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Ishqbaaz 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks what’s there in report. Shivaye asks her not to worry, have patience. He ends call and smiles. He gets a call and asks what are you saying…. He gets worried. Some time before, Shivaye comes to hospital and asks Khanna to go and check. He walks towards Pinky and goes ahead. She gets relieved. Khanna asks doctor about reports. Doctor says reports are ready, I m keeping it here so that it does not get mix up. Pinky looks on. Khanna says fine, I will call Shivaye. He goes. Doctor also goes. Pinky enters the cabin. Shivaye asks Priyanka is she fine. She says yes, my friend with an accident, she is fine now. Khanna comes and says reports are ready. Shivaye asks what are you doing here, I told you not to move. He asks Priyanka to call him if she needs help.

Pinky checks reports and says

this had to happen. She destroys the report. Shivaye comes there and asks Khanna for reports. Khanna apologizes. Shivaye says I asked doctor to keep reports copy. He calls doctor and asks him to handover copy to Khanna. He asks Khanna to collect reports and get CCTV camera footage. Shivaye checks result no match and says I just knew it. He checks the CCTV footage and says its so grainy, nothing is clear, how will we reach the person who has stolen the report. He gets Anika’s call.

She asks what came in reports. He says you don’t worry, truth came out, I want to show it, I m coming home, have patience. He ends call and smiles. He gets a call and asks what are you saying…. He gets worried.

Pinky comes home and says now I have changed DNA reports, Shivaye and Anika’s relation will break, I have to send away Naintara. She sees Naintara doing makeup in her room and scolds her. They argue. Pinky gives money to Naintara and asks her to get lost. Naintara asks her to give more. Pinky asks her to go, else she will not leave her. Naintara says you want me to go before reports come, I won’t go without remaining money, I will take it from Shivaye. Pinky says so you will threaten me. Naintara says I m not much. Pinky throws money on her and asks her to go.

Naintara says my mood got bad, I will take 15 lakhs now. Pinky taunts her. Naintara asks her to to run and get money, else she will show her true face to Shivaye. She goes. Pinky says I will not leave her. Anika says why did Shivaye not come home till now. Anika says till I see report, I will not get peace.

Doctor checks Ranveer and says he is out of danger. Priyanka asks doctor to come with her, she will clear bills, she has to go home. Ranveer calls her out. Nurse stops him from leaving. Kamini comes there, and holds his hand, asking nurse to go. She asks why did he take big risk. He says relax, I m policeman, I know how to fall and how to get saved. She asks did you not have any other way. He says she is much upset, I have to play with my life, I had to fall to raise in her eyes. She asks did it pay off. He says Priyanka will get affected soon. She smiles

Pinky attends her friends. Lady asks Pinky who is she, is she Shivaye’s mum in law. They joke on Naintara. Pinky asks Naintara to get lost. Naintara asks for 15 lakhs. Pinky drags her. Naintara asks her to behave with manners.

Pinky and Naintara argue. Naintara says I will tell Shivaye who got me here and why. Pinky asks why will he trust you. Naintara says fine, we will wait for him, let’s tell your friends how you are trying to ruin your son’s life, stop me if you can. Pinky holds her hand and pushes her. Naintara’s wig comes out. Pinky gets shocked.

Priyanka comes to Ranveer. He says just listen to me once. She asks him not to create scene in hospital. He says I don’t care, I don’t know you have forgiven me or not, you got me here, it means you still care for me. She says you need to rest. He asks why are you here, you were waiting for me to get conscious. She says no, this is your hospital bill, pay me my money back after getting out of here. She goes. He throws the money.

Pinky and her friends laugh on Naintara. They make fun of her. Naintara cries. Pinky says you are a cheap dancer, its better you leave. Naintara wears her wig. She says I will not forget this and not let you forget. Pinky asks her to get out. Naintara pushes her. Anika comes and holds Pinky.

Anika says how dare you touch Pinky. Naintara says she started first. Anika says cheap woman like you can’t be my mum, you have no right to stay here, get out. She throws Naintara out and says if you see this house again, I will give you to police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shekhar

    As per spoilers , it is NT who is going to kidnap SAAHIL, but if reason of kidnapping is there, then it is OMM, who can dive down to any level.

    So it is better wait untill that epi get aired.

    It is guessed , looking at the circumstances were in past over the delivery tie of pinky,

    either PINKY gave the birth of a dead baby and SHAKTI replaced it with SSO


    RANVEER is the real son of PINKY and exchanged it with SSO

    But it is confirm, in my POV, what ever has been happened, it is known to only KAAMINI, DAI mAA and KAAMINI, and no one is aware of this, whatever it may be.

    These all are wild guess, and it may happens something else may come up, so better to wait till it come up and there by not forcing CVS to have lesser option to go on!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    PINKY is being twisted and being served us at worst level now , leaving no option for repent even.

    It is very strange that CVS are sadist and last time they had made us to play with ANNIKA’s personnel feelings, her saying, NT IS NOT HER MOTHER, is one of the many TWIST provided through ANNIKA’s personnel feelings and that was the main cause of PINKY’s plan is now getting at OMM. Normally TWIST are being introduced on the FIGURE and FACTS based, but here CVS went on the weird and biased way.

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Actually Shekhar.. this entire Sahil kidnapping seems out of place to me..
      according to pinky, she has destroyed the reports, so to her, job done..
      So y wid she want to kidnap Sahil? May be back up plan or something?

      And NT.. I again fail to see any motives here.. let’s just say pinky hurling insults at her and ani pushing her out are the motives.. but still Nt doesn’t seem that types.. and if she did she shud have done it after annika pushed her out.. but chronologically that doesn’t make sense.. as sso received a call earlier..

      This entire kidnapping seems very baseless to me.. just for dragging the show the damned CVs are bringing din unwanted damned tracks!

    2. LAX

      If Ranveer is Pinkys son, there ll be a weird equation between Priveer. So I don’t think makers ll ever do that.

  2. Sejsmiles

    Priyanka ranveer story is dead. No one shld marry a stalker, criminal.. Why dragging this by bringing him back again. Waste of time. Sorry ranveer fans..I wldnt want a girl to marry him even if he turn’s positive.
    Anika should not have pushed nt to d ground.. That’s d level of pinky…tej to do this.
    Nt may not havr have kidnapped sahil..maybe pinky has n she’ll blackmail anika to leave home. N that’s when Shivaye will come to know its his mom trying to separate them.

  3. Vishakha

    hello people !!! how are u all?????? long time no see of me na…. well firstly i was a bit busy with some work and secondly i didnt know what to say out of these episodes.. they are driving me crazy…

    but yesterday i thoroughly enjoyed omm ki oh my maata.. but unfortunately annika saved her.. 🙁 and i went nuts seeing the dna report.. aisi report to gul maata hi bana sakti hai.. JAI HO!! and ya i agree this whole kidnapping thing is just over the top.. why is it even required..

    NT has no reason to do it and if the phone call was to inform sso about the kidnapping then even pinky has no motive of doing it.. THEN WHY??? why do i feel the call was not to inform about sahil but to inform about pinky’s hand in all this..

    khair i just hope by the time i get all these answers i retain my sanity.. although the idea of rudy being with another girl is weird but still waiting for a track change..

    1. Vishakha

      oh oh.. priveer ko to bhul hi gyi.. they are so irritating.. i feel more bad because instead of them rumya could have continued ( genuinely sorry if i have hurt any priveer fans here) but priyanka is acting stupid.. and whats wrong with their faces man they shoot without makeup is it??? they look scary!!!

  4. Chavi

    Hi ishquies.. Good evening..
    Full busy with kids bit late for d replies..
    Tight hug from side too dear anika..?
    Hi anu..
    IDD means…a person who wants to do whatever he is thinking..n do it..dey won’t consider about anything…like society,others,friends… etc..,such types of people we called as physco..
    Ego means..person with double characters like having IDD in priority but at d same time dey r social conscious…example u can see ranveer’s character ah..

    Super ego means person with spiritual
    Quality in physiological terms yaar which means..he/she is having all sorts of good quality n dey lead their life in a principle way…dey r highly conscious in everything what dey r doing…so I consider shivay comes under dis category…
    Actually id,ego,super ego r 3 types of categories in psychology by these 3types dey consieder every person…
    Every human being lead dis three types in a mixed form…according to our situations yaar…

    Hi lax..I’m good …how r u dear..

    Shekar baai..I agree with u..have to wait n see…

    Hi diyas(anisha) r u dear..mmh again u come up with interesting questions ah…good if I’m getting free time sure I rply u yaar..

    Hi riddima maalai vanakam…

    Vishakha, sejsmiles,smitha,piyuu all ur comments ?☺?
    Keep commenting dears…take care..☺

  5. Chavi

    Friends me too waiting for d maha episodes ah…but still there is no promo yaar…

    Pardon me yaar for some auto spell mistakes…

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