Ishqbaaz 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I decided to marry Tia, you started all this, you have to attend this marriage, its imp, you will do all arrangements. Shivaye hears Mrs. Kapoor and Tia. Mrs. Kapoor gives a packet to Tia and asks her to not open it, I don’t want anyone to see it. She sees Shivaye in the mirror. Some time before, Shivaye says you are in my life because I…… She looks at him and asks what happened, why did you get silent, I lost memory, you remember everything, what should I understand by this silence, if you can’t answer me, I have to find answers myself, the answer is, I m nothing but a problem in your life, so I should leave from your life, so that you can marry Tia.

He says you decided I should marry Tia right. She says yes, if I m wrong, then tell me the reason. He says what’s

the use if you don’t remember. She asks don’t you want to answer. He says now I don’t find it necessary to answer. She says fine I got my answer. He asks are you sure you don’t remember anything, there is no feeling, its all blank, fine if I leave you and marry Tia, it won’t matter to you right, I will marry Tia, you asked me something for the first time, how can I refuse. He holds her face and hits his hand angrily. He asks it does not matter to you. She says doesn’t. He says we will see.

Everyone look at Shivaye and Anika. Pinky asks him to say. He says I decided, I will marry Tia. Mrs. Kapoor and Tia smile. Pinky asks really. Dadi asks what are you saying. He says even Anika wants this, she does not care if Tia and I marry. Pinky says atlast you agreed to me. He says you were right, when to keep this marriage, tomorrow.. She says no, this time we will keep your marriage grand way with all rituals, Tia will come as bahu, all functions will happen, let Jhanvi get fine, let Omru come back, call them. Anika takes her bag and starts leaving. He calls her out and asks where are you going.

He says you started all this, till this ends, you will stay here, this marriage is happening because of you, so you have to attend this marriage, its imp, you will do all arrangements of this marriage. Pinky asks why will you make this unlucky girl do such auspicious arrangements. He says I know what I m doing, she came here for my and Tia’s wedding, she can get us married now, of course she will do this happily, she does not care. Anika says yes, I don’t care. He says okay then, start the marriage arrangements. He goes. Mrs. Kapoor says Anika, I hope you will do arrangements with all your heart, afterall its your husband’s marriage.

Shwetlana calls Rumi and says its good news, you can congratulate Tia, Shivaye finally agreed to marry Tia. Rumi congratulates Tia. Shwetlana asks Tia what is she thinking. Tia says my marriage happened, but unfortunately he is not in this world now. Rumi says I know what you are feeling, you remember our vow to ruin Oberoi at any cost, don’t backout now. Shwetlana says even Rumi lost, but she is still determined, its our family fight, but Rumi is supporting us. She says thanks Rumi, you are not our sister, even then you are doing a lot, thanks a lot. Rumi says its my fight also, Shivaye and Anika are my enemies too, so I will totally help you to ruin Oberois.

Shivaye asks Anika where are you going. She says out, I can’t sleep here in this room. He says till marriage happens, you are my wife, you sleep here. She asks why. He says I don’t want you to sleepwalk and go to Tia’s room, anything can happen and marriage can get postponed. She says I won’t harm Tia even in sleep. He says if anything happens to you, I don’t want anything to happen to my wedding planner, sleep here, so that I can see you are fine, sleep on the bed. She asks why. He says because I m saying, just sleep on the bed, just do it Anika, where is my knife….She says don’t threaten, I know you will also use that knife against me. He says I did not know you could tell my plan to family, if you could surprise me, I can also surprise you, I can do anything if I get adamant, just go and sleep.

She sits on the bed. He throws his coat and accessories on the bed. He unbuttons his shirt. She asks what are you doing. He says I m changing clothes. She asks him to go to bathroom and change. He says what’s your problem, you don’t care right, so just chill. She says yes, but you should not change in front of me. He says fine, I will go out, I m going to meet my would be wife Tia, she has no issues. Sbe says it does not look good. He asks why are you overreacting, you don’t care or do you care? She says no. He says fine and goes.

He reaches the pool side and hits his hand to the tree angrily. He buttons his shirt. Its morning, Shivaye goes to Dadi. Dadi gets annoyed and says I don’t want to hear any explanation, what you did, there is nothing to say or listen, you have not just made fun of emotions, but also made joke of my and Dada ji’s trust, you were our pride, we used to say Shivaye will make everything right, if you are doing wrong, who will make it right. He says listen to me. She asks him to explain to Omru, who are hurt by your decision. She calls Omru and asks them to explain them that we are not happy and will not be part of his marriage. Shivaye says I know my brothers will never go against my decision, they will support me. Dadi asks them to tell Shivaye what’s Anika for him. Om says Dadi’s anger is right, but I trust Shivaye’s decision.

Rudra says let Shivaye do it, he will make everything fine. Dadi says I will not let him do this. Shivaye says my decision won’t change. Dadi says do anything, but my blessing won’t be there. Om asks what’s happening. Shivaye says I know what I m doing. Rudra says Dadi is angry. Shivaye says I will make everything fine, I will talk later. He feels sorry to break promise, but I want that Daima’s video else Mrs. Kapoor will threaten me, maybe she told something to Tia, I will try to know. Shivaye hears Mrs. Kapoor and Tia. Mrs. Kapoor gives a packet to Tia and asks her to not open it, I don’t want anyone to see it. She sees Shivaye in the mirror. She says Shivaye you here…..

Shivaye says Tia whatever happened, will you forget that and marry me. Tia says ya of course. Anika gives ring to Shivaye. Shivaye says give me your hand. Anika forwards her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys..!!
    You are giving me heart attack saying Soumya is the third Kapoor.
    So that means now RoTiLana is SoTiLana (100 times Tilana ???) and Soumya too had a ‘blunderful’ story till now. God..!!

    But she was a Tendulkar, Dadis friends granddaughter n who speaks in Marathi to somebody on phone. What about her deceased brother ?? Why was she selflessly supporting Annika ?? Lot of questions. I donno how CVs ll cover up all this, btw when ve they done that in the past ?? So it’s going to b the same this time too.

    But if Soumya is negative, that explains why she dropped Tias phone in the pool which I thot was an accident then. Like once Mouni said Kapoors ve been planning against Oberois for a very long time, so they are expected to b this equipped. May b Soumya was plan b of Kapoors incase this fails, rather she might b their Trump card. That means Kapoors can bounce back in future coz they ve a strong base like Soumya inside the house. Nobody in the family ll suspect her also.
    OK let’s see what is in store. It may be intresting, who knows. I remember Leenesh saying that Soumyas role in DBO has some mystery.

    1. MAKERS have always a varied choice. Few months back when I named SOUMYA, ANNIKA, DADI etc as supects, many were screamed loud out in TU.

      But need not to jump over any conclusion. To speculate anything is just like the blind game in cards , some times it hit the target, sometimes not.

      Makers conveniently forget everything, and serve us anything , without caring our digesting ability . They may also fix the DADI as main culprit after shown some FB and proving this DADI as CONE DADI(DUPLICATE)

      I would like to serve you a DISH to think over!

      We are having with ANNIKA since first epi, that is without any SURNAME, can she be 3rd KAPOOR? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      My answer is YES!!!, SHE CAN BE!!!

      1. Annika Kapoor…!!????
        Shekhar, plz don’t give me such shocks..!! Hope CVs won’t take such a drastic step.

      2. Annika as d third sis of tilana hmm actually wat i think it would be an intrestng twist to watch something new will get added to d storyline 😉 😉
        Anyways nothing lyk this will happen n we hv to bear d same old concept tat all gud people r on one side n d villains in another team luks lyk they r playing a team sport….

    2. Sumi.SS

      Dear frm today hijack track wl start in I thnk wth in few days we wl know abt soumya negatve char…I am hoping she is not frm kapoor fmly..By lee Iv somewhat related to kapoors…
      In 2day India forums segment reporter said shivaay deleted the video frm kapoor mob.aftr tia and her mom searchng their mob. ..romi came and gave their mob to mrs. Kapoor’s hand..then she leaves..but romi in a diff look face was coverd..
      We were expected a diff track but here diff high voltage drama was gng on….

  2. Her reaction while leaving OM after SSO declared to marry TIA was beginning, her saying , don’t threaten me, I know you never use knife over me, is confirmation and when she reacted after hiding her face behind cushion over his shading the wearing is the stamping of her drama.

    It was THE END of her drama at least for SHIVAAY.

    After pouring all his feelings, when he found her saying, IT DOES NOT MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE , it was a blow over his new born feelings. He feeled , everything has been slipped out from his life. After crossing and overcoming many ups and downs, what he got, all has been sucked by the words spoken out from the mouth of that gal. He was feelings, all the support system of his life has been removed from around and there remains nothing now . He found his all effort to grow up his new born feelings, which he never allowed even to peep out, went in vain. He was become all alone among heartless people around.

    When she again repeated her saying amid family, his last of hope turned in anger, depression and weird reaction. Ordering her to make start preparation of wedding, pointing at his hurted heart just leave .
    -to be coninue

    1. “If you lost something, than ROMI has also lost, even though she is fighting with us.”
      This cearly shows, loss of TIA is the loss of ROMI from which we may presume ROMI and ROBIN are being siblings.

      As predicted before, THE PONE WHICH WAS REFERRED BY SSO TO SWET, may be ROMI!

      From going through recents VCs of IB, It is clear, both SSO and ANNIKA are upto something which will end the VAMP TRACK .

      No doubts, atlast, it is SHIVIKA, not SHITIA, to take place.

  3. I cant believe that Romi is not a Kapoor. Everyone is speculating that Soumya might be the third Kapoor sister. But she is just so sweet. Hate for her to turn negative. What if the third Kapoor sister wasn’t Soumya but instead Omkara’s ex Riddhimma.

  4. my question here is were is anika parents

  5. i read somewhere that robin is alive and he will come on the wedding day of tia shivay and tia will be exposed he will bought there by anika is that true

  6. Mouni

    ughhh those spoilers again , am sure by now they finished shooting the wedding scenes but all they are showing us are shitia in a swing AND sso trying to make anika jealous , come on we saw that for 2 days , there must be something they kept as surprise , ok am desperate and am starting to think there is no plan from anika’s side and sso will be the one to save the day
    it seems someone anonymous will call sso in the middle of the celebration and tells him something , maybe robin ?? let’s hope this mess will be over

    1. Mouni

      also when prinku posted a pic wearing that big white pink dress and sso with her , for me it seemed the celebration was about her not shitia’s wedding , and nakul’s insta showed quick scene with him looking at anika INTENTLY and petals of roses falling around them
      so guys does it mean that priveer track is on now ?? and finally shitia is over ??

      1. Sumi.SS

        Dear no priveer track..I thnk shita mehandi fuctn…subha only lookng so cute…In all spoilers they r showng shivaay plans wth romi fr Mrs.kapoor…and makng Annika jealous…nthng abt tia…Annika smply standng and chnging frm corner to corner…who wl bring dushyanth to OM?

      2. Mouni

        true sumi , l saw the videos ughhhhh
        sso seems to colaborate with rumi against mrs kapoor which is good

  7. “WHERE IS MY KNIFE ???? !!!!! ”

    I laughed at his this act! How calm he was at that time?, and how much he seems loving at that time !!!!! No one imagine, the man who was so frustrated and so heartbroken just before few minuites back, how he react like this?

    It was not that he shows this ATTITUDE first time, but at this time, and in this situation, it all seems me so dramatic and so conclusive. He was all broken few minuites back, but than after gathering himself , before FEELINGS kill him, he killed SHIVAAY ,knowing only SSO can work now, he buried that SHIVAAY at deep , and SSO took hold of the situation in which he was fixed now.

    He knows, what he has to do now, no confusion, no misunderstanding now, everything got cleared in front of his eyes, and he is the only one who has clear vision now.

    This version of SSO, RUDE, STUBBORN, CRUEL is the entity to get enjoy with his flawless attitude. The way he walk with attitude is the moment to enjoy. You just can not argue, can not raise objection, just you have to follow it, what he said and asked for, as PINKY and even TEJ too does it. Strangely , few of them are enjoying instead of complaining as MISHRA does, because he has full trust over him, what ever he is doing, never can be wrong.

    The version SHIVAAY seems so vulnerable , soft, cute and submissive. All the characterstics of SHIVAAY are the disability of SSO. SHIVAAY just can not survive, he just can not make out anything which SSO could have been . SHIVAAY is the entity limited to ANNIKA, glimpse of which has been got by many at different times and place. SHIVAAY is not bearable by her MOM, and SSO is acceptable by all except ANNIKA. SHIVAAY is the advance version of that SSO which he used to be with his family, bet that SSO at home could not stand against the challange of ANNIKA at any place , any time. To have her, ONLY SHIVAAY is the solution. You can insult her, hurt her , but just can not make her to walk along with you being SSO. You have to become SHIVAAY, have to leave all your attitude, and that is at your will, because she never used to force any one to be SHIVAAY………

    to be continue

    1. Mouni

      you are right shekhar , sso is accepted by everyone but anika and shivay is only limited to anika , he cant be like that even with his bros

    2. please read my next comment in continuation of this which was commented in different head.

  8. arey yar you guys are explaining th episode very clearly but i dont know y but i feel bad for sso and want to cry by seeing him and their expression are so powerful it made me feel very bad for them and so impressed and I LOVE IB AND I LOVE SHIVIKA and tell me something is sowmya one of the kapoor sisters i thinks so and shivika are awesome so so so lovely yar pls dont take me wrong if i say something wrong

    1. There is nothing logical in any ways, and they can project any female character as KAPOOR , may be SOUMYA, ANNIKA or any other random girl. They can prove anything because the have INHERENT POWER to do, twist anything randomly, because they them self had become RANDOM for we viewers. So not get indulge with WHO IS WHO. May be DADI herself going to be THE KAPOOR at first place, and then might have wear OBEROI few year backs.

      Some days before, as no any female available, and ROMI was free. they declared ROMI as kapoor, but now real 3rd KAPOOR get free, the made romi free from KAPOOR’s clutch and now she is working as ROBIN SISTER.

      ROMI is the JACK, sometimes she is KAPOOR, some times some RANDOM! so cheers and enjoy serial IB, but do not jump over to DBO after having some what HIGH EXPECTATION from IB, because DBO has not attained that level of high expectation, we may get depress>

    2. For your reference

      One guy was working as MEDIA PHOTO GRAPHER during SHITIYA RECEPTION, and few days back , as same guy was seeking money, makers hired him as GOON to fight with ACP during PRIYANKA MMS scandal. We may see that same guy as COMMISSIONER OF POLICE, if maker find him unemployed again at low price !!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. Hellooo guyz…..Shekhar i didnt watched yesterday episode bcz im out of station…..but serioselyyar reading ur comments….ohhh my matha….what happend to u today man….im just vibrating reading ur comments….seriosely anika kapoor…dadi as evil….its like to in one….joke and shock both is available in ur comment….and what u wrote about shivaye….perefect….i loved it….im loving sso more reading ur analysis….
        Sumi lax archu anu shekhar….hiii and byyy guyz…i will be back monday….tc guyz

      2. OMG…lyk really???? Having good observation skills is imp..but man kya observer ho aap 🙂 ..hats off ..again 🙂 🙂

        So Mr Busy Bee z actually free.. 🙂 Thats nice….Sooo many comments and perfect analysis.. as usual …
        He z wonder and she z magic….Perfect line
        Anika Kapoor..and Con Dadi.. really???? Hahaha Stop imagining Bhratashree 😛 🙂

        And asked makers to hire me, Im also unemployed 🙁

    3. Hey Shabs..!!
      Take care..!! Have fun..!!

  9. …She is as stubborn as SSO alongwith soft by heart and can go at any far extent to make you believe her. She has varied arrayes and can make you having them, but all on her condition, and no body can expect which array she will use and when. that is what SSO experienced all the time in SHIVIKA moments. She never seems to force SSO, but certainly she does mean it, that is what her individual ability to make you bow down in her own way and style. She can be with you with out affecting you, and can be away affecting you in all the possible way, that is what the major complaint of SSO. She may have a CRYING face with all her rude words behind it. She can pamper you while pinching your heart with her knife edged words, and eventhough not allow you to complaint about!


    THAT IS WHAT SHIVIKA we enjoy,

    with all the nonsense of MAKERS and CVS, eventhough we it is bearable!!

  10. and i want to tell that i am enjoying this serial like i enjoy korean series love IB very much if the go on some bored track also i will watch it its simply amazing and i 1st indian series also LOVE IB

  11. and i want to tell that i am enjoying this serial like i enjoy korean series love IB very much if the go on some bored track also i will watch it its simply amazing and i 1st indian series also LOVE IB GUYS JUST ENJOY IT i dont know what is the next step but i will enjoy it fully

  12. Specialty of IB, unexpected/unwanted twist, now this Romi’s secret..

  13. Either Soumya is the 3rd sis, or Sara Khan…

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