Ishqbaaz 16th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer plans an attack on Shivaye

Ishqbaaz 16th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra says Om and Gauri have to play Shivaye and Anika. Anika and Shivaye romance. Veer says you can’t have this pizza. Veer asks the lady to cut Shivaye’s neck. The lady says I have come to deliver this pizza. Shivaye asks is this order prepaid. Some time before, Shweta hugs Shivaye. He asks is there any problem. Veer asks her to say. She says no, dad didn’t do anything. She runs. Shivaye asks is everything fine. Veer says yes, how are you. Shivaye says I m fine. Veer asks him will he have kheer. Shivaye eats kheer. Veer says I thought you will leave, you told me you would go to Mumbai. Shivaye says no, I just told that to mislead that woman, anyway I have come to return your deposit, thanks for saving my life. Veer says its my duty, thank Anika, you are alive only because of Anika. Shivaye says


Anika sees the ring designs and asks Shivaye about it. She says this will suit Bhavya, I m very happy for Rudra and Bhavya. She asks what happened. He says I never imagined that we will select Rudra’s engagement ring without elders, making a house isn’t easy, but it falls apart in a moment. She says our family can never fall apart, Shivaye will never let this happen, Rudra will get engaged here, but his wedding will take place in Oberoi mansion, I also miss them, but we can’t fall weak. He says yes. She says tell me what happened at Veer’s place, I haven’t met Shweta well. He says Shweta hugged me like she was very scared. She says maybe Veer or Monali scolded her. He says I felt weird, when soup fell down, the way Veer reacted, it was weird. She says Veer and Monali are Shweta’s parents, kids are overmsart, she must have done some mistake, we have to select a ring.

Omru, Gauri and Bhavya come to ask them why did they call. Shivaye says its engagement in evening, I want to tell Rudra, marriage is not a joke, its a big responsibility, I want to see if Rudra is responsible. Rudra says I have managed a fashion house. Shivaye says there is much difference in managing business and relation. Om says you have to prove that you can become a good and responsible husband. Rudra asks how will I prove this before marriage. Shivaye says there are other ways. Gauri asks how. Shivaye says by playing either Om or my role, role reversal. Bhavya says its interesting idea. Rudra says its tough to play Shivaye. Om says then play my role. Rudra says fine, if we are playing Om and Gauri, then they have to play Shivaye and Anika. Om says Shivaye and Anika have to play Rudy and Bhavya. Anika says I will become ACP. Rudra says you wanted to trap me, now play this game.

Monali sees the pizza. The lady stops her and says you can’t eat this pizza. Monali asks why. Veer asks Lily to tell her the reason. Lily says your teeth will come out like this if you eat this pizza. She drops the pizza and shows the metal razor blade. She gets the blade on her finger and shows its sharp power by breaking things around. Veer says good job, you should attack Shivaye, not me. Lily says give me one hour, it will be Shivaye’s head instead the topping.

Shivaye changes and says how does Rudra wear such clothes. He calls out Anika. Anika ties the handcuffs. He sees her in Bhavya’s getup. He asks what happened to your eyes Anika. She says I m ACP Bhavya, you are under arrest. He says I was drinking protein shake, what did I do. She says you have stolen my heart, you can get out of the trouble if you want. He says ACP Bhavya is asking for a bribe. She says its called a fine. He asks what fine. She says you should understand, I m getting shy. He says you explain me, will I get out of trouble by paying the fine, I m ready, Rudy is ready.

Om dresses as Shivaye and breaks his phone. Rudra dons long hair and takes Om’s avatar. He holds Om and does shayari. Om holds Rudra and asks are you fine Om. Rudra says I said a poem, you won’t understand intense things, I just wrote this, hear this out. He does more shayari. Shivaye comes as Rudra and jokes. They laugh seeing his clothes. Rudra says you look funny. Shivaye says you don’t look Ranveer Singh, phone is not broken this way, its not easy to become Shivaye. Gauri comes in Anika’s getup. She says anger and attitude is needed to break a phone, you will get punished now. She throws water on Om’s face. They look on. Anika says Gauri, I mean Anika, I don’t throw water at Shivaye like this. Gauri says my food, I tried my best but I burnt the good, how can I become perfect GL. Om says you can never become that. Bhavya comes in Gauri’s avatar. She says we will order the food. Anika likes the idea. They stay in their roles.

Door bell rings. Shivaye asks Rudra to open. Rudra asks who’s Rudy today. Shivaye goes to open the door. He sees Lily. She asks are you Shivaye. He says yes, who are you. She says I have come to deliver the pizza. He says I didn’t order it. She says it has your name written. He says maybe my brothers ordered it, is this order prepaid. She says no. He says okay, then Shivaye will pay you. Om comes and asks what happened Rudy. Shivaye asks him to pay. Lily asks are you Shivaye. Om says no, I m the Shivaye Singh Oberoi. She says but you said you are Shivaye. Shivaye says he is Shivaye as of now, I m hungry, give me the pizza, take the money. Om asks how much does it cost. She says 1000rs. He pays her 2000rs. She thanks him. He says keep the change and shuts the door. She thinks two people claim to be Shivaye, I have to find out real Shivaye and kill him, Shivaye has to die today. Shweta sees her and smiles. Veer asks her to have the soup and sleep. Shweta wants to have the pizza.

Anika asks Shivaye what is he doing here, its time for engagement, come. He says the work which happens without family’s blessing, how can it be auspicious, we readily agreed to Rudra, we didn’t do right, Dadi, Tej, Jhanvi, they have rights on Rudy, we are snatching their rights, we are performing rituals without elder’s blessings, we are doing wrong with Rudra and Bhavya too, they are starting a new relation, they need blessings of elders. She says yes, we are doing a cheap thing, what do we do. He says we have to inform family, even if they are annoyed, its my duty, I should inform them, I was about to take such a step, how can I think like this. They cry. He says I m only human, why didn’t you stop me.

Shivaye says I never thought we will get so distant, I thought everything will get fine, but our family has fallen apart, I don’t know how to fix it. They all dance on Tukur Tukur….

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aashika

    Today’s episode is mixed with emotions…. First I love the concept of role exchange and here comes shivika romance and the most awaited part gauri throwing water on OM. I Can’t control my laugh seeing the expressions of all brothers and bahus. This psycho is kabab me haddi all the time and always does omm of my mood. Last part is so emotional. The great wall of shivaay becomes crybaby. Please yeh vanwaas jaldi finish Karo varna shivaay tut jayega. Precap is good… Good night pkj

    1. Banita

      Go Aashika Go!!!!!!
      Yeh PLR is always kabab mein haddi just like his sisters Pasinalana nd Tia…

      1. Aashika

        Thanks banita. I am thinking to leave this group and this website also because I’m not able to comment like u do. All of the member comments very well and I don’t know how to present the episode in a small comment. Actually I am weak in this section. Even in my fb account I don’t comment on any of page or groups. Don’t know why ?? So its better to leave. All of you are so good and some of you even reply on my comment but I don’t do that…. ????

      2. Hey Aashika,

        Please don’t underestimate the power of yourself dear. Your short analysis is really sweet as you. English is just a language not a knowledge. Here only your feelings talk.
        So please don’t leave this GPkj. We will terribly miss you. Don’t leave your beloved members of this page. Keep commenting & give how much best you can. I am sure you will progress in it step by step. And one day you’ll also prove yourself.

        Waiting eagerly for your today’s episode’s comment. Don’t cheat me by leaving this page.

    2. Hey Aashika,Please Don’t say that you can’t comment well. It is true some ate excellent writers as they are gifted and there are others who averasge writers like me. But I still comment as I want to express my feelings and opinions about the serial IB and that is what many of us are reading. Your thoughts and insightful comment and your analysis. No one is checking each other’s grammar. Please Don’t say you want to leave the group because of this. Stay on and continue commenting. Don’t give up easily. Slowly you will progress the more you write your thoughts.

    3. Hey Aashika,
      Plz don’t say like this.You are a part of our family and you have every right to comment the way you like.Language and its implementation is not a problem at all.We express our thoughts on specific thing because we love to do so.Here everyone not only a commenter but critics and analysers also.We all fall in different groups and this is our specialty.That’s why our group is so complete.And plz don’t feel such low regarding commenting style and talk about leaving us.And this leaving thing I hate like anything.We and PKJ love you a lot and will love you always.Your presence is most precious like every other members.So,don’t be sad and keep commenting the way you like.Love you and God bless you?☺?☺☺?

    4. Zaveesha

      Aashika plz don’t say like this…
      Dhwani is right..I totally agree to her..
      U just write ur view on episode.. whether its short or long..even one word is enough..
      Keep watching IB nd keep commenting..

      1. Aashika

        OK OK I will not leave this Gpkj and thanks to all of you for motivating me. Love u all???

    5. Go Aashika Go.Congratulations on being first..

  2. Wow… Such a khidki tod episode.. Role reversal was such a treat.. Particularly Om ‘s poetry I mean Rudy so funny… Annika looked so stunning as ACP Bhavya.. Veer is so annoying… Hope is track end soon..
    I read some where like dadi also will join shivika mansion n tej will be along Svetlana plan something against shivaay let see how it goes..
    P.S shivaay you rock man how can someone love his family like this I really need a bro like you..

    1. Banita

      Heyy Kadhambari….
      True a treat epi… Well i dont read any spoilers , but if it will happen then i will be happy that dadi also join with everyone…

    2. Hi Kadhambari,
      Congratulations on being second.Yeah Rudra and his shairana andaj.So funny and looked like Om was suppressing his laughter with much difficulty.Don’t believe such spoiler.They all are false.Take care?

  3. Twinkling Tuesday Evening to all my Grand Pkj walas!

    My heartful thanks to Dhwani, Zaveesha, UF di, Shanaya, Luthfa, Prabha, Nikitha & Chaithu for your wishes and blessings. Thanks a lot. And Hi-5 to you Dhwani dear.

    Well, today’s was a khidkitod khubsurat episode with lots and lots of fun with little emotion and little conspiracy.

    Shivika’s betrothal ring selection for Bhavya, their emotional conversation and consolement & Shivaye bhaiya’s doubt on Veer’s weird behaviour towards Shweta………that part was really good to watch.


    SHIVIKA as Ruvya’s cute moment &
    RIKARA as Shivika’s water splashing moment and RUVYA as Rikara’s disguise was really really blissful to watch.

    I really felt ROLE REVERSAL GAME part was my today’s birthday present from today’s episode of Ishqbaaz. I thoroughly enjoyed and loved that segment with lot of fun. (Esp. Meri Shivika suited even in Ruvya’s role reversal. They nailed it.)

    Veer’s new conspiracy by joining lily with her chakkra & she got confused with ShivOm was good to see.

    And atlast Shivaye bhaiya’s emotional conversation with Anika di regarding the oberois & dadi and his guilt feel was sooooo emotional.

    I can’t understand Shweta’s smile on lily from upstairs. If anyone knows it please tell me.
    Precap – Shivaye bhaiya’s concern to resolve his family problems and Oh my maatha! Once again mera theeno Ishqbaazis dance on “Tukr Tukr” I am eagerly awaiting and looking forward for tomorrow’s night to watch it.

    Good night with sweet dreams.

    1. Banita

      Heyy Shivu…
      Shweta want to eat pizza nd that girl lily was brought pizza in PLR’s house nd delivered in Shivika’s house… I think that’s why…

      1. Hey Jeevi, thank you so much for your wishes and love. Let both of our wishes of meeting our GPkj members come true very soon. Let’s hope & pray for it.

        And Best of luck for your internals.
        Take care. Love you dear.

      2. Thank you for your comment & answer regarding my doubt Banita dear.

    2. Hi Shivya,
      Congratulations on being third….Role reversal was funny as they didn’t want to act like the other to the T.And to me,most beautiful one was Shivika’s Ruvya attempt.They were trying for Ruvya but Shivika came in forefront naturally.LOL!!Ok,that was really very bold and cute moment.Anyway,I hope you enjoyed your birthday and had lots of fun.Take care?

  4. Shivaay Singh Oberoi,the great wall of SSO,you have so many titles and nick name but today I want to enrich the list of your such names which will go on and on.You have earned that name much earlier but I never addressed you.And the name is Chor Singh Oberoi! Now you will ask what you have stolen?Well,I know you didn’t know that you also can feel emotion but failed to discover that.And like an explorer I explored emotions inside your seemingly stone made body like a very special artifact.Then you realize you too have that object inside you and to get it one needs to exchange one’s equally valuable and priceless possession.Don’t make sense?I thought you are a businessman so you will understand like this only.Ok,I am talking about one and only-Heart.Have you ever imagined that you have to give away your most gifted and prized possession like that?In that way I too am blamed for stealing your heart as I never imagined that in this whole world it would be your heart that will lure me in this way so that I have to steal it without informing you!Stealing always happens secretly.You stole mine and I stole yours and treated it like a top secret.We played hide and seek with our own hearts but our hearts cracked this deal of love long ago and we never got to know it.How smart thieves we are!Hehehe…….

    1. Nikita_jai29

      Good one dear luthfa

      1. Thank you so very much Nikita.Love you?

    2. Luthfa di, you know what now you are the chor who stole this birthday girl’s heart with your today’s theme on mera birthday boy Nakuul bhaiya and charming Surbhi di. I am very sure from my heart that it’s my today’s best birthday present that I have enjoyed after my sister’s gift & ROLE REVERSAL GAME in IB.

      Khidkitod khubsurat theme. I really really loved it. Thank you so much di. You bilssed me with your analysis.
      Love you a lot. Take care.

      1. You considered my comment as birthday gift?Awwww….That’s really very sweet and kind of you.God bless your heart.Love you?

    3. Dear luthfa
      God allah or baghban jo banaya ak insaan… u…..century pe century marte ja rahio yarrrrrr…….hats off to u dear…..
      Go luthfa go……may god bless u nd take care.

      1. Tai naki,Hehehe…God and his charisma baby.Thank you so so so so much dear.Love you?

    4. Zaveesha

      Luthfa dear u again nailed it…
      Lots of love nd wishes…

      1. Awwww…Thank you so very much Zaveesha.Lots of love and hugs from my side too.Take care.Love you?

  5. Helloooooo guyssss…………
    What an awesome episode??????. ……………..l loved it???…………..shivaye as rudy??…………rudy as om???…………. and om as shivaye????. ………….om breaking the phone…………rudy dons the hair………………..Gauri as anika throwing water to Om ??……… was my favorite. .???…………
    It start and end with emotional dialogues of shivika??????…………….
    My favorite was gauri as anika????????……………….she looks very cute????…………..And as always that veer scenes were very very very bored????………………please put an end to this veer and vanavas track…………………….
    Waiting for tomorrow……………for tukur tukur song……………?????

    1. Hi Jeni,
      Episode was in fun ride mood.But for me Anika nailed it as Bhavya.Waiting for today’s episode.

  6. Awesome episode the way of shivom wanted to bring the importance relationship to they small bro Rudy was so sweet not only bhaiya but also bhabi wanted their devar to be prefect man was cute & superb

    1. Hi Shivika,
      Yeah they should gide him how to be a responsible husband.Because only they can make him understand that as his parents are not going to do it.

  7. Wow ishqbaaz rocks?

    1. Yeah IB rocks totally!!!

  8. Banita

    Heyyy GPKJ….
    Today epi was Hilarious one with a little Emotional Shivika part….
    Role reversal… All 3 couples looks Mindblowing with their reverse costume… Specially Shivika , I luv their costume moreee then any others… Okkkk Now coming to epi from starting…
    Hilarious part ,
    Shivom took test of Rudy as a perfact husband… Sahi hain sbki test chal raha hain toh Rudy ka vi ho gaya….
    Role reversal ,
    Shivika as Ruvya , Rikara as Shivika nd Ruvya as Rikara…. Every couple performed their respective reverse role with their all cute antics Nycly…
    Shivika urf Ruvya ,
    Both looks Darwajatode hot handsome / gorgeous… Anika urf ACP Bhavya Pratap Rathod full in bold nd romantic mode… Awww!!! Poor Rudy cant understand his to be wife’s intention first… LOL… But I must say Ruvya can never be compite Shivika in romance…. (No offocence to any Ruvya fan… It’s totally my POV)
    Shivaay’s cute antics like Rudy was Hilarious…
    Rikara urf Shivika ,
    SSO’s phone breaking… ND our Khidkitode Anika’s andaj… Shivika’s this Paani phekao nok-jhok… Anika told Shivaay that she burnt her food… LOL.. Lovly…
    P S – Badly missing Shivika’s this Paani fight nok -jhok…
    Ruvya urf Rikara ,
    Om’s depth meaning , intense shayari or i can say Rudy’s Funny shayaries…. LOL… nd our Gouri chiraiya’s Sankarji…
    At d end everyone had problem with their respective reverse one becz they r perfact in their own role only…. But these whole sense was Hilarious… I was laughing hard nd some time jumping while watching d epi…
    Today I love this part moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee………………
    PLR’s next devil planning against Shivaay… But that Poor girl got confused between Shivaay nd Shivaay… This role reversal safe Shivaay’s life…
    Emotional part ,
    Shivika was selecting ring 4 Ruvya… Shivaay got emotional thinking about his family… But as always Anika stand with him as his strength nd support him… Both got emotional thinking about their family…
    At d end Shivaay was crying thinking his family’s happiness…. As a elder brother , elder son , d Great wall of SSO trying to fulfill his all responsibility towards his family nd Anika as a foundation of D Gr8 wall support him….
    Precap – Another dance performance by Obros nd Obohus… I love all d dance performances by all family members or Obros nd Obohus… Now another one… I m exciting 4 this this one also…
    Gd Nt PKJ….

    1. Banita I agree I love the part when the pizza delivery lady got confused. Both om and Shivaay were really funny when they confused her even more.

      1. Banita

        Yeh Sindhu… Bichari girl… Lol… I love this role reversal track…

    2. Zaveesha

      Nice comment Banita…
      Even I had a good laugh watching the episode…

      1. Banita

        Thank U Zavee dr…

    3. Wow,what a full fledged analysis Bani!Loved it a lot.Keep it up.Love you.Take care?

      1. Banita

        Thank U dr

  9. Banita

    HAPPY BIRTH DAY Shivu dr….
    I know i m d last one who wish u in B’day nd sorry 4 this dr…
    Love U…

    1. Hi Banita dear, my hearty thanks to you for your wishes and blessings. Why are you asking sorry dear? You may be the last one to wish me but not the least. I’ll never forget your wishes as you are always special to me. Once again thanks a lot.

      And your analysis, as always as sweet as you. Loved your analysis. And you are right. Shivika looked gorgeous with their costume as it suited them very well. And me too eagerly waiting for Obros and Obahus dance performance.
      Stay safe & take care. Love you dear.

      1. Banita

        Heyy Shivu…
        I know my wish is special one first nahi toh last hi sahi…. LOL…
        Awwwww!!!!!! Thank U Shivu dr…

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode.. Shivika, rikara, ruvya.. Funny to see their true attempt to maintain their roles… As each other….

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Yeah it was funny as the uncomfortable feeling was clearly visible and that’s why it looked realistic that they are trying to be each other.

  11. ishqbazz special
    1.. shivays special acting( very boring one and not realistic)
    2.anika( over acting)
    3. ib story… childish one always backwas
    4.artificiality in everyones acting cast rich but all are under ib bad performences
    6.ib writer and director need award for madness
    7.ib costumes very bad egs shrenu is one of the beautiful girl in tv industry.. check her past serials and beauty now she looks bad in ib style
    8. only shivika… and repeated scenes
    9. all award that is bcz of crazy fanz votes.. they voted more than so many times
    10.ib is the bad show ever.. no good tracks no well story and partiality for screen space
    any way thankz to ib for turninn our good actors( shrenu surbi nakul kunalall of them) style into the worst one… writer pls not write more stories

    1. App Ko kisi problem ha ib dekane keliya pls app math dekho or written bi math Pado
      Ib hamari Sabse acha show ha Hamari Jaan isko koyi galath kaha toh:
      1) apki oh my mata
      2) AK champ de do those divar par …
      3) band bachathungi
      4) apko jail ki anther bechungiiii
      Sry …..
      I just said becoz I love ib than any other show
      If you have any problem it’s ur problem

      Oru Malayalam dialogue : eni malla eth avarthikarth ketto di/Da hater

      1. ????shivami dear……
        Bt what is the meaning of the last line??

    2. Hater, thanks for your comments. if you think IB is the worst serial and all the actors are bad acting, please do not watch it. Don’t stress yourself. There are other serials you may prefer to watch and go ahead. In this IB telly site only those who love IB are watching and commenting positively. Thank you and no hard feelings please.

    3. Hi Haters,
      Thank you so very much for honouring your name.Suits you perfectly.Yes we are mad that’s why we are watching this serial without considering logics,loophole,inconsistency etc.But we love it and love is Blind.We don’t like to come out or recover from this blindness anytime soon.You better keep poisoning us with your comment like Veer.And it’s not going to affect us.As in our defense we have Love for IB.And love is the greatest Shield in this whole universe.Keep attacking and keep disappointing.Thank you.

  12. Banita

    Today our SSO aka Nakuul Mehta’s B’day….
    HAPPY B’day Nakuul Sir….
    I know everyone know it , but still I want to share it here…

    1. Happy birthday nakuul sir……………..

  13. Hello everyone, today was a bit emotional and hilarious. I liked the part where they swap roles. Shivaay turning to Rudy and became like one. Rudra aka OM look really funny doing the shayari. Poor On trying to be like Shivaay falling short of breaking things.

    The women got into the other shoes well. Very nice and entertaining. It is true they at least need dadi’s blessing if not the marriage is nothing. I am waiting for tonight’s episode. Dilwale song Tukur Tukur. Shah Rukh danced so well in this song sequence. I am excited to see how they all will dance.

    1. Yeah….sindhu.agree with also waiting fr tonight’s a big fan of srk……nd they r going to dance on srk’s movie song!!!!it’s really excited for me….
      Nd overall it’s nok’s birthday……so double excited……
      Nd the most excited thing is tdy my xm finished. So um so so so happy.xm was great by god’s i can see ib without any tension.

      17th january became the luckiest date for me???
      Love u sindhu dear nd take care.?

      1. Aww your words are so lovely dear Shanaya. Love you too and enjoy your day. Let’s wait for the Tukur song.

    2. Hi Sindhu,
      You are right.Marriage should happen with all the blessings of elders.Me too waiting for that dance sequence.

    3. Banita

      Yeh dr even i m also super exciting 4 this…

  14. Happy birthday nakuul mehta……
    Um jst mad on his blue eyes.that’s why,i call him the blue eyed man……????
    May god bless u noks
    Nd a very very very happy birthday wishes to u……???????

  15. Happy birthday nakul mehta.stay always blessed

  16. Hi friends gud morning to all……today is my inspiration ,the most loveable person, our superman hero nakuul bhaiyya birthday……wish u many more happy returns of the day bhaiyya?????❤???????????❤❤??……may god’s gives u all happiness,abundance of love and prosperity in Ur life…this year also u will get all the awards and accolades for Ur phenomenal performance…

  17. I was thinking they will sort of bring to an end Veer by the end of this week I hope. It has been too long. The clue Shivaay will get is the receipt. The ‘receipt may show Veer”s name. I think Shivaay will connect the dots and realize why Veer keeps appearing each time they are in trouble. Either that or they will put Veer drama on hold and cvs will focus on Oberoi mansion where all of them return. Only these two things can happen. When cvs get tited, they will pull Veer out and say Veer is back just like Dhashk is back.

    1. I don’t think cvs are going to close the chapter of Veer so early.They will take their own sweet time.Till then we have to tolerate.

  18. Wish you many many more happy returns of the day Nakuul sir……??????????

    May lord bless you always with blissful life and let you kiss the triumph with your hard work.

  19. Hi guys. morning. Hope everyone enjoyed our festivals happily.
    Today loved the episoid . Fav is role exchange loved it. As always irritating veer. Nd how did sweta be in shivka home??????. N my shivay anna ur so emotional they always say tht ‘the preson who looks v.angry, rude from out but from inside they r v.emotional that is true in our shivay anna case..
    Luftha dear: yesterday ur analysis on anika feeling was superb as always????????. N yudnkb ll b retellycasted @ 9:30 morn. Today didnt read ur comments.
    Dhwani dear: yaa ib is becoming bit dramastic.
    Shivya dear: belated wish u many more happy returns of the day dear hope r ur wish come true. All ways our wishes n blessing is always with u dear.
    Sry for late reply dear wt say guys yesterday was my this year first day of my clg but they gave big shock by preponding my sessional(internals). Tht to from tomorrow so will c u all after a week. Till than will b missing u guys. I wish till than this veer track finish.
    Guys like u all even im waiting for the day wen v will meet i wish v meet soon. Praying to god.
    All the best for pkj who r hvind exams. Till then bye guys..

    1. Hey Jeevi, thank you so much for your wishes and love. Let both of our wishes of meeting our GPkj members come true very soon. Let’s hope & pray for it.

      And Best of luck for your internals.
      Take care. Love you dear.

    2. Hi Jeevi,
      It’s absolutely fine dear.Study comes first.How I wish your words come true!We all surely meet one day.Let’s hope and pray.Will miss you.Take care.Love you?

  20. Nikita_jai29

    Happy birthday nakul mehta aka shivaay…

  21. Rudra has to prove his worthiness by enacting the role of Shivaay or Om as husband!Wow,what a wonderful thought cvs!I didn’t know that to show Rudra mature and responsible like ShivOm you would go for such marvellous readymade shortcut!Shivaay who came such a long journey as husband and Om who is still in the learning stage will be invested inside Rudra like instant noodles!Rudra who is brought up as a born baby and everyone calls him a baby still will be matured and responsible just like that!Those qualities are not Rudra’s protein shake that he will drink it and become exactly mature and responsible like ShivOm.Being Shivaay and to act like him are totally different thing.To be someone one needs to cover up his journey and go through the same experience.Rudra has got himself a really very long journey to complete and it’s his acid test of maturation.But cvs are treating it like a joke and in the trolling mood.Excellent,carry on……….

    1. Once again you have come out with a very good theme of Rudra’s ROLE REVERSAL of Shiv or Om. You are right di. One has to undergo the same experience of whom they want to become. Let’s see what happens in this trolling mood.

      Can you please tell me how can I perform ROLE REVERSAL to become Luthfa? ????????????

      I am wordless to express my joyness on your routine different themes. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hats off di. Continue it. Love you di. ❤❤❤❤ Take care.

    2. Banita

      As always again today also i m telling U Superbbbbbbbbbbb writting skill dr… Keep it up…

  22. Zaveesha

    So amazing episode…I like the episode…it was full of fun, romance, emotion nd evilness too…
    I loved the role reversal part…
    Due to bad network couldn’t comment yesterday…
    Nd yeah Happy Birthday to Nakuul Mehta…
    Nd today is also my younger brother birthday..

    Keep smiling peeps…

    1. My hearty birthday wishes to your younger brother??????? Zaveesha.

      May the almighty bless your brother with success and fulfil his wishes to the great extent.
      Love you dear. Take care & fulfil your brother’s birthday wishes.

    2. Hi Zaveesha,
      Yeah you are right.Episode was really a treat to watch to a great extent.Me too loved it a lot.And give my best wishes to your brother.Take care.Love you?

  23. Shivya,
    I am not talking about Rudra’s role reversal but his role as husband like ShivOm.As an individual he should flourish through nurturing his own inherent qualities as husband.By imposing I him the roles of ShivOm as husband cvs are limiting his power of improvement.He should shine differently as he is Rudra not Shivaay or Om.Cvs are runing his individualism and freedom of being a husband.

    1. And about being like me,I don’t want you to be like me at all.To be like me you have to fight with yourself to chase away your inner loneliness which I have suffered acutely as a child and still suffering to some extent.I don’t have any siblings so my life was utmost lonely from every aspect.My parents tried and try their best to make me feel better but they can’t do anything for that particular loneliness of human touch.I was and am immersed in every possible luxury and comfort but those can’t heal my inner wound.As being an born introvert I couldn’t make myself comfortable in social gathering and family surroundings.It only added to my problem nothing else.So,I don’t want you too suffer like me.Just be yourself and this is the ever and jenuine blessing I can give you.And I hope what I have gone through no-one goes through the same experience.Anyway,God bless you.Take care.Love you?

      1. Dost, me too single child yaar.. I hate taking school leave if I’m down with fever coz I have to be alone at home.. I hate being lonely.. And I understand your pain very much dost.. But now you aren’t anymore alone.. You have GPKJ family and a fan following for your comments including me??.. You have a dost dear.. Soon you will find your soulmate.. He will never make you feel lonely.. I pray to GOD that my dost gets a soulmate who loves, cares and respects you a lot..
        Your dost is having exam tomo.. Thats why didn’t comment yesterday and today.. Wish me all the best dost.. Love you always meri dost..

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Hey luthfa dear.. You are not any more lonely… Pkj is with you…. Keep shining like star and rock the Ib pkj with your tremendous comment

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