Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 15th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye sees the goons and gets angry. Anika gets down the auto and sees him. The goons beat up Shivaye. Anika looks on worried. Blood oozes out of Shivaye’s mouth. Some time before, Priyanka says Anika too all responsibility on her to save me, its not Anika’s mistake, its my mistake. Soumya says yes, Priyanka is saying right, its not Anika’s mistake. Om asks Shivaye what are you waiting for, go….. Shivaye says what did I do, what will I tell her, how will I apologize to her. Bua says its decent people’s locality, Anika can’t stay here. She taunts Anika. Anika says enough, I have seen how decent you all are, you are making an issue of a lonely girl, are you not ashamed. Bua asks are you not ashamed, what did they show in news. Anika says what did they show in news, two person names was in

news, why is my name spoiled, as I m a girl. Anika asks why do you care, whatever relation I have with anyone. She scolds the goons and says I will call police. The guy asks are you our aunty to call police. The guys talk cheap way and ask Bua to give Anika as Lord’s Prasad, they will keep her. They surround Anika. Anika says don’t step ahead and gets worried.

Om asks Shivaye to understand, the girl who can take such big stain on her character to save him, her heart will be so big that she will forgive him despite his thousand mistakes. Anika slaps the guy. The other guys hold her. Rudra asks Shivaye to apologize from heart, only then it will reach heart. Anika tries to fight. Om says talk from heart, she will really listen to you and forgive you, its Anika. Shivaye says ya, its Anika.

Anika pushes the guy. The guys catch her. Om and Rudra ask Shivaye to go. Shivaye catches the car keys, thrown by Rudra. He leaves. The guys make Anika sit in the auto forcibly. Bua laughs and says its good, she is gone, now this house is mine. She acts to cry seeing the people. Shivaye’s car comes infront of the car. The guy asks the auto driver why did he stop the auto. Anika tries to get free. The guy goes to Shivaye and asks who are you, come out. Shivaye opens the car door and the man flies and falls away. Shivaye throws his shades inside the car and comes infront. The other guys come running to beat him. Shivaye makes a punch with his anger. Anika comes out of the auto and sees Shivaye. They both see each other. Music plays………… Shivaye thinks what bitter words he told Anika and guys start beating him. Shivaye keeps thinking of the humiliation he did and gets beaten. Anika thinks why is Billu ji not beating the guys. Shivaye looks at her and thinks how he fired Anika from job. The men beat him more. Blood oozes out of his mouth. Anika gets shocked seeing the men badly beating Shivaye. She shouts Billu ji and runs to him. A guy catches her by her neck and hair. She screams. Shivaye gets raging and holds the other guy’s hand. He beats all the men. She shouts Billu ji again. Before he could turn, he gets hit on his head. Shivaye is held against the car and he sees Anika. Om and Rudra come and kick the men away. Om holds Shivaye. La la la la la….plays……….. Om says I have a principle, no regret if I get attacked by a sword, but if its a scratch on my brothers, then its either you or us fine. Rudra says this can’t happen that we are not here. Lafzon ka ye…..plays……….

Shivaye, Om and Rudra get ready to fight. Shivaye signs the men to come. They all beat the bad men down. Om and Rudra get punched on their face. Anika beats a guy by her slipper. Shivaye, Om and Rudra beat the men and they run away. Om and Rudra walk to Anika. Rudra coughs. Om pats on his back. Anika asks are you both fine, what are you trying to say, I m not understanding. Om and Rudra see Shivaye. Om says it was one’s mistake but we will apologize from the family’s behalf, please come back Anika. They fold hands. Om asks don’t you have to say anything Shivaye. Shivaye goes.

A boy comes and keeps a water bucket. Anika looks on. Shivaye comes back. He signs her. Om and Rudra ask Anika to go ahead. Anika goes to Shivaye and takes the bucket. Om and Rudra look on shocked, as she throws the water on Shivaye. Om and Rudra turn away. Anika turns her face away and then sees Shivaye. Shivaye says sorry. Om and Rudra smile. Anika looks at Shivaye. Music plays…………

Jhanvi says Omkara and Rudra’s phones are switched off. Pinky says Shivaye does not answer my call, the house has become daily soap, new problem every day, Cd scandal, Gayatri’s death, and now phones are not reachable. Dadi says they went to take Anika, they would be talking to her, I hope Anika comes back soon. Jhanvi says Anika is mature girl, if Shivaye sincerely apologizes to her, Anika will come back. Pinky says when my Shivaye apologizes to anyone with innocence, people agree easily. They get shocked seeing Shivaye, Om and Rudra coming home in wounded state. Pinky asks did Anika beat all three of you.

Anika throws Bua’s bags out. Bua asks Anika to listen and praises her, saying she is world’s best girl, I did this to get you on right path. Sahil says we are doing this to bring you on road. Anika says get out, and shuts the door. Bua knocks door and says we are one family, forgive me, till you both forgive me, I won’t move. Sahil says if elephant stands outside door, who will call us poor, get out. Anika smiles and says whatever world does, I will never leave you, this is my promise, pinky promise. He hugs her and says you are world’s strongest girl.

Pinky says they have beaten my son so badly, like its haldi stain on cloth, not a human, let me apply ointment. Shivaye takes medicines. Shivaye gets pain and screams. Om says its burning. Dadi says you are my understanding son, its fine. Rudra asks mummy what are you applying this, why are you becoming doctor, take me to ICU, I think I got fever, touch my elbow. Jhanvi asks you have fever in instalment, its just external injury. Rudra says external injury? You know, there were 50 goons and I have beaten them alone, Om, Anika and Shivaye just stood and clapped. She asks then how did they get hurt. Rudra says they fell while clapping, go and make kada for me, go fast. She goes. Pinky says Shivaye will not listen to me. Jhanvi says Rudra is a kid, boys crossed limits. Dadi says my head is aching, I think I need medicine now. Priyanka says don’t worry Dadi, Shivaye has chemist shop with him, take medicines from him and give them. Pinky likes the idea.

Anika does the aid to her wounds. Sahil says if you are so hurt, how much will Shiv, Om, Ru be hurt. She asks who. He says Shiv, Om, Ru, poor guys. Anika says just Om and Rudra need pity, not Bagad Billa, even if he is beaten up more, its less, you know what he did with me, he insulted me and fired me from job. He asks about Omru. She says yes, they both are so good.

Shivaye takes a tablet and says this one, its strong painkiller, pain will go away mum, but it will be like drunken state. Dadi asks Om to have it, it will relieve it. Rudra says such a small tablet for big wound, you need to take me to ICU. Jhanvi asks him to eat tablet, else she will call Tej. Shivaye, Om and Rudra take the pain killers.

Anika says Sahil I don’t know how are Shivaye’s brothers so straight. Sahil says today Billu ji fought for you, don’t be annoyed with me. She recalls the fight and says please don’t say good about him, he feels he said sorry, I have thrown water, then will I forget everything, will a bucket of water wash out all his sins. Sahil reminds his friend’s tough surname, when he said it, you got so happy. She says you said it by many tries, I m proud of you, you learnt to spell that word. He asks her to be proud of Billu ji, he learnt to say sorry by many difficulties, its very big thing for him to say sorry. She asks him not to take his side. He says fine.

Pinky says now we will get peace. Dadi says they should get fine soon. Jhanvi says I hope they do anything stupidity after having painkillers. Anika says you said right. Sahil asks when did I say. She says you just said its big thing for a big man to say sorry, he saved me from goons, anyways he can’t control his anger, his family, brothers and Dadi are so good, its my best friend’s house. He says yes, but he insulted you, fired you, he said sorry, you threw water, will you forget everything, will all his sin get washed out by a bucket of water, you did a lot, you saved him from murder blame, he did not even say thank you. She says I did not save him because I had to hear thank you. He asks then why did you save him. She says yes, why did I save him. He says that too when he insulted you and fired you from job, why did you save him, why, there has to be some reason. She says yes, why did I save him, there would be some reason.

Shivaye says I don’t know why did Anika do so much for me. Rudra says because there is something between you two. Shivaye says maybe both of you are saying right, there is something. Anika comes to Shivaye’s room and hears him. Shivaye says I don’t understand one thing, I don’t see her many times, but I feel she is around me, like now I m feeling she is here, but she is not here. Om says don’t find out, ask Anika. Shivaye says I will ask her when I meet. Rudra calls out Anika. Om says then meet her. Shivaye says hello and waves to her. Rudra wishes good luck to Anika and leaves with Om. Anika and Shivaye see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. SAIMA

    the episode was just sooo damn amazing. shivaay himself alowed anika to throw water on him and guys guess what tomorrow shivikas first hug omg i just cant beleive this. and in the precap anika didnt have any wounds on her face………….
    and when the goons were beating shivaay i felt like crying and the o bro scenes were awesome.
    anika was getting restless seeing shivaay getting beaten up and i read the rumors that rumya r gonna get married is it true? and now shivika and rumya stories are gonna moves forward….why aint they starting om’s story?
    btw how r u all(mukta (actually i only remember ur name)
    and good night ishqbaazians

    • Hanya

      Yes dear u heard it right…………rudra and soumya would probably get drunk ……..
      And the next morning they will find each other sleeping on the same bed together…….with mangalsutra in soumyas neck and garland on rudra’s neck…………. It would be the recreation of ek main aur ekk tu………… Actually when a news channel reached out to nehalakshmi iyer(soumya) she confirmed it by saying that its true and they are gonna shoot the promo shot …….i am eagarly waiting for this track. ………..

    • Hanyaa

      Yes dear u heard it right…………rudra and soumya would probably get drunk ……..
      And the next morning they will find each other sleeping on the same bed together…….with mangalsutra in soumyas neck and garland on rudra’s neck…………. It would be the recreation of ek main aur ekk tu………… Actually when a news channel reached out to nehalakshmi iyer(soumya) she confirmed it by saying that its true and they are gonna shoot the promo shot …….i am eagarly waiting for this track. ………..

  2. Archiya

    From where did omru come all of a sudden to save theor bro.. they weren’t with him wen he came.. I liked tat anika hit the goon wit her chameli and did nt just stand crying ..
    Sahil dialogue ” hathi jarwaje ke khada rahega toh hame gareeb kaun samjega.. lolzzz
    Rudy’ dialogue..take me to icu. I fought 50 ppl anika n shivaay fell while clapping. . Hilarious
    So the spoiler wher shivaay hugs anika is gng to cme true but again after drug effect
    Like the sahil n anika talk.. she really needs to analyse why she saved shivaay
    An the classic one “throwing bucket full of water on shivaay”
    But I thght they will start gayatri murder investigation.. but guess its yet to come. . Also the publicity of their affair dies down so soon.. strange

  3. Malar

    Shivay’s expressions during the fight – remorse,guilt,anger,even pride he aced them. Gr8 going nakul.
    His apology and cute paani gesture was awesome.
    Rather than hugging anika in a dream sequence he s doing it n drugged state which has to come out of free will without any inhibitions.good

    • DaSha

      Malar, did you notice Shivay and Anika were keeping eye contact while goons were beating him? Like if he let them to punish him for all his words he told. He felt guilty so he let them hurt him until he saw Anika in trouble. Very sensitive moment.

      • Ria

        Malar and dasha…
        I second you both…. Today Nakuul has nailed it.. Without speaking a single word, he has made me speechless

  4. Malar

    And thanks to the CVs for giving one of the strongest heroine. The way Anika dealt with people in her locality and how she went right on to hit the goons wid her slipper. Sahil was right guys

    • DaSha

      Totally agree! Finally the girl who knows how to face the world! I’m quite sure she will never take deal marriage or smth like his to save her reputation for herself (perhaps for Sahil safety?)

  5. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode is so damn awesome…loved it to the core…I donno why I’ve became this much crazy fan of Shivika…They really create a magic on screen…love my Shivika so so soooooooooo much…really felt so bad for Shivaay when he got beaten up by the goons…I just closed my eyes…can’t see him like that…the way SSO looks at Anika awww…he’s sooooo cute…
    Have to say about Rudy…his pose before fight…hehehe so funny…he always make me laugh…his convo with Jhanvi when he became a cry baby…so hilarious…can’t control my laughter n I was laughing hard…he’s damn so good…
    Om looks so cool during the fight sequence…but after the fight….hehehe poor boys…
    Cute Sahil with his cute little mind gives great ideas…and the way he talked with Anika using her words against her…he’s so smart…loved Sahil n Anika’s convo….
    On the whole it is a dhamakadhar episode…I kept on smiling throughout the epi…ISHQBAAZ ROCKSSSSS…
    Now I have to wait until Monday to see my Shivika romance…eagerly waiting for that…I’m so happy…I’m so happy…crazy me…can’t control my excitement…

  6. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Rudy really steals the show with his damn good humour…faced 50 goons single handedly…Shiv Om n Anika fell while clapping…he’s so hilarious…he always make me smile whenever he appears on screen…love him n his cracky jokes so much…wanna see Rumya’s love track…there’ll be more n more fun…

  7. Tamanna

    Awwwwwwsomeeeeee !+!!!!!!+!!!+!!!! 😃😃😃😃😍😍😍😍😍BESTEST EPISODE EVERRRRRR…..All the scenes were SUPERB !!!! FROM shivaye beating goons to anika throwing water to shivaye saying sorry to rudra’s hilarious dialogues — like they got hurt while clapping to first sahil trying to convince anika to then anika getting convinced on her own and the BEST PRECAP !!! Shivaye saying i can feel her , i know she’s not here but i can feel. ….oho warijawaan 😀😀😀 yaar aise ladke bhi hote hain kya ? Shivaye can SENSE her presence …..Fully romantic 😘😘😘

  8. Vinayak

    Superb episode of today.Now both of them love each others
    Story is taking some twists, but interesting.
    Hope some good thing .Hope all misundrestings vanishes
    Thanks Telly update.

  9. shekhar

    So far as I believe, it is not going to happen shivika unison turn out to a marriage level. Before that TIA will be out of drama for a sensible reason , revealation of who actually is behind the GAYATRY. DO NOT JUMP OVER TO ROOP, bcz ROOP may also be a front of some one, and ROOP may be one of culprit, not the Main . I always smell , all this mesh up is directly or indirectly has a certain connection with the past of ANIKA, WHAT EVER IT MAY BE. ACP randhava in the scope of his investigation will carve out her past and connection of her past with oberoy’s family. He seems accepting the ANIKA’s statement as truth, but he left oberoy mansion with many unanswered questions and knows ANIKA is lying even after she had,produced the proof there of. He may now dig out the past of ANIKA . Untill and unless the revealation of person behind GAYATRY AND REMOVAL OF TIA FROM PICTURE, NOTHING SUBSTANTIAL WILL BE HAPPEN ON SHIVIKA TRACK

    • DaSha

      Thank you, Shekhar, for your comment. I really agree there should be a reason for all these attacks, perhaps a person from rich or powerful family who stands beyond them. For some reasons I believe it could be double play:
      1. it could Tej game to eliminate Shivay form Om way to take the control over Oberoi Empire. He does not wants to harm Shivay, but just to put him away
      2. Some powerful enemy (like someone from Anikas original family) to take revenge for all Oberoi mistakes. All of them Shivay, Om, Rudra got no idea about it, but it goes to harm they parents by destroying them
      What I want to say is what if some of these attacks are planned by insider? Perhaps by Tia’s family if they are eager for power and control this marriage could give them? Or by Tej who wants to keep everything to Om possession?
      So I think it could be double play by enemy outside and someone from inside

      • SHEKHAR

        (1) TIA is not favorable to DADI , OM and RUDRA. They never tried to hide their LIKING for ANIKA.
        (2) DADI and OMRU has control over the security guards which they proved in many episodes.
        Looking at the incident of a BIRD’s BLOOD DRIPPING over horoscope of SHIVAAY at the back drop of above my two points and also at the back drop of your statement ‘…………..what if some of these attacks are planned by insider?………”, I doubted over these three OBEROY MEMBERS , specifically DADI, right from the this incident happen, bcz such TROUBLE can not be raised by TIA’s family and GAYATRY wanted oberoy’s BLOOD against her HUSBAND death, not such types of problem for OBEROY. A little bit doubt may be over TEJ may be there.

        Any how, this BLOOD DRIPPING incident is framed by one of OBEROY member, that is sure.

      • SHEKHAR

        I also doubted that, there is some understanding made between DADI and ANIKA before ANIKA joined as WEDDING PLANNER about which no one knows and when ever it needed DADI used her VITO power against all odds which may cause problem for ANIKA>

        Look, these all are all prediction, any of all or all may be wrong, bcz director has many ways either to prove me RIGHT or WRONG. We have to accept the TRUTH placed by director what ever it may be.!!!!!!

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      If im not mistaken..i told u dat ur commnts were awsum ryt??yep there is somethng…..anika is gng 2 knw her roots soooon obviously becoz of acp…nd y dev entry???nd thn ayush nd prinku????i dnt get it

  10. akann

    Great episode. Loved that Shivay let Annika punish him by throwing Rudra being a cry baby was just hilarious. Also Sahil is such a smart and cute boy.

  11. sukanya

    Anika is my fav..she is d world’s strongest girl.Sivika moment were awsomwe.Sahil was dam cute..I like him so much

  12. Chetna

    Very good episode and I like omkara’s dialogue very much now I see something marriage news of raumya and I hope that omkara’s love story will start soon.

  13. BhaktiRajyaguru

    I am a fan of the serial but last two episodes almost felt like a daily soap if you know what I mean. I felt episodes were filmy and a bit dramatic in the beginning but of course Rudras humour compensated for everything. I don’t like the way Shivika is shaping it’s too kiddish. Hope to see a different approach to their love story. All said and done I am a jabraat fan of ishqabaaz

  14. Darsana R krishna

    Hi guys i am new to ishqbaaz team.I always used to read your comments.And now i am so glad that there are people who like shivika like me.I am a dead fan of shivika

  15. Diya

    Rudy and Sahil😀😀😀My favorite people in today’s episode. Rudy wanted Jhanvi to check his temperature from his elbow 😂
    And Sahil’s haathi dialogue, and the wise things he said to Anika about ShivOmRu. I love that name. Maybe Anika will eventually call billu ji , Shiv. Sounds nice.

    • aahana

      I dont think so she ll call shivaye shiv kz billu ji looks better for her n moreover shivaye now dnt mind her call him billu!!😂😂

  16. Shivani Singh

    May be chhabra gayatri murder k peeche h
    He said na tmhe iske liye pachhtana hoga shivaay
    Hey I’m new here

  17. Samyukta

    Yesterday episode was damm good shivika moments and brothers bonding and we have to wait till Monday for next episode so sad but loved yesterday episode

  18. Trisha

    Wah sahil shivomru sahil such a smart boy….why shivomru behave like these something fishy cant belived shivaya also i thinks drugs reaction in precape scene ….Now its gone be fun to see shivaya want to known the truth why she save him he going close to her

  19. Diya

    Anika is like Hema Malini of TV. Dabang and dhansoo heroine. I like it that she is not a delicate fragile heroine.

  20. Mishri


    |Registered Member

    They are a unique couple😂😂😂😍😍😍😍!!!WHO APOLOGIZES WITH A BUCKET OF WATER!!!??hilarious😂😂😂😂..lovin it❤❤❤❤

  21. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    In my whole long comment I didn’t say about the Super Girl ANIKA n her brave act… She’s sooooooo brave…it’s really good to see a very bold heroine…when she beats the goon with her slipper…she’s so amazing…proud of Anika…sure she should think why she tend to save SSO after all the insults he had done to her…looks like she got lost in his kanji aakhon…she proved that a girl can go any extent to save her loved ones…loved her so much in this epi…

  22. Tarini

    Ohh!!! Owsome episode eagerly waiting for next one.. If u all remember one Pandit said that one marriage will happen at the end of month I think it’s romyas marriage… om luked so cute just luv that guy….😚😘😙

  23. Shivani


    |Registered Member

    anika is such an audacious girl.,she can even fight with a so called society.there is something big planned behind gayatri might be related to om’s past which is going to be revealed in upcoming episode

  24. chithra

    I juss lvd da way anika shouted at those ppl inculding bua its juss amezing …hw strong she vl be!!!wow ! No words I think no one can play anika other den surabi chanda she z fabulous …nd the way 3 bro fighted..funny rudra askd him to take ICU he he ha ha no words he rocks always ..even anika nd her bro conversation was juss amezing no words anika herself dnt knw y she saved billu ..anika fallen fr billu I guess ..smwhere I feel tej is behind all these attacks bcz all tym villain attacks only Shiv not om- rudra y it so??? ..

    Nd precap he he juss cute ..nakul nailed it nd I have how anika came back to mansion so early …

    3 brothers when they were together they looks dam cute ..

  25. Disha


    |Registered Member

    Good Morning ishqies
    Have a wonderful day
    Epesode was amzing
    Starting lil bit emotional but when obos start fight together its awesome finally sso said SORRY in the unique style with water
    When pinki said anika ne tum tino ko itna mara its so funny
    Rudy such kid 50 gunde the mane akele fight ki om ,anika didi aur shivaye bas taaliya baja rahe the
    And the question of the day by anika
    “Mane unhe kyo bachaya”
    Please reply

  26. Lijitha

    awesome…… 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈really interesting🎩

  27. nithu

    What a episode… Shivaye himself allowed Anika, to throw water on his face… Just shivika rocked in tis episode, their eye contact was wow…
    It is a super duper episode for shivika fans, I enjoyed it alot. Anika’s character was so strong..
    Wow, sahil u r really smart baby, how u used reverse psychology, to make Anika to accept shivaye’s apology…
    And finally my cry baby, he made me laugh at every time, his dialogues are so funny…
    Great episode and precap was super can’t wait for next episode…
    Today sunday so no telecast, shit…

  28. Abiha

    Hey guys … r u all…??
    Hope all of u r fit n fine….
    I was busy due to muharram n also fasting so mom said not to use mobile…..n my net pack was also got over… r recharged n today is my sisters birthday also……

    *Hope all of u remember me…??who missed me…
    *chetna sorry yr i didn’t wished u on ur birthday…..belated wish for ur birthday may u get all the hapiness …once again sorry….

    So many ishqies r missing….where are all of them…

  29. Abiha

    Dhruvv bhai m fit n fine….just now ibrecharged n checked the privious pages…how r u bhai..?? N also in which class u r….

    Saku, shivani d, nivedha d ….m fit n fine…

    *renima d alwayss u forgot me…😂😂😂by the way d how r u…? N hows ur leg…?

  30. Malar

    @Dasha- exactly. Their stupendous eye contact throughout the fight even after the bros if shivay s asking sorry by getting beaten up and anika being unable see him in pain. Out of the world!!!!
    But i share ur thoughts abt sahils custody yaar. I don’t want that evil bua to create further scenes.

  31. shahabana

    Gd afternoon guyz. Yesterday episode is superb.loved shivomru and anika i like her a lots she doesn’t care about so called society and the way shivaye say sorry to anika its uniq and again rudra rocked the episode by his doilogues and ofcourse sahil and pinky also superb .loved shivika a lots and love my shivomru and ishqbaaz and today there is no episode so we have to wait for tomarrow and we can get some shivika moments .

  32. Tridha

    Guys shivika intimate scenes r coming. I think it is the best scene of them. A hug and more. I think it is the closest scene between them

  33. Diwna

    Superb episode..can’t wait for next..shivika is rocking..rudi hits again with his dialss.. sahil also scored

  34. Stuti

    Supppppeeerrr epi no words to say … Shivika awesome shivomru …everything awesome …. Rudy as always funny and sahil as always cutie pie….

  35. Stuti

    But guys I’ve 1 ques. As I’m not seeing ishqbaaz from day 1 I’ve one doubt …
    I’ve seen om calling tej Mr oberoi and not dad and om speaking against tej …. Why does om hate tej ????

    • shahabana

      Om hates tej because he had a affair with swethlana and his mom become alcoholic bcz of his father so he hates his father and also om always thinks tej doesn’t loves his family

  36. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Commenting after a long time … I was a bit busy .. I need to watch the episode properly 😂 😂 😂 and I hope all ishqies are fine

    Anyways keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta ♡

  37. Twinkle

    I loved today’s episode…but dis serial is abt 3 brothers bt hea more focus is given to shivika only… Plz show abt om n rudra’s love story too… At least day r showing somyru bt were is ishkara…. I miss dem n feel pity on Om…. Plz bring back ishana…. Giv equal importance to 3 brothers… Plz Gul khan mam…….

    • aahana

      Dy will finish wd 1 pair at a time n dn start wd d other babe i hv told dis before.ishkara is over no ishkara now dy ll bring new lead n new story for om n abi dy will show his past dn will move to d present kz only he s d 1 among d 3 who has painful mysterious past n many times is discussed by shivaye(n is d reason for there strong bond)

  38. Sonakshi

    Hi stuti, actually tej was in a relationship with shwetlana, his employee. This hurts janhvi, om’s mom a lot and om can’t see his mother in pain and that’s why he hates tej and calls tej as Mr oberoi…..

    Other reason is that tej is quite dishonest in his business and gives more importance to business and om totally opposes this mentality…

  39. Sonakshi

    While abt the episode…….. it was

    Shivika rocks……..

    Eagerly awaiting for Monday’s episode

  40. Nandini

    Tej had an affair with sewthlana who works for him and hurted his wife and jhanvi became alcoholic and om hates him for tat but their differenes are reducing slowly jhanvi and tej are normal but om still calls him Mr.oberoy and once it was told in show tat om was a drug addict and shivay sent him to rehaab and made him fine. now also when om is upset shivay gets to protective and at starting he used to check his room if there were drugs whenever om was upset in starting episodes but now all finefine. soon that om past drug story gonna be revealed I read tat in some newsnews. Hope u got answers stuti. And ya due to his parents fights he never takes a step of full commitment in his relatioshiorelatioshiop and tats why ridhi is his gf since 2 or 3 years but he is not sure of marriage with her . so tats it stuti

  41. Anu

    Hii ishqbaazians lemme giv u my intro. I’m anu!!!! And I had started watching this serial recently so I don’t have so much idea about it but anika and shivaye are really gud..I heard about vrushika being a part of this it ??
    Richuuuuuu behna dhruv muktiii Shivani!!
    U remember me???
    Guyzzz plzz add me in ur group..

    • Shaza


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      Hi , I’ll give my intro 😄.
      I’m Shaza ..
      Vrushika WAS a pert of this show no more 😔
      Anyway b4 I start my dukh dard ishkara story 😣😜
      And welcome to the ishqbaaz family 😄🎉🎊

    • aahana

      Hii anu..welcome here!!
      Yes vrushi(ishana)was paired wd om she played a con girl chr but was good at heart she planned to convict om n take money frm him(to pay d loans taken by her father) for which she played around being mala-bela wd om n ridima dn she got exposed by shivomru n dn om had a confrontation wd her n dn afer dt she jst disappeared n aftr sm tym news came dt ishkara track is halted kz dy dnt kno how to shape ishana chr kz om z an honest gentleman n wont accept a con girl n dy r doing some improvement in dhr track but then news came dt ishkara has ended(vrushi quit show)
      I hope u got ur answer n u can read previous update pages n comments dhr was much hue n cry abt ishana leaving😸

  42. Anu

    Hello disha abiha twinkle sunehri stuti Monique Trisha kavya shahbana nithu..
    I don’t kno u all but these r the names whose comments I saw..
    Hope u don’t mind and welcome me

  43. Rosu 25

    Most funniest part was jhanvi rudra convo…..he is really a cry baby…..very funny to watch his expressions……..

  44. Sonakshi

    Hi ishquies, can some one tell me which video was voral on you tube and what were it’s contents…….

  45. shekhar

    Untill today ANIKA used to follow her heart while SHIVASY is used to follow his mind for any matter. ANIKA has self confidence , to which when her honesty and sincerity added, her charector twinkle in the sky like a silent star. ANIKA do each work to win the heart of people around while SHIVAAY DOES TO EARN MONEY, to satisfy his ego. ANIKA never find her ego as hurdle while dealing with anyone while SHIVAAY when get in make any deal, everyone has to deal with his ego first, and then with SHIVAAY. After getting in touch with ANIKA, he is feeling many types of contraversial feelings along with inferiarity complex and somewhat jelousy with ANIKA. He knows, he has string feeling for ANIKA, and in many ways he expressed it, but he feel him self vised between contraversial feeling, and just could not stepped out. When he came to know the truth that ANIKA is not a person who made DEV’s entry in mansion, but it was confession, false confession to save his sister prinku from a probable havoc would have been created due to him , he just could not conrol over his heart feelings, and when ANIKA stabbed her own image only to save SHIVAAY, his heart get bursted and first time viewers feel that SHIVAAY’s HEART is riding over his MIND! Under the effect of the feeling flowing out of his heart he was getting bitten by goons and let ANIKA to throw water over him. The word sorry which was jammed in his egoist mind since birth thrown out of his mouth !

    • shahabana

      Hellooo shekar u explained shivika very well really very good pov. Both shivaye and anikas charecter explained nicely

  46. Shaza


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    Hey guys , how r u all
    @ Abiha di , glad to see u back 😄
    The ep was awesome..actually I wrote awesome everyday , this time na it was Mega awesome 😁😂…Can u imagine ….shivaye himself kept a bucket of water in front of Anika to throw on him 😱😜…and atlast said the hardest word in the world ..Sorry , Atlast …..I didn’t take so much time to learn and pronounce the full form of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid ) how much shivaye took for telling sorry 😂😜😁

    Roudra is the best part can’t stop laughing …I gotta go to the ICU 😱😂😂..can’t stop laughing …..
    Precap more awesome..can’t wait for tomorrow ..
    NO TOMORROW m I mean Monday 😭😭😭😭😭 ishqbaaz tomorrow 😕😭😭😭😔
    Have to wait till Monday …

  47. Shaza


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    And Anika …happy that like she just didn’t stand crying there ..She was also on action with her Chameli , oh I mean Chandni , Chameli retired 😜

    Thank god this idiot Bua is out …hate her ..she should never come back

    Pinky aunty thought that Anika bet them all 😂😂😂
    Roudra’s all dialouges when Jhanvi aunty was applying antiseptic 😂😂😂

    Roudra – mom , I was beating all the goons ..and that also there were “40” goons ( actually 4) 😂😂..and shivika and Om were jaunt clapping

    Jhanvi- then how did they get hurt ?

    Roudra – Voh Voh 🤔🤔..they fell down while clapping for me 😆😂😂.cant stop laughing

    • shekhar

      Bua may be out of SAHIL’s house, but will not be out of story untill she held the know how of ANIKA!

  48. Shaza


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    If anyone get any news about Vrushiak being back or about Om’s story then pls tell me ha ? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻..

  49. Dhruvvv


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    Helo abiha I’m fine…hey whre is mukta???
    Hi sat I commented on ur ff dear…see it..
    Hi richu howru.hey anu sry I didnt know u…
    Hey shabana disha renima di tridha sunherisat mishri shivani mukti ahanachetna haya. Dhruv n everyone Guys howru…
    N id t tht marriage will happen so soon then it Would become boring…..they will stretch it for long time….
    Anywz guys I thnk most of old membras are gone now n many fakers joined….
    Piyali abiha priya renima mukta dhruv shivani mukti mayank n many more…. N now this 1 persn 2 accs hv joined…
    Tc guys..

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    My FA next weak …wish me a luck ..and pray for my exams to go well first exam is Science , it’s easy for me ..but after that it’s Maths..hard for me 😣..but it’s just a FA ..25 marks …but pray pls …Cuz for us in 25 marks also they will include lil of everything ..

  51. aahana

    Epi was just awesome!!!!!!!
    Cant wait for next epi…

    @mayank bhai…m 17 will turn 18 dis 16nov(u asked me on d last update) n how do u get to know d epi update b4 its telecast??

    Hii guy.kse ho sb???

  52. Dent Bhurry

    Shivaay and Anika will be the couple. Rudra and Soumuya will get married . But what about Om ? Actually I have read that Shivaay and Anika will be seperated as Om and Anika will get married . And now I am getting the news that Rudra and Soumuya will get married . Which one’s true ?

    • aahana

      Shivika will b a couple…dt was old n fake news f omika happening…n roumya will get married accidentally in d coming episodes…


    most probable to happen next…….
    Shivaay gets upon falling in love with Anika but is still confused so as to propose Anika or not.

    Shivaay’s actual fight for accepting Anika as Shivaay’s wife is with Shivaay himself as Shivaay is not ready to accept the middle class tag that will come along with Anika’s love and name.

    Shivaay does not like Anika entering Oberoi family with middle class name of Anika’s house joining with Shivaay’s Oberoi family

    Omkara when get to know that Shivaay has fallen off for Anika advise Shivaay to listen to Shivaay’s heart rather than business minded brain.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to what would be Shivaay’s decision upon Anika’s love angle?

  54. Dhruvvv


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    Anu I think you are talking about another dhruv…..his nAme is DHRUVV….I AM DHRUVVV…
    Shabana dear I am another dhruv…..tht mukta fan which mishri calls……

    See that dhruvv which you all call dhruv bhai have his own dp…..I mean its him in his dp having cigrate. N my dp is of zayn malik……

    This is for ahiba mukti renima richu anu shivani sat mishri shabana ahana manik piyali priya shaza haya mukta n all ourfrnds who gets confused….plz plzunderstand ppllz

    • Abiha

      Heyy …..confused n abiha not at all …..even i hateeee confusions…..n yeah on privious pages dhruvv bhai mentioned my name soo i replied to him….n also at once i asked u also abour ur class n age….but u didn’t replied me ….😂😂😂 n this time i asked 4rom dhruvv bhai n u replied but half…☺☺… noo worries….in which class u r…?if u see this then reply me….

    • shahabana

      Hey thanks for clearing the comfusion dhruvvv i got it now enyways gd afternoon and aise bade bade deshome yeise choti choti bathe tho hothi rehtheehe tc

  55. Akshatha

    Dinchak episode . The way shivaay was looking at Anika when the goons were beating him up,the way he remembered their encounters.was jus out of the world. My OMRU were no less. Commin to house PINKY: Anika ne tum teenon ko peat diya. Rudra’s jokes while jhanvi was applying ointment omg…….waiting for monday’s ep.
    Why don’t they telecast episode on Sunday’s also. I jus can’t live wid out ishqbass.
    Love you guys SHIVOMRU and ANSHIYA.
    Gn Guys ..

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    Hello guys….. how are u all??? Commenting here after a long time but what to do webpage was not opening. Moreover I was busy with my studies n assignments. Hope u missed me…… don’t know about u all…… but I really really missed u all…….. Luv uhh all….

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      *Mukta …….Arrray yrrr..missed u sooo much…..u know i comment almost after one week……n i was going to say this that sooooooo many ishqies r missing……specially u yrrr….but thank God u r back….how s ur studies…..u know from ystrdy my classes also started soo now i’ll b only able to comment after coming back n also for lil time bcz now we have to study na….how r u..?m fit n fine….

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    hey guys I have read in instagram that somya nd rudra get married (somya nd rudy going some party nd then they drink so much nd when they bcom concious they see each others in bedroom , somya wearing mangalsutra nd rudra wearing foolmala ) I don’t known It is true or what plz me guys

  58. Abiha

    *rosu d…
    *Roz d…
    *Shahabana d….
    *saku…… m fit n fine ….morning time it was lil pain in leg but now perfectly fine…..

    *disha ….yrrr u know no need to visit doctor bcz its present at home….my uncle…most of the time he stays out of city but luckily today he is at home….i took one tablet….n now m perfectly fine……

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    *Anu……welcome here …..why we will mind….btw can plz tell me ur age so i can decide should i call u d or not…..

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    Hy all …u guys really interesting ,.your love for each other , friendship, n all,….I pretty much liked you all …
    Even we have a serial story here in this page …y don’t we go for it .!!!!

  60. Abiha

    This is only for the writers who r writing ff n os ts n so on…
    Guys plz don’t kill me bcz i m not able to comment…..sorry yr…..i was busy n now m reading privious parts btw my studies… m not commenting……but if i read ur lastest episode before getting so much late surely will comment….

    Onething all of u guys u r doing soooo good yrrr….it awosmee….keep rocking like dis….

    *Renima d ,Shama d, pragya d , sat, tulsi ,arion, ayeshu,samukta,kashi ,cutiprincess,jara d,ayath d,yazhu,n all the other sorry i forgot names yr…..
    Biggggg sorry for not commenting….but if u say guys i’ll comment on each part if early or late doesn’t mean …..just tell me that if i comment late u’ll b able to see it…plz reply..

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    All the best for ur examss….u know these lil exams r not soo difficult for the students like u…….do welll….my alll best wishes r wth u always….

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    @mukta abiha sunehri dhruvvv glad to see u bakkkk………..
    @reni di cum fast soon n ya keep visiting here……

    Shivani haya priya shaza Nikki mishri disha shahbana Tridha aahana disha muktii dhruv Bhai piyuuuu Nikki sunanda twinkle shekar mayank roz rosu sat chetna nithu saku nivedita di samyukta yazhu Maya Anusha Manik…….
    How r u all???😊😊😊😊☺☺😃😄
    Where r some iskessssss??gone missing???

    All the members of ishqbaaz family ate hereby informed that many members of ishqbaaz family hav gone missing.soo plzz try to find them wherever they are and we’ll bring them back soon………


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    Annuuuuhu meri jaaannnnn kabbb ayii yaar I was not in touch with u also…
    Soooo how did u know I’m here dear????

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    I have joined college so l m not able to comment here😖😖😖
    But l use to see ur comments…

    Renima di Shivani mukta luna Chetna bashama mishri Shahabana di sat shaza Asmita Ooshi abiha and all sweet ishqbaaaz family members ..a very good morning all..

    See u all later!!!

  67. Nivedha

    Episode was fantastic because of shivomru moment
    And panika again throwing water on sso😂😂😂😂..Good hilarious moment

  68. Lijince

    I don’t know if the updates writer is in anyway connected to the writer of Ishqbaaz….if you are please tell him to bring in the track of Ishana….missing her sooooo much….as Shivika are on the path of progress in their relation and Rudra and Soumya will be married soon I think it’s time for the writers to focus on Om’s lovestory…..bring in a twist where we can see Ishana and Om back in action….pleeeeej!!

    And, what happened to Mallika and Siddharth Rana….pls bring in that track also!!

    • Nivedha

      Ya I really need om in love with my ishana
      But Gul Khan is arrogant she won’t listen to us 😠
      She’ll keep on changing the story line….. very irritating

      • Lijince

        Ejjactly Nivedha….I just hope Gul Khan will not create another ‘Qubool Hai’ out of Ishqbaaz…..I loved Qubool Hai in the beginning….but once they started exaggerating the story to rebirth and rebirth I could not digest it!! 🙁 🙁 🙁

  69. shahabana

    Muktha glad to see u back baby
    Abiha well study and tc and do comments when u gets time baby.
    Richu and Nivedha im really fn guyz hope u also fn
    Lijince mallika track wont come now becz surabhi jyothi started shooting for another show of gul khan starring barun sobthi and karan wahi and ishkara track ended and they will bring another lead for omkara its not comfirmed till now

  70. Jaclyn

    plzzz yr jldi update kiya karo….itti late update krte hain….atleat 10:45 tk to update kr hi diya karo..😑😑😑

  71. shekhar

    If it is true then it is amazing to see SHIVAAY exoosing his feeling for ANIKA under medicinal intoxication which was not happened during the party done during MALLIKA TRACK under a stronger intoxication of FRUIT PUNCH CUM WINE!
    It will also be interesting to see whether SHIVAAY ready to accept ANIKA who will never compromise with her liability and love towards her brother SAHIL at any cost ?

  72. Tridha

    Today’s episode first of all some cute bromance and then only shivika and shivika. Acp is back. OMG shivika fans r gonna be in cloud 9 today. The precap is also shivika. There is no sign of om’s love story so far

  73. Abiha

    * shahabana d yeah have to study welllll….bcz its bsc …..higher than fsc….

    *nevidha d… which class u r…?m fit n fine ….come back soon…

  74. Sriranjani


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    In Today’s episode Rudra will comment Soumya about her cute face and Om will say a shayari about the flower pink Pillow, OmRuShiv sit in the room discussing about Anika and Shivaay says that why that he doesn’t know why he always feels that anika is near to him when she is not present here. OmRu notices that Anika is standing behind the door and they will say Hi anika. Shivaay will also say hello and realizes anika is there and stands up in shocking surprise and smiles at anika. OmRu says ATB to anika. Shivaay and Anika speaks about the same feeling that they unaware. Shivaay will try to propose Anika due to hallucinated state becoz of Pain Killer. Shivika doesn’t realize what happens b/w them, They both doesn’t know what relation they had b/w them. Anika tries to go as shivaay needs some rest. but shivaay doesn’t leave anika. he pulls her towards him and says he doesn’t want her to go away. he wants to say something to anika. that he feels that…. then he falls sleepy on her shoulder.

    Precap:- Anika makes shivaay sleep on the bed but shivaay sleeps on her lap. Anika gets into thoughts.

  75. ayat

    mayank nd shekhar bhaiya how do you knw abt d update before telecast…. der is sm special site 4 u…well bt thnx 4 ur update ….i really like it nd also wait 4 ur comment….as i knw both of u always gives update…..any1 knw abt om..
    …i really lv dt guy….

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