Ishqbaaz 17th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ajay proposes Gauri

Ishqbaaz 17th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Don asks everyone not to move, hands up….. Shivaye looks at him. Om sees a guy around Gauri. He dances with Gauri and corners her. Some time before, a lady does shayari. A man also does shayari and dances before Shivaye. He sings parda hai parda…… Anika makes her veil right and dances. Shivaye looks on. Anika’s veil drops. She ties it back. The man tells Shivaye about Laila and Majnu’s love. The lady asks Shivaye to say. He says I m not Majnu, I m Shivaye. The man asks whose love is true, Laila or Majnu. Shivaye says Laila and Majnu story is of two people, whose hearts, names and lives are joined forever, their love was true. Anika and everyone clap for him. Shivaye asks shall I go now, thanks. Anika says great, he left business and giving lecture on love and Laila Majnu. She gets

happy. She ties the veil.

An attendant drinks and says its last day of my duty. She asks Shivaye to sit in his seat. He says watch your manners. She argues and says I don’t care if you complain, its my last day. He says they are mad, so I don’t travel in economy. Bua calls the air hostess and asks for food. The girl says you will get food after flight takes off, its a problem because of traffic congestion. Don asks Bua to come. Bua asks for food. Don asks the girl to go, he will manage her. Bua says I m hungry. Don says I got to know police is here on this flight, just act blind, walk slow. Anika sees Bua acting blind. She says what’s Sundari Bua doing here, no I have to control, else Shivaye will know I m following her. Bua sees Anika and turns away. Anika asks a guy can he swap his seat. Shivaye collides with Bua and asks her to watch. Bua gets seated. Don says she is my mum, she is blind. The man asks how is she reading newspaper. Don lies.

He reads the newspaper for her. Shivaye sees Anika beside him and says you… Anika asks why are you surprised, why do you talk like this. He says you are really strange, wait, what are you doing here, someone else was here. She says I changed the seat, there was no air there. He asks it makes sense that you didn’t get air there in centralized AC. She pats him. She asks did he fight with his wife. He says you are talking with a stranger, does your husband allow, enough Anika. She says Anisa. He says okay, you should have kept some other name. She says it happens in hurry. He looks at her. She says my family kept my name, sit quiet. He corrects her and asks why is she trying Urdu, when she doesn’t know it. She says I didn’t say anything. He says I heard something, its economy, everyone is close. He thinks I will make her say she is Anika. She thinks I know you got to know its me, but I won’t say. Flight takes off. She gets tensed and holds his hand. She says I m scared. He says nothing will happen, relax.

Om delivers the chunris to Gupta. Gupta says we trust Gauri. Om asks for payment. Gupta asks what, I will do payment when this gets sold. Om says this is wrong, she worked hard all night, why did you give order then. Gupta says she will talk to me if she has a problem. Om scolds him. Gupta asks is she your GF. Om says I will not hear a word against her, are you giving money or not. Gupta gives him money. Om gets leaving. Gupta says you don’t know who I m. Om says even you don’t know who I m, fight with a Sardar is never good.

Bua gets food and asks for two meals. Air hostess dumps the packet in her lap and goes. Don asks how much will she eat, her teeth is fake. Bua asks him to leave her. She starts eating. The dentition falls. He asks her is she mad. He makes her fix the fake teeth back. Shivaye thinks Anika will not agree this way, I have more choices. He orders food. Attendant puts his food and goes. Anika thinks what is he doing, he has allergy with tabasco sauce. He says this is the benefit to travel without wife, you can have own tabasco sauce. She thinks I know he is doing this so that I stop him, what shall I do. He is about to eat the food. She looks at him.

Gauri says Dilpreet should have come, I can’t go to market till he gets money. Om comes with many shopping bags. He says you don’t need to go, I got everything. Gauri asks how did you manage. Om says I got money and your list, I got everything. She asks did everything come in less money. He says Diwali sale is going on, I did this by bargaining, I got discount, I have a surprise, some money got saved. Gauri says you did great, thanks, you are doing a lot. Om says no, Lord is doing this, just people become a medium to help good people, did I say anything wrong. She says no, I have fought all fights alone, I m feeling good and strange when you are helping me, thanks. He says you did wrong to thank me, you made me a stranger, no sorry and thanks in friendship, I have seen in film. She says Maine Pyaar Kiya, I have also seen.

He says yes, Salman is your fav. He laughs and covers up. She says you laugh a lot, forward hand. He asks why, no rakhi…….She says you always scare me, this is not rakhi, its friendship band, I have seen Kuch kuch hota hai also, I regarded you friend, I didn’t get any friend whom I could give this, you are my best friend from now. He cries and says you made me emotional. She says I will call Richa and goes. Om says I was refusing to accept you as wife, today I got your friendship, I learnt a lesson, I will try and become a good friend, if my fate is good, if Lord supports me, I will become your good husband too.

Anika stops Shivaye. He says it means you are Anika, she knows I have allergy with tabasco, just say it. Don says she is my Mona. Shivaye says she is my wife Anika. They argue. Bua says I m hungry and gets up. Anika pushes her. The fake teeth fall down.

Om praises Gauri. A guy calls her amazing and helps her. She thanks him and goes. Om asks are you from groom’s side. The guy says yes, I m groom’s brother. Om asks him why is he working in bride’s house, have food and enjoy. The guy says this is also my house, I can do anything. Om says I m Sardar and can do anything, fight with sardar is never good. The guy says I m just seeing her. Om says I know you won’t wish Roka to stop. The guy asks him to do his work, is he Gauri’s bodyguard. Om says just do your work, else I don’t like spoiling things.

Rudra says the flight is boring as some people are boring here. Baby says I want some action. He says it can’t happen here, there are many people. She says not that one, you are naughty, I mean some dance, music …. He dances with her and Bhavya. Oonchi hai building …….plays………. The girl dances and falls inside the cockpit on some controls. The plane gets shaken up. Attendant asks everyone to tie their seat belts, as weather is bad.

The lady says guests liked all the gifts. Om says congrats. Gauri says you helped me, I would have not done this again. Om says what are friends for. Gauri’s mum asks shall we start roka rasam. Gauri asks shall we decide marriage date also. The lady tells the date. The guy says wait a min, this marriage can’t happen. Everyone asks what is he saying. The guy says this marriage can’t happen till Gauri gives sweets to groom’s family. The lady says you have scared us, we don’t do anything without Ajay’s wish, if he refused, this alliance would have not happened. Gauri gets sweets.

The guy/Ajay asks Gauri to feed by hands, it increases sweetness and love also. The lady asks her to feed, such fun and teasing happens. Ajay holds Gauri’s hand. Om gets angry. Don asks them to find his mum’s teeth. The teeth get in Shivaye’s pocket. Don gets the gun from an air marshal. He asks everyone not to move. Anika holds Shivaye’s hand.

The lady does roka ritual. Gauri smiles. Everyone claps for Richa and Mukesh. Ajay says play music, we shall have some dance. Om stops Ajay. Ajay says she is my brother’s Saali and takes Gauri for dance. Gauri dances with everyone. Om sees Ajay staring at Gauri’s back. Om gets shocked seeing her dress’ backstring open. Om pulls Gauri and dances with her. He corners her and ties the back string. Saathiya…..plays….. She looks at Om. Om dances and signs her to go. He goes to Ajay and blocks him from going to Gauri. Ajay stares at him.

Shakti says he can’t answer us in this state. Pinky says we will go home. Shukla holds Tej’s hand. Abhay looks on. Tej asks do you want to say anything. Shukla nods. Tej and Shakti bend to hear him. They all get shocked and leave. Abhay asks Shukla what did he tell them. He asks nurse to wait. Nurse says he got unconscious again. Abhay says its better to follow them and find out what are they upto.

Ajay says I want to talk to you. Gauri asks him to say. He says function was very nice, you managed everything so well. Gauri’s mum takes Om along. Ajay says I have stayed alone all life, I didn’t get anyone with whom I could think of living life. She says Richa is my best friend, I can do anything for her. He says I have seen it, you have won my heart, its better to tell this straight, I want to marry you. She looks at him and asks what are you saying, you don’t know I… He says you are married, I know, I found out everything about your marriage, its just namesake, think of yourself and your mum, I m ready to take this responsibility. She says its no use to talk this. He says it can be a loss, think, Richa’s marriage depends on your decision, her life is also in your hands. She gets shocked. He holds her and asks her to think well and answer. He goes.

Gauri says I don’t need time to think, I know my answer, its a no, I m away from my husband, but I m not so cheap to marry again, love just happens once and I have done that. Ajay looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What can we do other than got irritated? These mighty cvs will never give us peace. Have to bear the makeshift stuff.I am happy at least confession is going to happen.Something is better than nothing…

  2. Zaveesha dear,how are you doing?Hope you are fine.Happy Diwali to you too…

  3. Aniru

    Hi Abhishek, basically the story is about 3 brothers. The TRP is low is due to not convincing story line. IB is different than any other saas bahu serials. The problem is the makers introduces new plots without properly wrapping up the previous slot or introducing many parallel plots. . Sometimes I feel its less ishqbaaz, more confusionbaaz. Still we get chances to laugh, cry, empathize with the characters. and person like is IB pagal. May this Diwali brings joy and lights in all IBians life including the TU page, makers, actors, viewers and everyone. Happy Diwali every one….

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