Ishqbaaz 16th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 16th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakti and Tej have a cute brotherly moment. Shivaye says its senior O bro moment, like we have our Oberoi/O bro moments. Tej asks is there anything else apart from saag and Makki ki roti. Shivaye names the dish, and there is a Oberoi family moment. Some time before, Shivaye is cooking and talking to Rudra and Om. They ask about Anika. Om says I m glad things are fine between you and Anika, what happened there, can you say in detail. Shivaye recalls her, and says can we not talk about her, I have to deal with her again tomorrow. Rudra acts as Anika and Om laughs.

Om gives water to Shivaye and asks him to drink it, he would have got mirchi by hearing Rudra’s song. Om and Rudra laugh. Shivaye asks them to taste the exotic saag. Shakti comes and says I think Shivaye forgot to add onion in saag,

why are you all seeing me like this. Om says you never saw you in kitchen. Rudra says I never saw you talking to Shivaye, anyone would not know Shivaye is your son. Shakti says our relation is like every father and son. Rudra says Shivaye looks Tej’s son, they both talk big things on phone, Shivaye looks identical to Tej, they both are rude. Tej hears him. Om and Shivaye look on. Rudra asks what are you signing, who is behind. He sees Tej and sings mere handsome Papa. He praises Tej and kisses him. Tej gives a stare. Rudra says sorry.

Shakti smiles. Tej sees them and laughs. They all get surprised. Tej says wow, Sarson ka saag, remember Shakti, when we went to village with Papa, we had this. Shakti says yes, we had Makki ki roti, lassi. Tej says yes, we fixed your relation there. Shakti says yes, there was jagrata and Bau ji invited Pinky’s family there, everyone was saying Jai Mata di, and one voice was such, Pinky said O my Mata. Tej says don’t know where did those days go.

Shivaye says like our O bro moment, this is senior O bro moment. Rudra says Papa has a heart. Om says it looks such sometimes. Tej asks them to make him taste Saag. Om forwards the saag. Rudra asks him to make feed Tej. Tej takes spoon and says we should not have such expectation that disappoint us. Jhanvi comes and asks can’t believe seeing Tej there in kitchen. Tej talks to her and tells about saag. Rudra asks Tej to feed saag to Jhanvi. Om says Tej’s line. Tej passes spoon to Jhanvi. She likes the saag. Pinky comes and says all men are here in kitchen, sorry Jeth ji I did not see you, my hair came in between sight, whats cooking. Om says Shivaye made saag, just like everyone had in village at your alliance time. She likes the saag and praises Shivaye. She says Tia is very lucky. They all dine together.

Tej gets Shwetlana’s call. Jhanvi sees that and asks him to pick up. Om gets upset. Tej disconnects call and everyone smile. Tej asks Shivaye will he just serve Sarson ka saag and Makki ki roti, is there any sweets. Shivaye says we have gajar ka halwa. They all have a laugh and dine like a perfect family. Shivaye smiles.

Its morning, Sahil drinks milk. Anika asks how did you drink at one go today. Sahil says I have to beat a boy. She says fighting is bad. He says these words don’t suit you, you fight with SSO, that boy was fighting with me and saying rats bitten me shoe, my bag is torn, he said my tiffin will fall and dog will eat my food. She says sorry, I will get all items for you on this Raksha bandhan, don’t fight. He says why will you gift me, brothers give gift. She says who said that, you just protect me. He says I will protect and already did. She hugs him and says I will always protect you. She cries. He says be away and show emotions, my hair get spoiled. She spoils his hair and smiles.

Shivaye greets Om. Om asks him to come on morning walks and shows sunrise pics. Rudra comes. Om tells the poetry. Shivaye asks Rudra did he not go to gym. Rudra says I was working all night. Om asks what work. Rudra says I prepared my pics, see me, what a great body. Om says you know we are rich and can afford clothes. Rudra says these are awesome pics. Om says this is awesome and shows sunrise pics. Shivaye says I will show awesome pic and shows their stocks rise in newspaper. Rudra says sunrise and our stock rise happen everyday, tell me which pic will impress Rumi. Om asks how will we know. Soumya comes and greets them. She sees Rudra.

Om says Soumya, Rudra is selecting pic to make a girl mad. Shivaye asks Rudra to show pics to Soumya. Soumya checks pic and comments on his pics. Rudra argues. Soumya laughs on other pics. She says this pic is perfect, it can work to impress stupid and brainless girls like you, I mean I prefer classy guys who wear clothes. Shivaye says I agree. Soumya says I think this will help you Rudra. Rudra says I don’t need your help. Soumya says I helped as Omkara said, and goes. Rudra asks Om why did he ask Soumya to choose, but she chose perfect pic, I want to put impact on Rumi, it will come by this pic. She smiles hearing this and says now you will know, cy baby Oberoi.

Rudra asks his friend to put his pic everywhere. Soumya hears him. Rudra says I m uploading the pic. Soumya sees his laptop and hides behind the tree. Rudra says whats this tree doing here. Soumya edits his pic and thinks Rudra wants the college to talk about him, don’t worry, let this pic reach your friends, all colleges will talk about you then.

She dances and leaves along with the tree. Rudra’s friend says I did not get pic till now, is it heavy. Rudra says yes, its my mine. He sees tree gone and says where did tree go, Om is mad. His friend says I got the mail, I did not see such pic, are you serious, do you think Rumi will get impress seeing this. Rudra says yes, 100%, she will see and come running to me. His friend asks shall I paste this pic everywhere. A guy sees Rudra’s pic and laughs. His friend asks Rudra who gave you this idea. Rudra says my love angel and ends call. Rudra says now my and Rumi’s love story will begin, and kisses the pillar.

Anika comes to Oberoi Mansion. Dadi thanks her for keeping her words. Anika says its big thing you came to my house. Dadi says you said you want salary every 15 days, go to Shivaye and take your cheque. Anika asks is it necessary to go to him. Dadi says I told Shivaye, just go, I have to see card samples too. Anika says I will come with diary.

Riddhima is with that princess and Om sees her. Om wonders whats Riddhima doing here. Ishana smiles. Rumi hugs Rudra and calls him hottest hunk of the college. Rudra smiles. He sees his pic and gets a big shock.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Funny scene –

    Rudra sings Anika’s song ~

    Billu ki shadi hogi…
    Billu ka sehra sajega…
    Billu ghodi 🐴 chadhega…

  2. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    Om ~ Rudra tumhe pata hai na ki hum rich hain… Hum kapde afford kar sakte hain…

  3. Mukta

    @Disha, Navi, Sat, Aliya, Nelka di, Sumo – How r u??? Sorry guys but I’m back now
    @Hey Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran – Welcome to our sweet family…
    @Priya dear, first of all….How r u??? Howz ur hand now??? And wht abt fever??? Take care of urself and GET WELL SOON
    I don’t have laptop. I use mobile only for commenting and all, so u just delete my account….☺☺☺
    @Aqua and Sumo dear, welcome back…..missed uhh and ur comments a lot….
    @Where r u Nadiya di??? Missing from last 3 days…..
    @Luna dear, plz go on wid ur ff. I’ll b waiting for ur Light hearted and Romantic ff………Plz start asap….

  4. Mukta

    Oberoi family dining together😱😱Wonderful😊😊What a scene it was. Just loved it😘😘

    Shivaaye knows cooking…. that’s wonderful. I mean every girl dreams his Prince Charming to cook for her….Right??? BTW I like Makke ki Roti very very much……but Sarson ka Saag……hate that…..ewwww!!!!!!

    • Kat


      |Registered Member

      Hey Mukta dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That scene was really touching. That soft expression on Shivaay’s face when he was looking around the dinning table was really emotional!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  5. mukul

    Its gud to c tej n shakti like oberio brother’s a perfect family without swetlana 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👌💝💞💖💕💛 loved the oberios
    Ishqbaaz rocks I wish that dis serial will achieve each n every milestone proud to be ishqbaazian 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊great grand humorous 50 episodes

  6. Aliya

    Hello my ishqbaazians how r u all 😊😊😊😊😊
    Today’s episode was nice but no shivika and ishkara scenes
    waiting for precap

  7. Pradishma

    Loved Annika and Sahil bond… Lovely…
    Dadi u are an angel…
    Soumya – u are too naughty…
    WAiting to see photo of Rudra sing Oberoi

  8. Tusi

    Family moment was good, love it.. Sumu ha… now Rudra understand how love angel works… lol….

  9. Rose

    Today’s episode was nyc .loved the bromance of both senior and junior o brothers..finally, family members spend some quality time together.. That part was really nyc.Roumyas part was good…

  10. Diya

    In my opinion , while Anika thinks she is planning Tia and Shivaye’s wedding, Dadi is actually planning Anika and Shivaye’s wedding. Unknowing to everyone else the preparation are being done for Anika and and Shivaye’s wedding as Dadi wants it. Maybe right on the wedding day Tia’s truth will come out which will make it impossible for Shivaye to marry her. Since the guests and all preps will be there, Anika will be asked to be the bride and as is the norm with such tracks in shows, there will be done contract involved. Of course , by then Anika and Shivaye will be in love without any confession. And there live story and intimacy will start in full swing after their wedding. I may be completely wrong but that’s what I think as of now.

  11. Diya

    Another thing, although Nakul Mehta is a good actor, he should be directed to show a little more emotion when he sees Anika as he is a little stone faced with her. With ASR in iss pyar ko kya naam soon, although Varun Sobti acted arrogant and aloof around Khushi, we could see his struggle to hide his attraction from his eyes. That made that love story enchanting. If that spark is not shown, sometimes it becomes too late to make deep love believable in shows. In recent past I have seen several shows fizz out and end due to this lateness in showing of spark and connection. Again, I am no creative director so I may be wrong but I am a keen observer nonetheless.

  12. nivedha

    It was so cute fight btw rowmya..

    @priya I too liv in Chennai..

    Ishkaara song was sweet to see next episode..rudra gonna have a tough day😝😝😝😂

  13. Iamsofianeak


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyoneeee 🙂
    Today’s episode was normal , no romantics scenes or suspense…
    The show goes slowly …
    Show an equal scenes of Shivika , Ishkara , roumya…
    If they show shivika & roumya today , they won’t show them tomorrow ! whyy ?
    Don’t let the fans bashing each other like rashmi sharmi telefilmsss , exaple : swaragini , every day swara’s & raginis fanss fight fo no reaassson :3
    & i hope they increase the duration of the showw , it’s too short :/

  14. Rose

    Today also i expected some ishkara scenes but no, I lost hope…I know that their love story is unique and special so makers plzz show ishkara scenes at least thrice in a week plzz this is my request….I know that , in a half hour episode it’s not possible to show all the three couples .But it’s high time , they should focus more on ishkara…I am glad ,that at least they managed to show ishu in the precap..ishkara barely had many scenes though they are giving me a feeling which is beyond words..that’s why I ship them.hope that tommorow’s episode will not disappoint ishkara fans….love ishqbaaz love ishkaara…..

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      I think they will concentrate more on ishkara only after Shivika’s mrg as Ishkara’s love story is more complicated and sensitive….

  15. Liya


    |Registered Member

    Hai Ishqbaaziansss😊😊……. Today’s epi was cute with family moments…but I expected ishkaraaa scenes😅its a bit long when ishkara scenes are shown….I just love omm💓💓…….can’t wait to know about his romantic side. Poor rudraa his love angel is giving mind blowing tips that he will soon blow down😉😉 ..I read in spoilers that rudra will feel insulted in front of his frnds and will be hurt

  16. Guman

    Hahaha….OH MY MATA is just epic….😂😂😂
    And shivaay putting mirchi in rudra’s mouth was just hillarious…
    Loved the first part of the episode….😍

  17. apeksha

    guys..want to ask ur opinion..they show in prom that ‘oberoyki lanka tab jalegi jab inmese koi ek wanvas jayega’ wht u think ki kon hoga vo?…i alss dont want their separation..but still..
    story waisi hogi to kya pata..apko kya lagta hai?

    • agnishikha

      I think it will be shivay. Because he will choose anika over tiya n loose the 1500 crore contract to marry a nobody. He will leave with anika to make his own worth without oberoi family name. Anika n shivay will start a business together. What do u think?

      • enasanjida

        No Anika.. & I want 2 say Tia don’t love Shivay baby, She will be marry with him only money security. Tia ka family main financial prblm chaal rahi hain. kaha 1500 crore.. Its may be 3 brother jaigaa or Omkara [ some site , i read Ishkara love story move on Ishkara song ..

    • enasanjida

      May be Omkara means Ishkara. do u hear a song ” OOh Sathiyaa…kal nah mila oo sathiyaa ” [ official song Ishkara ]. Some site , i see Ishkara love story move on Iskara song :'(

  18. apeksha

    guys..want to ask ur opinion..they show in promo that ‘oberoyki lanka tab jalegi jab inmese koi ek wanvas jayega’ wht u think ki kon hoga vo?…i alss dont want their separation..but still..
    story waisi hogi to kya pata..apko kya lagta hai?

  19. apeksha

    guys..want to ask ur opinion..they show in promo that ‘oberoyki lanka tab jalegi jab inmese koi ek wanvas jayega’ wht u think ki kon hoga vo?…i also dont want their separation..but still..
    story waisi hogi to kya pata..apko kya lagta hai?

  20. Shaza

    The episode was just..awesome and the best part was when roudra was singing the billu song and i hope jhanvi nd tej dolve their differences and get this swetlana out of the house soon..hope to c some ishkara scenes tomorrow.: exited to c roudrs pic

  21. Rosu 25

    Thank you for the super fast update… shivika scene….no ishkara scene….but I very much like the episode…..becoz of some quality family moments…..
    Annika and sahil part was very cute and a little bit emotional too….torn shoes ,bags……..
    Poor rudra…he definitely become cry baby obroi today…. Waiting to see his photo…

  22. Sunanda

    Hi every one. I am a crazy fan of ishqbazz
    I am a silent reader nd I am new 2 here
    Such a funny episode .
    Soo sad of rudra

  23. Navi

    The family bond was so good. Rudra imitating tej was awesome. And om’s dialogue for both rudra and shivay was epic. Bechara rudra. Soumu ne band bhaja di. . No ishkara scene. That made me upset. But precap seems interesting. .

  24. Maanvi

    Yesterday’s episode was best specially the o brother moments and Soumya and rudra fight they should have shown some ISHKARA scenes waiting for them😪😪😪😪

  25. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    It was a FAMILY episode.. I likd it.
    bt i really msd SHIVIKA moments.. I loved the rockstar RUDRA.. It was a funny song,billu ki shaadi hogi… :p

  26. sujina

    junior n senior O bro moments was fantastic… rudra..tu toh gayi…soumya…naughty head…om ke toh baat karna bhi kam padh jayegi…so swt…love ishqbaaz….

  27. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    nice episode family bond amazing the tiramisu part was funny XD and rudra haha too good 😛 and sahil is so cute haha, missing anshi scenes but epi was amazing nw cant wait for ishkara scenes

  28. hauwatuyusuf

    Hi guy am new here in this group, so if u don’t mind friends.
    Actually yesterday episode was totally awesome especially during the family moment was absolutely extremely emotional, and for soumya and rudra moment that’s really hilarious in fact mind blowing yar just lv that

  29. Aashna57

    Todays family moment was nice,I liked to see them together for once,but om and tej r still fyting,I want them to patch up,anyway roumya are also fyting like shivika,only Om and ishana are frends,btw,I am eager to see rudra s pic,I want to see rudra s reaction wen he gets to know that Soumya is his love Angel,go for Ishqbaaz!!!!!

  30. neha

    No Shivika scene…😞😞😢..i am addicted to their chemistry.
    I am sorry to say but I don’t like ishaana; riddhima is better than her; although omkara is a real darling😘. Sorry once again ishkara fans..😃
    Soumya and rudra…cute fights😘
    Ishkara new song is simply awesome.😁

    • renima

      Hai mukta, how are you dear? am in chennai……attending one week workshop of our company…… pe work…..sorry….. that’s why am not able to comment……………
      you know…….i have to prepare 8 paper presentations……. and 4 presentations are over…my team is working very hard….. and field visits also…… mrng 8 am to evng4pm……continouous work…….we even not get time for lunch…. yesterday…….we had to fight with manager for a break……and now…….we completed some of our major projects and asked for a break……. yaar… am not getting time 2 watch my ishqbaaz also…….
      do you listen that new ishkara song oh saathiya……you can download the full audio song from mp3……

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      cmnts are nt getting published,,,coz TU is taking more than 1 hour to moderate a cmnt,,,,dnt knw when will they publish this cmnt

  31. John

    I love ishaana, she is a firework…
    Wish Riddhima idiot get caught soon by Omkara…
    Waiting for the painful love story of Ishkara…
    My Ishaana

  32. Mukta


    Ishqbaaz : In the upcoming episode, the show is to witness high voltage drama as Om gets shocked to see Riddhima with the princess. Om thinks that what is she doing here and why did she lied to him. Ishaana smiles to see her plan working. Om and Riddhima will indulge in an heated argument as Riddhima lied to him. Ishaana gets a chance to come close to Om seeing all this.

    On the other hand, Romi gets impressed seeing Rudra’s pic and hugs him but when Rudra sees his pic then he gets shocked. Rudra will now take revenge from Soumya for insulting him in the whole college and spoiling his reputation.

  33. Trisha

    I like to watch shivika nd roumya sence their nok jok but om is very serious….thier is no nok jok in btwn om nd ishana i want to see that photo that make ruhi crazy

  34. renima

    Whenever i get a break….defenitely…….i will find… least 10 mints……for commenting on ishqbaaz……it is my family……keep commenting guys……ishqbaaz rocks…..

  35. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Soumya is troubling Rudra a lot,,,,,
    Loved the Oberoi family moments,,,,happy that Om-Tej relation is getting better…
    OmShivRudr kitchen moments were funny as usual….
    Ishana looked cute in the precap hehe,,,hope that Ridhhima will be kicked out soon….

  36. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys tqs for ur Iove.. I m feeling better now…. But pls pray for me I m having a compering prgm on sports day and my thought Is so bad.. So do pray for me….

    @ROSE di… Ya now I m OK…

    @MUKTHA di… I m OK now.. Can I delete ur acc tmr??

  37. mottu

    Kanjoos makkhi choos oberoies. …………..
    Shivaay has a third grade attitude which he shows…………..
    Rudra is biggest stupid and fool.. ……….🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭🐭
    Om baalo ki dukaan.. …………..🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
    Anika has no self respect.. ……
    Itne ameer bante hai aur ek canteen chalane waali ko bana Dita wedding planner.. ……..
    Koi samjhaaye inki budi dadi ko jis umra ke padav me woh hai us umra me unhe bhajan keertan karne chahiye aur yeh bachho ko ishqbaazi sikhati hai

    Champa chameli nonsense she is totally nonsense
    Lot wedding planner haath me paper pen lekar ghoomtein hai Kya koi experience nahi kuch nahi sasta juggad sahi hai.. …….
    Dadi ko aag lagi hui hai us nonsense se apne grandson ki shaadi karane ki.. ………
    Nonsense.. ………

  38. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    @ENASANJIDA di.. I gng to listen bg song now.. I l say it in tdy epi page..

    @GUYS.. If anybody have asked me something and I didn’t answer.. Then pls ask me again I l I couldn’t visit strdy page.. So pls don’t take me wrong guys.. Hope u l understand bcoz I came late from schl.. Oopar se meri fever Kam bhi nahi huyi that’s y..

  39. Shai


    |Registered Member

    I can’t understand why you all are saying IshKara story will be a painful one!!
    If you go by the song,then it says about the love which is only embedded in their hearts,they can’t express it to each other,only Khamoshian(silence) can understand them and pass the love messages to each other,
    Second antra says that he(omkara) wishes that their together moments(which very still-tehra-tehra) don’t get hidden in the clouds(problems)for encapturing the two hearts,there are our strong emotions,May be next time we can’t meet each other,so let’s stay together O Saathiyaa
    3rd antra-I am glad after meeting you,But still my heart is confused,The confusing moments between us first make us meet and then separate us,I just wish that on your heart there will be no mark of sorrow(I don’t want to see you sad)O Saathiyaa!!

  40. kriti

    Om love story should be change,uff Ishana overacting.she is also cheating Om.Om is so nice,caring.Ishana personality doesn’t match with Om.

  41. QueenB


    |Registered Member

    I am just here patiently awaiting to see Shivaye becoming a jilted lover for Anika 🙂
    Pamper her with lots of love and attention to make up for the um-teen times he has insulted her
    Anika’s character is powerful like Shivaye
    I love them

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