Ishqbaaz 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye hugs Anika

Ishqbaaz 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I hate the woman who came between my mom and dad, because of whom my family broke up, I hate everyone who breaks families just for money, they break marriages, I will kill that woman if she comes in front of me. Anika cries and says even my mum broke a home, her own family, just for money, she left my dad and went to another man, I didn’t just lose my mum, I even lost the respect, such relation is respected whose name is…. I vent out anger by recording videos, because I don’t want my aunt to tell anything to Gauri, Gauri doesn’t know that my mum is alive, I told her that our mum met with an accident and died, I try to prove that lie a truth, I conduct my mum’s Shraddh every year, my mum’s Shraddh, who is alive. He says don’t cry, when you cry, I don’t like it, I feel like

hugging and consoling you, I can’t do this, as I don’t know how to hug. She says its not needed, I m fine. He says you aren’t fine, even a strong person needs someone to wipe tears and give assurance that everything will get fine. She gets up to leave. He holds her and hugs. He says don’t tell anyone that I learnt to hug, you are really nice. She says thanks. He asks for the compliment. She says no, for listening to me, for talking with you and by telling the secret, I m feeling better.

He says there is another secret, I have done something which I should have not done, I don’t know why I did it, I intentionally asked you to wear the ring, because I didn’t want you to wear Nikhil’s ring. She breaks the hug and looks at him. She asks what, but why. He says I don’t know, I wanted you to wear my ring. She laughs. He says its so funny, we kind of got engaged, first that roka and then engagement, we don’t know each other properly. He says there is something between us, strange, right. She says something strange. He says it shouldn’t happen that after roka and engagement, we get married. She says it may happen, what if we get married now. He says something else will happen now. He throws water over her face and drops the glass. She gets shocked. He says why do I feel like I have thrown water on you before. She goes. She comes and throws water on his face. He gets shocked. She says even I feel that I have thrown water on you before. They laugh.

They dance on Aaj rapat jaye to……. and smile. After some time, Shivaye and Anika are seen sleeping on the bed. He wakes up and checks the ringing phone. Gauri keeps calling. He sees Anika and gets shocked. He tries to move. Anika hugs him. Gauri says Anika isn’t answering, its late, what’s the matter. Om asks why are lights go. Rudra says maybe Shivaye slept. Om says he should have informed us that he isn’t coming for dinner. Rudra says he didn’t call us. They call out Shivaye. Shivaye asks Anika to wake up. He hears them. He sprinkles water on Anika’s face. She wakes up and gets shocked seeing him. She asks what are you doing here. He says this is my room. She asks then what am I doing here, my head is spinning. Rudra asks is everything fine, why is he not answering. Omru get in. They see Shivaye near his cupboard. Om says we are calling you since long, you could have answered, why didn’t you come for dinner. Shivaye says its fine, I was on video call, I was doing office work. Om says if you were awake, why didn’t you answer us. Anika is inside the cupboard. She coughs. Rudra says who coughed.

Shivaye says its me. Om says get water. Shivaye says I have got a heart disease, I can’t have water, I m not coughing anymore. Rudra says AC is on, why are you sweating. Shivaye says I coughed so much, so I m sweating, Om ask him to shut up, what if I have a heart attack now. Om says what are you saying, we are just worried about you. Shivaye says don’t worry, don’t try to become a doctor, you are a model, get lost. Rudra asks why. Shivaye says go to your room and sleep, I m feeling better. Omru ask him to take rest. They go. Shivaye says leave from here, before someone else comes in. Gauri comes and says maybe everyone slept, where is Anika, I have to give her bangle size to Nikhil’s mum, what type of wedding planner is she, she doesn’t think of her marriage. She asks servant and goes to see. Shivaye asks Anika to leave fast. She says my head is spinning. He says even my head is spinning, I know you are strong and can manage, if Omru come and see us, I can’t manage. She says how did we come here, what happened. He says I don’t remember, its not the time to think, go. Anika hears Gauri.

Gauri gets in Om’s room. She calls out Anika. She says I will look for her elsewhere. Om shouts from bathroom and asks for towel. She gives the towel. He asks for shirt. She passes it and says I will have to leave before… He says my pant… he knocks on the door. He holds her hand and asks how did your hand get so thin. He pulls her inside the washroom. She looks at him. He moves away his hair from his face. They have an eyelock. He leaves her hand. He asks who are you, what are you doing in my room. She says I came to look for my sister, you asked for clothes and I gave it. He says I was asking my brother Rudra for clothes, not you. Rudra says I m coming. Om hides her and goes out to stop Rudra. Rudra says I thought you are waiting for me to hand you the towel, so you got ready. Om says yes, you didn’t come so I took the clothes and got dressed. Rudra says you look nervous as if there is a girl here. Om says yes.

Rudra asks what, where is she. Om asks are you less than a girl. Rudra says don’t ruin my macho image by calling me a girl. Om says you are a supermodel, go and work out. Rudra says I m going, don’t act weird. Om asks him to go and sleep. Rudra goes. Gauri says your brother left, I shall go. Om says stop, who are you. She says I stay in the outhouse with my sister Anika. He says sorry, I didn’t know. She says its fine, small incidents happen in big houses. He ties his hair. She says listen, long hair suits you, let them loose, it looks better. She goes. Om smiles.

Shivaye says video shouldn’t get leaked, tell me its value. Reporter asks the value of this video or your family’s pride, which is with me right now, you won’t be able to shut my mouth this time, all thanks to that person who has sent me this video. Shivaye asks who has sent this video. Reporter says that girl, I guess her name is Anika, right. Daksh looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivika lover


    1. Congrats Shivika Lover for being number 1.

    2. Congo Shivika lover…

  2. Dear PKJ family, hope everyone has a very good day tomorrow. Hello to dear Luthfa, Arpu Banita Ishita dear Sneha Shiny Jeevi Beauty Pushpa Kadhambari Zara Aayush Tania Shivya Dhawan Naidu Jessie and many many more members…..

    Another awesome episode today. I was melting right from the start. Nakkul and Surbi nailed their parts so well. Great acting skills. How emotional they were initially and then how quickly like a metamorphosis they changed their expressions to that of a laughter. It is very difficult to change their expressions from such an intense emotional scene and back to a funny expression. Only shivika can pull that off well. Oh wow I loved the dance and that song was wonderful. My favourite song. Beautiful choreography. Red and Black combination. This time Shivaay poured the water on Anika first and then Anika to Shivaay. The old IB is revived slowly in this redux. Their intense emotional hug was just too good.

    What an attractive scene when both of them were lying on the bed. Such a romantic sight!!! The cvs really gave us so much. It was exactly what happened during Mallika scene when Shivika sleeping down side by side. Anika cosying up to Shivaay when Shivaay tried to wake her up. I laughed. At least he did not shout at her to wake up. He was so gentle when he tried to wake her up.
    Shivaay told Anika that he wanted to wear the ring on her and not Nikhil. All the truths are slowly coming out. The cupboard scene and Omru entering Shivaay’s room was so funny. Rudra is like a detective asking too many questions. I am very sure all of Rikara fans must be jumping for joy when they saw the initimate scene of Om and Gauri. Poor Rudra!!! Everyone is chasing him out. Both the brothers are hiding a woman in their room.

    I don’t like the precap. In the old IB Anika gets arrested because of that thumbdrive containing Gayatri blemishing Oberoi’s reputation and Anika was wrongly accused of handing that to the police so she got arrested. Here the stupid fool reporter who is still around is threatening Shivaay again of the video and conveniently using Anika’s name. I hope Shivaay will not be misled. Daksh I feel like slaughtering you into many pieces. I wish I could do that right now.

    1. Ye Sindhu.di..their expression was changing in a sec…..Only Narbhi can do it…..
      Upcoming is looking like a nightmare for me…….
      Lets see….
      Nice analysis di..

  3. Hii all!! So atlast shivaay bhaiya learnt to hug!! Shivika scenes yesterday and today were super cute.. Rikara???????????? I was waiting for THIS episode since redux started.. It has been one month and Rikara has finally met!!! Om seems to like her.. that final scene of Gauri asking om to let his hair down and his reaction were just awwwwwwwwww.. Love you loadsss rikara!!!!!
    Precap: Oh no!!??? Shivaay bhaiya don’t believe Daksh and tht reporter..

    1. Dhawani dear how are you? Gald you could come by PKJ site

    2. Ye Dhwani…Looking like Gouri is already going latto over our Omi….ha ha ha…
      Precap- nightmare…

  4. Shivaay is right. No matter how strong a woman is and independent, everyone needs a shoulder to cry when they are emotionally distraught. A strong emotional person can also face setbacks and breakdown. Simply a hug makes a person feel better which is what shivika did and they felt better after that that they can lie on the same bed and feel relaxed.

    1. Ye sometimes a tight hug can reduce all pain…..

  5. Finally Shivaay knows how to hug but not just a simple hug but a firm hug and that too an intense one. Way to go Shivaay!! If Omru have seen this they would have their jaws wide open thinking that Shivaay has never even hugged his sister Priyanka but he hugged anika.

    1. Ye time for party..Sso ko hug karna aagaya..
      Ye not only hug..pura tight jadu ki jhappi….
      Ha ha ha.

  6. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    HRU all???
    Write a long comment after a long time nd now it’s gayab…!!!!!!
    Now seriously not a mood to write a comment again…
    BTW HAPPY EMOJI DAY Everyone ?????

    1. Want to kill this moderation uncle….
      Happy emoji day to you too…??????☺

      1. Banita

        Yeh will just kill this moderation uncle…

    2. Hey banita, nice to hear from you dear. You must be so busy with your studies. I will be getting busy soon also so now I am a little free so I have written my feelings about IB. That is why my comment is long.

      1. Banita

        Hlo dii…
        Di today i m out of station.. So today no study…
        Yeh today ur comment is longest one… If possible i will try to replay u…
        Lots of Love di…

  7. Arpita6

    Hiii mere khidkitod pagals
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 22..

    @Pu di..its ok np prblm..yeh your shivaye is awasome.

    Baki dosts..couldn’t reply bcoz of classes
    Wow…what an episode. ….totally amazing.
    I want to kill that woman..who did all this ye Sso poured his all anger…hope he would feelbetter at that moment
    Yesterday My heart melt forSso
    Today Once again it melt for Annika.
    Your mother is alive
    But she is living with other man
    And you can’t tell this anybody not even your sibilings and you are bound to lie them
    And to make this lie truth you have to do sradh of her..
    I wish no one means no one should go through this situation. is most difficult than hell.
    I just cried out…..
    SC jst nailed it.
    And Noks bhaiya your expression were superb………..
    And He want to Hug her.but cant…
    But He DID…he did it for her..he want to give comfort her..want to give her assurance. ..want to give her hapiness
    That sudden emotional high passionate tight HUG..both needed it..and finally Sso did it.
    Annika get happiness in his arms..and Sso became happy bcoz he was successful to make Annika calm..and that THANK YOU has to be the most cutest thank you……….her smiling face was everything
    And Sso confessed it..?????he did that purposefully. .he don’t know why he did it..but he did.
    And he was scared how Annika will react ..but she took it lightly. …in dono ki saadi toh hoke rahe gi…hi hi ji.
    And yes SHIVIKA’S SIGNATURE MARK throw water…is back…mission pani pheko is back…
    And then AAJ RAPAT JAYE.
    Trust me I never ever thought they will play this song.
    Ok song was cute and both were looking cute muchkin..but for me..their moves were so s*xy..????????????????????????????…..
    But how they end up in bed…?????once again main confusiya gayi..??..
    And RIKARA meet finally.
    Btw Gouri is going al ladoo on Omi…hi hi hi..loved it…

    Will Shivika remember what happened between them?????????????????????????..

    Precap we all know D bribed thatSunil..and i know we all are pissed offso take my imagination and imagine it..I am sure you will love it..
    So D only said Annika’s name to sunil but he never saw her..When Sso will confront Annika..annika will make a smart move and will tell Sso to bring him to her house….so that she could prove her innocence. .
    Then Sso will took sunil to her home..Anika will address herself as gouribcoz Sunil never see her.So gouri will came as Annikaand instantly Sunil will end up saying yes This is the girl who gave me clip..
    Then toh truth is infront of Sso..
    Sso will beat and blue…….

    1. Hi Arpita,Imagination is good but it won’t happen as she will be ousted from the house soon after shivaay hears her name from the reporter. I don’t know what will happen next. Why CVS at times plays with our emotions. Feels good to see them together but then they brings troubles in their life. Well, their bed and hug scene rhapsodized me. ? But will they know what had happened between the two of them? And why does Anika become the victim Everytime? :/

      1. Shivi dear…..i really wanted to know what made Annika to leave the house……………
        Yeh it is very much tough to see Annika as victim as always……
        Yeh after more than one month…we are seung them as sleeping that also cuddling with each other….loved it..
        Just hope my imgination can be true then pakka I will dance..but I also know this is not going to happen…

    2. Now she will be ousted from the house soon after shivaay hears her name from the reporter. I don’t know what will happen next. Why CVS at times plays with our emotions. Feels good to see them together but then they brings troubles in their life. Well, their bed and hug scene rhapsodized me. ? But will they know what had happened between the two of them? And why does Anika become the victim Everytime? :/ This Daksh should be assassinated. Hope Daksh will be exposed within 7 days. Rikara scene was perfect.I think I am liking this new Shivika and Rikara in redux part more than the old ones.

      1. Sorry the comment is repeated cause the previous one was disappeared.

      2. No need to say sry yarr..
        Just want to kill Daksh……

    3. Oh Arpu what you said about Sunil identifying Gauri as Anika and Shivaay bashing him happens tomorrow I will give you a ? hug my dear. This will be a twist. So it will be different from what the old IB was shown.

      Arpu I loved the way you described the emotions of Anika and performing shrad to prove her Mum is dead. Wow how well you described those scenes and it was coming alive in my mind again.

  8. hello pkj
    today’s epi was jakkas
    shivika dance and rikara’s unique meeting ???
    i really want a husband like sso(sweet version)
    precap:bang this daksh’s back
    i hope there will be no mu between shivika

    1. Maggi..dear Cvs do what they want…and they end up doing something unexpected or something else which we don’t want…………
      Lets see…I am sure sime nightmare is coming for us…

  9. VINDY

    oh noooh,that evil dramebaaz daksh.i hate him i hate him to the moon and back.please shivaye don’t believe that nonsense!!!!!!!!!!
    You know how anika is,She can’t do something like that…………………….
    And after a long await rikara has met eachother……And shivika was performing fantabulously……………loved today’s episode a lot………..waiting besabrise❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hiii dear….
      Ye Daksh ka kuch karna padega…….don’t know what step.Sso is going to take…

    2. Vindy I don’t think Shivaay will believe him but Anika might prove Sunil wrong and that will be a slap on Daksh. Remember she challenged Daksh. She is strong willed about it.

      1. VINDY

        Ofcourse she will???

  10. Luthfa

    The destructive nature of a broken relationship had surpassed the limit in such way that it ended up hurting innocent lives to the extreme level and ruined their life even before starting.Shivaay and Anika had no fault of their own still became the victims of their parent’s so called mistake.At the age of learning how to walk holding the fingers of their parents,life compelled them to learn the hard ways of life.Their heart craved for the missing love in their life but couldn’t find it anywhere while defending those difficulties life were throwing at both of them,without showing a little bit mercy.There was no one to wipe out their tears,made them sleep singing lullabies,told them not to fear anything,to care for their smiles,happiness,pain and every possible thing parents are used to do for their children.As they were not lucky enough to have those.Here,sitting together,they opened up their heart to each other-how much they have suffered and still suffering.Now they are together,it seems that the agony of an alone life is going to end adding fresh new chapter in their story to move forward.Many more adventures would be awaiting to explore and achieving new heights forgetting all the bitter memories of past,to create new moments of happiness,with the help of each other.It’s time to embark on a completely new journey,to find the real meaning of life once again……………………………..

    1. Nice and perfect words Lu….
      Yeh excited for their journey and also….scared for upcoming….lets see.

    2. Well said Luthfa. Only Shivaay can give that emotional comfort that’s anika needs and vice versa. They both need each other so much that they can’t live with one another. They are inseparable. No matter how that author’s destiny brought them apart and away, true love is uniting them in different ways. Both of them did not plan the punch drink and both were ignorant what was inside except Omru and Daksh knew but look at what love destiny did. It united then together so they get drunk and pour their inner depth feelings for one another. No matter how sober a person is there is definitely some portions a person will remember what happened the night before and it will bring their adrenaline’s up.

      The manner you described their missing love which they were yearning elsewhere thinking that Tia and Nikhil respectively were the right ones proved wrong to them. Their missing love ? is right in front of them. Wow Luthfa you made me write more. Thanks so much. I feel so inspired always reading yours. I wish if given an opportunity I am able to sit near to you and have such a great discussion.

      Take my dear with lots of love to you❤️?

  11. Banita

    Well I can say today’s epi was one of the best epi in this redux…
    First Shivika’s talli part then Rikara’s cute part…????
    Today both expressed their untold feeling to eo… Both shared their secret , their pain….
    Narvi nailed that emotional part..?????
    That was really soo emotional yr… Meli jesi chotisi bacchi vi emotional ho gayi??????
    Pl koi nahi meli redux wali Shivay bhaiya Ko hug klna toh aagaya na..???
    Some parts nd dialogues I like in Shivika’s talli part,
    When Shivay complaint against Khannaji that he always come in between when he secretly watch Anika… That was Aaaaawwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! wali scene….??????????
    Shiv – kun ki main nahi chahta that tum Nikhil ki ring peheno tum meri ? peheno….
    Wooww!!! He almost told his feeling to her which is unknown to himself only….
    Shiv- Humari shaadi ho jaye….
    Yahi toh chahiye Hume… ????
    Redux Paani ????????? also done..
    But why they felt like they did it before also… Again same thing…?
    Shivika’s talli dance part… ??
    It was good ,but not like their first wala talli dance on “Khaike paan Banaras wala”… It’s one of my fav Shivika dance…???????
    After many days saw Shivika sleeping like this…???
    Rikara part,
    Finally got some cute redux Rikara scene….
    Bande ne itni baar puccha “Who r u” nd humari chiraiya ne sb bol dia , but apni naam nahi boli…
    But koi nahi Naam ke bahane we will get some more Rikara scene…???
    Gouri – Open hair soot u… This is what we said many times to my lambe Baal wali bhaiya… Hope from now we will get old wala open hair Om…???
    Precap –
    Daksh ke bacche????
    Doo choti wala gadha???
    I will just cut both of ur choti ?
    Just want this time Shivay believe Anika not Daksh nd that chasmis…??
    GN PKJ….

    1. Teri hope kaam aagayi…
      Comment post hogayi…….
      Ye tele Shivay bhaita ko hug kalna aagaya..tu party kal…….
      Look look
      ..koun choti bacchi bol rahi he…18 saal hogaye bani…saram kar saram..??????..
      Love you..???

    2. Yes banita I too loved that Banaras dance part. That is what I wrote when I mentioned what I liked about IB 2017. I don’t know why I still love that dance so much that of the old IB. It ha some colour and sends chills ip my spine each time I watch that on hotstar

  12. Riana

    AAJ RAPAT JAAYE TOH HUMME NAA UTHAIYO ?!!!!!!! ?????????????????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️????????????
    But after that….
    After an age Shivika spreaded water on each other and a MINI WATER POLLUTION !! ????????????❤️
    Tum mere kamre mein kar kya rahi…Ye aapka kamra hain !!!…Like serious babies… ??
    SAU CHUHE KHAAKE BILLI HAJ KO CHALI !!! ????????????????
    After that Omgggggggggggggggg meri zindagi ka sabse badaaaaaaaaaaaaaa surprise !!!…
    My RIKUUUUUUUUUUU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Just lovedddd Rikara’s first meet !!!…It was too awesomeeeeeee and hot !! ??????????
    Gauri – Aap baal khule rakhiye, khule baal mein zyaada acche lag te hain…
    Om – ?☺️☺️☺️
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ❤️
    Aisa rudy ko kamre se nikaal diya jaise….
    KABAB MEIN HADDI !!! ????
    Romance karne do unko…faltu mein interval bankar aagaya ?????
    Precap – YUCKKKKKKKKK…ye kya dikha diya ????… Isse accha toh DAKSH ka ITEM DANCE dikha dete vo bhi bikini mein !!!! ????????????????????????????????????

    1. Daksh ka Item dance that also bikni…?????????????????????????????… God…kahan se lati ho aise khayal..
      Towel tod…..????????????
      Suh chuhe khale bili Haj main..????..
      You are rocking dear….

    2. Riana hahhahahahahahaha.. Daksh’s item dance in bikini. It was funny.

  13. Riana

    My FAVOURITE EMOJIS – ????????

    1. Riana

      *DAY* ?

    2. No no your fev emoji is ???????????????????????????????????????

    3. Thanks Riana for the emojis for us. Yes all of us are loving the redux episodes and basking in it. It is simply so ishqbaazi

  14. dear friends…
    whole episode was good…
    but this 7 din khatam kab hogi…aur aab to uss chipdi daksh shivay ko manipulate kark annika ko ghar se nikal dia…I hope aab annika daksh aur tia ko expose kar de oberoy’s k samne…
    kuki mere kheal se iss daksh wala siyappa kuch jada chal raha hai…
    paar mujhe ek baat samaj nehi aya..agar shivay ne annika ko ghar se nikal dai to ratjaga function ki preparation kisne kya…
    kya iss ratjaga aur mehendi function iss week mai dekhaya jayega..???
    koi jante hai kya…??

    1. Shamrin dear….now Tia will help prinku to get ready for ratjaga and all that..
      But still I am confused what made Annika to leave house…..
      Don’t know what is upcoming.
      We have to see epispde……
      Lets see

    2. Sharmin don’t worry my dear. Anika will play her own game and turn the tables around to Daksh. She will do anything for the person she loves. She said that in a drunken state that when it comes to family there is no negotiation and Priyanka is like a Sister which means family.

  15. todays my birthday nd i really got rikara meeting so now i am super happy.loved shivikas dance n rikara were ????????????

    1. Happy birthday ?? lucky you ?

  16. Mimi ? Rikara meeeet !!

    My love after long time they meet ???? Hello pkj family how are u all ? Sorry I did not come I told u i will only come when Rikara scene come ?☹️.. So finally Gauri meet Om can’t express my feelings in words ???.. what a meeting ??.. I wishe they know each other’s name it will be perfect but let see what next in Rikara new love story ?.. Thanks Gulneet for making Rikara meet at last .. and i hope the show started doing balance for three story ???
    Guys yes I wrote off in wattpad I need ur support in my story if u have wattpad read it and tell me how was it.. I wrote in both languages
    English and Arabic read what u understand

  17. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode.. But i can’t satisfied with the rikara meet… Waiting for the next episode

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