Ishqbaaz 15th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 15th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Anika see the vide. Anika calls him Chant…. He asks her to watch out her language, do you think just you know such wriggling ways. He smiles. They do high five and see each other. Some time before, Anika dips her face in the water bowl. Shivaye laughs seeing her. Mallika smiles and looks at him. He stops laughing. She says its okay Shivaye, you can laugh, its not a smile. Anika gets up. Shivaye sees her and gives her a towel to clean her face. She says you are witness, if Rudra gives me water, I will not drink. Rudra comes and says you all will praise me now, I got my phone in which there is video recording, we will know what all we missed. Shivaye recalls the moment and asks whats in that video. Rudra says everything. Anika asks everything… Shivaye says I don’t remember. Mallika

says that’s great, Rudra is rockstar. Shivaye and Anika recall the dance.

Rudra asks everyone to have patience. He tries to play video. Pinky asks which video. Rudra says party video. Soumya asks him not to say. Pinky says we want to see what all you did in party. Rudra says sit, I will play it. Soumya and Priyanka ask him not to play video, there can be anything. Shivaye and Anika say nothing happened. Mallika says you guys are behaving strange, as if something happened. Shivaye and Anika boast of their sharp memories. Mallika asks Shivaye where did we go on first date. He says dinner. She says we did not go. Shivaye says yes, I remember. Mallika asks them to stop overacting, come and see video. Mallika gets Siddharth’s call.

Anika says I don’t know whats need to see video. Shivaye says yes, why are people taking cameras in mobile phone. She says I use just old phones, which are used to talk and break. He says why are we worried, there is nothing in video. She says yes, and recalls complimenting his eyes. He recalls dancing with her. He says even then I think no one should see that video. She says yes, we should see it. He asks do you remember. She asks do you remember. He says no. She says then I also don’t know. He recalls and says okay I remember. She says even I remember. They say we have to stop and run.

Rudra says this video is not for small children, I request all of the parents to take children’s permission before watching the video. Shivaye and Anika come. Shivaye asks did video start. Pinky says Shivaye is excited to see video. They all ask what happened. Shivaye says its not cool to see old party videos. Om asks why are you touchy about this video. Shivaye says there is nothing, why to waste time seeing it. Anika says no no….. Soumya asks what happened. Anika says eyes will get weak seeing video in phone. Rudra says I bought big tv. She says that aches head, seeing happiness video catches bad sight. Rudra says I have to see it.

Roop tells Gayatri that I got locker code, we will open locker and ruin Oberoi family. Pinky asks Rudra to show video and they will see what happened in party. Rudra plays the video. They see everyone dancing on Ladki beautiful…… song. Anika starts acting that she is feeling dizzy and falls over the phone. The video stops. Jhanvi asks are you fine. Mallika holds Anika. Anika says I had headache. She signs Shivaye she is acting. Rudra sees video in phone and says whats this….. Shivaye and Anika worry. Rudra says my phone hanged again….. Anika gets relieved and then gets acting again. Shivaye says what is the need to see video and takes phone. Mallika observes Anika and Shivaye. Shivaye says damn video, I will delete it.

Anika comes and stops him. He says you showed presence of mind in hall. She says I look so so but I m sharp. He says I m deleting video. She nods and says delete it, there should be no memory of yesterday night, it had no meaning. He says yes, I m deleting it. She says yes and goes. Shivaye sees video. He sees that moment, wherein he tells Anika that Rudra added something in punch, we both are drunk. He sees Anika beside him, watching video. She says you were deleting it. He says yes, I was checking. She asks what. He says which portion to delete. She asks did you check it. He says yes, I will delete now. She says wait, I also have to check. He says oh yes, and plays video. They see the moment.

Shivaye calls her cute and she compliments his eyes. Shivaye smiles seeing video, and then controls smile seeing her beside. They see their dance. He says its over, it has no meaning. She says yes, it has no meaning? He says Rudra made us drink punch. She says yes, else this would have not happened. He says never, so shall I delete it, I mean I m deleting it. Mallika comes. Shivaye hears her and says I will delete it soon. Shivaye and Anika delete video.

Anika says we deleted it, what will we say if anyone asks about video. He says I have an idea. He puts some other video. She says great, you are really Chant, I mean Chantomind. He says watch that language, you think just you know wrong twisty ways. They do a high five and look at each idea. He says Mallika…… and hands over phone to Anika. Rudra says I got phone from room, see the video. They see the video of Rudra doing pushups and staring at girls. Soumya laughs. Rudra switches off the video and says what to see video, we will go out, its good weather. Soumya asks do you make such videos. He says no, I did not make this, we will see news.

They see reporter saying people maybe thinking Mallika has run away from marriage and would be crying, but no she is partying, we have exclusive party pics, have a look. They see Mallika and Shivaye’s pics. Om asks how did they get pics. Rudra says just Lady baba and I had pics, jaybe she has put on social networking account and media got pics from there. Reporter says Mallika is with her ex, who happens to be Siddharth’s rival. Mallika cries and goes. Shivaye calls out Mallika and goes after her.

Shivaye gets Tej’s call. Tej asks where are you, come and talk to me, its urgent. Shivaye says I have some work. Tej says I said just come, its urgent, hurry up. Anika asks Shivaye to go. He says I have to talk to Mallika. She says I will talk to her, you go. Shivaye goes to meet Tej. Anika goes to Mallika and sees her packing her bag. Mallika says good you came, give this bridal dress to someone. Anika says its your bridal dress. Mallika says yes, give it to anyone. Anika asks how. Mallika says throw it in garden, burn it or sell it on internet, I don’t want this, I need a favor, I want some money, I will return it soon, tell Priyanka that I borrowed some of her clothes, I will return that too. Anika asks where will you go. Mallika says don’t know and cries.

Shivaye says I need to talk to you Mallika. Mallika is leaving and refuses to talk. Someone walks in, and says Shivaye Singh Oberoi……

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this comment is for u dhriv bhai and faker remember one thing before accusing anyone just ask who is she .there are many shivanis in this world so don’t show your drama .before alleging and insulting anyone just cross check it you idiot morons .I am not going bcoz of your allegations but I have self respect which you don’t have .I know you are the same person who is commenting from fake id .I don’t care .stop abusing a girl.without knowing anything about her you cheap fellows

  2. forgive me ishkies

  3. sorry mukta dhruv renima di haya aishwarya misri piyali szfz sunheri shaza shahbana manik bro dhruv ishika rosu fatarajo samyukta nadiya di sat mukti richu abiha luna and all family members

    1. D why r u saying sorry..?
      N asking forgiveness d..
      If u want to quit its ur decision d the thing is just we don’t want that u quit ..n if u quit it doesn’t mean that u hav to ask sorry d..
      Plz don’t say sorry we respect ur decision ..

    2. Disha

      Ishquies bhi sorry bhi choose any one
      If we are Ishquies so please don’t say sorry

    3. Piyaliii

      Di please….don’t say sorry….
      And don’t quit……
      It can be a misunderstanding……and if it is not…..and they are trying to tease you….We will fight till end di….We will not quit….

    4. Why r u saying sorry di??? It’s not ur fault!!!!!! Anyone would have done the same!!!!!!! But then too I request u to not quit!!!!!!!!

    5. Plz don’t quit yaar….just ignore those comments……I am not forcing u…. i know u hurt very much…. If i am in ur position….may be I will do d same…….but as a member of this family I really don’t want that u quit…..don’t give up….be strong….we all ishqies are with u……..

    6. Zuha Fatima

      Shivani di please don’t leave Ishqbaaz and no need to be sorry and also that stupid Ankit has accepted that he was just alleging u for no reason. Such ppl don’t respect anyone and insult their own selves so please dont leave TU for such idiots! Thanks Dhruvv bhai for your support 🙂 Shivani di we trust u and I hope that u will not leave TU!

      Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂


  4. I can’t tolerate such nonsense now please understand me .I have given answer it’s about character yar

    1. Disha

      You said na they are fakers why r u listening fake peoples ignore them di don’t leave that’s not a solution

    2. renima ishqie

      Shivani ishqie…..i know what you are and i faced this situation for 3 days dear and am with you ishqie in your decision….just because if it is the matter of self respect we can’t tolerate it……by the way i don’t tell you that your decision of quiting is right or wrong because the way everybody sort out issues are different. And i just want 2 say you again mail a complaint 2 tu i have also mailed … know i mailed twice when i faced it and then came the reply from tu…
      And shivani… always with you dear ishqie……but so sad that just am back to my family one of my sweet ishqie shivani is quiting…… any way decision is yours and shivu ishqie…… brave and you don’t reply to that comments…….about character…….samajhdari naam ke cheeze hai joh umar ke hisab se hona zaruri hai…..aur jinke paas woh nahi hai unhen samjhakar hum apne energy aur time kyun barbaad kare……be cool and stay happy….
      well if tu replies me i will inform u through this page shivu ishqie…..

  5. @piyalii dear n haya d thnx for ur wishes hoping for the best d..

    @mukti d m fit n fine ..just worried bcz tmrw is my result of just tensed..
    Btw how r u..

  6. @renima d ur poems is nice..but ur imagination about ishkara is awsomee d ..
    I also want something like that..
    Like ishana changed herself..n totally turned into a true person imagination is too bad d..but i want something like that..

  7. Hii …good r u..
    Ystrdy i replied u 3 times but tu page never shown atleast once..??

  8. All these probs bcoz of dat crybaby oberoi…?? But omg now we all realised how media TARGETS rich ppls and shames dem…?

    I h8 dat two female rivals… Yes they have a valid story but still…I just want ISHQ IN this serial???

  9. This comment is deleted.

    1. Ohhhhh lol…dnt take shivani name. not,even s naeto complain ok bye get lost

  10. Rana will enter today.The man who said Shivaay Singh Oberoi is Rana.

  11. renima ishqie

    Ishqies……just don’t request shivani….not quit from here and pls don’t reply 2 abusive comments……i faced this situation for 3 days ishqies and i can understand it well…..and it is the matter of your identity and self respect…..shivu tried 2 control it ….and those guys just insulted her again and again…..we can say….just ignore it or face it or give them a reply which will be a slap??? but can i ask u these bashers will not stop….i mean yesterday it happened with me now shivani and don’t know who will be their next target ???? i have mailed a complaint and ishqies am waiting for the response of tu……let us see what will be their next step and if this continues after 7 pm in today’s tu page i will also stop commenting …….as i just returned here when tu promised me in reply that they will not post abusive comment…..and i will not return to this tu page again…….its my promise to ishqies

  12. Renima di Mein bahut khush hoon Ki aap vapaad aa gayi.Apke bina yeh comment page suna suna lag raha tha.

  13. Fizza2k1

    The episodes kidda cute but i didn’t like rana’s entry

  14. renima ishqie

    Am feeling really bad ……yesterday only i was back and now shivu ishqie is quiting……. i mailed thrice tu and if they didn’t replies me until 7 pm i swear ……i will quit this tu page……..
    as they just promised me they will not post abusive comment any more…….let me check my mail and see what is their explanation…….and am going 2 mail tu again……ishqies…….

  15. Please it’s my humble request to all the bashers…. that stop posting such comments!!!!!! What will u get by hurting someone??? Why to spread negativity??? I hope u will understand my POV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. renima ishqie

      Mukta u are requesting 2 bashers….kal mere saath hua …..aaj shivu ke saath and pata nahi aage kiske saath hoga ???? this is very serious and hum logon ko self respect naam ki koi cheeze nahi……..maine 3 baar tu ko mail ki and abb they replied me like they will never repeat this again…..but don’t know tu pein trust karun yaa nahi……

  16. Hey guys I also want to chat with you but I don’t know how ? Please somebody tell me .

    Mukta, Renima di , Shivani di please help, like after how much time I should check TU.

    1. Actually I open the page whenever I’m free!!!!! U can also do the same!!!!!!!

    2. Shaza

      Actually if ur a registered member then u can chat with other registered member through messeges…..u will get notified if sm1 messeges you …..but u have to be registered member for that ….actually u can chat through comments but the only problem is moderation …….

  17. Wow Renima!!!!! ur imagination is awesome. Must say, u r very creative. U r really multitalented. U shud write an ff but I know, u dont have time.

  18. Piyali are you too in 12 th ? I am in 12 th and I have PCM doing preparations for
    IIT-JEE from Kota

    1. Piyaliii

      No di…I am in 11th….
      I also love Maths but I love bio more….
      First I thought to take PCMB then I takes PCB….

  19. renima ishqie


    Shivani ishqie tu mailed me that they are trying to remove abusive comments and on today’s tu they will not post any abusive comments… don’t worry…..joh bhi aaye hai usko toh pata nahi edit karenge yaa nahi…..par aage se aisa nahi hoga …..ishqies they have mailed me that they are trying to cancel abusive comments which are in moderation now……and they said that they will not post abusive comments again…..what’s your view ishqies ???one day they kept the promise and another day they just break it……..shall i give them another chance ??? i am going
    2 mail them that they are not efficient to follow rugles and regulations of moderating comments, then how we can comment here ???

    or shall i quit ????…..but after 7 pm they are not posting abusive comments…….and tu replied and promised me also……

    Am leaving decision to you ishqies…..what should i do ????

    1. Sunehri

      Di plz don’t leave

    2. I really dont want u to leave. Quitting is not the solution. This will only give these bullies encouragement. I think we shud’nt give them attention as if their comments dont even exist. When we reply to these fools they get excited that their nonsensical comments are being noticed. So I will advice all to not reply to these trolls. If we will not pay heed to their comments they will eventually leave.

  20. renima ishqie

    Ishqies…..i have decided one thing am leaving tu for two weeks……i mean i will comment only after 2 weeks……just wanna see if tu keeps their promise and if this time they will break it ……
    my quiting will be final decision……..ishqies

  21. I don’t know what happened,,,bt SHIVANI we ishqies are with uu,,,let the haters go to hell……Don’t get hurt

    RENIMA di ,,,,,So happy to see u back,,,,,,,,,

    why TU is posting such comments,,what’s the purpose of moderation then

  22. Arre ATTENTION EVERYONE!!!!!!watz wrong with all of u?????arent we supposed 2 be supportive???itz abt ishqbaaz yh..i undrstand shivu was bad bt plzzz gv it a chance…reni di???no testing di…u stay ok???plz??finally d commnts are deleted!!!letz be normal….I MISS THOSE DAYZ YAAAAAR!!!!plzzzz dnt quit…m going insane….SHIVU DI,RENI DI ND DISHU DI mo quitting!!!!letz be d happy ishqbaaz family again plzzzzzzzz evry1!!!!

    1. Disha

      agree with u mishri why all are quiting TU deleted abusive comments now come back shivani di and please don’t go renima di that is ishqbaaz family not quiting family and mishri M quiting thats impossible to stay without u all Renima di 2 weeks without your comments and poem like 2 year don’t go please

      1. Disha

        thats M not quiting

  23. Yazhu

    To all my ishqbaazians…pls guys don’t quit…shivani and reni di pls give it a chance…a humble request from me…we are ishqies…pls stay united…

  24. hllo I can’t able to stop myself from commenting bcoz of your love and support .I have decided but I could not resist

  25. sorry for troubling you .renima di come back

  26. hey misri piyali priya zuha mukta abiha disha aishwarya was upset but now I am ok

    1. hey rose yazhu dhruv bhai manik bro dhruv bro .I was too upset that’s why I took decision

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