Ishqbaaz 16th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Anika follows Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 16th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks why were you doing this. Anika makes excuses. He holds her hand. She shouts and says leave my hand, if my husband saw you, he would have broken your hands, he gets so angry and broke many mobiles till now. Some time before, Tej, Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi are on the way. Shivaye follows them. Tanya follows him. Anika is also on the way and asks driver to drive faster. Tanya says I have to find out where Shivaye is going and why, this is only way to win Abhay’s trust, else he will think I couldn’t help him.

Rudra talks to Chubby and says you had to go Delhi at this time, I wanted to party, fine get lost. He says no one is available now, its my mistake, Mumbai is busy city, no one has time, there has to be a happening place, Goa…I m coming. Bhavya calls him and says I got everything

you said. He asks her where are her manners, will she call boss this way, throw everything in dustbin and reach airport. He says we are flying to Goa. She asks why. He says just do as I say. She asks how can we go this way. He says you would want permission from your husband, ask him to deposit 30 lakhs else let you do your job. She says I didn’t do any packing. He says we are going on work, not any fashion show, reach fast.

Anika looks for Shivaye. He thinks why do I feel Anika is around. He turns and sees her. She thinks did he recognize me. He says maybe your ticket fell down. He gives it to her. His hand touches her hand. He says Anika………. She asks what nonsense, why are you calling me Anika, I m Anisa. She goes. She says if Shivaye identified me, he would have sent me back. Tanya says if Shivaye is smart, I m oversmart. She collides with Bua and asks are you blind. Bua says yes, I m blind. Tanya says so sorry. Bua acts. The man/don says don’t worry mum, I will get eyes for you. Tanya says sorry and goes. He says you do good acting.

Bhavya gets irritated by Rudra. She calls him idiot. He asks her to say sorry, as she is 5mins late. She says you should have told me before, I m just 2mins late. He says Om tells complete poetry and Shivaye shows much tadi in 2mins, its costly bag, be careful. He says what happened, you got weak after marriage, don’t show me attitude, look down. She says its not written in contract. A girl calls him out. He says baby…. Rudra cares for her. He asks Bhavya does she have any problem. Bhavya says why will I have any problem, do anything. The girl asks who is this aunty, your Mausi. He says no, she is my personal bodyguard. Bhavya gets miffed. He asks did you say anything. She says nothing. Rudra compliments the girl. She calls him romantic. He taunts Bhavya as oldies. He asks her to come, they will miss the flight.

Shivaye sees Tej and hides. Tej sees him too. Don asks Bua not to do anything wrong, else it will be loss of many crores. He sees Mona and goes. Bua asks him to stop. Tanya calls out Shivaye. He says Tanya and turns. He says what’s happening, I felt like seeing Anika and hearing Tanya. His bag falls. He picks it. Anika sees the medicines fallen and puts in his bag. Shivaye asks why were you doing this. She says your medicines fell, so I have put it back. He asks how did you know of it. She says it fell from your bag. He asks why are you doing this. She thinks Shivaye knows its me.

He holds her hand. She shouts and says leave my hand, if my husband saw you, he would have broken your hands. He asks what did you say. She says my husband’s anger is much, whatever he gets in hand, he breaks it, he gets so angry and broke many mobiles till now. She goes. He says she is 100% Anika, why is she doing this. Don says where did Mona go. Bua scolds him. Don says Mona is my life, heart and beat. Bua asks how do you know its Mona behind the burqa. He does shayari. He says Mona had worn burqa to get saved from police once, she looked same. She says mad man, I have to act blind for money.

Anika hides in washroom and says Shivaye is so clever, he identified me even in burqa, I will not go in front of him. Bua comes there and does some makeup. She sees Anika and thinks what is she doing here, if she tells everyone about me, don’t know what will happen. Tanya comes there. She doesn’t see Anika. Anika washes face and leaves. Bua says where did she go, maybe here, I will lock he here. Anika leaves. Tanya gets locked. She shouts for help.

Some girls come there and open the door. Tanya thanks them and goes. Shivaye hears announcement and says where are these four, its boarding time. He sees them. Rudra talks to Baby and makes plans. Bhavya hears them. Bua sees Anika and says how did she come here. Don sees Anika and says Mona. Bua stops him. Don falls in Anika’s feet. Anika helps him. He asks Mona did you come back, lets have a selfie. Anika runs away. She says he was so strange, cheapo. Shivaye hears her. Anika hides seeing him. He follows Tej. He thinks its good they didn’t see me, I will keep an eye on them inside as well. He goes ahead. Tej says we are not going Goa, we have changed our mind. He tears the boarding pass. Tej recalls…..

FB shows Tej telling them that Shivaye was keeping an eye on them, so he told about Goa to mislead him, Shivaye wants to know Kalyani mills secret, he won’t sit quiet till he knows it. He says we will pretend that we are going Goa, if he is here, we can’t do anything, we will stay here to find tapes and destroy it, we can find the blackmailer, that matter shouldn’t come out. FB ends. Tej says Shivaye has doubt on us already, so he came to follow us, we have to reach blackmailer. Pinky asks is Shivaye safe there. Tej says danger is here, he is safe there. They all leave. Tanya says why are they going back, they were going Goa, where is Shivaye, he was following them, if they came back, he will also come back, I think I should follow them. Bhavya thinks I did mistake to call him a kid, he is worse, I will also answer him. Rudra thinks you married Manav and broke me, now its my turn. Don thinks I will not let Mona go anywhere. Anika thinks sorry Shivaye, I will stay with you as shadow always. Shivaye thinks I will find that secret any way.

Tanya sees Tej and everyone. She calls Abhay and says I m at airport, I was following Shivaye, now his family members are leaving from here, I don’t know where is Shivaye, why will they mislead him. He says just follow them and let me know where they are going. She agrees. She thinks to do something, they would be going in taxi. She hides in taxi’s dicky. They sit in their car. Tej says we are going to hospital to meet Shukla, just he can make us reach blackmailer. Abhay says what are they planning, Shivaye is following them. He gets nurse’s call. Nurse says Shukla is getting conscious, he is saying Oberoi repeatedly as if he has to say something. Abhay says this is big problem, he shouldn’t tell anything to Oberois. Shivaye says why did they not come here. Attendant asks him to sit. He says we can’t take off till everyone comes. She says everyone is here, how come you are in economy class today. He says I just wanted to experience, my family is going to come, just check. She asks are you talking of Mr. Oberoi. He says yes, let me check. Anika looks on. He goes.

Rudra asks Bhavya to click his pic. Bhavya asks him to smile. He taunts her. She scolds him. He asks her to talk with manners. Shivaye comes and gets surprised seeing him. Rudra asks what are you doing here. Shivaye hugs him. Rudra says what a coincidence, we are travelling in same flight. Shivaye asks where are you these days. Rudra says I m managing your business, its funny we stay in same house and meeting here. Bhavya greets him. Shivaye asks why did you not come home. Rudra signs her not to say anything. He says life is funny, she just met me. Shivaye asks are you guys not together. Rudra says no. Bhavya says I had to go urgently and just came.

Shivaye asks about her job. Rudra says she is going Goa for work. Don says does police know about me, I have to go. Bua smiles. Rudra asks where are you going. Shivaye says I m also going Goa as flight is going there. Rudra says very smart, where is Anika. Shivaye says I have to come back, my work isn’t there. Rudra says who will retuirn from Goa, we will call Om, we will party. Shivaye says no, I m also some mission like Bhavya, we will hangout together, I promise. Attendant calls him. Shivaye says I m coming. Rudra asks what, since when did Shivaye start sitting in economy class. Shivaye says since Rudra start sitting in business class, have fun guys. He goes.

Two guys come to see Gauri’s house. A guy sees Gauri and says she is beautiful. Other guy asks him not to start this here. Abhay comes to Shukla. Shukla says don’t kill me, I won’t tell anyone. Abhay apologizes and asks for the info about Kalyani mills. He gets angry and asks him not to shout, just answer else…… He hears someone coming and hides. Tej and everyone arrive. Shakti says thank God Shukla, you got conscious. Tej says we came to ask for tapes, we gave you that to destroy. Shakti asks whom did you give that tapes. Tej says come on speak up. Shakti says he can’t answer us in this state. Pinky says we will go home. Shukla holds Tej’s hand. Abhay looks on. Tej asks do you want to say anything. Shukla nods. Tej and Shakti bend to hear him.

Some people dance in flight. Parda hai parda….plays…. Anika sees Shivaye. A guy asks whose love is true, Laila or Majnu. Shivaye says Laila and Majnu story is of two people, whose hearts, names and lives are joined forever, their love was true.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Riddhima

    Hai iishqiieass????
    Vanakam ishqiiess…????

    Today episode was full of fillers ….
    What’s the need of bua here ..???

    What’s the secret … Reveal it soon and move on yaar .how long shivika will fight and rreunion …getting boring yaar ….

    Show some change …

    Rudy like the word Aunty and old today ..haha ….bbavya thevaiya idhu unaku … ????????

    Actually where is my om ….my om free hair ..iinnocent eyes …truth lover … Good listener … ???????

    Why unnecessary heroine scene for gauri …. Romba mukkiyam ippo …

    NNadula intha Tanya loosu vera … Pagal hai woh Tanya …..

    Abbay dono what is this plan …

    Anika …rocked …. ????

    Shivay senses anika …??????

    Shivru reunion ??????… That hug .. Made my day …..

    Precap : ??????

    Fight fight …
    Reunion reunion…
    Mystery mystery…
    Solve solve …

    Again ….????

    Fight fight ….
    Reunion reunion …
    Mystery mystery …
    Solve solve …

    Ishqbaaz mei ishq nahi hai … Kya Karo mei … ?????

    Pyaar enga dawwww….

    Good night ishqiiess …????
    Iravu vanakam ishqiiess…????

    1. Aniru

      1st Comment of the week goes to …. Riddhima… Congrats..

      There is no Shivika now. Only SSO & Annika.

      Me too wish to see Ani-Ru..

      1. Riddhima

        Aniru ….

        Hey hey hey first comment. …party time ….????????????????????..

        Only today … Because nila was not feeling well yesterday that’s why. ..?????

        Waiting for aniru ..combo …. That masti …??????

    2. Y gauri mela ivko kandu

      1. Riddhima

        K …..

        Yena Ava om Ku pair a iruka a than …??????

        En om …enudaiya om ..enaku mattum than …?????

        Like …en om than enaku mattum than …. ?????

    3. Piyuu

      go riddhi go

      1. Riddhima

        Piyu thank you …. ????


    4. Pinku

      Hey ridhima vanakam….. go ridhima go

      1. Riddhima

        Vanakam pinky ….
        Thank you …????

  2. Arpita6

    ???????….i started to seethe show bcoz of its comedy….and different story…

    Now there is comedy aur saath saath itni raaz ka pitara…

    1…Anni di yiu rocked today..although you covered your face…..but still yiur eyes expression was good..And which language were used my you…plz tell me??????…i can’t stop laughing ??????????. .

    2ye don ki shayari mujhe kuch samajh nahi aaya..??????..mona …..i was laughing when hewas afer anni….

    3 So Bandri bua was there only for to lock dhaniya….her part was not needed…

    4.Sso and his sense o meter… ?????..bechara..apni pagal patni ko dekha pehechana then confused…???..but i think at last he was sure…….

    5 tej is like shivaay business main tumhe sikhaye he ..toh tum mujhe bewkoof kaise banaoge…Baap se beta paida hota he …beta se baap nahi..???..

    6.Gouri was looking soo beautiful today…???.

    7.Babybali uska baby, tej &company…is hell irritating me..first time jsnvi is also irritating me…..

    8.rubhya…i don’t want to say anything. ……..

    9.precap-Sso’s opinion on laila majnu love……just onewwwww..

    Ye mere ko batao ki plane main sisa hota he kya??? Ki upar business wale and niche economy class….aisa do parts hote he kya?????.

    AMMU BABY boli he ki woh bahut jald ane wali he sabko saath main le kar…….TU page main.bcoz SECRETARY KABHI APNA PROMISE NAHI TODTI ………….

    1. Krish6868

      ARPITA, Hi!
      ANIKA spoke Hyderabadi Urdu. Only here we use “kainku for kyu and nakko for nahi”

      ANIKA’s eyes were deadly!

      Domestic flights do not have both economy and business classes. They have only one
      type of seating(except some large flights)
      Upar business wale and niche economy hote hain! The AIRBUS 380 has it . It is the largest aircraft in civil aviation. Travelled once from ROME to DUBAI in it (Emirates Airways).Lower
      deck is economy.There was a winding staircase from the lower deck to the upper business
      class .Sheer luxury!Look up the pictures on the Net .
      Bye ARPITA!

      1. Pinku

        Exactly krish full to hyderabadi hindi

      2. Aniru

        Hi Arpita

        Even Air India has double deck from Mumbai-Delhi. Neveer travelled in double deck. But not sure about Mumbai-Goa flights

    2. Pinku

      Hey arpita wassup yea hilarious comedy noe…. n very different story line that’s y I also love ishqbaaz

  3. Don’t know what to comment about today’s episode! My head is spinning!Perhaps I am confused like the whole Oberoi clan!Plz God,save me…

    1. Krish6868

      Am sailing in the same boat with you! Feeling dizzy!
      If the plane is to be hijacked and Anika is put in a situation where SSO says
      the three magic words,I can excuse CVS for this filler episode.Otherwise they
      should be ready to be bashed again! God should either save us or the cvs!


      1. Aniru

        Hi Luthfa & Krish, In the self talk of all couples (yesterday episode), Shivaay currently think only about the family and fire accident, if they show at least the intense emotions in between Shivaay – Anika, then also, I will be ok. When they were Shivaay-Annika, they were like door hoke bhi paas tha. Now paas hoke bhi door hi door lagta hai. correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Hit miss hogya
    I enjoyed today episode
    Kya senses h shivaay ki burqka me bhi uski anika ko paccen liy.kaisa pyaar h shivaay ki……………..

    1. Pinku

      Hey arfa hi I am pinku of rabba ve land recognise Me?? Glad to see u here

  5. Misha_Mikul

    Hi guyssss…Advance Happy Diwali???
    Tired of shopping, so couldn’t write a long para as always I do??
    This week is started with quite interesting track ??
    My stomach is aching cause of today’s golmaal epi..LMAO????
    What’s going on??? I just can’t???

    Shivaay was looking Hawwt as always…No Doubt..100%????
    Shivaay sensed Annika…..???
    Annika forgot about Shivaay’s sensometer, and just came to airport following him???
    The way she spoke in that language…LOL???
    when Shivaay touched her hand, she reacted like got shocked!!????

    Yeh senior Oberoi kitni badi chantomayi….Kedi!!???
    Bua and the funny man!!???

    Shivaay,Annika,Rudi,Bhavya,Bua,and the joker man are in same plane!!???
    I’ve read tomorrow’s synopsis!! seems plane is going to get hijacked! Shivaay sits beside Annika!!???
    I was like “he already doubts her, now Shivaay’s sensometer will go on top,alarm ringing and gonna blast,BOOM!!????
    and “aiyoo paavam the hijackers”???
    AniRu are there, it will be more hilarious than we hope!!???

    Precap – Lol…Shivaay entertains passangers by telling Love story??
    Annika blushed hearing how much her pati engrosses in love????

    Nitezzz Dearsss….Tc all❤❤
    Tomorrow will be more work to do for diwali,must be busy, hope don’t miss to watch IB??

    1. Fatmi

      Hello Misha, Happy Diwali….

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Happy Diwali Fatmi dear ??

    2. Aniru

      Me too wish to see AniRu. But Ani in economy and Rudi in business class. Why????

    3. Piyuu

      hi misha Happy Diwali

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Piyuu… Happy Diwali dear ???

    4. Pinku

      Hey medha wassup yaar

  6. Aniru

    Who likes SSO in black hair? Me me me.

    Annisa Begam was good. Sundari bua stole the show. Anika mixed many slangs today. However I did not like it.

    Anybody liked Rudra-Bhavya today? For a change I liked Bhavya today. Somebody called her aunt. In fact Rudy’s GF looks like aunt.

    Sr Oberois managed to fool Shivaay. Hope couples will get some quality time in Goa.

    The Shivaay’s mission is like Mission Impossible. I mean impossible mission not MI movies. It would have been better, Annika found out some clue and going to Goa..

    Nowadays its seems CVs concentrating on everything except Shivika.

    1. Krish6868

      ANIRU! Good Morning!
      Like old SSO with black hair too!
      Aniru has SSO shrunk in height or has Anika grown taller?He is appearing shorter since
      Sundari bua was always my favourite vamp in Anika,s life.When she saw Anika in the
      washroom the way she covered her face with her dupatta and put on her goggles over
      it ,was hilarious!
      Even i liked Bhavya .She looked like Jet Li’s sister with that hairstyle! It suits her.Rudy,s
      GF was so rude! Wish Bhavya gives RU back insult for insult when the time comes and
      not be as forgiving as ANIRI.
      Ha ha ha “impossible mission ” indeed!

      Good Day ANIRU!

      1. Aniru

        Krish, Happy Dhanteras..

        Missing the big IBians.

        Where is Aqua. I liked his/her analysis as well. My small tenure with TU has introduced me to great analysts. Hope they all comeback to the page.

        Really missing Shivika intense emotions. Be it romance, anger, hatred etc. I watch 2016 episodes for that. The fire is missing.

        Yesterday episode, I did not find Bhavya jealous of Rudi’s closeness with Baby. She was upset due to the Aunt and oldie comment. Hope she is different from Aniri. After all she is a cop. Any thought about it?

    2. Pinku

      Hey aniru… u on hangout group ??? What us ur original name yaar if u don’t mind me asking

      1. Aniru

        Hi Pinku. How are you? I am not in Hangout group. My name is Manju. Born and brought up in Kerala. Currently residing in Middle East. How about you?

  7. Pushpa

    Well well such a khidithon episode.
    2day episode is turned 360° frm ishqbaaz turn to comedybazz ….

    One thing i dun understand…
    Khannaji drove 4shivaye…Tej&gang drove car ….even 2rps cheapde tanya driving..why anika hv to take auto???? Why cv? Wht r u trying2say….why cant a driver take her??? Afterall she ‘s the owner of OM… …i thought cvs will blank shivaye once agn & dun recognise anika at the airport .& ..wah aniisa begum yr language so damn cool…but still so easily shivaye recognised u…anika u cheat the whole world but not shivaye singh oberoi!!!
    Ha ha ha anika u r so cute… “”whatever he gets in hand, he breaks it, he gets so angry ” sure shivaye knows its u..

    and oberoi playing hide& seek at the airport….. is this mere shivaye flying economy class…wht the wuck?? Bt im sure he’ll experience a better environememt than business class 4de first time…enjoying ghana na..
    OMM! Tej mislead shivaye….of course if this is shivaye singh oberoi these r the senior oberois..sure better than the junior oberois….

    Loved the comedy of sundhari bua & don superbbbb..
    Rudy u too to goa…this bhavya wht hair style is tht?
    And another new villain 4 Om???god another twist …i just cant handle this any more….give up ….

    Precap….looks entertaining….lets wait&watch….
    Gd nite gals…

    1. Pinku

      Super dp pushpa yea an awesome episode indeed

  8. Fatmi

    ha ha ha ha…………………today’s epi was just 😀 😀 😀 😀

  9. Funny episode
    Welcome to annisa bagum annika and her language so funny
    She given clues also for SSO
    Ruvya part was good
    So finally sso is fooled by Elder’s
    Irritating Tanya
    Keep smiling every one…….

  10. Fatmi

    Hii Nila,
    Happy Diwali……
    Thanks dear for ur reply <3 <3 ….No I didn't know abt pkj…bt after reading ur text I follow the page…

    Happy Diwali to all Ishquiess <3 <3

  11. Dono wat too comment didnt merge with track for three dayss becos shivika fight with these issues i knw its normal in husband and wife bt i cant see shivika fighting bt i want too knw the raaaz like hw furious shivaay is yesterday means friday i falled in love with dil preet and gauri???????nw with bua??????i cant stop laughing she rocked with tht pagal man?????shivaay sensed anika three times love is everywhere ???????he will be sensing her correctly for example tht shivaay anika malika console track for taking list track and tht photo tearing love u shivaay???????????????????????????rudy yyy ur troubling bavya thss much pavam ava oru ara aranchitu alaiyoo alaiyanu rudy pinadi alaya vidranga cvsss enapa whr is dilri track upset shivru hug????????????????????????sr oberios no comments totally made shivaay to enjoy in goa with anika orupidiya oru vela pannirukinga??????tania ?????abhay love panaythuku ethuvum venum ennumum venum annupavi??????

  12. The writers don’t seem to have any material left in their bag. The episodes with Shivika are really forced and boring now – and I used to watch the series only to be able to see them at one point. Until they find something interesting to do with these characters, can we just focus on Gouri and Omkara instead? Their story line is so much more interesting. If you are running after TRPs, then this is the wrong way to go about doing it.

  13. Episode was fantastic and khidkithod. Anika rocked shivay shocked. The way she described him was khidkithod awesome. Love shivika ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Shivika….is the best..
    .can never get bored…love how after marriage and love their relationship is developing all other couples are the same old story…but Shivika chemistry acting and uniqueness is what stands out…it is number 1 and won awards because of this

    1. I don’t feel so..from ur comments,It s evident dat u don’t watch d show properly..Shivika nd Rikara have different stories…nd Rudra has no story…Now we don’t get Shivika but just 2 individuals Shivaay nd Annika….Coming 2 comic timing.V have got much better episodes that what v got yesterday……………

      1. Krish6868

        NEHA, yes now there is only SHIVAAY and ANIKA.Even in the few instances of
        SHIVIKA it is more of ISHQGUNAAH(forbidden love) than ISHQBAAZ.
        Will we ever get back the original SHIVIKA whose bond is synonomous of TRUST

      2. Krish6868

        Yes, since separation getting to see 2 individuals Shivaay and Anika mostly.
        Even the few instances where we see SHIVIKA, it is more of ISHQGUNAAH
        (Forbidden love) than ISHQBAAZI!
        Will we ever get to see the old SHIVIKA synonymous of TRUST ,TENDERNESS
        and TOGETHERNESS again?

  15. this episode was some what like the baadshah movies airport scene

  16. Shivika makes a filler episode awesome
    Can’t wait for AniRu to make Golmaal / dhamaal in Goa lol
    Want Shivay to spoil Anika on this trip… Hoping for some intense romance…..after all they did miss out on their wedding night.
    Plz CVS give respect to Anika that she deserves as SSO wife….still now she is not his wife in front of society…. They think Tanya is his wife so I totally understood her heartache n suffering .Shivay is so engrossed in thinking about his family, he did not understand anikas point of view.
    We hope Shivika have a romantic n incredible time in Goa n fly back in business class. I think its about time for Anika to have a flashy car and
    drive herself, also venture into business world and make a name for herself eg. Interior design or have a team for event organiser, or carve out a designing venture as fashion designer.plzzzzzzzzz CVS do something more for Anika now….but make sure she has 200% Shivays support n succeeds in every venture…….a power couple:) but always there for each other n together no matter what issues in the family or world. A positive motivation n influence for young couples in our society today:)
    Love Shivika always, Ruvya are Also progressing in their RL. Awaiting to see more AniRi bonding..

  17. Shekhar

    How the character SSO is & was being murdered by his own creaters?

    Some one rightly quoted in recent comment in TU, how SSO was and still is keep lying , and that is time again and again over his marriage SAGA!!

    How the media and society he lives in could have been able to bear with the man who won the BUSINESS MAN OF THE YEAR award with his such lies? A business man, that is the TOP BUSINESS MAN , just can not afford to bear such attitude and attributes to his profile .

    A man can be at high position in any SAGA, let it be BUSINESS or PERSIONNEL who is committed to a certain his own sayings. For the good sake of BUSINESS, if he keep changing his wife to the world frequently, then how one can trust this many?, and how long?, how far? No one can trust such a man, let that one belong to business or society, simply just can not.

    The attribute COMMITTED is the part of whole being, and just can not be allocated as attribute to his BUSINESS or PERSONNEL, it is just the attribute of a man as the WHOLE his being. COMMITTED man just can not be so only in this or that field, one can found his this COMMITTED attribute in all his actions and saying,, otherwise he can be titled as the SPLIT PERSONALITY, who just can not reach to so far as these CVS are showing SSO as the BUSINESS MAN OF THE YEAR. It is great contradiction that you project a CHARACTER who lead the top most business house to new and new heights and at personnel front he keep changing his own spouse for the sake of business time and again? Even If it has to be done, then why didn’t you saw him changing his parents even once , that is for the sake of BUSINESS?

    It is very hard to found a simple man, who is committed to his this saying and non committed to his that saying. COMMITTED man is committed to all his sayings.

    There is no place for any person to be QUOTED , to be REFERRED, to gain high position in any field, WHO IS NOT COMMITTED!

    Only THE COMMITTED PERSONS are capable to do something remarkable by the world , but not this SSO who keep changing his SPOUSE so often!

    Viewer are here to see all those attribute which they don’t have , but wishing to have it!, but not this his attribute of KEEP CHANGING WIFE for the sake of SH*T!!!, because it is simply not the inspirable to have it!

    1. Krish6868

      SHEKHAR,Good Afternoon!
      You have hit the nail on the head correctly! This in-consistency of SSO’s character
      regarding his numerous GF’s or spouses is one of the main causes of low trp in
      the previous week.SSO coming home with Tania did not go down well with most
      of the female audience.

      Tired of seeing SSO with different women again and again! Always found SHIVIKA’s
      love very pure and true.The CVS should make sure that sanctity is retained always!
      Want to see SSO only with Anika at least from now on!



    2. Even I hate this trait of sso further more silence of anika to this I want anika to question him about this v can’t blame sso always all credit goes to the writers who write some nonsense

  18. Archiya

    Totall height of dumbness.. Shivay toh dumb tha hi,but today he crossed all limits, was he following the senior obros or leading them.. He went first n expected them to follow him.. Lol ? ?
    Giving shivay tough competition for dumbness is Tanya.. I thought Tanya was intelligent for a moment, she atleast crossed the height of dumbness.. Seriously u just go in any car ki dikki.. Even without seeing if the Ppl r really in tat car..

    Totally loved Anika today, with just her eyes exposed she looked ravishing.. An her dialogues n acting.. Waaah.. Love u gal ? ? ? ?

    An what is this with Shivay an rudy,they were behaving as if they r frens n not bros.. Imagine bros meeting in airplane… ? this happens only in IB..

    Shivay does not know tat bhavya is suspended.. Acp suspended must b a huge news.. An Shivay reads newspaper everyday.. ? don’t know why makers r making me bach shivay everyday… Today I was just laughing at his dumbness

    The gunda whatever his name, seemed so genuinely in love with Mona.. Poor guy.. Nice acting. An Sundari bua(not sure why all of a sudden she came) but too good she is.. In her acting…

    For the first time I missed rikara.. Why no rikara today, was so excited to see their story

    Precap the time pass continues

    1. Pinku

      Hey archiya super dp yaar… episode was hilarious n sso was so handsome

      1. Archiya

        hey Pinku
        yes he is no doubt very handsome

    2. Krish6868

      Some of SSO’s dumbness seemed to have rubbed off onto Tania(effects of proximity)!
      Quite admired Tania for the way she held fort against Anika on the day of the memorial
      function and now the CVS make her appear so dumb.

      Archu, Sundari bua is impersonating Don’s blind mother.The Don chose Sundari as
      she has had 10 years acting experience as TATAKI(rakshashi in the Ramayana)!

      Archu, thought that SSO had given Sundari a beach side bungalow and sufficient
      money for her expenses.Has she sold the bungalow too!Do you remember the way
      Sahil coerced her into confessing how she spent the 30 lakhs (got on selling Anika’s house)?Still enjoy reminiscing about Sundari’s and Sahil’s interaction that day!
      Those were khidkithod days!

      BYE ARCHU!

    3. Aniru

      Archu. Tanya to Oversmart hai… God. They introduced so many characters like Ek se badkar Ek…

      Rikara story, many Rikaaraian will not agree with me.. Its like simple love story. In fact its Dilpreet-Gauri story. I really miss the Om whom I was very fond of.. Initially, I thought Om’s story will be more intense than Shivika.

      Usually artists have born talents and they are intense and show many traits. which Om was portraying till Jan 2017. I miss him

      1. Aniru

        Archu, Did you notice Abhay yesterday. I thought he has a full proof plan against Oberois. Yesterday, he was wondering what Shivaay or Sr. Oberois are upto.

  19. God should either save us or the cvs! Well said KRISH!
    But I don’t think God will be able to save us from cvs and their ongoing torture!They need to serve us something meaningful. Such type of episode is not going to help holding the charm of IB for long.Makers have to take immediate action for their own sake…

  20. Piyuu

    funny episode….
    anika rocked yesterday….anika’s expressiona are good and her language so funny ….
    shivaay sensed anika….
    bua and don conv i can’t stop laughing….
    shivaay is fooled by senior oberoi’s

    1. Pinku

      Hey piyu truly yaar it1 rocked

      1. Piyuu

        hey pinku…hw r u?

  21. Episode is fun filled.. Loved annika’s annisa begum avatar… Her language is hillarious… But shivaay’s sensometer is awesome.. Shivru’s hug is just aweesome… Although don and bua track is like a filler but loved when don annika ke piche mona mona kehkar goom raha tha… Ignored senior oberois and psycho and his baby… Gauri is looking beautiful today

  22. Precap looks good..shivaay saying about laila and majnu’s love story is awwww

  23. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode for me…. Anika language for anisa begum….. Lovely… The way shivaay correct her sufur to shhoher… Lovely… Wants some crazy lovely romantic secens of shivika for their goa trip…. Happy Diwali to all ishqies…. Happy dhanteras……

  24. Shekhar bhaiya,
    Marriage has been musical chair game for Shivaay.Whenever he got married he got a trophy wife in bonus willingly or unwillingly.The process is automatic!For media and the world this trophy wife is his real wife.For him Anika is his wife in his personal surrounding.Trophy wife exercises more power over him and it depends on his mood and action.Though Anika is his actual legal wife and the inseparable part of his life, it is not applicable for media and the outside world…

  25. Shekhar bhaiya,

    It is not new for Shivaay.Marriage has been musical chair game for him.The process is automatic! Whenever he gets married he gets a trophy wife as bonus.Trophy wife is the real of of SSO for media and outside the world.Media and SSO both enjoy playing this game for different purposes…

  26. Network is creating serious problem for me.Don’t know, what will be the fate of my comments!Plz God,take care of my comments!

    plz give Anika a gorgeous hot red saree/ outfit as a newly wed deserves on Diwali, also dress Gauri n Bhavya in lovely sarees that so that the Oberoi bros socks are knocked.
    Celebrate Diwali with all Oberoi members together for a change?? like good old days in IB?
    Please join Shivika, Rikara and Ruvya with senior Oberois n Dadi n make the celebration joyous and full of lightness, love n masti.
    Looking forward to Diwali?

  28. First up all, all ishqbaaz friends wish u a very very deepwali ????????????????????????????????……… May God gives all happiness and prosperity in ours life ….. Today episode shivika rockz….?????… Shivaay bhaiyya sensed anika in burkha it was mind blowing…..anika eyes what an eyes ya …it was so beautiful and truely magical ???????? ???…. Today shivaay bhaiyya has so handsome ?????????????? ….when shivaay bhaiyya touched her hand she didn’t know what to do she continued her blabbering with unknowing language it was hilalorious ….??????????
    surbhi nailed it by her expression ……… Shivru passionate hug mind blowing ?????……Rudy in red t shirt so hot ????….bhavya looks like a cute Chinese doll ?????… Thanks to senior oberais unki waja Se humere shivika ko time spent karne ka moka milraha hai … Shivaaybhaiyya bhavya conversation was nice but i am terribly missing shivri bonding ….today episode khidkitod happy because of my shivaay bhaiyya and anika cutiepie got a lot of screen space?????…. Precap Shivaay bhaiyya told the story of laila majnu wow ….. I am eagerly waiting …love u shivika always ????????????????????


  29. Pinku

    Am super piyuu….

  30. when will we see shivika romance boss? shivaay bas problem resolver hai. touching moments/emotions ke bina trps nahi miltey boss.

  31. Pinku

    Hey aniru am from hyd….

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