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Ishqbaaz 15th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinky says we are fine, why will we call you doctor. Shivaye says I called doctor for routine tests. He asks Naintara to get DNA test done. Pinky gets shocked. Some time before, Shivaye keeps the things and says sorry, I m asking a mum for the proof, if I don’t do this, a daughter can’t accept a mum. Anika asks why are you not supporting me today, you always agreed to me, you believe her more than me. He says I m doing this for your mum, why don’t you agree she is your mum, mum’s love can’t fail in any test, I m sure it won’t fail in this test also. Shakti asks what test. Shivaye says orphanage matron gave me Anika’s belongings, I m sure Naintara will recognize it, I mixed few things in it, Naintara has to identify Anika’s things.

Naintara says I m first mum in the world, who is giving

proof of motherly love, I feel so short today. He says I can understand, but you can do this for your daughter. She says fine, I will give proof. Pinky thinks she will get me trapped too. He asks Naintara to identify. Naintara thinks where did I get stuck, I will just guess and see.

She sees the things well. She picks the doll and smiles. She guesses and picks few things. She asks Shivaye to see. Anika asks Shivaye did she identify right. Pinky asks him to say did she pass in test or not. He says she has identified right things, she passed.

Anika asks how can this happen. He says she is your mum. Naintara asks Anika to hug her. Anika says I can’t believe she is my mum and goes. He says sorry on her behalf, she is your daughter, her heart will melt. He goes. Pinky asks Naintara did she learn black magic, how did she know Anika’s things. Naintara says I just guessed, I will take money for this. Pinky says fine, I can pay any price to make Anika out of here.

Anika cries in her room. Shivaye comes. He sees her and shuts the door. He holds her. Anika smiles. She says I did good acting. He says you are right, that woman is not your mum, matron did not give me any belongings, I borrowed those things from Priyanka. She says I knew she is not my mum, when did you doubt her. He recalls thinking of Naintara’s words. He thinks I got doubt on her when she said she left you in orphanage, when Bajaj said he got Anika at temple, Naintara is not Anika’s mum.

He says when she gave different statements, I understood she is wrong, so I signed you to fight so that she lies more. She says I will kick her out of house. He says its not right time. She says she is fooling us, do something before she ruins things. He says I have to know her gameplan, did anyone send her. She says do anything fast, I don’t like seeing her. He says I was shocked when she said she is your mum, I did not feel your blood is such, don’t get me wrong, it was too much to handle for me, thank God that woman is not your mum, a mum’s teaching and love teaches living to a kid, she made it a wrong word, give me some time, I will kick her out, I hate lies. He goes.

Anika cries and says if Shivaye could not bear this about me, how will he bear his truth, what will he go through knowing he is not Oberoi, there is nothing imp to him than name, blood and family, what will he do when he knows he is illegitimate child. Its morning, Anika thinks of Shivaye’s words and sees him sleeping. She cries and thinks his lie came out, and a truth too. He wakes up and asks why are you crying, don’t worry, I thought of some plan for that woman.

Ranveer keeps an eye on Priyanka. Alarm rings. Everyone go out. Priyanka has headphones on. She does not hear alarm. She turns and sees everyone gone. She sees Ranveer and gets shocked. She asks what are you doing here, stay away from me. She runs and asks someone to open the door.

Doctor comes. Shakti asks how did you come here. Doctor says we came here for your work. Pinky says we are fine, why will we call you. Shivaye says I called him for routine checkup, Naintara can get test done. Naintara agrees for tests if done for free. He asks her to get DNA test done for clearing Anika’s doubt. Naintara says fine, do any test. Pinky asks why DNA test. He says Naintara has no problem, you said we should know about Anika’s family, we have to write her clan in kulpatri. Anika says yes, her DNA test should happen. Pinky thinks plan will be ruined. Pinky signs Naintara. Naintara acts and screams seeing injection. Anika calms her down. Pinky asks him to let it be. Shivaye says I understand, but a mum can bear such pain for daughter. Naintara refuses. Everyone block her way. Naintara drinks water. Anika says it was not drinking water. Naintara forwards leg and says I don’t want any mark to come on my hand, I will give blood from leg. Shivaye asks her why is she scared of injection. They tie Naintara and take her blood sample. Naintara asks what’s this, I don’t want injection. Shivaye says see its done, when will we get reports. Doctor says I will make sure you get reports by tomorrow.

Pinky says what will Shivaye do knowing I have done all this. Shivaye says we have to wait for reports. Pinky says I have to change reports. Pinky says I will go and take reports. Shivaye comes there and sees Pinky.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Guyz neha shoot her last shot in in show hence it is confirmed neha is leaving the show in leeha livechat it is confirmed

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      I saw that!! ???????

  3. AnuluvsIB

    Gals.. new video spoiler out..
    Looks like Pinky has made her OMM by bringing in NT.. a clip showing NT troubling pinky..
    But they mention something abt Sahil in her clutches!

    1. AnuluvsIB

      Looks like pinky manages to change the report.. so sso brings back NT at OM! That’s y We see NT all audacious..
      But y did she have to kidnap Sahil? I stil don get it!
      Poor kid is getting kidnapped for the 3rd time on the show!

  4. It will be showing that soumya leaving Australis and thus the end of rumya track An other member of broken jodies club after ishkara

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  7. Venkata Sudheer Sava

    Omm sivaye mom’s new avathar as villan is not at all convincing, as it brings dis repute to a mom who loves her child, as pinky omm is not real mom of sivaye so she turned as villan, I really don’t understand where the sop is being taken , end this cheap mudsling on Anika and start showing Sivaye as adopted children of OMM & SHAKTI

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