Ishqbaaz 16th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 16th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anika opening the door. Shivaye throws water on her face. Some time before, Shivaye talks to his brothers about relations. Rudra jokes to say his logic. Shivaye asks Om did you say this to Riddhima. Om signs no. Rudra asks who is Riddhima, oh, that one, she roams a lot, I forget her, her name is funny. He jokes. Shivaye says you have problem with Tia, not Riddhima. Rudra says I have problem when girls become something more than girlfriends. Shivaye asks whats the problem. They have a light talk. Rudra says till we are together, we don’t need anyone, I mean we can need anyone biologically. Shivaye and Om pat on his face, and they laugh.

Anika asks the man how did she not get the contract. The man says you got it, but it got rejected by college’s new trustee, you may meet

him, he just left. She runs to stop the trustee. The guy/Shivaye leaves in his car. Anika worries and tells the man that she did not meet trustee. He says fine, I will give his office address, go there and talk to him. She thanks him.

Jhanvi sees Om sleeping and smiles. She covers him with blanket and Tej stops her, saying Om does not like to sleep with face covered. They talk about Om’s childhood. She says our fight has affected Om, we wanted to save him from everything, we wanted to make him sleep early. Tej says he used to stay awake and become part of our conversations. She says when our fights increased, Om went to temple with Dadi, he used to pray that he fails, because if he passes in exams, he has to marry soon, and he did not like to fight after marriage. She cries and says we did a mistake Tej, we both changed. Tej says there is no use to discuss this, I live in present, lets deal with what we have today. He leaves.

Shivaye and Tia talk on phone. She tells about her many followers, they are giving us best wishes, their Karma is linked with ours. He says don’t know about others, but she got linked. She asks what. He says nothing, and asks for three days time. She asks him to take time, but whats your problem. He thinks of Anika and Om’s state. He says I just need three days. She says fine.

Anika goes to meet Mr. Mukherjee. The lady asks her to wait. Anika says I will wait, I have much time. Rudra sees Om sleeping and takes selfie with him. Om asks what are you doing. Rudra says I m taking selfie, pout. They take selfies. Rudra hugs him. Shivaye comes and says this proximity is not good in brothers. Rudra pulls him and asks him to pose for selfie. Shivaye asks Om to explain Rudra not to joke about Tia. Om says I had a dream today, mom and dad were talking normally. Rudra says this can happen just in dream. Shivaye says you promised me, you won’t think about this again. Om says I m trying, what to do, I can’t fight with my thoughts, like you, even you can’t stop thinking about that girl. Shivaye asks who, Anika. Om and Rudra smile. Shivaye says I don’t think about her. Rudra says lie. Shivaye says she does not matter to me, I forgot everything, temple incident, landslide….. He recalls and says when I have thrown her in pool, when I went to her home… I have forgotten. Om says exactly, you don’t remember anything. Rudra jokes on Shivaye.

Shivaye asks Om when is Riddhima coming. Om says she is coming next week, she is shooting documentary in Jharkhand. Rudra says interesting. Shivaye asks don’t you have any jokes on Riddhima. Rudra says no, that’s just for Tia. Shivaye jumps to beat him. They laugh. Anika says I m waiting since three hours. The lady says he would be just coming.

Pinky sends her maid out. Roop comes to Pinky and says its fake right. Pinky says strange, the earrings are worth 12 lakhs. Roop says I m saying aboutTej and Jhanvi’s relation, I can’t see Om’s tears, this time it’s the end. Pinky says it already ended. Roop says there is nothing in joint family, its all joint, this divorce will affect you too. Pinky says it won’t matter to me, don’t say nonsense. Roop says Oberoi heir’s decision will be made after divorce. Pinky asks how. Roop says think if Tej and Jhanvi get divorced, Om will be shattered, he won’t be able to do business, Shivaye’s way will get clear. Pinky says you have far sight, but its not sure about their divorce. Roop says but we can break their relation, its your profit. Pinky asks why are you saying this to me. Roop says because of Shakti, Tej has done injustice with him, I won’t let him do injustice with Shivaye.

The lady tells Anika that Sir has come, and asks her to meet. Anika thanks her. She goes and opens the door. Shivaye throws water on her face and she gets shocked seeing him there. He says this was the principal….. and walks to her. She looks at him. He throws remaining water on her and drops the glass. He says this was the interest.

Anika returns the money to Shivaye. He says the award for best actor in ‘self esteem’ role goes to Anika….?, what’s your surname? They argue.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Im tellng u guyz!!!dz love story is gng 2 be soooo damn differnt…nd fun ofcourse…ishqbaaz rocks!!!

  2. A very nice episode,but Shivay is very stern on Anika.He should stop taking revanges on Anika.I think they are fighting with eachother now,but soon they will love one another.Their pair are excellent,as if they are ment for each others
    I hope their differences will be resolved soon
    Thanks Telly updates.

  3. Janvi and tez convo was sweet. We got to see glimpse of their early marriage and our baby om.

    I’m worried about pinki. … she is selfish when it comes to our her son being the heir of the oboroy empire. … I really hope she doesn’t do anything crazy by Roop’s influence.

    Shiv is so obsessed with Anika… lol he is putting all his energy into causing trouble in Anika’s life… rudra was so funny when he compared him daar. I love how this reference to 90s movies especially for those like me who are 90s kids… it brings a sense of nostalgia.

    All in all not bad episode. … can’t believe om has a gf called ridhima hehe it seems like there r going to be 3 triangled love storieslol……
    well rudra might have a hexagonal or octagonal lol ??????????????

    1. Priya15

      Kya??? Di can u pls say Me I didn’t watch ishqbaaz strdy.. Seriously..I just read wu… Ridhima is om’s gf????

      1. Yes Priya, Om is already in a relationship wid a gal named Riddhima who loves to travel n explore..
        I think om-ridhima bond is just like shivaay n tia bond…Aiwainhi 😉
        Actually its Ishana fr Om n Anika fr Shivay…yuhuuu!!!!

      2. I thought om will have a gf whom he will love based on his advice to shiv regarding marrying Tia.

  4. BTW in the precap when shiv asks anika her surname funnyyy she said his name as a address to him…
    But we know that will her surname soon hehe he

    1. Rofl!!!
      I too died laughing..It went as ANIKA Shivay Singh Oberoi 🙂 <3

      1. They hate each other with so much passion now, I can only imagine how much passionately they will love ?????☺☺☺☺

        Can’t wait till that day.?????

  5. Love this serial.whatever they have shown till now is logical and interesting. this serial is not like other it’s different love this serial hope it soon tops trp chart

  6. Like ishra jodi anika shivay will rockz.i agree with u aqua.soon anika wil be anika shivay singh oberoi.then that rudy shivay can not imagine a world without anika.

    1. ☺☺☺ it’s so funny shiv is thinking to win his challenge of breaking anika but in the process he will lose the most valuable thing, his heart?????

      1. Yes…He will fall oh so passionately in love wid Anika…Ahem I am already imagining hw this awesme twosme will set our screen ablaze wid their scorching chemistry!!!!! 😉 😉 😉 😉
        Yeah i know I have lost my mind fr AnShi <3 <3 ,3

      2. Lol its addicting ????

  7. This show is a masterpiece?. Loving it to the core?. My AnShi’ll never stop fighting it seems?. Aww and Shivaay is so hell bent on taking revenge from Anika?. Hope they fall in love together at the same time?. Shivaay is damn possesive about Anika?

  8. Priya15

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Shivaay’s brother OM’s life is going to enter in love world after entry of IShana in their life.

    Ishaana is a con woman who has taken money from OM befooling him but OM does not see her face.

    OM feels some attraction and pain in her eyes but does not think about her more.

    Now, OM and Ishaana bump with each other again where Ishaana recognizes OM while OM feels that he has met her before too.

    OM and Ishaana are different from each other as OM has differences with his family while Ishaana loves his family a lot.

    News to ishkara fans.. We l soon witness one train scene of them… I saw it n YouTube.. That kunal and vrushika were shooting a sequence In train.. Excited??? I got two selfies of them.. L put as dp tonight..

    1. Than who’s Ridhima??

    2. Amrita

      Who is Ridhima ? Om’s GF or anyone else ?

    3. Awwww…will be waiting for kunal-vrushikas scenes then!!! Om and ishana would make a grt pair wd awesome chemistry is what I feel!! Thanks for d good news to ishkara fans priya ?

    4. Am Kunal/Omkaras big big fan since buddy project days and even since the promos of ishqbaaz was literally waiting for d serial just to watch our cutiepie Omkara!! And dekho vrushika uski pair hai…masth selection!!! Each day when I watch ishqbaaz I just keep waiting to see omkara…awwww his expressions…so natural and cool!! Rudra does a great job too…he adds fun and humour!!!

      Riddhima kaun hai?? Is she Omkaras Gf?? Or childhood frnd???
      Aur Ishana-om ke story kab forward hogi yaar??? Waiting to see Ishkara scenes!!
      Now am a Ishkara fan!!
      Rudra aur uski angel ki Jodi bhi achi hogi!! Shiv-anika ke tho bahut saare scenes hai…aur dono acha bhi hai saath mein!!

      And yea even I feel anika belongs to a rich family coz each time itz stressed upon her surname..and maybe shez related to oberois in someway or d other!!

      And pakka anika ki choti behen Ishana-om hi hogi..aisa lagta hai mujhe!!

      Anyways…plz plz more of ishkaras scenes too!! Love to watch them!! And include ruda in more scenes yaar…hez one of d bro too and hez so funny!! We enjoy it!!

    5. Shai

      Upload it fast

  9. What a pair shivaay and anika!!!!!! I think this is the best show in sp now….
    Ishqbaaz rockssss…..

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Yes is the best show in star plus and also one of my fav in current times i never knew shivaye and anika will do a fab job as a pair and i thought I will hate om’s character the most but turned out to be ulta 😛 he is like the sensible one among the three like i m not saying that rudra and shivaye r stupid just that rudra is immature and shivaye is too arrogant but their characters are good also. and wow cant wait for ishana and om story to start and I m happy that ishana will fall for om first, as if om fall first then his sensible character will be affected a little in love 😛

    2. Yep.. The best serial in star plus after ipkknd. I am in love with this show and omkara…

      1. Shai

        Hey even ipkknd is my till now favourite, but i guess ishbaaz will take the lead

  10. superb episode

  11. I guess anika too belongs to a very rich family. .

    Thank you priya for the news. I am very excited

  12. love u omkara.he was fab in this episode.rudra too.

  13. love u omkara.he was fab in this episode.rudrg too.

  14. I also think that anika belongs to a rich family,may be oberoy family.i am waiting for the apologize of shivaaye for anika.

  15. AnShi|ShivIka scenes r just wow!!! Really they make helluva hot couple <3 <3 <3
    Love omkara too..He is such a hottiee 😉
    Rudra is also doing a commendable job ..the humorous one 😀 😀 😀
    Ishqbaaz rocks!!!!
    My 🙂 🙂 🙂

  16. ishika mazumdar

    I’m waiting fr rudra soumya scenes too…n shivay anika are crazy ?…love th pair…he s so obssessed wth her..

  17. I saw in sbs ishaana is dancing to impress omkara. . She is totally into con om..
    But om is least interested. ..

  18. just love u om….who is riddima???
    what abt twinkle patel?????
    superb brothers….shivaye, om and rudra

  19. Shai

    The selfie session of the trio was hilarious ??

    Shivaye keeps defending tia, and rudra-om just keep pulling leg, oh this is so much related to us, as if looking at my own story

  20. Cute episode. Bromance was osm. Excited for Ridhima. Om’s gf. Must be cute and kind hearted like him. We will see high voltage emotional drama with love triangle om ridhima ishana. As om is so soulful emotional he won’t ditch Ridhima.
    As I don’t like ishana’s character I would like to see Ridhima Om’s lovestory. As we know Om was drug addict still Ridhima is having relation with him. Osm.

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