Ishqbaaz 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye and Anika get drunk

Ishqbaaz 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks the person to send Priyanka’s outfit for trial today itself, there is no less, send it today. Priyanka gets Daksh’s jacket and says you wanted it for sherwani’s measurement. Anika says yes. She calls the man and says I got the jacket of the groom’s measurement, send someone to pick it from home, send the groom’s wedding clothes for trial, fine. She gets Daksh’s boarding pass inside the jaacket. She thinks of Shivaye’s words. She says this will have arrival date, I can prove that Daksh came to India a day before, there is no arrival date on this, what to do, I will call the airlines and know the arrival date, so that I can get the proof that he came to India a day before. She calls the airlines and enquires about arrival details of the flight, is that so, how long will it take, fine,

I will call you tomorrow. She says once I have the flight details, I will have solid proof against Daksh. Daksh hears her and says I swear, this girl is troubling me a lot, there is still time, I will have her thrown out of this house.

Rudra adds alcohol in the punch. Om asks is this master plan. Rudra says yes, its the best plan, when Shivaye drinks this, he will melt down, he will become Raj from Baldev. Om asks who are they. Rudra acts like Baldev and Raj by saying the filmi liners. He says Bollywood is in veins and acting too. Om says you have brains in your knees. Rudra says when Shivaye drinks this punch, he will express his feelings. Shivaye comes and asks what’s going on. Rudra says we were waiting for you, can we have this punch. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says we didn’t had it since long. Shivaye says we had it yesterday. Om says he meant to say we didn’t had Rudy special punch, have it if he is crying. Shivaye says I don’t want to, is he crying. Om pinches Rudra. Rudra cries and says please have some. Daksh comes and asks is there a party going on, sorry, did I ruin your Obro moment. Shivaye says no. Tia asks what’s happening.

Om says nothing special. Rudra made punch for Shivaye, but Shivaye refused for it. Shivaye says I don’t want to have it, make Tia, Priyanka and Daksh have it. Tia says no, I m on a diet. Daksh says I m not on a diet, I would love to have it. Rudra says but I won’t give this, I will make fresh punch for you, this is for Shivaye. Daksh asks did you add something in it. Rudra and Om laugh. Rudra says you are funny, would I make Shivaye have it if I had added something. Daksh says then I have no problem to have it, I shall see how’s Shivaye’s taste. He snatches the glass and drinks. He thinks you have added something, I will reap the fruits from your hardwork. He says nice. Rudra says thanks. Anika comes and says Priyanka you must try some dresses. Priyanka says thanks, I can’t try it right now, we have to go for dinner at family friend Mr. Khanna’s house. Rudra says we had forgotten about it. Om says we will come in 2mins.

Tia asks are you coming Shivaye. He says no, I have an urgent video conference, but I will join you guys. Daksh asks Priyanka to offer the punch to her wedding planner. Priyanka says sorry, I forgot. She asks Anika to have it. Anika says no, thanks. Daksh says I know you are upset with my behavior I m really sorry, if you drink this, I will think you have forgive me. Priyanka says please have it, he is saying the truth, he is much upset, forgive him. Shivaye signs Anika to take it. Anika drinks it. Daksh says thanks, shall we go. Tia says Shivaye, tell Omru that we are waiting outside, you also come soon. They leave. Shivaye gets on call. He goes for the video conference. He finishes the work. He asks did everyone leave. Servant says yes. He says I should leave too. He drinks some punch. Anika comes. He says you are still here. She says I forgot my phone. She gets her phone. She says I shall leave now. He says nice. She stops and looks at him. She asks what. He says I wasn’t telling you, I was saying that the punch is nice. She says its great. He asks would you like to have another glass. She says yes. He serves her. They drink. He says isn’t it nice, its Rudra’s speciality. She says I feel there’s something difference but… He says its different but I like the punch.

They lie on the bed. Shivaye gets up. Anika looks at him and gets up. She asks why can I see two of you. He asks two? She says you are actually two, you are Stone Singh Oberoi and Sweet Singh Oberoi. She laughs. He says you are also dual. She asks how, tell me. He says you keep falling, crying, and then you make 100 kgs of laddoo alone. They laugh.

She asks did you laugh, you laughed…. He says but don’t say anyone that I laughed. She says fine, but why. He says sorry, its about my image, I m Shivaye. She says wow, we will not tell anyone that you laughed. He asks promise. She says pinky promise. They make pinky promise.

She says why do you get so much angry. He asks what do you mean. She says so much angry. He says I get less angry. She says you get very angry, you break things, do you think, you broke my phone in anger, you hit me on my head too. He says I told sorry. She says you didn’t tell me sorry. He says didn’t I say, I had come to say sorry, but I couldn’t, fine I will say now. She says really, say. He says give me your hand, no its fine. He holds her face and says sorry Anika. He blows on her forehead and says I m sorry for everything, I broke your phone. He says forget all this. He says okay. She says I will tell something, promise you won’t tell anyone. He says I won’t. They drink some punch. She asks pinky promise. He promises. She says even I get very angry. He asks what, why can’t I see it then. She says because I don’t show anger, else I may lose the hair and…. He asks will your hair get spoilt. She says no, I will lose the shelter, so I drink my anger, I don’t vent it out. He asks what do you mean.

He spits out the punch and asks don’t you vent out anger. She says I vent out anger in a way that nobody knows. He asks how. She says when I get much angry, I make a video and vent it out, I got angry on my aunt, I made a video, look…. She shows the video where she scolds her aunt. He says oh…. you get so angry. She asks are you scared. He says obviously. She says when its about my family, I can do anything. He says you are really khidkitod, right word, this style is right. She says I have an idea, you should also try this, come on, it will be fun, do it, try it. He says okay and gets her phone to make a video. He says Hi… what should I call myself. She says Shivaye. He says Shivaye, I m going to capture my anger in this video, Khanna… She asks why Khanna. He says Khanna, you are an idiot, I m not mad at you because you are inefficient, I m used to it now, but you suddenly come between us, I wonder from where you come when I…. He sees Anika and says when I m looking at her.

She asks who are you talking about. He shows her face in the phone camera. She smiles and blushes. He says and next…. Mr and Mrs. Pinky Singh Oberoi, I mean Shakti Singh Oberoi. They laugh. He starts crying. She gets silent. He says my parents are no more, they passed away, even now, I have many complaints, I m very angry, Shakti cheated on my mom, he broke her heart and made fun of marriage, and my mom, Pinky was only concerned for her marriage, not about us, not at all, I want to ask you, what was Priyanka and my fault, why didn’t you think about us, that parents are imp for children, what will we do when you are no more, who will raise us, who will love us, who, why didn’t you think this, I have been lying to Priyanka, world and even myself about how you people died, because its a matter of family’s prestige, you didn’t remember, but I remember it always, I have lost faith in the institution of marriage. Anika cries and looks at him. She holds him.

Shivaye says you are not fine Anika, no matter how strong a person is, someone is needed, who can console, hug and assure that everything will get fine. He wipes Anika’s tears. He says everyone needs such a person. She nods. She gets up to leave. He holds her and hugs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Hi luvlies
    Beautiful many times..

    Message to us…
    Hatsoff sir @NakuulMehta 4yr superb perfrmnce 2day..laughing 1min&emotional next sec.u hv send us message imprtnts of family whr life begins&love nvr nds hw childs upbringing depends on parents n without their luv v suffer..u r owsm u more…its beyond wrds..

    rudy’s punch r alwys special & brings our shivika closer..but here shivaye is already in live wt anika… remember the phone recording he scolding khanna 4disturbing him alwys when shivaye is looking at anika..and mind it anika drank the punch only after shivaye saids ok…. their relationship is beyond evergthing only our shivika can do tht…

    Best line of today….” Khanna mujhe gussa iss baat ka hai tu na kahi se bhi tapak padta hai jab main usse dekh raha hota hu” and he shows her photo & he looked so cute there…our khidikitod anika is too back but tht ticket sure going to flop her plan…

    Best lines in todays epi frm our old shivika lines..
    Shivaye singh oberoi said SORRY…
    Pinky promise…..
    Stone singh oberoi
    Sweet singh oberoi

    Dhaks im gona kill u alive…. dun interfear in shivika life….and prinku too

    All i hope is that recording where shivaye confessed about his oatents doenst leak thm MU will cm in between shivika…. damn dhaks go away u beast…

    Tht convo ws really good to bring shivaye alive fm his sorrow… as always the pillar of the strong wall of shivaye anika succeeded to make him laugh…what he said… its shivaye singh oberoi image and it hv to be as hw he is now…. luv u shivaye….

    Gd nite gals……

    1. Congrats Pushpa for being number 1

      1. Pushpa

        thank u darling……

    2. Go Pushpa di Go !
      congo on being first!
      their relationship is beyond our thinking.

      1. Pushpa

        true its all magic…

    3. Hiii Pu di..
      Ye Noks bhaiya was as always pefect yesterday….
      I really loved his acting…
      Specialy last part.
      Even I also want to burn Daksh alive…moron
      Btw..Congo for being fast..GPG.
      Love you..

      1. Pushpa

        hey hw r u…..
        today i had time to reply
        apology for not replying earlier … buzzieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
        hey made me to love him more&more&more…

    4. Can you tell me what is going on Ishqbaaz. When i last saw the episode in that all three brothers were married but now i saw that Shivay and Anika don’t know each other.

    5. Luthfa

      Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations..?
      How are you doing now?Hope you are recovering.Get well soon di?
      Yesterday your Shivaay stole almost everyone’s heart with his cuteness.The way he conveyed his inner feelings especially about his parents were too good.There are more in today’s episode.Can’t wait to watch Shivika’s romance.Take care di.Lots of love?

  2. Arpita6

    Thank you soo much Amena Di for update.

    1. Hey Arpu dear how are you? Hope you are now relaxed from all your exams being over.

      1. Sindhu exam is finished since 4th july……now I am free..
        But from today strict classes are going to start…
        I am fine…
        How are you??

    2. Luthfa

      Thanks aaaaaa….lot Amena di.Love you?

  3. My dear PKJ family, hello to Ishita dear, Arpu, Luthfa, Banita, Tania, Sneha, Kadhambari, Aayush, Jeevi dear,Shiny, Krishna, Beauty, Shivya, Pushpa, Dhawan Naidu and many many more members. I actually wrote a long comment on Friday but it got truncated and never got posted. Anyway, just wanted to say that I loved every scene of Shivika on Friday especially the secret engagement and this time Shivaay fell in love with Anika first. He purposely wore that ring knowing she won’t be able to remove it and later felt pain for her.

    Today’s episode I love it love it love it love it of Shivika. I loved Mera bhai……. The manner Rudra calls Om is so cute. The punch drink reminded me of the time when Mallika was there in old IB and Rudra would give them fruit punch and how both Shivika will dance in an inebriated state. Everything was recorded then. Today both also drank the punch drink and everything got recorded on Anika’s phone. I wonder who will see that video. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s precap where they both will hug. Suddenly I saw the old Shivaay and Anika. Both look so good. I feel like watching over and over again. Shivaay gets so thrilled the moment he saw Anika bringing the dress for Priyanka. Oh and their ever first pinky promise in the redux. This is the only old moment in IB that has been introduced.

    Does Dhaksh not work? Why does he keep roaming around in the mansion? How is it wherever Anika is, he is hiding and watching everything? I don’t know what he will be up to.
    I am waiting for the wardrobe episode where Anika will be hiding in Shivaay’s cupbpard from Omru when Omru both will come to the room. I like the obros moment though it was not like the old IB Obro moment. I only know one thing that Rudra will be the one uniting Shivika.

    1. Hello ……
      Sindhu di ……

      how are you ?
      yes ….di their first pinky promise was nice.

      Daksh will again create misunderstanding between Shivika .

      bye di
      love u
      take care.

      1. Hi Ishita I am fine. Hope you are doing fine too dear. You are right Dhaksh and Tia are going to create misunderstanding. I only hope that the marriage is not forced again but true hearts rejoin.

    2. He Sindhu…di..This moderation uncle is not leaving any one..
      Yeh friday episode was awasome…
      And good question…Does Daksh not work..
      He is womanizer..and his work is to harass girls…cheap Man…..

    3. Pushpa

      hi there sindhu..
      thk u fro remembering my name i thought i hve become ghost here…
      rudy’s punch always give a great punch towrds our shivika to become closer….
      1st part of the recording is fro anika to know…. 2nd part Dakhs must not get that ….
      well lets c what happen…

    4. Luthfa

      Hi Sindhu di,how are you?
      Even my comment also got vanished.And I had to post it in the morning.
      You are right di.Episode gave the vibe of old IB and awaken old memories.That was the first episode of IB I had downloaded from hotstar.Mallika track was,is and will be one of my favourite tracks.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care di.Lots of love?

  4. I loved the part when he mumbles to hinself on the video that he is angry with Khanna as Khanna always comes in between them. That is true. I noticed that each time Shivaay is standing there and admiring her, Khanna will come and ask Shivaay does he need anything. He has interrupted shivaay mesmerising Anika. I think slowly both of them are realising their past and destiny is bringing them together.

    Both Anika and Shivaay look so lovely.

    1. He. Di….they will not realise or not i don’t know..but yes…When sso said khanna’sname..I was shocked…I mean he was really used to see no tadoying HIS Annika…ha ha ha.and Annika’s blush seeing her photo…cuty cuty…. ??????

    2. Luthfa

      Hehehehe….Yes di,Shivaay looked really angry while describing Khanna’s interruption in his staring session.And he looked soooo…cute holding the camera for Anika to watch herself.Awwww?????????

  5. Arpita6

    Hiiì mere khidkitod pagals. …..
    Love VS Destiny
    Chapter 21…

    Ha ha ha Annika ki takat ki kimaat tum kya jano Daksh can do and i know you will do more kaminapan …but lastly only you will lose..battle is ready …..
    First 10 miniute was little boring. ( no offence to is just I wanted drunk Shivika earlier so I felt……)..Bhagam bhag chal usko bhagao woh usko bhagaye…???..
    And ye Shivika ankho hi ankho main issare..ufffffffffffffffffff….??????❤❤❤
    And then…our Shivika and drunken ness..???..
    Sso and our Sso is 100 type Sso….
    Sso jaise koi nahi..
    He has 743898432689853 shades to show..hi hi hi
    Actually drunken Shivika is super cute..last time and this time too….
    Btw ye dono Peete peete room main kaise pahunche and Pinky promise karte karte Hall main kaise pahunche????????????
    100% pefect way to nikalo your anger….okfrom yhis time i will do it..pakka..
    Thank youAnnika di for giving me such beautiful idea
    As Chandu said IT IS A GRAPH OF EMOTIONS well said… a moment they showed their happiness and next moment they became emotional
    My heart is melting for him..may be he is calling himself as great wall of Sso but actually he is still that 3 years small child who needs love , care , affection, attention everything. .
    Hope he will get this fromAnnika…
    And I love it when he poured his heart infront of Annika…how smoothly Annika made to do this no doubt they both are JEENE KI WAJAH of each other…..only they both are able to heal each other’s pain…..
    I am.waiting for tomorrow like anything. …..Ishqbaaz always make wait….arghhh…
    Ye actually Sso is right..every individual need a person who will wipe your tears hug you tightly and say don’t worry. .everything will be fine..
    Btw what Shivani did toAnnika’s saree?????????sometimes she gives so beautiful outfit and sometimes what happens to her?????Wohi Anarkali hi dete yar to wear…Hats off to you Chandu….you are carrying it…still perfectly
    Bit Shivani mate plz stop it …..

    P.S- don’t even want to talk about Today Segment.? it will do my gangaram
    So enjoying episodes. …..
    Love you guys…uuummmhhhh

    1. Hii Arpita di ……..
      yes u are right, i was thinking the same how they reached in room and then in hall .
      don’t know how ?
      but onw thing I know very well they are Shivika and they can do anything.

      and ya it will ve better if we don’t talk about today’s segment.
      bcoz aap k kl ki segment n mujhe jitna khush kuya tha na aaj ki segment n utna hi angry kr diya.

      ok bye
      love u .

      1. Ye are right they are SHIVIKA….and they can do ANYTHING…ha ha.even me too..hell angry on Seg…..
        Love you too Sis…uummmhhh???

    2. Pushpa

      hi arpi…
      I luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv this redux
      shivaye looks more handsome…. storyline beautiful….he hv fallen in love with anika……..
      thst a sareeeeeee!!!!! blame me…. i though the just warpped her with red cloth……. just kidding that i didnt like….. although she looked great in red….

    3. Hey Arpu dear agree totally with you on whatever you said. Amazing nah the episode. Actually Rikara fans don’t need to worry. Theirs will be more sizzling with a wet look of OM. I am not sure when it is coming but I suppose it will come soon. However I am enjoying and basking in every moment of Shivika.

    4. Luthfa

      Hello Arpita,
      Hehehe…..I don’t know why but I laughed so much looking at the punch.Was that really punch or drinking water with sliced lemon and all?Shivika’s heart to heart talk were beautiful.They are bringing out their buried pains one by one.Let’s see how far they can go.Take care.Lots of love?

  6. Arpita6

    And I cracked up so badly..qhat Daksh was wearing? ??????????.
    And in RU or AU Annik was never successful to deal with Ticket matter of Daksh..???

    1. Riana

      @Arpu… Daksh ke shirt ye kahawat yaad aagayi…RASTE KAA MAAL SASTE MEIN ????????????

      1. ?????????right…it cracking up more….??

    2. Pushpa

      he is a moron…. so moron wears anything…….

    3. Yeah Arpu what kind of shirt is that? No class. Someone who lives in London so claimed by Dhaksh is wearing such an outfit.

    4. Luthfa

      Hehehe….Yes,he looked like Sholay film’s Thakur to me in that oversized,whatever it was.OMM?????????????

  7. superbbb

    1. Luthfa


  8. I just especially liked the last part where Shivaay will lament about his parents and how his mum was being selfish and only thought of her broken marriage and never thought about Shivaay and Priyanka. That was so emotional and Nakkul nailed it well. Kiya he emotions. Excellent delivery of emotional dialogues

    1. He poured his heart…
      He said those unspoken words..which he couldn’t say……
      Made me emotional……moist eyes..

    2. Luthfa

      Agree with you completely.NM is a Pro in such things.He was just brilliant yesterday in the last part?

  9. For me episode was OK. Sorry if I hurt anyone. If you guys watch the Rudy’s punch Wala epi during Malika’s track then this is nothing.. Really I did not like the BG score of this redux.. Only thing which make me to watch is narbhi.. They both are good.. But still missing old IB..
    Still I’m not able to gel up with this new.. Missing ojana alot.. No idea why they are not using ojana..

    1. Hello kadhambari di .
      me too missing o jana .

    2. Di…if we will compare na…then we will not able to watch it……
      Even I am.agree malika time was best part….
      But this part has its own charm…
      And OH JANA will back..missing it..but it will come….Harneet ji said…she will play it at right time….
      Hope you will understand. And no prblm take your time…hope in future you will love this track.

    3. Yes kadhmabari I agree that Mallika’s fruit punch scene was better than this one. But this is redux so they can’t keep everything the same. Audience may not like to see repeat scenes. Let us not compare dear if not you only will get further disappointed. Let’s enjoy whatever they are trying to show.

    4. Luthfa

      It’s okay di if you have felt otherwise.Hope cvs bring O Jana soon.Me too is missing so very much.Take care di?

  10. Hello everyone.
    How are you all ?
    How was ur weekend ?

    Today’s episode was just amazing .
    I loved it .
    I hate D kapoor .

    How do you know ?
    Mr.Daksh Kapoor .
    ki rudy n kuch milaya hai .
    leave it ………

    today i am so Happy and I don’t want to spoil my mood .
    and first of all i want to ask all of you –
    Don’t u think Annika is so Obedient ?
    I mean she drunk that punch after seeking Shivaye’s permission.
    Nice !

    at that time –
    This song was playing in my mind.

    today’s episode reminded me Malika track .
    and khai k paan banaras wala song sequence.

    but both of them were looking cute in drunken state.


    bichaare khannuji ………..

    Shivaye scolded u ……

    but u know what ……..

    u deserve it ……….

    u always comes between our Shivika .
    so , please don’t do it again.

    wow !
    Annika , I like u r way of expressing anger.
    and u taught it to Shivaye too.

    Shivaye was right it is very difficult to live without parents .
    No matter,
    How much I fight with mt mother ,I can not even imagine my life without her .
    I love my mumma.
    and I love u all

    1. Hiii Ishu..
      Ye Annika is so obedient ?????…
      Isharo isharo main dil lene wale.
      I listened this song from my Mama mouth..then i listened it.on radio..i love this song.
      Waise Shivika ne bhi hamara dil le liya he..oops nahi.churaliya he..??…
      Weekend spend by only sleeping…
      Yaa parents are life
      Love you too.

    2. Yes Ishita I agree Anika is so obedient. Glad that she actually drank the fruit punch if not they would be so close. I Guess today’s episode they will be on the same bed if i am not wrong. I saw it on the you tube but not sure whether they will edit or show it.

    3. Luthfa

      Hello Ishita,how are you?
      Weekend was good.Thank you so much.Hope you had the same.
      I loved the way Shivaay scolded Khanna for interfering in his staring moment.Anika always looks for Shivaay’s permission in silent gesture and it’s true.Moms are always special no matter what happens.I can understand the pain Shivaay is going through.Anyway,let’s see what happens next.Take care.Lots of love?

  11. Go Pushpa di Go !
    congo on being first .
    Shivika’s relationship are beyond our thinking.

  12. Riana

    Anika’s conversation with airport authority was too classy ??????
    Anyway, i mean what the hell that D was wearing !!! ??????…reminded me of phata poster nikla zero !! ??????
    Looool, jokes apart, drinks !!! ????
    Lots of punch and shivika are drunk…
    Congoooooooo ??????????
    AWWWWWW….a sweet and sentimental conversation…????????
    Really shivaay and priyanka suffered too much in their life !!! ?????
    Pinky promise was cute and i just lovedddddddddddddd the precap ?????????????????????????????????????
    Redux Shivika ka PEHLA HUG !!! ?????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Hii my dear Raina.
      what was there in Daksh’s shirt that u and Arpita di are talking about ?
      Actualy , I didn’t notice ,my full focus was on punch and talli Shivika and punch .
      But kuch Zyada hi tareef ho rahi hai ,ab to dekhna padega.
      ok bye .
      gud night.

      1. Riana

        @Ishita… Daksh was wearing a PHATI HUI shirt !!! ?????

    2. Top class bejati…ha ha ha????phata poaster nikla zero……
      Ye waiting for tomorrow…..
      .aur kuch nahi love you..??????

      1. Riana

        @Arpu… Luvvv uu tooo ????????

    3. Luthfa

      Hehehe…..Your colourful comment is reflecting your inner state.First hug is going to occur.Let’s see.Take care?

  13. dear friends…
    episode is good. watched the segment and also picture of raatjaga function. so wedding is coming near. just hope iss baar daksh aur tia expose ho jai…

    1. Even I also want it..but dont know what Cvs are planning..lets see…

    2. Luthfa

      Hope Daksh get out of Shivika’s life soon as well as Tia?

  14. Luthfa

    Life seems to be so perfect for someone looking at the outside aspect but not necessary that it’s the whole truth.Reality can be much different than what one thinks or imagines to be.Shivaay Singh Oberoi appears so stern,rock solid who has perhaps countless shades and people fall for his this version-Stone Singh Oberoi and declare their judgement in no time.For the world may be he is stone-hearted and all but what people fails to realize that whatever it is,it’s only a mask.He is hiding the real Shivaay from everyone creating boundaries around him.He doesn’t want to get involved to anything and he has his own reasons to do so.Life kept offering him only pain and he could do nothing but accepting and tolerating silently.In doing so,his bleeding heart has become invisible to everyone.How much sorrows he has mounted up in his heart only he knows.Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the name itself reflects power,prestige,ultimate success etc.but no-one tries to see him beyond those.If it’s possible to penetrate him then one will get to know how vulnerable and fragile his condition is behind the so-called stone made shield.His heart is in constant pain and it’s eating him up slowly.Like he said,his image of being Shivaay Singh Oberoi overpowers his inner true self which needs care,love,affection,emotional support to survive but he can’t afford those.He is lonely,extremely lonely from inside and no-one is there to drive away his loneliness.Like Sun can’t get anyone close to him owing to the threat of getting burnt,Shivaay can’t let anyone in his inner world in the fear of causing hurt,intentionally or unintentionally……………………………….

    1. Great Luthfa di .
      ur analysis perfectly describes Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

      and don’t say sorry di ( i am talking about previous comment)
      u replied me but ur reply didn’t get posted it was not yr mistake.
      aur agar aapki galti hoti bhi tb bhi no sorry
      aapne nhi suna kya –
      friendship mein no sorry ……no thanx….
      love u

      1. Luthfa

        So sweet of you.I will remember it next time.Thank you soooooooo….very much for your love.Love you too.God bless you?

    2. Nice analysis Luthfa. Thanks for your thoughts.
      My comment got truncated again when I wrote something else after your comments and now can’t remember. Either it didn’t get posted or truncated. Sometimes this Telly site irritates me.

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you soooooo…very much for your love di.Yes,TU sometimes messed up with our comments.Love you?

    3. Totally perfect words for Sso’s real condition..
      Hope Annika will give him ultimate happiness..
      I am really excited for their journey.
      Wow….wow…just wow….Lu..

      1. Luthfa

        Thank you sooooooo….very much for your love Darling.Me too is very much excited for their journey in AU.Take care.Love you?

    4. Pushpa

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      thank yu for all yr response sorry yaar i just hd no time but today i found my time.
      ye su r rite Shivaye Singh Oberoi thts the fame … u saw the conference call he made… no one can do better than him…. everything is just mindblowing dear…. anyways fro me he is my love so anythign everything wt SSO is owsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. but yesterday he had my heart….
      the msg was to all parents to know children suffer without their love…….

      1. Luthfa

        Pushpa di,
        It’s absolutely fine di.I can understand as me too is busy and having difficulties to visit PKJ.And Shivaay is your life,so everything related to him attract you like anything.Parent less life is a curse.Shivaay is suffering very badly.Hope everything is going to fall into right place.Take care.Lots of love?
        P.S.I am good di.Thank you so much?

  15. Great Luthfa di .
    ur analysis perfectly describes Shivaye Singh Oberoi.

    and don’t say sorry di ( i am talking about previous comment)
    u replied me but ur reply didn’t get posted it was not yr mistake.
    aur agar aapki galti hoti bhi tb bhi no sorry
    aapne nhi suna kya –
    friendship mein no sorry ……no thanx….
    love u

  16. Anah

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    1. Luthfa


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    Guys the time sso pulled her n hug her was really touching.. I think now the episodes all really going hot.. N I more eager to watch 2day episode..

    Dutch ??? oh my god ki kasam… I’ll kill u for damm sure… Let them hv a cute moments at lease for one two days, then u can do ur dramas…

    Hmmm ok guys.. Happy for sharing my feelings which I enjoyed… C u guys… Bye

    1. Agree Jessie. Dhaksh should leave them alone for awhile and let shivika have their moments. Not for long though cos Omru will come looking for shivaay and she has to hide inside the wardrobe of Shivaay. Let’s see whether they will show it today.

    2. Luthfa

      Hi Jessie,how are you?I am good.Thank you so much.
      You are absolutely right.Shivika’s chemistry is out of the world type.Me too is waiting for today’s episode forgetting everything.Take care.See you soon?

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  19. Luthfa

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    Hope so but I don’t trust cvs at all.Waiting for today’s episode.Take care?

  20. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome episode…. Love the precap

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