Ishqbaaz 17th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye pulls back Anika and they hug. They look at each other. He moves the hair off her face. Music plays….. He says I don’t know what’s between us, tell me what is it Anika….. Some time before, Shivaye talks to his employee and asks what, two days leave for Diwali, impossible, I won’t give 2 days leave, I will give 3 days leave. The employee asks will you give Dhanteras leave also. Shivaye asks whats that. The man says the day when new jewelry and utensils are bought, a day before Diwali. Shivaye says yes, and also double bonus on this Diwali. The man thanks him. Pinky looks on and says I think painkillers effect started.

Rudra does pushups and counts. Soumya asks what are you doing. He asks can’t you see I m doing pushups. He is lying on the surface. She asks really, did you drink

fruit punch again. He says I did not drink punch, I have hit punch to goons and saved Shivaye and Om, see my wounds. She says I will do the aid. He asks will you do Katti when you are my best friend. She says not Katti, I said Patti. He says I can hear you, don’t shout. She goes.

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Om does shayari and Dadi pats on his face. He rests in Dadi’s lap and says all the things look beautiful today, the pillows/cushions which I was hating till yesterday….. Soumya asks Rudra to get up and does the air. Om says Dadi you are so beautiful, is there any life without Dadi, my Dadi is most lovely, you are like Katrina. He pulls her cheek.

Soumya asks whats the use of going to gym if you had to get beaten up. She does aid. Rudra says I did not get beaten up. He smiles seeing her and says anyways you look cute today by chance. Dadi says its like bhaang, not painkiller. Om asks did you not understand my shayari, I should go to my brothers. Dadi says go, mad will understand mad, go to your mad brothers. Rudra says I did not drink punch, but feeling is like that. She says I think its because of heavy painkillers. He says logic. She asks is arm better now. He says arm was fine, I had pain in leg. She asks if leg is paining, why did you say arm. He says my leg is paining and shows head. She says Rudra, this is your head, not leg. He says its paining a lot. Mithi baton se pehle………….plays…….. He says Sumo and smiles. She calls him mad. He screams by ointment and says where is Shivaye, I have to go to him. He goes.

Shivaye says Bhai dooj leave is also necessary. The man asks Sir, are you fine. Shivaye says yes, I took painkillers, but I m fine, shall I say some secret, Mishra ji you are very cute. The man says thanks. Shivaye says your salary double from today. The man says thank you Sir. The video call ends, when Om and Rudra and bump into Shivaye. Shivaye screams. Rudra says I found Sumo cute today, its strange feeling. Om says I used to hate pink color, that hatred is gone, I have fallen in love with Riddhima’s given cushion. Shivaye says I gave 3 days holiday for Diwali, and gave promotion to cute Mishra, I got to know meaning of Dhanteras, the festival when people buy old utensils, I think to buy 2-3 steel factories. They laugh. Om opens his arms wide and says I want to link to universe and fly. Shivaye says even I want to fly and follows him. Rudra says me too, fly. They all act to fly. Rudra says careful, else traffic police will cut challan. They land back.

Om says it’s a beautiful feeling. Shivaye says beautiful reminds me, will Anika return? Om and Rudra stare at him. Shivaye smiles sweetly. Anika comes to Oberoi house. She says I have to ask Billu ji, why did I save him, if I don’t know, what will I tell Sahil. Priyanka and Soumya hug her. Priyanka says thanks for coming back. Anika says I did not come back for work, I had to ask something to Billu ji. Dadi hugs Anika and says I knew you would come back, I m sorry for what Billu did. Anika asks what are you doing. Pinky and Jhanvi come. Pinky hugs Anika and says you saved Shivaye, how to thank you, even family does not do this, but why did you do such big thing for Shivaye. Shivaye says I don’t know, why Anika did this for me. Om says because… Rudra says because there is something between both of you. Music plays………

Anika comes and stops at the door hearing them. Shivaye says maybe you both are right, there is something, since I met her, I was rude to her, even she was same. Rudra says no, she is sweet. Shivaye says no, she is equal. Om says Dadi says whatever it is should be equal. Shivaye says her language made it difficult, she says she feels Michmichi. Anika smiles. Shivaye says she talks in between and takes credit, when I m doing something, she risked her life for our family, how will I repay her, I didn’t understand one thing, come, many times I don’t see her, I feel she is around me. Anika looks on. Shivaye says ya its funny, like right now I m feeling she is around here, but she is not, but I feel she is here, its funny.

Shivaye says I was so rude and ill mannered, even then she saved my life, she did such a big sacrifice for me, I don’t know why, you know why, I don’t want to know why she saved my life. Music plays….. Om nods and happens to see Anika. He signs Rudra to see. Rudra also sees Anika. Om says Shivaye, don’t find out, ask Anika. Shivaye says yes, when I meet, I will ask. Rudra says hello Anika Di. Shivaye says hello and sees her…. He says she is really here. Om and Rudra smile and go to Anika. Rudra wishes her good lucky and they leave.

Shivaye and Anika see each other and walk towards. Music plays….. They say together, I want to ask something, why did you do this……

Ranveer looks at Oberoi family pics stuck at the board and talks to inspector. He says Shinde, any other proof than this. Shinde says no, we did not get anything, but whatever proof we got is pointing to Shivaye. Ranveer says but this is not enough to catch him, Anika’s statement is in his favour, I feel Shivaye did not do this murder, someone else did. Shinde says you mean culprit is roaming outside. Ranveer says no, inside the Oberoi family. Shinde says this is Oberoi’s sister, Shivaye’s Bua Roop, I think she can do murder to trap Shivaye. Ranveer says yes, but I found out she was out of country when murder happened, murderer is one of them, but who, it will be fun.

Shivaye asks why did you do this Anika, when I was mean, rude and scolded you without a reason, did I say sorry to you. She says you said sorry, and I have forgiven you. He asks why, this is your problem, you are very nice, you can’t show this niceness to me, don’t be nice, as I m not nice. She says yes. He says exactly, then why did you save me, what are you thinking. She says I don’t know why I did this. He says think. She asks how shall I ask, is mind and heart a doctor’s prescription, that if we don’t understand then we ask medical shop man, do you know why I did this. He says yes. She asks him to say. He says there is strange thing happening between us, I want to ignore you, but I can’t. She says same to same.

He says I get angry on you, but if anyone else gets angry on you, I want to kill that person. She says same to same. He says I get angry on you, then I get angry on myself for getting angry on you. She says even this, same to same. He says you lied for me, you had bear insult, maybe I did Gayatri’s murder. She says no, you can’t do this. He asks how do you know. She says I just know. He says maybe that strange thing between us. She says maybe. He says yes, shall I say something, come here. She gets close to hear. He says Main tumse…… Main…. She asks what Main tumse…..

He says I forgot….. there is much going on in mind, I m not able to focus. She asks are you feeling sleepy. He says I took painkillers so…. She says fine, I think you should sleep, I will go. She turns to leave and he holds her hand. He says I don’t want you to leave from here. Music plays….. He pulls her back and she gets over him. They have an eyelock. Ishq hai aansun…..plays……….. He moves the hair off her hair and says this thing between us, I don’t know, what is this, tell me what is this. Anika looks at him. He says Anika, I…… and goes close. He falls asleep over her shoulder. She holds him.

Anika makes Shivaye rest and falls over him. Shivaye looks at her. He says this thing between us is strange, why….. Anika looks at him. He rests in her lap and sleeps.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. sarita

    Omg todays episode was like fire🔥🔥🔥
    Shivika cozy moment
    Uuuffffff ………jst speechless
    Shivaye he is awesome
    N omi he was kissing that pink cusion
    I jst cant wait for tmrws episode
    Its very long wait this much😯😯😯

  2. hi

    Cute 🙂 Propose on Shivaay.. but when you know that Anika is illegitimate child for her parents then your reaction matters alot.

  3. priya

    Wonderful episode,shivika rocked…[email protected] r cute…

  4. saku

    Episode was very FUNNY….each m every scene was having humour…rudy he is so cute yaar…..Om was also sooo cute…traffic police pakadlenge I was just like what??..😂😂😂😂😂song played for rumya😍….patti ko katti rudra is just impossible….shivika fans ki toh aaj nikal padi…congo all shivika fans u got hug today….aaj toh tum 7 sky pr honge😂😂😜😜

  5. shinha

    Hi ishqees epi was awsome and also shivika and shivomru ka parts very nice
    Precap soooperrr can’t wait
    I am new here can I join you……

  6. Akshatha

    Hi ishabazians how r u guys… Today’s episode was jus owsm . The way shivaay spoke to his employee,Rudra looking at soumya and telling u look cute today,and om’s Shayarri was epic.
    SHIVIKA moments were good. I loved the way dadi and pinky hugged Anika.Waiting for RAUMYA SHADI AND OMKARA’S Past revelation,…
    Loved the episode……
    Bye guys. But none of u became my frnds. Can I b ur friend. I am a great fan of ISHQBAAZ can i join ur family of ishquees guys ,,,,pls,pls……

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Loved d epi😍😍😍..d way shivaay explained his feelings was amazing!!!GOD!!!!IT WAS SOOOO CUUUTE!!!hope its not a dream lyk mayank bhai told!!!d precap was amazin…i was blushng lyk crazy for d second half😂😂..d brothers antics was awsum😂😂..soumya dd look cute 2dy…shakti is sooo killer type..i caaaant waiiit!!

      Guyz wat happend????whr is evry1????wat hsppend to u guyz???first it was nadi di nd aqua,asmita and monique di!!!MUKTI DI,MUKTA,SHAZA,HAYA,SAT,ROZ,PRIYA DI,RENI DI,RICHU DI,SHIVAANI,DHRUVV BHAI,ABIHA,CHETNA,YAZHU,DISHA DI,SUNHERI,ZUHA,ADITI,NEHA,AALIYA,LUNA DI,SHRADDHA AND most of the new ppl tooo????guyz whr r urll???m wating 4 u 2 reply??????????…😠😠😠😕😕😕…me too leaving then😢😢

  7. Aarya


    |Registered Member

    Wow….such an awesome epi…😘😍😍omrushiv moments….its so funny….oh god Rudy’s dialogue…. 😁😁 shivika moment….oh my gosh….iam soo happy…love u shivay n anika….so cute together😍😍😘💏shivika for ever….💝💓.. Anika u r so lucky to have such loving devars( would be devars😋😝)

  8. Shivika

    Wow ishqbaaz is rocking today’s episode was really good. Loved both shivika and roumya moments,and omkara was also seems to be funny.

  9. aahana

    Aww shivika were too cute yr!!!😍😍even om😘😘

    Guys i think swetlana killed gyatri!!dnt kno but think so.
    Wt do u ppl think??

    Hii ishquies….kse ho sb??
    yr kl se i ll b going to college again!!😞i dont feel like going!!😖😷
    Btw thanks for quick update today renima di😊

  10. shana Mehta

    I usually don’t watch serial but as I found ishbaaz on a different concept plus nice acting i daily watch it and it has become my favourite show but one thing I hate is that how can anika could forgive shivaay so easily by just one sorry and help him by keeping her self respect at stake even after he scolded her very badly please make the show more practical because a thing like this would never have happened in real life please make the character of anika more strong , one more thing the show has dedicated it’s 4_5 episodes to women empowerment but here they are showing as just anika has no self respect where anyone can disrespect her and she can forgive by just one sorry ,and ya please introduce a jealousy track amid shivaay and anika we all ishbaaz I answered fans are waiting for it desperately it is a humble respect from all ishbaaz I answered fans

  11. SAIMA

    Omg omg omg the episode was *_* can’t wait for tomorrow shivaay u r just sooo amazing and btw is Anika illegitimate child? and who killed Gayatri? Good night ishqaazians today I will sleep peacefully shivika’s first hug and the precap was also amazing bye guys!

  12. sweatha

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god what serial and especially today and yesterday’s episode was driving me crazy its toooo good i could not control my laughter………………

  13. Shiv

    For me today rumya r the show stealers!!!😍 Shivika romance I felt little kind of dragging shivaa who’s running multi billion deals not clear in what he wants n likes ..sounds dumb!!he only sounds dumb oberoi not Rudy 😜Anyways me always ardent fan of ishqbaaz!!! Luv it!!!

  14. Archiya

    Bang on episode.. comedy.. romance n suspense altogether in onemm only ib can hve it..
    Roop may b the murderer. . Just bcoz acp found out she was out of country does nt mean she cant kill gayatri..
    Loved the way the family embrace anika.. n its so nice to c both shivay n anika confused abt their feelings.. same to same
    Precap is too gud.. its one of the best feeling to sleep in the lap of ur loved one. They shld hve introduced someone fr om wld hve been complete

  15. shekhar

    So atlast as expected ACP Randhava just on the verge down on the right track. Expose of truth is being stared and god knows who will be dragged in the flow of hectic investigation made by him and whose eyes will be wdw opened with shock and anazement ! Who’s mind will be opened up to a drastic outcome of his investigation!

  16. Tarini

    Priyanka, somya, dadi,pinki, and shivay ne anika ko hug kiya.. had a feeling of hug day.. romya and shivika s screen was ousm and om as always.. just love ishqbaaZ waiting for next episode and shivay should remember all what he said and did then it would be amazing to watch his reaction.. I wish that shivay should be insecure regarding anika and oms relation then only he’ll accept his feelings.. chalo gudie nght to all keep luving ishqbaaZ

  17. shekhar

    SHVAAY and ANIKA both nailed their feelings down to the earth and are trying to know tha feeling which grows between two far ends of HATE and LOVE!

  18. Sally

    I really like the drunk shivaay ^^
    Shivika chemistry is just awesome ..
    Bromance was cute as always
    i am just waiting to watch this episode *.*

  19. Diya

    ShivOmRu rocked today but Rudy was the best. Om is hilarious as a drunk, ” Dadi you look like Katrina Kaif”😂. RuSom background song was so cute and romantic… reminiscent of peppy romNtic 60s Hindi music. I am not a fan of Nakul Mehta’s dialogue delivery in this show. The director s (in my humble opinion only) are making it over stylized and nasal. His eyes expressions today were very good though. He looked mesmerized and confused when he looked at Anika. Also the way their conversation was written was nice “same to same”😀. Was Shiv already about to confess his live?? Main Tumse…I…I !!? Does that mean that he has already realized that he is in love with her on a subconscious level? The way he said that he did not want Anika to leave was cute and natural. Isnt that how the first sense of love happens? That one doesn’t want a certain person to leave and wants to be by their side constantly. His falling asleep in her lap was also very tender. Love is a sense of comfort and ease when a person is around. So there was much to be loved in today’s episode. The Obro silliness together and also the cute Mishraji 😅. “Bhai Dooj ki chutti bhi bahut zaroori hai”
    Om speaking his shaayri was worth drooling over. 😍. So, who killed Gayatri. She was an ally to Roop and of use to her. Would she kill her. My guess would be Tej, but I don’t know why my mind goes to Shakti. He seems like a mysterious figure to me, clean on the surface but very deep on the inside.
    Okie people, sorry about the super long comment.

  20. Nithu


    |Registered Member

    Im sooo happy cuz im a die heart fan of shivika.💑.. they were on fire 💥oh my mata..s🙈🙉🙊hivaye nd anika nailed todays epi..n our rudy.👏..omg no one can change himm….dadi 👵dialouge pagal ko pagal hi samaj sakte hein…😂😂😂 rudy s pushups💪 and his count…oms shayari🙆…pinky and dadi hugging anika….loved evry scene today…

  21. Diya

    Everyone in Oberoi parivaar hugged Anika. If only Rudy and Om had also hugged her, the hugging spree would be complete. Just kidding 😉

  22. trisha

    yesterday episode so funny ,romantic ,emotional I like when pinky hugs nd luv anika
    om kiss that cusion ,shivaya talking with employ ,rumya cute moment was so funny …..trafic police,patti ko kattii ,employ ki salary dabal ,om ki shayari ,shivaya known about dhantaras for the first time ,bhai duj ki chutii, mujhe leg mah dard hai nd he(rudra) showing his head that’s was so funny ….
    shivika moment was so romantic😍😍😍luv is in the air shivaya dialogue = I can angry with u but if anyone angry on u I want to kill that person that line I like most nd they saying same -same
    wating for tommorow episode I want to ask to u guys Nowldays why these update bcom late plz reply me

  23. akann

    Such a great episode all around. With Rudra and Saumya scenes and of course Shivika scenes. I think Anika will realize her love tomorrow. Lets see. In terms of the murder mystery, I don’t know why but somehow I feel like Om might be involved. He seems a little too mysterious to me at times and also unpredictable. What if he is like a silent killer or something? that is just my crazy theory though.

    • shahabana

      Ohh no what are u saying omkara is killer no way he is a such a sweet heart he cnt kill even these three shivomru wont kill anyone kiler is someone else, anyways gd morning

  24. Shreya Shandilya

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    vote for shivaye and anika for entertainmaining jodi of year 2016.please guys please please vote

    for shivika they need more support… BTW they r leading..

    guys hurry up and go vote for shivika please

  25. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Amazing, lovely episode! Three brothers losing control of their minds and letting feelings go. Perfectly done!

    I’m really quite realistic, let me think about what is going to come next:

    1. ABOUT SHIVAI and ANIKA: Shivay never actually called Anika back to work. So she is still out of the Oberoi house and out of work. I’m sorry to tell, but I think we all feel it all was going too fast last several series. So now, they for sure slow down and let Shivay and Anika take a deep breath and step backward. Perhaps it would be introduced some other hero. I know it’s not the first time I’m saying this but for Shivay it’s always going too easy. He has to struggle a bit:
    * about Anika being adopted child who does not remember her parents, her lineage, blood etc.
    * about some other man who can grab her attention
    * about people that all treating her badly because of him, her status, her poor family ets.
    Sorry, I really believe that to take as an equal he needs to accept it all, find these things are less important than her presence in his life. And only after he will propose. But…(even in this moment something is going to happen and we all guess it could be Ankas original family coming out)

    2. ABOUT MEMORIES: This time I think they (Shivay, Om, Rudra) really would not remember nothing. So everything that happened is going to stay in ladies memories. So next 2 series they will dedicate for trying to figure it out.

    3. ABOUT MURDER: I really think none of us could be 100% sure about any version. It could be:
    * Roop, looking for plan to trap her brothers
    * Tej playing against Shivay
    * Shakti trying to make Gayatri keep silence about some other case
    * even Pinki caring about her son and trying to keep him safe
    * whoever of Oberoi family except Shivay couse he was definitely with Anika when it had happened

    4. ABOUT RUDY and SUMO MARRIAGE: Awww, that could be funny. If I were writing the script, I would do it like this:
    * they go to Romi party, have fun, take some drinks, eat something, but Romi is not that sincere as we already feel so the puts something in drinks or food, and than makes everyone play scenes from famous moves. So Rudi and Sumo play and then they don’t remember anything.
    * morning they wake up they feel so strange and embarrassed, with all this symbols of marriage, they decide not to tell to the family but to figure out if they really did it or not
    * Agent Rudra 🙂 makes his investigation meanwhile he feels Sumo is his formal wife, he protects her and treats like if she was real one, and she follows all formal rules and wearing that mangalsutra.
    * It comes the news that her mother found a nice union for her, but Sumo does not know what to do as well as she is formally married/or not with Rudra. Rudra founds out and gets jealous, perhaps he say something and his brothers figure it out, and then all family.
    * at this point they will really have a problem couse the will have to do normal wedding to make it real and formal for everyone.
    * meanwhile they are prepared for formal wedding they figure out that it was all joke, this drunk marriage never happen and they are not married. So they have to decide if they want to do real marriage or not.
    That could be nice track for them

    5. ABOUT THAT PILLS: where I can get some?

    • Diya

      Haha haha…your last point😂. I think Somu and Rudra are going to entertain us a lot in the bear future.


      Gulkhan has a lot of scope to fix any charector as MURDERER ! She may fix ANIKA, PRIYANKA, and even DADI as MURDERER and will justify it with giving some FLASH BACK for that! It is always happen in such type of SUSPENSE mystery that while viewers thinking of suspective charectors so far, viewers find a charector as ACCUSED who seems innocent trough out thye story. To fix a so called INNOCENSE as real ACCUSED is normal in HINDI movies, serial, story books.

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        DADI ..she is such a cutie pie …i don’t think she is the murderer …maybe Tej ..idk y but I have strong feeling that tej and shakti together maybe murdered her …remember they were talking abt some Raaz ..and maybe Gayitri knew the secret so they killed her so that the secret always remain a secret …whatsay ?

      • shekhar

        Do not jump over any conclusion bcz director has all power to fix the TIA’s so called brother as murderer! He may also provide proof to push it in our Mind!

    • Archiya

      Loved ur comments. . Too long but I read each word.. also even I want to know wher to get the pills lolzzz:)

  26. juhi

    WOW, Amazing N Awesome epi today…LUVEDDDD IT so much. Each n every person were superb…
    LOVE SHIVIKA ALWAYS…their confusion about what they r feeling, Shivay doesn’t want her going away from him, so eloquently said that they get angry on each other but when someone else gets angry, they r ready to protect each other.. thats true love in real life…Cant wait to see more tomorrow n onwards, the tender moments when Shivaye lays his head down on her lap to sleep…u can only do that when u trust someone completely…so well done to the team, portrayed it so well.
    LUV Bromance…as always the brothers bonding is awesome…Rudra crys to see his bhaiya and goes to Shivaye and so does OM.his shayari is awesome. calls dadi Katrina LOL
    LUVED Roumysa scene…so good, cant wait to see their wedding.
    OMG..if anyone can solve Gayathris murder it will be ACP… he has integrity, intelligence and intuition– he says he doesnt think it was Shivaye who killed Gayathri, he is on right track..
    I think its Tej, Shakti, Swetlana or even Tia…how will Shivaye respond to Tia now that he realizes he has feelings for Anika…cant wait to see Anika bit of green-eyed when next Tia comes and hugs him n how will he respond when Anika is present hmmm
    MAybe Anika and ACP will have a good RL as they r both honest type n hit it off as good friends and Shivaye will be bit jealous? OR even better at the end ACP n Anika end up from same super rich family??? Coz I really want Anika to end up being from a bigger family name coz at the end Shivayes principal about family n blood should’nt matter and he will accept her before but eventually he will never have to ?? her family background , ANika will be equal if not better than Oberois in every way and have –TAKKAR ka RL and she will never be ashamed of the fact that she didnt have a surname…for such a strong character I hope the writers make her stronger n not weak..
    ANYWAY….so happy that story is finally moving forward>>>LOVE ISHQBAAZIANS

    • shekhar

      Tia should be out of SHIVAAY life for her own reasons before SHIVAAY get committed for ANIKA. So far the track line of ANIKA is going on, it will be difficuilt to accept to get step back by SHIVAAY for the reason that now he has a better option than TIA, and even though if GULKHAN opted for ANIKA as a reason, prefer to tint the image of ANIKA like charector, we have no option then!

  27. Mayank Agrawal

    just another bakwas episode mujhey ti ye nhi samajh aata hai ki anika oberoi mansion mei kyu aayi dubara…..just they are doing time pass…where is tej and shakti oberoi are they in cameo role ? or regular cast ?

    • Tarika

      Agree Mayank just a filler episode. Past two episodes nothing great happening.
      And why they r not getting Omkaras female lead. It’s just taking too much time.
      This Shivaay & Anika romance getting boring now, same thing happening again and again. Infact I only saw the episodes where ACP RADHWA was there.
      Have skipped Mon ka episode today also don’t think anything much happening.



    |Registered Member

    Full of emotional episode… starting from shivaye’s fun to anika and shivaye cuty and confused talk…
    But waiting for all boys painkiller effect getting over… someone should have recorded their funny things they were doing…

  29. shahabana

    Guyz episode is really great faintastic i really liked it a lots. I liked their bromance and oms funny talk with daadi and rumya they where really cute waiting to see their dramatic marriage it will be really fun and a lots and ofcourse shivika they rocked in yesterday’s episode love them a lotz and love u ishqbaaz shivika rumya omkara and waiting to see precape

  30. Jazz1


    |Registered Member

    The episode was fabulous. I really wanna answer some questions to shivaay 😂😂 bcz he was just asking again and again like what’s the weird feeling. IT’S LOVE ❤️ ❤️️❤️️❤️️ And anika saved him bcz she also love ❤️ him. Shivomru nailed it today 😂😂😂.
    Can anybody plz give me the link of rumya’s song. Plz plz plz plz
    Guys plz vote for shivika in the best jodi

  31. Enasanjida

    Azka episode Ishkara k naam.. Why? Bcz Anika wear Ishaana dress. & SP invistagion remember me those scenes Ishaana research Omkara 😀😊.

  32. Enasanjida

    Guyz imp news -if u want vrunal as Ishkara come back the show then mail & call star plus 91-22-66305555 & request them. Bring back this beautiful & unique love story 😇😊

  33. Luna

    Hey guys, how r u all???? I’m quite busy these days so I’m not able to comment frequently. Well, there is a BREAKING NEWS for u all. Gul Khan has confirmed that Om’s love interest will be a 15 year old girl. The girl will be a hollywood celebrity who has the rags to riches story and is more richer than the Oberois. On being asked that how will a teenage girl play Om’s girlfriend, Gul replied that the girl will be much more mature than her age. It’s something that we have never seen on Indian TV. Well, Ishqbaaz and Ishkara fans, just chill… whatever I’ve written is completely fake so don’t take it seriously. I was just kidding with u guys,lol.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      how dare u joke on my ishkara 😡😡😡😡???
      I hate u for this m never forgive you , get lost 😑..? I’ll never talk to you. Now …

      Hey , just kidding was a shocking one …u gave me large heart attack ,so thought to give u atleast a mini one 😜Don’t take serious 😜😁

      ..I kinda gotta heart-attack ….I was like ..15? ..Hollywood star , opposite Omkara ..and a unique love story??what the hell …infact first I felt like the last sentence was Thai news is completely NOT fake …but after then next line …couldn’t stop laughing ……don’t do this again or before reading the last sentence , what if I get a heart attack 😂😜😁

    • Renimarenju


      |Registered Member

      Luna….already i am sad….and please don’t make any jokes on ishkara….it will break my heart…..dear…..sorry……though you was just made it 4 fun….really i got shocked…..luna ishqie….

  34. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    It’s a big treat for me. Oh god Shivika… Why r u killing me? Obros moments were too cute.. I really loved when Shivaay said ‘ I get angry on you, but if anyone else gets angry on you, I want to kill that person’. Rumya part was cute. Om was very funny…. Where is Swetlana??

  35. Luna

    As for Rumya marriage I don’t think they will really get married but will assume that they are married as they will not remember what happened last night.

  36. Luna

    There’s a loophole, why did’nt ACP Randhawa asked for the footage of 8 am as Anika said that Shivaye left the house at that time..And what the hell is Roop doing out of India???? I think that ACP Rathore definitely has to do something with Gayatri’s murder. Despite having so many evidences, he bailed out Gayatri, there’s definitely something fishy about him.

    • aahana

      Yr there r many evidenced dt prove anikas statement shivaye s foot print near gyatris body..his location at dt time as he himself clarified dt he took d phone frm anika n dn went there…if acp asks wt exactly was d reason for shivika being together d whole can his coughlink go near gyatris body??? Dy r showing acp to b dumb kz if hes dt smart as he shows dn he could hv thought f these!!!
      N anika going to obros again is dumb as to ask a simple ques!!like seriously?!?!??

  37. Luna

    I don’t know why Anika again went to Oberoi mansion??? Just to ask why she saved him???? Is she dumb???? How the hell will he know when she herself does’nt know???? Anika just needs some excuses to be in Oberoi mansion and this time the reason was so stupid!!!!!!


    PINKY asked ANIKA” Anika . my daughter, I just can’t understand, How can I thank you for what you deed for my SHIVAAY?, when even no our own could have done?!!” Is just a reflection of a mentality of a high society in which they breath. They can spend money like anything , but only to show off their STATUS and to establish their supremacy over a poor! They just can not imagine a person can take such a hectic step which could destroy his/her whole future life for having nothing. She just exposed the mask from over the faces of high society people who seeks only business, money, power even from a relationship. GULKHAN shows two contraversial scenes on RAXA BANDHAN, one was being at OBEROY MANSION with all types of luxary but lacking of enough feeling and second one on ANIKA and SAHIL lacking any luxary but filled with emotions of ANIKA and SAHIL for each other. Pinky just poured her all feeling in her few words for unexpected act taken by a poor girl like ANIKA having no justified family back ground, lineage etc.

  39. Malar

    I wish shivay will leave that nasal way of delivering his dialogues. Half the time i can’t understand what he is saying.but i guess he is made to do that as per his director’s order

  40. Hibajasmin


    |Registered Member

    OMG.this episode was amazing.very happy to see rudhra n sumo scenes.their story is moving.shivika scenes😊😊.i was cupped my mouth in all that scenes.sad for ishkara .i don’t want dat ridhima to be his’s better he live single.
    I was a silent reader but i could’nt control myself by seeing all these episodes and tha nks to amena for wonderfull updates
    Now my great theory abt killer.gayathri already told roop that a groop is behind her.i feel like anika is part of dat could be a plan to won oberoi family’s trust once more for anika which would make herself a part of dat family forever n she can get the secrets of oberois(tej n shakthi) to light …..

    How is my great theory????😇

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Ikr too badly missing ishkara ..even I sometimes feel like either Vrushika be opposite Om or let him die single anyway he have bro’s na ? so no need of romance he will survive on bromance only 😉..I hated ridhima ..hope she is not opposite Om ..ok , so b4 I start crying missing Ishana ….topic change
      So u mean Anika is cheating the Oberois ? yr I don’t think so ….Gul khan usually never have this kind of twists …so I don’t think so …but it’s a serial so anything is possible …lets hope for the best …


    It os one TRIDHA CHOUDHARY( DEHLEEZ), and now it is SURBHI are here on small screens to teach how one can SLAP any one without letting the people shout against you with your words and act. The way through which ANIKA keep continue slapping SHIVAAY in her unique way is just a fabulous. She just put him VISED in between different types of feelings like anger, jelousy, speriarity complex, inferiarity comoplex, love , hate and what not!? SHIVAAY is just found CRUSHING between such a contraversial feelings, and he just can not get along with such a situation, and will burst out any time on this side or that side. ANIKA just does not allow SHIVAAY even for a second to walk with superficial formal behavior with her, and thats why MALLIKA asked him “NO ONE HAS SEEN THAT SHIVAAY WHEN YOU ARE BEING WITH ANIKA, !!”

  42. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    I didn’t like shivay’s acting as a drunker or not in sense type. He should do something better. Om is sooooo funny. Pink se pyaar ho gaya. Acp’s research is just like ishana. Ishkara fans did u noticed he has the same picture of om which ishana had. Ohhhh missing her badly. I m fed up with shivika. They should stop it now. Is it important to show shivika in every episode?? Anika had no reason to come in oberoi mansion. “Mujhe billuji se puchna ha ki maine unhe kyu bachaya” – yei koyi reason hua???? What happened to omkara? Shivika is together, roumya is together & om is with” dadiii”. Not even ridhima. I feel bad to see him alone.

  43. navz

    Sach mein rumya ki shaadi hojayegi!!!!???wow but they r too small for marriage.abt shivika I don’t know wats going to happen. N ishakara I think director forgot abt dem

  44. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys …I won’t be able to comment here for the next 2-3 weeks ..cuz of my exams …just FA …but for us m FA also they make fill in the banks 1/2 and 1/4 marks and make a lengthy paper…so have to study …hope u guys will miss me …!? I’ll miss u all ..don’t forget me ha ?

  45. Renimarenju


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    Ishqies…..i will comment after diwali only as i have lot of work @ offfice….

    @ Luna……sorry……dear ishqie…

    @ Aahana…updates are given by Amena……Not by me…..

    @ Shaza…All the best

    ,dhruv and many more ishqies….sorry not time to write every one’s name…really sorry guys…
    Just hope all are fine and am not fine guys because of work pressure ……and lot of tensions….


  46. Sanaurifa

    Hello ishqies
    Latest news prinku got a letter which made her shocked more shocking is she hides it from Shivaay
    Now the track is going towards to solve murder mystery where SSO is active to solve it fast coz Anika name is between
    I don’t find roumya’s marriage

  47. Nivedha

    Om was with dadi…I’m fed up with this serial😥😥😥😥😥😥 …really no ISHKARA track and not even OMKAARA ‘s past track😠😠😠

    But bromance is the only reason for the TRP …or else there is nothing innovative to watch in ishqbaaaz


  48. Nandini

    Guys tellychakkar news is shivay going to confess his love for anika with help of love angel I hope its true

  49. Nivedha

    I would have been in cloud nine if Ishana was present instead of dadi
    But it ‘ll never happen
    And gul won’t do it😡😡😡😡

  50. Tridha


    |Registered Member

    Romi is back, reaan is back. Romi thinks herself a devi. Shivika moments. Shivay will talk to love angel, sahil dreaming about sumo.

  51. Mayank Agrawal

    Todays episode update – !!!!

    shivay and anika apne romantic moments ko thodi derr aur enjoy karte hai and meanwhile shivay sleeps and anika go away. Anika says while going that i come to oberoi mansion for solving my confusion but after coming here its not solved but its get more complicated. meanwhile rudra who is in no sense arranges a get together of romi rehaan soumya and himself , soumya again fears about romi that she is not a good girl but she cant expreess her feelings . rudra try to conbince rehaan and soumya to do patch up. she returns to her home where she tell sahil about her problem sahil understands and said to anika that close your eyes and check wheher you see shivay singh oberoi or not anika checks and she saws SSO. anika surprises and started thinking again meanwhile sahil also close his eyes and he saws soumya song plays -( aayi aisi raat hai jo )..morning comes , shivay wakes away and thinking about what happening yesterday he remembers everything but doesnot believes and thought that is it really happen or just my imagination …..he goes to om romm but he is no there, he goes to rudra room but he also not there rudra goes to picnic with romi, soumya gets to know this ans she trying to call rudra but rudra is with romi and cant able to attend phone because romi ne rudra ka phone nikaal liya rudra ki pocket mei se. anika decides to go oberoi mansion sahil asks didi why are you going there again anika says sahil everyone says sorry to me so thts why now everything is ok..while soumya broadcasted her love angel show and by chance shivay calls love angel and said that mujhey kal vo hua jo aaj tak nhi hua he talks to love angel ( soumya )…..
    guys romi and rudra koi aisi jagah leke gayi rudra jaha bhot sari godess ki photo lagi hui thi and sabh mei romi najar aa rhi thi i think romi is a aatma type ( chudail ) soumya says rudra is not safe there
    PRECAP is very very very intresting…….!!! ——–
    everyone are sitting in hall including tej and shakti oberoi shivay stairs se niche utarta hai aur kehta hai aaj mujhey aap sabh logo ko kuch batana hai anika meri jindagi mei thode din pehley he aayi isne mere liye itna sabh kuch kiya , anika also enters in oberoi mansion shivay says to anika kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi !! shivay apne pocket mei se sindoor box nikalta hai …..aur lagane ke liye puchta hai ..

    • Diya

      Whaaattt!!!? No , this has to be a dream. Is Star plus terminating the show that they have to do all this? We don’t expect common sense from TV shows but this is too much. I will feel like a fool for watching if this really happens. And seriously, Anika ka character ruin Kar diya writers ne. Everyone said sorry so I’ll go back!!?? Pathetic.

  52. Nandini

    Yes and tomorrow shivay gonna propose anika for marriage with a ring all family are shocked anika is hell shocked I hope its true not a dream oh god wow what a surprise !!! I just the episode daily motion link came before telecast poor rudra got struck with romi and shivika scene tomorrow I have no words hope its for real

  53. manu

    Wowwwwww yr shivaya was toooooooo cute in this epi and om was tooo and my dear rudi he always wins my heart when she says somya cute was just soooooo sweet just waiting for shivaya to propose anika can’t wait for that moment can’t comment long as have to complete copy bye bye love u all an sry for not comment from some days acutally exams r over so papers were given sooo lit busy wih thaymt an today was pir practical also bye by

  54. Daniya

    Hii gyzzz I m one of the silent readers can I join U all? Today’s episode was AWESOME ! Love SHIVIKA they r lovely and rumyA they r very cute and omkara is awesome

  55. Daniya

    Hii gyzzz I m one of the silent readers can I join U all ? Today’s episode was AWESOME ! Love SHIVIKA they are lovely

  56. Nandini

    Did u guys watch new promo of ishqbaaz ?what’s going on? I mean roumya track was already known and for om I think the past they are saying in t promo may bring entry of new female lead for om . but what about shivika y is she angry ? Oh god tat promo is quite exciting filled with suspense curiosity and what not??

  57. ritika

    Hii guyyyys till now I was a silent reader but after going through recent episodes of ishqbaaz I was on cloud 9 and thought to join your ishqbaaz family so hope u all won’t mind

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