Ishqbaaz 15th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mihir Awasthi is introduced

Ishqbaaz 15th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says I m money minded according to her list. He asks Anika to open the envelope fast. Anika checks the card and gets surprised reading Qubool Hai. Shivaye asks didn’t you like the Eidi, its for you, Eid mubarak my moon. He holds her face and kisses her. They hug. Rudra says it means you weren’t angry. Shivaye says no, am I mad to get angry, I m happy and thankful to Anika that she married me despite me having many bad qualities, I want to make her happy and fulfill all her wishes. She says you have always fulfilled my wishes. He says just one is left. She asks which one. He says Nikaah.

Omru, Gauri and Bhavya hold the Chunri between them and make the partition. Shivaye and Anika see each other via it and smile. Bol halke halke….plays…… Shivaye puts forth his hand. She

holds his hand. He takes her. Everyone smiles. Shivaye and Anika sit. He says you will always be with me all my life, I would like to marry you a thousand times, I accept you. Tum mujhe Qubool ho. Everyone claps. Anika says I also accept you in your every form. She says Qubool hai…. Everyone showers flowers on them. They smile. Music plays…. They hug.

They all dance on Tumse mil ke dil ka hai jo haal……Farhan’s mum comes and asks what’s this drama. Farhan says Ammi, you…. Farhan’s mum scolds him for not answering her calls. He says I was busy here. She says I m seeing how much busy you are, you didn’t wish me for Eid greetings. Shivaye says listen to me, you have come from a long journey, will you have anything. She says sorry to come without informing, I came here for my son. He says its a good thing to get elders’ blessings. She says you respect elders, else these days people regard elders as burden. She sees Fiza. She asks Farhan did he do what he had to. He says I need to talk to you in private. She asks why, everyone would know you and Fiza aren’t made for each other, you said you will take divorce, just sign the divorce papers and get rid of her. They get shocked.

Farhan tears the papers. She asks what did you do. He says sorry, I can’t do this, I was foolish to not trust Fiza, our distance was because of my mistakes, you created misunderstandings between us, I didn’t give any chance to Fiza to speak up, I thought you both will look after each other and went to Dubai, Fiza did a daughter and bahu’s duties, you couldn’t even become a good Saas, you didn’t think that I will also be hurt if you hurt Fiza, Shivaye stopped me from making my life’s biggest mistake, you are my mum and dad too, you know how much I love you, I love Fiza too, none can separate us now, not even you. She says your wife is talking, not you, Fiza made you against me. Fiza says I can’t think so, I always regarded you my mum.

Shivaye says Fiza is a nice girl, accept her once. Farhan’s mum says don’t talk in our family matter, its good Farhan doesn’t need me now, celebrate happiness, remember one day, Fiza has no place in my heart and house. Fiza says its Eid today, we are together, if you get upset, I will feel Lord is upset with me. Farhan’s mum leaves. Farhan says let her go. Fiza says she is our mum, she has a right to scold us. He says I agree, but she is my mum, she won’t be angry for long, we will go home and talk to her, she will understand. Shivaye says yes, maybe this is not the right time, but I know, love can solve all the problems, its Eid today. Farhan says next Eid we will celebrate together, including mum. They all pray. Rudra asks for Eidvie, Eid wali selfie. They al take selfie and wish happy Eid.

Its morning, Anika gets ready. Shivaye asks aren’t you ready. She says just 2 mins. Anika says its fine. He says we are not going in a party, we are going in a book launch, we have to be there on time. She says they will see you and your wife too. He says come with me, we have to reach there before writer, he is respected writer. She asks what’s special. He says just come with me. She asks him to say about the writer. They reach the venue. He says its famous’ professor Mihir Awasthi’s book, titled…. Can this happen too, he is a mentalist too. Anika says even I can read your mind. He says because we have a connection, mentalist can read anyone’s mind, he can change anyone’s thinking, I m going to launch his book. She says you mean fortune teller. He says he is not any pandit, he doesn’t see anyone’s kundli or hand, he can read anyone’s mind. She says its limit, just Lord can do this. The man thanks them for coming and asks them to please come. Shivaye says you come and even then you will say this is possible.

At the event, the man says I would like to welcome my special chief Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Everyone claps. The man introduces other guests actor Ashok and tv anchor Manish. He then invites Mihir, who does impossible possible, who can tell them their past, present and future. Mihir is seated among the audience and says I m here. Anika turns to see him. He says everyone is finding me there and I m here, this happens as we people think we are smart, but we aren’t, we talk what we are taught, like we are programmed, its not necessary that every time the same thing happens, don’t worry, he has forgiven you. The girl asks what. He says your dad…. he isn’t upset with you now. She asks how do you know. He says he died in a car accident six months ago right, he has worn a blue shirt. She says yes. He says you have guilt that you didn’t receive his last call, he loves you a lot even today. The girl cries. The lady asks how does he know this. Shivaye looks on. The man says he is awesome. Mihir says I know this like a doctor knows patient’s illness, call this magic or science, I can tell any person’s future by his past. Anika gets shocked.

Shivaye says if anyone takes us back to the same day to the same place where I had been seen you for the first time, but this time if I don’t look back at you, do you think we should still meet. Anika says on the same day at the same place, you and me, but if you don’t look back at me, will we still meet or not? I feel that we will meet for sure, because two lovers can’t be stopped by anyone, those who are destined to meet, the entire universe helps them unite. He says true lovers defeat the destiny, they can change the fate and compel the universe to unite them, because true lovers are those who can defeat the fate. They hold hands. She says what if this actually happens with us…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Epi start with Shivay’s eidi ,
    Kubul hain….
    Shivika’s nikaah happened….
    That was totally Aaaawwwwww wala part yr….
    Couple dance ,
    All 4 couples together look superbbb…. They all dance perfact with that song….
    Chalo Farhan-Fiza ki chapter also end on a good note….
    Book lunch,
    Ab yeh kya naya saypa hain…!!!
    Shiv – Mentalist
    Anika – Jotish….
    Hahaha…. LOL….
    Ye banda toh maare hue logon ki baare mein vi pata chal jata hain….
    Precap – I just hope everything will be go well with this revamp…. Finger cross… BTW today they show some gilmps of their first meet… Wow..!!!!
    GN PKJ…

    1. Go Bani go ,,,congrats for being 1st ..
      How are you ..
      I also hope ki monday ko koi new toofan na aye ,, bohot hi tension ho rahi hai ….

      1. Banita

        Thank U Tania….
        Relax yr toofan aaye toh vi maaza aayega… Jayda tension maat le kun ki Ten Son ko sambhalna muskil ho jayega tere liye… LOL…

    2. Hiii Bani..GBG..Bhag bunny bhaag???????????.
      Yeh I was also saying awwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………….
      During shivika nikah……simoley beautiful.
      And yes we got glimpase of first meeting of them…..
      I was happy..
      Very much excited for upcoming…
      Lets see.

      1. Banita

        Thank U re….
        Yeh me also super exciting for Monday as well as for Tuesday… Becz tuesday gold award hain na…
        Nd if they start everything from start then it will be from temple only… It will be interesting to watch…

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi banita dear,
      GM. Congrats for being 1st dear….. Couple dance was good. For Monday episode jst fingercross n too excited dear…. Happened. Love you. TC..

      1. Banita

        GM Jeevi….
        Yeh superr excitingg for upcoming…
        It will be gr8 if they start journey of all 3 couple…
        Love U too yr…

    4. Go Banita di Go !
      Congrats on being first .
      That moment was really aww….Wala moment.
      Love u Di.
      Take care.

      1. Banita

        Thank U Ishu….
        Yeh that was..,
        Love U too Chotu…

    5. ItsmePrabha

      Go Bunny Go.. Aww wali comment hai.. Loved it..

      1. Banita

        Thank U @Prabha…

    6. Luthfa

      Network has done OMM of my comment.Anyway,many many congratulations on being first.Enjoyed the episode and don’t know what is going to happen next.Take care.Happy weekend?

      1. Banita

        Thank U @Lu….
        TU pe comment ki OMM nahi hua toh kya hua….!!!!!!!

  2. Shivika’s nikkah?????????
    As we expected before… Shivaay has proven he is Sweet Singh Oberoi in today’s episode….. Shivaay will not let Annika’s wish to become unfulfilled…. He already promised when he got to know how she suffered during her childhood…. I’m saying about Shivaay misunderstood that Annika belongs to Bajaj…. I still remember how he fed her that time…. He already determined that he will fulfill all of her wishes…. I just love their nikkah????
    And Omkara’s reaction simply ‘aww’????
    Fiza is too gorgeous… Who is the actress playing the character??
    I don’t like Farhan’s mom…. What type of a woman is she?? How she could ruin her son’s life by separating him from his wife?? Farhan tore the divorce papers ????….. Good move, Farhan….. He stood for his love who is his life….. Fiza’s smile when Farhan stood for her was lovely…. How much she must have craved for this??? Eid selfie was good….
    I never felt interested with rest of the parts, so I’m not commenting on that….. Don’t know what store for us starting from next Monday….. I hope they are not going back to the start…..
    If they do like that, my mind will go for a Tamil movie dialogue…. ‘ellam koteyum alaiyungge, mothalernthu aarambikkalam’…. Please don’t do like that, makers…..

    1. Hiiiii Swetha…I still remember I was totally speechless after seeing that emotional version of Biluji…..
      He feed her with his hand sooo lovingly..and later his conversation with rudy….I cried..
      Today was also sooo good….This sweet singh oberoi version is love for me rather than sadu singh oberoi or that stupid tadibaaz…ha ha ha.

    2. AAYUSH

      Swetha Srishty Rode played the part of Fiza

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi sweta dear,
      Ya shivya is keeping his by fulfilling all anika’s wish….. He is more sweet singh oberoi….. Even I loved om reaction during shivka nika….. Irritating mother in law like Farhan mother can’t c they own son happiness…… Happy Farhan stood for fiza……
      Dear r u tamilian…. Me to….. Just fingercross for upcoming track…. Lots of love. Tc

    4. Hello Swetha ….

      How are u dear?
      Ya ….Shivaye is really Sweet Singh Oberoi .
      And his conversion from Dadi Singh Oberoi to Sweet Singh Oberoi is great .

  3. Arpita6

    Hiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..
    @Kadambari di…KKainath means whole world

    Muqadar..means….. ????eeven i don’t know may be fate…
    @Ishu..awww thank you.
    @Sindhu di..hi hi good job..
    @Riana….Doremon…i didn’t watch this cartoon..but funny he.
    @all pkj sry air kisiki reply nahi de payi toh.come to episode

    Aaj Toh sabko Tv par hi dekhna pada hoga..Hotstar didnt uploaded episode ??. .
    Oh my God..Shivika Nikah…simply most beautiful. ..I really really really love it…But Sso ye kuch jyada hi gussa tha..itna bhi gussa mat karo apni begum se..usse beintah mohobaat karo…….
    Both Song….Dhage tod lao
    …Tumse milke dila hr jo haal…..are my fev..

    This PINKY PONKY version 2 is hell irritating I was thinking thodi soft corner bana lo pinky ponky ke liye but this lady once again remineded me all those cartoten of her….yar Tv pe har Saas vamo type kyun hot he??????????..
    Now come to mainpart.What main..mera dimag ki toh dahi hogayi he..?????????????????hasu ya rou…Kuch samajh main nahi aaraha..
    BABAJI..LEKHAKJI ,MENTALIST JI.ANTARYAMI JI….what you are I am confused. .. .Babaji logo ki aaj kal band baj rahi he..???
    What is going on Shivika Mind…Are they going to give challenge to world for their love test??????????????????
    Ye Redux meri dimaag kha chuki he…..
    No But I am full relax…I will watch..without h
    Judging. ..
    NOW TWO DAYS TORTURE urghhhhhhhh.waiting for monday……

    1. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpita dear,
      No need say Sry dear….. Ya today episode made to wait n watch in TV… Actually I thought there is no ishqbaaz it’s on Monday.. Becoz in Precap they showed Monday nd also no primer.. Farhan mother 2nd version of pinky…. Hope like pinky even she accepted fiza…… Don’t know of upcoming track if it is restart of of I’m too excited to to c our old kidkhithod anika her new new word which I’m missing now a day… Love u. Tc

    2. Hiiiiiiiii….Arpita di …

      First of all I want to ask u Di ….
      Aap k Hotstar mein Kya daily episode TV par telecast hone se phele hi aajata hai ………
      Mere paas to nhi aata …….

      Aur nhi to Kya apni beg jaan ko itna rulana bilkul bhi acchi baat nhi hai…….

      Ye dono songs mere bhi fav hai……
      Same pinch ……
      Red ,green ya blue …..
      Bolo …bolo …..
      Sorry ,kuch zyada ho gaya.

      Di ye redux Kya hota hai …..

      Bato na please ……batao na…..

    3. Banita

      Yeh koi bahat hi savya kisam ki babaji lag rahe hain….
      haan nikaah part was nycc…
      Lets wait for monday 10pm…

  4. Hlo pkjians ,,,how are you all ……
    1.shivika ‘s Nikah ,,,that is too good ….ans shivay’s comment like eid mubarakh my chand ???that is so sweet ….
    2.farhan’s action is really good ,,and it’s needed,,but the think is the parents should think about their’s childrens happines too…
    Aisa bhi ho sakta hai ..??
    Really ,,god knows what is going to happen …lets wait ,,,it’s really confusing ,,mujhe kuch bhi samaj nahi aya ,,but baat yeh hogi ki yeh karishma mihir awastha ki hi hogi ,,,
    Ok ,,so happy weekends guys ,,,,lets hope for best …
    And EiD Mubarakh ..!!! To all my Pkjians family ….

    1. Tania..Eid mubark to you too in pur state Eid is today….
      Shivika’s nikah.I love this nikah..more than before two……
      Dont precap confusing he..but it will be good to watch….let’s see

    2. Hiii Tania dear….
      Mujhe bhi nhi pata aisa bhi ho Sakta hai ki nhi……..but Haan…….itna zarror pata hai ki ……
      Hamare Ishqbaaz mein kuch bhi hi Sakta hai…..
      Eid mubarakh to u too.

    3. Banita

      Yeh Tania i also think what will be happen there must be a big hand of MA… Lets see what will happen…

  5. Arpita6

    15th june 2017.
    Shivaay throw Divorce papers on Annika.
    15th june 2018
    They both get married…….
    Most of the dates are actually going same as opposite situation..
    I am loving it…

  6. JeevithaTK

    Hi guys. Hru all….. The episode was good……. Wt I thought was right….. There was no money in tht card…… I was literally laughing during nika time becoz my both the sisters was making so much fun of shivka tht how many times they will b marrying….. Bechara Rikara did nt even get a proper marriage…
    Guys can anyone say that did om tie magalsutra to gouri till I remember om fill her hairline by blood the during shivka n Rikara all the ritual was done btnt marriage….
    I like the way Farhan stood for fiza…… I loved om reaction during shivka Qubool hai moment….
    OK guys have a happy weekend….
    Wish all those who celebrate eid WISHING HAPPY EID MUBARAK TO ALL.. LOVE U ALL. TC

    1. Jeevi……Om never tie Mangalsutra in Gouri’s neck……..
      Yeh Farhan stood for was good.
      Eid mubarak to you too.

    2. Hiii jeevi .
      I am good and u?
      I don’t know weather Om tie mangalsutra to Gauri or not …
      But there is no proper track for Rikara marriage …..which is unfair ……
      Eid mubarakh to u too .

    3. Banita

      Hlo Jeevi….
      Om filled her maang with blood then phere nd Rikara ki shaadi samparn ho gayi thi… Nothing else…
      Hope ib khatam hone tk makers rikara ki ek proper wedding kr denge…

  7. JeevithaTK

    Actually I thought today there is no ishqbaaz becoz today in Hotstar there was no episode seen n in yesterday also they showed Monday.. Tq god tht ib was there….
    Sindhu akka Sry if u Hv felt bad..

  8. Banita


  9. Fantastic episode and Shivika nikaha is awesome all time hit and memorable jodi hoga Shivika and excited to see revamp and how many times showing Shivika love story is most unique and fantastic

    1. Aditi you are right….
      Fantastic love story…..of shivika always be memorable…..
      Me too excited for upcoming..

  10. Luthfa

    You know Shivaay,when we got married for the first time,I wouldn’t have expected that I was going to be your bride.In that time thousands emotions were splashing in my heart and I was completely confused.But I knew in my heart that I was unhappy and I was more because I knew why did that happen.I couldn’t accept your sudden marriage with Tia in fact I was very reluctant to see you marry someone else.I couldn’t actually convince my heart you were going away from me,my surroundings.But fortunately as well as unfortunately you and me tied the knot.I exchanged seven vows with you and you filled my parting with vermilion,put nuptial chain around my neck and I became your wife.All happened secretly under your supervision.Those moments,the most beautiful moments of a girl’s life were written with tears.It was such a happiness that witnessed tears of sorrow,distress,pain,hurt,betrayal and every other opposite emotion of heart.I was all yours and your were mine still we remained far from each other.Those confused emotions finally got sorted and we accepted each other in our life as life partner for a lifetime.But Destiny separated us and we fell apart.Again we met and decided to unite once again.With all the rituals followed by,our marriage was done,and that time we were happy,mutually for each other.To be honest,you were more happy than me.Now we are here and you fulfilled one of my dreams of doing Nikah.How beautifully you expressed that you would do marriage again and again just to have me beside you and to see me before your very eyes!I have become an inseparable part of your life.So much happened and so many got changed from our first marriage to today’s Nikah.Then you were in desperate need to get married with me for your personal purposes and today you are all happy to do it only for my happiness as I asked for it.Dreams are not really that beautiful which we see with closed eye but some realities are much more beautiful than those dreams.And my such moments which I have spent with you are most beautiful and beyond every feelings a heart can feel.Thanks would be fall short if I want to honour your works,every single work those you did and doing for me.But I want to say today,thank you so very much for coming into my life.It was indeed a nightmare but turned into my most beautiful dream that I had ever wished for to come true.You are my one and only wish and desire of heart and my all things start and end here coming to you.God granted me you as my first and last wish.I don’t want anything after that,never,ever.I Love You Shivaay…………………………………….

    1. He bhagwan meri ek murad puri kardo…koi iski writting leke uss dialogue paper main ghuussa do….ya fir isse hi writter banado.
      Lu once again yiu are making me emotional.
      Aab sry mat bolna…..
      Amazing lu..superb..

      1. Luthfa

        Awwwww….Darling,you are making me emotional.Thank you sooooooo….very much for your lovely consideration.Love you?

    2. Hello Luthfa di.
      Awesome !
      I am in love with ur writings .

      Dreams are not really that beautiful which we see with closed eyes bit some realities are much more beautiful than those dreams .
      This lines of urs is amazing di……
      Dil ko Chu gayi ……
      Love u Di …..
      And Eid mubarakh……

      1. Luthfa

        Hi Ishita,
        Eid Mubarak to you too dear.Thank you so much?
        I am very happy that you liked it.Thank you soooooooo…very much for your precious love.Love you?

    3. ItsmePrabha

      You know what Darling aaj mein tumse mere liye Eidi maangne wali thi par tumne bina maange hi de diya.. these above lines are tremendously beautiful..Phirse Eid Mubarak ho Darling..

      1. Luthfa

        Dearest Sweetheart,
        Mujhe bhi meri Edi mil gayi hain as your love for me.Thank you sooooooooooo….very much for such amazing love.Love you?

    4. Banita

      Kaas tumhari writing ki 10% likh paati toh mein eng mein topper ho jati ( mere eng mein)….
      Superbbbbb analysis dr….
      Lottssss of Love to U…

      1. Luthfa

        Dear Bani,
        I don’t think I write that much good.But writing is my passion and I love writing.You too make writing your your passion.May God bless you with the widest skill in writing.Thank you soooooooo…very much for your love.Love you?

  11. Riana

    I felt so irritated when there was no present episode of ib…urghhhhh !…Finally thoda wait karne baad tv mein dekha…??????
    Bolna halke halke…my fav song !! ?????
    Shivika dancing and their nikaah in it was ??????
    Loved the scene…
    Farhan’s mom was disgusting ????
    Bhaad mein jaa tu buddiya…????
    Lol i thought today also shivaay will start his GYAANIBABA lecture on relations ????????????…
    New day and something all new coming up…
    Mihir awasthi’s character looks simple and a bit pyschic but not twisty !…
    PRECAP – rewind / leap / lapse…
    Its REDUX…
    Get ready for a new trend which will be followed surely by Ekta kapoor ????…???
    Waiting for monday eagerlyyy ???????
    ID MUBARAK EVERYONE ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?



    1. ??????Ekta Kapoor will get a new idea..savage..????????..
      Ye redux name ..i am hearung for the first time in my life .
      Yesterday 6 pm to 10 pm..I was soo restless…
      Finally 10 pm happened..i watched..
      Dil ko sukon mila…
      Sso and unki gyaan baazi..???nahi bahut hogaya..aur nahi chahiye..
      Pet bhar gaya he..
      Comment end.(on your style???).

    2. Banita

      Ab kitna gayan dega thak gaya bichara nd writer vi gyaan ki line likh likh kr thak gaya hoga…. LOL…
      Yup lets see kya krta hain kudrat…

  12. Today ,,om’s reaction during shivika’ nikah ,,is really awwweee,,and his reaction and my reaction are totally same ,,???
    When rudy take selfe bhavya was not there ,am i right ?? why she was not there….

  13. Today ,,om’s reaction during shivika’ nikah ,,is really awwweee,,and his reaction and my reaction are totally same ,,???
    When rudy take selfe bhavya was not there ,am i right ?? why she was not there……

  14. Hi all,

    @arpu : Thanks arpu now I got the meaning..
    Coming to episode sadu singh oberoi became sweet singh oberoi.. As he said earlier he will fulfill all her wishes.. He did nikah as well..
    Yeah arpu the date was playing nice role in shivika’s life.. Cv’s always manage date to play major role on shivika’s life.. Last year same date they got separated & this year nikah.. Not only this dec’16 he asked to go out of his home dec’17 he himself was asked to get out of his home I mean the vanavas track…
    The new track concept is hypothetical..I have no idea how gul gonna handle this.. Fingers crossed.. Good thing is we saw few old scenes of shivika.. I Think in this track shivaay will first fall in love with anika.. Don’t worry we may can watch one more wedding I mean catholic as well.. ??
    I liked shivika conversation when they were discussing about the writer.. Point to be noted.. My views are same has anika.. I mean they can read what they think @ the current moment..but not like he said you father were wearing blue shirt and other stuff are false statements & if he does that then he is cheat..
    I myself attend an event like this during my school says.. He said whatever I felt @ current moment.. I was totally shocked.. My heart beats very fast.. Thinking how he knows does he is magician or what.
    But, I spoke to him and asked how can he read people he said you gave interact with many people then you will get an idea..

    1. Di..I really have no idea………about these mentalists………..
      But what is going to happen I am.confused..
      Yeh many dates are becoming coincidence…
      I am loving it…

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi kadhambari akka,
      Hru n little Prince suhas….. Nd how is his school is going on….. If I’m not wrong on 1st day of his school u was more excited n even tensed…… Tq so much for ur wishes akka….. Nd happy tht u r managing family nd even going to pkj great akka….
      S akka shivya becoming more n more sweet singh oberoi…. He keeping his promise by fulfilling all anika’s wish… S akka it will be good to c they story from beginning bt marriage ???? want c proper Rikara marriage Atleast once…… Love u nd little Prince…… TC.

    3. Hello kadhambari di …
      I don’t have much knowledge about these mentalist …..
      But ya ….I want to tell u that ….I saw a man who can tell u all the things happened in ur past , and he can tell u the whole incident ,place of incident ,time of incident ……by just looking at ur face……I don’t know how he can?..
      And I didn’t believe it until I myself met him .

    4. Banita

      Hlo dii…
      I don’t believe in these type of people like mentalist nd al becz aj tk mere paale mein koi nahi pada hain…
      Nd Shivika’s catholic wedding… Wow!!! Nycc… I also dont hve any problem agr wo ase shaadi karenge… But i dont want again a hindu wedding… Already bahat kr chuke hain…
      TC dii…

  15. Hello hello everyone today is going to be just a short comment and may just be an ordinary comment from me. I have to work the whole day. So if I do not leave any replies after your comments which usually I will do my apologies.

    Very beautiful episode and awesome!!!! Loved the dance of the 3 couples. They were fabulous!! Loved the way Shivaay said that Anika accepted him for all his negative points and he is so honoured for that to get such an understanding Wife. Nikaah was very stupendous between Shivika. Both look lovely. Actually no matter how many times I watch shivika’s wedding I think I never get bored but my expectations only just raises.

    Love is pure between Shivika and it is very childlike innocence. When they separate, they separate for a very huge issue but when they reunite you see their love bond increases many fold. There is no cruelty or character suspicion in their love. The love goes through fire tested materials and it is transformed into something everlasting love.

    So I am hoping the revamp of the rapid or on Monday with destinies and fortune telling and going back to the future and in time is to wait and see what Gul has in store for us. But as Anika says when two persons are destined to be together no humans can separate them from anything.

    Hello dear Luthfa Arpu dear Banita kadhmabari jeevi Little one Ishita dear Rani sneha krishna aayush shiny and many others and sorry if I have forgotten your name.- All this have been written in a rush. I will not be able to leave other comments but I will take little time from my lunch break and read all your comments. See you all on Monday and have a happy weekend everyone. Love you all?

    1. Banita

      Hlo dii…
      It’s okk dii… Don’t apolise for this…
      Yeh let’s see what Gul stores for us…. I just hope they will not repeat d same 2 same thing dicto… Hope it will be at least 80% different…

    2. Hello Sindhu di …how are u?
      OK …no problem …..
      Don’t apologise …
      Yes di I totally agree with Annika ,if two people are destined to love then no force can stop them.

  16. I meant hello Tania not Rani. It is typo error.

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    1. Banita

      Yup dii…
      May be trp will increase in upcoming week… Becz as u said all r exciting for track… Hope it increase… Let’s see…

  18. Hello mere pyare payre pagals….
    Wish you happiest Eid…
    Accha accha khanna khao..acche kapde bhi peheno..masti karo.

  19. JeevithaTK

    Hi kadhambari akka,
    Hru n little Prince suhas….. Nd how is his school is going on….. If I’m not wrong on 1st day of his school u was more excited n even tensed…… Tq so much for ur wishes akka….. Nd happy tht u r managing family nd even going to pkj great akka….
    S akka shivya becoming more n more sweet singh oberoi…. He keeping his promise by fulfilling all anika’s wish… S akka it will be good to c they story from beginning bt marriage ???? want c proper Rikara marriage Atleast once…… Love u nd little Prince…… TC.

  20. JeevithaTK

    This mentalist wala reminds me one of my incident which if Hv gone…. Around a year ago Wen my parents n my elder sister had gone out of station. Me nd my 2nd elder sister had to stay back becoz of our exam…… One day my sister had gone to college n I was alone in home n preparing for my exam… Then a old lady with snake basket in her hand come nd asked for water nd I gave it… Nd she started to say few thing abt me which she said was true n I shock n tensed too….. Then abt my parents abt my mom which made more shock… She said one of my weakness tht I’m afraid of drum sound tht too only in temple….. She said I can remove my weakness… Nd she came to know that I’m alone in home nd was forcing me to open the door so that she can come in nd allow her to do some puja…. By god grace one of our neighbours came out sent her from there…. Till now I’m still think now she now all tht she said only the past nt abt future…..

  21. In yesterday’s epi, obahus n fiza were looking gorgeous but gauri was looking the most beautiful.rikara were?????????. coming to today’s epi i am really upset because here fans have been asking for a proper rikara marriage but that doesn’t happen n shivika have been marrid many times but are again getting a nikaa.Again they are doing some redux or whatever n the shivila fans are happy asther are getting their favourite couples love story again but i n the rikara fans are not since we know that rikara will be sidelined once again. Ok,forgetting abt IB for a while sunday is fathers day so don’t forget to wish your daddies!

  22. Will three love stories are revamping or only one story Shivika love story revamp is OK but other two love stories is at beginning level only how should that two love stories will revamp whether three love stories will begin from first how should they show in 30 minutes only one story will only possible

    1. Banita

      Hlo Aditi…
      Yeh it’s deficult to show 3 couple’s story together in 30min… But i really want to see 3 couples revamp story…

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    How are u all?
    I am good and hope for the same for u .

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    Shivika Nikkah…..
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    Anyone noticed there was no Bhavya in Eid selfie part ………

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    Aur sab k paas sirf ek hi dialogue Baccha hai….
    Pointing at their daughter in laws – ab Teri Maa se zyada important Tere liye Teri patni hi gayi hai……something like that ……

    Mihir Awasthi ……..
    Writer ,mentalist or jyotish ……
    Kuch bhi sajh nhi aaya …….aur samjhna bhi nhi hai……

    Don’t know………what is going to happen on Monday….
    Only option left for us .

    Eid mubarakh ……..

    1. Banita

      Yup Ishu waiting is d only opt left for us to know d matlab of that promo….
      Let’s wait… Intejaar ka phal meetha hota hain…

  24. Nikita_jai29

    Eid Mubarak to all ishqies dear..
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    Arpu dear.. You are the numerologist and luthfa is analytical ishqies…

    1. Banita

      Eid Mubarak Nikita…

  25. ItsmePrabha

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    Shivika ka Nikah Mujhe infinity baar Qubool hai…Loved it..
    Mujhe na iss Redux se pata nahi ajeeb wali feelings aa rahi hai..kyunki mujeh bohoth saare doubts hai.. mainly kya OMRU honge iss Redux mein..agar woh nahi honge toh i am not ok with it.. Pata nahi kya hoga.. Waiting for it…Till then Bye guys..Love you all……… Take care..

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    How are you all?I am extremely and truly so sorry for being late.Now I am here.Wishing you with all the love-Eid Mubarak.May Allah fulfill every dream of each one of you and shower His blessings always.Keep smiling and stay always happy.Love you all???????????☺☺☺☺☺☺????????????

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    Shivika Nikah was indeed awwwww…durable.I loved all those dialogues of Shivaay for Anika.Shivaay is husband goal and I hope he won’t disappoint us and Anika in future.Now this mentalist is here.Don’t know what is going to happen next.I am confused right now.Anyway,take care.Happy weekend?

  28. Luthfa

    Go Bani Go.Many many congratulations….?
    Shivika Nikah was superb and absolutely awwwwwww…dorable.I loved those dialogues of Shivaay for Anika.He is husband goal and I hope he won’t disappoint us and Anika in future.Now this mentalist is here.Don’t know what is going to happen next.I am confused right now.Let’s hope for the best.Take care.Happy weekend?

    1. Banita

      Lu i just hope cvs will not disappoint us… I hope all these things will happen totally in different way…. Nothing as same…. Hope u understand what i want to say…
      Yeh mee too like Shivay’s dialogue….

  29. Hii mere khidkithod pagalpans
    Kaise ho sab?wish u a hpy sunday filled with happiness and fun…enjoy
    Sry for not responding to some of ur comments…i just love u guyss..keep rocking an spend time with ur dear omes and keep imagining abt the upcoming shivika reboot….?????waiting desparately for tmrr….

  30. Luthfa

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    Eid Mubarak to you too dear?
    I am very happy that you liked that.Thank you soooooooo….very much for your precious love.Love you?

  31. Luthfa

    Dear Bani,
    I don’t write that much good.But writing is my passion.I love writing.You too make writing your passion.May God bless you the widest skill in writing.Thank you soooooooo….very much for your love.Love you?

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  33. Ms raghunathan

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  34. Ms raghunathan

    Brothers are good and their mrs sooo good i want to see the members . I want to talk to the prof Mihir Awasthi to my future and I wanted to read the book so the book where I buy tell you sir.patti is also good .thankyou I love sivaa and anikka.

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