Ishqbaaz 16th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra runs with Mallika’s bag. She asks him to stop. Siddharth Rana walks in. He says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Mallika and everyone see Siddharth. Shivaye says Siddharth Vikram Rana……. Some time before, Tej asks Shivaye to manage this. Shivaye says I did not think Ranas can fall so low. Tej says they have seen your pic with Mallika and send this legal notice for keeping their Mallika here, they have put many charges, their reputation spoiled and they want to drag us in dirt, there is a solution, let Mallika go, it won’t be good if that girl stays here, Oberoi family respect can’t be put at stake for one girl, did you get it Shivaye… He goes.

Mallika says you know Anika, when Shivaye and I were dating, whenever I had a problem, I used to come to Shivaye, as he had solutions always and

no problems came to him, but Siddharth Vikram Rana is such problem which can come to Shivaye, I don’t want Shivaye to face problems, and I don’t want to face Siddharth. Anika says but you have to face him. Mallika says yes, but not now. Shivaye comes and says Mallika. She says I know I should not run and confront Siddharth, but I don’t want to. He wipes her tears and says when you came here, I told you I m with you in every decision, you are imp for me. She asks will you manage, shall I run away. He says do what you find right, I will handle everything. She thanks and hugs him. Anika smiles.

Shivaye recalls Mallika and Tej’s words. Dadi comes to Shivaye and asks what happened Billu, why are you so worried. Shivaye says Dadi……. She asks are you worried for Mallika. He says ya, Dadi you know Ranas are our family’s enemies since 30 years, they are not decent, this time they are involving our family in this scandal. Dadi says you are thinking what to do, support family or Mallika, keeping enmity with Rana or friendship with Mallika. He says I don’t know what to do. She says I know whatever you will do will be right. He says I did not understand. She says ask yourself what should Shivaye Singh Oberoi do in such situation, you will get answer.

Rudra comes to Mallika. She says Shivaye, you got late, is taxi arranged, I have to leave. Rudra comes infront and asks are you running again. She says yes, I don’t want to hear your lecture. He says I won’t let you run again, and runs with her shoes. She asks him to stop and runs after her. Shivaye looks on.

Anika comes to Shivaye. He does not see her and ask what happened Anika. She asks how do I know its me. He says I could feel you. She signs what. He asks what work do you have. She says I don’t know to tell this to you or not, its about Mallika’s life, I have to say, I have a plan, don’t refuse, hear it out once, for Mallika’s sake. She tells her plan. He says this plan won’t work, no. she says maybe, but it can work too, if there is 1% chance for plan to work, I think we should try, you are a good businessman, I mean big businessman, you can take a chance, it won’t spoil things. He agrees. She asks can you do this. He says of course, I was going to do this even if you did not come here. She says you do as I said. He says I know how to talk to my business rival. She says don’t call him rival Billu ji.

He says don’t call me that, and don’t teach me. He calls Siddharth and says you would know why I called. Siddharth says so, I was waiting for your explanation. Shivaye says I don’t give explanation to anyone. Anika says we decided something else. Siddharth says you don’t have any explanation, there is something decency in enmity. Shivaye says I m glad to learnt this word decency. They argye. Siddharth says we have sent legal notice to you. Shivaye says its about Mallika. Siddharth says don’t dare to take her name. Shivaye says you are not worth her. Siddharth says Shivaye Singh Oberoi……. Shivaye says don’t raise your voice, I need to talk about Mallika.

Siddharth asks him to say. Shivaye pauses…… Anika takes the phone and talks. Siddharth asks who’s that. Anika says SSOO, Shivaye Singh Oberoi’s organizer, whatever I will say now will be my voice, but Shivaye’s emotions, did you think of Mallika, she spoiled things, but she is managing it alone, think of all the moments spent with Mallika, come and take your bride, she needs you a lot. Siddharth says thanks SSOO. Anika smiles. Shivaye says don’t do this alone, don’t snatch my phone and don’t call yourself SSOO, you are not my organizer.

Om talks to Mallika. She asks him to say anything else than his difficult shayari. He says I did not like your running away from marriage, but I liked your coming to our home, I hope you won’t go away from our lives. Rudra says where is Shivaye. She says he was arranging taxi for me. Shivaye comes. Mallika says I need to go. Rudra says no one will stop her, and runs with her bag. She asks are you mad, get my bag back, first you have run away with my shoes, some back. Rudra stops and takes a breath. Siddharth walks in. Mallika and everyone see Siddharth.

They all look at Siddharth. Siddharth walks to Mallika, and Shivaye gets in between to secure her. Siddharth and Shivaye give rival look to each other. Tej asks what, is he here in Oberoi mansion. He rushes to see. Pinky tells Dadi that Siddharth Vikram Rana has come. Siddharth says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Shivaye says Rana…. Siddharth says I m impressed by your progress, won’t you thank me, your resoluteness to go ahead of me got you here. Shivaye says no, resoluteness to leave you behind. Siddharth says fine, my enmity is useful for people. Shivaye says there is not much difference between your friendship and enmity, your enemies run away from you and even your friends.

Soumya and Priyanka come and see Siddharth. Mallika gets angry on Shivaye and says even there is less difference between your friendship and enmity, you called Siddharth here. Shivaye says I called him here, as I m your friend, you should talk to him, come on. He gets her infront and says you can’t run more, come on say it. Siddharth looks at everyone. He says personal talk infront of so many people, fine, if that’s the only option. Siddharth asks Mallika why did you run away from marriage. Rudra and Anika ask Mallika to say. Shivaye holds her and asks her to say it. Siddharth looks at Shivaye. Mallika says don’t you know.

Siddharth asks how will I know, you did not tell me, no call or message, you just run away from marriage. She says problem does not come in relationship overnight, we had issues since many days. He asks what problem. She cries and says when a girl marries and goes to her husband’s house, by leaving her family, it’s a big thing, after marriage, inlaws become her priority, I know we hear Sasural and Maayka in daily soaps, but trust me, it matters to a Indian girl, we girls are told always that Sasural is her home, you, your family and work were my priority, I expected you all to give importance to my work, which you did not. Shivaye looks on.

Siddharth’s mum comes and says life always has two choices, between responsibility and freedom, you chose your freedom, we did mistake in choosing, we chose a wrong bahu.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Sriranjani


    |Registered Member

    Hi guys I’m xtremely sorry coz I’m watching the episodes @ eve 6 pm so I’m unable to comment….I was so xited for tomorrow’s epi and It will be soo emotional to see Mallika and everyone

    • Sriranjani


      |Registered Member

      eppdi erukkinga ellarum (How are you all??)(aab log kaise hai??)… Naan nalla erukken (I’m fine)(me tek hun!!)….
      Me tamil so translation in english and hindi who are all from different places…
      get ready for the 3rd love story Ishkara………….Ishana is going to be back on Ishqbaaz

    • mishri

      Im fyn,mein theek ho nd naan nalla irukiren…thanx 4 askn really…6pm???whr do u live dude????😲😲😲😱😱😱😨😨

      • Shaza


        |Registered Member

        Mishi di …actually u can watch ishqbaaz on hotstar at 6pm but u have to be a premium subscriber .rs.199per month…but only available if ur in India ….

      • mishri

        Aww thnx shaza…i love watchng it in d tv anyway..its kinda exciring with ADs nd all…wese bhi..i hav subtitles tooooo…yipeeee

  2. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone 😄…Abiha di , how are ur results !? …anyway awesome episode as usual ..Anika also got herself a name SSOO😜… shivaye can feel if Anika is near 👍🏻😍……hope now ishkara story will come on proper track after malika’s exit ……shivika are as usual rocking …..Anika is awesome, …her plans are beyond awesome…..I thought tej called shivaye for telling something regarding the Oberoi’s secret …hope shivika will not let roop and Gayitri succeed in their evil plans…..waiting for tomorrow’s episode ..and hope that now ishkara story will not have any lies …and waiting ridhkara breakup ……

  3. Sharmi

    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode…….
    Hello all ishqbaazians……have u seen the IMDb rating for ishqbaaz…its 3.9…..omg… should be 9 or 10

  4. nikki

    Wow kal ka episode mallika ke liye akari epi hoga iam so excited to see it yaar waise i love siddarth s mom yaar how to behave have to learn from her way of talking is very impresive

    Good night al ishques

  5. ishika

    Anika wl b the controlled wife😍
    I can feel u?? Seriously?? Bt damn u cant feel urself shivay bby!!;.if this isn’t love idk wat is it😂😍😒
    Video posted by Gul khan spoiler….
    Mallika wl cnvnce shivay abt Anika…n shivay WL agree twrds love connection by mistake tht will leave bth mallika n shivay himslf shocked😂😍😍 waiting lalala😍 💕
    Bt gulkhan replied to th post tht love cnfession wl nt hpn so easily so relax……😂

  6. ishika

    And I love th fact tht mallikas character ws to raise th issue of women empowerment th thoughts has th logic n Gul khan dedicated this episode to viewers she twitted😊😊 ❤…i do respect this😊

  7. Akansha

    I Hope siddarth and mallila reconcile.. and because of this shivay n siddarth ll be one friends.. anyways there r 3 female villains so how they both becoming friends… N cos of this d chemistry between animal and shivaay ‘ll increase😘😊😊

  8. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    First of all thank u so much Amena for the super fast update….About the show…what to say????rocking as always…my most favorite moment when Shivaye tells Anika that he can feel her….awwww….moment….loved it…Rudy is really talented in making everyone laugh…loved his moments with Mallika…such lovely bro he is…feeling sad that Mallika’s part is going to end…loved her performance…

  9. mishri

    I am a die hard SSOO fan now!!!!!!!😂😂😂😂..dat lady is driving me crazy!!!!how funny cn she be….no wonder shivaay singh oberoi is fallng for her…sorry fell 4 her….gosh i love them!!!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘😍😍😍

  10. mishri

    They gave us,the TU readers a msg…any1 noticed????NEVER RUNAWAY FROM PROBLEMS…FACE IT!!!!!im sooo happy shivu nd reni di is stayn…u all have started 2 bcum a part of my daily life…love u all😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤

  11. MP

    shivani plzz ignore them. And plz don’t leave . We all r with u.. And don’t reply them. Ager tum unhe reply karogi they again and again insult your selfrecpect. N u again n again hurt. Soo don’t reply them.we are a family.. Ishqbaaz family. All for one one for all. U R NOT ALONE WE ALL R WITH U.

  12. Abiha

    @Renima d i hope that u r not leaving tu page..n tnrw i’ll be to see ur comments d bcz tmrw is a big day for me d..lets give 2nd chance to tu ..

    @thnxxx shivani d that u r not u..tmrw is my result..

  13. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Today episode was interesting finally Malika going to be less part of the show. I’m sure they will keep her as cameo for emergency situations and after all Shivay is a gentleman so he will take care about her life.

    Let me guess what Oberoi family secret could be:

    1. Their grandfather was not a saint as everyone think and started business with a friend or a partner and then this person was killed or disappeared with suspicious circumstances, his family was ruined.
    * This potentially could be interesting way to unite Anika’s (if she was kidnapped from her family by Oberois for blackmailing) and Oberoi family stories and create tension between them (Romeo and Juliet version).
    * Grandfather ex-partner could be Rana family as well, so it will explain relations between two families. (Oberoi-Rana business confrontation version)

    2. It took place the production technology violation at Oberoi factory and some people/personnel was injured or dead. If it comes out they will lose reputation and business will take financial risks. (Toxic version)
    * Potentially this could be nice way to get rid of Riddhima because in this situation it would be Om- Riddhima conflict and she could ask him to leave the family and he won’t do it ever.
    * If it comes out before Shivay-Tia wedding it could be nice way to get rid of Tia as well, if she is really golddigger she will cancel wedding.

    3. Nothing really bad had happened but there were some suspicions about Oberoi grandfather that he was paying to administrative officials, politics or smth like this to get some state property or production orders. For some motive Oberoi grandfather did not want to clean his name publically so there were no trial and some doubts are left. (Fake charges version)
    * This could be nice way to get Ishana back. In case this charges come out Om will believe that all this against his family is fake he could ask her to help him to get evidence. So as she told before he would be ready for everything to protect his family, even cheating, lying and etc.
    To tell the true I think at the end of the day it will be mix of all this versions and it will take it all from all members of Oberoi family to clean reputation and sort it out. In process Riddhima and Tia are going to be gone and Anika, Ishana, Soumya are going to take active part to help them.

    Please, my friends don’t be harsh with me, all this is just my point of view.

    • Luna

      Why will we bash u Dasha??? yes ur prediction can be true. But one question, why will Omkara ask Ishana to help him in getting evidences??? He hates liars and Ishana will use all the cheap tricks to collect evidences which Om won’t like as he is a man of ethics. It will be better if Shivaye hires her but again, why Oberois hire a girl who was trying to con them????

      • Enasanjida

        Bcz Ishaana one of them who loves research.. 2um nah dekha nahi Ishaana-Omkara ka last conversation.. Ishaana say research.

      • DaSha

        The problem of good people is that they only can do good, but bad people can do both good and bad things. I was thinking that Ishana help could be necessary in case Om will not have any legal ways to deal with problems of his family. For example if Roop Oberoi put everything on her name and family will stay unprotected who can help Om to cheat Roop and fix everything back better than Ishana?

    • mishri

      Awesum dasha!!!i actually appreciate u 4 typng all diz😃😃…it will make sense if these thngs happen…hope thy make a sesible move…bt i also wish it was nothng big..i dunno less drama thn ryt??if not thyll dragg d show…i want thm 2 finish it early bt with a proper ending unlike had a really bad 1…thy shuldnt draaaag it god plzzz..

  14. DaSha

    And another thing.

    Don’t you think it goes a little too easy for Shivay with Anika?

    I mean he got ex-girlriend, current girlfriend, Anika. He considered to be rich, handsome, successful bachelor, there are lots of girls after him. Meanwhile Anika had never been in love, no boyfriends etc. No opportunity for Shivay to get jealous, worry about his place in her heart, realize his feelings, no risk to lose her.

    It would be nice if it comes out that she got a good male friend (let us suppose he was traveling/studying/working somewhere all this time) and this friend is desperately in love with her and wants to marry and take care about Anika and Sahil. She can engage with him to get legal custody for Sahil or smth like this. I think it will bring some balance into Anika-Shivay love story.

  15. mishri

    Yippppeeeeee!!!!i dunno y m diz excited bt i saw a clip on insta now!!!!!!!!!!!u guyz must watch it!!!!mallika-shivaay confession abt his feelings!!!!!plz do watch it na..itz really small bt it got me excited…i wish i can share it here…😯😯😯

  16. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Hey Ishqies‼‼How are you all❓❓I hope all are doing well 😊 Shivani I hope u are better 🙂
    Well the episode was sweet, I guess now too many characters are added to the story and no particular story for Ishkara and Roumya whereas Shivika are rocking the show like hell 🙂 Loving their chemistry day by day 🙂 Good going 🙂
    How are u Ishqbaazians./Ishqies, Mukta di, Mukti, Nadiyah api, Priya di, Shivani di, Dhruvv bhaiya, Aliya, Roz, Rose, Fatarajo, Renima di, Luna, Haya Api, Abiha, Yazhu, Sriranjani, Sunehri, Monique di, Shraddha and many more…..How are u all? I hope all are doing well 🙂 Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Same yea …but I’m not disappointed cuz it’s not his mistake….but still sad that karanvir is not there …I actually love the Jodi of surbhi and karnvir 😔…

      • Mona146


        |Registered Member

        even KSG or rajbeer or shaheer sheikh or even raquest vasist would have been excellent. I find shaleen too dull. There seems no chemistry of so called true love claimed by mallika in between them.

  17. Luna

    Oberois so called security is completely useless. Anyone can enter the Oberoi mansion. It looks like they have written those codes in the entrance.

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      yea u r rite,,,Shakthi was travelling alone without any security men last day….and Gayatri and Roop planned so many attacks against them,,,,

    • mishri

      Actually me tooo…m afraid thyll stpo d show for low ratings…u knw lyk d othr shows….d timing is really bad i admit…😮😮😮

  18. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Mukuuuuuuuuuuu happiessst bdayyyy dear!!!!!!!!!!!!have ablast🎀🎁🎂🎈🎆🎉🎊
    Luv u loads…
    Dhruvvv I’m really happy u relates my bond with dhruv…we actually used to comment on sh…MD ishana I’ll be back after mallika goes…
    Abiha diii best of luck fr results..
    Hello ishkes!!!!!
    Mukta abiha Luna sat shaza haya priya Nikki mishri diya Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu Maya piyuuuu shivu muku dhruv Bhai nishuuu roz tharu shahbana Mona dasha renima nivedita shraddha rosu…many more!!!
    Hufffffffffffff how’s u all!!!💖💝👌😚🙌

  19. Luna

    Actually the problem is with both Mallika and Siddharth. Usually in love people have too many unrealistic expectations from each other which they are’nt able to fulfill after marriage. But Mallika realised it before her marriage. It also proves that she loves her independence and freedom more than Siddharth, and there is nothing wrong in it.

    • mishri

      But trust me shes in for big trouble now..dat is aftr marriage…d worst she will end up with a divorce maybe…sorry but maybe…thy myt torture her..d evil rich ppl dnt care wat thy do aftr thr reputation is spoilt…

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      yea,,,,will surely miss Anika-Mallika bond after Mallika’s exit,,,I just love the way both girls roaming around the house,cracking jokes on others

  20. Luna

    Guys, lets play another game, I got this idea from India forums. Imagine what type of intimate scenes u want to see btwn shivika, ishkara and rumya. Think of some dirty scenes btwn the couples and tell us. This is just for fun, if u all dont like it then its okay.

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      I’m excited to see her in Ishqbaaz,,,bt can’t imagine her as a typical saas lyk this who don’t want her bahu to build her own career

  21. Rosu 25

    Good morning all😊😊
    Episode was ok….. Loved shivika scene……i am very happy that Shivay again sensed her…..feel her presence……😍

  22. nikki

    Hai good morning all ishquies

    @abiha i was busy so i dint comment from 2days sorry i think any didt forget me right

    @ Mukthi i wish u very happy returns of the day may god bless u dear

    @ richu iam fine what about u dear what happen to shivani dear can anyone tell me plz

  23. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Rudra is tooo cute,,,,see the way he is trying to stop Mallika
    From Siddharth’s mother’s POV,,,her bahu is meant to work for her and her family, not for the society.,,,I just hate this concept and glad that Ishqbaaz team is giving a msg against this.
    Hope Mallika will give apt reply to Sid’s mother,,,

  24. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Gd mrngzz my swt frndzz..
    hv a nice day ..
    a big thnxz to shaza 4 the link .. luv confessin of SHIVAY.. i’m sooo happyyyy 🙂
    epi was good, i likd the executin of SHIVIKA’Z scene ..The way SHIvay talkz to annika so cuteeeeeee.. WOWwww I’M SURPRISED ! Shivay can feel Anika’z presence.. 😀
    My funny RUdyyyy alwyzz funnyyy..
    I thnk MALLIKA nd Om LOoking nyc jodi’zzz.. It’z my view.. 😛

  25. Mukta

    Good Morning Ishqies!!!!!!!!!!! How r u all???

    Love the life u live and live the life u love!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a cheerful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Mukta

    @MUKTI DI I’ve read comments that it’s ur birthday today!!!!!!!!!

    A very very very happiest birthday Di!!!!!!!!! May this approaching year surprises u with lots of happiness, joy and success!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Mukta

    About the episode…….. don’t know when Oberois will know abt Tia…… that she leaked those party photos……. Rudra was too funny as usual…….. and Shivaay…… aww…….. he is feeling Anika’s presence……. heart to heart connection…….. moreover……. he is following his would be wife from now only……. not bad…….. he will be best husband…… and after that the SSOO part……… marvelous…….. Anika always nails the episode……. and that personal talk in front of so many peoples……. Shaleen Malhotra……. he is just awesome……. I love him since he was playing Arjun………. but sad that he’ll soon leave the show…….. Mallika is also going…….. but it’s good…….. cvs should focus on leads…….. I thought Mallika track was just unnecessary……. but no….. Mallika to jaate jaate ek mahan kam karne wali hai……. making Shivaay realize his feelings towards Anika…… Mallika……. good job….. and last but not the least…….. Siddhartha’s mom is going to enter the show……. she rocked in PKDH…… and is here to di a blast……. waw….. excited…….. waiting for today’s episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Abiha

    @@heyy mukti d…
    A very happy birthday…may God bless u in each n every field of life ..Ameen..
    Happy birthday..🍰🎂🎂

  29. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    gud morning mukta ,disha,misri,aliya,piyali,renima di,nikki,zuha,abiha ,roz,rosu,manik bro,dhruv,dhruv bhai,shaza,shahbana,sat,haya,priya,sunheri,richu,mukti,ishika,fatarajo,ishita,aishwarya,samyukta,liya,luna nadiya di,riddhima,tharu,mahiswat ,ayesha,diya,shivika fan,riya,stuti,meena ,enasanjida ,pradishma,sreeranjini,mp.h
    have a nice day and keep smiling

  30. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    epi is nice but little bit boring.rudra ‘s part is hilarious when he ran away with her shoes .ssoo nice nickname they both are too cute

  31. Tharu


    |Registered Member

    Rudra is so cute as always trying to stop malika.shivay can feel Anika….wow….how cute Anika said she is ssoo…shivay will be a caring husband…..

  32. Roz


    |Registered Member

    I posted comments at 7.30 am in the mrng and it didn’t get posted till now,,,,plz post it before today’s epi,,,,

  33. shahabana

    About episode its little boring but shivika parts asusual superb ans ssoo anika saying she is organizer of sso oh my anika only u can talk like this and shivaye is feeling anikas presence hmmmm finally billuji fall in love with anika and rudra he was cuteee funny the show steeler love the ishqbaaz very much and finally mallika is exit from the show its good but i really miss her and love the ishqbaaz

  34. shahabana

    Heyyy guyz just share ur openion why u all are started watching this show for the concept or for the curiosity or for actors .i started watching this show for the concept bcz show is about 3 brothers its different from other sas bahu dramaz and stupid triangle lovestorys and for nakul mehtha

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      I started watching the show bcoz of

      1. The promo of the show (the first promo itself was superb)

      2. Leneesh Mattoo(Rudra)- I used to watch Suhani si ek ladki,that was my fav show once.Rudra
      was a part of this show and joined Ishqbaaz by quitting SSEL. I was excited to see him in
      lead role in a new show

      • shahabana

        Heyyy i also liked linesh in ssel but in ishqbaaz linesh as rudra fabulous job now im watching this show only not for nakul but for all three leads and for pair also they all are doing great job

      • Roz


        |Registered Member

        yea,,,,,now I’m watching the show
        firstly for the bromance
        secondly for the 3 leads Shivika Romya Ishkara
        and I also love Oberoi bonding lyk Pinki-Jhanvi,Dadi e.t.c

        and u r rite,Leneesh is doing a great job here,,,,SSEL didn’t give him much space to show his acting skills

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      i have decided to watch the show when i saw the promo of omkara…that..”perfect pyar aur perfect shaadi….kahaniyo mei hi milti hai” touched me alot….and then i decided to watch it..and literally i started to love omkara character alot and i have become a crazy fanatic of kunal ..then ishana entry has came..and i have become a pagli for ishkara..but ya i m not watching nowadays bcoz of xmz..but surely l watch it whenever i m free through hotstar… now the reason for me to watch ishqbaaz is MY OMKARA AND MY them to the core…

  35. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hey everyone,its been a while since I post something here.Hope you huys have been all the Shivika scene ,I did too but kind of missed ishana and here mad dance skills.

    Can’t wait for her to come and turn Om’s life upside down.

    Mukta,Nadiya,Disha ……how u all

  36. Shasha

    The way shiv looked at ani,wen she said i want to talk with u..was like he was expectng her to say some other thing…



    |Registered Member





  38. renima ishqie

    Ishqies, i mailed tu and this time they replied me that they have cancelled all abusive comments and i asked them once we point out tu will cancel it and on other day people will post without any delay. So tu replied me that it will not happen 2 any body in future and tu will take care off those who are commenting here and also now onwards tu will strictly check the language and comment before posting it and asked every body to comment here as this is a public platform to express views about shows and tu will take the responsibility of comments and strictly will not post any abusive comment in any of the upcoming tu pages. TU also thanked all ishqies who have reported the issue through their mails and if we have any complaints regarding comments or queries about moderation or any thing related 2 tu we can mail it through contact page and tu will reply it. And tu asked every body to comment as they will guarantee our views and opinions. It is not necessary for we to reply an abusive comment as tu will handle it and this is not a page for abusive statements and we are not supposed to view such comments as tu has the rule that they will publish show related comments. Since tu
    will guarantee our comments and asked to comment with that trust i have decided 2 comment again.

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      yea,,,that’s true,,,I felt the difference,,,it took 3hrs to post my “hai”,,,long comments are posted as soon as possible after moderation and small comments like “hai”s are deleted soon after posting…whatever happy that from now onwards there won’t be any abusive comments

  39. renima ishqie

    Happy Birthday Dear Mukti Ishqie…..

    Mind will always search for some thing

    Birthday will teach your mind what you have to do

    On every birthday you will cross your age and you will realise what you are

    Celebrate this birthday as this is the moment which may spread happiness to all those people who are very close to you……

    May this birthday will bring lot of joy, happiness and prosperity in your life …..mukti ishqie….

  40. Kiki

    Hi friends…..Oh my god.. Shivaay could feel Anika’s presence. Rudra is so cute… The way he ran with luggage. I couldn’t stop laughing. And I really liked the SSOO part… I hope Ishana will enter very soon..
    Happy Birthday Mukthi…..
    Renima di.. Welcome. How are you?

  41. renima ishqie

    About the episode…..i was not able to watch the whole episode …..i watched upto anika’s talk with rana from sso’s phone….i missed rana’s entry and i will watch it on hot star @ evng and then i will comment here…….
    * I loved shivika when sso said “kya baat hai anika ?” without looking her and when she asked about it he replied ” i can feel it “…….i felt it was like sso’s “dil ki awaz” as it came naturally from him and when he knew it he just looked @ Anika…..means his kanchi aankhen kuch keh rahe the……cute romantic moment………

    I hope all my ishqies …..mukta,aqua, mukti,priya, disha, abiha, tharu, yazhu, haya, shaza, shahabhana, luna, enasanjida, kiki, nikki, nazneen. rosu, rose,roz, anusha, anaaya, tharu, arya, sunanda, chetna, sunehri, sujina, zuha, richu, ridhima, liya, diya, mary, himagiri, sreekutty, fatarajo, piyali, pradishma, neha, pragya, jarra, krits, kat, sat, nelka, navi, aliya, lijitha, meena,
    shivani, nivedha, nihaarika, samyuktha, dhruv, maanik, harshan, vinayak, dil, monique, admin, aditya, jazz, devga,nadiya ……and each and every ishqies are fine……and am absolutely fine my ishqies………

  42. Abiha

    Hey mishri …
    I didn’t understand what u said..plz say it again..

    Thnk God renima d that u gave thm a second chnce hope tu page will never dissapoint us..

  43. shahabana

    Hey neha u asked about trp of ishqbaaz k then look at this top5 shows
    1.shakthi 3.3
    2.sathiya 3.1
    3.kkb 3
    4.brahmarakshas 2.9
    5.yhm 2.8
    And ishqbaaz trp is 1.9 and rival show kasam trp is 2

  44. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    guys i dont know whether ishqbaaz is in top 10 or not….but here the top 5 list..and ishqbaaz is not in top 5 …


    2.saath nibhana saathiya…

    3.kumkum bagya…


    5.yeh hai mohabbatein,,,,,

    well in this i just watch brahmarakshas regularly..yhm and shakti sometimes..i dont know abt other series…..

  45. Maya

    Ishqbaaz ka TRP drop hoga hi they have just bored us with this Mallika Comedy track. Hope her role ends today & we get back to the normal track.
    I think from Monday Om and Riddhima conflict will start.

    • Luna

      Yup, u r right. I am still not understanding the whole point of this Mallika track. Though I enjoyed the comedy track but the story was simply stucked. It felt like I’m not watching Ishqbaaz but Comedy Nights with Mallika.

  46. MARY

    Hey everyone !!!!
    How are you all ?



    Uff mera internet Ki speed I can’t watch episode. 😈😈

  47. NazneenSyed

    Good afternoon ishkies.
    I don’t know why this saathiya’s trp is not decreasing????It’s a boring serial.And it is at second position.

  48. Shivika fan

    Yesterday’s episode was quite boring. Except Shivika moments. Shivaay can feel Anika .Why are makers bringing Mallika’s story in between ? Hope it will end today.

  49. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Episode was good my fav ssoo part
    Rudra is so cute he ran with mallika’s shoes than bag siddharth entry with style
    Happy Birthday mukti di


    Good afternoon roz di, renima di,abiha,mukti di,mishri,shahabana di,tharu, haya di, priya di,luna di,ensanjida,chetna di, sunehri,shivani di,druvv & druvvv vai & everyone.
    Thank you roz di for your warm welcome.😃
    Happy birthday to you mukti di. May your life become as sweet as you are.🎂

  51. Maya

    Ya hope Mallika track ends today.
    Ya I have hardly been watching Ishqbaaz since Mallika entered as the other plots have taken a back seat with little Shivika moments.
    Is Ishqbaaz there tomorrow Sunday evening. Hope it’s there or we have to wait till Monday 🙄.

  52. Maya

    How can Shakti be leading people really watch such serials oh god on transgender 😱.
    I tried watching it could not relate to it at all.

    • shahabana

      Maya dr no offence but shakthi is far far better than kkb and sathiya. I dntknw how ppl can watch sathiya drama and kkb no story at all only dragging just look at kkb its still on starting position with stupidity

  53. Nazneen Syed

    Hey friends I got good marks in internals.
    I commented morning but the moderation people didn’t post my comments.

  54. MARY

    Where is Sahil gone ? Is he still on school trip ? Wow ! What a school . Two weeks long school trip and Anika was able to afford it .

  55. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Kushagra!!!! U posting ffs here too!!! Not bad haan….
    Muku ur welcum dear….
    Hey renima I’m fine!!!!!!!
    Welcum troyeee!!!!!!
    Shahabana as sooon as I came to know that its about three bros I though it must be interesting moreover vrushu and nakulll they r my jaans…ishana Sharon!!!!

    Hey good evening ishkes…
    Mukta abiha Luna sat shaza haya priya Nikki mishri diya Manik Mary sunehri samyukta yazhu Maya piyuuuu tharu devga dhruvvv roz rosu liya nadiya dishuuu Anusha aaliya aditi!!!!! Sweet ishkes how r u……
    Muku shivu nishuuuuuu!!!!!
    Dhruv Bhai!!!!nice do!!!

  56. Richu


    |Registered Member

    Saath nibhana saathiya yeah Bhai mohhobatein kumkumbhagya many more serials are dragged unnesserily yaar….
    Shahbana yuppp shakti is far better that these!!

  57. Luna

    What happened guys???? No one liked my game??? Its okay, I dont mind. I saw this game in India forums and there ppl were giving hilarious comments, so decided to play it here. But now I think it is a bad idea as even 12 year old kids visit this site so it will inappropriate. Sorry Guys!!!!!!

  58. Abiha

    The link which shaza posted i watched ..its awsomee..malika i lv u for doing such a great job ..but i think it happened so soon..anyway m happy about that..

    @renima d yeah m fine d..i got 87% in my result but m sad ..don’t why..

  59. Nazneen Syed

    I agree with you Shahabana how they can watch that saathiya it’s very very very boring serial of star plus.

    • shahabana

      S nazreen i too think same there should be some limit of dragging its good if they will end shows within 3 yrs then they can start a new show what is the need of unnesessary dragging

  60. Luna

    Renima, TU team said to me that they do delete many comments but as they get 1000s of comments daily, some of the comments get missed. They are telling that if any inappropriate comment gets posted then dont reply to them and complaint to TU team and they will delete those comments. We shud also understand their situation as they are also humans. BTW i’m good Renima, how r u sweetie????

  61. Luna

    Dasha, I think Roop getting the whole property will be the most cliched storyline ever. But it still does’nt makes sense that why in the whole world Oberois will hire Ishana to con Roop, a girl who has insulted their whole family. It will be very out of character for both Shivaye and Om as both value their brothers more than themselves. Even if Om asks Ishana for help then also why will Ishana help the Oberois. They can’t give her money as the whole property is with Roop. But yeah, its still possible if CVs come with some good reasons for all these.

  62. Luna

    Zuha, I think Roumya story shud’nt be a copy of Shivika story. Roumya love story has good potential if it is developed properly. It shud’nt be love-hate story like Shivika. I want it to be a story of friendship to love something in the lines of bollywood movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

  63. Luna

    Happy birthday 2 u dear Mukti. May u get all the happiness in ur life. God bless u sweetie. Abiha, don’t loose hope dear. Sometimes we work hard but still we dont get the desired result but life does’nt. Success is’nt entirely in our hands. I know its easy to say than doing but u shud still not feel sad. Take care dearie.

  64. Tridha ( Troyee )

    Good evening guys ! Actually my real name is tridha. So I thought I should tridha instead of troyee. BTW ishqbaaz has lost its concept. I love the show only for 5 reason. 1 omkara 2 ishkara 3 shivika ki sweet jhagre 4 bromance & 5 virat kohli ( I m a huge vk fan & his name has been mentioned in ishqbaaz 4 times). But they aren’t showing ishkara. They aren’t showing bromane. They have sidelined omru. Only mallika & mallika story is ending hope they will show more ishkara & rumya & will b the no. 1 show in Indian t.v.

  65. nikki

    @ abiha congrats thum jyaada expect kiya hoga but its ok hotha a Kath kabhi

    Hey all ishqies good evening

    Hey anyone know when ishana will cime iam a big fan of her for specially forher dance yaar uske liye me is setial ko dekhrahithi per waiting for her plz tell me info if anyone know

    • renima ishqie

      Nikki ishqie…..i heard that ishu will be back within 2 weeks….now 1st week is over … don’t know when we will get a glance of ishana……how r u ishqie

  66. Piyaliii


    |Registered Member

    Happy birthday Mukti di…..
    Sry I am late yrr…..
    But today I was quite busy. …..sry sry sry….
    And live a long life di…..
    Hope you will be fine whole life…😊😊😊😊

  67. Tridha

    Nikkidi I heard ishu will come back within 2 weeks. Even I m a vrushika & ishkara fan. Hope she will have a great re-entry

    • nikki

      Tridha ishquie and renima ishqiue thanks per abhi aur ek week intgazar karna padega so sad per vrushika ke liye kar sakthi hoon kehethe hina safar ka phal meeta hotha hai i llbe waiting for her

      Anyway thodi dare me serial suru ho jayega enjoy ishquis

  68. renima ishqie

    @ Abiha.ishqie….congrats dear
    @ Shivani ishqie so happy 2 see u here
    @ luna ishqie i understand the situation of tu and they also said me if we find any comment which is not suitable 4 this page just report it to tu ….
    [ @ luna.. thanks 4 the compliment 4 ishkara imagination]
    now we can comment as tu will examine all comments before posting……As rules are strict now may be some of our comments will not be posted. But if we check the rules of tu which is down of the page we can understand it…….
    @ Mukti….once again i wish u many more happy returns of the day
    Ishqies……i was not able 2 watch the episode fully yet now as so many pending works which i
    have to finish 2mrw itself. As monday and upcoming days our team has 2 attend board meetings

  69. renima ishqie










  70. Varshini


    |Registered Member

    hi all , i am varshini and i am 14 years old . i used to comment here before on the username belle . i changed my username from belle to my original name varshini . i commented only for some days . iwant to know how old u all r , can u pls tell me

  71. Abiha

    @shivani d n @nikki d..thnxx …

    @renima d n mukta missing u ..

    @Tridha i replied u yr but tu page not posting it..don’t why..😂😂😔

  72. Tridha

    It’s ok abiha. Thanks for replying me. Renima di ur poems has so much depth. They are awesome. Varshini welcome again here.

  73. aahana

    Hii i am the new member of ur group and the fan of ishkara….hey i am 15 year old who want to become my friend??

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