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Ishqbaaz 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye asks are you fine, did he trouble you again. Jhanvi asks who is troubling Anika. Shivaye says don’t know, someone attacked Anika yesterday night. Daksh asks what. Dadi asks Anika did you not inform police. Anika says no. She sees Daksh and says I got this at home, its that play ticket about which you were talking yesterday night.

Sometime before, Shivaye and Daksh reach the disco. Daksh says finally, lets go. Shivaye says you go, I will park car and come. Daksh says as you wish. Shivaye asks for his phone. Daksh gives it and says don’t be late, see you. He goes. Shivaye drives ahead. Anika sits tensed at home in darkness. She sees the door winding on and off. She gets down the sofa, and someone holds her feet. The guy is wearing a mask and hidden under the sofa/bed. He pulls her

and makes her fall down. She screams and takes a hammer to hit on his hand. She gets away and sits in some corner. Someone comes close and holds her. She shuts her mouth and gets silent. Someone holds her. She gets shocked seeing him and hugs. Shivaye hugs her while she cries. He says its me Anika, nothing happened, just calm down, relax, what happened, what did you see.

She says there is someone there. He says just relax, there is no one, I have come. Music plays……………….. Shivaye gets water for her. She sits tensed. She takes the glass. He asks are you sure someone was there. She says yes. He asks did you see him. She says no, it was darkness. He says okay fine, come with me. She asks where. He says Oberoi mansion, you will be safe there with me. She says no, I will not leave Sahil alone. He says okay, anyway I have done security arrangements, security guards will be outside, no… don’t sing you are strong and independent, I know you are strong and independent, but we all need help and support in life. He asks her to drink water. He helps her and feeds water.

O jaana……plays…………….. Someone watches them on live camera feeds and gets angry. Shivaye asks are you sure you are fine here, I mean I will wait, when Sahil comes, you both can come with me. Anika says no, its not needed, you have sent security. He says yes, they will guard, you will be fine, so shall I leave, I will go. She stops him. She says I had to ask something, I called you, we could not talk, my balance got over, so how did you know that I need you.

Shivaye looks at her. He says I mean you called me late night, I felt you need me, that’s why I came here. She says thank you Shivaye…….. He looks at her. Music plays…………..He gets a call from Daksh. Daksh asks where are you, everyone is waiting for you. Shivaye says I had some important work, I m going home, you guys enjoy. Daksh asks are you not coming. Shivaye says see you later and ends call. He says I shall leave now, take care, if you need anything, I m just a call away. She says I know. He says good and turns to go. O jaana…….plays…………she looks on. He leaves.

Om’s phone falls. He picks it and sees the little boy’s pic. He recalls Ranveer’s words and takes drug bottle. He recalls Shivaye and throws the tablets. Anika says it can’t be my illusion, who can it be, think…. She recalls. She looks for some clue. She gets a play ticket under the sofa/bed. She recalls Daksh saying same play name. She says it means…. Daksh…. She gets shocked.

Its morning, Dadi asks Jhanvi where did Pinky go, she was teaching me dance and went without saying. Jhanvi says Pinky went to beauty parlor. Dadi says I have to prepare dance on own, when Anika comes, decide what we have to do in sangeet, Anika is here, she has long life. Daksh comes and greets Anika. Anika looks at him and gets tensed. He greets her good morning. She thinks what to do, shall I say or not, but I have to say, how to say such big thing. Shivaye comes and says Anika….. are you fine, did he trouble again. Jhanvi asks who is troubling you Anika. Shivaye says don’t know, someone attacked her yesterday night.

Daksh asks what, attack. Dadi asks did you not inform police, carelessness is not good. Shivaye says not yet, but I did security arrangements outside her house. Dadi asks Anika does she have doubt on anyone. Anika says no. She shows the play ticket to Daksh and says I got this at home yesterday, its same play ticket which you were talking about yesterday night. Shivaye gets shocked. Daksh says wait a min, what’s connection of me and this incident, and ticket, do you mean to say, I m that stalker. Anika says no, I m not saying that, I mean I don’t know, I have just questions and this one proof, so I m asking you, you asked me for marriage, I refused, then I went home and all that happened with me, I got this ticket so…. Shivaye says many people have such tickets, I can tell you that, Daksh was in disco last night. She asks did you see him.

Tia comes and says I have seen him. She says I was also there in same disco, it was a fun night, Daksh and I were together, I have party pics too, if you want proof, see… She shows Daksh and her pics. She says I dropped Daksh home after party. Daksh says even if you don’t believe this, Shivaye and my common friends were there, I really don’t know why you feel I was that man, I can’t even think of such thing. Tia says its okay Daksh, Anika has habit to blame big things on basis of small doubts, seriously Anika, don’t you think its too much to blame a decent guy like Daksh on basis of a stupid ticket, just because he proposed to you, ridiculous. Shivaye looks on. Anika says I said, I m not accusing him, I got the ticket so…. Daksh says if ticket is the reason for this doubt, then see. He shows the two tickets. Anika gets shocked.

Anika checks Tia’s pics and notes down designs. She says my day was bad, Tia spoiled my mood its her marriage and her clothes, but I have to choose clothes of her choice. She sees Tia’s pic with some guy and says what is this…..

Update Credit to: Amena

We recommend

    In Ishqbaaz Tia and Daksh’s (Karan Khanna) married truth brought in lime light by Anika (Surbhi Chandana) to Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) in Ishqbaaz

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of high voltage dramatic situations seen amid Anika and Shivaay in the daily soap.

    It so happens that Anika overhears Daksh and Tia talking to each other about planning to kill Shivaay after Tia’s marriage with Shivaay.

    Anik goes in a state of shock post hearing the truth out of Tia’s mouth and this truth Anika plans to reveal amid Shivaay.

    Shivaay however does not believe upon Anika and goes ahead with marrying Tia on the wedding day.

    Anika makes Tia unconscious on marriage day

    In the upcoming episode there will be lots of tragic situations seen amid Shivaay and Tia in the ongoing serial.

    Anika makes Tia unconscious on the very wedding day and sits in the mandap with Shivaay for getting married.

    It would be very interesting to watch as to how would Shivaay react upon eyeing Anika appearing out of veil post marriage

    1. I think after Anika will take sucha step and marry Shivaye like this then Tia will fill Shivaye’s ears saying that Anika married for money or something like that and Shivaye will believe Tia knowing after how Anika made Tia unconscious and sat in the mandap and he will start hating Anika and i believe this is when Anika will leave Shivaye’s house bec she cannot see Shivaye hating her and Shivaye wont listen to Anika and will still trust on Tia.
      May be later somehow Shivaye will come toknow Tia’s reality and he will realise his mistake and will punish Tia and Daksh and will go in search of Anika…

      What do u guys feel??
      Im getting exited for the upcoming track and events in the show..

      1. No it’s not happening as Gk has confirmed no bridal swipe
        The page which you paste here has many more spoilers upto know nothing came to be true
        So my PoV its not happening

    2. It’s not happening Gk has been confirmed that no bridal swipe
      The page has many more spoilers upto know which was not happened so it also be just a spoiler

    3. I just hope this spoiler is nt true, I really dont understand how brides n grooms get exchanged. Now a days who wears a veil, its happenin only in shld nt happen atleast in IB. I m bugged up wit these bride/groome exch tracks

    4. Nithu

      Gk maam confirmed us that there is no bridal swap…n om opposite lead will be entering the show after shivika marriage…

    5. Guyz this spoiler is fake and gk herself comfirmed that there is no bride swap and also comfirmed that daksh is not tias secret d

      1. I too wish that this spoiler is fake …Shivay should know Abt Tia’s truth before marriage n confess his feelings to anika

      2. Daksh is not Tia’s mystery man?? Then who is it?? Oh my matha….lots of confusion….

        I just hope that bridal swap won’t happen and what you guys are telling becomes true….

        Why can’t Shivaye just believe what Anika says and do some spy work on Tia and Daksh??

  2. Plz Gul mam,finish this T n D track as fast as light.And we the viewers don’t want Shivika’s unintentional forceful shaadi.Many mystery is stil left unsolved.Ok leaved it.However fist hug was nice but too short..Shivaay’s reaction was normal while Anika was hugging him rather he must surprise as per my views..thats all

  3. Samaira20

    Oh god…. shivika’s scene were awsum……loved them…..but mood was ruined by the precap and tia……I m a bit confused about this daksh’s character….is he helping shivaay or stalking anika…..hope so they have their confession soon…..

    1. Saasha123

      Daksh is Tia’s secret lover. He is stalking anika

  4. Nithu

    The way tia is protecting daksh is ridiculous…we can see anger on her face….i think daksh had bought 3 or many tickets….n today no rumya moments….?dunno y im evn bcomn a fan of rumya….

    1. Me tooo……..they are tooo cute

  5. I saw today’s episode at 10.. Came here just to comment..
    Today’s episode was the best ever episode of Ishqbaaz..
    Loved the-
    1. Way Anika hugged Shivaye and the way Shivaye consoled Anika while hugging her back ❤
    2. The way he asked Anika to come to Oberoi Mansion saying that she will be safe with HIM.. ❤
    3. The way Anika called his name… “SHIVAYE”.. This is for the first time Anika called him by his name… That was the best moment and i was soo happy.. ❤❤??

    Totally Loved it !!
    Nakul and Surbhi have just nailed it! ! Love them a lot..????

    1. Second time she called him shivaye, first time wen they were drunk, if tacan be countd 🙂

    2. Lijince

      Well said Vaishali….3 best things that happened after a loooong time!!


    Now its final that Daksh and Tia are jointly torturing Anika… but i hope they both are exposed soon (which can be only after 2-3 months only) as show is going tooooo slow now a days…
    Na to soumya and rudra apni love confession decide kr rehe hai or na anika or shivaye ki story or na Om ka case kahin jaa raha hai.. iss show ko kya hota jaa raha hai????
    Tooooooo much slow show is going

  7. After the marriage of anika and shivay…. Oberois will come to know that anika is illegal child of gayatri and her anikas real father was killed in an accident by tej…. So…. It will b revealed that anika and tia are step sisters….

    1. Manisha yeh hoga kaise…? tia or anika sisters hai….? lekin fb mein do ladkiya ko alag karne vala koi lady hey… jo anika dream kartha hey….

  8. There is no Rudhra and Soumay scene

  9. Persis Umrigar Khambata

    Wow… that s superb! I want to see shivany will be marry with anika. Not tia… tia and dakash are greedy blackmail…

  10. What a lovely hug, totally loved it, but it ended so abruptly.
    Loved it wen shivay asked anika to come to oberoi mansion as she will b safe wit him.. anika called shivay name., so beautifully .
    Now its fr sure daksh is stalking anika, anika asked a valid question to shivay, if he saw daksh at the disc, but it was tia who came n said she saw him, it means they r together.
    Pls pls dont exhange the bride, grooms shld b exch, in tat way it will b shivay who will b marrying anika n not the other way around.
    If anika marries shivay instead of tia, it will again b lik other boring serials, an IB is diff, pls keep it tat way
    V all r waitin for the mysteries to b solved, pls cvs solve the mystery soon

  11. shivayae anika first hug was really good scene… i don’t know when Om mystery have solution.. could not watch him inferior always.. .. it’s lovable to hear when shivayae understand tia intentions and announce mrg With Anika by himself ….. curious about upcoming twists and turns in episode…?? ??

  12. Sumi.SS

    Yeah finaly..shivika first hug…it’s sooooooo nce…today recals dadi words abt shivay ”one who love his brother,dadi and fmly this much..think how much he love his wyf”’..??
    2day billu ji proved that I lyk the way he cares anika..lost cnverstn was’s sounds good when anika call shivay ..really superbbb..
    2day om part had lot of worth..o’bros bond is unbelievable..misng rudy..
    At last irk to see all this ur universe wl pay back fr u..??
    Who is that stalker if it’s not T and D plan..who wants to hurt anika this idea.
    Guyzz dnt belive spoiler that much smetyms only it’s happen..becz last tym shivay proposed tia only.but all reports that shivay gng to propose anika.another one aftr malika,sidardh and his mom entry they reports that aftr evryone enters Oberoi mansion wth evil intention.but finaly dadi reveals diff truth.
    Keep watch the show and enjoy.have a nce day guyyyz.

  13. My yest question of how daksh can b in aniks home wen he is gng to party gt ans today 🙂 shivay juat left him out, he did nt see if daksh went to the disc, an shivay entered just before the stalker was holdin anika feet.if shivay can reach in tat time, daksh can reach too.
    Anika shld ask shivay n daksh common frens if he was present, tia’s tellin anyway she cant belive.
    Anika shld also go n chk out if thr is any way to get who bought tar ticker, as I saw some number written over it
    Also the most imp clue to catch the stalker, anika has hit on his fingers with a hammer, I m sure the pain wil still b thr

  14. today, shivika hug was awsm… but story is a bit dragging dont u guyz feel???
    anika called shivaye… really???? i m feeling like its mah imagination… … but remaining episodes i just dont want to see…

  15. Devga

    Just a piece of anika and daksh off screen ….

    Ignore if u have watched it ……….

  16. So….they wanted to prove that Anika is a person who doubts anyone without any reason….Tia knws that Anika will find some clue against her and will tell this to Shivaaye so she z doing all these so that Shivaaye will never trust Anika

  17. indera sanichara

    It’s her Bhua guys remember what she said when she came back in the house, but then again who watching from a camera. It’s confusing right now ok, but good ephoside.

  18. Lids

    I liked Daksh in the beginning because he was there to make “my” Shivaye jealous and I’m LOVING the way Shivaye is acting toward Anika because of the jealously but now, I don’t like him because he trying (along with that stupid Tia) to hurt Anika. I just want to know how someone came to Anika’s house and set up camera. We all know its Daksh (the computer and the way he took Shivaye’s phone away and disconnected it so quickly). I just hope that when the time comes both Daksh and Tia get arrest for their ugly deeds. Tia is sneaking and is now making Anika the bad one. Telling Daksh that she has the habit of making bad judgments on good people like them. OMG I just wanted to slap her so hard.

  19. Gd morning guyz have a nc day.
    Todays best part is shivika hug its their first hug loved it.
    Anika taken first time shivayes name in concius thats superb
    No rumya scence today missed them badly
    Guyz there is no bridal swap in ib.gk mam comfirmed it on insta if u want u van check.
    Daksh is not tias d

  20. I think Anika’s bua is helping daksh & Tia. They would have given money to bua. Otherwise how can she get a chemical from a shop?

  21. It comes to the decissive point for SHIVAAY, when ECHO of it strike over to his both ears, and peierced into his heart! It was a heart to heart convo! It was not emerged from trans state and not dissipate in trans state even, and neither were in confusion more now what did mean it. Confession has many version, and this very version which SHIVAAY might have needed to relieve from the clutch of CONFUSION!
    TRAP on ANIKA is not a single handed act, and getting SHIVAAY making ANIKA to have water, it seems to me, masked entity reacted as he had got what it wanted, other wise it might have broken something or might have thrown some stuff. Boiling cup besides monitor indicate somethuing, but i don’t get it.

    TRAP is framed for not ANIKA, but viewers too.

    SSO is seems STRONG to all, which he is not actually, this is his weekness, rathar he cinsider it his SHAME, and this is SSO’s weakness.

    OM is known to as the mirror image of TRUTH, and OM himself see INK over that image, and this becomes his weakness.

    RUDRA is being known as non believer in any permenent realtionship with any girl, and now it becomes his wekness.

    Eventhoughm all three bros are very close to each other, but just can not allow other two PEEP IN THEIR WEAK CORNER! Thats the human nature, and no one wish to raise him self above a comman human!

    ANIKA is scared by bunch of persons, who ever may be , but end result is SHIVIKA bond becomes more strong, and this time none of them in dark for the reason of this strength.

    FUN MAN RUDRA is flowing in the stream of mixed emotions, and his simple ideology get dispersed in that stream.

    RUMYA pretended well, but she just can not turn around from the TRUTH and her FEELINGS !

    1. Well said shekhar explained all three brothers weakness in simple way

    2. Lijince

      Shekhar….you have listed out the weaknesses of the 3 brothers so exact…

      I always try to read all the comments….if not all I make it sure that I have read your comment!!

      Very well observed and well written without a scope of doubt!! Good job!!

  22. LOVE SHIVIKA…their first hug…OMG..Shivay will Love with his whole tender with ANika
    hope they dont spoil the show with forced marriage…plz let marrying Anika be Shivays decision
    Cant wait to see their couple dance…Shivika the BEST
    Guys plz can someone shed some light..
    I think sometimes Daksh is Tias husband and sometimes he is genuine friend of Shivaye….so confusing……
    Plz GM end at least one suspense and hopefully Shivay kicks Tia out of his house
    i hate it when people put wrong info/spoilers..they wreck the storyline…plz dont put crap unless 100% sure
    Is ANika being shot at?
    will shivay break off mrg with Tia and ask for Anikas hand
    HOPE SO…

    1. And u think anika will say yesfor the mrg. Everyone should plead her to marry shivay. Anika should have some self respect. Just shivay asked and she says”yes shivay i too thought this to marry u as tia is wrong”??

  23. I think it was tia who was there in anika’s house…… cauz the eyes of that person luked similar to that of tia……. and even becauz the masked person had an angry expression on seeing shivaay and anika together…..

  24. Kakku

    hey, guys I’m a silent reader and a big fan of ishqbaaz can i join u all ?

    1. Yes kakku sure. U r most welcome in our group. Just give ur some info

      1. Kakku

        thnqu dear, i’m from kerala and doing graduation

    2. Razna

      U were always welcome kakku dii.and nice to meetu…..iam also from keralaaa

      1. Happy to see u dr

      2. Kakku

        nice to see u too Razna, I’m from pathanamthitta, where r u frm

    3. Razna

      I am frm thrissurrr

  25. Kiki

    Hi friends…. Really loved the episode. Shivika’s first hug. Lovely moment. Anika felt safety when she was in his arms. I loved the way Shivaay cared for Anika. Finally she called him Shivaay.. Love u Shivika…. I felt bad for Om. His conscience is killing him. Tia supported Daksh. So I feel may be he is the stalker. May be Daksh got more than 2 tickets.

  26. Today less comments?

  27. Hello friends..!! I am a silent reader of this forum. Can I also join u in your discussions? Am a big fan of IB n the sizzling Shivika especially.

  28. Lijince

    The long waited hug from Shivika….I have been watching it atleast 8 times since today morning….and yesterday all my dreams were about Shivaye and Anika…:D 😀 😀 After that party episode, this was one of the romantic episodes although the situation was a mysterious!
    Dear GK, please provide us Ishqbaazians this ample dose of Shivika romance at least once in a week….

    And coming to the masked face, I still have my own doubts….if it was Daksh, how could he be present in both places at same time…and if it was anyone appointed by Daksh why should he be angry after seeing the monitor?? Maybe it was Tia….or Tia’s asst. Robin?? So much of confusion….GK ma’am please solve all the mystery soon!!

    Waiting for the Shivika dance at Sangeet!!

    1. He did nor get angry, he signed as he got what he wishes, see again pl, may be I wrong! It was action like bowler get clean bowled a seasoned batsman!

      1. Yeah Shekhar….you are right….but somehow I felt from the eyes that the person is angry….that’s why I doubted if it is Tia herself….but as you said maybe it’s his happiness he indicated with such reaction.!

  29. Razna

    Hiiii guysss good afternoon……how r u allll
    What a beautiful episodeee…..shivikas hug was very nice.but shorter alsooo
    And today there is no rumyaa part….gk had already said that there will bo bride swapping….then y the spoilers tell that anika will sit in the mundap instead of tia by making her unconcious!!!!……

    And today, our ishquiee aahanas bday hai….
    Wishing u a very big big big??HAPPY BIRTHDAY AAHANA….???

  30. Renimarenju


    On This Special Day…..I want to say you…..

    Enlighten this day with your hopes and dreams as this day is very special for you

    Brighten your thoughts and realize what you are since you are crossing new turn

    Stay happy and try to make your beloved ones also feel happy and enjoy your day

    May you blessed with almighty god and your beloved one’s love and affection


  31. Renimarenju






    Actually Just now only I opened my msg box and find these msgs…… So just shared it here

    Ishqies…..keep watching ib….and i will try my level best to watch if i will get time….

    If not also i will try my level best to comment when i will get time as am really missing my ishqbaaz family ……


    And kiki ishqie am not fine…. lot of work pressure….., ill health also…..bye……hope all are fine….

    1. Renimarenju

      And ishqies one thing i forgot to tell you……if u feel tu is taking too much time for moderation then please mail them through contact page…certainly they will reply you……

  32. Happy Birthday aahana ????… Be happy always.. I wish u the best.. Have a great future.. May god bless you vid all which u deserve.. Be happy always dea

  33. Wish u very very happy birthday ahaana stay happy and blessed always.
    Sorryyy for the late wishes i didnt knw that today ur birthday babyyyyy
    Once again happy birthdayyy

  34. hii guyzz,hows u all??
    first shivika hug…..loved it….
    ndwhy always anika is in hurry to expose….she needs sm tym to think nd den act its her week point, she always in hurry nd never think wid cool mind…its 3rd tym…first nd second tym wid tia now daksh nd den she expose tia nd sso get angry…..
    d track gonna to loose interest bt m adicted to like it….

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