Ishqbaaz 16th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 16th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye holds his chest and feels unwell. Anika asks are you fine. He asks her to go, I got you here and speaking well, you think you are my wife, stop it Anika. He acts rude to her. Some time before, Anika asks why did you stop the car. Shivaye says there are two ways, don’t know which way Om went. Rumi says which way ends where and when, who knows, sorry Shivaye, I will not let you guys reach Om. Anika shows the sign board. Shivaye drives ahead. Rumi changes the signs back. She calls Shwetlana. She says work is done, Shivaye and Anika can’t reach Om. Shwetlana says good and ends call.

Pinky asks Tej to have shame, Jhanvi is your wife, where is her anger wrong, will she keep sautan at home and nothing will happen to her. She says I told you not to let Shwetlana stay here. Jhanvi says Tej

is not understanding me. Pinky says Shwetlana has made him blind, Tej has three children, who has to get married, which good family will not relate to our family, think of your age atleast. Tej asks her not to say in this matter. Pinky says I have to say, sort the problems with cool mind, end the fight. Tej says some things don’t end. Pinky says then end it forever, give divorce to your wife. Dadi shouts Pinky and gets shaken up. Pinky holds Dadi.

Anika says I think we came on wrong way. Shivaye asks did you understand it now. She says but board signed this way, I think it changed by wind. Shivaye calls Om and says answer the call Om. He hits the car to the tree. He tries to start the car again.

Dadi says I did not think, I will see this day in my life, you are not kids to explain you, you will become parents in law, what will you teach bahus and son in law, how will you manage family, its tough to manage relations, especially marriage, divorce did not happen in this family. Tej says its not necessary that whatever did not happen, it will not happen in future. He goes. Dadi holds Jhanvi. Jhanvi goes. Dadi says don’t know whose bad sight caught this house. Pinky curses Shwetlana. Dadi says its big sin to think bad like doing bad. Pinky says what shall I do, Shwetlana did bad. Dadi says we should think about family than outsiders. Pinky says Tej did limit, be strong and pull his ear, tell him to make Shwetlana out. Dadi says distance can’t be made short by forcing.

Shwetlana smiles seeing Om following her. She gets down her car. Om gets shocked. Shivaye calls him. Om does not answer. Shivaye gets angry seeing his phone getting off. Anika says what happened, call again. He says really, why did I not get this anger. She says anger eats up the senses. He asks her to try. She says your phone got … He says battery is dead. She asks why did you not tell me before. He asks for his phone. She says I did not get my phone.

Shwetlana goes away from the car. Om thinks it means Anika was right, Shwetlana is acting that she can’t walk. Om hides from her. She smiles and goes. Anika shows the house to Shivaye and says maybe we can get phone there, come. Shivaye and Anika get down the car. The stormy winds blow. Om follows Shwetlana. Shivaye holds his chest and feels dizzy. He looks at Anika and shouts get my medicines. She asks what Shivaye. He shouts glove box. She checks and gets medicines in glove box. He recalls doctor’s words that Shivaye’s condition is fine, if heart problem was not there, he would have been better. Anika stumbles and medicines fall away. Shivaye sees the tree branch falling and shouts Anika. Tree branch falls between them. They see each other.

Om thinks why did Shwetlana come there, maybe its that man on whose saying she is doing all this, I have to find out. He looks inside the window and shuts it, thinking its wrong, but I m doing this for family, I have to do this to bring her real face out. He goes.

Rumi checks car and smiles. She says Shivaye and Anika’s danger got away. Tia calls her and asks is everything fine. Rumi says its perfect, I have trapped Shivaye and Anika, they can’t reach Om and even home. Tia says make sure Anika does not return to Oberoi mansion. Rumi asks what do you mean. Tia smiles.

Anika and Shivaye get inside the house. She shuts the door. She asks are you fine, you don’t look fine. He says I m okay, its just dust allergy. She asks what’s troubling you, tell me. He says stop it, I got you here and speaking well, you have become my wife. She asks why are you saying this, its not like that. He says just stop it Anika and gets his hand free. She gets jerk and falls away. He worries for her and asks did you get hurt. She cries and says I did not get hurt by fall, I got hurt by your words, Shivaye please…. He says like always, all my anger and frustration gets on you, I m sorry. She asks for today or whatever happened till now. He says you are right, whenever I get angry, my mind stops working, then I say anything, its my mistake, I m talking rubbish, sorry Anika.

She asks what’s troubling you, tell me. He says I can’t tell, its imp that I talk to Om right now, try to understand. She says fine. He says you agreed, you did not argue. She says you said you can’t say, maybe its big thing. He asks did you not feel bad that I refused to say. She says I know you would have said if you could, if you are not saying, it will be for someone’s good, for you other’s good is before yours. He looks at her and holds her hand.

Om gets inside the door and sees Shwetlana talking. He thinks I won’t better chance to get proof against her. He sees her gone and looks around.

Anika says if you talk to Om, all tension will be gone. He asks how will I talk, you did not get your phone and my phone does not have battery. She recalls and says its charger right, big box and wire. He says power bank. She says I think I have seen it in glove box, I will get it. He shouts stop Anika, there is storm outside. She says I don’t care of winds and storm.

Shwetlana says you got to know everything about me. Om says stop your drama, you got me here, can I know the reason. She says you will know, wait for some time. Shivaye runs out of house and gets shocked seeing…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Maybe Anika hangged but no prob when Shivaay is here ??haha today episode was shivikalicious

  2. Cuteprincess

    uhh…..I am scared..nothing should happen to anika , shivaay and om…

  3. njanoru malayalee

    Shivay likes Vishal (Malayalam weekly novel) stubborn and kind heart person and what heart disease affected for shivay….afterll He turns Aditya(pkdhmmpp)

  4. Archiya

    Interesting episode.. Loved the shot wher rumi was sittin on some log i think.. an then wen shwet was gettin out of the car..
    Dadi dialogue ws so true today ” distance can’t be made short by forcing.”, it was much more meaningful in hindi though
    Its better if tej divorces janvi… poor janvi atleast she will get a life

    It hurts much more now wen shivay is rude to anika,bfre it was like v knew he is like tat,bt last few epi he was so lovin n carin,it really hurted to see him being rude to anika again.. Its easy to b sweet n lovin wen circumstances r favorable.. real test falls wen circumstances r against u.. an today shivay proved his love wnt stand the test of time…anika still understood him even though he was so rude to her…

    1. Archu..!!
      The problem is that when SSO is angry or frustrated his language is abusive, not exactly abusive but you know he tells things without giving a thot. Sad this side is only shown on Annika n not to anybody else in the family. And his real test ll b tomo when Annika is seen hanging, that way like u said circumstances are also against him.
      I also liked that shot of Svet coming out of the car. In fact I wanted to put it in my comments. But it was already so long n I skipped. Btw the actress herself has uploaded an on location pic of the same in Insta with a beautiful footnote. Check the link here.

      1. Archiya

        Ur rite Lax dear..dont knw why he gets angry only her.. may b as he loves her also tat much only
        Such a nice pic .. Shwet looks damn beautifull in it.. . thks fr the link

    2. Mouni

      hi archiya , l totally agree , sso is still not ready to share real love with anika , he is still “under repair” , he is still uncapable of controlling his anger against her and gives her the same feeling in good or bad times , he failed an important test today ; trust test , even if its apparent tous that he is in love but he is not ready to accept it and share with her and even if he regret it immidiatly but for me its still a long road for him to have the ideal relationship , hopefully when anika will avoid him he will start to make changes and open up to her

      1. Mrs Kapoor s blackmailing him to throw Anika out of his life…. So I think he can’t tell her the complete thing….. and he s not ready to send her away ….I felt today’s his response s because of his horrible and helpless condition…so just wait and watch…

      2. Mouni liked your description “under repair”…haha! But that is the truth I think. Shivaye is emotionally challenged and even if he has mostly recovered from it at times he is paralyzed….at heart!
        But, it was nice to see that he accepted his fault immediately and said Sorry to Anika…..Loved Anika’s question “sorry for today or whatever happened till now….” So apt for the situation. I think its good that Shivaye behaved like this with Anika. Now, at least Anika can be sure that Shivaye will not be caring and romantic all the time like he has been for the past few days!! Though she has completely fallen for him, she can maintain a distance or maybe expect SSO to be rude anytime.
        And what kind of breathing problem is he having yaar? He is able to talk and shout…and everything without taking the medicines.
        What is Swetlana up to with Om?? Hope he will not be in any danger.

      3. Archiya

        Even i m hopin tat anika is totally gng to ignore him totally.. this time i want to see a proper redemption for shivay behavior. nt lik last time where in one day everythin was forgiven n forgotten

    3. Liji..!!
      Aise sudharnewalo mein se nahi hain apni Annika. After all this, she ll melt again when Shivay is flirty. Why is she expecting too much from the relation? Why is she so selfless when it comes to Shivay? Aaagh..!!?
      And Guys, Am sure it’s going to b a long wait for the fans to see Shivay accepting/confessing his love.

      1. Yes Lax…..actually before blushing every time Shivaye flirts with her she should be thinking of those incidents in the past where Shivaye says he has feelings towards her when drugged, and then next day he proposes to Tia just after praising Anika…..I can’t understand how a girl like Anika can forget such incidents so easily.
        I also feel that Shivaye has a long way to travel emotionally before he confesses his love….he has understood his strong feelings to an extent but is not sure how to deal with it…maybe he is not able to decide because of the present complications. But, in that case the intelligent Shivaye should also keep distance from Anika…..but, he is also not wasting a moment flirting and checking her out!!

      2. Archiya

        Rite Lax,
        EVen i dont understand why anika is so selfless towards shivay.. now a days she just forgives him so easily… this will never happen in real life.. hw much ever u love tat person

    4. Archiya

      It surely going to take a lot of time for shivay to realise his love

  5. Woah- it twists in the story! I didn’t know shivaye has heart issues! Dahmm! So Om finally got to know about Swetlana and her plans! Hop she gets exposed soon!

  6. *big* twists

  7. oh noo shivaay..hurting anika with his words..gussa mein hai tho kuch bhi…yaar viewers r vey happy with the current track of shivika n now cnt bear to see shivaay behaving rude towards anika..surbhi accting is superb esply in emotional scenes..sad for anika..but good shivaay soon realized his mistake n reacted well…what exactly is in sso mind.sometimes he says meri bhiwi sso ki biwi..sterdays he behaved like a husband saying kaam na ekdam daatkaniwali karti ho tum…confused he treating her as his wife r as good understanding n supporting friend?? His aalo puri n blackcoffee n phone n eating bayanakly fantastic jalahua butter masala..n mangalsutra bandna..he has done all these in the name of good friend r husband

    1. Ishq
      I think more than us the writers are confused, ki Shivay Ko acha banau ki Bura. So I think the formula is ‘ek din acha ek din bura’. They were showing the Bura side of Shivay for so long that we started getting bored of it n then suddenly without any reason he started to be romantic. Now if that continues for long, how can they make the heroine cry. Jab tak heroine royegi nahi TRP nahi aayega. Ha Ha. Just kidding. We are all super confused abt Shivay. Let’s see.

      1. Archiya

        Lolzzz LAx.. again ur sense of humor. super:)

  8. OMG !! What’s happening in the show.. I jaut want to see Tia and her sisters evel acts getting finished..?
    Shivaye and Anika scenes were as usual too good..❤

  9. Jaya

    ‘yeh ho kya raha hai? ‘ in ib. Where’s that sahil and rudra’s convo including lady baba which was given as precap! I think they’ll show later. Oh crap! Tej is just too much. Loved pinky today and daadi was like will get stroke…poor condition. Shivay always pours anger on anika…shivay baby! It’s love. 🙂 . And…om was dashing …his walk..ashhss…his hair were shining 😉 . Precap: 1. arghhh….i will kill you svetlana…how dare you to touch om with your filthy hands. 2. O mg! Shivay in miserable condition.

    My p.o.v no offence =( shivay’s breathing difficulty was looking like as if he has asthma…not heart problem. When he pushed anika aside he was normal…:-/ . Huh…it’s serial…’kuch vi hoskta hai’ )

  10. Ohh my god,now what is this new twist going to happen ??Day by day Ishqbazz is going to crazy me like helll:)))):)

  11. Esther

    OMG everyone is in trouble,,,,,N Shivaaye have heart problem !!!! yeaa something lyk that was shown in the very first epi,,,,,,cvs are trying to connect everything,,,,,,I thought this before that why cvs showed as if Shivaaye has some prblm when they never showed anything related to that afterwards,,,,,but now everything got cleared,,,,,the picture is getting more clear day by day !!!OMG!!!!excited

    1. Esther

      N Pinki said the right thing today…she z such a supporting SIL

  12. Can’t wait until tomorrow

  13. Krishnaa

    Pinky is the only one after Omkara to confront Tej so boldly. Dadi is sweet and supercool with her grandchildren but she has no power on her arrogant elder son.poor dadi.
    i hate the fact that they are trying to plot against omkara. my personal opinion is that the villains were better individually than as kapoor sisters, tia though an antagonist was a funny lady baba, romi a psycho devi and swetlana another type of villain. but the trio of nafratbaz is putting all villains together and spoiling an interesting track in my opinion. if they have so many protagonists on the show they can show everyone’s life very well than just focus on villains…anika and shivaay themselves have been married after more than 100 episodes and their story has well been portrayed. so i think like ishqbaaz should be more romantic drama with a few antagonist scenes than only nafratbaazi.

  14. Gayathri.visu

    Very good episode. Why always Tej blindly trusting this Svetlana? Even he doesn’t care Om for that cheap girl?? Shivika’s scenes are really nice. Shivaay’s concern towards Anika, is awesome… Shivaay has a heart problem??? Is the problem is very big?????????? Why he doesn’t Anika to let know the reason????

  15. I felt like tweaking Annika’s ear today. Careless she was, upar se questioning n complaining. uff…!! Not the right time, Annika. Later she was sweet though. Shivays behaviour n reaction was quite understandable today. Yes, his reaction was rude, but he was going thru so much physical n emotional pain. Sometimes u tend to lose control over yourself in such instances. And this is one n only Shivay. This reaction was so expected. And quite unlike the usual him, he was trying to justify his behaviour, pacify Annika n apologizing to her . Shivay has definitely come a long way. No doubt. But I donno why Shivay said – Main tumhe batha nahi saktha. Why cant he say this problem to her?

    I am not getting what Svetlana is upto. In the Precap she was trying to seduce Om ?? Really?? She is not that stupid. I did not get it. Am sure there is something bigger.

    So Pinky has a good side. When Dadi told abt buri Nazar, I thot Pinky ll say it’s Annika’s buri Nazar. May b once her misunderstanding abt Annika clears, she may actually like her.

    P.S.- So Rudr n Tia’s scene as shown in last days precap is again pushed.

    1. Mouni

      hi lax , true that sometimes anika pushes herself a lot and sso is someone who likes to keep things for himself and not bother others
      maybe rudra / sahil phone scene is tomorrow hopefully but l refuse to believe somya is somehow evil negative that does not fit her personnality but anything is possible in IB
      l hope the hanging scene is tomorrow and they didn’t show us that scene where he rests in her lap while she confesses her love
      swet is very smart , surly she prepared something for om , she didn’t hide the fact that she walks in front of him so she may want to kill him while rumi kills anika and maybe later tia will try with sso

      1. Mouni..!!
        SSO cannot open up fully, atleast we cannot expect it to happen overnight. It ll take sometime. But his concern n worry for her shows that he is not the old SSO. I think Annika’s confession scene is after the hanging scene?

    2. I think when Shivay said main nahi batha saktha, to Annika he meant about Oms illegitimacy n not abt his illness. Oh, I got confused.

  16. They are showing the lead cast as dumb

  17. Mouni

    the nafratbaaz are really smart , fearless and very organised , l like that about them , they took the evilness to a new level and they are a good team but am guessing it will not take too much time to put the puzzle for our heroes , especially if anika sees rumi since tia told her to kill anika , so if it happends they may think that swetlana and rumi are a team and in a new video it seems tej is worried swet is missing and from what l heard is that om is hurt or missing too ?? am not sure since l dont understand what they said also the sahil / rudra scene willhappend tomorrow ?? was thinking it may happend today but it said that someone will expose tia and its not rudra , could it be sahil ?? and from what l read its not going to take alot of time hopefully but that am / swet scene is wierd what is her plan for him why is she not returning ??
    its a good mystery plot and l hope that after they get expose , the other villains will be this good too to keep us eager but plz let be outside of the couples life , anyway , l was a bit annoyed with sso shouting at anika but at least he regret it and asked for forgiveness , before he didn’t even care for her so l think its a good progress for someone who is emotionnaly challenged with rigid mind and cold behaviour , am hoping that anika will avoid him for atleast 3 ep as shown in the new videos , seeing her taking her clothes and running away from him will surly makes him go crazy and he will do anything to get close to her
    ps ; what l will say may be a bad idea for most of you ishiquis but l want shivika to be divorced after tia’s exposure , this marriage did not start good , a lot of drama and misunderstnding happend and sso character is still under repair and anika deserves to start a relationship with proper respect and dignity and to be accepted and welcomed from all and sso needs to learn that the world dont turn around him so am hoping she will ask for divorce later and then start their relationship with the good start she deserves

    1. Mouni..!!
      There are very less chances that Annika ll see Romi.
      In the spoiler video it’s said that Om is hurt n recovering not missing . N Leenesh in his IV said someone else ll expose Tia, but not sure who he meant.
      Annika is avoiding SSO coz she made out that she loves him n she is probably scared of that feeling. As far as she does not confess her feelings to SSO am ok with it. May be to avoid SSO she starts working again. Just a guess.

      1. Mouni

        hi lax , am really hoping she will go to work , there was some spoiler saying she will return working , dont know if its true but am hoping so
        after seeing her scared and avoiding him like that am not sure she will confess anytime soon and am really hoping to see him desperat to get close to her again

    2. Mouni
      I saw reply of the writer to a tweet in which she said Annika ll go for job again.
      Abt confession am not sure if Annika ll b able to hide her feelings for long. If that happens I ll b really disappointed. That ll make her look desperate.??

      1. Mouni

        wow so the writer confirmed that anika will work again ?? very good
        the way anika’s personality is shaped she will not confess eazly , and she thinks they are divorcing anyway so l believe she will preserve her dignity or at least l hope so
        l want to see sso jealous , that’s my biggest wish , we need someone to enter her life and make sso go insane , surly then he will confess to keep her with him

      2. Yes Lax….if Shivaye doesn’t confess his feelings soon, then that will put Anika in a desperate position (more than desperation it would be depression as she is expecting much from Shivaye) and I definitely don’t want to see Anika begging for her love. It is so unlike of ‘Tashan’ish Anika. I think maybe because of the fear that she might turn desperate for Shivaye, she is trying to avoid him as we have seen in the videos. And going for a job will definitely give her time to stay away from Shivaye. Whatever happens to Anika, we are sure she will overcome it.
        But I want to see what will happen with Shivaye if things turn out to create separation between them. Maybe when he comes to know about Tejvi’s situation and sees one of them heartbroken he might decide his stand on Anika.
        I can’t still digest Shivaye’s words “Just because I started talking good to you, you started behaving like a beevi….” It is because of his changed behavior that Anika has started behaving like this na?
        I think as someone mentioned earlier, anger arises where there is unconditional love…maybe that explains Shivaye’s behavior. He felt that Anika will understand his pain, anger, happiness, or any emotion over which he doesn’t have any control.
        I agree he realized and apologized for what he said but those words were not to be uttered if he has feelings for Anika. He could have straight away told her that whatever the matter is he can’t share it with her. I think the writers are not fed up of giving too many shades to Shivaye.

    3. Mouni..!!
      Yes Annika ll go for job but I donno how soon.
      And just now I saw a spoiler video where she hides from Shivay to avoid him n her feelings for her. But then he finds him, n Annika is shown crying n hugging him. I am not sure if she confesses but seems so.??

      1. Mouni

        l think surbhi said that seeing sso concerned for her she cried and hugged him but she didn’t say that she confessed and the reporter l think said that anika dont want to accept her feelings that’s why she avoids him , am hoping she will resist confessing until he says it first

  18. Do anyone know who’s gonna enter the show?? Opposite omkara????
    Lead actor of IPKKND 2… Astha ( Shrenu Parikh )

  19. Swetlana is very clever. How long they gone drag this nafartbaaz? I wish they get exposed by end of the week. And bring Omkaras opposite. And bring some romance with all three and opposites.

  20. Guys today’s is nakul’s birthday.. happy birthday nakul??it’s time of celebration in the sets..hope they saw us the interview..
    Anyway coming to the epi I thought at first what nonsense he was telling to anika.
    But when he realized his mistakes we saw a caring shivay..but I m confused they didn’t saw the hug scene
    I think anika will now be hanged..shivay will rescue her and I hope he confessed his felling too..and after that scene he will be unconscious and then anika will confess. But they both won’t listen.. and their hug and lap scene will be shown I guess.
    And how tej could say that..I don’t believe it..bUT what swetlana is planning? ?it seems very big plan. .hope this track come to an end soon.

    And I m sorry I know it’s not correct if I say it but honestly I will not like the girl shernu paired with om.. she might be gud but for om I don’t think she will be gud.. but let’s wait and watch in what way she will enter om’s life

  21. can somebody please tell me if the guy with the long hair is going to die i do not know his name but he was following a girl in her car thanks for any updates it will be appreciated thank you

    1. Esther

      Heyy Sia…guess you are talking abt Om,,,,,no he won’t die

  22. I am new here guys can I join in family coming to the episode it was Good I think in precap shivaay saw anika hanging to the tree

  23. Where is anikas love moment part when shivaay lyng in her lap.pls dnt edit that one.

    1. We are eagerly waiting for that scene..they both were hug each other.

  24. Happy birthday nakhul

  25. u r completely right mouni di..i want shivika to divorce too..they story shd begin again with all sso love n dignity n respect for annika..i want to c shivaay dying for anika n shivaay doing all pagalpan to see her to meet her it wil happn only if she left shivaay n OM..

  26. ya lax ..writers also r in confusion..liked ur formula ek din accha ek din bura..ur comments make me smile many times.tanq..i like ur sense of humour..


    He, in anger , again behaved rudely , and odd words slipped out from between his teeth, hurted hurted her bad enough to ask this question! She is simple, and made him understand , but she is not fool by asking a more simple question . He got stumble on her such a weird but filled with simplyisity question. He tried to recover his mistake, and she seems to get her, but not exactly he could got her at it.


    He loved her, believing his right over her and taking her granted for that against his all odds so far and reciprocally she also loved him, but she simply does not wish it to happen in the way it is going on!!

    It’s all what is going to be happen next.

    It is far, and too far!
    The journey from RIGHT to EARN is yet to come.
    To understand SIMPLICITY is not as simple as we do understand as always.
    The depth in simplicity is the weird experience to gain and then only you can understand it. For SHIVAAY, its a long journey to be simple. She just can’t get him lying behind the BOND exist between them and she just with her to make him comfirt.

    She simply left his untold matter without any curiosity, and then he found her shocking him for her having so close to his needs, and even so far from his imagination.

      1. Anika inside the wardrobe… cute expression!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  28. Renimarenju

    Hai ishqies…mukta, aqua, nadiya, disha, priya, shaza, abiha, luna, shahabana,richu, niharika, samyuktha, shaza, haya,kikki,nikki,sekhar,mouni, dil,sat,kat,jaz,nelka,navi,archiya, rosu, rose,roz, ,veda,chandini,chetna,devga,sumi,razna,saku,abiha,aahana,lijince…….and other ishqies……Hope all are gud…

    Swethlana,romi and tia…….am just fed up with these TRIVILLANS Nafratbazz……
    Yesterday’s episode…….offered some moments of worth watch……especially after a long time……we get the realistic nature of pinky and her concern towards jhanvi…..almost 3 months ago….they show these kind of jethani-devrani bonding and am glad that……cv’s are focussing on all characters apart from nafratbazz…… shivika scenes ……were too nice and really nakul just stealed the moment with his acting…….About omkara……with his looks…..he grabs attention of viewers,,,,,,,still whenever….i watch ib……i am hardly missing ishkara…..and now priveer, shivika, rumya, tejvi……all are in track……why they are not bringing lead for om…… lot of spoilers about omkara’s love lead……and now really can’t trust any news……until ib…..will show any progress in omkara’s track…….hope they won’t disappoint omkara’s fans……

    1. Mouni

      hi renima , am hoping his lead will come soon , maybe after the nafratbaaz gone ?? hope so
      have a good day dear

    2. Hellooo renima ishqee
      Im fn dr….hope u also doing well
      U are right yesterday episode is worth to watch….shivika nailed it….especially nakuls acting is superb
      Yesterday sso is back in his old avathar….where he is behaving rudely with shivaye
      Im not disappointed with yesterdays shivayes rude behavoir towords anika….its normal….when a person is angry….he cnt control his anger and words slips from their tongue….
      Anyways im also waiting for omkaras lead

    3. Archiya

      hi Renima,
      hw r u dng? even m bored wit NB.. waitin it to get over soon

  29. Today is Nakul aka Shivaay’s b’day. Happy Birthday. Love you Shivika.?????????????❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  30. Shivikaalways

    The episode was full of suspense . Scared for Shivika.

    BTW I’m new here can join the IB family.

  31. waiting for love confession

  32. JenniferAndrews

    ..seeing anika with a rope on her neck.
    Youtube se sab pata chal jaata hai

  33. Hi how many of you are watching Ghulam?? I hate serials where women are treated like slaves. Why did Param agree to do such serials yaar?? Only because of him I have to watch it…grrr!

    And anyone KRPKAB fans here? I have not been watching since the past 3 weeks….can someone explain why is there a leap in the serial now?? What happened in Devakshi’s life??

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