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Ishqbaaz 16th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika says I feel you should marry Tia. Shivaye gets shocked. She says Tia is pregnant, she is right life partner for you, don’t know how I came in between. Some time before, Mrs. Kapoor says this is application, its written Anika is not mentally fine, your divorce will be done fast on this basis, just sign it. Shivaye says its wrong, Anika just lost her memory, which can come back anytime. She says you think her memory can come back, now she started sleepwalking. Pinky says she is mad, she can murder someone in sleep. He says she is not mad. Pinky says you will always say this. Mrs. Kapoor says I spoke to my lawyer, he said if you sign these papers, divorce will happen soon. Anika comes. Mrs. Kapoor says I want your divorce to happen before Tia’s delivery, you marry Tia, you won’t get better

chance to get rid of Anika.

Pinky asks him to sign. He says Anika is not mad. Pinky says my grandchild is coming, if she hurts my grandchild. He says enough, you are making it a big issue. Tej says issue is Anika, we know many problems came by her, just get rid of Anika, it does not matter you marry Tia or not. Shivaye asks are you done, you don’t want anyone to talk in our matter, its better you don’t talk in this matter, about Anika, she is my responsibility, I will handle it. He turns and sees Anika. He says no outsider can tell me what I should do. Mrs. Kapoor reminds their last conversation. He recalls her words.

She says now I don’t know you should have any problem in signing these papers. Shakti says I think this matter is getting long, just sign and end this matter. Dadi asks Shivaye what are you doing, will papers decide of marriage, you both took vows, that you both will support each other in happiness and sorrow, today will you leave Anika for her small illness. Pinky says their divorce already happened, Shivaye has signed papers. Anika gets shocked and goes. Shivaye throws papers and goes to Anika.

He holds her hand. O jaana….plays…… She says you want to give me divorce, papers also got signed. He wishes to tell her that he did not sign papers. He says its not like that, situation was such that I had to sign. She asks why are we tied to each other, you don’t want to stay with me, you don’t want me to leave from home, when I lost memory, you reminded me that I m your wife, when you had to break relation, you would have let me forget it, if I don’t remember it, how will I forget. He says its not like that. She asks why are you putting me in confusion, Tia is pregnant with your child, I came in between you and Tia, if Tia’s mum wants you to divorce me, give divorce and let me go. He says I can’t let you go. She asks why.

He says I…. its complicated, I can’t explain you, I can just say, you are very imp for me, whatever happens in life, I will make sure you are never hurt, trust me, whatever I do will be good for you. She nods and cries. He wipes her tears and says I can’t see tears in your eyes. She says but our divorce. He says everything will be fine, you trust me right. She nods and asks him pinky promise. He promises and says pinky promise. O jaana…..plays………….

Mrs. Kapoor and Rumi talk to Shwetlana and Tia on call. Mrs. Kapoor says everyone got trapped in our plan. Shwetlana says Tej, Jhanvi, Om and now Shivaye. Rumi asks what about Anika. Shwetlana says Anika is playing game from our side now. Mrs. Kapoor says that means Shakti, Pinky, Priyanka, Rudra and Dadi are left. Shwetlana says they are not good players, there is no one to fight with us.

Anika asks are we doing right. He says yes, trust me. He packs bags. She nods. He asks her to come. She asks how can we leave family. He says we are not going forever, its matter of some days, come. She says but…. He holds her hand and takes her.

She asks why are you going this way. He says I don’t want to tell anyone, don’t argue, your memory has to come back. The lights come. They get shocked seeing family members. Pinky says so you were really leaving house without asking us. Shivaye looks at Anika and asks did you tell them. She nods. He leaves her hand. She says forgive me, I trust you completely, but I can’t make a son away from a mother, and can’t make a child away from his father, I don’t remember anything, but I know the family depends on you, Shivaye I feel you should marry Tia. He gets shocked. She says Tia is pregnant with your child, Tia is right life partner for you, don’t know how I came in between, Tia and you had to bear this because of me, but not now, it will be better that I leave this house.

He says I can’t believe this. Pinky says even I can’t believe this, my Shivaye was not like that, my Shivaye stood as shield, today you were running away in night darkness for this cheap girl. He says its not like that, you will not understand what Anika is going through. She says you don’t think what I m going through. Anika says its all my mistake, he was doing this for me.

Pinky asks anything else, you did not learn to stay silent, what do you want to prove, that you know my son better than me, he has my blood in his veins, his blood is becoming white because of you. Anika says so I want to leave, everyone is sad because of me, if I stay here, none can be happy, you and Tia can never unite. Tia looks on. Anika says I don’t want …..aunty to get tears because of you, Tia to long for her rights, and you stay in unwanted relation, I have no right to stay here. Pinky says she wants to leave, tell her to leave. Shivaye asks Anika to come and takes her.

He asks her did she go mad. He says you ruined the plan, you asked me to marry Tia, I can’t bear this. She asks what wrong did I say, relation is between two people. Third person has to leave, I don’t remember how our relation started, I will always remember how our relation ended, you gave me divorce, your mum does not like me, Tia is pregnant with your child, what shall I do. He says shut up, i know you don’t remember, things can get erased in mind, but not in heart, we both did a lot for each other, we have bear much pain and shed blood, memories can end, but feelings can’t end, I just want to know you remember that feelings or not.

She says when memories are not there, how can feelings be there, keep yourself in my place and think, I think I became a burden on you, I don’t want to be a burden on you, I don’t know whats between us, if feelings join relation, name gives identity to relation, I don’t know what name to give to this relation, marriage is there but divorce is happening, if there is love, why you did not tell me, you just say I m important to you, but why, who am I in your life, tell me. He says you are in my life because I……. She looks on.

Shivaye says I decided, I will marry Tia. Tia smiles. He stops Anika from leaving the house and says you have to become part of this marriage, you will do all arrangements.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Imean surbhi ko thori weight loose karni chaiya …shivay ki mosi lagrehia he…

  2. OMG!!!! What makers of the serials think about the viewers?? Still same old typical stereotypical thinking….. I think makers doesn’t want viewers to think irrationally…. I feel very bad when female characters are designed in very unrealistic way…. Channels advertise and use taglines like ‘ nayi soch”,”women power” etc etc… But dont see none of the shows adapted this…. I dnt see any major changes in 2000’ or current serials… The condition is even more worser…. Serials are just defining girls and also restricting and confining viewer’s thinking…. All the serial’s are focused on marriage, culture, revenge n fights, lavish weddings, fashion…. Why can’t serial makers doesnot understand life is way more beyond these things…. Nobody can set the wall of restrictions around girls…
    I hope the time has come to change things around us… The serials or entertainment industry leave huge impact on viewers…. So now industry should take the initiative of “#REAL NAYI SOCH” and they should understand LIFE is the SPIRIT OF LIVING, LIFE is HELPING OTHER, LIFE is FIGHTING against WRONG, LIFE is TAKING STAND for OURSELF, LIFE is JOY, LIFE is FAMILY, LIFE is LOVE n PEACE….
    Its responsibility of Channel and Makers to air good contents… Also as a viewer to support and differentiate good and bad contents…

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