Ishqbaaz 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Naren gets murdered

Ishqbaaz 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks Anika to do marriage in a grand style. Gauri meets the actors of Bareilly ki barfi. Some time before, Ragini asks how did Anika wear the ring. Vikram says maybe she has worn it herself, it was really dark out there, nothing was visible. She says fine, everything has to be perfect now, no stupidity will work. He says excuse me, I m doing a favor, talk to me nicely. She says excuse me, if my family did not sponsor your education and didn’t give you first job, you would be on road. He says I did not forget that favor, so I left everything and came here to help you. She says if my brother helped me, I would have not needed you. He says only if he was capable of doing it. She says anyway, you have to separate Shivaye and Anika, make sure this time no mistake happens.

Shivaye says so sorry

Vikram, its really sad engagement could not happen because of Ragini. She comes and asks who said Anika didn’t make Vikram wear the ring. Shivaye says I was there, engagement was called off. Ragini makes Vikram wear the ring and says Shivaye you are very innocent, lovers don’t care for crowd, see she has made Vikram wear the ring later. Shivaye asks Vikram did Anika make him wear the ring. Vikram says yes, Anika came to me later on and made me wear this ring. Shivaye says it means Anika and you got engaged. She says secret engagement, how romantic, what’s next, mehendi or sangeet, or anything else. Shivaye gets angry.

Rudra comes to room and asks Bhavya why did she keep lights off, is she upset about engagement, everything is sorted, Shivaye made Anika wear the ring, why are you not answering. He switches on the lights. He gets a note and reads… this time I m informing and going on a dangerous mission, don’t follow me, I don’t want any problem to come on you and your family. He says she could atleast meet me and leave.

Bhavya is on the way. She recalls commissioner’s words about girls trade done by Sultan. He says Sultan will be coming to that village, we have arranged undercover story, you will get a village couple’s pic, Dhansuk and Chini, you will stay there as their daughter Lachi. She gets the pic and clothes. She dresses up as a villager avatar.

Gauri says calm down. Rudra says she knows I don’t like this, even then she does this, I won’t go after her. She says fine. He says if she worried for us, she would have stayed, I won’t go, I m going out for my work now. She thinks these three brothers are similar, they think wrong. She says we will first deal with Shivaye and Anika’s problem. He goes. She says Shivaye wants to get Anika married, when everyone can see Anika is not happy, and Om’s story started with misunderstanding, and Rudra doesn’t know he is missing Bhavya.

Bhavya comes to village and greets the couple. She says I m Lachi, your daughter. Chini covers her head with dupatta. Dhansuk introduces Lachi. Gauri says Bhavya and Rudra are gone, I have to do everything, I will make plan, but how to get it in action. Rudra comes and says tell me what to do about Shivaye and Anika. She says you went in anger, I thought just I m left here. He says I was angry with Bhavya but I can’t get back from responsibility. She says all brothers are same. He asks what. She says I mean Shivaye made Anika wear ring, how will he see marriage if he couldn’t see engagement. He says it means we won’t have to do anything. She says yes, we have to make him more jealous. He asks how. She says I have thought of it.

Gauri talks to Anika. Anika says you want to stop marriage, I trust you, but what’s the need of all this. Shivaye says its needed, you should do marriage with all functions, I m your wedding planner, I won’t let anything get less, do you want to do this function secretly. Anika asks what do you mean. He says wedding functions don’t happen secretly. She says you know more what I want. He says yes I m your husband… wedding planner. O jaana….plays… She says I have to talk to Vikram. He says yes, he is everything for you, its about me, not you and Vikram, I promised I will do your marriage well, it should be beautiful Raatjaggah of Anika’s life. He goes. Gauri says Shivaye is jealous, I feel his blood is boiling, you don’t take tension, everything will get fine. Rudra says you have to find Bhavya, use contacts Khanna, do anything. Gauri hears him.

Vikram gets ready. Shivaye asks where are you going. Vikram says its Raatjagga today. Shivaye says its women’s function. Vikram says its my wedding, you can join me if you want. Shivaye says make your collar fine. He holds collar angrily and says sorry. Vikram says Anika would be waiting for me. Shivaye stops him and says you are agreeing to Anika, you are spoiling her habits, her demands will get high, be a man. He says I really want her to make demands, she never asked me for a rose. Shivaye says why will she ask me, she will ask me, I m wedding planner, she will ask me. Vikram says absolutely, I think I should go, function started. Shivaye says sit here, we will make her wait, we will drink and celebrate, come on, stop one second, for Anika…. He gives the drink. They drink.

Bitti/Kriti Sanon comes and asks does Gauri stay here. Gauri and Anika get surprised. Gauri introduces Anika. She says Bitti does great breakdance in Bareilly, how did you come here. Bitti says I m finding a groom for myself. Anika says you can find even Lord. Bitti asks how does it feel after marriage. Gauri smiles. Chirag/Ayushman Khurana and Vidrohi/Rajkumar Rao walk in. They ask the marriage experience. Chirag says we came to find bride. Gauri says marriage means everything doubles, families, parents, I m lucky to get good husband and good inlaws, A Jethani like Anika, she is my best friend.

Anikaa says you are finding your life partner, you should express feelings, sometimes we say what we shouldn’t, and sometimes we don’t say what we should. Vidrohi does shayari. Gauri asks Bitti how will she get a groom. Rudra asks what, is Bhavya in Gujarat. Khanna says yes. Rudra says what is she doing in village. Gauri asks him to go to Bhavya. He asks why will I go village, I won’t go after her like always. She says fine, I meant you can go if you want. He says you are needed here, someone has to go, she knows I will easily find her, will you manage here. Gauri says yes, it will be bit tough. He says thanks. She says sweets are not for you. He says fine, I m on diet. She sees laddoos and smiles.

Anika asks Shivaye to cook as she wants. He says everything is happening your way. She says yes, even marriage. He says you are taunting me, you are marrying, I m just organizing. She says we will forget everything for a min, our anger, tadi, truth, lies. She asks do you think you are doing right. He asks what am I doing. She asks do you think this marriage should happen, will it not affect you if I do second marriage. He says I don’t want you to marry someone. He burns the dish. She gets water glass. He gets back. She says I m not throwing on you. She pours water in the dish. He says none can bear you except me. She says none can bear you except me. They see each other and smile. She asks what to do. He says if everything happens as your wish. She says we will stop this, we are not happy, even family is not happy. He asks and marriage….. She says we will cancel it. They have an eyelock.

He says lets cancel this. She asks right now. He says yes. They run. Dhansuk asks Bhavya not to worry, none knows them. He shows the goon Bajrangi coming. Bajrangi asks who is this girl. Dhansuk says she is my daughter Lachi, she stayed with my sister, she has come here to see marriage. Bajrangi says get her married too. Chini says no, she is young. Bajrangi says its good to get young girls married soon. He goes. He asks his man to convince Dhansuk, the girl is pretty, we will get good rate. Bhavya tells commissioner that she has met Bajrangi, three marriage are happening here. Bajrangi comes and asks what were you doing. She says I was talking on call. He says such a costly phone, your parents are poor. She says my uncle gave it to me. She holds the gun. The man says alliance came for you, shall I talk to your parents or uncle and aunt. She asks why. The man says Bajrangi is the guy. She gets shocked and looks at Bajrangi. Bajrangi asks don’t you believe your fate or seeing your would be husband well.

Jhanvi asks Naren to stop it. Naren says I can do anything with you Jhanvi, I can kill you. He holds her neck. Tej hits a button on his head. Naren falls down. Tej drags Naren. He says don’t worry, he is just unconscious, we will call police in morning and get him arrested. Jhanvi looks at Naren. Its morning, Dhansuk says we did not think of Lachi’s marriage. Bajrangi says then think. Chini says my daughter is not ready for marriage. The man asks her to convince Lachi, she will rule, Bajrangi is rich, shall we think alliance is accepted. Rudra comes and says but she is engaged. Bhavya gets shocked seeing Rudra in villager’s getup. She says you here….. Bajrangi asks who are you. Rudra thinks what name to tell, village names are desi, I have watched Lagaan, what was Aamir Khan’s name in it. He thinks and says my name is Bhuvan, I m her fiance. Bajrangi asks Lachi’s? Rudra says no, hers, do you call her Lachi by love, I call her cutie. The man asks what’s this name. Rudra says it means lovely cute. He asks Dhansuk did he not tell him. Dhansuk says I did not get chance. Rudra says I will tell him, Bajrangi ji we are engaged, you cancel the alliance. Bajrangi and his man leave. Bhavya stares at Rudra.

Jhanvi wakes up and looks for Tej. Tej asks what happened, I went to check doors and windows. She says I was just worried, is Naren there. He says yes. She asks why are your hands wet. He says I just washed hands with soap, some oil was not getting away, we will inform police and get Naren arrested.

Its morning, Jhanvi recalls Naren. Tej gives coffee. She asks did you check Naren. He says no, I couldn’t talk to police, we will talk to Naren once, he is my friend’s brother, come. They go to talk. Jhanvi says we were going to give you to police, but we decided to give you another chance, just behave yourself. Tej says you did wrong, I hope you understand, I m talking to you Naren….. Naren doesn’t move. Jhanvi holds Naren. Naren falls down. They get shocked seeing a knife stabbed in his back. Tej says he got murdered.

Gauri asks Anika to get ready for function. Anika says what’s the need. Gauri says you have to look beautiful. Om asks Shivaye to change, everyone is waiting for sangeet. Shivaye says what happened to Om, no reaction on marriage cancelling news.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Aastha_Reddy

    Another round of torture in name of Ishqbaaz. When are you ending Ragini Cvs. Can’t she see Shivaay is not interested in her.. Take Annika away from here.. Is Annika a thing or some toy!!??
    Shivaay Bhaiyya, Allahabad ke triveni ghat mein pind daan karne ka kaam karlena, Shradh bhi karlena but Annika nahi toh kisi aur ko biwi ka darja mat dena.. Mere Bhaiyya.. I know you will never still…. I am getting emotional girls… They are ruining Ishqbaaz…
    Lo aagaye Sabka desired saving ship Khanna… Use and throw material.

    1. LAX

      GAG..!! ???
      Don’t feel bad dear. We may soon see the wedding. I am sure that ll be good to watch. Himmat math haaro. We are this close.

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Baat himmat ki nahi hai Lax..Emotions ki hai. Himmat ki baat hota toh hum sab hain na Jhansi ki Raani.
        I am trying to enjoy it like normal but while commenting I am getting frustrated. Har cheez ki ek had hota hai..

    2. Pinku

      Ur right astha well said…. mujhe bhi aaj kal update bhi padney ka dil nahi karta…. firest n foremost I personally feel they should decrease the time slot to 30 mins… my personal feeling one hr serial ke liye ghar pe prob ho raha hai yaar hehehe

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pinku… the problem is its time slot till mid night.Koi bakwas dekhne keliye thodi na jaagi rahega aadhi raat tak. Hum sab ki baat alag hai pkj members..We are more likely owl. I am saying about normal audience. Do do thangavali Aiyyo.

    3. Nivedita

      Go Asthu Go! ?? Today your ASR was good. I liked his change.

      I actually liked Shivika convo .this is what I think we all have been waiting for since 1 week..
      Skipped VillainBaaz TejVi and Bh parts though..

      Seriously IB is a frustrating watch nowadays..

      Nagini and VAT manipulation was annoying..why is SSO not smart at all???

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Nivedita…you seriously think Ragini and Thangavali manipulating Shivaay!! I think they are making Pappu of themselves in front of Shivaay. Sach to Shivaay ko pata hai na ki engagement Shivika ki hui hai. Paagal Kaminey.
        You said right…we were waiting for this Shivika conversation.
        East to west ,my ASR is always the best Nivedita.. My Shivaay Bhaiyya is more then best but now I understand his plight when Annika taunts his height..Kahan Thangavali aur kahan Shivaay Bhaiyya. Now I get how irritating it is to taunt some one of their height.

    4. Dii after this epi i think weeding is going to be fun…..
      Nd i dont think Shivaay bhaiya ko pind daan karne ki koi jarurat hain becz no one can be our bhabhi then Anika after all HUMARE TAADIBAAZ BHAIYA KO UNKI PANIKA ND PANIKA KO HUMARE TAADIBAAZ BHAIYA HI SAMVAL SAKTA HAIN……

      1. Sry JHEL SAKTA HAIN….

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Bunny…I am enjoying sitting back always. But this is now getting on nerves… Ishqbaaz mein Ishq na raha aur dekho Pkj mein bhi paagalpan kam horaha hai..
        Still hope for the best.

    5. Pushpa

      im too feeling so emotional yaar….come i give u a hug..
      i simply cant see shivaye being hurt at all….and v only c he’s getting hurt of all this drama…cvs please stop and get to the bottom of our ishqbaaz…end OM villans

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pushpa…Hug to back Bhabhi. Exactly we are getting high with emotions and we are also emotionally challenged that lead us to show only one emotion well perfect… anger with a glint of frustration.

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Hey GAG!! I understand ur frustration.. we are gonna have a few more tough episodes coming up probably.. but it will most likely end well.. don worry..
      Today’s episode was actually better.. but having known it will take a nasty direction unable to enjoy…
      just hold on for a week, we shud start feeling better…!

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Anu…my anger is what they have turned the “DIL CHAHTA HAI” Ishqbaaz from bother bond to now such crap. All credit of such crap going to Indian audience who demands for fresh and if some one gives them some new fresh thing..they demands to usual saas bahu drama.
        Poor Gul always creates magical powerful male leads but Indian audience makes a pappu of her efforts. I wonder where is our Ishqbaaz among this huge crowd, specially for viewers like me who only watch 4- lion show.
        Thank God Om is back…My condition was sad …but again Rudra slipped out to Gujrat… They keeps three brother together for funny scene but in emotional fight scenes..they parts ways to different places..I know they are bonded by heart but kabhi kabhi kehna jaroori hota hai, more then silent support.
        When Saahil was kidnapped and that car blasted..we loved that three brother scene..Ab aise scenes baar baar kahan milta hai ki teeno Danger time par saath rahe. Mainly Will Rudra be back for marriage!!

      2. AnuluvsIB

        Totally agreed Aastha.. what u say is very reasonable…
        as much as romance, bromance also Carries the show.. we got to see them Together during pari.. miss that a lot now.. through that din contribute to story, it was entertaining at least..

    7. Piyuu

      uthas math lo dear sab thik hojayega….

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Jaanti hoon… mere bhaiyya hain na..Bhaiyya sab thik kar denge. I trust him.

    8. Nivedita

      Hmm SSO knows of his engagement, but he can still have felt that Ani exchanged the ring with SSO.. I guess we have to wait and see what happens next..

      Lol SSO and his HT.. yup HT can make ppl insecure.

  2. Today’s episode was also good but
    Don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow it is very confusing
    Let’s see
    But SSO Vikram scene is very funny
    The way SSO held vikky collars ??????
    SSO is already fully burnt in jealousy I think in marriage he will kill vikky
    Iam loving jealous SSO
    It’s full meals

    Last shivika talk scene was the most expected scene for me
    I expected it long before itself atlast they opened it
    SSO still gets scared of water poor ??????

    But then the precap- confused

    But I think it will be shivika plan
    As during Sangeet he wiped annikas tears
    Don’t know but the announcement of SSO Ragini shaadi is also confusing

    S-tum Ko ker alawa koi nahi jhel sakthi
    A-aur aapko meri alawa koi nahi jhel sakthi
    Fans _tum dono Ko hamari alawa koi nahi jhel saktha

    1. LAX

      Wanted to say Go Meenu Go yesterday. But could not. So saying that now GMG..!! ??
      I was confused even today.
      Meenu you surprised me today I ve said the same lines in my comment. Hamare alawaa koi aur nahi chel sakthe inhe. ?

      1. Meenu di ???sachi inko humare ilava koi nahai jhel sakta but super excited for next in ib ???finally dono ne apni tadi to chori ?????????can’t wait?????vaise tomorrow is my exam but specially I came for exciting comments????????????chlo jana padega??????
        Vaise mai bahut purana banda hu ib fc ka but kabhi kabhi ata hu?

    2. Dear Meenuu
      Fans=Tum Dono Ko Hamari Alawa Koi Nahi Jhel Saktha???What A Dialogue Yaar???Shivay Anika Ka Tear Wipe Karna Shivay Ya Anika Main Se Kisi Ki Imagination Dream Lagtha Hai.Because Uss Scene Pe Tho Dhono Akhele Hai Koi Aur Unka Saath Nahi Dikh Raha,Wo Dream Scene Lag Raha Hai ShivIka Ka.Sso Suddenly Ragini Ki Saath Marriage Ka Announce Karna Anika Ya Vikram Kisisse Kuch Tho Cold War Hua Hai.Episode Pe Hi Uska Real Reason Samajh Aayega

      Take Care And Stay Safe?

    3. Nivedita

      Yup SSO VAT drink and preftknk scene was good.

      As was Shivika kitchen convo..

      I liked the bkb parts too somewhat..
      And was happy with everyone’s elegant dressing today..esp Shivika, Gauri and VAT were ???? in the new get up..

      Tomorrow precap looks good..

      1. Nivedita


    4. Correct Meenu Shivika ko humare alawa koi aur nahi jehl sakta pichle ek saal main jehl hi toh rahe hain….

    5. Pushpa

      loved yr last 3 lines meenu…thts exactly where were now…little confusing too..they stop the wed but the rest…..hope shivika plan..

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Lol!! Run donon ko koi aur jhel nahi sakthe!! Good one!
      Meenu we can put it up as a meme on insta yaar! What say??

      And GMG.. din comment on TU yesterday..

      Even am confused.. but I don think it will be shivika plan coz harneet mentioned we will see sso giri… so I feel there will be some MU again tom.. coz even nox in IV said he is making the shaadi announcement for bringing truth out..
      if turns out shivika plan, nothing like it.. but no don think so..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        And jealous sso=full meals!! Right on! ?

  3. Pushpa

    Thk u ameena di for the fast update…luv u always..

    Am i dreaming or shivika’s dreaming….someome pinch me please…for a second i thought its a dream… scn….the best in this 3months leap….fighting MU…

    …finally shivika spoke & now they r 2 cancel the wed…owsm…loved the convo …once agn oh no panee…thts cute shivaye…..the same old music…the same eye lock….”lets cancel the damn whole thing” .. “none can bear you except me anika…. none can bear you except me shivaye” …. felt so peacefulll….hw abt u guys? Our shivika is back ….loving it totally…..Both shivika outfit beautiful..????except anika earing….i watched this particular scn mny times……after so long v got shivika moments this is heaven.?????????u guys think cvs heard us ????? Too soon to judge the cvss……wait….

    I swear gona kill,tht yuckini
    So she planted tht vikram…so he’s doing as a pybck 2his family…hope vikram u will turn the table&help shivaye…

    Oh oh shivaye thum vikram collar karab karthiya..jealous ha shivaye max ha…u just looke so cute the way u spoke.. why will she ask u she will ask me….?and tht ws really cute stopping vikram bybgrapping his hand….and of course anika will ask u shivaye to stop dis drama…

    Great entrance Bitti/Kriti Sanon…u right anika express yr feeling…please tell shivaye hw much u love him…..

    Wht mission bhavya is up to now? And tht bajrangi?
    Another physco naren..!!!!and murdered?i think thts svetlana work…

    Precap….hey shaadi cancel kartho shivaye……….
    Finally once again DIL BOLE ISHQBAAZ…
    Gd nite gals…its gona b peacefull nite

    1. Ryttt pushpa…thay scene was awsum…jst luved it…nd paani shivay got scared???? dil khush ho gya vo ek scene dekh kr

    2. LAX

      U may be right. The kitchen scene might be a dream. I didn’t get it then.
      Loved Shivikas eye lock especially how Shivay was fully mesmerised by Annikas eyes. Couldn’t take his eyes off her.

      1. AnuluvsIB

        No lax n push.. kitchen scene will not be dream.. coz even in precap they talk abt calling it off.. so not a dream..
        But something surely does go wrong.. have to wait n see y they prepone wedding..

      2. Pushpa

        loved the kitchen scn…tht eye locks with love once again with real heaven to c after so long … whts gona happen?

    3. Nivedita

      Pu same thoughts, I thought that it’s Ani or SSO dream..but doesn’t precap indicated that Shivika kind of patched up?? ??

      Yeah simply loved Shivika today..and SSO with VATwas funny.

      Yeah I think it’s Fakelana plan to get the truth of Tej alive out.

      1. Pushpa

        nivi..yes true ist it shivika hv patched up…but precap ???? om asking shivaye to wear the suit????????

    4. Puspa dr i m also in Shock it’s true or not…. I think CVs listen to us bt if it’s a dream sence then i m surely kill CVs….

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Push… I am not building strong hopes push… having scene back to Cabo negativity, I have become very sceptical when I see a positive scene.. I only tend to think that there wil be some MU again tom.. let’s wait n see…

    6. Poonguzhali

      Hai push plz kill nagini I dnt want see her. Bavya gng to trap sultan.

    7. Aastha_Reddy

      Why Pinch Pushpa…I will ask Shivaay bhaiyya to kiss you.

  4. the episode rocked today at the very end when shivika are having the conversation in which they are expressing their thoughts to each other and somehow the conversation went in a different tangent was a little surprised but felt good that they both did not want the marriage to happen at all and were quite happy with the decision of her not marrying vikram and shivay also told anika that he cannot see her marry someone and that will have a bad impact on him and anika was yeah mine too. Shivika rock ishqbaaz everyday and love them to the core <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Am I the only one who thinks there will issues again or is there anybody else..
      Many seem quite happy with the kitchen convo but Y am i not happy?
      Gosh Cvs have made me think so negetive!!

      1. Poonguzhali

        Dnt think negative anu finally shivika get married.

  5. Bela

    Abbey yaar, ye Bhavya drama is seriously pissing me off. ???

    Ye Selfie Saanp itni badi waali wo hai ki kya batau, ring pehena hi di bande Ko toh shaadi bhi karle USS Vikram se. Wo bhi tere jaisa Astin ka Saanp hi hai???

    Gosh, Shivaay’s jealousy????. My Mom and I had a gala time seeing him getting so fidgety about Vikram and Annika.????

    Shivika scene???. Pyaar, pyaar aur bohot pyaar. Jao mere laal, you have my blessings ??? Cancel this stupid wedding???

    Ye Bareilly ki Barfi waale kyu aaye bhai? Thoda Rikara hi dikha dete iss time mein, waste kar diya??? Alag chull hai aajkal promotions ki???

    Jhanvi-Tej ka kuch samajh nahi aaya Raha, ye ho kya Raha hai bhai? ???

    Precap: Handsome people???

    1. LAX

      Jealous Shivay is a definite treat.

      Yes…!! Cancel the wedding, they ve entire fandom’s ashirvaad.

    2. Nivedita

      Belu.. u r writing my thoughts today…

      Same to same for Bhavya eating souch screen space…didn’t watch it..
      And selfie snake seriously thought..why aren’t u interested in VAT? He’s doing so much 4 u…

      Yeah i would loved to joing Ur SSO jealous group..SSO was indeed so adorable..with VAT.

      Bkb were okish for me..I was thankful for them because atleast the costumes improved today with bkb..

      Maybe they sponsored the elegant getup of Shivika, gauri vat?? ?

      TejVi. Skipped mostly.. but Fakelana maybe involved..she must b trying to get Tej being alive truth out .by this drama..(she was shown at the begining of this creep psycho exbf track)..

      1. Nivedita

        *so much

    3. Pushpa

      bela tht was great scn shivaye+vikram really enjoyed tht jealousy shivaye…and waitign for todays epi…

    4. AnuluvsIB

      Bela… jealous shivay was such a delight!! And the way he got fidgetty with Vikrams collar… Nox is good!!

      There is still a chance of Vikram turning good.. coz he is doing it more as a Gabor out of gratitude.. it will be good he palats baazi..

  6. Misha_Mikul

    Haha… Nagini, you’ve got engaged to Vikram!!????

    this moment…….
    Ani – so you know what’s best for me?
    SSO- yes kyunki main tumari pat……??? Wedding planner??
    ?’Ishq hai adura sa…………..’??????

    Shivaay-Vikram ???
    Shivaay’s behavior was so cute???
    the way he treated Vikram???
    Lol..He grabbed Viki’s collar violently saying “collar to theek karo tum” ????
    Shivaay just didn’t let him meet Anika???
    Vikram – Anika has never asked anything from me even roses or gifts”
    Shivaay- “why would she ask u, she will ask me if she wants it”????
    and I loved the way Shivaay drank the champagne from the bottle after giving to Viki???
    Enjoyed thoroughly????

    Rudi is the coolest and best Devar to both Babhis???
    Loved RuRi moments❤❤

    OMG… AniRi was so Gorgeous????
    They just slayed in their outfits?? I loved the color!

    nd Shivaay too looked super Hot n Handsome???? I was checking him out as always???

    Loved ShivIka’s kitchen scene n their convo❤❤❤
    the way Annika was reluctant to touch/hold Shivaay’s hand??
    Come on Annika..He won’t say “you’ve no rights to touch me” as u said???
    Shivaay – “I will be not okay if you marry someone else, I’ll be like this burned food”???
    both of them said “tumhe/aapko meri alawa koi nahi jehal nahi sakta”????
    When Annika took a glass of water, Shivaay was scared of Pannika?? Lol??
    If they have a deep conversation then all the problem will be solved??
    but I really can’t believe..How did they come to a decision so fast not fast but in a sec!???
    Shivaay thought Annika moved on, and believed that she has made Vikram wear ring chupke chupke?? but when Annika said let’s cancel the wedding, he agreed and they rushed to stop???
    I was pissed off!???? Weren’t they making Pappu of us right????
    But anyway glad to watch such normal and beautiful moments of them after so many irritating scenes???

    I hoped for the ladoo scenes in today’s epi??
    tomorrow something funny gonna happen???

    Ufff..Thank God Tej uncle came in right time?? but I think Swetlana is gonna trap TejVi by this Naren’s death(can be fake)??
    After watching TejVi’s nowadays scenes, its doubtful whether the love will be picked up between ShivIka or not, but love has been picked up so well between TejVi???

    Precap- Om is back?? Shivaay will wear the mathu makki suit??can’t judge what is going in Shivani’s fashion mind??
    But my Shivaay will be looking very Handsome as always????
    even both of them are wondering how the sangeet can be happened after cancelled the wedding???
    I’m here totally blurred?? CVs are playing with fans’ happiness??

    Nitezz Babiezzz?? Sweet dreamz?? Tc ❤

    1. Nivedita

      I loved normal convo of Shivika.. too..and them deciding quickly..little audience expectations OMM..but still ok for me.. because seriously our patience about forced/ fake wedding was at all time low..

      Maybe the BKB promo sponsored the elegant getup of Shivika, gauri vat?? ? Cause I loved SSO and VAT both and that color palette was so elegant..unlike tomorrow’s tacky stuff..??

      TejVi. Skipped mostly.. I think so it’s Fakelana plan too..

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Yeah Nivi.. their outfit color was really so fab and all of them looked beautiful??
        actually your doubt is acceptable.. can Shivani really design such elegant outfits???

        I think today when ShivIka announce about Shaadi cancellation all of their family members will be intoxicated of baang ladoo!! Damn! baang always be there as barrier whenever someone reveal any truth!??

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Misha… the normal kitchen talks looks like a lolly pop for viewers.. they know we r pissed watching too many taunting convos.. so I feel they gave this like a lolly pop… having scenes so much villainbaazi, I can neither believe that they sorted things so easily..
      As u said cvs shudn play with fandoms happiness yaar!

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hahaxx Anu! as u said their convo seemed a lolly pop for fans.. These such quick and incomplete end for a track have already happened many times.. Ex: Mahi, Prinku, Kaali Takur and etc..
        I hope CVs won’t do like that in ShivIka’s track after giving us many hectic and irritating scenes…

    3. Pushpa

      misha…..agree tht was cute shivaye+vikram convo inbedroom jealousy full form…
      loved shivika in kitchen too..never expected but heaven…i loved this line of yours ” He won’t say “you’ve no rights to touch me” as u said” ..
      whatever shivaye wears mishe he will look the best and handsome as always…

      1. Misha_Mikul

        Hehe Yup Pushpa! He won’t say that.. because he has been craving for her touch??
        Obviously! as He is Handsome Singh Oberoi, doesn’t matter how bad the outfit is, If our SSO wears it, even the bad outfit will be looked fabulous???

    4. Nivedita

      Misha possible that due to bhaang ppl will forget Shivika announcement. Or maybe it’s a plan of Rikara to unite Shivika by forcing them to confess their emotions..


    Getting bore of this drama…
    Tooo much… now I shall comment and watch this show after Shivaye and Anika are together to expose Ragini and Vikram..
    Its request from viewers please do inform me when Shivaye and Anika are together again, either pinki truth or ragini and vikram truth is out.
    Kindly inform me.. please..
    Till than bye..

    1. Nivedita

      Aaj they kind of did get together..probably won’t happen until they r married…even then for a brief but only..

      1. Nivedita

        *bit only

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Lol! Sure Shraddha done!
      Don worry it will happen soon!

    3. Pushpa

      hi shraddha..aft long crappy scns yesterday shivika kitchen scn was heaven and we hope thts thr truth..i mean didnt expect this convo but yes i hope shivika will expose teh villains soon….

  8. Poonguzhali

    oh my god jealous sigh oberoi how cute. the way he hold Vikrm’s collar shows how much he jelous. i like today bavya’s look. tomorrow om is back yeyyy. none can bear them itz true. aftr long time we get some good SivIka scene. so sad gouri planned everything alone now dnt worry gouri tmrw ur husband come to help u. plz cvs give some Rikara Scenes.
    P.S i think next week ShivIka marriage happens. i saw one video clip pinky came to told annika get ready for her marriage.

    1. Yeh dr i also like bhavya’s look….
      Gouri chiraiya ko ab akeli karne ki jarurat nahi hain uski pati dev jo aagaye….

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Where did U see that pinky clip poo? Is there a new segment??

      1. Poonguzhali watch this i think next coming up anu

    3. Pushpa

      hi poo….was owsm shivika in the kitchen….shivaye holding vikrams collar superbbb..pinky again?

      1. Poonguzhali

        Hi pushpa I want to see more jealous. Yes push i think they started marriage part shooting watch this

  9. LAX

    Episode was not good, not bad.

    I hope Vikram is double crossing Yuckini. Vikram’s evil smirk is giving me that feel.

    Why is Rudr following Bhavya? Am not getting it. I mean that’s her duty after all.
    Rudr- Usey patha hain mujhe ye sab pasand nahi hain, Why should she obey you??
    Does this mean Rudr won’t be there for Shivikas wedding festivities?? I ll be sad if that happens.
    Am I the only one who felt that Mansi resembled Amrapali today. Mansi looked nice in the village attire.

    Gauri is so sincere n devoted. Thanx Gauri for fulfilling my wishes of a jealous Shivay. Mission Jalao Shivay shuru.

    Jealous Shivay is a treat. Shivay misunderstood Annika in the ring matter. How dumb is he??
    But what was Shivikas kitchen convo all about?? I was confused. But loved the whole convo. Annika looked so beautiful ??
    S: Tumhe mere alawa koi nahi chel saktha.
    A: Aapko bhi mere alawaa koi nahi chel saktha
    PKJ- Aur tum dono Ko humare alawa koi nahi jhel sakthe.

    Movie promotion- Liked Rajkumar Rao the most.

    Hmmm, so Sultu is planning to give TejVi a taste of their own medicine.

    Precap- Also was a boundary wala sixer to me.

    P.S.- Girls, am taking 2 days break from the page. Will join you positively on Saturday or max Sunday. I ll be busy for two days but ll b on Hangy n Insta then n there.

    1. Pkj- aur tm dono ko hmare alava koi ni jhel thats true…chahe kuch bhi ho pr hm ib dekhna nhi chodte? ‘ib craze’? kya kr skte h hm

    2. Nivedita

      Lax.. we will miss u here..??u r the only one from old pkj who still comments even if track is not good..

      I think they may have put the rushed Shivika convo today..because audiences have been fed up with Shivika dragging their feet..
      So that we can enjoy the wedding..this was their way of Shivika atleast confessing their not wanting to marry others, but without saying so and also a way to skip dinky reveal..

      I did think if it was a dream initially.. but precap makes me think it’s true.

      Let’s see what unfolds..

      Loved jealous SSO..he was adorable..
      And costumes are good.

      Rajkumar Rai is definitely a better actor than the other 2..

      Yeah I too think Sutlu maybe doing it.. but to get Tej being alive truth out.

    3. Nivedita

      I too want VAT to double cross Nagini

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Me too me too ?

      2. Nivedita

        @Anu. ??

    4. LAX dr i also agree with u about Rudra it her duty she hve to do it…. I think rudy is missing only on sangeet…
      Mansi looks nycc today…

      Yeh Shivika ko humara alawa aur koi vi nahi jehl sakta….

    5. Pushpa

      hi too want vikram double cross yuckini..tht will be great…no shame this yuckini bhar bhar shivaye is telling they r not engaged and dun interfear….still want to glue stick with him….damn irritated…..loved tht jealousy shivaye ….i
      and i dun bhavya mission like no connection with IB??

      all hv these lines in their comments…great loved it too & thts the truth too
      S: Tumhe mere alawa koi nahi chel saktha.
      A: Aapko bhi mere alawaa koi nahi chel saktha
      PKJ- Aur tum dono Ko humare alawa koi nahi jhel sakthe.

    6. Pushpa

      sure gona miss u…

    7. AnuluvsIB

      I am very skeptical abt the kitchen convo lax.. if that’s true, what’s the sso giri that harneet mentioned? I felt like it was more a lolly pop!
      Glad to know Vikrams is doing out of gratitude.. so he might switch sides.. let’s hope so?

      Jealous sso! So glad.. din enjoy jealous sso so far coz there was a parallel crying annika.. yesterday was just ssos jalan.. so felt good abt it..

      Permission granted on the 2 day break..! Is this the first time u asking for a break?

    8. Aastha_Reddy

      Dekhlo… kya baat hai..Principal khud leave application de rahi hai..Hmm… Very truthful obedient employee of pkj university.

    9. Piyuu

      PKJ- Aur tum dono Ko humare alawa koi nahi jhel sakthe true yaar….isliye ithna drama hone ke baad bhi ham ib dekna nahi choda.
      jealous shivaay is treat to watch.shivaay vikram scene was really funny.

  10. So happpieeee today wid jst one scene…thay kitchen scene luved it??? ‘ tumhe mre alava koi ni jhel skta’?? felt so gud aftr watchng that scene

    Nd shivay vikram scene was too funny
    ….shivay heldng his collar haha??

    Now new bhavya drama…another boring stry…nthng else to say?

    Nd tej jhanvi track….kuch smjh ni aa rha…..defintly its shvetlana plan

    Bt that kitchen scene was d best aftr 3 months leap…dil khush ho they both ran frm kitchen???

    Now i ll hav a peacful sleep…gud nyyttttt guyzzzz???

    1. LAX

      The kitchen scene has given many fans peaceful sleep. That’s nice. Power of Shivika I guess.

    2. Aayusi dr Yeh after a lngg time it’s a best Shivika sence….

    3. Pushpa

      mee too super dupe rhappy just with tht kitchen scn….mee too aft long had gd sleep…thinking today epi will be good

  11. Anikaa

    hi friends … r u…

    see see dekho i am back…

    missed u all ….

    aur where is my samar…

    samar ke jagah us bandar vikram ne capture kar liya…

    agar shivaay bhaiya ke jagah main hoti toh zaroor uski collar nahi usse murder kardeti meri samar ke jagah pakadne ke liye…

    ek baat ki shukar hai…mere samar ko koi negative roll nahi mila….uff …baj gaya samar….

    but mujhe samar chahiye wapas aajavo plz…

    1. LAX

      No idea where Samar is.? But he was mentioned in the episode today. Yuckini said he is not cooperating with her plans.

      1. Anikaa

        yes di..i too noticed…i am glad that samar is not co operating with yuckini in her stupid plans

    2. Pushpa

      hi anikaa…..dun be sad gal….lets switch this cheapde vikram with your samar….

    3. Aastha_Reddy

      Oh my sissy… Your Saambar left with his idlee. Miss him.Poor fellow come to know that he will not be given proper space so left soon. Very nice boy was he..Very practical too..Registration and all that..Wohoo.!!! Hugs you.
      Wo samar nahi jo paani se nikal kar denge.. Aww..Kya bol rahi ho..”Mujhe Samar Chahiye”. Sach mein yaar bach gaya Samar.

      1. Anikaa

        di phir samar aayenga na..bohot miss kar rahi hoon…aap mujhe himmat diye bina ched rahe hai .very bad

  12. 1.Ishqbaaz has given us a series of weak men….
    Tej:He was so obsessed with Shwetlana,that he put his own family`s life in danger….
    Shakti:No comments….
    Shivaay:Misbehaved with Annika so many times in name of Naak,Khoon nd Khandan….So easily got manipulated by Tia,Daksh nd Ragini…
    OMkara:Got manipulated by Kali Thakur..
    Ranveer:Tried to destroy a girl`s life to payback Kaamini`s debt on him..
    Mahi:Keeps crying over his illegitimacy….His so called birth mother keeps cursing him,use his weaknesses against him…Knows right nd wrong …Yet does wrong…His birth mother raised an orphan who s a well educated Acp but he couldn’t do anything in life…
    Vikram’s: Compromised character to repay debt of Malhotra family…
    How does 1justify all d wrong things men of ishqbaaz did…..Whatsoever b d reasons,all were wrong…
    Coming to ladies…who love their husbands nd sons so much….
    Jhanvi:She so easily forgot Tej`s atrocities nd forgave him..
    Pinky:No comments…A women who couldn’t forget her child`s death since d last 30 years,how could she make her own Sautan samdhi of Oberois…Logical question..
    Anika:Jagathmata 1…Very strong nd independent..but fell weak when she shouldn’t have had….Forced marriage nd divorce of Shivika…
    Gauri:Love her… Absolutely rt in treating OMkara..He deserves it…
    Prinku:Mystery queen nd great….She s definitely Jhanvi`s daughter….
    Kaamini:Weak r strong….But definitely evil….Even without her back story she s evil..
    Ragini: Psycho…..
    2.Bhavya`s character was Gulkhan`s idea…now CVs r developing d story well..Even Mansi`s expressions have improved…
    3.Naren:I mean CVs love glass bottles…Jhanvi hitting Tej nd now Tej hitting Naren….All dis s Shwetlana`s game….If it’s Tej` s redeemtion,then m loving it…Hope CVs show good plots for Rikara nd Priveer as well…

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Right on points on the Ishqbaaz weak men! Well said!

  13. Aren’t they dragging one day get together and sort out matter story into weeks of episode, it will be interesting to see how Jhanvi and Tej solve their issue.It’s one hour show and we see so many things happening, people doing journey from Mumbai to UP Bareily (30hr drive) within an hour they are there, This show is like a beautiful flowers without any fragrance.

  14. Oh forgot to mention TRP of this show is not good even for 1hr duration its not in top 10, this shows poor story is not pulling audience.

    1. Nivedita

      Very true.

  15. AnuluvsIB

    Aayushi, Pushpa, shiv n Prajakta.. sorry.. couldn’t reply yesterday! Busy day..

    So the naren is dead.. glad.. couldn’t stand him!

    I don get it.. Y is Ru behind bhavya????

    And if they decided to call off the wedding, Y did things take such a nasty turn during sangeet??!

    1. Nivedita

      Hope that sangeet thing is pretence by Shivika..that’s my only hope to maintain sanity …

      I loved the brief patch up..though I guess for the main parts to happen we have to wait until after the wedding..

      I am glad N is dead or pretending to be.. I guess…

      Shivika patch up- I hope it’s real and the spoilers r fake..?

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Am hoping so too nivi… especially after giving a lil hope to fans they shudn ruin our happiness..
        I hope it is a shivika deal..

    2. Pushpa

      hey worries…yeah if shivaye is canceling the wedding ..thn why the celebration….confused..really confused..

      1. AnuluvsIB

        We need to wait n watch for clarity push… let’s hope… fingers crossed!

    3. Anu di….i m hell confused ryt now…bt jst hope fr the best

      1. AnuluvsIB

        Me too Aayushi… same state… hope today’s episode gives some clarity..

    4. Nivedita

      Yup Anu, o hope our expectations don’t get ruined today..?

  16. Shockkkkkk…… Shockkkkk…… Shockkkkk….
    I m totally in shock i couldnt understand what i saw today….
    Shivika cancel d marraige…. Is it true or smething else plzzzzz sme one tell me Is it true or not…. I m sure after this epi i cant sleep well….

    Are yr sme one kill d nagini….

    Sso’s possesiveness Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!! He looks more cute in Jso mode….

    Ruri always Superbb…..
    Bt why Rudy told i dont like this , even then she does this…. I mean it’s her duty he cant stop her from doing her work…..

    So Vikram all these things to pay his favore…..

    Gouri’s pov about Obro’s totally correct….

    Ruvya’s cute eye chat was Nycc…. I like it….

    Today i like evryone’s dress even Ruvay’s also…..

    Tejvi totally ignore them….

    Precap-Shockkkkk for me…..
    STILL I M IN SHOCK ND THINKING IS IT REAL OR NOT THAT SHIVIKA CANCEL D MARRAIGE Plzzzz sme one bring me out of this Shock stage….

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Lol Banita..
      Come let me pick u to get u out…
      Am kinda shocked too… I hope they don make our Pappu again..

      1. Anu if again they make us pappu i surely kill them….

  17. Shivampahar

    Hey everyone I am new to this. PLZZ do read my FF of Kundali Bhagya THE FATE. PLZZ READ.

  18. Ranilya

    Ok… the kitchen Shivika scene…. I have a feeling it was added as an after thought…. just to pacify us fans…. and make us watch the rest of the crap episodes that’s going to follow……
    In every episode they add one shivika scene like sprinkling chat masala over stale food…. to tingle our tongue n palatte…

    Yes the kitchen scene was good but i dint enjoy….
    Even though the dialogues were good, the chemistry was not intense as b4…. some how Shivika are not the same….

    Is it only me who feels Surbhi’s acting is not on the lower side these days?? Even she is bored shooting these crap episodes??

    Gowri was good with bkb .. . And otherwise too…

    Shikram scene was good.

    Why did Rudy have to go behind that bhavya?!!! Is he her body gaurd or is he a police officer??!

    Tejvi… Again a the same dumb repeat concept!

    Liked Anika’s costume . She was looking pretty…. Shivay was good in blue but blue on vikram was good too…
    Liked gowri’s outfit but brighter colors suits shrenu better…

    When is the dance sequence with bkb?? Shivika have already changed to regular wear….

    IB is just fillers n fillers!

    1. Nivedita

      Agree with every comment of yours dear!
      Shikram! ??

      Shivika kitchen thanda.. but I liked Surbhi better today than the last 2 days.

      Yup Rudy hopeless.
      TejVi pointless..

      Only places I differ..1)idk if Ani’s acting is off or if she just isn’t feeling that well?
      Pheeka Shivika was because of less practice for the whole team..the music and all was also off in that scene…i

      2)Gauri… Outfit.i loved it .I actually love her in pastel shades..and red that she wore Yesterday.
      The blue color suited all 4 today…

      I expected today will b filler so wasn’t that disappointed..but yeah not good for disheartened audiences..

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Chat masala on bland food.. good analogy there ranu.. that’s how the kitchen scene is..
      When I watched yesterday I was not so interested.. but when I rewatched on insta today I felt the scene was good.. and I infact felt Narbhi doing it well too..

      But again, we cannot say this will go well.. CVs are never so generous.. kuch na kuch MU hoga hi.. else they cannot sleep..

      Like I usually say, dramabaazi and villainbaazi are like daily dose of nicotine for our CVs.. their hands shiver while writing if the plot gets positive…

    3. Pushpa

      true rani…our old shivik awoudl hv huged by now…but wht can v expect after a very long time now they r really talking some senses here….but v hv to wait & c

  19. Nivedita

    Top favs today-

    Shivika heart to heart honest convo in the kitchen..?? both looked gorgeous .

    I am puzzled how it’s the same designer giving such classy costumes today to AniRi and cheap costume to Ani the past 2 episodes?
    And tacky costumes to ShivOm in the next few episodes????

    Loved the shades of blue today on AniRi, Shivaay and VAT…they all looked dishy! ??

    SSO jealousy parts with VAT were fun to watch..????

    Bkb part was ok as expected..

    And the rest was just crapbaaz..
    Since Fakelana will b back with more plotting..and the totally useless BH Ru plot..great going CVs! As expected comments on this page has dried up too now because of crapbaaz!

    I hope the spoilers are fake..

    I am sad that Shrenu fans disliked yesterday’s epi.. I really loved Shrenu Yesterday..her expressions were awesome..but of course the fans wanted ShreNal and were disappointed I guess..

    Love your portrayal Shrenu..u do a great job even with less than important scenes..????

    But seriously I can’t understand why they don’t get some new writers for ShreNal track..not as if in the second most populated country of the world..there should be a dearth of aspiring artists waiting eagerly for a break..

    Same goes with costume designs.. we have online websites too for clothes..Ani’s relatable ordinary girl next door clothes from IB beginning r sorely missed too..

    1. Nivedita

      PS: why can’t Ani wear cold shoulder tops? instead of these half shoulder off shoulder abominations..that are a few cms off in fittings always.

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Shrenu fans disliked yesterday’s episodes? Y do u say so nivi? She got quite some importance and it was lovely watching her playing the key shipper!
      She was absolutely gorgeous too!
      ShreNal yes I get it.. otherwise loved it!
      Well said abt herring writer for RiKara track..

      Bkb part still remains I gues.. don u think so… but a movie promo is total a misfit amidst a gloomy shadi…!

      If at all shadi track was required, it shud have been happy happpy shivika shadi…

      I am still hoping what we saw in the kitchen stays that way and doesn’t change.. but we know our Cvs too!

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Anu I am apprehensive about the kitchen seen.. I think they were going for comedic tension for the Shaadi track, but also not reveal pinky. hence all the big rigamarole about SSO Ani not patching up and that’s why the kitchen patch up was only about cancelling Ani wedding and nothing else..

        I hope the spoilers r either Shivika pretending or Shivika being instigated by Rikara and getting jealous again..??

        I prefer Shivika working together option.

    3. Pushpa

      nivi…..shivika kitchen was the highlight of the epi…cause unexpected track but a good on etoo hope the track continues from here and not leading to another crapy MU track…..yes nivi anika looked gorgeous but i didnt like her earring..
      and shivaye+vikram in bedroom scn…fabulous jelousy to the tip of shivayes hair…great owsm..loved his expressions and act….

      1. Nivedita

        Yeah Pu same here loved SSO jealousy so much..and same wish for kitchen scene to be a true scene and not a dream

  20. Sry guys.i can’t be able to comment…din bhar ki studies college…uske baad 10 00pm hote hi nind aa jati he..ishqbaaz bas hotstar pe dekh pati hun…???..trp ke liye kuch nahi kar pa rahi …very bad..

    @asthababy go astha go..and you are right .

    @lax pkj..hamaee alawa tumhe aur koi nahi jhel sakta..??? right @misha mikul dear you also right..

    @pusi dear, jo haal aaoka he woh mera bhi he….

    @Nivi dear, bhabya is like some irritating but rudy is best ……

    Pkj mujhe bhulna mat.i will try my best…to comment but i think my comment will be short..

    Ok coming to episode

    I am hell confused. .

    1.Simple ignore to naren janvi..or what
    ever… More dimag ki dahi..

    2.thank god today no pinky ponky.

    3.Rudy was super good today..with bhahi and also with BHUBAN PART.???..

    4.Bareli ki barfi can’t affect me…..

    5.JSO ?? mujhe laga woh vikram ka murder hi kardenge..???..

    6.Nagini.once again manipulate Sso.Vikram is doing all this under pressure. .thank God ye daksh ki type nahi he..

    7.Sso tujhi satakli he ka?? Hurt toh hota he aur meri didi ko anab shanab bolta he…kyun..????????..meri didi bichari…

    8.Sso is making food for annika ?????????it is really biggest shock for me…????????????….

    9.i am hell confused by their convo..not for convo but for thr upcoming spoiler video. …

    10.Sso ki life main bhi 6 feet wala thangabali.aur rudy ki life main bhi.??..

    11.Sso ne thangabali ko wine pilayi.aur khud bhi pi…???.. but shivuka convo was meaningful after soooo many days…lets cancel all damn thing ….

    12.precap more dimag ki dahi..?????..Makhi out fit…Sso ki coat main ek makhhi aur Omi ki coat main makhi ki patwar..?????…

    Sry for typos. .

    And guys plz comment on is getting low…

    Byy milte he aaj raat or kal morning…

    Byyy take care. .

    1. Nivedita

      Arpu..we keep missing Ur funny takes on the epi .

      Ppl r commenting less because IB magic has disappeared..

      We are all wondering what to trust spoilers yeah episode–? Idk

      All the best with your studies.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      No….you also is taking a leave. Arpita..not fair girl. But keep on your Ishqbaazi more with books.

    3. AnuluvsIB

      If the track gets lil Better ppl will feel like commenting arpu..
      See today’s numbers seem a lil better than the last 2 days..

      Sso making food for annika was actually shocking for me too!!

    4. Pushpa

      hey arpi…the 2 best scn ever yesterday was shivika kitchen scn loved it totally & jealous shivaye+vikram in bedroom tht was owsm..

  21. Logesh.M

    Hai friends…i joined this page 2weeks ago…i am commenting for first time in written updates.

    Loved RuRi parts,Baraeily ki barfi scenes…Bhavya looked cute today in that getup…Today i liked bhavya and gauris expressions very much…Anika looked too cute in that earrings… my omki is back..Precap…

  22. Logesh.M

    Haiii friends…i joined this page 2weeks ago. I am commenting for first time in written updates.

    In today’s episode i liked RuRi scenes,Bareily ki barfi scenes…Bhavya looked cute in that getup today…Her expressions was very nice…Anika looked pretty in that earrings….Asusual gauri rocked….loved the precap…As my omkie is back…

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Welcome logesh! Keep commenting ?

      1. Logesh.M

        Tq sister

    2. Pushpa

      welcome to the world of pkj….keep commenting

      1. Logesh.M

        Tq pushpa sister

  23. Piyuu

    yesterday episode is not good.shivika kitchen scene was awesome.i love the conversation.shivaay vikram scene was really the way of shivaay held vikram collar maza aagaya. i loved jealous shivaay he look so cute.

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Piyu…Did u meant to say not good or good? U have said not good but what follows is all positive comments ?

    2. Pushpa

      typo error ist piyu…

  24. sheba mariyam joy

    i dont like bhavaya…
    love anika and shivay
    love gauri and omkara

  25. Sneha Shandilya

    So…idk how to Start n what to Start vid…but jus wna say that m pretty obsessed for ISHQBAAZ !! It touches my soul…n my one n only hunk for whom I din missed a single episode of it even during my boards ! N yupp that’s it..nthn to say much coz words are limited
    for me to describe my love… passion… obsession …n everything.. everything.. everything bout dis show…Lolz ?????? to Nm n my happy go lucky..Surbhi

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