance ” …hope they bring Ishana back soon ……there where no shivika scenes today 😔..whole episode was kinda based on rana’s …and no ishqbaaz tomorrow 😭😭😭..precap is shocking …but hope after that ..tej and jhanvi’s relationship will become normal 😄…

  18. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    The show just keeps getting better and better. Wah Jhanvi lol.
    I’m impressed.Love triangles for days.
    And now Jhanvi.Tej.Vikram.
    Ishqbaaz heaven.
    It explains a lot about Jhanvi and why she’s the way she is.

  19. Maya

    Actually now was thinking what if they would have shown Siddharth Ranas love interest was Ishana and she eventually falls in love with Omkara that would have some story to Ishkara.
    History would repeat itself Jhanvi runs and marries tej and same is font by Ishana.
    It would have spiced up the whole Ishkara track.

  20. Luna

    Honestly it’s getting boring now. Mallika’s track is dragging now. I am not getting the whole point of her cameo. Was it just to give the message of Women Empowerment??? But I think even the message was half baked. Running away from marriage and causing ur family and in laws humiliation does’nt show women empowerment. Mallika shud have confronted Siddharth and his family instead of running away from marriage and instead of thinking what she shud do next she was partying with the Oberois. Mallika even did’nt acted as a catalyst for Shivika’s relationship then why was she brought in the show????

    • Diya

      Well according to the promos, Mallika will make Shivaay accept that he is a whole other person around Anika and that they have something in between them like….and Shivaay will say “love”. The party where Shivika did drunken confessions also happened due to Mallika as it was she who caused the misunderstanding between Tia and Shivaay. But I agree that all this could have been done without Mallika’s entry as well. My hunch is that these were filler episodes while they were sorting out Ishana’s storyline.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      First even I felt like that …but they are also telling that running is notta solution and about shivika ..she will try to realize shivaye that Anika matters him –

    • mishri

      Arre luna di…y so bored..we shud be happy the drag is not about rebirth nd terrorist attackssss…its sooo lame ryt!!!mallikas entry is justified by ystrdys discussion nd shivaays heart to heart talk about his love feelngs hopefully…plus thy say shell make om realise his feelings just before she leaves…so sit back nd enjoy sisy…mallikas entry is not a waste ryt???u agreeee??

  21. Luna

    Ketki accepting Mallika so easily does’nt makes any sense. The thinking and mentality of a person don’t change so easily. I don’t think she has changed. If CVs really wanted to give the message of women empowerment then they shud have showed that Mallika does’nt agrees to marry Siddharth bcoz Ranas don’t accept her demands of equality.

    • |Registered Member

      They tried to give a msg to the viewers,,,,bt Rana family agreeing with Mallika so soon doesn’t make any sense

      • mishri

        No roz di..not soon 15mins of discussion and evry1 put in thier pov ryt???10-10.15 i noticed!!!thy needed a lot of convincing…ketki sure wished her husband gave her d freedom…bt yh lyk all tellies we hav watched we feel dat sumthng is fishy…itz not our fault its the othr draggng tellys’..😂😂😂

      • |Registered Member

        hehe that’s also true Mishri,,,,,it’s difficult to accept that everything got sorted out so soon,,,,coz all the dragging serials made us so,,,

  22. Pavan

    Heyy guys can I join you all?????
    I did lv to….
    I am pavan 21 yrs from delhi n a die-hard fan of ishana….
    N my hobbies guitar playing n football…
    Tell about u all

  23. Luna

    Vikram-Tej-Jhanvi angle is looking forced. Plz don’t drag this Mallika track and end it asap. There r so many tracks left midway and CVs r introducing new ones.

  24. Luna

    How is it possible that Jhanvi ran from wedding 28 years ago when Shivaye is 32 years old???? Does that mean Shakti and Pinky got married before Tej and Jhanvi??? But I remember that in one episode Pinky talked about her first night of wedding when she met Jhanvi. Even Omkara is 30 years old. Does that mean Shivaye and Omkara are adopted or illigitimate??? Is it just a blooper or does it has a deeper meaning. CVs r confusing us or r they themselves confused.

  25. Anaaya

    Heyyy this is awesome , Jhanvi !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg ….. love this show . btw does anyone know the music that plays in omkara scenes?

  26. Luna

    Are these Ranas part time models or what??? Why the hell they r entering Oberoi Mansion one by one as if it is a ramp walk??? And r the Oberois security guards sleeping,lol??? Seriously they r a joke in the name of security.

  27. Nihaarika

    Very good message to the society and I personally feel working after marriage is good but not after baby because nowadays husband and wife go to work by living her child with some other one who has been appointed by this people only and u know how they will take care of baby we couldn’t imagine it’s horrible so till baby to come to 6 ,7 yr a woman have to sacrifice……..

    • Shivani Veerendra Teki

      Exactly niharika! I m a mom too and sacrificed my career for my boy. He’s 2.6 yrs now n god knows till when I have to sit home. It’s frustrating but my hubby supports me so I get on with it. Even when you are a housewife you have to share your responsibilities at home to be treated as equals. Then your marriage will work wonders!

    • Uma

      True Nihaarika..but why women only ? Why not men ?is women career not important ? Yeah if they are willing to sacrifice it is absolutely fine. As said in the episode it should be choice not compulsion.

    • Luna

      Well, I don’t think giving ur child to a nanny or day care is bad. It shud be the choice of the individual that whether she takes care of her child or career. Being a housewife and taking care of ur child shud not a sacrifice but a choice bcoz all women don’t love their career and some just work to pay their bills. Men can also give up their career and sit at home if they want but society does’nt lets them to.



      |Registered Member


    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      U can read ..ishqbaaz ff by Shama , as I could imagine …ishqbaaz OS ..oh Jana …fourth time the charm ……I actually read all …but these all are my fav …I’m sure u will love them all ..

    • Mukta

      Hey Surveen…..howz u?? About the ffs, actually I read all Ishqbaaz ffs and love all of them…… so can’t say ki konsa bura hai….. sare achhe h!!!!!!!

      1. O Jaana
      2. Ishqbaaz – As I Could Imagine
      3. Ishqbaaz ff by Shama
      4. Ishqbaaz ff by Swati
      5. Ishqbaaz ff by Ananya
      6. Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
      7. We Three Brothers r Like Three Sides of Triangle
      8. Fourth Time The Charm
      And manyyyyy more…… I forgot the names but currently I’m liking the 1st and 2nd ff’s track the most………..



      |Registered Member


  28. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Hi ishqies! EPIC! Promo was shocking! Most probably this will be the reason of the rivalry of Rana and Oberoi this is more than Businesa Rivalry ‼

    How are u Ishqies…Mukta, Mishri, Shivani, Sunehri, Priya di, Fatarajo, Dhruv Bhaiya, Monique, Aliya, renima di, Luna, Shaza, E
    Roz, Rose and many more…Take care
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  29. faraza

    Hi everyone
    I m commenting after a very long time
    I just got a click in my mind n couldn’t stop myself from sharing with u all
    What if they show Anika as vikram rana’s lost daughter
    It would be hilarious
    Just imagine Siddharth rana n Anika as siblings
    What u all say??????

    • enasanjida

      Rana ka story vi the end hona wala hain,its not Rana. 1stly maina vi aisa socha thaa.. bcz Malaika track will be the end ,so Rana track vi the end. & Anika ko yaad toh hoga uska mom-dad kaun hoga. so,its not Rana.

  30. Rahil syaad

    I love this serial ishqbaaz i must watch this serial only for shivaay and anika.their love hate story was suppeb .and nothing els.

  31. Diya

    So I saw two videos of upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaz. One showed Ganapati celebration. The three brothers doing aarti and the two future bahus (Soumya and Anika) playing dhol. They look very beautiful. Later they show Priyanka praying with them. If show is showing progressive ness, why not show the sister join in with the rituals if aarti as well. Break that myth that only boys can perform such family rituals. Not a complain, just a humble request. Second video stated that the real face of Tia will come out(whatever that is, she seems pretty sweet to me as of now). Now again my mind goes to my original theory that Tia’s truth will be revealed on the day of the wedding and Dadi will make Anika replace the bride to prevent humiliation of Oberoi. Pinky and Tej will be upset with the decision, Shivaay’s siblings and Soumya will be happy, Jhanvi and Shakti their usual mild and encouraging self. Shivaay, hmmm, happy on the inside and khadoos on the outside 😉 But by then both would have realized their feelings for each other. What do others think?

  32. Shreya Shandilya

    Lagta hai ki Rana family ki history rahi hai…had generation me unki bride shaadi se bhaag rahi hai…😂😂😂😂😂

  33. Mukta

    Good Morning Ishqies!!!!!!! How r u all???? Hope everything is going good!!!!!!

    A smile is an universal welcome!!!!!! So Keep Smiling…..

  34. Pavan

    Gm howrual
    Priya piyu mukti hapy buday belated…
    Abiha congratulations result is good..
    Hii renima ishiquie….howzu
    Hi szfz howru is tht u in ur dp??
    Thn ur damn cute.



    |Registered Member





  36. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning Ishqbaazins
    Have a nice Sunday
    How are you all ??
    Precap is so shocking jhanvi runway bride 😂😂😂

  37. Maya

    Where is the age of Shivaay and Omkara or rudra mentioned in the serial.
    How can Shivaay be 32yrs and Om 30yrs.
    Rudra is still going to college so he can’t be more than 21yrs.
    The age gap between Rudra and Om cannot be so big.
    I think Shivaay is somewhere around 28yrs and Om is 26yrs or so and Rudra only 20 or 21yrs.

    • Luna

      Shivaye’s age was mentioned which is 32 years when his Kundli was shown in an episode. Omkara’s age is’nt mentioned in the show but Kunal told in an interview that Om’s age is 30 years.

  38. Soniyaa

    Hey I am sharing one stry cum ff on isana n om..plZz commmt….
    So I am fan of mahi or dhoni n redima frm dil mil gaye….
    Once there was a girl named ishana who was very sensitive n got hurted immediately..she was in her 2nd yr
    A guy named om was also studying in the same clg…
    He was typical handsome hot anger young man who did not believe in love. ..he was not interested in isqqq.

    So clg had started and lecture was going on….ishana was sitting parralel to om…
    After some time professor asked how many of you have birthdays this month???(they were studying astrology and itsrelated to tht so)

    Ishana raised up her hand n looked at others…she was the only one having buday
    So Everyone got to kmow..

    Then after some days ishana asked everyone to. Come to her biday parry…
    N she asked om also…
    N om he replied why should I come??why askingme???
    Everyome tho ught thts very rude even ishana..she just said cz we are frnds….

    So guys next part if u all cmnt plz tell…

    • Aditi

      stop your ff now I know your intentions behind this stop it wanna i will coplaint against you.
      I m missing ishkara eagerly waiting for ishana’s re entry

      • Soniyaa

        Go n complain n I wil also complain to tu tht u r talking bad abt my ff….wht intentions?????
        R u insane
        ..I am writhing my ff with so much concentration n all n u are saying this…dnt read if u dnt like but dnt do this..
        N about complaining to tu let me tell u one thing that my comnt n ff is related to ishakra n abt show so thy will publish my ff but dlt ur cmnt who is spreading negativity here

  39. Soniyaa

    Hhhow om n ishana fell in love????or its a one sided love story only????
    N will it ever be completed?????will ishana get her om back????
    How is om???n. Howthey became frnds????or they stil rivals…to know more plz comment….

  40. Navi

    First jhanvi ran away from the wedding with vikram and came to tej. And then mallika ran away from the wedding and came to shivay. . No wonder why Ranas hate oberois. . Missed shivika. . Where is ishkara? ? It has been so many days. .

  41. |Registered Member

    So janvi was a runaway bride like Malika….Then is it the reason for their enmity or business reason….how can rana members enter the oberoi mansion though they have high security..
    Good morning guys!!!!! Hope all you are ok….

  42. Shitija

    I think anika must be with om n Svetlana with rana..malika with rudra…..
    Shivay is such a looser n cheap person

    • mishri

      No shiti di..i ofcourse thnk dat d show is well organized wen it cums to character…bt i respect ur pov..☺☺☺

  43. |Registered Member

    episode conveys a good message among society. a woman should be equal status .I agree with om that marriage is responsibilty of both husband and wife they should share their responsibilities and their work .such an amzing serial with a good message unlike yhm and saathiya

  44. |Registered Member

    why the hell people are watching craps like sns yhm kkb ssk which shows negativity and disrespecting women dignity

    • |Registered Member

      Those serials are telecasting in our country as dubbed versions.I don’t when will they end still much negativity and shows disrespecting women.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      B4 starting of the serials yhm and kkb where my most fav ..I was crazy about those 2 serials used to be like on tv after one hour again watch on net and b4 sleeping again watch …I was damn crazy ,..actually kkb and yhm “were ” ..awesome serious b4 ..but since the ghost drama started in yhm it became like senseless…and in kkb since that tanu got pregnant it got spoiled ….usually most of ekta kapoor pls serials will start awesomely but later she will ruin them ….hope it doesn’t happend with ishqbaaz …..anyway not to worry cuz it’s not ekta kapoor said serial 😍👍🏻

  45. Pradishma

    Just waiting for the day when Annika’s reality will be revealed..I want her to be Rana’s daughter…
    Bhagad billu ji is changing and i am loving his slow transformation..
    I missed Annika’s LANGUAGE…haha

  46. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Episode was good with Good message… 🙂 I thnk gul khn done a great job,by taking this topic of ‘RIGHT TO EQUALITY ” in her serial.. 😀
    In a society ,women nd men should share equal rightzz..

  47. Tridha ( Troyee )

    How can om be 30 years old if tej & janv were married 28 years ago. 😬Om don’t even look 30. His real age is around 27 then why they are showing them so old. Shivay also don’t look over 30 though nakul’s real age is 32. They are showing the main leads as buddhas.🎅🎅🎅

  48. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Rana’s agreed so soon with mallika. Nice point about women empowerment. Missed omru moments a lot😕😑😩😟😞😖

  49. Soniyaa

    Ishana was very angry with om….how dare he say like this…..rude n khadoos she thought….

    So ishana buday arrived…everyone arrived to the party….there was lot of fun masti….

    N suddenly ishana fell on the floor..everyone came hurrying towards her…what happenes???
    Ishana had nervous breakdown…
    Ishana best frnd anika said guys ishana was depressed cz she had some financial problems stil she celebrated her buday for us..u all know how sensitive she is guys..

    So Everyone took ishana to hospital…her buday had turned to nightmare….
    She was very sad…she didn’t wanted to spoil everything for others..she was the girl who alwz spread happiness everywhere…n this happened…
    She was lying on the hospital bed when the door opened and om entered….

    Guys comemt plzz lvuu wil post next one soon

  50. Soniyaa

    Actually kushagra dear I read,ur all ffs cz I am fan of,sadda haq n usrd to read it’s written updates….butt I didnt had a Gmail acc so I couldn’t cmnt….
    But now I have holidays for somedays n I opened,acc…n I love to write ffs so n tht too one sided intense lv stry……

  51. Soniyaa

    Guys this story is on anika and shivay….
    I will cntnu both ones but plz reply me… its only way I kno u like it n plz its my humblerequest tht if u guys dnt like no prblm criticism accepted but dntsay like ur bad writer and stop ff cz it means a lot cz we are the writers n makers of ff n it hurts…
    N aditi I dnt kno wht intention u r talking bt u can surely complain but I will also complain…..

  52. Soniyaa

    shivika lovestory…..
    Shivay is the college dude….the most handsome munda of college. . He is the guitarist…..just look at his dp n not a single dp is without guitar….
    Many people call him guitar boy or gentleman or some girls even call him bhai cz he is very big bro type guy alwz there to help you….
    Girls are latoo on him. .
    But he???
    No he don’t care much about girls..he help them yes he even take care of them but not like that…he is the true guitarist only like to play guitar when he is alone…..he is just the chocolate boy n. Is loved by everyone..

    How Is it guys



      |Registered Member

      Soniyaa never stop writing as they are just jealous of you .some girl named charolletee send me a message to stop writing I simply blocked her you too just ignore such people

  53. Soniyaa

    So shivay was alwz recognized by his guitar…he was the zayn malik of india…handsome cool and calm. …
    His one thing,was he respected each and every girl even though they are bad. he was gentleman….
    Now about his guitar…why shivay likes guitar????
    Cz whenever he is sad it gives him happiness strength calm,and composere….
    He is just the most wanted munda of college. ..look at him and you will say bar bar dekho…….

    Now anika guys next part cmnt on this one plz

  54. renima ishqie

    Hey my cute ishqies……mukti [ hope that u enjoyed ur b’day ishqie], mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha, priya, jazz, nelka, navi, shivani, sunanda, zuha, sujina, luna, abiha, pradishma, pragya, anusha, abiha, anulydia, anu, shahabhana, dil, kat, sat, nazneen, shahabhana, shaza, kiki, nikki, richu, samyukta, shraddha, niharika, nivedha, sunehri, sujina, rosu, rose, roz, arya, piyali, tharu,
    yazhu, himagiri, pragya, troyee, trisha, dhruv, bshama, asmita, enasanjida, fatarajo, pradishma,devga, haya, maya, chetna, stuti, vinayak, maanik, MP, jarra, krits….,and all ishqies…..hope all are gud & am also gud……gud afternun ishqies…..

    An episode which spoted on the role of women…..In ishqbaaz this was one of the another catchy episode for me. I really loved the part when priyanka tried to speak for women. I just hope priyanka should get really some drastic change for her role so that we get to know more about priyanka which will be quite interesting 2 watch. And i really loved when omkara said about the gender equality. But i expected he would say more about it. Any way loved it as these kind of scenes are very rare in daily soaps. But i don’t understand why jhanvi run from her wedding ??? but am excited 2 see the clash of oberois vs ranas…..

    And for shivika fans……

    Takkar aur Gusse se Kai baar shivika humein bahut hasaye

    Jab bhi apne aham ko chot pahunchi kabhi bhi haar nahi maane donon

    Kudrat ka khel hai yaa maathe ke lakeeren yaa khuda ka chamatkar

    Phir milaye donon ko ek hi chath ke neeche aur dilaye donon ko nokjhok

    Karvaten badalte hai Mausam badalte hai aur yeh bhi badal rahe hai

    Sirf ek baat ki kami hai donon mein woh hai ishq ki

    Maane yaa naa maane shivika bahut jald honge ishqbaaz

    Ok ishqies……am bit busy ishqies……..don’t know when i will finish all things……i will try 2 comment @ evng……..have a gud day ishqies……

    • Abiha

      Heyyy renima d..
      M good ..
      Yeah totally agree with u about priyanka..n also about episode…soo nice …scenes like this are rare..

      As usual d ur lines are superb…keep writting..

    • Sunehri


      |Registered Member

      Hey di 😊😊I’m fine and u r as usual amazing. . And did why don’t u register a tu account? !?! Well it’s ur wish 😊😊😂😂 anyways I hope u r fine too

      See u later and love u all

      Sunehri mehta ❤

    • shahabana

      Helloo renima im fn dr, s im agree with u dr its one of touchy and best episode of ishqbaaz its really amazing i also liked priyanks part bcz its unexpected and om shivaye also supported womens thata tooo good im really waiting for many more good episodes and last but not the least ur poem is really gd dr

    • Luna

      Beautiful lines Renima, plz tell me r u a poetess??? It looks like that. And Yeah, Priyanku part was quite good.

    • Zuha Fatima

      Zuha Fatima

      |Registered Member

      Hi rena di! Sorry for being late, was busy today! Anyways I am good as always :)What about u? Well ur lines are cool and I also loved the way Prinkoo stood for women rights!

      Keep smiling 🙂


  55. Abiha

    Heyyy r u..??hope all of u are fine..m fine..

    @sifa n pavan bro..welcome ..n thnxx..
    @piyalii dear get well soon ..n yeah thnxx..
    @ heyy r u..m fine..

    @richu d come back soon ..i’ll miss u..
    @good morning shivni d..n disha d..

  56. Abiha

    @ piyalii no need to say sorry ..dear ..

    @roz …thnxxx yarr..

    @haya d …on which channel serial of surbhi n barun is coming..??

  57. Maya

    Hi Luna really liked u comment “Ranas part time model” 😝 very true all of them just walked in smoothly like On a ramp.
    And Wat happened to there security ” the security is seriously a joke in the obwoi mansion. Even Mallika walked in just like that 😳😂.

  58. Soniyaa

    Thnxxx guys….kushagra di tu says u have to register urself n my dad wont allow..thts why I am writing here….sry guys….

  59. Maya

    Ya and the spoiler the first two r good but third Ishana trying to get Omkara again for money plzzzzzzz not happening.
    Hope they get a good track for her and turkey make both fall in live with each other.
    Infact hope Omkara goes behind Ishana this time.
    And plzzzz hope IShanas entry is not that she comes to do some dance performance in the Oberoi mansion. Please bring her back with respect and some dignity finally she’s going to be Omkaras bride.

    • Enasanjida

      Yup u r r8.. Hopefully aisa nah hoo. Bcz phir sai Ishaana drama karaigi. 😐 hopefully gul mam aisa track the end kar diya hain..& news maina suna thaa Ishaana k entry hoga but not con girl. Confussed… Abh kuch din sai yeh news sunh rahi hoo uska phir sai entry hoga CON. But i want 2 say, Ishaana helpless hain uska dil main Omkara koi feelings nahi hain. ( ush incident k baad toh nahi hoga -Om say parvarish 😐) .. Hopefully Omkara knows tge truth -She loves her family a lot. Joh apni family k liya CON kar sakhta hain socho jabh Omkara sai love hoga toh kya karagi 😇❤❤❤❤

  60. Soniyaa

    Ishakra story…
    Om entered the room..
    Ishana was shocked…is she dreaming???
    This khadoos who doesn’t come for even wishing is now here in the hospital for her!!!!!

    Ishana tried to get up but she was too tired…
    When om saw this hr came running towards her n holded her…ishana looked in his black intense eyes….
    Om said are you insane???buday party ki t . Celebrate karne ki bahot hi jaldi thi…
    Saying this he helped her to sleep….
    Ishana was looking,at him…she felt very different..all her pain was gone for 1 second…the only thing she saw was om
    Om sat on the,chair beside her n Said I just came here to tell you that you who are damn excited for anything (buday parties…om never likes budays))sufer such….
    He raised his eyebrows n said
    Ishana have you forgotten to speak??
    Has this nervous breakdown taken your voice also

    Ishana came to her senses and Said thnz for coming…..
    She was too absorbed in his looks his care that she had forgotten her pair…

    Om shook his,m head and said no use of talking with such physcho….
    He got up went near her bed and took a bpqutet from his bag..
    Ishana this bouquet is for you so that recover fast…see you in college.. bye….

    Ishana had never before appreciated how beautiful a hospital and a bouquet is….

  61. Maya

    If it’s 28yrs since Jhanvi ran then married tej. How many yrs old is Om actually.
    Gul should define there age in the series

  62. Nihaarika

    Hey guys I am not saying women have to sacrifice her whole life but until baby comes to 5 or 6 age a woman should have to sacrifice because anyone give love to baby cannot be compared to mother ….For every baby mothers love is more needed and it’s like heaven to them

  63. Nihaarika

    And Shivani u r mother so congrats and I am getting marriage in a few days and now also I am studying and in case I become mother I am going to stop my studies not as a sacrifice but I have to enjoy my mother life

    • shahabana

      Niharika am really agree with u but we cnt force anyone everyone has their own choice but my thinking is same like urs

    • shahabana

      Hello niharika im really agree with u and my openion same as urs but everyone has their own choice we cnt force anyone and its their life and their choice and respect everyones choice

  64. Mukti


    |Registered Member

    Helo guys howru all????
    Now 1st of all thankyou somuch my princesses for wishing…thnxx everyone renima di shivu richu piyu abiha priya shaza dhruv 2 dhruv roz rose nazeen sunheri aliya shabana haya mishri mukta everyone sry if I left any name but ur wishes have come to me my lovely frnds..

    Renima dii I am sooo happy dii.ur lines are just fab…I loved them somuch….thnx di…
    I am very happy tht u give for everybody and take care of Everyone..thnx for being our dii…

    Hey dhruv my zayn thnx for changing ur dp for me…I was realy hapy bro I mean rude rude guy like u will change….hehe kidding bhai…

    Kushagra our inteligent daughter of language howru???
    So dear this one is tht Charlotte??dnt wry dear keep writing…

    Heyy abiha baby congratssss dnt be sad yrr ajj to bahot khush hoge tum!!!!
    Cz they are marks of ur hardwork…
    Do ur best and live rest to god…

    Piyuwht happened dear????not feeling wel??

    Sunheri n aliya all besrt girls….

    And soniyaaa girl u write veryyt nice. I loved it…dnt stop for others dear they are just jealous as kushagra said…she had also felt lile tht only..I know it hurts but these bashers are everywhere…u keep writingg!!!

    Hy frnds someone asked about how I celebrated my buday na ok I wil tell..
    At night it was with frndss n morning I was sleeping:-P
    Then noon time with fcousin’s n family…
    N evening I was alone on beaxch looking ag the beautiful waves n playing guitar. ..
    N night I studied….:-)

    Hope u liked my day..
    Lvuu guys tcc

  65. Soniyaa

    Shivika story
    So shivay is the guitar boy and anika
    Anika is a,cute gujrati girl who is very sweet and helpful…she is god liking girl…. look at her dp and you wil know she is as her dp Is alwz of ram sita Vishnu….
    And she gets hurted immediately too n tries to run away….but lets see will our hero allow her to run??

  66. renima ishqie

    Hai ishqies……gud evng 2 all……and thanks 2 all ishqies…..sunehri, shahabhana, disha, abiha,tharu, roz…….love u ishqies……
    @ Pavan Ishqie…..Hearty welcome 2 our ishqie family ……keep commenting yaar…..

    For RUMYA FANS………

    Shararat aur Akkal ke ajeeb milan ka daastan

    Pehali mulakat toh aasuvon ko muskurahat bana di

    Par phir saamne aaye toh donon jaankar bhi anjaan bani

    Chote bachon ki tarah har baat par jhagda mol lena inke aadat hai

    Lekin katvahat mein bhi rumya ek-dusre ko pareshan nahi dekh sakte

    Shaayad inke masti ko naya tevar waqt hi denge jab yeh banenge ishqbaaz

  67. Soniyaa

    Shivika story…
    Its morning time and shivay is in the gym….its his daily routine….
    Suddenly his fon beeps..its his best frnd tejas……
    Shivay-wht dude
    Tejas-bro come to clg immediately..
    Today is frsehers day…so ragging broo. .

    Shivay never liked ragging but he loved his best frnds tejas rutvik shivani sharon more than himslef and they were typical bade bap ke beghde bete n loved ragging… to keep them happy he joined them…..

    Now today was 1st day of college
    .so ragging n all..
    Shivay sighed..picked up his bag guitar and headed towards the door…

    Anika girl from ahmdbad entered the college….so it was her 1st day inclg….
    Frseher she was….

  68. Abiha

    @heyy mukti d…thnxx for wishes..

    @ok nikki d i’ll surely tell u..

    @Tharu dear no need to say sorry..its all ok..

  69. Abiha

    @renima d superb lines as Always..

    @ok haya d ..u r calling me d …n m calling u d..m of 17 so just tell me should i call u d or not..bcz i don’t know ur age..hoping d that u’ll never mind this bcz m just asking..bcz m confused..

  70. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Gd EVEZZZ.Z.. to all ishqiezzz..:)
    I hav doubt ,I heard TOday 10 pm there is bajrangi bhaijaan film ,not ishqbaazz is this true../???? 🙁

  71. renima ishqie


    Rangeen tasveeron ki pehachan aur kayi chehron ki majboori

    Jab yeh mile toh aankhen ek-dusre ke dard ko gahrai se mehasus ki

    Uljhan mein dil par yakeen karna aur kisi bhi keemath par sach ka saath dena

    Kismat ne aise hi inhen mila di aur wahi kismat ne inhen alag bhi ki

    Abb zindagi ke safar mein ishkara ke duriyan kafi sawal adhure chod di

    Shayad kismat inke zakhmon ko marham lagane ke liye kya baneyenge inhen ishqbaaz ???

  72. Vismaya

    Hey ishqies, how are you all? Was busy with onam celebration. renima dii I loved ur lines. U r such a gem. And Luna I too agree with you. Nihaarika congrats 4 ur marriage.

  73. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Sach main dhal jaate hain qisse dilse dohrane ke baad
    Ishq per hoga yaqeen, ishq ho jane ke baad. -💓👌
    Aadawat ki rawayat hai,
    Mohabbatwalo main hoti hai
    Jisse pyaar na ho usse jhagda kaun karta hai-😙
    Asmaan se likha humne chithi mein,
    Apne sitare tu hi rakh
    Hum khush hai mitti mein-👏💕
    Zakhm sabko dikhta hai,
    Lekin dard kisiko nehi dikhta-💘💔😔
    Awesome lines by my omkara. Love them a lot. My favorite character from ishqbaaz.

  74. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Yes haya di .from now it will be mon-sat. I can’t wait. Hope this moments pass soon. BTW Good Evening everyone. And renima di u r awesome yaar . Our lady omkara.

  75. Soniyaa

    Thnnx mukti dii ur very sweet….btw can I ask u one thing why u call dhruv bhaiya zayn?? Plz dnt be angry di…iwas just he singer?

  76. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    I’m really feeling soo happy because…ishqbaaz is showing how women are equal to men…we women are no less than men we can do anything men can do…in fact we can do more than men…if men replaces for a day…then they will get to know the effort we do for them..I’m just a student now im studying engineering 2nd year now …I cried after cumin to no that my mom left her career because of her marriage. .she loves to study she says me that I should fullfill my before my marriage but I oppose her and tell her that I’ll marry a person who supports me nd my dreams…nd stands by me

    • mishri

      So nithu di nw r u ready to fullfill ur moms dream nd ur dream 2gthr????u hav 2 succeed…!!all d best di…!!!u shuld get d guy wholl help u in achievng ur goals…the dream guy z sumwhr out thr!!!😉😉😉..ill pray dat u shuld fond the ryt guy at d ryt tym…

    • |Registered Member

      Thats so sweet dear,,,glad to knw that u are an engg student,.. 😀 I’m also an engg student (3rd yr),,,,,and yea u shud marry a person who will support ur dreams and career,,,,like Sid supporting Mallika now

  77. nikki

    Good night all ishqbazzians

    Waiting for 2marrows epi yaar eagerly.

    Abiha surely tell me ok.
    Welcome to all the new guys keep commenting.

    Renima ur sherys a r simplu superb keep doing it good night

  78. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Spoiler: sid & his mom agreed with mallika & shivay for some hidden evil intention against shivay & tej. But I think it’s fake as surv joyti isn’t with ishqbaaz team now. Then how can her in-laws do anything bad with oberoi’s without any mention of her.

  79. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Guess tej is elder than shakthi tej marriage was earlier than shakthi..and because of this shivaye age would be somewhere around 25 ome around 23 nd rudra around 19

  80. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Guys I really felt gud when dadi told that janvi ran away from marriage ….bcauz Vikram rana looks disgusting…tej looks handsome

  81. Maya

    Ishqbaaz Goid News – Actors Kunal Jaisingh & Surbhi Chandna Reach 100K Followers On Instagram; Thank Their Fans! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  82. Arbiya

    Hey guyzzz….I’m new here .hw u all??? I like thz show …bt kuch din se mai telly update mai hi padti hun..thank you @ dr Amena

  83. Alakananda

    tia is diya from mileyjab hum tum i just love taht serial alot it was the first serial that i watched though tia’s character in this serial is a bit negative am not able to hate/dialike her because she was diya in mjht and i love all the characters of mjht am so in love with taht serial since past 9 years

    • iamsofianeak

      Mjht is a good serial and all the perople saw this serial , for me i saw some episode ’15 episode’ and then i realise that tia was also there , she playre the role of diya

  84. Devga


    |Registered Member

    Spoiler chk out…..

    Sad tht mallika’s chapter ends here coz she was a enteratiner and also patch maker btween shivika….


    Oberoi family brings the Ganpati. Mallika and Siddharth’s chapter got solved. The new track will focus on Shivay and Anika’s relationship getting better. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra do the grand aarti of the Ganpati, while Anika and Soumya play dhols with excitement and devotion.

  85. LovingIt

    Hey guys!
    i just signed in and am a true ShivIka lover since it all started.
    I’m 14 and my name is Maha.

  86. LovingIt


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys!
    I just signed in and am a die hard fan of Ishqbaaz (especially Shivika)
    My name is Maha and I’m 14.
    Also I’m from Kashmir but live in Riyadh.

  87. Aditi

    Ohhh guys you all are so dumb..
    Haven’t you noticed guys that this soniya has writen on our di n bhais….
    See tht ishkra ff story is same to wht renima di had told us….n tht soniya even said she is fan of mahi n all in codes…she is insulting reni di thats why reni didn’t commmt on her ff…

    And tht 2 nd ff haven’t u seem guys tht guitar boy she was talking abt dhruv….
    From wht nisha di said he was cool dude n mukti di,says him,zayn n everyone calls him bhai….n he is guitar boy and has dp of guitar.
    N anika was shivani….tht dp of ram sita…
    N she said anika runs,away but shivay stops her…
    See dhruv bhai stoped shivu Dii..guys she is doing this deliberately…she is tht same soniya

    • |Registered Member

      OMG,,,,I never noticed that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.O

    • Abiha

      Heyy..i don’t know should i call u dii or not bcz i don’t know ur sorry…

      @I was in lil doubt..about soniyaa..i had no time to go in privious pages n to i didn’t commented on her ff…
      After reading ur comment i checked it …
      But there soniya n her dp is lil bit different although the clr is lil bit dark than this clr..
      @I i don’t what renima d told us ..i just know a lil bit about it…
      @But what u said about dhruvv bhai n shivye in her ff…totally agree..
      @what u said about shivani d n anika in her ff …agree..
      @N yeah one more thing ..while mentioning shivaye’s friends name..she also mentioned name shivani…
      N also said anika as gujrati girl…
      Don’t know is she the same soniya with different account n dp..or she is different..If u r another soniyaa then sorry for doubting u..

    • renima ishqie

      Aditi ishqie, no more troubles and from me always ishq 4 everybody….ok …. … i posted a comment on 17th sep telly updates page dear ishqie………i requested every body to read it fully
      And dear ishqie……i said one thing “my silence will be my resistance and my power” the day when i re-entered here. And now am aware of certain things and if there is an issue i will deal with it since i know what i have to do….and though its a family i should always consider this as a public forum also as tu suggested me.[ can’t express much ]
      So aditi ishqie…..i hope you get my point….and… are u ishqie ???

    • |Registered Member

      Hey aditi its not a big deal so chil…I dnt even read any ffs when u said I came to know…n she us nt

  88. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Gd mrngzz my sweet frndzzz .. renii dii,muktii,mukta,tharuu,satt,kiki,Dhruv bhai,nikki,roz,rosu,diya,luna,shahabana,aBIHA,devga,mishri,fatarajo,piyali,shivaniiii,sunehri,
    nadiya,priyaa where u..guyz,,?

    Hey Abiha dear,,i’m 19 yr old ,i’m a bsc student ..
    sO confusin solved.., i’m ur Diiii .. nd u r my sweet sizzyyy.. 🙂 😀

    • renima ishqie

      Gud mrng haya ishqie……just now my meeting’s one session is over and its a break time for me and am gud dear ishqie…..
      @Maha and @ Arbiya …..hearty welcome to our big family of ishqies…….keep commenting ishqies…..

      Thanks 2 ishqies who loved my lines which i posted yesterday…….

      How are u all????????????????????? Am fine dear ishqies……and hope all are fine here………..


      Zindagi ke har pal mein humsafar banke chalne ke waade ki donon shaadi mein

      Saath janmon mein naa sahi par ek janam mein hi rishtey kyun bikhre pade ?

      Gam ko bhulane nasha humsafar ban gaya aur dooriyan ko naazdeekiyon mein kaise le aaye ?

      Kisi apne ne bahut kuch kiya hamare uljhe huye rishtey ko wapas suljhane ke liye

      Shayad abb dooriyan ateet ke andhere mein chup gaye hai aur roshni phir se jaag udi hai

      Iss rishtey mein ishq kam saajhedari zyada hai hum ishqbaaz nahi par pyaar toh karte hain

    • |Registered Member

      Good evening Haya 😀 ,,,,
      Reni di,,,eventhough I didn’t understand the meaning fully,nice lines,,,

  89. shahabana

    Hellooo everyone gd afternoon guys and renima ur lines for tej janvi superb and guyz in ishqbaaz Facebook page it’s already reached more than 300k fan followers and this is highest following show in fb page.

  90. renima ishqie


    Khushiyan aur mauj-masti se bhare adarsh yugal

    Prashant shakti aur masakali pinky ke dil bahut saaf hai

    Inki jodi ajab hai par khoob saare ishq ke neev par bane hai

    Saath nibhane ki waade ko hamesha nibhate hai donon

    Apnon ko aaj tak sabse zyada pyaar hi de paaye donon

    Inke massomiyat aur inke mohabbat ko kisi ke nazar naa lage…..

  91. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Good noon! Abiha d,alakanda d, shifa d, roz d,renima d, mishri d,shivani d, nikki d,haya d, varshini d & everyone how r u all??? Eagerly waiting 4 ishqbaaz.
    Welcome maha & arbiya d.:-) 🙂

    • Haya123


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      gd EVEZZ Tridha.. i’m good.. all going well
      wat abt u..?
      me too eagerly waiting for today’z epi..
      i thnk today there will shivika’z scene.. shivay will say THNXz for THE PLAN ..

  92. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Good noon! Abiha d,alakanda d, shifa d, roz d,renima d, mishri d,shivani d, nikki d,haya d, varshini d & everyone how r u all??? Eagerly waiting 4 ishqbaaz.
    Welcome maha & arbiya d.:-) 🙂
    What is going on? Is soniya a fraud??

    • renima ishqie

      Am fine ishqie……how r u dear ?? and dear am also excited 4 ishqbaaz…..clash – ranas and oberois

  93. Sunehri


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    Hi guys good after noon today I wrote social exam and did well 🙂 how r u doing! ??! Fatarajo Renima di dhruv bhaiya mukta di aliya di shivani di mukti di priya di shahabana di haya di sujina di troyee di piyali dI abhiha di and all ishqies how r u !?!?

    Sunehri mehta ♡

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    Hello everyone…..
    Missing isqhbazz yrrr…..its tooo bore without isqhbazz….😥😥😥😏😏😌😌😌
    Where is priya…?
    How are you all….
    Mukta, priya , abiha di, nikki di,mukti di,nishu, astha, alka di, manik br, dhruvv,renima di,haya di, disha di, roz di, shaza, luna di, shivani di,tharu di,sunehri,tridha,dhruvvv,shahabana di,Chetana di,anusha,nivedha di, diya di, maya di, sat, sharmi, ridhima, maahiswt,aditi,maha,rosu di, richu di, arbiya and everyone else….sry if I forgot…😅😅😅😅…
    Have a nice day ahead….😄😄😃😃😉😉

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    short ff (ishkar first meet)
    anika and ishana are sisters and they both were adopted by sahi’s parents so both are legel guardian of sahil.ishana is worried as anika did not come home until now.she turned around and heard voice of anika .she is coming toward home murmuring about nso
    @anika’s home
    ishana-di what happened you are looking
    anika-kya batau mera kis bagad bille se
    panga hua.
    anika-are wo shivay singh oberoi na l
    vegetable ke bhi filmy nam rakhte
    hae jaise gobi ka bruce lee
    ishana started laughing and said you are so cute di .he mean to say broccoli not bruce lee.
    next day anika receives call from dadi.she asked her to bring ishana along with her as they want to give contract to event planner .she said that she is relieved of this tension as ishana is your sister and she has complete faith on both of them.anika thanked her for trusting them.anika asks ishana to get ready as she has to come along with her at oberoi mansion .
    @oberoi mansion
    they both enters and dadi smile seeing them.dadi meets ishana and asked her to accept the contract without hesitation.dadi said I have heard about your skills from your skills so don’t take tension about this.
    ishana is happy and she touched the feet of dadi and hug her.
    om is writing his shayari in his room suddenly priyanka snatch away the paper from behind .she asks is this for riddima???om refuses, then she asks for whom he have written???om replied for no one.she said that she will return him only in one condition if he will reveal the name of person for whom shayari is written.she ran away with paper ,he runs behind her.
    ishana is waiting for her sister near the pool ,suddenly she saw om is coming toward her .om is running behind priyanka and he could not keep his balance he collides with ishana and they both fell in pool.they both wakes up ,om is mesmerized by her eyes and thought how gorgeous she is.he could not move off his eyes for a while .he came into senses and give introduction.
    om-hi my name is omkara singh oberoi
    and I am an artist
    ishana-my name is ishana and I am event
    planner ,anika di is my sister and
    dadi called me here for an
    upcoming event of oberoi family.
    suddenly sparkle came into the eyes of om and he smiles.
    ishana-is it a trend in a oberoi family to
    give introduction standing in a pool
    om refuse and they both came out of pool.ishana’s bracelet fell down and he saw that.he called her before she could leave .he picks up and give it to her.
    ishana-thank you so much omkara
    have done a big favour by
    returning this
    ishana-it is the last gift of my mom
    she gets teary eyed and he also gets emotional .she wiped her tears.
    om-it is not the fault of bracelet anyone can fall just by your one glance.
    she smiles .
    om-don’t get me wrong smile makes your
    face beautiful
    she thanked him and is about to leave .om is wishing that she could turn back and look at him his surprsie she turned back and smile .om just put his hand on heart and background music of ae dil hae muskil plays
    tu safar mera hae
    tu hi meri manjil
    tere bina gujara
    ae dil hae muskil

    zamin pe na sahi to
    aasman pe aa mil
    tere bina gujara
    ae dil hae muskil.

    this is it .comment guyz .a treat for ishkara fans

  96. abi

    first time i comment here..because of today episode…1st time i felt very first serial convey gud things to soceity…value the women s most imp…today dialogue shows…i done know serial going gud or crap..but today awesome

  97. Soniya

    Why u all are doing this…see I am Not tht soniya…..n yes stry is of renima but I am building on it…renima dii this comnt is for u…
    Can I cntnu my ff cz I havr decided lot of things for it…..n I dnt wantto insult u…I just took story
    .plZ reply me

    • renima ishqie

      Dear soniya ishqie……i don’t have any prblm with u ishqie….and…suddenly when i read your ff and i just don’t know how should i react as i faced so many things as once i shared my personal things here. So i don’t want to make any trouble for any body. And ishqie writing an ff on ishkara is really nice. And about my permission i don’t have problem with this. But all of a sudden i read your ff here after my re-entry. And you take my story since i shared it on this page naa ??? So no comments on it….. To be honest i felt bit sad when u put code …….i mean in intro of ur ff why do you did it ??? About the matter of an ff one thing i want 2 tell u here one ishqie wrote an os about the same thing. But she asked me if am ok with it and also she shared me the way she want 2 convey it through her os and also said if am ok with that then only she will sent it to tu. I felt nothing wrong in that and that’s why i said just go ahead ishqie…..Yaar soniya ishqie……Just i felt bit bad that before posting it at least once u should have mentioned 2 me that u want 2 write an ff on ishkara based on my life and of course you made certain changes also. Its not a thing of permission , its a matter of love and life. Thats all dear. I hope you understand me dear ishqie and am happy that you opened about it.
      So now i have no objection with your ff and pls continue with ur ff dear ishqie……..Ok……
      Happy naa ???? And you actually made me happy as u have written ff on my favourite jodi of ishqbaaz……ISHKARA…….Thank you dear ishqie……and ……..continue ur ff……..

  98. Soniya

    N abt dhruv bhai yrr ab this question is for all ahiba aditi renima di shivani haya piyal kushagra mukti di nikki shabana sunheri tel me dhruv bhai has a very charming personality….he respects evrone..he like guitar…he helps..he looks like zayn malik…

    So afcrse yr aisa ladka kisko acha nai lgega??
    N I am not disrespecting him….I am impressed on his personality n used his attitude in my ff…whts wrong plz tel u all….

  99. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Good Evening everyone😃😃😃
    I m fine renima di. Sorry for commenting late as I was busy with studies. Hope u r also good.
    Only some hours to wait for our favorite show.riya d u commented after many days. BTW shivani d ur ff is really great. Keep writing more. And kushagra d if u write more about ishkara then surely give the link please.

  100. Nivedha

    How are u all ishqbaaazians😍😍😍
    Missed ur comments a lot
    Hope you all r fine and healthy😊😊😊😊😊😊
    Shivani ff is nice👌👌
    And renima di ur poetry is awesome as usual 😍😍

  101. renima ishqie

    For Sahil and Anika……

    Zameen ke chamkeela sitara hai sahil aur pyaari si pari hai anika

    Himmat aur hausle se donon jeevan ke kai mushkilen paar ki

    Bhai aur Behan ke anmol bandhan khoon ke rishtey se bhadkar hai

    Bhai toh behan ki aasuvon ko chutkiyon mein hasi banate hai

    Raksha-bandhan inke liye tyohar se zyada jazbaton ke samman ka mauka hai

    Iss anokhe bhai-behan ke rishtey ko ishqkiyon ki taraf se salam !!!!

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    Hai guys firstly a warm welcom to all new memebers and guys keep comenting

    @ Renima ur fabulous yaar i just loved it.

    @ Piyaali next time prepare well yaar.

    Good evening ti haya renima shahabana abiha riya mahi shivani piyaali druvv druvvv manik richu roz muktha mukthi sat soniya khushagra sunheri astha aditi diya disha priya shaza and all ishquies .

    Egarly waiting 4 tudays epi yaar buyyyyyyyyyy

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    Guys if episode don’t telecast on star I only read update .my sister watch kasam serial at its telecasting time. Please tell me.

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