Ishqbaaz 17th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 17th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishana calls Riddhima and tells her about a secret visit of princess, you should go there and impress princess, she can give you donation for good cause. She calls Om and says my landlord is making me leave the house, he is going to meet me, I have to take my ill dad to hospital, if you could help me. Riddhima tells Mala that she will come at 11am. Om tells Bela that he will come. Ishana gets glad.

Next…..Anika says Dadi told me that you both cleared my name from chip’s matter, I will get ritha amla oil for Om, his hair will get better, and I will get… Om says its okay, you saved Shivaye, Tia and Rudra’s lives. Anika says its strange, you both are great brothers, and one is Sadu, you both are like cows, I can’t believe Shivaye is your brother. Rudra acts like Shivaye. She says not like

this, his nose is at 90 degrees always and acts like Shivaye. Shivaye comes and looks on. Om and Rudra smile.

Anika sees Shivaye and turns her face away. Shivaye says I can’t deal with this right now and turns other way. Om asks Shivaye what happened. Shivaye says nothing. Rudra does shayari. Om asks why were you going other way. Shivaye says its my house, I can go anywhere. Om says we thought you are avoiding someone. Shivaye says why will I. Rudra and Om wish him all the best, and tease him saying Dadi told us everything, you are going to greet good morning to Anika today. Soumya says wow, and wishes all the best to Shivaye. Shivaye names Anika as Panika, as she throws water by mistake very often.

Jhanvi comes and wishes Shivaye best of luck. Shivaye says even you. Jhanvi says yes, I have a spy in this house. Rudra says I did not say anyone else, why are you seeing like this, I just said Shakti, Pinky, friends and put status on FB, nothing more. Om asks Shivaye to go. Anika is busy on call. Shivaye goes to her. She ends call and turns to him. Shivaye says good morning. Anika asks did anyone say something, did anyone hear it, I did not hear anything. Shivaye says good morning and turns to go. Anika reminds him to say something else. Shivaye asks how are you… Anika says its not over yet, good morning to you too, how are you, is everything fine, are you not getting angry, you should ask well, not like hitting good morning stone like you did, anyways you did not answer me. He says I m fine. Everyone smile. Anika says its fine as per first day, say with a smile tomorrow. Shivaye goes. Rudra tells Anika that he is her big fan. Om says we won’t see tv in this house now, its live entertainment.

Mona takes princess’ avatar and talks to Riddhima. Ishana dresses as Chinese waitress and looks at them. Riddhima says I m working hard to save jungle, animals, trees, etc, if you help us by giving funds, we can go long way. Mona gives her a cheque. Riddhima says one million dollar, you are so generous. Riddhima orders champagne and stops Ishana asking do you say Punjabi too. Ishana fools her. Om comes there. Ishana smiles and wishes Om sees the liar Sautan fast. Om does not see Riddhima and goes to Ishana’s dad thinking he is her troubling landlord.

Rudra comes to college and everyone laugh seeing him. Rudra thinks his plan worked, everyone is impressed seeing him. He goes to his friend Chubby and asks did you paste the pic I have sent. Chubby says yes. Everyone laugh. Chubby asks are you sure of that pic. Rudra says yes, I chose that pic. The girls say Rudra, you are looking hot. Rudra thanks them. He gets shocked seeing Rumi and says your Bhabhi has come.

Om asks are you Bela’s landlord. Ishana’s dad thinks and says yes, sit here. Om says give a chance to Bela, she is alone. Her dad says fine. Om asks you mean you will let Bela stay at home. Her dad says yes. Om says he agreed so soon. Ishana signs her dad. Her dad asks Om to take a selfie with him, as Om is big artist. Ishana signs her dad to change angle and turn. Ishana thinks if Om goes without seeing Riddhima, my plan will flop. Ishana steps on Riddhima’s foot. Riddhima screams. Ishana says sorry. Om recalls Riddhima’s words. Ishana thinks today breakup will happen.

Rudra says I told you, when Rumi sees my pic, her heart will beat tick tick and weather will get romantic, and her heart door will open on its own, the arrows from my eyes will shoot her heart. Chubby asks how will arrows shoot. Rudra says stop it, its my tashan and shoots. He says Rumi will just see Rudra in all four directions. He imagines all this and says then Rumi will come running to me, and then she will tell me. Rumi says please be mine. Rudra says all yours…. She kisses on his cheek. He gets pleasantly shocked.

Rumi calls out Rudra and he comes out of his imagination. She says you are really college’s hottest hunk, what a pic, look. Rudra gets shocked seeing the pic. Pinky asks Shivaye to choose his suit color, Tia’s mum called many times, they have to match Tia’s clothes color. Shivaye is worried and tells Pinky that he has to take care of family security, he has to find Gayatri, Kapoors have to understand we are Oberois, we will do what we want, and world runs by our pace. She says fine, I explained you, you do what you want. She goes. Anika comes to him. He asks what are you doing here.

Rudra sees his pic, where he is wearing just shorts and gets shocked. Everyone laugh. Anika says Dadi told me to …. Shivaye says yes, salary, I will get it. he asks name. She says Anika. He asks full name. She says just Anika. He asks her surname. She recalls his words and asks why do you want to know surname, what does family name matter, person is big, not name, my name maybe small, but I made my identity myself, you were talking to Pinky and showing off you are Oberoi, what did you do to get born in Oberoi family, you are just lucky, its lottery, my name, identity and existence is earned my hardwork, and yours is just lottery, pride is for hardwork, but lottery, I m proud to be just Anika. She takes her cheque and goes. Shivaye asks whats her problem. Rumi and everyone laugh. Rudra faints. Shivaye says this is difference in high class and low class upbringing.

Om helps Bela. Ishana says I can’t believe Riddhima has hurt you. Shivaye and Om have a talk over judging people over family name.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Mukta

    Thankew Amena di for update…..

    @Renima di… of luck for ur project….And thankew for Ishkara song site….but don’t know y it’s nit downloading……

    @Priya ya delete it whenever u get time….and I’ll surely pray for uhh. BEST OF LUCK…

    @Nikki….welcome sweetheart…….

  2. Mukta

    After reading today’s update, I feel like it’s very short…..Anyways very happy after SHIVIKA scenes. I feel d episodes incomplete without SHIVIKA scenes….. just love them to d core of my heart…

  3. Mukta

    Just loved d way Shivaaye greeted Anika and she replied to him👌👌👌Its fine as per first day…..lolzzzz😂😂😂Anika u rocked like alwez👏👏👏and that PANIKA👍👍👍Shivaaye Singh Oberoi can use such words😱😱😱😱😱

  4. Pradishma

    Wowww, i loved the episode , especially the final part…
    Annika gave fitting reply regarding surname…
    You rock Annika…
    But this shivaye…
    Haha, After pouring a bucket of water ,he said good morning to Annika…
    Now if she pours a drum of water , then he will change his view about surname too i think..
    Hopefully Annika sud be the heir of biggest business empire.
    Annika-Ishaana (Would they be siblings)

    • sana

      yeah prads, i too loved the final portion a lottttttttt…..
      I too think ishaani will be lost sister of Annika

  5. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ROSE di and ALIYA DI.. Tq so much my pyari didi’s..

    @SHAI.. Dear I saw the meaning.. That song is so soulful na.. Mein toh pagal hogaya…. Even I thought the same thing after listening to the song.. I didn’t feel anything sad in it.. It’s just say a true love story and somewhat unique too…

  6. Mukta

    The best part was when Om, Rudra, Saumya and even Jhanvi were wishing Shivaaye GOOD LUCK…that tym Shivaaye’s expressions were worth watching👌👌👌👌👌And Rudra…”Why r u eying me like this…. I’ve just told Pinky, Shakti, friends and PUT STATUS ON FB😂😂😂😂😂

  7. Tusi

    Today I am sorry for Rudra, so much insulting and not only Ridima ishana also liar… though she is a lead, but Ridima is good than Ishana… BTW a good episode….

  8. Shivika

    Today’s episode was superb specially rudra it’s really lol when he went to college…ishqbaaz is just rocking.

  9. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ENASANJIDA di.. Hii di.. How r u?? I heard that song… But di I loved it… That’s so lovely and soothing.. It some what so unique.. I think u r confused with the line.. KAL KYA PATA MIL NA MILE… Am I ryt?? But di it’s not so sad na.. I mean we just know that we lived yesterday.. And we r living tdy but we don’t know whether we l be there tmr r not.. That’s it the meaning is.. But that’s so melodious and lovely to hear.. I feel that the song is just perfect for them.. Kyunki Har kahani takkar nahi hoti.. Har love story khushiyon se nahi banti na… In fact what I feel is pyar ki rishtey se zyada Dard Ka rishta hi gehra hota hai.. Voh jo bhi hojaye.. Kabhi nahi tootthe… So that’s song is sounds great for me.. In fact o jaana ze zyada..

    • Enasanjida

      Hey ; Priya. 1 st tell me ;how r u ? R u ok r8 now ? Take care..
      Now coming serial. Uff! I have no any prblm this song – this song is really nice. But some site 2 see & some1 song ; ” Ishkara song move Ishkara love story”.
      Song ” kal nah milaa … Gum sai…oh sathiya…..” Thinking 2 side – 1st live ( u 100% r8 & i agree wid u )
      & 2nd : marriage ( why i tell u ; plzz remember when serial start ” ishqbaaz promo ” sweltena say …” Inma seh joh banvas jaigaa ” ( 1st promo ) & omkara say ; love story sirf kahani main milti hain ( 2nd promo )
      Main isliya bol rahi thi 2nd option – thoda socho dear priya.
      & “QH” dekhna k baad – i m fed up. & fir sai serial wohi lokh aa raha hain. So ; its totally thinking me. Do u remember ” qh” serial main “QH season 1;2;3 ” ek vi serial main lead character ko happy life dekha hain .. Sabko dead ; murder hua..
      I think IPKD but….don’t know.

      • Priya15


        |Registered Member

        Hii di.. I m fyn.. Just having little fever.. No di actually love story bilkul song ki Tarah nahi hoti.. Agar hoti bi toh kya Hua.. I mean see in many Serials we have sad tones but they even give us a lot of happy scenes not only sad scene… See yhm.. U can see a sad song for ishra at first but the scenes are just nailing I think that’s what happening with ishkara too.. Bcoz song says there heart out.. So ishkara song is to say that they are emotionally bounded with each other and how much they love each other.. And di I never Watched qh so I don’t know abt it but I m having one hope that she l not do this with ishkara bcoz ishqbaaz is not like qh… And 2nd promo perfect pyar di.. May be it l be like he was believing but when he saw ishana he found his perfect pyar… It’s just a guess. Par ha kahani Mei kuch bhi ho sakta.. Hare yar pehle ishkara ko dikhavo toh sahi.. Uske baad hi toh ham log decide Kar sakte hai.. Wt say di?? They didn’t show any ishkara scenes for us then how can we guess there stories???..

    • enasanjida

      u r r8.. Ishkara scene hoo . Hopefully Ishaana & Ridima dono expose hoo jai ya. I want 2 say , YHM my favourite serial.. i lyk Ishra & also pihu , ruhi, adi. dadi-nani ka nokh jokh & also sagun ka style just say awesome 🙂

  10. Aliya

    Hello my ishqbaazians how r u all 😊 😊😊😊😊
    today’s episode was nice shivaye gives the name for anika as panika that was just awesome
    ishqbaaz is just rocking

    @priya now a days l think u r not taking care of your health.
    So please stay safe and healthy. All the best for your sports day program and l will pray for u

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Hii di.. Actually speaking not like that. Voh may be bcoz schl Mei toh baitne tak time nahi milta… Schl Jan sports day ki tayari Karo vaapas aao that’s wt happening with us.. So we just sit for 30 mins that too in lunch.. . Tq so much di..

  11. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys who are all obsessed like me… I mean murmuring the song O SATHIYA.. I don’t know y..When I listen to the song.. From that time.. I m just murmuring that song.. What a beautiful song..

    Does anybody who is like me???

    • renima

      Yaaa dear…….am singing it again and again……my team members said…am crazy……i don’t care……just loved it……by the way how is your health?? Take care……
      Wish you a very Happy Raksha Bandhan

  12. Mukta


    Guys…..guys…….guys…….I’m very happy after reading this spoiler of Ishqbaaz


    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Oberoi family celebrates Raksha Bandhan. All three brothers Shivaaye, Omkara and Rudra love their younger sister Priyanka. They all excited for the festival where Dadi invites Anika at Oberial house. Anika comes to Oberoi house along with her brother Sahil which makes everyone surprised. Priyanka ties rakhis to her all brothers and they tease her over gifts.

    Anika also ties rakhi to her brother Sahil and promises to fill happiness in his life while Sahil also promises to keep Anika happy forever. Shivaaye is surprised seeing Anika’s new gesture and thinks that she loves her brother like he does his brother Om and Rudra.

    Will Shivaaye melt down for Anika?
    Guys Anika has seen Shivaaye’s soft side….now it’s Shivaaye’s turn to see her soft side. I’m super excited for this episode……..just can’t wait. Please CVs telecast this episode fast…………

    BTW Howz d spoiler??? it’s jackpot for SHIVIKA fans……..😘😘😘😘😘😘😘Love uhh SHIVIKA😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      OMG Mukta!!!!!! U made my day dear!!!!!! 😍😍 Super excited to watch those scenes!!!!!!!! Now Shivaaay will start to understand the similarities between him & Anika!!!!😍😍😍😃😃😃😃😇😇😇

  13. ishika

    Spoiler said Anika wl come wth sahil to oberoi house in Raksha bndhan..n shivay n full famly will b surprsed…and shivay will b emotional. Seeing anika’s love fr hr brthr😍 waitng waitng…n tdy ws mrng wth stone face😅..all three couples gt scenes gd…n ys Anika s lecture though👌

    • Rosu 25

      Thank you for the fast update….
      Wow …a new Name for anika…panika….. Usually annika has the habit of create new new names for our billuji….like stone Singh oberoi, bagad billa, etc…now for a change shivaay named her panika….
      Both shivika part were supeb…

    • Mukta

      I’ve already wished uhh all…….don’t know when this TU will moderate my comment and my wish will reach u all……

  14. Mukta

    Guys…..guys…….guys……I’m very happy after reading this spoiler of Ishqbaaz


    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Oberoi family celebrates Raksha Bandhan. All three brothers Shivaaye, Omkara and Rudra love their younger sister Priyanka. They all excited for the festival where Dadi invites Anika at Oberial house. Anika comes to Oberoi house along with her brother Sahil which makes everyone surprised. Priyanka ties rakhis to her all brothers and they tease her over gifts.

    Anika also ties rakhi to her brother Sahil and promises to fill happiness in his life while Sahil also promises to keep Anika happy forever. Shivaaye is surprised seeing Anika’s newgesture and thinks that she loves her brother like he does his brother Om and Rudra.

    Will Shivaaye melt down for Anika?

    Guys Anika has seen Shivaaye’s soft side….now it’s Shivaaye’s turn to see her soft side. I’m super excited for this episode……..just can’t wait. Please CVs telecast this episode fast…………BTW Howz d spoiler??? it’s jackpot for SHIVIKA fans……..Love uhh SHIVIKA

    • Aqua

      mukta sweetyy How are you!!!!!!!!!!
      i hope you are well and keeping up the positive ishqbaazian spirit alive on this side hehe

  15. Luna

    ok guys, lets have a poll which song is more melodious and heart touching???? o jaana or o saathiya and please answer without being biased to either shivika or ishkara.

    • Shaza

      i dont think we should campare them cuz both the songs are awesome in their own ways and for me its not easy at all to choose between the 2 songs and im saying that thinking abt the song and not the couple..sorry if i hurt ur feeling 🙂

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      For me its O Saathiya.. Don’t know y but when I heard the song for The first time.. It’s just become my favorite like I m. Just singing it..

  16. Dent Bhurry

    Rudra said that he put status on FB . That means he put that on internet all the people who he knows will knoe it . He told shivasy he didn’t tell anyone except his family and friends but he told everyone he knows .

  17. Luna

    What soumya did to rudra was really bad. Fooling him is fine but insulting him in front of whole college is just too much and cvs are showing it as funny?? its giving a very wrong message. Now if Rudra takes revenge from Soumya then i think it will be completely justified.

  18. neha

    Hye MUKTA!!😃
    how are you?
    You said it true..without shivika scenes ishqbaaz is incomplete. Although ishkara and raumya are good but shivika is something that really makes me smile. 😃😃😘

    • Mukta

      True!!!!!!!! SHIVIKA is somewhat different from ISHKARA and RUMYA for me. Love SHIVIKA😘😘😘😘

      I’m fine Neha…..howz u sweetie😊😊

  19. neha

    Hye PRIYA15!!😃😃
    o sathiya is a super lovely song and after downloading it i have watched the video a number of times and have been murmuring it too😜😁
    Since Shivika is my love i like o jaana more bt truly speaking meaning and lyrics of sathiya is also too good..😘
    waiting for raumya song.

  20. nivedha

    @ Luna both songs r super but o jaanaa is amazing always and ishkaara song is good but o jaana is the best

  21. Adityakiran


    |Registered Member

    Hi Ishqbaaz Fans
    Ahliya Disha Nivedha Mukta Shivika Priya Jeshna Ishika Pragya Tusi And ALL The Members of The GROUP.
    Am New to You GUYS.
    In This GROUP I know Few PEOPLE.
    I Wish You ALL A HAPPY Raksha Bhandan

    • Shaza

      Actually roudra’s pic is just opposite to his actual pic ..the pic is like he have no muscles and his bones are seen and he is very thin and euoo type ..actuslly the pic is funny u must c

  22. Aqua

    hello my lovely ishbaazians
    I am still unable to catch up on the episodes as I am still traveling.
    anyway, I hope you guys are doing great and wishing you all the best.

  23. Adityakiran


    |Registered Member

    Episode Was Awesome.
    This SERIAL is Very NICE.
    I Hope These PEOPLE Should Continue On A GOOD NOTE.
    I Hope This is Not A EKTA KAPOOR SERIAL.
    Kyunki Satyanash kardeti EK Na EK Din.
    Take for Instance
    Draging Draging.
    ALWAYS Remember Guys
    Har EK SERIAL KI EK LIFE Span Hoti


    GUYS if You Don’t MIND
    Please Aap Iss SERIAL KI STORY Brief mai Bolo Na PLEASE.

    • Shaza

      This serial is not ekta kapoors luckily..the concept is written by gul khan the writer of ipkknd..this story is mainly based on the three bro’s who are conpletely different but are always together despite their parents who are always back of buisness ,property and stuff like that but now the condition is better though..the father of roudra and omkara -Tej was in a rekationship with his secretry

      Shivaye -anika—-shivaye is very rich and arrogant buisnessman while anika is totaly opposite she was an orphan and was adopted by a family whi had a son tok but the parents died and now she is taking the responsibility of the brother(sahil) like shivaye can do anything for his bro anika also can do anything for her bro ..once shivaye was in a temple where ppl usually stand in a line but he just goes cuz of his power and money and anika get irritated by this behaviour and confronts him and she breaks the screen of his mercedees and he goes on a chopper ..tgey keep on meeting again and again and have hatred towards eachother –one fine day shivaye gets a call from sm1 and the oerson tells him that im having a video of tej and his secretry where tej expresses his love to shwetlana and he will give it to media but if he can give some amount of maney he woukd give tge video chip ti him ..shivaye agrees and takes the chip but kater a misunderstanding happend which forces shivaye to think that anika had sold the chip but anika refuses ..shivaye decides to ruin anika and later buy her ..he tries all possible ways and atlast anika takes a
      check from him but she turns out to be his weddding planner and uses the money in his wedding..later anikas phone gets lost in shivayes room and she finds it but shivaye thinks she is trying to steal

      the valuable things of the house and blames her and her upbringing and anika leaves the jon ..atlast b4 some episodes shivaye misunderstanding is cleared

      and he decides to apologise to anika but he dont however he along with dadi convinces her to cone back for d job ..

      Ishana and omkara- omkara is a

      kind and soft hearted..emotional type man ..he is
      total opposite to shivaye he dont have

      ego at all..he hates his father Tej for ditching his mom and he is a self made millionare he is an artist and make

      sculptures that are sold in millions..while ishana is s con girl but kind from inside
      though she need money urgently cuz of his father gambling habits or their house

      will be sold and so she decides to cheat omkara and take his money and get lost but onkara is already in a realtionship

      with a girk named ridhina who is also kinda cheating om cuz if fame ..ishana us touched by omkara s kindness and feels guilty for cheating him

      Roudra and soumya- roudra is fitnesd freak while soumya is totally opposite and a lil out of shapeonce shivaye had m
      an accident and so roudra was very upset
      and was crying soumya has lost ger bro and she feels like she understand his pain and consols him and cheers all the bros
      and after some days -soumya comes to shivayes college but he dont recogoise her cuz she is a lik fat and that hurt her feeling and so she took revenge if that day in this episode

      But i feel kahiin to hoga is a waste type show not to hurt ur feelings but ..i forgot the name of tge girl lead anyway she could backout her wedding with piyush but she didnt and her love was also kinda temporary and i hate it sntine she love sujal but later piyush tgen again sujal i mean WTF man ..i hare kahiin to higa and that type of serials a lott

    • Mukta

      One more example……BEINTEHAA…..I just love this even now😘😘😘😘😘I’ve even seen its repeat telecast on Rishtey channel😜

  24. Admin

    Hey sat sorry I couldn’t comment.I know shweltana is tej’s gf but I said all this as someone commented that may be om will get marry to shweltana for his mom’s sake.
    And we all know its possible in this production house serials. Even in qubool hai they had shown zoya(surbhi jyoti) married with ayan(asad step bro).

  25. Hahaha

    I just love shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika shivika

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Adi,,,,are u the same Adi who used to comment in MAM page….
      Heroine -Anika


      • Adityakiran


        |Registered Member

        Yes Roz!
        Am Very HAPPY to See You Dear.
        How Are You DEAR?

        Am Very Dear.
        I Left MAM Long Back.
        Disgusting SERIAL
        I Have Ever Seen.
        Itna itna Lalaj Paise KI
        Keenchte Jaare keenchte Jaare SERIAL.
        But RoZ Am VERY HAPPY to See You HERE.
        Have A NICE EVENING Dear.

      • Roz


        |Registered Member

        Haa Adi 😀 I too left MAM long back,,,,,really happy to see ur cmnts here 😀 This is the only show which I’m watching regularly….!

  26. Leenzu

    That is step brother. This is dad’s girlfriend.
    It’s incestous.
    Why would you think that.
    Gul Khan will not make the same mistake again.

  27. hauwatuyusuf

    Hhhhhhhh what an hilarious moment between rudra and rumi it’s really very funny.
    Oh so sorry for the news how are u priya???
    Hope u already!!!
    Get well soon okkkk

  28. Adityakiran


    |Registered Member

    Shaza Thanks A Lot for The Whole STORY till Date.

  29. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Hehe Shivaaye started naming Anika,,,,,,

    @Mukta …Superb spoiler…..waiting to see Sahil-SSO meeting

    @Priya,,,,I didn’t knw that u met with accident,,,,hope u r fyn…/

  30. Navi

    Awesome episode. . Anika is panika now. Thanks to shivay. .
    Bechara rudra… band bhaj gayi. .
    Ishaana is fab. Exposed ridhima. .
    Anika’s reply to shivay was too good.
    In the precap heated argument between om and shivay. .

  31. Ishkara

    hi everyone!!! hope u all r doing well. Priya i don’t know u personally and i don’t even know what happened with u; seems kind of serious so get well soon and all the best : )
    u seem to be very good and only good happens with good people so good luck

    well talking about this episode was good not that much than 16th episode. but shivika part is always good as usual. i really love om sorry omkara; omkara sound better. he is so caring and understanding i just want his heart to break by ridhima and ishana already he is in so much problem due to his dad i just hope ishana turns positive with omkara.

    i don’t know when this shivaye will understand that there is nothing in surname. loved the way anika explained him. i hope he will understand soon.
    ok bye guys. have a good day

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      hii di..i love ur name bcoz i m an ishkara fan…let us know abt each other i m priya from tn just stepped into 11…tq so much di…ya i l get perfectly fyn in few days..doc said that neck sprain l be fyn in 3-4 i l be ok soon…love u di..say me abt u na??

  32. nivedha

    Hllo all ishqbaaazians Good morning .
    Priya unnaku Tamil theriyumaa

    Bcoz glad to hear about u tat u live in Chennai ..
    Naanum Chennai daan

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      hii di..ofc..enna kelvi ketuteenga..i belong to a village near villupuram…but i live in chennai just for my studies…so i know tamil very well di..ya glad to see u too

  33. Mukta

    Good Morning and a very happieee raksha bandhan to all my sis and bros here………..
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    Budi dadi ko aur kuch kaam nahi hai.. ….
    I just hate this nonsense rudra.. ……….
    No one story is interesting only one word can describe their story that is bakwaas
    Om baalo Ki Dkaan.. …..
    Shivaay itna bada buissnessman aur third class attitude show karta hai
    KANJOOS makkhi choos oberoies hai jo canteens chalane waali ko hi otha laye wedding planner banakar madam anika inhe kya paath sikhayegi money saving ka yeh khud hi expert hai isme. …………

    Gawar to anika lagti hai usse pyar aur karega shivaay.. ………

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  36. Sriranjani


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    Today’s Episode was #ROFL + Emotional Moment (only in Shivika’s Scenes)😂😭😍😘❤
    when Annika names Shivayy as Bagad Billa, Billu, SSO(Stone Singh Oberoi), Gadha Singh Oberoi, Sadu, Akadu, Badtameez,etc….😂😂
    Shivayy also started to give names Like Panika…😂😂😂😂
    I want when Rudra and Om make Shivaay realize his love for Annika and when the Both realize they are in love??
    I want more Shivika’s Love chemistry Scenes.

  37. Rosu 25

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    Om always look sad and serious…..hope ishaana will bring happiness in his life……

    Waiting for upcoming episode….

  38. Mukta

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    rudra’s reaction though did omkara break up with riddhima i m not getting it i dont think he will do it so easily but i just love ishkara and ishana looks so cute in the japanese avatar hahahah but too much powder 😛 and shivaye anika just one word hahaha and rudra poor thing 😛

    • Asmita...


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      As per my thinkin…Om will try to know first why Riddhima lied to him coz he never takes decision in hurry… perhaps he will cross check it with Riddhima and she will make some silly excuse…

    • renima

      Me also……but i seriously don’t want ridhima in omkara’s life…..she is not able to understand omkara’s feelings…..while ishana can understand it well…..the way she solved om’s confusion about anika…….i don’t think ridhima can never do it……. do you remeber that episode ….. first meeting of ishana as mala……om talks to ridhima in phone…..she didn’t give attention to it…….her focus was on nail paint…… will be
      hard for omkara to take a decision……but i just want ridhima should go away from his life……

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        Hey sweetie!!!!!!!! I’m fine & hope u ar fine too!!!!!!😃😃😃 And I missed u too buddy!!!!!!!!!! Yup. Everything is going well & I’m waiting for the day my exam ends!!!!!!😄😄😄😂😂😂😎😎

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      yea Kat…..Soumya crossed the line,,it was nt funny…..poor Rudru.,..really felt bad for him…..
      Happy Rakshabhandhan 😀

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    Beautiful moments of shivika, ishkara and rumya …..creates excitement…..makes you emotional……gives you fun…..really makes you to think …..about it again and again….
    Some times the unexpected senior oberoi moment… a pleasant surprise…while jethani and devrani bond creates a feel good moment to watch…..cute sahil and anika makes you smile and cry……and dadi…..the wonderful person brings happiness to you…. the brotherhood of oberois…gives you a visual treat…..

      • renima

        Thanks dear rose….am fine……what about you? Happy Raksha Bandhan……finally our ishkara track is to be shown……ishu was so cute in that japanese avathar……. the most funny thing was…ishana steps on ridhima’s feet……i really loved that……funny revenge….

    • renima

      Well it was just ok… moment for fun…..because of work…. somehow we finished almost…….. many of my colleagues and me felt bad that we are not able to go home for raksha bandhan……….tomorrow …..and day after tomorrow… presentations will be over…..and ……on sun……back to mangalore…my home town

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    Amazing to b a ishqbaaazian😍

    Do you have these symptoms ishqbaaazians????

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    • Rose

      And my ishkara , they nailed it today .ishaana’s Japanese outlook was perfect…HALF JAPANESE HALF GUJARATI MAMA TOKYO PAPA AHMADABAD. MY NAME IS HANKU PATEL….Omg ishaana, I was laughing my head off…..I love u om and ishu…ur awesome……precap is interesting….waiting for today’s episode.

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    Hello my darling Co Ishqbaazians..Hope u all r amazing.Happy Rakhsha Bandhan to all my wonderful buddies!!😚😍😍😘
    .Missed u all so much.😭😭😭.. like really so much..HHmm our fav show completed 50 episodes on 15th !!!😱😱😱
    Way to go!!!! 😉😊😊👍👍👏🙌

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    Actual raksha bandhan toh idhar hoga…. Jahan bromance ke sath sath sis bro bond bahuth achi sey dhikaya hey…..

    Anika – Sahil
    Priyanka – Shivaay

    Did i miss any real bro sis pair??

  50. renima

    Hey now i heard a news that sowmya will feel very sad for teasing rudra infront of romi…..
    is it right ?

  51. renima

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    Ishqbaaz keeps every ishqie active….lovable…..a nice human being…..
    Wish ishqbaaz will always remain as an outstanding show….forever……

  52. renima

    After the stress of work from office…..Long journey on bus…..traffic…..and finally reaches home on 9 pm……for a change just switch on tv……typical dramebaazis which has nothing new…….news channels makes you more tensed…….musical channels mostly plays those kind of songs ….which will break your eardrum…….but when it is “10”……time for ishqbaaz….. 10……10………i love 10……because…….ishqbazzz……….is………………………
    1 .A new show which always do justice to the concept……
    2 A new venture which deals love and relationships in a different way……
    3. A good attempt which makes you watch it regularly……
    4 .An enhancing show with tallented actors……
    5. A promising show which values your time……
    6. A full package with sunshine that never sets…..
    7. A show connected with your emotions……
    8. A gem of the million…….
    9. An attraction which makes you closer…..
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    Hi im amy im from port shepstone south africa i recently became a fan of ishqbaaz and im just loving anika and shivaye im just waiting for their love to blossom soon

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    waiting for that precious moment……..whenever you get time……try to post comments…….

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    Happy Rakshabhandhan 😍
    #LuvIshqbaaz 💖

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