Ishqbaaz 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 16th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Naintara likes the watch. Anika says its worth 25 lakhs. Anika asks her to return Shivaye’s watch which she took. She gets the watch. Pinky asks Anika why is she angry. She taunts Anika. Some time before, Naintara says I did not know what’s this DNA test. Pinky says I signed you not to get this done, you did not listen. Naintara says I have done much acting, your son and bahu are very clever, you will get trapped and get me trapped as well, I will leave. Pinky holds her hand and scolds. She says if Shivaye knows I did this, what will he do, let me think what to do.

Shivaye says we have to wait for report, then Naintara will tell her game plan, why are you silent Anika. Anika says when that woman shows her cheapness, my head bows down in shame. He asks why. She says we know she is not my mum, but

everyone think she is my mum. He says after DNA results come, everyone will know. She says if reports come wrong. He says no, its not possible, I will kick her out.

Pinky says I have to change reports. Shivaye says I will go and take reports, so that no one changes the reports, we don’t know who are with that woman, just relax.

Naintara comes to Anika’s room and says this is not house, its heaven, its better than heaven. She likes the swimming pool and says I will take bath here. She likes the things. She praises her beauty. Naintara likes the watch and says it will be worth 5000rs. Anika says its worth 25 lakhs. Anika asks her why did she come here. Naintara says my love got me here. Anika says stop your drama, tell me truth. Naintara says I m really your mum. Anika asks will you stop your cheap drama, you are not even my relative, leave. Naintara asks her to forgive. She does situps. Shivaye comes and asks what’s happening. Naintara says Anika does not want to forgive me. Anika asks her to leave. Naintara says fine, its your house, I have to do as you say. She goes.

Anika says she does cheap things. He asks what her word means. She says she is very cheap. He asks her to bear her for one day. He looks for his watch and asks Anika. She recalls Naintara and says I know where it can be. Naintara says 25 lakhs watch and laughs. She says I will sell this and spend 4-5 years well. Anika asks her what is she doing here. Naintara drops and steps on the watch. Naintara says I knew you will come running to me. Anika asks her to return Shivaye’s watch which she took. Naintara says I did not take it. Anika says you have it. Naintara says you are calling me thief and cries. Anika asks her to return watch. Naintara says you check me, I did not take watch. Anika says cockroach…. Naintara jumps and says ave me. Anika gets the watch. She asks Naintara is she not ashamed to loot the family. Naintara goes. Pinky asks Anika why is she angry, when cheap people come, their heart gets cheating, like your heart got after Shivaye. Anika says she is not my mum. Pinky says you both are same, looting my son, like mum, like daughter.

Ranveer says I won’t let you go. Priyanka says I have no option, I m calling Shivaye. He says cool, I will open the door. He holds her hand. He asks her to listen. She says leave my hand, what’s left between us to talk. She goes. He says there is something left, much has to happen, you have to listen to me.

Shivaye asks Anika where did she go, is she crying. Anika says Naintara had your watch. He wipes her tears. She recalls Pinky’s words and says if that woman is my mum then. He says this can’t happen. She says if this happens then… I will hate myself, you have seen what things she does. He says you are just Anika, very different, the best, whom I feel proud of, you are my strength, you can’t feel weak, you don’t look good when you cry. She says I m much scared. He says I m there for you. He kisses her forehead and says nothing will happen.

Ranveer stops Priyanka and asks her to listen. She says enough, I don’t want to talk. He requests. She calls security. She says whatever you did, do you think I should see your face. He says I realized your mistake by your slap, listen to me. She asks him to do anything, but she really doesn’t care. He says I will count till 3, I will think you are ready to hear me, else I will jump. She asks him to jump. He gets on the terrace and counts and jumps down. Priyanka gets shocked.

Shivaye greets Shakti. Shakti asks are you going office. Shivaye says no, I m going hospital to get DNA reports. Pinky says I have to reach before him. She asks Naintara to stop Shivaye. Priyanka holds Ranveer and asks him to open eyes, she has forgiven him. Ranveer smiles.

Naintara asks Shivaye where is he going. He says I m going for work, I m getting late, I don’t like this sugarcane. She says Anika like sugarcane. Anika comes and says Shivaye does not like this. Naintara says you like it. Anika says I never liked it, don’t lie. Anika and Shivaye leave.

Pinky is on the way and asks Naintara could she not stop him. Naintara says I couldn’t stop him. Priyanka takes Ranveer to hospital. Pinky and Shivaye come there. Pinky sees Khanna and hides. She thinks how to enter lab now. Shivaye hears Pinky and goes to see.

Shivaye asks Anika not to worry, truth has come out, which I want to show you, I m coming home. Anika gets shocked. He says its a match, Naintara is your mum Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nilash

    Ohhhh… god what an episode. First of all speechless to express anything, but of course a bit okay as compared to the previous episodes.
    Starting from PRIVEER track today. I’m happy that Priyanka at least has a spine but sorry for her as her bold attitude is going to cost her very much now. But I doubt how Ranveer got saved after juming from such a height? CVs show us the flashback soon or else the gangaram of our dimaag is definitely going to happen. Priyanka please you can help Ranveer as you think he is injured but please don’t dare to listen to him.
    Now moving on to SHIVIKA. What should I say, the way Shivay Jiju was supporting my Anika didi awesome. Please you both stay like this only. Anika didi I can understand your fear but please don’t believe on the reports. The kiss Shivay’s words…. “you are my anika”….. just awesome. Loved it . learnt a new word today “tikiyachor” it reminded me of aloo tikiya but ni its soap ka tikiya. Lol. And lastly that forehead kiss ok good but a hug was also needed. What say people?
    And now this Pinky ponky don’t know how to kill her so please people pardon me and @VISHAKHA and all the PKJ members are trying to do so for that. And this eyestar chee the way she was having ganna. Who spits out like that after having it. Please eyestar learn some manner.
    And now about the precap an expected precap but I’m thrilled as Sahil’s kidnapping drama is going to come up. I just hope this track ends soon.
    And lastly a very important request to all of you please please do read the ff CHUDAILBAAZ. We really worked on it very hard so just a request. And another news we got another member in our team to creat next parts of CHUDAILBAAZ. So she is none other than our very own NIVI DI I mean NIVEDITA the hat-trick winner first commenter. She joined some hours before at the post of EXECUTIVE PRODUCER of the ff. congratulations to us as well as to NIVI di

    1. Nivedita

      Nilu Congo on being first! ????Now go get the hat-trick this week! ??

      Lol Exec producer! Btw: tell your titles too..for the online Chudailbaaz!

      1. Kanfi

        Go nilesh go…..
        N ya i m loving ur ff “chudailbazz”
        Gd night

      2. Nilash

        Nivi di the credit for the first comment of mine goes to Vishu. actually yesterday i was in no mood to watch the episode on Hotstar and was waiting to turn on the tv to watch the episode but she insisted me to watch and i did that. after watching i got so happy that i just wrote my comment and posted it.
        and of course thank you but hat-trick god knows i just hope i can also achieve that title

    2. Congrats nilash di ..???
      And.ya I have read that its awesome!!
      You all are really working hard on it??
      Not only the hug but kiss from anika tooo(greedy..hheheheh)

      1. Nilash

        Aashu tune khushi me apna naam hi change kar diya??? wow what an effect sir ji oh sorry madam ji. Haan sach me we all are really working hard and now we will force Nivi di also to work hard along with us. arre no aisi koi baat nhi hai wo to bas CHUDAILBAAZ ko likhne me bhi bara maza aata hai.
        Toooooo greedy don’t be CVs hamesha hamare dimaag ka gangaram karte hai. And of course Thank You

      1. Nilash

        Thank You Astha 🙂 🙂 🙂

    3. Riddhima

      Go nilu go ….????

      1. Nilash

        Thank You Riddhi di 🙂 🙂 🙂

    4. Pushpa

      Wah nila 1st2comment congrats….
      I feel sorry 4 prinku …she once agn fall 4this acp whos going2cheat her all over agn…
      Shivaye was owsm today….
      Wow most of u all r writers….feeling jealous la… jt kidding…all the best in yr ff…will 4read soon…

      1. Pushpa

        WOW i’ll definately read its from all our luvly IBzzzz..

      2. Nilash

        Hiii.. Pushpa first of all i’m sorry as i did not reply to you back as i was a bit busy dear.
        And now Thank You so much.
        Yeah i’m becoming a fan of Shivay jiju now hope my Anika didi does not become angry on me.
        Pushpa just go through the ff once no need to comment but it will act as the stress buster i think so as a reader of that ff i would suggest go through it once.

    5. Nivedita

      Here are the links of Chudailbaaz-by the Plot script Writer, Producer (Gul ma’am) and Dialogue writer of CB- urf Bela, Nilu and Vishu ( did I get the right order ?)

      1. Vishakha

        Plot script Writer that’s me..
        Producer (Gul ma’am) Bela and Dialogue writer of CB- Nilu
        and now executive producer that’s you ????

      2. Nivedita

        Ha ha ha! 3 out of 3 fail! ????

      3. Nilash

        Nivi di Thank You so much jo aapne link share kar di. and it’s ok galti se mistake ho hi jata hai. chalo mai to iss baat se khush hu ki hamare CHUDAILs are more famous than SHIVIKA sab unko marne k liye aage aa rahe hai. see you at 5. bhul mat jana

    6. Vishakha

      are wah!! Aaj to meri Nilu ne kar dikhaya…GO NILU GO!!! and tmhari ek lauti di tmhe akele kaise chod degi bhala ?
      who else agree that priyanka after coming back looks like a witch?? she does to me don’t know why.. and I think its all a drama of ranveer use koi chot nai lagi hai.. annika again awesome expressions lady.. and sso took my heart away tonight..
      a BIG WELCOME nivi to the chudailbaaz team ???

      1. Nivedita

        Awe Vishu thanks darling! ??

        Yeah Prinku re-entry esp Priveer scenes gives me equal michmichi as Dinky! ??

      2. Nilash

        Vishu kal raat my oh my maataa happened. meri mumma became Kaali mata yesterday. She took away my phone and i’ll get it back only when she will go to her office. so aaj to mai aapko double paka ne waali hu. and aapki maa ne mujhe kal raat danta. i’m sad on that matter.
        and i knew it ki aap mujhe akele chorkar nhi jaoge so iske liye no thank you as you said sisso’s ke beech no thank you.
        and wo priyanka wali baat seriously uske nose ki omm karwakar aayi hai. may be she did a nose job which turned out to be like that. hawww vishu sso took your heart you are alive na?? 😉 😉

    7. LAX

      That’s a pleasant surprise..!! WOHOOOO…!! Go Nila Go…!! ????

      Dear, can u give the link of Chudailbaaz in this page.

      1. LAX

        Oh ok ya..!! Just saw the link in Nivis comment to your post. I ll check it n leave my comments there tomorrow.

      2. Nilash

        Thank You Lax di please go ahead and read that ff at lest once and i’ll be waiting for your comment over there and no hurry to comment and if you are busy then no need to comment also. Just read it once i think it will work as a stress buster.

    8. Surbhi Sharma

      Omg !! Nilu di . First. Yayyyy !! ??????? . CONGRATULATIONS. Today toh , ‘GNG’ .
      Once again Congo . ??????????

      1. Nilash

        Hiiiii…. Surbhi kaisi hai?? Achha pahle to Thank You.
        ab important baat result nikla?? actually mai kal dekhi thi that your results were to get published but time nahi mila tha tujhe reply back karne ka isiliye sorry for that and i prayed for your result dear so let me know how was it.

    9. Gayathri.visu

      Good morning Ash. Wow….today u r the first to comment!
      GO ASH GO….. Congo dear!

      1. Nilash

        Good morning Gayu ya luckily got the opportunity to comment first actually CHUDAILS of CHUDAILBAAZ blessed me 😉
        Thank You Gayu.

    10. AnuluvsIB

      Oi! Nilu!! First comment! GNG!!
      And Nivi!! U joined them too..!!

      Waiting now for the next update already!!

      1. Nilash

        Thank You Anu and ya Nivi di joined us so no doubt much more pagalpanthis are on its way.
        actually next update is not ready yet but we will surely try to post it soon. but be ready to laugh out loud after reading the next update. i will be waiting for your comment on that

    11. Vishakha

      hawww…tell me in detail ok.. and don’t be sad..
      no dear I’m not alive I’m DEAD ????

      1. ANISHA{diyas}

        hi nilash di first to comment congo u are sis and i wrote u as my bro srryyaar…….forgive me it is their in this webpage

    12. Ranilya

      Hey nilash congrats.
      Hmm a hug along with the kids would b better…but you know na…tha cvs r conjoos- makki choos……

  2. Woooooo
    Itti jaldi!!?
    Well coming to the episode
    It was awesome as always
    Mujhe kaise pata
    Are Maine pehle hi dekh liya tha hotstar pe?
    ohooooo….iss baat pe toh ek seeti banti hai
    And one more for head kiss?
    But now I’m starving for a kiss by anika ya
    Anika di waali toh aur special hogi…..
    And now I just ignore pinky……how could she say such cheap words to her daughter in law???!
    Shameless dinky??
    Hmmmm Priyanka is now again gonna be trapped by ranveer
    Pls CVS make priveer’s love story not hate story …….and if you need help just contact our awesome writers of tu..?
    Well thats all I want to say…….
    Gud night……??

    1. Ooooops its aashiya**

    2. Pushpa

      Aashiya.. ….agree
      .i hated pinky
      …felt sorry 4prinku
      And loved shivika bond today….

      1. Yup I too felt really bad for prinku pushpa didi……but I am sure prinku pehlwan will handle this problem herself only…..

    3. Nivedita

      Agree Aashiya– superb Annika Dialogues by Shivaay! Iss baat par sirf seeti nahin, million kisses to all CVs..and Shivaay!??

      1. Ahaaan nivi di absolutely right!!!!!?

    4. Good one and i am with u. Really i too want priveer to be a cute love story. But i feel cvs will listen to us and make ranveer realise priyanka love for him and teack kamini a nice lesson along with her son mahi

      1. Are aapke much mai cadnoury shots didi……
        May CVS show some mercy on their show’s fans

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Aashi.. I think going forward we will slowly start seeing swing priveer track progressing.. coz these many days they have shown hatered.. so going forward.. am guessing they will bring in romance.. let’s see..

    6. Nilash

      Aashu…….. iss pinky wale drame se chutkara kab milegaa???????? wo sirf shameless hi nhi balki without shame hai stupid pinky ponky
      and anika wala kiss abhi mujhe duuuuuuur duuur tak nhi dikh raha so you have to wait. and anika di waali sirf special hi nhi balki khidkitod hogi
      and about priveer i think it would be a love story from a hate story so waiting for it

    7. Ranilya

      I couldn’t ignore Pinky today….she got me very irritated today….????

  3. Nivedita

    IB today was so much better than yesterday.. our expression kumari and question kumari was in full form!?? ????

    Aww Annika– I loved how you interrogated ?⭐ and wanted her out of OM. I loved the bit when you discovered ?⭐ hiding the stolen watch.. your expressions were too good! ??
    Your insecurities about h?⭐ are jayaz.. especially what if your mom is someone similar like ?⭐?
    Dinky- you were so evil again today! ?? You gave me more michmichi when you touched Annika with your fake sympathy! ?? Than any michmichi from ?⭐..

    Loved our Shivika moment and all the sweet words of Shivaay- ‘tum meri Annika ho!’???? aww Shivaay you are definitely the best PATI..?? he said khidkitod Annika! ????
    That kiss was superb! ?? Wish it had ended in a hug! ??

    Priveer part- glad Prinku showed some courage today, but the rest of it I completely hated..?? Seriously when I read the article about Neha being out of IB..I was sorely disappointed!?? If the choice was between resuming Priveer track Vs Rumya track, I would have picked Rumya.
    Saumya was such a cutie and smart kiddo!??
    I saw a brief interview of a reporter asking Neha about IB durung SPA 17, and the way she and Mrinal ji answered the reporter, I felt something was up with Saumya character..??
    Saumya’s character had so much potential and the smarts! RIP Saumya! ??CVs please reconsider having her back on IB..??

    ?⭐ with the ganna bit was hilarious and cute! ?? ?? And Shivaay’s expressions were priceless! ?? Glad to see some Shakti expressions too! ??

    In the hospital I think Shivaay saw Prinku- thus giving Dinky the time to change the report..but does Shivaay really trust the report? I don’t know if we will know till Thurs or Fri on what will happen to ?⭐!
    PS: I hate psycho lovers- why do our CVs love such crap- first Daksh and now Ranveer! Total michmichi! ????

    PPS: Did Annika also come to the hospital, otherwise why did she say ‘chaliye Shivaay’?

    PPPS: loved Dinky’s killer Dialogue–
    ‘wahan batithke ganna choos aur meri omm Kara!????

    1. Pushpa

      Hi nivi….congrats u r tge new EP for ff chudailbazaz..all de best
      I totally agree al, whg u said..
      Yes anika followed i think its their plan again…it has2be…

      1. Nivedita

        Ghee, shakkar, ???? for u Pushpa–.. may Ur bhawishya wani be true!

    2. Mammmmahhhhh??? mele ko rumya chahiye chahiye chahiye
      Neha bhi chali gayi show se…..
      Yuppp even I think that makers must reconsider their decision…..
      Even I will prefer.rumya over priveer nivi di

    3. Nivedita ranveer is not a psycho lover ir something but certain plp will be more beloved to their loved onez. They emotional blackmailed easily. Especially boys. Ranveer is someone of tht type. First he wanted to get back his job and so he wanted to stop his feats with priyanka but again kamini emotional blackmailed him and he fell for tht but i feel slowly he will realise his love for priyanka. Daksh is entirely a different charcter altogether who sadistically insist his love on annika. Also don’t worry they are not doing any priveer vs rumya or something. But yes neha quits. They are comming up with anew love story foe rudra which will start from next week check facebook for it. Also rumya story cannot be progressed after sometimes it seems they noticed a fall in trps when tht aircraft highjack itseems. So they decided to end it. And bring a new pair for rudra itseems

      1. Fine Sushmita u are a new member here i think . i myself am one and i accept wht u say 100%. Rudra character needs a more funny girl. Saumya is cute but was not funny. So i feel its a nice choice by the cvs. Today episode was nice and wonderful. This is my first time commenting here. Happy to see a like minded person here. I too read about tht rumya track and there is going to be a new love story for rudra. As u say i also feel ranveer is not as strong as he looks from outside.He fell easily to kamini blackmail saying i brought u up and all tht. And it is all kaminis plan ranveer is a puppet in her hands. Hope he will realize soon

      2. Sushmita i am also with u yes i checked in fb and also certain forums like indiaforums and wht u said is the real reason for ending rumya track and starting a new track for rudra. Fine obviously the cvs know bettet than us but priveer track must have got improved a little bit but nobody here is understanding ranveer is a puppet in kaminis hand and he is doing this all on her saying so why should we criticize him. He himself is emotionally blackmailed by kamini.i feel he will soon realise it. Also there is a news tht there will be a fusion of ib and dbo for one full week is it true

      3. Thank u gauri and neha. Yes gauri u heard it right there is going to be a fusion in the comming week of ib and dbo for an entire week. where they will show four stories i think.

      4. Nivedita

        Sushmita dear- yes Ranveer is manipulating Prinku because of Kamini..
        But people who can use other’s emotions to manipulate them into behaving in a particular way are displaying a type of psychopathic behavior..of course Ranveer’s behaviour is not as bad as Daksh’s or at least we are hoping that he isn’t as bad as Daksh..
        But we don’t know for sure yet.. and the actor’s personal charm had certainly increased so I want him to be better than Daksh..but still what was shown today in IB wasn’t normal behavior..

        There was fall in TRp with the airplane track because that track was had nothing to do with Rumya but more to do with how they were writing the story for them.. those days DBO plot was awful and Rumya’s story was poorly written..
        I know fans of IB who stopped watching IB Because of lack of Rumya and obros..

      5. Nivedita

        Gauri you are right from next Mon 22 Nd onwards for 1 week we have Maha episode 1 hr of IB DBO– and Nox confirmed it in his live chat on Mon..

      6. Pushpa

        hi sushmita…i too hope ranveer will turn to love priyanka

      7. Nivedita fine i am not aurging but i know a little bit if psychology myself from my brother. We cannot term it under psycho behavior. Because psychos are those who are not influenced by others. They do it by themselves as there will be an inbuilt deformity in their mental conditions which will be effected by external stimuli. But weak plp are those who will listen to some plp who they respect or afraid of them. See general we find some husbands will listen to their mom and treat their wife badly or vice versa. Generally they say men are not as emotional strong like women. So ranveer is an example of a typical man who easily fells a prey to woman who brought him up even though he is well educated and all tht.

    4. LAX

      Your comment today is Emojiful…!!
      Its heart-breaking news about Rumya. I too hope they ll bring back Soumya and it’s not the end of Rumya. When Harneet said Picture Abhi baaki hain in her tweet, I guess we can hope for something may be not in the near future. Hope it’s not like Ishkara again.
      When Annika said chaliye Shivay, she meant I ll drop u till the doorstep. ??

      1. Nivedita

        Lax, I was just hoping for more Shivika doing things together.. but alas my dreams are shattered! ???

    5. Shekhar


      She is not getting feared , WHAT IF NT IS HER MOTHER?

      She already dared to accept NT as her mother, and ran to meet her against SHIVAAY’s wish bluntly and hugged her without caring what others were thinking for her mother being BAR DANCER.

      Her fear was different in nature. She knows, NT is not her mother, and for that she does not required any proof, even before SSO opted fake identification test of stuff ANNIKA was using in childhood.

      She feared, what if report may be manipulated again as before in TIA track and NT will be wrongly imposed over her as mother?

      SSO soon got her fear and so why he made her relax saying, I WILL PERSONNELY FOLLOW AND COLLECT REPORT SO THAT IT CAN NOT BE MANIPULATED.

      1. Nivedita

        Yes Shekhar you are right+ Annika’s fear is about the fact that fake NT will be imposed as her mom on the Oberoi’s..

      2. Pushpa

        hi bhaiya… as much careful shivaye wants to be yet the report got manipulated by his own mother pinky….

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Nivi.. I miss Rumya track too nivi..
      She was just perfect for Rudy..
      they started in opposites attract line.. so their chemistry clicked very well..
      And both Lee and Neha being excellent actors, they did complete justice to their roles..
      Putting an end to them.. is just not fair! ? But what can we do.. we don have a say ?

      Abt the current episode..
      Surbhi was Fab? And the shivika moment.. awesome, I wished too that ended in a hug.. though we have seen them hugging quite some times now.. we still wish to see many as every single time they manage to create a magic..

      Ganna choos aur Meri OMM kar??? that’s was epic na ?? I luved it too

    7. Mehakchalag

      di i started following in insta -mehak_mak …..main same jise aapne waapis follow kiya h…

      1. Nivedita

        Cool Mehak, I was wondering if it was you! ?

    8. Ranilya

      Why is Neha leaving the show??
      How can Gul allow her to leave??
      First they scrapped ishkara and now Rumya, this not done …..
      Actually I liked rumya better than ishkara…
      They really made good pair…wbats happening to IB??
      Total crap…. just a typical Saas bahu drama…
      IB is surviving only bcos of Narbhi….but Leeha would definitely enhance the charm.. .

      1. Nivedita

        Agree Rani.. Rumya were as adorable and cute for IB as Shivika were drug for us.. I think they don’t understand that we were patient so far about lack of Rumya only because of good Shivika progress..but still without Rumya..TRPs have been affected..the CVs just don’t realise it..

  4. Kanfi

    Hii ishquissss,.!!!

    Todays episode was worth watching….every scene ws fab…..cuteness,’,sweeetness bravery,fun,,,hatred,,,,every emotions ws there,,,!!

    I just hate this pinky,,,,dong know when will she change…!!

    Nainthara is reaallly a funny charcter,..,her antics r really funny??

    Priyanka singh oberoi or say fearless singh oberoi,….i m loving the new version of prinku…!!
    N her dialogue “kud jao”…!!!fabulous…
    But sooon,,,she again get trapped ..!!
    I wish they bring another pair of prinku,,,i dont like priveer..!!
    Dony this ranveer is upto what..!!

    Now coming to the heart of the show
    today shivaay was cute singh oberoi,,sweet singh oberoi….
    The way he was consoling anika,,,,,,!!!!
    “I wish i also get husband like him”??
    N not to forget THE FORHEAD KISS….!!!!
    Shiv–tm meri ho sirf meri,,,,meri anika????

    Both nakuul n surbhi r doing ammazzzinggggg scene….
    Wants to see more cute n adorable scenes like this..


    *N guys neha aka soumya is leaving the show…today she shoots last epi…?????
    I’ll miss rumya…!!

    Next part of my ff is poste….plzzz do read

    Good night guysss..!!

    1. Pushpa

      Hey kanfi…im also searching 4 the same husband……do let me know yaar… nite sleep tight…

      1. Kanfi

        😛 😛 😛
        Gd night,,,,,,’may u find that guy in ur dreams,…!!!;-) 😉

    2. Nivedita

      I know, will miss Neha…
      Especially her bonding with Annika Didi, bade bhaiyya, bade baalon wale bhaiyya, cutie Sahil and Rumya..
      Was this because of her weight..we didn’t need Ru to lift her up..for any romance..why CVs why was her character let go?????

      1. Kanfi

        Xctly yarr,,,,,
        Guk mam !why r u spoiking the story,,,,!!!
        Gd night dear

    3. Nivedita

      Nice ff kanfi- dear.??.haven’t read through all the parts yet..

      Shivaay was certainly a model hubby and Shivika are a model couple goal..??

      1. Kanfi

        Thnk uu for appreciatiom…!!!!
        yaa he is….!!! He has all the qualities which i want in my husband,,love,,tadi,cuteness,,,care,,anger,,,,everything….!!!

        N they both r oerfect together
        Gd night…..

    4. AnuluvsIB

      All the best on your search for ur prince sharing kanfi!! ?

      And rumya! Even am quite sad.. they were a khidkithod couple too!! Dunno what’s with this CVS and Gul matha.. bad decision..

      1. Kanfi

        Shukriyaaaaaaaaaa:-P 😛 😛
        Prince sharing????

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Oops! Prince Charming!! Autocorrect?

    5. Nilash

      Heyaa Kanfi…. firstly my name is NILASH….. i know it was just a mistake.
      precap was boring for me but waiting to see what is going to happen.
      yup seriously in need of more shivika scenes from them so let’s just wait for it

      1. Kanfi

        Yaaa,,i know u….wrtr of chudailbaaz:-P 😛
        What was mistake???

        Ya i m also waiting for more shivika scenea….!!!
        When will they confess their love yarrrr

    6. Ranilya

      Kanfi dear may you get a husband like Shivay….but ul have to become like Anika to put up with his tadi n dufferrism

      1. Kanfi

        Thnk u…..:-P 😛
        Are hm to bhht bre tadibaaz h;-) 😉 😉

  5. Bela

    Umm…..So I liked the episode in general, what with the elements of humour, romance and drama.

    Shivaay and Anika. When Shivaay wipes off the tears from Anika’s face?????

    Nalli and her ‘2 rupees’ harkatein. Anika provided with such a good new word, I just don’t remember it. What was it? Tikdi-Chupdi????

    The way Nalli was asserting that she was Anika ki Mummy and the way Anika, in her no nonsense attitude, was asking her to leave????

    When Nalli dropped that watch. Meri to saansein tham gayi. 25 lakh ki watch toot jaati na toh Nalli poori bachi kuchi zindagi installments mein payment Karti????

    Oh God! When Prinku says to ACP, kood jao! Main bhi yahi key rahi thi, kood ja. Kya rakha hai in sab mein? Par ye ACP to sach mein kood Gaya, desperate launda????

    Nalli and Pinky ki Jodi????. They prove everyday that my dream of Chudailbaaz was good.

    Ye Nalli ki to main……Ganna chhod, aam Panna pee. Teri aukat mein hai. ??

    Ye Pinky aaj kacha aam Bankar hospital gayi, bhai Maine socha isko Mrs. Kapoor mil jaaye aur dono gappe ladate ladate time bhul jaaye. Par Ishqbaaz hai, Chudailbaaz nahi ki Mrs. Kapoor Ko screenspace zyada mile ???

    Pinky, Priyanka, Shivaay sab wahan the. Kal DBO mein Gauri bhi aayi thi. Bhai ghar basa lo, kapde bhijwa Doon????

    Precap: ?????

    1. Nivedita

      Lol Bela! Seriously dinky was chudail no..1 in her evilness today! ??

      He he he-man seriously Dinky ki OMm kyun nahin hota! Mrs. Kapoor for the first time would have been a welcome addition, to IB, if she had distracted Dinky from her mission!????

    2. Pushpa

      Bela…….i hope prinku will cm 2know ranveer is acting…all good if he change to love her but our cv na wants to stress us all the time…..lets c whts in store…

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Nalli poori bachi kuchi zindagi installments mein payment Karti???
      That’s was a hilarious line???

      And bela.. I don think acp sach me kooda.. it shud be some kinda arrangement .. kuch tho ko ha hain.. else who will be ok (quite ok that he cud open his eyes and he sent out an evil smirk) after jumping from such a height..

    4. Ranilya

      When Nalli dropped that watch. Meri to saansein tham gayi. 25 lakh ki watch toot jaati na toh Nalli poori bachi kuchi zindagi installments mein payment Karti????
      Lol Bela…..
      NT bhi koi kachi khiladi nahi hain…sab ko nachayegi

  6. to much dragging but love Shivika moment??

  7. Mouni

    shivika was a bliss today , l like consling sso , the way he tries to console her is too sweet but me and my club wants flirty sso and some solid blush scenes

    So the dancer seems to enjoy staying in the OM too much , this will backfire at pinky badly , spoilers said that she will insult pinky and fight with her after the DNA results bcz sso bring her home

    Ranveer is back again at stalking prinku but now he is using emotional blackmail , he is so determined that he put his life in danger , poor prinku she is too sensitive and am sure she got feelings for him , just hope that he will change for her and not follow kamini’s plan

    Pinky has falling too low to be saved , at least when tia changed the test she was not someone close in sso’s life but now his mom doing this is something hurtful and her insult to anika about the dancer is beyond disgusting , she could’ve at least had shame and didn’t say that knowing the truth , a spoiler said that sso will see pinky and her dancer fighting and soon he will find out the motive and he knew that the DNA test is fake when it got positive so he wants to know who is behind the dancer and both shivika will make a plan to expose the truth , am sooo waiting for this and hopefully it will be this week , seeing pinky seen as an evil liar and conspirator against her own son will be a bliss , the whole family will hate her

    I felt sorry for anika , it would’ve been better if sso didn’t go to the orphanage , she lived without knowing her family for most of her life and its shoking and sad that the woman who claims to be her mom is just a cheap woman , its really insulting , that’s why l hope this track to end soon

    1. hello mouni di
      I’m back
      sweet analysis di??

    2. Pushpa

      Mouni….luved yr comments… so now i know why shivaye hd the DNA matched nikkiii…so she cn demand more frm pinky…&so the truth will b out….see i told all of u he’s smart Singh Oberoi gals….anything can happen…shivika moments was totally ???????luv it

    3. LAX

      So now you and your club demands flirty SSO n solid blush scenes. Plz don’t go for a hunger strike darlings coz I heard the director himself saying in Shivikas live chat that there ll be more romance n more chemistry. WoooHOOOO…!!
      Mouni again written spoilers are always misguiding but ll love to see something like this now.

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Mouni.. a part of ur spoiler has come out as a video yesterday.. where sso brining s NT and stays she will be here forever.. then NT taunting pinky and fighting.. and sso ccoming there.. and it also mentions abt Sahil.. I still don understand u that poor kid had to be kidnapped!

      And ur club demands glory Singh Oberoi.. good! From what ppl talk..Looks like ur demands are going to come true soon!! Waiting for that!!

    5. Ranilya

      Consoling Singh Oberoi is one who I like too…but these days I’m not seeing the spark….either I’m bored with the same concept or I can’t ignore Pinky anymore…both weigh the same on scale I guess

  8. Aastha_Reddy

    Shivaay Singh Oberoi the sweetest thing is the kiss on forehead he gave or the acclaim that “You are mine Annika..only mine”..still both are the sweetest thing as compare to the tasteless sugarcane. Trying hard to prove truth yet his so all time enemy is that smart phone..Kill that one too soon.
    Annika is not worried a little bit even for her problem as she is a fighter Jhansi ki Rani but is worried for his prestige, tadi and respect… wife Annika is out to save his watch from wrong hand..imagine what can she do in future to save her husband from a wrong mother. Her so tadibaaz and aloof behaviour with NT.. the feel and essence of Shivaay Singh Oberoi is coming out with Annika style…
    They are husband-wife, prone to save and protect each other.. Non one have the knowledge about them as much as they both have care, concern and love for each other.. stop beating around the bushed with the sugarcane NT.
    One big white mansion and its two sides..Black side is one blue chudail with her cheap thought and her cheap samdhan with lies and the white side one innocent soul with her support system with truth.. the war of ishq against hate.. Ishqbaaz.
    Shakti Singh Oberoi..So confusion he is creating on the screen with his those meaningful gazes in between… “good morning dad”.. always keep reading news paper like this doing nothing.
    Hospital.. all the culprit are here..Hidden from each other..and the most important and irritating device is a smart phone.
    Khannaji..the Hanuman is already on duty as per the order from his Ram Shivaay..
    Precap.. Tied tien fiss of Truth or another trap from hero side..Still confusion..
    The pool, the orange couch, the bed, all the material, the watch and Shivaay all are priceless and vaaluable..Annika gave the perfect cockroach full answer by snatching it away from wrong person.
    Priveer ..come out from that scene of 80s movies scene soon.

    1. hi astha di
      I’m back
      nice analysis di???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Maggi..thanks for this two minute visit here..ha ha.

    2. Pushpa

      Astha…wht a khidikitod analysis owsm…2day shivaye was fabulous luved him more…shivika moment ws fantastic………the war of ishq against hate….this line is fabulous i wt to wtns asap……

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa..this had to happen dear.. I think they will proof this the either way like they did for Tia and then the DNA test..this time also they will do the same for NT and DNA test..After all its their style and way of winning against science with feelings and trick.

    3. LAX

      Like u said, why was Shakthi giving such doubtful looks?? I donno.
      Khannaji Hanuman is ok ??? Shivay Ram is too much..!!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Lax..Adjust karlo meri friend .. Pata hai mujhe ki I am never tired of praising him. I wish to give him all the supernatural power if I am permitted to.. thoda control karlo gussa..coz maim toh control karungi hi nahi apne bhaiyya ki taarif karna..ha ha..control Lax Darling control..(wink wink)

    4. AnuluvsIB

      wife Annika is out to save his watch from wrong hand..imagine what can she do in future to save her husband from a wrong mother

      Aastha.. wife annika is a dabang anika.. but bahu anika isn’t that way.. if she know pinky is behind this.. anika will step out as she will not want to come in between her mom and son… to her.. pinky does all this for shivaays welfare..
      so as far as ani is unaware of pinky’s hand it is better..

      1. Ranilya

        That’s what is worrying me Anu…Anika will surely allow herseherself to b degraded n humiliated by Pinky and also step out of OM…..
        I want Shivay to know pinky’s truth first….

  9. Sry, aaj main ghar se bahar hun, so can’t watch on tv..i saw the episode on hotstar…..

    1 ..WTF…mwre ko kuch samajh nahi aa raha…
    pinky ponky???????????????????? how dare you…….you made my didi cry..?????????

    Kutti , kamini, donky , duffer, nonsense…pagal, rascel idiot….jutne bure words hw na all words are only for you..chepdi……samjhti kya he tu khud ko..aine mai dekha he khud ko kabhi..chudail jaisi dikhti he. Nahi nahi dikhti nahi tu toh chudail he hi…??????
    Meri didi ke samne teri aukat kya he……?? Are meri didi ki wajh se teri family thik he.warna kab se tum sab ki oh my maata ho jati….????
    Kya boli???? Meri didi , teri bete ko loot raha he…abe tu khud apni bete ko loot raha he .maata rani maata rani karti raheti he .lekin ek bhi aachi baat nahi he tujh main..???????????????
    Paise bahut hogaya he So aise hi feko…tera bwta kitni mehenat karke. Paisa kamata he aur tu chudail kammini..barbad karne pe tuli hui he . Stupid…lalchi ???????

    2.Ranveer-Jayada kuch nahi bolungi..bas itna ki tere jaisi 2 rupee chepada inssan kosi bhi ladki ko na de jo ladki ki emotions se khelta he..

    3.prinku my doll just move on..why are you soo weak..ranveer is doing just acting…you can’t love him…he is a cheap man….so be strong.but to day i am happy seeing your strongness.prinku pahelwan is really suit you d today..

    4..KC..25 lakh ki watch tere liye subh nahi asubh nikli…tu meri didi ka kuch nahi bigad sakti kali chudail…meri didi is not soo much weak…?????

    5.S5.Sso love to see your caring are my didi ‘s strength. ..and also her weak ness. Plz save her from your mom..and be samart..

    6..didi realx. Darne ki jaroorat nahi he. Aap toh strong he na so chill and now only listen your heart..and dimag ki sahi use bhi karo.

    7.Shivika scene is always treat for us ..lo fir se forhead kiss but just for consoling. .yarr now it is high time. Thoda toh pyaar ‘touch me not” type hubby and wife kab tak rahoge????? ( name credit goes to fuzion production )

    8.precap- chalo for se fail gaya raita…????

    9.about upcoming scene i am very sad but happy dor one thing that pinky is doing OMM of herself..bringing nayantara. ..???????…neha my cute love angel will leave..???????? nooòooo ohh that is why in twitter harneet said that it is sad to end a character. ..??? i will miss all bond with everybody speciallly animya and soumya and sahil….???????
    Why gul maata..doing this…first iskara then rumya. Not fair.

    9.narbhi live chats are sooo funny.??????

    10.Love Sso today when he said my annika and i feel proud for you..Awwwwww soo sweet of swwet bilu…

    1. Pushpa

      Arpi……i cant find the best bura word 4 pinkynponky….hope her drama ends soon…

    2. Arpita di kitne aapke analysis mai anger waale emojis hain na usse agar mera gussa multiply kar diya dinky ke liye toh dinky jal ke narak mai oh my mata ke bhajan karegi?

    3. AnuluvsIB

      ‘touch me not” type hubby and wife kab tak rahoge!! Good one..

      And your point1- full on patake on pinky huh ⚡️????⚡️✨?? full on galis!! Well done!! ??

    4. Nilash

      Arpita whenever i see your comment i feel you are answering a question paper. but it’s awesome to read line by line carefully.
      and about neha don’t know what to do with cvs for hampering every character whom we love.
      Awesome analysis in an awesome way.
      keep it up and yaa ofcourse thank you

    5. Ranilya

      Kutti , kamini, donky , duffer, nonsense…pagal, rascel idiot….jutne bure words hw na all words are only for you..chepdi……samjhti kya he tu khud ko..aine mai dekha he khud ko kabhi..chudail jaisi dikhti he.

      You seem to b as frustrated as me Arpita….

  10. Pushpa

    Hi luvly IBssssss…..

    Finally v got 2wtns de kiss??
    Shivika moments ws mindblowing…super owsm the way shivaye express hw proud he feels abt anika who’s his strenght she mst not feel weak he’s alwys there 4her not 2worry…bt shes scared… shivaye’s tht kiss gv her courage……hug would hv been the best medicine…..

    But wht happen 2 cvs 2day yaar???
    Priyanka forgive tht rascal ranveer– hey sorry guys excuse me 4my language here…..i cant help it….aft all tht happen she still feels for him !!!! she hugged him??? cmon prinku wake up….c wht u doing…think…. its not right!!!! And tht 2rps cheapde is acting…..oh no 1drama nds&1 strtng …..

    Hey hey pinky ponky watch yr language whn ur speaking2anika……i didnt like the wrds she use…
    Ohhhh i hated pinky ponky & tht nikkkkiii 2day so much tht i would hv kill thm both if i ws there…i cant c her feel happy wt her plans….
    And pinky ponky got the report switch ???she paid 2get the nakli report… cheap ??? ….shivaye ws so close yet so far 2notice his mum ws just bside him…r v all stupid cvs??????#&¥₩

    This is wht i think…..
    Shakti is observing pinkys movemnt & reporting 2 shivaye
    Shivaye knw his mum ws there in hospital ….shivaye purposely inform anika tht de DNA match …..this is his plan 2expose pinky nikkiiiii so they will spit it out…..i just hope this is wht it is….and please end pinky drama asap…..boils me up2max…..

    Precap: DNA match???? Im thinkng its Shivaye’s plan …..
    Once again its STRESSBAAAZZZŹZZZZ……

    1. Nivedita

      Totally Ranveer was yenna rascallaan! ??? Forgive my mispelling and correct it if it’s wrong! ?

      Yes Pushpa–, I am also hoping that the precap is another Shivika trap..or atleast Shivaay trap..??

      I am not stressed, just cause Dinky’s comeuppance is inevitable..that’s why I feel so many Shakti scenes are also there nowadays .
      Of Shakti is spying on Dinky, that will b superb! ??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Pushpa… even I hope that precap is a drama.. looks like he changed his mind midway.. or sensed some foul play..
      I hope he is on SSO mode.. brain in front seat..
      Coz only he is capable of exposing pinky!!

    3. Nilash

      Hiiiiiiiiiii…… PUSHPA first thing you are also from a joint family???? that’s really great and it’s awesome to stay around the people who are very different from one another but always stand by each other..
      i think shivay told Anika about the DNA match under pressure of NT due to saahil’s kidnapping case though i’m not sure.
      and pinky drama is seriously becoming intolerable day by day

    4. Ranilya

      Stressbazzzzz sure it is….hope as you say shakthi is helping Shivay this time…. can’t tolerate Pinky any more…. I just can’t see such mothers……

  11. Agar pinky shivay ki maa nahi hai to koun hain mahi nd shivay ki maa?Guys,have you any idea about it?

    1. I guess its kamini…

    2. AnuluvsIB

      It might be possible that Pinky herself is the mom and Mahi has been kept in lies by Kamini.. we can never say manisha..

  12. Didi ‘s language is always funny tikyachor?????? funny.

    @astha baby soò sry….yarr itni saari comments he na toh yaad karna muskil he. Don’t get sad..lo a big tight hug from me to you my swwet baby??

    @Uf dear, you haven’t comment since some days .but i know you are really hurt ..after knowing neha’s quitting……bcoz tumhara dor such hogaya he . Bas soch rahi hun ki now what are you thinking abou Cvs..

    @pkj ek khabar mili that shivika are performed on song A dil a muskil….is it true..??????

    1. Meenuu

      Yes arpu di
      They are performing in ADHM and BKD ki humsafar song both

      Even someone said that their promo of dance is telecasted in tv(ad)
      And it is sizzling hot
      As soon as i saw surely iwill send the link

  13. Riddhima

    Vanakam ishqiess .. Hai ishqiesss…
    Shivika …. Nailed it ….

    Prinku didn’t expect this … Let him die … You think about your shivay brother how ranveer and kamini kidnapped him they tortured sowmya .. How they planned to deframe you and your respect …how they hurted your family remembers….
    Why always they are showing girls weak at some point … Seriously disappointed with prinku scene …

    Pinky go pinky go … Do whatever you wanna do … Till time favours you ….

    Good night …
    Ivaru vanakam ???……

    1. Nivedita

      Ivaru Vanakam Riddhi!

      Yup Prinku Ka kya track rakha hai! Total OMM! ??

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Iravh vanakkam!! Wah nivi!

      2. Nivedita

        Ok Iravu! Thanku Anu! ?

      3. Riddhima

        Nivi … Good evening ….
        Same feeling….here … What track is this …

    2. Gayathri.visu

      Hi Riddhi. Kaalai vanakam. Epadi irukenga?

      Prinkuva boldha paarthapothu ennaleye namba mudiyala. Aana andha emotional blackmailku aparam highly disappointed.

      1. Riddhima

        Gayu …. Nalla iruken pa …
        Adhan ishqbaaz … Twist twist a kudupannga …

    3. Pushpa

      gd moring riddhi…..yes agree let acp die no mercy prinku & not worth at all…

      1. Riddhima

        Pushpa …. Happy evening …yaar …
        Same pinch …chocolate pink ..

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Prinku is very soft ridhi..
      her initially words saying khood jao by itself was a surprise to me..
      Let’s see further on how their relation proceeds.. I am hoping their track progresses the right way..
      Now that rumya is also ending… idhuvadhu nalla pogattum..

      1. Riddhima

        Nega solarathum seri than … Ikaraiku akkarai pachai mathri … Idhavadahu ozhunga pogatum ..

    5. Ranilya

      That’s called love I suppose riddi….Ranveer is Prinku’s first love…. she always have a soft spot for him in some corner of her heart.

      1. Riddhima

        Rani …. Idhuku Peru thana love uh … Seringa madam …. ?????

    6. Ranilya

      Seri riddi

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Good episode. Asusual except stupid Pinky ponky’s dialogues! I can’t even tell that how much I hate her in words.
    Anikaji is much worried about DNA test result. Feeling sad for her. But today Anikaji’s expressions are awesome. I liked her expressions in that convo with NT! Really Anikaji is getting annoyed with NT n her actions Shivaay, now I m really confused. One side he still have his NKK(atleast little bit)ideology, another side his caring nature! Which Shivaay is true? But today I likes Shivaay’s consoling words. ‘meri Anika’, ‘main hoon na’ type of words, I think already we heard it, right! But also I likes it. And that forehead kiss, didn’t reach my expecting level…its ok. That I m expects Shivika’s hug! But no…
    Seriously one watch price is 25lakhs, OMM!(not that stupid).
    Atlast he learns some lesson from that Tia’s incident. Good! But again he missed to catch the culprit who changes his wife’s DNA result!

    First few min scenes of Priveer, I felt like, is she really our Prinku? But after that ‘so called’ suicide drama…nothing new going to happen here, so no more expectation! Ranveer, how is this possible man! How come he gets little injuries only? Very strange!

    Precap – Is sahil’s kidnapping drama starts?

    1. Pushpa

      hi gayu..pinky getting too cheap. …what i should say…her 2rps language cheapde…shows how kameeeena she is compare to kamini….shivaye as usual took all our breath away…..
      WHAT???..sahil too will be kidnapped???? what is this… cvs ..???? too many dramas as usual our shivika life in trouble…

    2. AnuluvsIB

      The suicide attempts looks like pakka drama set up to me.. it felt like he was prepared for jumping..

      And sahils kidnapping.. I still don have a clue if y would they want to do it?
      Paavam.. varavan poravan ellam antha paiyanna kidnap panraanunga.. poor boy!

    3. Nilash

      Hlooo… Gayu.. not sure about the precap but ya of course Pinky ponky should go out for the ride of the hell.
      yaa yesterday’s shivay jiju’s consoling words were awwww to me but i missed the sweet hug from them.
      arre leave little injuries i thought he is dead but he survived how is that possible because according to me it was maybe the terrace of the collage which is may be of 3 floors so quite strange to me but we should not point out the loopholes in IB as after all it is IB

    4. Ranilya

      They just want to drag the NKK issue until the maja episodes I think gayu….Shivay would have stopped worrying abt NKK if not for this Pinky n NT nautanki

  15. Hi guys
    50 lakh watch ?????

    if i get 3000 rs watch itself i say it is very big

    sad rumya story is going to end
    she herself conformed
    but i heard clearly


    So hoping she will be there

    Because yesterday in surbhi’s live chat
    Someone asked is neha leaving
    Narbhi said why yaar she will not leave us

    I dont know what did they mean

    But the new story is going to be different
    The heroine is going to be like SSO
    And the hero is ofcourse like his bhabhis
    I always wanted this story for rudra

    But feeling sad for rumya and neha
    When vrushy exited i thought its her wish for not moving her character but now i feel they wantedly ended neha’s character
    As after her long break in serial also she said she is not leaving ib she also had hopes i think so
    CVS na kuch bhi????????????????

    i always wanted a story where girl should be in anger and boy should be bubbly
    they showed in beyhad but now i think it turned thriller terror serial
    iam not watching so don’t know

    lets hope for the best from gul
    as she gave gauri because i love gauri

    but i love rumya too much they are the cutest couple

    today they simply kissed
    i think they got used to it

    guys as per the video spoiler
    NT kidnapped saahil and threating SSO
    So he is saying DNA is matched
    Why always annika hurts

    The best part is NT IS DOING PINKY’S O MY MATA???????

    By this track i think pinky is going to spill the beans by NT’s torture

    But now the question is
    Who is NT why she is doing all this
    Always IB writers bring twist inside a twist

    Even nakuul said that HUGE TWIST is waiting for the fans in upcoming episode

    I dont know what is the twist

    1. Nivedita

      What poor Sahil will b kidnapped! Too much Dinky! ??

      Hmm twists toh hai IB mein..
      Rumya ending is a huge twist by itself!

      1. Meenuu

        Yes di saahil will be kidnapped but i think
        Pinky is not involved in this plan
        It is NT’s plan
        I think so

    2. Pushpa

      hi meenu…….i think thts shivayes plan…informing anika the DNA matched….if not he cant expose pinky&nikiii get both of them into fight…

      1. Meenuu

        I hope
        It should be shivaays plan
        Because NT is blackmailing SSO with saahil

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Meenu.. I don want pinky to spill the beans herself.. she shudn have a clue that some one has found out abt her motives.. I want her to be under an impression that her plans are successful and then bang.. I want Shivaay to do the exposè..

      THat will shock her for life.. and the entire OF should despise her for this..

      Rumya.. I have cried so much and still doesn’t feel enuf?? I simply luved them! I loved Neha.. I just can’t see Rudy with some one else.. if no sumo.. let Rudy be a bachelor till grave!

      1. Meenuu

        Ya di shivaay should do her OMM
        I want shivaay to scold her
        And jhanvi and daadi should make her understand about shivaay

        They are cute couple
        Atleast they are doing justice to lee
        Because if lee leaves then the show will be flop

    4. Ranilya

      Meenu, it’s very disheartening that Neha is leaving….i just hope she will b back soon….rumya was a good pair…

      today they simply kissed
      i think they got used to it
      Rather I would say “we” got used to the consoling kisses… it looks simple to us…

      1. Meenuu

        Ya ranilya
        We only get consolalation kisses and consolation hugs
        But for that iyself we are jumping

        What will happen when they show more

      2. Ranilya

        We wil bungee jump I guess…☺?

  16. Mehakchalag

    What the work!Nayantra shivaay teri kidney nikle na nikle main jarror chahogi teri kidney koi nikale.Anika di u nailed it today.Keep doing NT tai tai fis.New word “tikichuti” and shivaay is back with his dialogue what tikii?Aww he look so cute.Loved the scene when she wears him watch.And he wipes her tear.Tum meri ho meri anika this words touched my heart.Shivaay i love your this version.Anika di can’t see tears in your eyes yaar plz stop this track yaar.Cvs 2 weeks ho gye h we can’t that level of romance when she kicks shivaay.Jungle romance is just lolipop for us to impress us and we get impressed.So that they can show this drama.How dare u pinky she insulted anika di.Unlimited kicks and slaps for her.Coming to priyanka i like her bravery.O god many of oberois in hospital.Precap as we all what is going to happen my dear shivaay blackmailed by this kk naintara.My eyes are waiting to see end of this track soon.Neha left the show.Lee and sumo come in insta live chat and they reveal that sumo wil go to paris.

    1. Pushpa

      hi ..yes …what the hell nikiiiii ?????? just hated both pinky nikiiiii….i hated all those words she used on anika…so cheap….

      1. Mehakchalag

        pushpa di hi…pinky toh ek no. ki cheapdi h cheapdi.usse anika di ki importance nhi pata huh i hate her very much.i m 15 yrs so tell me plz that i will call u di or not?

      2. Pushpa

        meha…u can call me di or by my worries……

      3. Mehakchalag

        no di i will call u di ok..

    2. AnuluvsIB

      shivaay teri kidney nikle na nikle main jarror chahogi teri kidney koi nikale! Lol ??
      Saath me pinky ka bhi nikaal denge.. koi kyun Mehak.. YeH shub lam hum khud kar denge.. chalen? ?

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Shub kam*

      2. Mehakchalag

        ha di hume tayari shuru kardeni chaiye…iss pinky ke liye swetlana se bhi aache aache tarike dundho gi main…ha di cholo chale…MISSION PIYANTRA…

    3. Nilash

      Hlo Mehak…… feeling very bad for Neha and rip to the rumya track.
      hey mehak come with me i’m heeding to OM to kill that Pinky again but don’t know this time will i suceed or not but you can come with me.
      and no hopes for the precap.

      1. Mehakchalag

        yes di i m ready let’s go and kill her….

  17. LAX

    The snail has warned me not to insult it by comparing to IB. So not doing it this time.
    I mean they could ve easily included the revelation of DNA results today. Plz CVs, for the love of God show some progress.

    Today I made out that NKK ideology is contagious. I mean till yesterday only Shivay had such thoughts, but today even Annika was typical ASSO. Not that I want her to be ok with being NTs daughter. In fact I like the way she treats NT. That lady needs no respect. She is funny I agree but not bechari.
    Shivay, U should try a job as motivational speaker. Being a businessman has only made u rude, U ve not learnt to apply any traits of a good businessman in your personal life. But I am sure u can reach heights being a motivational speaker. Those motivating lines from Shivay to Annika were the only good thing about the episode for me. The scene I really wish was snail speed went like a bullet train. The most awaited kiss scene.

    Pinky was heights of shamelessness today. How can anybody be so cruel?? The only person who knows that NT is not Annikas mother is Pinky n she is the one taunting Annika. Hell is waiting for you lady.

    Coming to Ranveer Prinku scene, glad that Prinku was bold n stood up for herself. Ranveer, don’t b over smart, the tables can turn anytime beta, just wait n watch. As much as Ayush is gaining charm, Subha is losing it. What ve u done to yourself girl??

    Precap- I agree DNA samples are matching? How come they all of a sudden forgot what happened yesterday n started blindly believing that report. This is insane. Also SSO seemed happy initially n by the time he reached home, things changed. Is there something happening between the two scenes?? Nakuul few days back shared a pic of him sitting on the car bonnet (Vishakhas DP) thats from tomorrow’s episode I guess. May be he is in the process of decision making there n he chose Annika I suppose. If that’s case Pinky plan has gone tai tai phis..!! Let’s see.

    P.S.- God, It’s a devastating blow that Rumyas track is going to end. Neha is such a sweetheart to attend SPA in spite of knowing that her track is coming to an end. I was not this sad for Ishkara. Now I know who Harneet meant in her tweet. But when u say picture abhi baaki hain, I still ve some hopes. Love Angel, I ll miss u (teary eyed) ?????? Neha, wish u all success in life. Hope to see u soon. There cannot be a better Sumo than you. Gul, Harneet, if it’s the end of Rumya forever, hate u…!!

    1. LAX

      Sorry that I could not reply to anybodys comment in the last page. It was a hectic day.

      1. Nivedita

        Lax, but, how will NT get info about Sahil’s whereabouts if Dinky isn’t involved in it? Unless there is a different NT motivated for being in OM– someone in OM will have to give her info about Sahil..

        Yep- totally digging AA in IB.. ??but this manipulative behavior of his is going to spoil the minds of our Ishqbaazian babies…concerned for them..???

    2. Nivedita

      Lax, seriously crying over Neha leaving.. and if you look at her pics at SPA she does look a little wistful..
      Neha- seriously you are absolutely adorable and such a sweetheart! All the best to her! I hope Gul ma’am will reintroduce her soon..

      I agree about Priveer- I don’t want to bash a lady’s poor choices in life so don’t want to comment on Prinku..
      But seriously you made the right observation on the two actors personal charm! Something must b going on with Subha Rajput– I hope she starts making better decisions for herself..??

      Yes Lax, I felt the same, a discrepancy between the two scenes.. so something is up..
      Meenuu mentioned Saahil is going to b kidnapped! That’s Seriously stopping too low Dinky!

      1. LAX

        Rumya thing is seriously shocking..!! Hope if not now, she is reintroduced later.
        Ayush Anand looks handsome day by day. He can be launched as a hero.
        The discrepancy..!! We ll ve to wait n watch.
        From what I made out Pinky is not involved in Sahils kidnap. It’s NTs plan I think.

    3. Surbhi Sharma

      Lax di . Sachii . Rumya track is ending . This is totally not fair cvs . Di , is it true ??
      Neha is really such a sweetheart . I don’t want their track to end like ishkara. They both are such a adorable couple .
      Hope gul mam doesn’t end their track . Rumya is one of the cutest couple of television.
      Fingers crossed . Hope neha ‘s track doesn’t end .
      Will miss our love angel . ???

      1. LAX

        It’s said so dear. The track is going to end for time being atleast. Donno if it ll restart later. Let’s see. Hope they are not fooling us like the last time.

    4. Pushpa

      lax hw r u gal……agree kissing scene was owsm but too short …little disappointed there….DNA must be another plan by shivaye….i hope so or NT blackmail ??

      1. LAX

        Am good.. Busy these days. That’s all. How r u ??
        Hope it’s Shivays plan like u said

    5. AnuluvsIB

      NT is funny not bechari.. definitely.. and she comes back like a boomerang to hit pinky.. as per the latest video spoiler..

      And the precap.. looks like he is planning something.. I totally hope so.. I can’t see report being manipulated.. Pinky winning
      and getting away without a trace..
      May be he still doesn’t know it’s pinky.. but I hope he smells something so that he can get to the bottom of it..

      And Rumya!! Wtf! Y I just don get it.. when they have managed to create thisbgood chemistry.. and it has a good feedback from viewers.. good fan following.. scrapping it is absolutely stupid decision!
      Now DBO seems to have picked up.. despite shrenu and Kunal being amazing actors I still don feel the Rumya magic..
      Nothing but how the chemistry developed to be is the reason.. Ru’s attachment to love angel.. then revelation that she is the love angel.. the evolution of friendship.. reyaan and the jealousy element.. and finally the accidental marriage that they never openly admitted.. their relationship has seen lot.. and was getting mounded very nicely.. it is so sad that it is being broken at this stage!!

      1. LAX

        I am not sure if SSO has a plan. But if he is believing the report, today he has to take the decision whether to choose NKK or Annika?? Am waiting..!! Let’s see.
        The original concept of Rumya was so good n different. Donno what’s Gul upto. If it’s a break it’s ok. Ultimately the couple has to be Rumya.

    6. Nilash

      Lax di may be Subha thought by changing her nose style she will look more beautiful but i loved the old Subha more.
      and about Neha i don’t know what Gul want to do after scrapping off Neha. i doubt why did she even start rumya track and why that mariage part was included, was it just a mistake or just a random thought of that time. not sure. whatever…. i would miss the sweet chubby sumo very much like you and i seriously got very sad after knowing this news. seriously will miss you love angel.
      no hope about the precap and also sorry for the snail

      1. LAX

        Neha is Neha..!! Nobody can replace her. They ve to bring her back at any cost. Gul, R u listening??

    7. Ranilya

      Oh yes Lax the snail would b insulted to b compared with the IB pace….
      IB is turning out to b a typical Indian soap with saas-bahu drama….
      Om and Rudy ka hatha patha nahi…
      Sumo is being scrapped…..
      Dadi is on char-dham yatra I guess
      Ek NKK mil gaya hain inlogon ko, tho uske aage peeche gol gol goom rahe hain…

      1. LAX

        NKK is a very good track but is scripted very badly. The more they extend it the boring it ll look.

  18. Meenuu

    Pinky your death will be in my hands only
    Write it

    Om fans
    When interviewer was asking om when are you coming back with old wavy hairstyle
    He said soon with laughing
    I hope it is true

    Priveer is little borring yaar
    But waiting to hear the reason behind kaamini and ranveer

    1. Pushpa

      i’ll help you dear ..cause u cant do it alone….she’s a dangerous species….

      1. Meenuu

        Yes she is very dangerous specious
        For killing her we want special equipments

  19. Lijince

    Hi my dearest ishqie buddies….. hope all are having a good time…. but mine is not so good….amma has gone to Kerala as my grandmother fell sick…. and my laddu is going crazy without seeing her….. to top everything I have got a new project which should be submitted next Monday…. totally OMM ho giya….meri jindagi barbaad ho giya ??????

    Coming to the episode today is much better than yesterday….. I least expected that cute hug….. I know its not something new…. but Shivika hug has become so addictive and one thing that gives assurance about their relationship….so it’s always a pleasure????

    And Prinku what is happening to you baby?? Ready to get tricked again or what??? Now please don’t do those dramas of staying in hospital to take care of that kameena or to give him blood ????
    Walk out boldly….pleeeeej!!!

    Precap: Shivaye, Pinky mom and the test
    reports …… comment karna hi bekaar hain??? I have started feeling that what Mahi told about Pinky mom is a lie…. from the behaviour of son and mom it doesn’t look like Pinky is not mom of Shivaye…..both are very capable of doing blunders and later coming out with intelligent ideas!!!

    Okay so my buddies Lachu,Archu,Rano,Anu,Mouni,Astha,Nivi,Surbhi,Amaya,Rajjo,Renima,Shab,Riddhi,Pushpa, Shekhar,Akriti,Arpita,Shanaa,Piyuu,Kiki,Bela,Chavi,Vivi,Nilash,anikaa,Mehak,diya,Shanaya,Sara,Anila,Manya,Vishakha,Meenu,Alia…..and all other paagals of this PKJ family…..loadz of love tight hugs and kisses to all until I meet next time…. good night

    1. Nivedita

      Ooh dig your DP- fab BB2 scene! ???
      OMM till next Mon you must be crazy busy with no Amma to help u out..
      Hope your Grandma gets better soon darling!
      Was wondering where u were the last few days.. aajkal laddoo– ji Ka kya haal hai IB dekh ke??..did her Shivaay bhaiyya make her laugh some more? Hugs to u momma for being a superwoman managing home and work pressure at the same time..??

    2. Shekhar

      Today epi is not better than test, but better than all those epis next to THE LAST epi in which KHANNA was there!

      1. Shekhar

        Read “test” as “yesterday”

    3. Surbhi Sharma

      Liji di , a big tight hug to u too . ??
      Hope your grandmother gets well soon . And all the very best for ur project . And how is ur laddoo doing ??
      Come soon ha . ????? ans don’t worry . ???

    4. Nilash

      Liji di will miss you very much please try to be back soon. loads of love, kisses and hugs to you. and infinite times hugs, kisses and love to your laddoo. i just hope your grandma that means my grandma get’s well soon (you won’t mind na if i consider her as my grandma also as both of my grandma died 2 years back together).
      And di all the best for your project. try to come back soon di will be waiting for you

    5. Pushpa

      liji…hope all is well.. all the best on yr new project hugs to you too…
      prinku is going crazy…thts wht it is…

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Ooh! It’s shud be quite hectic to manage ur laddoo without ur mom around..
      And with work demanding time… should be all the more difficult!
      TC Liji darling..
      Hugs and kisses to ur darling little laddoo????

    7. LAX

      This is the time u bring Patidev on board.
      Atleast Wish IB was a stress buster at this point for you. But does not seem so.
      I think today’s episode ll b better I guess.

    8. Ranilya

      Liji dear…i can understand how you r feeling…. poor laddoo…she must b sad n missing her granny….
      And you have a project too..!!
      A big hug to your laddoo… n a hug to u too…

  20. The current track is really good! Today’s episode was also epic….I love SSO’s dialogue “Tum sirf meri ho”….my heart just melted when he said that…who wouldnt like to hear such words!!
    And I was really cheering Priyanka today until the time when she caved in..then I felt that there was no point to her attitude towards Ranveer initially.
    I hope the precap is also a plan by Shivika!!! I read a spoiler that Shivaay winks at Anika when he shows the DNA test result and signs Anika to act along with him…hope that thats the case really!!! Dont want Anika to suffer again!

    1. Pushpa

      hi kritika……shivaye just know & hv his way in how to capture all our hearts…..

      1. Hi Pushpa!! Yes! Shivaay definitely knows how to win our hearts!!

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Working at annika asking to act along.. how I wish that happened…!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Winking* at

      2. IKR!!! I wish it happens…I read some spoilers which mentioned this and hence commented 😀

    3. Ranilya

      Really Kritika?? So Shivika will play together against pinktara?? How i wish it’s true…..cant see Anika hurt again…

      1. yeah! Lets hope for the best!!

  21. AnuluvsIB

    Today’s episode was a bundle of all emotions..
    As much as I enjoyed/luved few moments, I hated few moments.. some made me angry.. some made me sad.. some made me laugh..
    but as far as the episode is concerned… hardly any progress.. yet another filler..

    My heart just goes out to annika.. poor gal.. what kind of emotional turmoil she is going through right now…
    Luved the shivika scenes today.. the kiss again was a consolation one and not romantics.. but it surely did all the consolation that was needed that moment.. and his “Meri Annika” spoke volumes abt his pride than his kiss!

    Pinky! Just felt like breaking her fingers the moment she touched annika.. take ur dirty hands off her chudail!! And OM is not ur place.. kindly go to hell!! It’s becoming a better place in ur absence!! Jaa ke sambhalo!!

    NT… the actress is doing her best.. the sugarcane scene was quite funny, but the storyline is quite frustrating that I cudn enjoy the comic part of it..

    Priveer… good that prinku stood up today.. she seemed better in the jumping scene than chemistry lab scene.. they make a good couple.. Ayush was quite smart.. hope this time he truly loses his heart and finds him lost in her!

    Precap-y did Shivaay sound positive initially… as mush as the DNA reports is going to cause trouble to pinky, it is going to hurt annika too.. I really hope sso gets to the bottom of this asap.. can’t see annika like this!

    And they are ending Rumya???! WTH!!! As much as I loved shivika I loved rumya.. more than ishkara.. rikara.. they were a khidkithod pair!! Very very very bad decision Gul!!!

    1. Nivedita

      Except for your first para.. you matched my emotions almost entirely gal.. lol!
      Yes Prinku was a better actress today in the scene where she tells Ranveer to jump off..though I just disliked all his manipulations..

      I enjoyed today just because of the lovely Shivika scene..
      I feel this whole week atleast till Fri will b filler, they are likely stocking up good plots for next weeks Maha episode .
      And DBO was actually more khidkitod today than IB..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah nivi!! I realised that too after reading ur comments..
        True.. today’s episode.. we might get to see the DNA results.. but apart from that it’s all going to be fillers.. as u said.. may be they are prepping up for the maha episodes..

        I liked DBO too.. especially the precap.. but I still don feel the magic in Rikara.. that I feel in shivika and rumya.. may be it will start getting better now..

    2. Pushpa

      anu darling….the proud tone of “meri anika” just owsm na…
      i was so angry the way pinky spoke ot anika…..the tone..i hated that…from the oberoi family but speaking like a 2rps cheapde…disgusting…

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Even 2₹ is very costly for pinky Pushpa.. she is also like kameeni.. 2 paisa..
        Actually u know not even 2 paisa.. she is just a ‘sella kaasu’!! Wasted woman ?

    3. Nilash

      Anu so nice analyser you are. loved your analysis. and about rumya RIP to the track as they are all set to end it soon.
      and thank you as you sounded to be in my Anika Didi’s side at times but i hope anika didi also help shivay jiju to reach to the bottom but not to forget before all this saahil kidnapping drama is on its way. so no expectations at least for now.
      and loads of love to PRAGNYA

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Thanks a lot for ur luv for my lil one ?
        And ur didi never leaves ur jijus side.. she will always help him on everything..
        Sahil kidnapping is again going to be an emotional turmoil for annika.. aur kya kya jelna padega.. bechari..!

    4. Nivedita

      Anu fore I feel Rikara magic- but only like one DBO episode– a week– otherwise when they show a crying and miserable Gauri or Omkara or the illogical plots, I can’t stomach DBO..

      Well if Sahil kidnapping is there, that will b today’s twist..
      I read your comments on Rumya- Seriously they were cuties.. I didn’t miss Ishana as much as I will miss Saumya- because she had good bonding with O bros and Annika Sahil too..
      Plus I like intellectual women like Saumya’s character..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Nivi.. frankly.. they might push Sahil kidnapping by another day.. may be they will show it on precap.. they have decided to drag this week..
        This is similar to weeks when we had mahi in OF just stealing jewels.. and his mind voice talks on pinky.. with nothing significant.. atleast there it was mahi.. here it is pinktara!! Chudails ki ma!!

        And Soumya.. yes nivi.. she sure was intellectual.. and as u said she shared a good bond with OF.. I was a fan of her too!
        And Rumya were the ones responsible to trigger the spark on Shivaay for annika.. that’s when we saw the first ever consciously
        intimate shivika!!

    5. LAX

      You are right coz the plot is so, we are not able to enjoy the comic part. Priyanka looked so much better in that second scene compared to the first. I think by then we got used. Also she looks good when bold n in a bechari avatar.
      Am more of an Ishkara fan than Rikara. We ve two great actors but somehow the chemistry is not so great. But again I liked Rumya more than Ishkara.

      @Nivi- May be this ll b a filler week n they are waiting for IPL to end n start with the mahaepisodes. Also you are right, Gauri n Annikas background n characteristics are almost comparable, but Soumya was different. Heard that the new character opposite Rudr ll b bold n modern.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        I was ishkara fan too lax.. both were good actors.. and opposites thing also made sense there.. a sensitive honest and not bothered abt class om agnst a not so sensitive greedy con girl..
        But again like u said I liked rumya even more…
        to me it doesn’t seem like a break Lax.. ?

      2. LAX

        *not in bechari avatar I meant

      3. Ranilya

        Yes Lax ishkara was as good as shivika….more than rikara or omri as I cal them, I liked Rumya…..
        Chemistry betn them.was awesome….
        I just hope it’s a break only n not a complete exit of Neha…..

    6. Ranilya

      “Meri Annika” spoke volumes abt his pride than his kiss!
      Yes Anu I too felt that his words had more impact than his kiss today….

      Pinky!! The sound of the word itself is so irritating now!!

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Yeah ranu.. the kiss was meant for our recreation and the words were meant for anikas consolation..!

    7. Nivedita

      Anu you are right, the CVs may not show Sahil part yet..and drag pinktara !
      Exactly! Saumya was so much a part of Shivika and initial IB magic..

  22. Chavi

    Hi ishquies.. Today episode is interesting…we got all sorts of emotions…in one epi of all d characters in ib…

    Liked shivika scenes.. caring n love n understanding n supporting of shivay saying meri anika…?…n consoling part is beautiful can’t able to express in words…it weighs DAT much..ah

    CVS r proceeding again with priveer track..n made prinku some bold but in vain she got trapped …still there’s hope may b priveer turns to b positive..let’s hope for d best..

    About pinky n 9tara.. no comments… Yaar..waiting for their omm..soon

    1. Ranilya

      Hope Chavi that they don’t do omm of priveer….cvs na, kuch big kar sakthe hain.

  23. Did they forget that they have already got Rumya married???SHAADI ka toh mazzzaaakkk banake rakh diya hain iss shivika obsessed aurat ne!!!!but u know what guys it’s our fault too…Shivika ke laalach mein him iss aurat ke saare bakwaas tracks aur decisions sehte gaye…& usse lagta hain ki humein yahi sab pasand says hain (I hope u read her India forums interview!) Kemon ab bas…ishkara ke saath bhi aisa hi kiya tha…humne chup chaap seh liya sirf shivika ke liye…lekin humein iss bewakoof aurat ko yeh samjhaana hoga ki ek show saare characters ke saath hi shuru hota hai unhi ke saath khatam ho…atleast leads ko toh baksh do!!! Screen space nahi hain matlab!!!…??? Jab kamini ranveer ki bakwaas baatein,Svetlana ka woh do chotiyon wala villainous expression,Kali thakur ka bhi waisa expression,pinky no unnecessary story,mahi ki nakli kanji aankh nikalne wala scene har din 5 5 minute Tak dikha sakte hain toh rumya ko hafte mein 15 minute nahi dikha sakte yeh stupid idiots!!!! Naya drama shuru karke rakha hain…koi bhi character ko kaise aage badhana hain agar samajh naa aaye toh scrap kardo…chahe who lead hi kyun naa ho!!! Naya lead le aayenge!!! Waise bhi trp toh aa hi rahi hai!!! Ishqbaaz fans toh bewakoof hain!!! Unke feelings aur expectations ki jitni bhi gangaram karo woh kuch nahi kar paayenge!!! Humein toh trp se matlab hain naa!!! But let me tell u guys…this is it…if neha doesn’t return…& RUDRA’S love story is shown with that wierd looking girl…no matter what…i’ll start hating ib & dbo…this time neither SHIVIKA nor OMKARA will be able 2 convince me … there is a limit to everything… that b**** has crossed all limits…she has tested all my patience level… & I have been forced to use abusive words for this lady …my blood is boiling r8 now… how I wish i had never started watching this show!!!!damn…!!! I have tears in my eyes…heartbroken totally…she was my favourite producer & director… I was angry on her after she scrapped ishkara… but now I HATE her from the bottom of my heart coz there is no blo*dy reason that is enough for justifying rumya’s story getting scrapped…???????i’m just too tired now…i can’t handle another heartbreak…i don’t know about u guys… but i personally feel…that lady needs a serious blow in trp so that she realises wat exactly ib_dbo fans want from the shows…

  24. Surbhi Sharma

    Hello guys !!
    Firstly , everyone Thankyou si much for ur wishes . Frankly speaking , all were good except maths ? . Huhh , I don’t know when will this maths leave me . ??

    Chalo , coming to epi . It was ok-OK .
    ShivIka scene’s were as usual a treat to watch . Ghar todh . ????
    Pinku , behen not again pleeej. Don’t fall again in that hawaldaar ‘s trap . Pleej for god sake .
    Pinky , about you I don’t want to tell anything . U are just ……..??? hate u ?
    Khana ji , bade Dino baad dikhe . Kaha the ha .
    ShivU , as usual nice brain but aaj kal tumhari nakli ma ka time chal rha hai na . So , no problem . Don’t worry tumhara bhi time aayega . Aur tum unka omm karoge.

    Precap ………… kuch nhi bolna ..

    P.s, is it true rumya track is ending ? Sab log bol rhe hai . Kaha se pta chala .
    But kya . I don’t want that . Pls gul mam . Don’t do this . Pleeej ?????? aapki trp ka kahi omm ho jayega . Ab toh pleeej . Pleeej . Aisa mat karo ??????

    1. Nilash

      Surbhi just read your comment. you did omm of maths na?? i was actually thinking that but thank god tune mere favourite subject ki laaj rakh li mera matlab chemistry me number theek hi aaye honge. and ye maths leave me kya hota hai? theek se practice karo next time it will be better.
      ab mai wo studious type of Nilash di ke mode se bahar to aa rahi hu but please maths ko seriously practice karti rah.
      aur haan rumya track is ending. i won’t watch DBO if someone else is there to pair up with rudra. unke dbo ke trp ki to omm hone hi waali hai. rokar bhi koi faida nhi Gul maataa jo sochti hai wahi karti hai so just chill request karke koi faida nhi

    2. Pushpa

      maths always trouble maker 4everyone i had terrible timewith maths…..but dun you worry you’ll get the best result….

    3. LAX

      Hawaldaar..!! Lol..!! ???

  25. Shekhar

    So he was SSO who first of all marked the contradicting statement of MR.BAJAJ & NT over a comman matter of ANNIKA, WHO LEFT ANNIKA AT ORPHANAGE.

    Then jointly with ANNIKA, tested NT for fake identification of stuff was being used by ANNIKA in childhood, and both affirmed, NT simply lies.

    SSO seeking the person behind NT drama, and so why he framed DNA test.

    In my POV, PRINKU’s presence in same hospital for RANVEER’s treatment where SSO, PINKY are for DNA report is just not a coincident, but CVS might have opted to make PRINKU aware of her Aunt Pinky presence anyhow , and then PRINKU may reveal it to SSO unknowingly.

    Let DNA report be anything, but neither SSO nor ANNIKA required any more proof for NT not being the mother of ANNIKA,

    In short, DNA report is framed only to trap the person behind NT, that is what at least I believe.

    1. Pushpa

      i agree with you bhaiya…the DNA test is framed to expose pinky+NT..but i juts hope this track will end off by this week…

  26. Plz CVs Improve Priveer track.V want bold Prinku nd Ranveer’s redeemtion.Jumping from a building s not normal.Daksh nd Kaamini used the same tricks nd now Ranveer.Cvs v want Priveer story nd back story of Ranveer nd Kaamini

  27. Akriti

    hey guys I am back…..
    @anu @archu @arpu @ammu @nilash @nivideta @pushpa @vishu @liji @lax
    @meenu @astha @kanfi @bela @diyas @surbhi @renimarenju @riddhima @shab @ranilya @shree and all the other ishiquies a very big wala hug to all…….?????
    today I am sooo happy….?
    finally i reached my home…?
    my home sweet home….??❤
    I watched IB in my home in my tv that’s the greatest bliss…
    after a long vacations in Kolkata…..

    sorry guys couldn’t reply you all properly from last 2-3 days…..?

    now comming to the episode…..
    today’s episode is better than yesterday’s episode…….☺
    I want to start it with shivika…?
    aww shivay Bhaiyaa I couldn’t believe my self that you said that…..?
    “tum meri ho, tum meri anika ho”
    there words yaar…?
    this are not just words there are his feelings his emotions….love the whole convo….?
    and one more forehead pappi I mean kiss ?…

    but the scene is soo short…
    I wish ki shivika scene aur thora lamba hota….

    and one more new word is introduce by anika in her dictionary…..

    not comming to PPD and eyestar……these two are blowing my mind yaar…..
    I wish that really I could kidnap them…but there are not possible because CVS will not like it if I kidnap them….

    25 lakh watch…very nice anika ….you also know the cost of shivaay Bhaiyaas watch….great keep it up…
    ab anika ko sab pata hai…..shivaay ki had an cheez ke baare me….
    but I am wondering when did she came to know all about that….
    kahi aur koi flashback scene toh nhi hai jaise ki wo 10 crore bangle wale scene ko fb me dikha diya….
    kabhi kabhi you dare lagata hai ki mahi he cvs confession ko bhi flashback me na dikha de……
    I really wanted to say that ki mujhe cvs pe kuch jayada bharosa nhi hai….

    anika confront eyestar about shivaay’s watch is very bold…
    eyestar ki acchi wali beizzati hui….
    maza aaya….

    PPD once again……how were yaar she said anika like this….
    our anika is very sanskari….she know how to talk with elders how to respect them that why you are flying in the sky warna his din anika ekdam tadi wale mode me dikha haraab deti n.a. tab pata chlega tuje…….
    aur PPD bach ke rehana humse sachi bol rahi hu agar hum pkj ka dimaag satkaa na toh kya hoga hume khud nhi pata…..

    now ganna(sugarcane) scene…..
    ya know that they wanted to create it little bit funny….but I didn’t like that scene very much… donno know somehow irritates me….?

    now prieveer…..
    proceed trvk is boring yaar…
    means pehale aacha tha when ranveer stocks piryanka due to taking revenge of his sisters accident….??

    but sister….kaha ki sister….sister kaha hai kon hai kaise hai sach me hai ki nhi hai……uss accident wale din kya his tha….. ..mujhe you lagata hai bhagwaan kya cvs bhi nhi jaante hinge iska jawaab…??

    if we remind CVs about ranveers sister I am sure they will be like….sister??? kon sister??? ranveer ki koi sister bhi thy? ??hume toh nhi pata????????

    aur what a boldness prinku…..pehale nervousness ki wajaha se popat hua….
    now this time boldness ki wajaha se popat hua….

    aur what a jump ranveer….
    after ranveers jump you know guys I came to know about a brand new fact…..
    that zameen naam ki koi cheez hi nhi hoti….no no no…zameen hota hai but wo hard nhi hota wo toh gadda hai….koi bhi upar se kud jayega aur usse kuch nhi hoga…..seriously…kuch bhi….
    I think cha have to give some FB about it warna toh humare dimaag ka dahi ho jayega……ittne sare loopholes and illogics kaise ignore Kare yaar…..

    and what a coincidence prinku ko yahi hospital mila ranveer ko laane ke liye……wao that’s great……

    and what to say about my Bhaiyaa….
    not my Bhaiyaa it’s again the fault of phone….PPD ekdam saamne the means ekdam dono thori we shayada touch but his hoga body but no….
    shivaay Bhaiyaa couldn’t see it….
    I am shoughting like and while watching it ki shivaay see it just see it but no….
    aaj you man kar raha tha ki mai uss mobile is ekdam SSO style me antim sanskaar kar du…

    khanna ji on duty…..
    sso koi nhi kaam khanna ji ka bina nhi kar sakata…..

    PPD is hiding behind the wall from the great wall of shivaay song oberoi….
    isn’t it funny…
    but what to do…we all know that shivaay will not able to see PPD there…….
    so what need for so much dragging yaar…

    just missing my old IB very much…..
    the jungle adventure is just like cvs give us lolly pop ….lo betaek week lolly pop khao kyuki baad me tumhe sirf karela hi melega with PPD chutny and eyestar soup……

    precap:-donno no why shivaay was happy and saying to anika that the report is exactly that he was telling her…..

    video spoilers says that sahil is kidnap by eyestar(kidnapping karna halwaa hai kya yaha jab dekho koi na koi kisi ko kidnap par leta hai)….eyestar blackmailes shivaay about sahil….and eyestar did omm of PPD…..anika crys so much after the DNA reasult ….shivaay will be watching anika crying from outside the room….DNA report is fake…..and so on…

    once againg CVs do like that…firstly ishkara now rumyaa….neha is quiting …
    I am sad about rumyaa story…..
    ishkara ki chalo shaadi nhi hui thy that’s why it is easy to wrap ishkara for cvs but what about rumya…they are married….ab rudra dusri shaadi karega kya….donno why gul is following ekta show yaar……

    CVs here is a request…..
    plz wtao this drama soon….
    yes we all wanted to know anikas past….to know about mahi and shivaay’s birth….abolishment of NKK IDEOLOGY from shivaay Bhaiyaa( due to love not because he also didn’t have NKK)…..but not like that what you are showing….but in that way….

    we are also ready to see emotional episode between shivika( not like seperation but somthing else)..shivaay’s confession( but personally I didn’t want that it happen soon because it’s fun to see there romance without confession )…..some dard hua, fark padta scenes (missing those scenes) obero moments and more shivika nok jhok…shivika moments…..and many more good scene like in old IB…

    but we really don’t want these what you are showing……but as a loyal fan of IB and shivika we didn’t quit it….it’s now become the one of the part our life we didn’t want to miss any episodes… plzzz wrap this plot as a soon as possible…..and give us what we want….

    really missing old in very much???

    me in behalf of all the pkj members….

    thank you……

    note:-sorry for typpos ….

    1. Pushpa

      a big wala hug2 you u dear..i see u hd a gala time enjoyed ha in kolkata….
      i was hoping shivaye will hug aft the kiss…..a little short..
      maybe ranveer planned as hw shivaye planned anika’s jump frm the stairs…same to same..u know..and i hope prinku will not make any stupid falling for him??seriously..after wht happened!!!

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Hey akriti.. good.. u r back home!!

      Ranveer falling.. it is definitely staged.. doesn’t look genuine..

      And well said.. last but one para..
      True.. we don wanna see a confession soon.. dard hua and farak padtha hain drama has more tashan.. and this is what makes their relation more lively.. we would love to watch a lot more of these before confession..

      Missing obros.. and now we r gonna miss rumya too?

    3. Nilash

      Akriti such a long analysis. superb job and super duper talent to write such a long one. i felt as if i’m reading an OS. but it was awesomely written.
      but no point in requesting the cvs dear. they would do according to their plans only and at last they would make everything fine and we will again do jayjaykar of them so basically no point in requesting them to wrap this up soon. but we just can hope, wait and watch the most favourite series of us.

      1. Nilash

        hey you came to KOLKATA??? oh shit i would have known this before as KOLKATA is the place where i live. it’s ok and loads of hug and kisses to you. i wish you would have had a gala time over here??

    4. Riddhima

      Hai akriti …
      A biggggggg huuuuuugggggggggggg…..
      Super you enjoyed the holidays …. Yaaahhhhoooooooo ????

    5. LAX

      Hai dear..!! How r u ?? Yes it’s a bliss to be back home after a holiday. U feel so good when u sleep on your own bed. Anyway hope u had a blast at the wedding.
      Will miss Rumya, no doubt.

    6. Ranilya

      Akriti a big wala hug to you too dear.
      Lovely comment…. quite hilarious in betn….
      Hope we don’t land up seeing only villains in IB one day!! For all you know they may scrap shivika too!!

  28. Akriti

    sorry @chavi i missed your name in my comment and also couldn’t reply you earlier sorry for that also….I will reply you and @all the others tomorrow

  29. Ranilya

    Yeh fillers kab katham karenge yeh log?
    This week its more of hay instead of mangoes in the box!!
    The shivika scenes too dint help me get over my irritation with Pinky ….
    I expected the DNA report today.. …but will have to wait till tmro…

    The episode was 50-50….

    Poor Anika , how humiliated she is feeling… imonly solace is Shivay is supporting her emotionally.

    1. LAX

      More hay than Mango..!! Lol..!!
      It ll be so till IPL comes to close.

  30. Archiya

    Good morning Ishquies.. No mood to comment today.. As for me there was nothing in the episode, except for the dialogue ‘tum meri Ho Anika’ an the consoling kiss.. Which I m already bored of

    Have a nice day guys..

    The last part of my ff is posted, have a look

    1. Pushpa

      gd morning archu……hope 2days epi will have some progress…c u again..hv a nice day

    2. AnuluvsIB

      I was kinda in the same mood after watching archu.. but when I started I just kept worrying and it became lengthy..
      Read ur FF! ? But it’s over ?

    3. LAX

      Yes..!! It was a complete filler. I think todays episode ll b better. If Shivay believes the DNA result, It’s his d day. he has to take that decision between Annika n NKK.

      1. LAX

        May 4 wala episode of IB can cheer u up. I do watch it quite often these days.

      2. Ranilya

        Lax I tried watching older episodes in badtameez dil but they hhave been blocked …??? pls suggest some other website to watch older episodes….i miss them so much… I miss hotstar….
        Sony liv works here but not hotstar!!

    4. Ranilya

      Archu initially I too thought il not comment at all….but my frustration on Pinky got over me and I did comment….
      And you know….when I start writing I can’t stop easily….

      Now I’m more iŕitated as Neha is leaving the show….how can they do this?? How how How?? WhY’s wrong with Gul? Instead giving undue space to Pinky n Nayantara she could have easily fit in Rumya…

  31. I’m happy they brought back Preeku’s track, but what happened to the baby? Was there a baby?

    And does Pinky really have the nerve to call someone else a moron? Really?

  32. @puspa dear, hope so.

    @ashiya dear,@ meenu dear, don’t call me me arpu..

    @ashiya dear, chalo daldo apna gusa aur jalado pinky ponky ko….

    @Akriti dear, a big hiìi to. you…yarr

    @archu dear, i can’t comment on your ff.but it is a good part.nice..


    @Nilash dear, congrats…go Nilash go….

  33. Ranilya

    Yeh fillers kab karenge yeh log? This week its more of hay instead of mangoes in the box!!

    oh im really missing mangoes… both in IB n in fruit…..I havnt eaten one this year…..
    The Shivika scenes too dint help me get over my irritation with Pinky…..
    I expected the DNA report today but no…will have to wait till tmro….

    The episode was 50-50….
    Poor Anika, how humiliated she is feeling…. any person would feel disgusted to see such acts of Nayantara and here Nayantara is supposed to b her mother…. only solace is that Shivay is supporting Anika emotionally too…

    Pinky was so disgusting today…. she is cheaper than NT….. i felt like giving one tight slap!!
    its one thing to love your son, but how can you humiliate a girl in such a manner?? Conscience naam ki koi chees nahi hai kya?? You know very well know that Anika is not NT’s daughter but you r using cheap slang only to take revenge for your own fake prestige!! How can you even call yourself a mother?? If he is your son then he is her husband!! He is’ not her son’! you can only get a son’s love from him not a husband’s love, care and concern. You have your own husband for it, pls make use of Mr. Shakthi Singh Oberoi.
    Your son respects you, loves you, atleast try to give back the same respect to him.
    By humiliating his wife/love you r only humiliating him and degrading yourself, losing the respect which he has towards you.

    ‘Agar wo meri maa hain tho muje apne aap se hi chid mach jayegi’ , ‘mein kya uske jaisi hun?’
    Pinky…. I dont know what il do with you….not 1 but you need 10 slaps n kicked out of OM!!

    loved all of Shivays words to Anika today…. ‘na tum us jaisi ho, na uski beti ho, tum sirf meri ho meri, MERI ANIKA, ok’ ‘sabse alag. sabse juda, sabse achi. Kya bolti ho tum…kidkitod! you r that ok’ ‘Tum wo Anika ho jise kud ke Anika hone pe proud feel hota hain, Tum wo Anika ho jespe mein proud feel kartha hun. Tum tho meri thatkat ho Anika , aise kamsor nahi pad sakthi tum’

    Preveer was not so impressive…. cliched ….agar tum meri baat nahi sunogi tho mein kud jaunga,,,,and jump! she come running….and pyar shuru again….
    Prinku pls dont fall for him again….but cant expect much from you, after all you r an Oberoi!!

    nice to see Khanna… but this time looks like he too will b fooled by Pinky….
    Whom did Shivay see Prinku or Pinky??

    Precap- Shivay seemed happy with the DNA result while speaking on phone….that means the report is changed from No-match to Match, and Shivay knows it….he is hurting Anika unintentionally….
    So NT is here to stay….
    have to mention here….Anjali ji was very good today too…right from asking how she looks, looking herself in the mirror to the sugarcane scene.

    1. Pushpa

      hi rani…..anika day wll come soon..u see thn how she’ll marongi pinky and nikiiiii with her chamale….yes that DNA test if a trap…. im sure

      1. Ranilya

        Eagerly waiting for that day Pushpa….

    2. Nilash

      Heyyyyy Hiii my queen I mean my Rani… how are you. Awesomely analysed no words about it.
      Yup Anjali ji is good but sometimes I feel she is doing overacting. Maybe only I feel it but I’m not saying she is a bad actor.
      Actually about the precap I think NT has blackmailed SSO by kidnapping Saahil for that reason only SSO is behaving cool. Waiting to see what happens next
      And dear did you read the next episode of CHUDAILBAAZ???

      1. Ranilya

        Hey nilash.. .thanks dear
        Anjali ji’s acting is really good I liked her in EKDV too.
        No dear iv not yet read the next part of chudailbaaz…will try to read it tmro…

    3. AnuluvsIB

      Ranu.. as usual loved ur comments..
      Trust me ranu aaj kal I feel like commenting so much over your comments that mein notes khol ke, comments type karke, yahaan copy paste maar Rahi Hun..

      more of hay instead of mangoes!! Well said!
      They cud ve definitely shown the DNA results today.. even for today.. I feel apart from the report results.. rest of all wud be fillers..

      And Ani.. I felt very sad for her.. all her life she has been seeing difficulties hurdles challenges and humiliation.. now even with sso around she is still continuing to face that.. but the only solace is he is there to provide the emotional support to her..

      Pinky.. He is’ not her son’! you can only get a son’s love from him… very correct ranu.. her obsession has crossed limits way earlier..
      she hasn’t realised hurting her is hurting him.. sso needs to get this into her woodhead.. and the way he is going to do that.. am sure is going to be the hard way.. only then will she repent for her deeds..

      Shivika scene.. the only consolation.. the only reason I wanted to comment today..

      Priveer.. right cliched.. but I hope something good comes out of it..

      Precap.- I hope it is a plan.. and I hope he executes it well!!

      1. Ranilya

        Thanks Anu,

        mein notes khol ke, comments type karke, yahaan copy paste maar Rahi Hun..
        R u serious?! I’m honoured.. ..truly..

        Anu now it’s only Shivika who keeps IB going… but can’t tolerate the drag in story …now that Neha has left it’s more depressing to watch IB…
        How long can one see the same faces with the same dialogues n expressions??
        If the same thing continues then il tell you il get bored of shivika too….

    4. LAX

      I felt like watching the Shivika scene after reading your comment. I love those lines to Annika from Shivay.
      So u think precap is Shivays game plan. Let’s see..!!

      1. Ranilya

        Lax today’s words from Shivay was very emotional and was giving strength to Anika…. she, whose strength she was, needed the same strength from him now.

        Precap- I thought it was a smile n cheerful voice from Shivay….so it better b a plan against NT….
        Shivay can’t see Anika in sorrow anymore….
        Some r talking about spoilers that Sahil wil b kidnapped… but this time I think shivay will not hide it from Anika….

  34. ANISHA{diyas}

    hi shab,niveditha akriti ,astha,khanfi ,arpita,lax,ridhima,chavi.renimarenju,nilash ,ranilya,pushpa,archiya,surbi,amaya and all names which i missed ……
    a warm good morning guyzzzzz………..
    guys those who have a lover or those who loved anyone and those who are going to love all of them say a love story here of urs or anyone else love stories are awesome but lovers are more than that do anyone have a breakup story say that also …..and we all will really enjoy ur stories each day i will give names to each person….. is all willing to say about ur story then relly me with s or no….
    if we ar e really loving a person we should have guds to say to all,,,they are true lovers u can say a fake story or a romantic one or a comedy one all are here to laugh cry and do

    anything 4 u guysss

    guyzz plse reply me soon ……………………..i will be waiting 4 ur comments
    so everyone reply me with s or no….majority will be taken if more people r saying this game is not needed then i will be not coming with this game if more r coming with s then we will really rock this…what do u say it is not compulsary to say ur own love story u can say any lovestory u know in real life…………….it shouldbe short to read…..

  35. ANISHA{diyas}

    hi again guyzzz hope all r wellmissed everyone 4 many dayssss………………i am back anisha is back …….
    shab……she is the fav one which i loved
    astha……she is the one who welcomes me to this world….
    surbi…..she has a good smile is it i hope so
    chavi….the person who likes to be free she runs 4 freedom
    nilash….i don’t know many things about u bro anyway we will talk say about ur family
    ridhima…hi dear she never mmissed anyone
    renimarenju…hi she loves everyone never be angry
    akriti….person who talks with me
    arpita…u contains 2 a little world of ur frnds may i join u
    archiya….personwhich i feel who is bold
    amayaa….the character which all will love
    lax..hi dear to hi 4 everyone
    ranilya…sweetest one really
    pushpa ….she is the cutest pushp in our uthyan ………
    bela…hi bela…… u too is something spl
    guyssss no time 4 me srry guyss which i missedddddd…………….
    have a good mrng dears…… love u all
    big hug 2 all………………………………………….. allreeply meif u loved this…… and also 2 the above one plse plse,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    1. Nilash

      Hiiii Ani…. I hope you won’t mind if I call you by that name
      Why should I forgive you for the blunder you did by calling me bro?????
      Hehehehehe…. got scared and worried???? Chillaxxxxx buddy I never mind and why to say sorry to your di huh??? We are sisters right so no sorry between us.
      Ok you want to know about my family hmmm so I have a very biiiiiiiiiggg joint family with loads of uncles and aunts and not to forget all my brothers and sisters of me are just tooooo epic. Tolerating all of them together huge task. And my sweet parents who sometimes turn to vampire mode but they are the best. So we can of course talk about many other things and set sis’s goals but over this page it’s impossible.
      Ani tell about you also will be waiting.

      1. Pushpa

        nila…nice to hava a joint big family like yours …noisy….fighting ….thts great nila..

      2. Mine is also a big joint family hope u know about my family all of them know in this family we are a big joint family with many cousins uncles and aunties ……can u say what are the names of ur cousins HW many are their we are 6girl cousins and 6 boy cousins including my own bro ……..we really enjoy our days……grandpa and grandmas everyone is super we all are joint… a heaven of course we have 3 small kid cousins too

      3. Riddhima

        Ani …
        Problem of being single is falling in love with serial male leads …. ????? ….
        What to do .. All fate …. ???????? …

    2. Pushpa

      anish…a big hug to u sweet of you to take the time and wrote this luvly words on us….and fro that here u go my flying kiss…did u get that?????///
      love story ha…im not in love with anyone…….so u know my dimaggggg me im not creative to write one but i dun mind trying ….but i’ll have to read one of your stories so i have an idea…is tht a deal …….

      1. Pushpa ddi u can say a love story of ur frnds too mine is a saddest story …….do u wanna know????

    3. Riddhima

      Ani …. Happy evening yaar ….
      I never misses anyone … Haha ???nice ….
      I never loved anyone …but I like to have a happy love life after marriage … Simple like all typical Indian girl .. Love after marriage … Eagerly waiting …for that time .. When I will get shavers of love and care ..and a being a first priority for some one I love …leave yaar ….


      1. hi ridhima di yes really u never misses anyone by typing the names do u remember…i dont have any dreams of marriage as i lived with my family i dont like to goto another family this custom should be changed they can join us but we cant go their

    4. Meenuu

      Anisha di and nilash di
      You are lucky to have a joint family
      I always wanted a joint family and to live with cousins
      But my family is very small but it is a happy family

      But living with all uncles and aunties will give special feeling right

      1. hi meenuu dont worry we all are blessed and if u want come in my family….

    5. Ranilya

      Hi Anisha that’s very sweet of you..
      Lucky you n nilash…you guys get to b with your cousins everyday.. .it must b so much fun!

      1. thanx its really nice to live in a joint family…

  36. Today shivika ???????????????????????????????????????????pintara???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????priveeer ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    Hi diyas ,akriti I can’treply u guys really very busy
    GNG first to comment wow that too at 10:17 Congo di

    1. Ranilya

      Pinktara should have been..?????????????????????????????

    2. Hi shab don’t worry …..dear

  37. Piyuu

    gud aftr noon archu…

  38. Piyuu

    liji big hug to u dear.all the best for ur new project….

  39. AnuluvsIB

    Gals… looks like shivika are together behind exposing NT!!
    It is such a relief I say!

    1. Ranilya

      This is what i want Anu….ab hat haal mein Shivay, Anika ke saath hona chahiye…
      Aur wo Pinky is omm hona chahiye …

      Another wish of mine is NT reveal truth to Shivika or atleast Shivay and play along with them/him against Pinky n torture her to the core…

      *cvs pls pls pls keep this concept in mind**

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Good idea ranu.. the shivika getting together also seems to take a couple of episodes.. may be we will see it only on Friday..

    2. Shekhar

      It is evident right from the moment SSO came to know, there was a contradiction in sayings of Mr.Bajaj and NT.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        How Shekhar.. he knew NT was not the mom.. but how was it evident that he got along with annika to plot to bring her truth out?

      2. Shekhar

        After making drama of both, SSO arguing for NY and ASO aruguing against, after stuff identifivation test for NT, it was quite clear, both knows the truth, NT is not ANNIKA’s mother, and just lie.

        In that epi, SSO cleared it out, why he also did believe so as ANNIKA, getting contradicting statement from NT to that of Mr.BAJAJ.

        Now see, SSO and ANNIKA has no reason to keep continue after NT, bcz, he can easily made her in jail, but he just want to know, who is behind NT?, and thats why he alongwith ANNIKA made this drama only to get the person behind NT. They are not interested in NT at all, but person behind NT.

        Looking at the happening sequences, it is evident, both and ANNIKA are together since that drama.

  40. Ranilya

    I would like to dedicate my dp to the lovely ‘Neha Lakshmi Iyer aka Soumya’.

    Will miss you dear…..
    Loads of love….??????

    Hope Gul gets you back to IB as Soumya again…..

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