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Ishqbaaz 17th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye throwing water on Anika’s face. Anika gets shocked seeing him there. He says this was the principal….. and walks to her. She looks at him. He throws remaining water on her and drops the glass. He says this was the interest. Shivaye says I m businessman and always settle scores, what happened, won’t you say anything. She says I have to meet Mr. Mukherjee. He says this is your problem, you want to meet small people, when Mukherjee’s boss is here, what’s the use to meet Mukherjee. She looks at him.

Ishana, the girl who fooled Rudra and did car deal, plays song and dances on Baby ko bass pasand hai…… She does research on Om, Rudra and Shivaye. Her dad asks why is she happy. Ishana says I did all research on Oberoi family. He asks her to start the show.

She tells about the eldest son Shivaye. Another girl says he will be right, he is eldest. Ishana says no, he is getting engaged and is very rude, its complicated, and this is youngest one, Rudra. Other girl says he is easy. Ishana says no, he changes four girls a day, this is my target, Omkara, he is an artist and selfmade crorepati, its tough to trap him but its not impossible, once he is trapped, he will be totally trapped, so he is final, be ready Omkara.

Anika asks is this your office, are you trustee of this office. Shivaye says yes, this is my office, I have bought this office and college. She says it means you got my contract rejected. Shivaye says you are much foolish than you look. She turns and thinks of her promise to Sahil. She says I deserve that tender. He says I will decide that.

Om travels in train, and that girl reaches him. She says there are many cars and he is travelling in train. She follows Om.

Anika says I quoted best price in my tender. Shivaye walks to her and says I will decide whats the price of everything, won’t you give speech on your self esteem, honesty and hardwork. She recalls his words. He asks what happened to your self respect today. She returns his money and says that day you have thrown money, Bua picked some of it, I was having this to return to you. He says and the award for best actor in Khuddaar role goes to Anika… what’s surname. She looks at him.

Ishana follows Om. Om looks at the sea and she records him. Anika says Shivaye Singh Oberoi…. I m helpless, that’s why I m silent, else you know I have a tongue too. He says attitude, what did you say in first meet, I told you I will break this attitude in three days, you said you are not one to be sold out, you will come to me and beg me for money, then I will tell you your price, get out. She cries seeing him and leaves.

Om sits somewhere and makes some drawing. Ishana hides her face and gives him tea. He pays some money. Ishana gets some call and says Om is very strange, but its fun. She gets glad and goes.

Its night, Shakti tells Pinky that they should not interfere in Tej and Jhanvi’s divorce. She says its about Shivaye’s future. He says don’t worry, he can make his future on his own. She asks why, if he can get readymade future, Shivaye follows all this, the other two guys are useless, but Tej is elder to you and will make Om the heir, if Roop wants to help me, what’s the harm. He says you don’t know Roop, she is my sister, I know her, Roop can’t be anyone’s friend, its better if you stay away from her. She says you have put me in big confusion, what shall I do now.

Sahil troubles Bua and ties her with rope. She asks him to leave her. Anika comes home. Bua asks her to see what Sahil did. Anika frees Bua. Bua says he is my real brother’s son, he gives me sorrow, he agrees to you, its enough. Anika says you won’t touch him, and asks Sahil not to treat Bua badly. She asks Bua to go to room. Sahil says my exams are coming, Bua is not letting me do homework. She sends him. She says how long will this go on, I want Sahil’s custody. She gets lawyer’s call. He says your petition is ready, meet me tomorrow and get 50000rs now, you just need to sign.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra take care of Jhanvi. Om serves her food. Jhanvi says I m glad, my three brothers take care of me so much. Shivaye asks three? Rudra asks why, am I not responsible. Shivaye adds chocolate syrup and asks her to go ahead. Jhanvi calls Shivaye a food artist. Rudra jokes. Tej comes asking where are servants, I have to rush for office. Jhanvi offers him her food plate. He says I will have food in office. She says you are getting late. Tej sits and eats. All of the three get shocked and puzzled seeing things fine between Jhanvi and Tej. Tej looks at them and asks what. They nod nothing and leave.

Rudra asks whats happening. Shivaye says relationships are complicated. Rudra says they look strange when they are not fighting. Om says I dreamt there. Shivaye says strange that we dream for small happiness. Tej likes food and says I want one more. Shivaye says sure.

Anika says I saved this money, will I surely get Sahil’s custody. Lawyer says don’t worry, come office and take papers in evening. She asks today evening. He says yes. She thanks him. The lawyer calls Shivaye and says I did as you said, I took money from her, now her case… Shivaye says I m not interested in knowing details, take money and leave. Om says what’s happening, you do your signature step when you have something in mind or you show style, you won’t show off style to anyone here, so… Shivaye says your IQ is getting less, as you are being with Rudra.

Anika complains on phone about Shivaye and calls him a mad blue eyed male cat/Billa. Shivaye hears her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Good episode. Calm Tej and Jhanvi. Waiting to see the tift between shivaay and anika.

  2. Uffff this Mother -Son ?

  3. Awesome 🙂

  4. Priya15

    Hii.. Tq so much for this fast update di.. I couldn’t watch tdy epi bcoz of my studies…

    Hey guys I said I l put dp of vrunal selfie.. I m trying but yeh toh error database dikha raha hai.. Sry guys.. Informed to tu.. Just hope to see their reply.. L try it again tmr nyt…
    Tab tak isse Kam chalao…

    Sbas seggy..

    Ishu is dancing on Cham Cham song.. Om comes there with her Bangle which she lost somewhere..

    Vo says.. Ishaana Omkara se pyar Karti hai.. Omkara usse milne Aaya hai uski Gangan lautane.. Shuru hone waala hai ek unique love story… Ek artist aur dancer Ka love story…

    Om gives her bangles to her.. She smiles and he left from there..

    Offscreen iv of vrunal…

    Kunal says.. Mei usse milne nahi uski Gangan Dene Aaya Tha.. Agar itni jaldi pyar ho jaayega toh trp kaise ayega.. They smile.. Believe me guys he looked damn awesome while smiling by blinking both the eyes.. Vrushy looked cute in pink chudi…

    Sbb seggy..

    Same as sbas but iv was different..


    Vrushy says I m trying to impress him but my plan failed.. He just gave me the bangles and left.. He doesn’t seem to be impressed..

    Kunal says I really loved her dance a lot in offscreen.. I wanted to like in onscreen too.. But unfortunately I can’t as its not in story line..

    I saw a pic where they look each other and smile during this iv.. If there is some other thing in this iv. Toh Mei dekhne ke baad batavungi..

    1. Khushi

      Thank u soo much Priya for telling the wu…can u plz share the link…??
      Actually I want to c their IV especially kunal??
      Plz share if u can

      1. Priya15

        Khushi sry yar I don’t know how to share link.. India forums ki page Mei hai… Pls share it here dear… I read ur os… It’s amazing … But didn’t cmnt there pls don’t mind dear.. Love it soo much….

  5. feel srorry for Anika…. I like her when she is arguing mood….

  6. Amrita

    Haha What’s going on between Om and Ishana ? Enjoyed their scenes.

  7. Nice episode. But I don’t like that fraud girl Ishana who is trying to trap Om for money. Ohh no. I don’t know why but that Ishana’s character is not touching heart. Waiting for Ridhima Om’s gf she should be cute nice girl who actually loves Om. Hope for lovely couple OmRidhima.

  8. OMG!shivay is so cruel!

    1. thank u sooo much

      1. sorry wrong msg

    2. He is Shradda! I hope he makes up for it when he realises he wad wrong.

  9. Sriranjani

    I love’s Shivayy’s Attitude??? after 3 days he will get 2 know about Anika’s helpless life. then Anika will not be helpless? only Shivayy will become restless?. and Omshana’s chemistry has started and waiting for Rudmya’s Chemistry. Please make the 3 pairs one soon and I definetly sure that Soumya will be Anika’s small? sister.???
    Hey God Please help Anika??? and don’t make this serial into a crap one…??
    ?(Black Cat)
    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Shivaay and Anika’s love-hate
    story has added misunderstandings in their lives. Shivaay is very much angry seeing
    Tej’s MMS has leaked on video which makes OM shattered. Shivayy can bear anything
    but he cannot see his brother OM in any sad condition. Shivaay finds out as a girl brought
    chip here and sold it to them. Shivaay feels that it was Anika’s deed and meets him angrily.
    Shivaay accuses Anika for selling his chip for money but Anika accuses for it. Shivaay and
    Anika argue over the chip but Shivaay believes that Anika tried to insult his family and now he
    will not leave her. Shivaay’s terror in Anika’s life Anika challenges Shivaay that he will not
    do anything of her but Shivaay tells her that nothing is impossible for her.
    Shivaay warns Anika that now she will show his real side that will never let her stay peacefully.
    How Anika handle Shivaay’s angry avatar?
    Shivaay’s brother OM’s life is going to enter in love world after entry of IShana in their life.
    Ishaana is a con woman who has taken money from OM be fooling him but OM does not see her face.
    OM feels some attraction and pain in her eyes but does not think about her more.
    Now, OM and Ishaana bump with each other again where Ishaana recognizes OM while OM feels that he has met her before too.
    OM and Ishaana are different from each other as OM has differences with his family while Ishaana loves his family a lot.
    Apart from OM’s love story, Shivaay and Anika has united with their revenge.Both Shivaay and Anika want
    not to see each other face but situation bring them together again and again.Challenges between Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta)
    and Anika (Surbhi Chandna)Shivaay misunderstands Anika for selling his chip for which his brother OM put his life in danger.
    Shivaay comes to Anika house and throws water on her which makes Anika shocked. Anika tries to say something
    but Shivaay tells her that now it is just started as she should to be habitual of this. Shivaay tells Anika that he
    will destroy her life so that she herself bends down in front of him. Anika challenges to Shivaay that she will never
    bend down in front of him and he can do whatever he wants.
    OM gets a bangle and reaches to dance academy returning it to the girl. Ishaana who a dancer is impressed seeing
    OM and likes his attitude and style. Ishaana dances happily on the song Nachu Main Aaj Cham
    Cham in front of OM.OM does not react much but sees her dance which makes Ishaana surprised.
    Ishaana falls in love with OM After ending dance, OM returns bangle to Ishaana and
    Ishaana gets mesmerized seeing OM’s style.
    Ishana falls in love with OM in first sight and decide to win OM’s love.It will be interesting
    watch a dancer Ishaana and Artist Omkara’s love story.

    1. Khushi

      Thanks a lot dear for the spoilers waiting for ishkara meet

    2. thank u dear

      1. Thank u sriranjani..

  10. I missed today’s episode
    But thx for the fast update
    Now the real story will start when Anika becomes helpless n shivaye will help her
    N rest is as usual like other stories
    First hatred n then strong love

  11. I feeling bad and also soon much of helpless feeling on Beechaari…..Anika… conditions sooo the reality of middle class people life….bcz they lead the hi-fi life like high class people and never put steps in to poor people life also….. They never want loose their self respect and also not possible to lead the life without a money…..its truly horrible ………I am feeling so sad abt Anika

    Oh……Om and Rudra u both off r able to save the life of Anika plz try to convince ur Brother Mr Shivay Singh Oberoi……..

  12. Gosh….idk ab kya hoga …omkara ishani scnes r strtd nw hlo us wth rudra n saumya too?….n this shivaye shud get it bck nicely frm anika too..high tme….though shivika pair I awsome?

  13. Loved janvi with her sons moments. I want to see more of her interacting with the boys. I also loved tez complementing shivs pancakes yummy I love pancakes with chocolate syrup I hehe.

    Om looked so peaceful as usual… I lI’ve his carefree laidback character. I love the way he was using public transportation ? and he got a pretty stalker with a cool dancing move hehe but I still want to meet tell filmmaker gf rdhima?

    Uff this shiv is very much going over board with Anika instead of using his resources to find how the video got leaked he is over consumed with her in is thought. Don’t worry Mr. Oboroi very soon u will be beggin Anika to be with u hehe heh.

    1. Yes excited to see Ridhima. I don’t like this fraud girl ishana. Selfish not at all honest. Ridhima should be nice cute girl whose whole world should be Om. OmRidhima should be perfect for each other. Kindhearted Ridhima I want to see. OmRidhima should be best couple. Not this ishana character men hi dum nahi.
      I think story would be like this ishana will try to woo om and om also will feel.some attraction for her. But when he will get to know her truth he will get shattered. But Ridhima will be with him. Afterwards he will become rude businessman and mentality strong happily married with Ridhima. Something like this. I want Om with Ridhima not with that fraud girl ishana. Somehow ishana character is not touching my heart.

  14. This show is very awesome I don’t know how ppl r still watching kkb…. this show should be number one… just a thought ☺

  15. Awesome and thanks Amena Di for the fast update

  16. Maddy_02

    Thanks for updating….I love it….It was awesome….omkara is so sweet and Rudra is cute…..but shivaay have too much of attitude but still I love all three….They are best…..I love there brother bonding… cool….Anika feeling sad for her…..but at last shivaay will feel bad so I am happy….I like sahil…..and tej and jhanvi waiting to see more….I loved it……I have many colleagues who liked this drama…..but me loved it ha….but if any one who is Rudra pairs then tell me because I don’t now…..????????????????????????????

    1. Rudra is paired with soumya aka neha laxmi iyer.

  17. who is riddima ??? today’s episode superb…what abt twinkle patel?? plz someone reply

  18. Yes I to hope that this serial top the trp chart ishqbaaz rocks . love this serial

  19. Guys somehow I feel that man is not the real father of ishaana.. maybe she is anika’s sis. .

    Shivay is more close to janvi than his mom pinky. Janvi is sweet and so is tej. .
    Precap is good.. The way anika was scolding Shivay unknowingly. . After 3 days he will feel guilty for what he has done. . That will be good to see. .

    Om and ishaana scenes were good. Waiting for her to dance in front of om. It was awesome.

  20. Cute episode!!! Ishkara scenes were cute….superb!!! Ishkara’s love story gonna start…waiting waiting…waiting for the unique love story…Artist and a dancer!! Om…so cool as usual..loved the natural expressions u give on-screen!! In love with Om…in love with ishkara!!

  21. Ishana is a moneysucker, lol

  22. soooprb soooprb spooorb….:-)
    I Loveeee sooooo much…. ishqbaaz…..
    shivaay and anika…. wat a cuteee cupple…..
    I m not missing ….. any episode…

  23. I dnt knw who will pair with om. Ishana or ridhima. Wainting for om and rudras love stories. But now im enjoying brothers bromance and shivaye and anikas love hate story. I knw shivaye is so much harsh but i dntknw why i really like his attitude very much. But i knw when he will fall for anika there will be a passionate lovestory. Im waiting for that but already shiv falled for anika but he doesn’t realised.

  24. sooprb…..episode I love shivaye acting. both shivay and anika was fab.i am crazy abut shivaye ,omkara and rudra.

  25. I m really enjoying this serial ….shivaye and anika story is too much thrilling ….I have also seen too many stories of this kind before ….but this story has a new charm….I have also seen after some time the rich families get poor…that is one of the bad part that I don’t like in Indian serials ….otherwise omkara is a nice obroy….the obroy with long hairs

  26. Anika feels dejected after she was treated harshly by Shivay. The tender she deserved should reach her,I hope And Shivay should realize about it. He should not take revange on poor orphan girl.
    I hope soon there will be some mutual understandings, and will love each other.
    Thanks Telly Update.

  27. in Shivaye Character.. Barun Shobti(Arnav Singh Raizada) will fit better… If the lead actors get change then this show might get interesting.. Change Shivaye…

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