Ishqbaaz 17th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 17th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says you broke my trust, you have spent a night with Daksh, and took a good price for it, 15 lakhs Anika. Daksh catches Anika and shows his face by removing mask. Anika gets shocked. Sometime before, Anika says why don’t you understand, Tia is lying to you, trust me. He says if I have to trust between you and Anika, I would trust Tia, always. She asks him to see what Tia is doing. He says thanks to you, I don’t do one mistake twice, one girl broke trust once, I will not give chance to break trust again. She asks are you saying about me. He says you do good acting of goodness, if I did not know your truth, I would have believed you are an innocent good girl, I know your truth. She asks what truth, please tell me.

He recalls Daksh’s words and says forget it. She holds his hand and

stops him. She says you have to tell me today, you always taunt me that I lied to you, I cheated you, please tell me. He says you did not get shame to do, I m getting shame to say, I will not waste time. She says you have to get time for me, I will hear it from you, what did I do Shivaye, tell me. He says you broke my trust Anika. He makes her hand away. He says who are you to point finger at Tia, when you are a fallen characterless girl. She looks at him. He says don’t know what have you done under this roof. She asks what’s my crime, please tell me Shivaye. He says you have spent a night with Daksh in my house, under this roof, you slept with him. She gets shocked.

She cries and says you really think so. He says don’t you dare to pretend now, I know you have fallen a lot. She asks you think I can do this. He says you have done this, you have spent the night and took a good price for it, 15 lakhs Anika. He claps and says well done, its much for middle class girl, you are very costly. She says Shivaye and raises hand. He holds her hand and says not again.

She says you have told me a lot till now, you did a lot with me, I never broke down, but today whatever you said, you have broken me down, you snatched my life, just respect was left, it sold out today, I have died. He leaves her hand and says stop drama, I have seen your truth by my eyes, I always said everything has a price, I had hope you will prove me wrong, but I was right, I did not think my heart will hurt on being proved right, you are a fallen manipulative gold digger, like kept in market, who can be bought for money for a night, like Daksh bought, this is your truth, that’s why I hate …….. He holds her face and pushes her. He says I hate your face, your thought and leaves. She cries. O jaana…..plays………..

Tia sees Robin and cries. She recalls her mum’s words. Her mum says its good Robin died, you can concentrate on Shivaye now. Tia cries and says I will always love you, I can never forget you. She recalls Robin. She lights Robin’s funeral. She says your death is not accident, its murder, the reason is Anika, if she did not follow me, this would have not happened, I promise you Robin, like you got away from me, I will make Shivaye away from her, I will destroy her.

Anika is at her home and cries recalling Shivaye’s words. Lights go. She gets scared. The door opens. Daksh holds her feet and makes her fall. He comes close and removes the mask. She gets shocked seeing Daksh. She recalls the attack and his words. He says Daksh is back, we meet again. He holds her hair. She says you did that attack on me, that threatening on phone, you did that, leave me. He nods and says I did not know you are a fool, when you did not accept proposal, attacks happened, when you accepted proposal, attacks stopped. She asks why did you do this. He says you did not leave an option for me, I loved you a lot, but you did not see me, my eyes were on you, your eyes were on Shivaye, its wrong, right? So I thought to play this game, scare you so that you come close to me, but you went to Shivaye’s arms, ring mine and married Shivaye, that’s not good Anika. She asks how did you know of my marriage.

He says my eyes are on you all 24 hours, this doll is my friend, say hi, see this, its my eyes, it has camera fitted, whatever you do here, whatever happens in this house, I get to know everything. FB shows Daksh seeing Anika removing the jewelry. He gets angry. FB ends. He throws the doll. She cries.

Shivaye says whats wrong with me, I know Anika did wrong, she lied to me, she cheated me, but why am I feeling bad, she cried and my heart is aching, I have to handle myself. Daksh says you should have not married Shivaye, you are my fiancee right. She cries. He asks did you remove my given engagement ring, our love sign. She says that ring…. He says Anika you really hurt me. He pulls her hair. She screams and cries. He says you will get punished for this. He drags her. Her phone falls down. She sees her phone.

Sahil comes to Shivaye. He says Anika is not at home, no one knows where she went. Shivaye says she will be around. Sahil says she never goes out without telling me. Shivaye asks what shall I do, if you are worried, call her. He goes. Sahil calls Anika. Anika sees the call. Daksh steps on phone and breaks it. Anika gets angry and slaps Daksh. Daksh rages and stares at her.

Anika comes to Oberoi house running. Daksh catches her and takes her away. Shivaye turns and does not see her. Shivaye asks Soumya how did you know Anika is in Daksh’s room, that day when she said of sending tea to Anika in Daksh’s room. She says I knew as I was with her. He asks all night. She says yes. He gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mouni

    wow just saw a video in insta where shivaye confronts daksh and anika is in water cylinder as daksh teying to drown her omg
    sso was beating him badly and trying to save anika by breaking the glass
    waaaaaaa cant waittttttttt , l hate sunday’s

  2. Saw videos of kidnapping sequence. Really excited to see the track on screen. Salute to the actress, SurbhiC. It’s said in the video that she was in water for almost 3 hrs for shooting that sequence. Hats off to your dedication SurbhiC. We love u. Keep up your good work.

  3. beautiful epi hey shall I join ishqbaazins

    1. Shiv

      Welcome to ishqbaaz family!!!??

    2. Welcome shivika…keep commenting

    3. Mouni

      welcome shivika dear

    4. Welcome dear…nd keep commenting…short intro plzzzz…

  4. The all time mystery question?


    Please think , and answer with reasons there of!

    1. Shiv

      No never even if tia get exposed before marriage he will marry a girl with khoon khandani!!!! Great Wall of khoon khandani of him had to be shattered by any reason to accept his love for anika nothing big like that happnd before marriage so obviously he will go for tia or any khoon khandani full girl!!! For him to accept anika he need a reason with brutal force to smash his ego wall which is happening now n so much to come in future tooo

    2. Mouni

      his marriage does not have a direct connection with the ONS MU but his behavour with her is related to that
      maybe he will force her to marry but not with that intence harshness , he will not be rude with her you can sheck the new videos shekhar and see how much he looked different with her after the kidnapping bcz the main source of his rudness was that ONS MU and now tia will have no more impact on him and she will have to use other ways to get him like blackmailing and threats

    3. Hi, Shekhar!

      You mean in situation when Tia elope?
      Or in general?

      1. in general

    4. Good question Shekhar….I think Shivaye didn’t marry Anika to take revenge on her for the ONS MU….as we see he has said in his justification Anika was responsible when the other girl decided that she will not do contract marriage….so when Shivaye was left out with no option he married Anika….this is what I feel….
      But still, somewhere he had this thought that he would give money to Anika as he had told Dadi the next day….this words were completely based on the ONS MU…..

      But its hard to tell what if the ONS MU didn’t exist…..because Tia had already made him feel that Anika is obsessed with him……either left out with no option he would have married her blackmailing her……but the torture level might have been less….especially when he comes to know about Sahil he would have died of repentance….things would have changed….but not sure how!!

    5. i wrote both in separate comment below

    6. Shekhar sso preponed his marriage with tia bcz of this ons mu..if this ons mu is not exist he should not married neither tia or anika…if this ons mu is not exist this sso would postponed his marriage
      And if marriage takes place tooo he would not behaved this much harsh with anika…yaaa he may got married forcefully with anika but he will regreted for his doings….and some how he will be happy with this marriage with anika if this ons mu is not exist

      1. I agree Shahabana. If ONS MU wasn’t there, it was really very hard for him to marry Tia. Even with ONS MU, he was finding it hard to get married to Tia. Remember how was recollecting all memories with Anika and then when finally he remembered about ONS, he was able to go to Tia’s room. First of all he would not have pre poned his marriage and then it would have been too difficult for him and may have post phoned or cancelled at the last minute for some reason.

  5. In situation when Tia elope:
    Well, maybe, if they were friends he potentially could persuade her to do it to save OF from disgrace. She spoiled her reputation for him in front of everyone, so there was high probability she could do it to save her beloved SSO.

    In general:
    No, i dont think so. His KKN ideology was always too strong. Though she is an angel for OF and aspecially for SSO sent to save his heart and bring his soul back from darkness, for the moment of their marriage (and even now) he is not ready yet to admit his feelings and tell himself that he wants to be with her.

    1. his is an answer to Shekhar question

      1. ye, seen

  6. Hello dear friends!

    I wonder, if ONS MU is going to be cleared and Anika is innosent, will Shivay start to trust her about Tia?

    He told he can not trust her because she lied and betrayed him, but if this accusations are wrong, will he start to think Anika was always telling the truth about Tia? Will he check Tia’s past?

    1. Mouni

      mmmm its hard to tell
      even before the ONS MU he did not believe her about tia so its hard to say if he will start to doubt tia now
      some spoiler said anika will be in jail for robin death ?? what ??? its not logical because it was an accident and anika didn’t even see him + she was with omru all that time also l saw no police or investigation in the hotel and tia already did the rituals so no body but l think she may want revenge by making sso divorce anika and marry him instead

      1. Let ONS MU clearance aside, but after kidnapping of ANNIKA by DAKSH, if SHIVAAY is intelegent then soon will come to know, DAKSH is a stalker in first attack on ANNIKA, then why TIA said, DAKSH was all the time with him in DISCO CLUB and left him at OM in her car during first attack?

        I hope, CV may allow SSO to use his own sense rathar to dance on their clap!!!!

    2. We cant say anything about this sso clearely bcz he is very comfusing soul dasha…if he has a brain he would already doubted on tia but he is not..he behaves like his brain is lost somewhere

  7. Mouni

    guyyyys check this out

    the old anika is backkkkk poor sso looool

    1. NIce, looks like she is going to look for new work to be independent 🙂 I don’t understand hindi, so can just guess what they are speaking about.

      1. Hey Dasha you said you don’t understand Hindi so are you an English? You have said she is going to look for new work but its not true.

      2. Mouni

        me too l dont understand lol , am hoping for a kind ishquis to tell us
        same for me , l think will go searching for work , good but he still have traces of his ego and l love how she is ignoring him

      3. Nafisa, perhaps, you can be so kind and translate what they say? :)) Mouni and I, we don’t understand and we have to wait until translation into our languages :))

      4. Sorry Dasha comment so late I will help you and mouni to understand what they are saying

  8. Now it is cleared that ONS MU is being cleared out by SSO. As seen in precap, SSO confirmed it from SOUMYA, and that is after ANNIKA has been kidnapped. It clearly shows, he may get leads for ONS MU clearence either from DADI during the cheque of 15 lacs fees for SAHIL previous admission rcvd from old school or his convo with his father SHAKTI who helped that loan to get passed in bank. And thinking over it, he get doubt over DAKSH statement and rushes to soumya to confirm the reason of ANNIKA’s stay in OM at that night.
    DUSHYANT is dead now, and after rescuing ANNIKA from DAKSH’s kidnapping, he will come to know about DAKSH is the stalker of ANNIKA, and he will start to doubt over TIA who witnessed DAKSH was all the time with her in DISCO club during first attack over ANNIKA.
    Though I see many, many loop hole in first attack, but makers used to these loop hole left as it is for their conveniency. Any how, after ONS clearence, TIA may get feel SSO’s avoidance towards her, and furious TIA then may decide to DO OR DIE decission to make SHIVIKA life like hell!
    But I think, absconding of DUSHYANT may attract the attention of police and TIA’s truth may come in front of SSO.

    TIA’s truth is turning point !

    TIA’s truth will break and shattered the SSO
    yes, that truth render a new direction to SHIVIKA!!!!!!!!


    1. What about Mallika bangles !???whyanika is having that

      1. Mallika gave her bangles to anika asked her to wher that bangles when she will get her true love and life partner

      2. MALLIKA’s gifted her bangles to ANNIKA on the last day of her stay before leaving OM asking to wear it when you get your real LOVE!

      3. That bangles are the HAPPY END OF SHIVIKA STORY!!!!!

    2. Mouni

      yes shekhar , l feel tomorrow ep will only see anika getting kidnapped and sso finding the truth but l thaught he finds the truth before anika comes running in OM , it may take till wedensday ep to find and save her
      as for tia l think from now on her relationship with sso is over ( from his side ) and she will be forced to use other methodes to get him back like blackmail and threats

    3. read ” AREN’T ‘ as ” ARE “

    4. Yes shekhar there are so many clues in which sso can easily figurout that actually tia is a big game planner but this cvs wont make like this they likes to show leads as stupids and fools and villians as smart…i hope this cvs will prove me wrong

    5. Shiv

      Oh ok!! Thank u all for explaining it!!!

  9. Episode was really very gud..
    Daksh’ s acting as stalker nd psycho was superb…finally shivaye spoked what in his mind..nd mu will b cleared tomorrow…..really fed up of this drama now she is blaming anika for her mistake…yack…already there r two psycho in show nd here comes third one the TIA KAPOOR..

    Hello everyone…hw’s u all??…

    @VEDA di, SHAMA di,SUMI di, RAZNA di,MUKTA.. where r u all…???plz comment….

    1. Hellooo sakshi
      Im fn and how r u saku
      Yaa many ishqees are missing..missing all my cute ishqees plsss come back guyz
      Yaaa i too happy bcz finally this ons mu is cleared..and i too fedup of this tia drama..i hope this gk wont make this tia has anothrer qubool hai they always killed leads and made thanveer win..hope this time they wont drag this tia crap more…if they show more this tia i cnt bear this..they where simply vasting screen space on that tia drama..hope all this drama ends soon
      I dntknow when they are introducing oms lead..rather than giving more important to tia they should progress shivika rumya story and should bring oms lead soon

      1. TIA has lost his LOVING HUSBAND, and now she had nothing to lose. Injured tigress iwill become more dangerous than ever before!!!

      2. Yaa shabu di….u r right I m also thinking same…lets hope they don’t make her as tanveer….if this happen so I will go in troma?…nd yaa now they should focus on rumya too yaar..they r not showing even a single rumya scene I m missing their funny fights very badly….nd about om’ s lead I think she will enter soon as gk promised she hv to fullfil her promise…as she does of shivika wedding…but now I m really tried of this waiting…fingers crossed…??

      3. @shekhar bhai…
        U r right tia is injured tigress nd now she will go to any extent to take her revenge…nd will become more smarter coz now she don’t hv any weakness as her weakness was only robin her love who is no more….so guys b ready to see more drama in OM…

    2. Ya your are right Sakshii another psycho in the drama hehehe.???

  10. @VEDA di…where r u???…plz come back yaar di…i m missing u so much…wht happened ???…plzzzz come back…

    @shama di…u r also not commenting…plz come back yaar…

    @SUMI di…where r u???

    1. Sumi.SS

      Hiiii saku..I am fne Dr..hw r u??what abt ur exams???
      Ohhh ncccceeeee dp…crazy fans of omkara @saku dr @veda di
      Tysm dr ???fr rembrng me..
      Dr Nw a days i am cmpltly addicted to ishqbaaz..opend insta acc to knw abt ishqbaaz last week I used hotstar premium also..can’t wait fr 10 o i watchd epi at 5:50or 6pm..but I nvr missd to watch at brdcast tym also..

      1. I m not fine di…suffering from cold again…nd I hv completed my exams as it was unit test so it don’t last for long time….wht about it exams???did u finished it…
        Nd thanks dear??..i m glad dat u liked my dp…but see naa di…my crazy partner(Veda di) is missing…dont no where is she..i m missing her baadlyy?????..
        Nd no need to say thanks for remembering u…hw can I forget u ..
        haan…dont say this again…
        Same pinch me too addicted to IB…
        Ishqbaaz Rocks…Ishqies Rocks..?

    2. Sumi.SS

      Take care Dr..yeah superbbb yarrr..I am also misng her lotttt.I thnk she wl busy wth her wrk..backkkk sooon diiii..yeah saku..already I read this here frm smeone cmnt DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ..

  11. Sumi.SS

    Guyzzz..raitha phegal gaya..<- tried my best..Tia is back Guyzzz.funny promo was upladed by gul..Tia sayng she is prgnt and said that is shivay baby..FHAT THE WUCK

    1. Sumi.SS

      Sry gul mam..i just mad aftr watching that video..Guyzzz must watch if I get this link surly I wl send.shivay spekng anika language and anika speakng englsh..and both of them sayng fhat the wuck at same tym..check gul mam insta I’ was mindblwng..amazing..vryy funny.shivika looking soooo cuteeee?????????

    2. It’s just a fun video rite?? Has it anything to do with the original track ??

      1. Sumi.SS

        Dnt knw lax…but we knw tia wl return wth evil it pregnancy drama or not???
        But whatevr I hope mam wl nver drag tia char so long……..hope fr the best.

      2. Sumi.SS

        Telecasted in chnl also it’s true..fingr crsed.

  12. Hi…..

  13. I hope the funny insta promo which GK has uploaded just now should not be the continuation of the story but the exchange of roles is hilarious

      1. Fhat the wuck? Anika will continue to stay in OM after the kidnap….not happening!! I thought she will move to her house….if Shivaye is going to apologise to her or pretend to apologise to her I want Anika to slap him on his face (the second slap is pending) and leave OM…. I want to see Shivaye follow her whereever she goes….and literally pleading for forgiveness for all that he has done to her in front of family/public/media….

        Now, when Anika has proved that Shivaye’s thinking about middle-class girls were baseless, it’s time for him to bring out his lighter shades which is unknown even to the family members!! That will be a feast to watch….

      2. As gul has only two location for shooting, OM and SAHIL’s small house. She has her own constraint within which has to complete the IB serial, sho we are compell to see many unusual attitude from all ACTORS / ACTRESS. Get kicked from SSO or any OF member, but you have to stay in OM only!!!!!

        ha ha ha …………….
        Oberoy family is the richest family of country, but GUL KHAN MAM is not!!!

        Before making any speculation , keep this GUL’s constraint in front of your eys!!!!

  14. HI all i m new there tnx a lot from morroco u have made my day by writting the review and all the comments are too gd keep commenting

  15. Hey guys promo was real pregency track on the way promo was telecasted in tv I hope they won’t drag

  16. kya yaar orr koi story nai hai unke pass . jo dekhte aa rahe hai vahi sab dikha rahe hai . pregnancy drama …….soo boooring. kuch naya dekhao. ishqbaaz achha show hai plz plz ye borring story dekha k kharab mat karo . plz plz

  17. Happy that Tia is exposed in front of Shivay, but so sad that IB is going for that same old, clichéd sauten’s pregnancy track. Hope it won’t b a lengthy track like Kumkumbhagya and Tia ll b exposed asap. I also ve a feeling that they won’t drag the track n probably once Tia is exposed, they may concentrate on Om’s story

    1. wow tia is exposed when and how?

      1. Mouni..!! That’s wat I got from the promo. Shivay is kinda shocked when Tia’s says she is pregnant. So Shivay can make out that Tia was cheating him rite?? Or is there something else??

    2. Tia exposed????…where u saw these news…plz cn u share link…

      1. Sakshii..!! Check this link, Gul has shared a funny promo of the upcoming track.

        The same video is shown by the channel eliminating the fun elements.
        So when Tia says she is pregnant with Shivay’s child, n if SSO is not shown anymore dumb, then ya Shivay kind of got to know Tia’s real colour. That’s wat I made out from the promo.

    3. Sumi.SS

      Yeah crct lax…I thnk this track was fully depends upon whtevr the stupidity things did by shivay infrnt of media..accptng tia as his wyf instd of anika..he is gng to repay fr humilatng anika..
      But evryone wl knw that’s not shivay baby they can’t do anythng..Tia wl cntrol all ovr the fmly..
      How they r gng to slve this..dhushyath also no intrstng..
      I dnt thnk it’s the same stry and dragng lyk othr tv series I hope surly gul mam wl show her diff view..

      1. Sumi..!! I ll b really happy if they are not going 4 the clichéd track as in KKB. But I am really worried, remember the last promo where Tia said “Shivay baby mujhe iss ghar mein leke aayegaa”. Just wish Tia’s drama comes to an end soon. I don’t want her in the mansion even for a second.
        Also there can b two ways Annika ll react. 1. She ll fully support Shivay as she knows Tia’s truth.
        2. She may also taunt him, saying it’s not her who spent the night with somebody, but it was him. So kind of role reversal here.
        But considering we know how Annika is, the chances of latter happening are less.

  18. Great episode!!! ???

  19. Sumi.SS

    Gul mam upladed it as funny video guyzz..In chnl they wr bradcasted a shckng video only..anika leaving and shivay hold her hand then tia enterd and said she was prgnt..
    Surly it wl reminds us to KKB..but we knw ishqbaaz is sme diff..aftr daksh entry to closure it’s a superfast track only..
    Track wl move lyk Anika avoidng shivay.
    Tia track is main reasn to anika stayng in OM aftr MU get clrd..Surly Anika won’t belive tia’s keep safe shivay and his fmly frm tia Anika won’t give divrce to shivay..I thnk she is not gng to sign the dvrce papers..

  20. they can better name this serial as psychoBazz… how many psycho in one serial
    1) Roop
    2) Gayathri
    3) Romi
    4) Daksh
    5) Tia’s Mom (by scratching her own daughter)
    Now to top the list Tia is comming as well… I had a lot of expectation from Ishqbaz team.. but they shattering them but introducing these Psychos one by one.. god knows how many more of such people are they planning to introduce in the future tracks ..and now according to insta by Gul maam we will have one preg track… whats ” naye soch ” in this as star plus claims their programs to be. ??
    Sorry if i am hurting anyone here in this forum… just wrote what i felt.

  21. Guys..!! Saw SBB segment today.. Cute Shivika moments where as usual Shivay is taking Annika on his arms n drops her when everybody at the house sees them. Also he supports Annika in front of Pinky I think.

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah it’s really cute na…i thnk shivay is not allwng anika to work ryt..last week epi also he asks anika y u want to wrk??at the same tym he remnds her abt 30 lak..and chlge her she wl nvr back to him evn the end of next brth…but their cute fight was really fun..i thnk pinky is insultng anika again yarrr..thnk god this tym Shivay took stand fr her..did u noticed guyz all upcmng epi OmRu is misng……..

      1. What happened to OmRu?? Any idea??

      2. Guys guys don’t worry omru will come back soon just wait and watch. Ok

    2. Sumi.SS

      shivay and sahil bond r grwng day by day..aftr this sahil wl appear sme tym only.
      Lyk anika said its their both of thm can’t discus it wth it may be a reasn..
      By their own stry lne upto thr is no clue and omkara’s girl..
      For rumya lyk tia romi evil wl surely reentry wth big plan..
      Aftr this kidnapng they shld concentrate on omru stry..misng them lot..
      What do u thnk lax???

    3. Sumi.SS

      Lax recently I saw pho in insta..both kunal and lee r suffred by dengu pray fr them guyzzzzz..

      1. Sumi..!! Yes.. It’s time they concentrate on OmRus story n they can go 4 cute Shivika moments in between. Doing all the three tracks together like last time won’t work. That’s when they had least Trp. So better they concentrate on one track n give few scenes of other Jodi. I think it’s cause OmRu has dengue, they ve decided for Tia’s track now.

  22. ANIKA!!!!


    Gayatry’s got murdered at night and just before that SSO was with ANNIKA at her one of friend and escaped through window and after that GAYATRY got murdered, and ACP randhawa reached OM to arrest .

    ANIKA has trust that SSO can not murder any one, and eventhough she had no proof where SSO had gone leaving her , she saved him taking benefit of his escaping through window which was not caught in VDO camera of medical store and inking her own image she reached to OM and saved SSO from arrest in GAYATRY MUDER CASE.

    This is calleda UNCONDITIONAL FEELINGS(LOVE) for SSO and TRUST OVER SSO, that he just
    ———————————————— ————————
    can’t murder anyone!!!


    Evenafter informing by SAAHIL, ANNIKA is missing from house since long, SSO was being away from bothering much more, keeping ONS MU for ANNIKA in mind ! As soon as he found ANNIKA is innocent through his DAD, he started to bother about ANIKA!!

    What she said, never believed, and bothered least about her MISSING.

    THIS IS CALLED DISTRUST, He never trusted ANNIKA !!!

    He find her guilty and not bothered and now (in next epis ) he when comes to know through his DAD, she is innocent and DAKSH lied to him, started to worry about him?

    Till upto now, he believe, she is guilty, he does not find it necessaey to bother
    and now when he found today, she is not guilty



    I would like to kick over his NKK A*S hard enough to make him out !!!

  23. Lijince

    Guys check out this new promo of IB….
    Very interesting!!

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