Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 16th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika, Om and Rudra go to the resort. Tia is with Robin there in the pool. They get shocked seeing….. Sometime before, Tia talks to Robin and says yes, I m leaving, I paced swim suit. Anika hears her and says whom is she talking to, maybe its her D. Tia stumbles and her bag falls. Anika goes to help her. Tia says don’t touch that. Anika taunts her. Anika sees resort brochure. Tia takes it and keeps in bag. Anika asks are you going somewhere. Tia asks who are you to ask me, mind your own business and stay in limit. Anika says as if you stay in limits. Tia says don’t tell me my limits, if Shivaye stopped you here, don’t think you got permanent place here, he did it to make divorce proceedings fast, we want to get rid of you.

Anika taunts her. Tia says shut up, else I will tell Shivaye

that you were misbehaving with me. Anika asks will you complain. Tia says how dare you and raises hand. Anika holds her hand and asks her to be careful. She says even if I don’t stay in this house, I will not let you stay in this house, this family is good, I will not let you spoil things in their life. Tia says I have no time, else I would have answered your warning. She leaves.

Sahil walks and slips. His walking stick falls away. Shivaye comes and gives his hand. Sahil holds him. Shivaye gives his walking stick. Sahil thanks him. Shivaye says you are welcome. Tia is on the way and talks to her mum. She says no way, I m going to meet Robin, its our anniversary, I have a life too, you can’t stop me from meeting my husband, got it. She ends call.

Rudra asks following Lady baba, I will not follow her even on social media, you remember what happened last time. Anika says yes, we failed, but I m sure we will catch her this time. Om says this is wrong to doubt her. She says Tia is not like she looks. Om says I don’t think she is lying. She says she is lying, we have to catch her lie for Shivaye’s sake, she has gone to meet her husband, its better to clear doubt. Om sees Rudra. Rudra nods. Om says fine, but last time.

Sahil sits eating tiffin food. Shivaye comes to him and asks why are you eating from tiffin. Sahil says I would have been in tiffin and eaten this in lunch time in school, but someone has cut my name from school. Shivaye asks who talks like this. Sahil says me and Anika, some people find our language strange. Shivaye says it seems taunting came from your family line. Sahil says its saying truth. Shivaye asks whats this. Sahil says food. Shivaye asks who made this, who burnt it. Sahil says Anika made it, its not burnt, its tasty. Shivaye says they eat burnt food, so both of them stay angry. He asks Sahil to come with him.

Tia sees Anika, Om following and says she is after me. Anika says where is she running. Tia drives ahead. Shivaye makes hot chocolate fudge for Sahil. He says its okay, you can say its better than burnt food. Sahil says no, Anika’s handmade food is much better than your chocolate fudge. Shivaye thinks of Anika’s words. He says the place where you stayed, maybe power cuts happened much. Sahil asks why do you ask. Shivaye says I mean you and Anika would have got scared after lights go. Sahil asks him to ask straight. Shivaye says you would have friends, you would miss them, do you miss Chutki, do you get dreams. Sahil says ask straightly what you want to know about Anika. Shivaye says nothing, enjoy your chocolate fudge. He thinks both of Anika and Sahil are same, its a task to get any matter out of them.

Anika says Tia’s car. Rudra says Lady baba is missing. Anika says maybe she knew we are following, so she has run away. Tia says thank God, I got taxi on time, petrol ended. Om says petrol ended in her car, I don’t think she did not run. Anika says no, she left car keys. Rudra asks where will we find her. Anika recalls and says wait, I have seen resort book with her. Om says brochure. Anika says I could not read name. Rudra says which resorts, there are many resorts, Tia does not remember directions, she will out location in GPS, check it Om. Om says genius. Om checks GPS and says Bliss resorts. Anika says see I told you she is going to resort. Rudra says we are coming along. They come to Bliss reports. Om says there is no booking by Tia’s name. Anika says maybe she made booking by other name. She recalls and says swimming pool, I have seen her, she took swimming costumes. Tia says baby, I m so happy, I missed you.

Robin says I missed you too and hugs her. Anika, Om and Rudra come there and miss to see them. Tia sees them and says they are finding him, Robin please hide, go underwater and stop breath. He says no, I m not scared of anyone. She pushes him. They see Tia in the pool and come to her. Tia comes out. She says don’t tell me you are following me. Om asks what are you doing here. Tia says what person does in swimming pool. Rudra says why did you come so far, our house also has swimming pool. Tia says there is stress at home too, I just wanted to get away for the weekend, Om I m surprised, you are intelligent and sensible and came in Anika’s words. Anika says stop this nonsense, tell me with whom did you come. Tia asks can you see someone, can’t I come alone. Anika asks alone, by hiding. Tia says I told Shivaye, of course you can call him and check if you have doubt. Om says its okay Tia, sorry we doubted you, come Anika. They leave.

Tia says baby come out, they are gone, Robin, you and your pranks. She looks for Robin in pool. His body comes up and floats. Tia gets shocked. She shouts Robin and asks him to get up, don’t joke, its our anniversary today. She gets blood in her hand. She thinks arguing with Robin and pushing him. His head strikes the pool stairs rod. She shouts Robin, you can’t leave me, its our anniversary, you are dead, universe did big joke with me. She cries.

Anika, Om and Rudra come home. Rudra says I think Shivaye got to know we followed Tia, don’t take tension, I will handle. Om says whenever you handle something, things spoil. Shivaye asks where were you guys. Rudra says we went on drive, we did not follow, she met us. Shivaye asks what. Om says actually. Rudra says Anika did not see Lonavla, so we went, we got her. Shivaye asks who. Rudra says shanti, heart peace. Anika says Tia. Shivaye says did you meet Tia. Rudra says no, we collided with her, universe is small, we met her. Om says Rudra shut up, actually. Shivaye gets a call and says sorry, have to go. He goes. Rudra asks Om not to thank him. Om says what would happen if we said true. Rudra says it would be big tension, you are truth’s bf, not me, come, we will have food.

Anika comes to room. Shivaye asks whats happening, what was Rudra hiding. She asks him not to worry. He says I want to know. She says I felt Tia went to meet her husband. He asks Tia’s husband, are you mad. She says no, Tia is cheap, she is fooling you, don’t know how did she know I m there and she tricked. He asks whats this language, you are obsessed, FYI Tia told me she is going Lonavla, you followed her with Omru, how did they go with you, Rudra I understand, how did Om go with you, what will Tia think, no one trusts her in this family, Tia is going through tough phase, apologize to her when she comes. Anika says you know how I apologize to girls like her, why don’t you understand, Tia is lying, trust me. He asks trust? Shall I trust you?

Anika stops Shivaye and says you have to tell me today. He says you broke my trust Anika, you have spent a night with Daksh under this roof, you slept with him, and took a big amount, 15 lakhs, its much for middle class girl. Anika cries and shouts Shivaye. She raises hand to slap, and he holds her hand.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys..!! Just saw an off screen video where Shivay is consoling Sahil after Annika is kidnapped. The video is cute. Nakuul is helping the boy to emote his scenes. So sweet of him. It was funny when Sahil in his interview portion calls Daksh as “chottiwale” n Shivay as Shivay Uncle.

    1. Mouni

      omg , where is it lax ???

      1. Mouni.. Instagram … #ishqbaaaz tag

    2. Where is that vid

      1. Zahra.. Saw it in Instagram.. Go for #ishqbaaaz tag. There are 2-3 such videos

    3. Nithu

      Yes dear..evn i laughed like hell…whn aaryan called daksh as choti wale

  2. Omg.. I didn’t expect Robins death.. ?

  3. i am so sad for poor husband of tia he just waned his wife not to marry others but she indiectly killed him i think she also had some psychotic nature finally slap scene is also over so tomorrow MU will be cleared and tomorrow’s precap will be definitely kidnapping

  4. Cha just miss.. Shivay doesn’t deserve slap.. Uruttukatta adi tha vekanum.. Cheapde sso ?

    1. Lijince

      Hi Sharmi…tamizha?? From where in TN?? Am also half-Tamil….neenga sonnathu correct….Shivayekku “Ongi adicha onnadra ton weight ra” nnu solramathiri adi venam….aana paavam Nakul Mehta…..adi avan thane vanganam… 😀 😀 😀

    2. Shiv

      Urutukatta la pathathu adhukum mela “I” movie la vikram solramaari

      1. hi tamil ishqies hw r u all ivlo naal tamil commnets e illla

    3. Ishqbaaz fan from Chennai ❤
      Nakul Mehta deserves.. How could he accept even to act like that.. ?
      eagerly waiting fr daksh’s entry..
      Then only show will get interesting..
      And I don’t understand why did they unnecessarily killed Robin.. Tia track kkb tanu pregnancy track pola Ilama seekeram expose pananum..?

      1. Hey sharmi shiv lijince Tamil fanss haa nanum dhaan by the by I too want that shivaay to get a slap romba over aah panraan illa

      2. Hi Sharmi, Shiv, Shab Khan…..ellarum Shivaye mele semma kaduppula irukkeeranga pola….enakkum appadi than…..aana Nakul Mehta is one of my favorite actors….athinale Shivaye summa vitta….

        Sharmi….neengala writers kku idea kodukkatheenga…..but there is a point in what you said…..what if Tia gets pregnant after Robin’s death? Will she create a drama of having a ONS with Shivaye and make Shivaye responsible for her pregnancy?? And then Anika will prove Shivaye’s innocence….maybe this is the reason why they killed Robin….we have to wait!!

    4. Hmmmmmmmmmm

    5. Hi can I also Join you. Na Kudo Tamil tha

      1. Shiv

        Varuga varuga!!?

  5. oh come on … why are they killing Robin??!!!
    he is such a sweet heart.., and Sooo cute…They should have killed Tiya .. she is so annoying

    1. Lids

      “Robin” sure is cute. Tia needs to leave.

  6. Shiv

    Omg it would be very hurting for anika!! Shivaay very cheapde his way of clarifying his mu abt ONS yuck to the core did d writers are running out of creativity knowing no other way to clear his doubts it seems!!! Even he sacrifice his life for her he cannot redeem the mistake he did!!! Hope anika won’t lose d few left self respect by staying there with shivaay under one roof!!!?? If anika fall for him after this I wouldn’t be able to see anika d way as great as before !!!

    1. i agree

    2. It has to happened sooner or later, I never see a single possibility that it will come out in a cool and mature way. He may be cool hearted, but never cool minded !! I never find his mind cool when ever he deal with any types of feeling, either he kill feelings or reacted to it harshly!

    3. One another shade od SSO is there, he never wanted to let know others that he cares for ANNIKA, that you had seen in this epi while inquiring about CHUTKI! How he stepped back on suggesting SAHIL to SSO, ask straightly , what do you want to know about ANNIKA? ha ha ha ……………… and simply he stepped back!!

  7. Thanx. Fr d warm welcome sophie mouni and aqua fr the warm welcome ☺

    1. No need to say thanks….we are family…❤
      Loads of love…hope you enjoy our comments

  8. Nainaa

    Omg!! What the HELL? I was just wondering how can this Tia fool everyone in her every single step… she is just a creep…?
    I am out of my words I was so excited that not atleast Shivaay but Anika, Rudy and Omie darling will get to know about this universe ki dukaan’s truth… but know it’s like as usual she fooled them…
    Atleast one misunderstanding may get clear in next episode…

    1. Lids

      I know. Now what will stop Tia marrying SSO, she not marry anymore, so she is free. They should had let Om and Rudra see them together. At least they had proof. Now it just Anika claiming she was marry. Wonder how the writers will reveal tia marriage to robin to the OF.

      1. Nainaa

        Exactly.. Now Tia will make plans to marry Shivaay and Anika will be at the same words like “Tia is married and Her husband died”… Such a crap..
        I know GK is eternal she can do anything like in previous episode how she kept CCtv’s in desert area. something like that will happen when she tends to expose Tia.
        Mostly I guess she will show like there was a CCtv in Bliss resorts when Tia and Robin were together…. It’s just my assumption afterall

  9. QueenB




    1. Good point…

    2. Mona146

      his real name is Dushyant. Iron things was steps to enter pool. She throw being desperate to hide her scandal.

  10. Rajjo

    shivaay should get a tight slap from anika then only he will understand…
    i a afraid now tia’s husband is dead(if dead) then her truth of having a husband will not come out ever then how anika will clear that misuderstanding???? but now ishqbaazi will be there in the show fully… as anika will know what ONS MU shivayy is having… n he does not trust her too…

  11. Nice episode….in upcoming episode…. Shivay ka confusion clear ho jaega..and feel guilty n at the same time daksh will kidnapped anika…waiting for that part….

  12. rudy the rocker

    horrible promo

    1. Shiv

      Very very horrible??

    2. SairaBarkat

      true. i felt like crying along with anika and felt like giving a tight slap to shivay.

  13. Mouni

    well the writers fooled us again , after a sweet ep yesterday , today’s ep took us back to dramaland and l have no hope for tomorrow’s ep as probably the first half will be shivika fight and in the precap he will talk to somya , ooooooooooh plz no more dragging , l was hoping for fast events but it went slooooooow
    l must say l feel sorry for robin , he was a victim like sso from the start , he had to hide his love and accept to see his wife marrying a strong wealthy man and bcz of tia he lost his life , this makes me guess that tia’s track is far from over and even if she will be exposed her role will not end there as she may blackmail the OF for revenge
    shivaye , shivaye .. why are you making things harder for yourself , l really wanted him to have a solid chance with anika if he did not talk about the ONS , it would’ve been better for him if she didn’t know , but he was foolish by shouting those hurtful words to her , he will regret it bitterly , as nakul said that he will feel terrible and does not know what to do , tbh l dont see anika forgiving him eazly after this precap , she will never forget that he thinks she is that cheap , poor man he will souffer
    he will probably not get the chance to clarify things with her before the kidnapping so that will add to his guilt and regrets and as karan khana said the real drama starts then and maybe she will be captive for many episodes just like asr in ISPKKND and sso will go on a big hunt leaving everything behind him and l read somewhere that sso will kill daksh ?? dont know if the spoiler is true or not but it will be exciting to see sso going from a place to another looking for anika leaving his big mansion and designed clothes as nakul said that the truth will change sso and he will make amends

    1. Archiya

      hi Mouni,
      i felt it was necessary that shivay talks to anika abt the ONS, as tat was the peak of anika gettin insulted n hurt, a girl can tak everythin but nt someone pointn on her this is the highest peak now.. frm here shivay guilt journey starts

      1. Mouni

        true archiya , its the peak of insults and sso free fall will start tomorrow if we are lucky

    2. Mouni.. Is there a spoiler which says SSO is killing Daksh..?? Oh God Oh God.. If u think, may be Annika is taking that blame on her to save SSO n not Robin’s death blame. But I really hope that spoiler is not true. Even In an interview Karan Khanna said Daksh is the reason y Shivay n Annika ll b together. Let’s hope everything is happy happy

      1. Mouni

        it was an old spoiler and l dont remember where l read it back then l said no wayyyy but now after kidnapping anything is possible but l dont think sso will let anika take the blame for him in the contrary now that the truth is out soon he may take the blame instead of her

    3. Rajjo

      yesss… u r ryt… this show is just lyt IPKKND… as arnav marries khushi in misunderstanding and focefully… then arnav reaises his love after kidnapping … the same flow of sequences is going on here too… but i felt arnav much more attractive and charming and dashing and handsome guy than shivaay… his way of talking was something else…. it really adorable m not saying that shivaay is not attractive but arnav was something else…

      1. Mouni

        asr was very good and so sso , l think both are brilliant characters

      2. I think no one can beat ASR, he is evergreen!! ?

  14. Coming to the episode. Bechara Robin. Robin died right? Or is there some other drama? If Robin died, Tia ll b too dangerous to handle. She ll stick to SSOs life forever. Oh God..!! The spoilers say, Annika is taking the blame. But why?? Anyway lets wait till things unfold.
    Btw ShiSa is very cute. Loved those scenes. I was missing it yesterday. More scenes to come next week.

    Am super scared of the precap n SSO. But good that cat is out of the bag. I guess Annika leaves for her house after this insult. I think so cause I saw a spoiler video where she is crying in her house n then stalker is attacking Annika there n it’s revealed before Annika that Daksh is stalker. May be later she some how escapes from Daksh n runs to Oberoi mansion n that’s when she is kidnapped. I can be wrong. Guessed it from whatever little I saw.

    P.S- I love the way Shivay says ” kaafi mehangi ho tum” in the precap. Nakuul nails the scene.

    1. Archiya

      hey Lax,
      even i tght exactly the same seein from the spoilers

    2. Mouni

      its not logical that anika takes the blame as she does not even know robin as a person and she was with omru but maybe tia will blame her for his death bcz she was trying to expose them
      l saw that video too , l think she leaves the OM and in that time daksh attacks her and somehow she manages to run away while in the OM sso gets to learn the truth and when she gets back to the OM he will drug and kidnap her

  15. ohhhh seems Tia’s truth will never come out now. As everybody knows Robin is Tia’s brother and he died.

    1. I wanted Om & Rudra to see robin with Tia because now they might think Anika is also lying about Tia. Tia seems like she is always one step ahead of Anika. Not fair.

  16. Archiya

    Poor Tia killed her own husband.But they shld have shown Tia gettin exposed today,its high time,but looks lik more mystery is gonna get started so will wait
    Lved SHivay and Sahil convo,it was so good,Shivay tryin to find abt Anika,he seemed so concerned.
    Precap breaks my heart again, so the ONS MU will get cleared next week.

    SBS link where daksh harrases again in her home n shows his true face to her

    Link where sahil is cryin not finding anika, shivay comes an asks sahil abt ANika., and sahil says that u r a fool, and shivay says he is the biggest fool in this world. true he is

    1. Archiya

      Also i liked it that shivay himself told anika abt the ONS ,atleast she will know now what he thinks of her.and she shld nt forgive him.. he has done lot of mistakes now.. bt for shivika scens to come.. v need them together.. let him fall on his knees an beg forgiveness to anika.. n she shld nt show full tadi…

    2. Mouni

      so that means they dont know about the kidnapping yet ??? it seems they are waiting for her to return ?? wow l guess it may take them some time to find out the truth by then daksh would hide her well and sso will have hard time finding her

      1. Archiya

        Rite Mouni,
        Thry dnt know she has been kidnapped,they r thinkin she has gne somewhere n will return

      2. Archiya

        Ij ust hope thy dnt drag it much, bt at the same yome make it intense so tat shivay shld feel guilt to the core n he shld get her only aftrr lot of finding

    3. Salo

      Thnks a lottttttt fr d link

  17. My doubt is why d video showing anika forced to get married by shivaay doesn’t show Tia running away with Robin

    1. Every one has the same doubt my friend….

    2. Jub_jube

      It makes no sense that OmRu didn’t see Tia and Robin leave together. It happened way before Shivika ever entered the room, but somehow this is glossed over T_T

  18. Lijince

    Totally disappointing episode….I can’t find any reason of how Tia’s track will proceed with Robin’s death….yet another mystery…..and the precap shows the slap scene…..again Anika in tears….not fair yaar!

    1. Lijince

      Guys you should check these videos….
      Daksh to reveal his true face to Anika…..
      And Shivaye pacifying Sahil…ShiSa moments…

      1. Thank you very much for the link dear….the Sahil and Shivaay one was truly heart touching….

  19. This epi left fe big question like,





    1. Mouni

      l think anika hates to see ppl getting decieved even if its sso and feels she owes dadi a lot
      as for robin and tia its still a complet mystery for me

    2. Good questions…hopefully we find out the answers soon.


      She believe, she is going to leave OM later or sooner, whatever the consequencies will be from SSO, she will simply leave. But before leaving she want to make SSO and OF safe from TIA’s trap!
      I forced to look the fact that, she simply does not want to continue with this forced marriage, and thats why, she is trying to expose TIA still!


        I presume KAPOORs will never drag either ANNIKA or OF member in his murder death, they simply wind up his death at their own end, because, if once the case goes under detailed investigation of police, soon who was ROBIN aka DUSYANT will be revealed , and KAPOORs just can not allowed it to open, WHO WAS ROBIN ACTUALLY?


        I think no for the same reason above


        If she mantain her black shade, she will now create intense problem in between SHIVIKA. She will not allow ANNIKA to be happy, and TIA track may be prolonged. But I believed, SSO, after clearing out the ONS MU, will never think of TIA as his wife. Lots of tragedy are waiting for SSO, and there by for ANNIKA too.

      4. Shekhar, I think the only answer is because Anika truly loves SSO….no matter how much he has hurt her feelings….but she has decided to fulfil or justify her love to Shivaye…..remember her words when Shivaye was accused in Gayatri’s murder…..and when Shivaye injures his hand in front of her…..she walks on the road thinking why is Shivaye affecting her so much….in those situations she was only an employee of Shivaye…..but now she is his wife too… maybe she will leave OM in near future….but she wants to save Shivaye from Tia’s trap and once again prove that she was right about Tia….or maybe like all other serial bahus, she is also trying to save her husband from his girlfriend’s trap…..

        As to Robin’s death, I am also having my own doubts….even if Anika proves that Tia is married when the husband does not exist how will she prove?? Like one of them commented above, I just hope the writers will not change the track to Tanu’s track in KKB….Tia gets pregnant and with her mother’s help she creates another drama where SSO will be held responsible for her pregnancy….and Tia continues her stay in OM trying new plots against Anika….



      6. LIJINCE MAM,

        Even after being wife of SSO, she never take this mrj seriously, let we are seeing so as of now, and what she was doing ago and what she is doing is one and same thing, TO SAVE SSO and OF from being ruin due to TIA. I am sure, she is not interested to prove TIA wrong or HERSELF right, and even if some one else may save SSO and OF from TIA’s trap, she will simply take her own decission, will demand DIVORCE PAPER, and will leave OM and SSO behind.

        This is her characjter line, and she has to do each and everything standing within her weldefined character line. It look us , its a typical INDIAN BAHU DRAMA, but in my POV, it is not just like TYPICAL INDIAN BAHU DRAMA. and atleast I am damn sure for this atleast.

        We may see even ANNIKA denying sign the divorce papers too, for the sake of SSO and OF, and not fer her own sake!! From that point, even we will get SSO accusing ANNIKA , that is also sure!!!

        He is normal with all, but very ABNORMAL when matter comes to ANNIKA, for the undefined reasons!!!

    4. If TIA play’s pregnent drama, and SSO when if confirm that he is not resinsible for her such pregnency, then what will be remain to prove the fact , ANNIKA was right when she was keep continue saying alike! In my POV, TIA is not in a position to play any pregnency drama!
      she has many other drama to play!

  20. Phat d wuck. Hw can shivaye use such cheap language to clear his doubts. Dats nt SSO . Kaafi Mehngi ho tum??. Writers should hav thought of SSO class. Highly disappointed.
    Infact yesterday epi was so gud. Jab main thank u bol raha hun toh tumhe lena padega. Aisa lag raha hai yeh sab Atm no line me khade hain. N killer was 30 lakh ghar k bhi hain??

  21. No need of Robin death. They are only dragging the story nothing else. Today’s episode was like after eating sweets for two days today we ate karela. Atlist Shivay and Saumya conversation should take place tomorrow.

    1. Diyaa

      ??. Neesha . the karela comment was
      awesome ?

      1. Ahahahah

    2. Shiv

      Karela true yaar !!!lol!!!?

  22. Somewhere deep down, I feel Tia was not that bad, her mother is just a creep who uses her own daughter as a doll who will fulfill her every single wish. Sorry for Robin, he was a loving husband and a possessive man. To be honest, Robin and Tia were the most good looking couple on the show…in my personal opinion. I will miss Robin.

    1. Mona146

      true to some extent

  23. Omg !! Now dont know how tia will be exposed !

  24. It did not look like Tia is crying. At least I felt it.

    1. Mona146

      ya it looks as if she was smiling under shock probably

  25. I am sad that Tia’s husband died but happy that she killed him. Soon she will be exposed and arrested by the police. Sahil and Shivaay moments were the best, they sure have a very strong bond. The way Rudra was trying to hide the truth from Shivaay was really funny.
    Really excited for tomorrows episode.
    ShivIka IS THE BEST!!!
    Keep it up Gul Khan, you are amazing!!

  26. How easy is to get CCTV footage of everything except Tia’s drama’s heh.come on writers..marriage time ullu banaya.. Gave footage of anika but conveniently skipped Tia’s footage. N now d pool drama…spa’s have CCTV at pools too. Dragging tia drama is sickening. How is Shivaay shown as such a connected biz man but such a fool? What’s d security of his house doing or his shitty CCTV at home? As for anika..I hope she walks out on him.

  27. Whole SHIVIKA store are striking between his cowardness and his own strong feelings for ANNIKA.

    Now when we talks about cowardness, then we must know , what it is?

    His cowardness has been emerged out from his introverty nature which stop him to ask, tell anything to any one.

    His introverty nature stop him to admit his feelings to ANIKA and OMRUDAPRI.

    All does know, SSO has the strong feelings for ANNIKA, which they all experienced many times, but never dared to committ, admit his feelings. His feelings are so strong that in his imagination, he think, he possess her, and she should not do anything out of his knowledge, and anything which hurt him. So when ANNIKA, in TASHAN, when she accept DAKSH proposal in front of whole OF and his all close ones, he was badly hurted, and that ONS MU added fuel to that fire. As he mentally believe in his imagination, he possess her, so seeing her accepting DAKSH PROPOSAL and after circuimstencial imaginary ONS, he hurted a lot, and since then he was believing, ANNIKA cheated him . There after , we know , what ever he done is all the reaction of his this feelings of CHEATING BY ANIKA.

    In psyche area, when you going think and think over again and again, you are believing imaginary thing as a reality, and that same is happening with SSO. He think, he possess ANNIKA, and ANNIKA has cheated him for money, even though she loved me.

    His that most influencive circle area of his feelings, another fact of their months long relation never got entered, and so he never though otherwise.


    1. What an analysis Shekhar……superb!
      Your words reminds me of one novel I read long back….it was a psycho novel….don’t remember its name….the heroine was half-psycho….almost like Shivaye…intelligent to the core but when it came to love she became psycho….she decides to ruin the hero’s life and her justification was something like this….

      THE MORE I HATE YOU THE MORE I LOVE YOU AND THE MORE I LOVE YOU THE MORE I HATE YOU….not the exact words….but almost there I think…

  28. very very Horrible 😕

  29. Evde malayalees aarum ille….actually I used to comment here before, but after shivika ‘s marriage happened..i left commenting …now I wanna rejoin the group….can I join ur grp

    1. Kakku

      undalloo nidhaa and welcome

    2. hI Nidha….athenthado angane idakku vechu nirthipoyathu?? ivide grp onnum illa…..ellarum katta fans aanu…..oru formalitiesum illa….eppo venamenkilum comment cheyyam….Nidha nattil evideya??

      1. Lijince..!! Katta fan..!! Ha Ha..!! Ath kalakki..!!

    3. Nidha.. Parayu..!! Njanum malayali aanu kutty…!! I joined the forum very recently.

  30. Nice telly love u shivika

  31. Plz bring pair for om nd give sm foks to omru nd their love story

  32. Hey..!! there is another post kidnapping spoiler video where Annika is ignoring Shivay.
    The video has no sound, but things are pretty clear. Check this link

  33. Hi nidha,kakku
    Njanum malayaliyanu

    1. Hi shishna ?, keralathil evideya

  34. I think tia will now take revenge from anika and kidnap Sahil n by mistake the goons may kidnap anika too.tia will leave Sahil on a condition if anika accepts killing Robin. Shiva will get to know abt Daksh n also that he is the stalker. He will get panicky n then think about as to Y anika must have killed Robin. This will lead to his revelation of Tia.

  35. Will Shivay believe that Anika is innocent, can anyone tell please

  36. Ivlo tamil fans hindi serial ku irukanga pa…

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