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Ishqbaaz 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishana calls Riddhima and tells her about a secret visit of princess, you should go there and impress princess, she can give you donation for good cause. She calls Om and says my landlord is making me leave the house, he is going to meet me, I have to take my ill dad to hospital, if you could help me. Riddhima tells Mala that she will come at 11am. Om tells Bela that he will come. Ishana gets glad.

Next…..Anika says Dadi told me that you both cleared my name from chip’s matter, I will get ritha amla oil for Om, his hair will get better, and I will get… Om says its okay, you saved Shivaye, Tia and Rudra’s lives. Anika says its strange, you both are great brothers, and one is Sadu, you both are like cows, I can’t believe Shivaye is your brother. Rudra acts like Shivaye. She says not like

this, his nose is at 90 degrees always and acts like Shivaye. Shivaye comes and looks on. Om and Rudra smile.

Anika sees Shivaye and turns her face away. Shivaye says I can’t deal with this right now and turns other way. Om asks Shivaye what happened. Shivaye says nothing. Rudra does shayari. Om asks why were you going other way. Shivaye says its my house, I can go anywhere. Om says we thought you are avoiding someone. Shivaye says why will I. Rudra and Om wish him all the best, and tease him saying Dadi told us everything, you are going to greet good morning to Anika today. Soumya says wow, and wishes all the best to Shivaye. Shivaye names Anika as Panika, as she throws water by mistake very often.

Jhanvi comes and wishes Shivaye best of luck. Shivaye says even you. Jhanvi says yes, I have a spy in this house. Rudra says I did not say anyone else, why are you seeing like this, I just said Shakti, Pinky, friends and put status on FB, nothing more. Om asks Shivaye to go. Anika is busy on call. Shivaye goes to her. She ends call and turns to him. Shivaye says good morning. Anika asks did anyone say something, did anyone hear it, I did not hear anything. Shivaye says good morning and turns to go. Anika reminds him to say something else. Shivaye asks how are you… Anika says its not over yet, good morning to you too, how are you, is everything fine, are you not getting angry, you should ask well, not like hitting good morning stone like you did, anyways you did not answer me. He says I m fine. Everyone smile. Anika says its fine as per first day, say with a smile tomorrow. Shivaye goes. Rudra tells Anika that he is her big fan. Om says we won’t see tv in this house now, its live entertainment.

Mona takes princess’ avatar and talks to Riddhima. Ishana dresses as Chinese waitress and looks at them. Riddhima says I m working hard to save jungle, animals, trees, etc, if you help us by giving funds, we can go long way. Mona gives her a cheque. Riddhima says one million dollar, you are so generous. Riddhima orders champagne and stops Ishana asking do you say Punjabi too. Ishana fools her. Om comes there. Ishana smiles and wishes Om sees the liar Sautan fast. Om does not see Riddhima and goes to Ishana’s dad thinking he is her troubling landlord.

Rudra comes to college and everyone laugh seeing him. Rudra thinks his plan worked, everyone is impressed seeing him. He goes to his friend Chubby and asks did you paste the pic I have sent. Chubby says yes. Everyone laugh. Chubby asks are you sure of that pic. Rudra says yes, I chose that pic. The girls say Rudra, you are looking hot. Rudra thanks them. He gets shocked seeing Rumi and says your Bhabhi has come.

Om asks are you Bela’s landlord. Ishana’s dad thinks and says yes, sit here. Om says give a chance to Bela, she is alone. Her dad says fine. Om asks you mean you will let Bela stay at home. Her dad says yes. Om says he agreed so soon. Ishana signs her dad. Her dad asks Om to take a selfie with him, as Om is big artist. Ishana signs her dad to change angle and turn. Ishana thinks if Om goes without seeing Riddhima, my plan will flop. Ishana steps on Riddhima’s foot. Riddhima screams. Ishana says sorry. Om recalls Riddhima’s words. Ishana thinks today breakup will happen.

Rudra says I told you, when Rumi sees my pic, her heart will beat tick tick and weather will get romantic, and her heart door will open on its own, the arrows from my eyes will shoot her heart. Chubby asks how will arrows shoot. Rudra says stop it, its my tashan and shoots. He says Rumi will just see Rudra in all four directions. He imagines all this and says then Rumi will come running to me, and then she will tell me. Rumi says please be mine. Rudra says all yours…. She kisses on his cheek. He gets pleasantly shocked.

Rumi calls out Rudra and he comes out of his imagination. She says you are really college’s hottest hunk, what a pic, look. Rudra gets shocked seeing the pic. Pinky asks Shivaye to choose his suit color, Tia’s mum called many times, they have to match Tia’s clothes color. Shivaye is worried and tells Pinky that he has to take care of family security, he has to find Gayatri, Kapoors have to understand we are Oberois, we will do what we want, and world runs by our pace. She says fine, I explained you, you do what you want. She goes. Anika comes to him. He asks what are you doing here.

Rudra sees his pic, where he is wearing just shorts and gets shocked. Everyone laugh. Anika says Dadi told me to …. Shivaye says yes, salary, I will get it. he asks name. She says Anika. He asks full name. She says just Anika. He asks her surname. She recalls his words and asks why do you want to know surname, what does family name matter, person is big, not name, my name maybe small, but I made my identity myself, you were talking to Pinky and showing off you are Oberoi, what did you do to get born in Oberoi family, you are just lucky, its lottery, my name, identity and existence is earned my hardwork, and yours is just lottery, pride is for hardwork, but lottery, I m proud to be just Anika. She takes her cheque and goes. Shivaye asks whats her problem. Rumi and everyone laugh. Rudra faints. Shivaye says this is difference in high class and low class upbringing.

Om helps Bela. Ishana says I can’t believe Riddhima has hurt you. Shivaye and Om have a talk over judging people over family name.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hey now i heard a news that sowmya will feel very sad for teasing rudra infront of romi…..
    is it right ?

    1. I’ve also heard that di……

    2. she shud feel bad..coz Rudru got insulted bcoz of her

  2. Haiii
    I am frm Kerala
    I like Ishqbazz ♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♡♡■♡♥♡

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  3. Day by Day …….we are getting new ishqies……the feel of ishq…..connects every one……
    Ishqbaaz keeps every ishqie active….lovable…..a nice human being…..
    Wish ishqbaaz will always remain as an outstanding show….forever……

  4. Thank u dear ♥♥♥

  5. Panika shivaay so sweet poor omkara n rudra nic episode

  6. Yooo….SHIVIKA…??
    Go guys go… ?????

  7. After the stress of work from office…..Long journey on bus…..traffic…..and finally reaches home on 9 pm……for a change just switch on tv……typical dramebaazis which has nothing new…….news channels makes you more tensed…….musical channels mostly plays those kind of songs ….which will break your eardrum…….but when it is “10”……time for ishqbaaz….. 10……10………i love 10……because…….ishqbazzz……….is………………………
    1 .A new show which always do justice to the concept……
    2 A new venture which deals love and relationships in a different way……
    3. A good attempt which makes you watch it regularly……
    4 .An enhancing show with tallented actors……
    5. A promising show which values your time……
    6. A full package with sunshine that never sets…..
    7. A show connected with your emotions……
    8. A gem of the million…….
    9. An attraction which makes you closer…..
    10. A super show gifted me a wonderful ishqbaaz family

    1. very true

    2. Very true di !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Love ISHQBAAZ????

  8. This episode is nice

  9. Hi guys. I am a great ishqbaaz fan. Can i join you. Happy raksha banden

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  10. Luv the episode.
    Anika is superrrrr

  11. Love ishqbaaz. Annika you are so courageous. Love shivika. My favourite couple in television drama???

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  14. Hi im amy im from port shepstone south africa i recently became a fan of ishqbaaz and im just loving anika and shivaye im just waiting for their love to blossom soon

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  18. I think rift will be created between two brother due to difference in their thoughts

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  22. Panika=Powerful Ambitious Nourishing Impaired Kindhearted Aloha

  23. Bela= Bubbly Energetic Lively Action

  24. Dear Ishqbaazians….avoid replying to negative comments…..they won’t stop….don’t give them attention…

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