Ishqbaaz 15th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishqbaaz 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shivaye introducing himself. Bua says Anika, he is a very big man. Anika asks why, does he wear 11 number shoe, this is my brother’s house and I won’t allow anyone here. Neighbors say this is good people’s locality, he can’t come here like this. Anika asks will you go now, think again before putting on sale tag on any middle class girl, not everyone rich is ill mannered like you, and not all poor people are on sale, my hardwork, self esteem, honesty and I m not on sale. Shivaye says all these are on sale in the world, your hardwork, honest and self esteem, and you, I will buy all this in such a low rate, you will know your price, first I will buy you and then I will throw you. He leaves.

Tej asks how dare you …. Shwetlana asks what do you mean. He says don’t act

innocent, did you not give that tape to media. She asks do you think I will backstab you. He says the one who is close does the cheat. She says world is making joke on me, we both are victim, someone is trying to defame us. She cries and says I know it happened wrong, but the matter is true, you were going to give divorce to Jhanvi, now world knows this, whats the big deal. He says big deal is my son was going to give his life, for me my son is very imp, I know I could not become good father and good son, but I love him. She says even I love Omkara, I will die before cheating you. He says I will find out who did this, if you have anything to do with this, you will watch it. He leaves. She says I gave this chip to Meera, and she is out of Indian, who gave this to media then. Someone comes to meet her. She asks you…..

Anika picks the glass pieces and recalls Shivaye’s words. She gets hurt and cries. Shivaye is at his home. Dadi asks where were you. He asks is Om fine. She says yes, he is resting in his room. He says Om will get fine, I m here. She says I know, everything will get fine as you are here. He hugs Dadi.

Shwetlana asks what are you doing here. Roop smiles and says you are my would be Parjai, our trick worked, we should have sweets. Shwetlana says Tej is angry today. Roop says you know what to do. Shwetlana asks will I do everything. Roop says I did a lot till now, I provoked Ashok’s wife to attack on Shivaye, I saved Shivaye to show family, I leaked video in media and then there was a blast in that family. Shwetlana says your entry happened because of me, I broke the security so that you can reach anywhere, I made you reach Oberoi family, now you have to make sure I take Jhanvi’s place. Roop promises and they smile.

Shivaye goes to see Om and cries. He covers him and gets leaving. Om wakes up and asks are you so annoyed that you won’t see me. Shivaye says you would have not done this if you thought about us. Omkara says listen to me brother. Shivaye asks him not to call him brother, else he would have thought once, do anything Om, I don’t care. He leaves. Rudra looks on.

Shivaye goes to cook, and Om helps him. Shivaye does not take his help, and Om keeps on trying by passing tea ingredients. Shivaye turns. Om hugs him and cries. He apologizes. Shivaye says just leave and makes him away. He says I will just slap you, how dare you, did I stop you for anything, everything is allowed to you, except one thing, leaving me is not allowed. He cries and pats/slaps Om, then caresses him saying sorry. Om says sorry, I can’t leave you, else I would have died before, I can’t go away from my brothers. They hug and cry.

Bua asks Anika what affair does she has with Shivaye, I m losing name in locality. She scolds Sahil and cleans face with towel given by Sahil. Her face turns face and Sahil laughs. Bua sees her face and gets angry. She tells Anika that this black color will go, but black color on your character will not get off, i can’t bear you here, leave from here. Anika says I should tell you, I m getting college canteen contract, I just have to sign, if your drama does not end, I won’t give you anything, remember whose house is this. Sahil says we are house owners. Anika says you don’t pay rent, if you have to stay here, keep your manners. Bua goes. Anika tells Sahil that everything will get fine after she gets canteen contract. She promises and hugs him.

Om says I broke down seeing my mum in that state, I was much scared and wanted to run, that’s why I took pills to sleep, I did not wish to die, I took wrong pills by mistake. He cries. Shivaye says you can’t do this, I know life is not easy, there are challenges, we can fall weak, its allowed, but we can’t fall lonely, that’s not allowed.

Shivaye says call me, talk to me when there is any problem, I will be there. Rudra says Shivaye breaks phones mostly, don’t take tension, talk to me. Shivaye says we are stories of same story, our names are also linked as us, Omkara, Rudra and Shivaye are Lord Shankar’s ansh, if anything happens to you, I can’t live, I know if anything happens to me, you both can’t live, we are one for all, all for one, I love you guys. They hug. Lafzon ka ye rishta nai…..…plays………….

Om and Shivaye joke on Rudra. Rudra asks Shivaye are our names as Lord Shankar. Shivaye asks why. Rudra says I thought its Ajay Devgan’s movies names. Shivaye pats on his face.

Shivaye throws water on Anika’s face. She gets stunned seeing him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. A nice episode of today, but a bit emotional. There is a great affinity between brothers. I hope that there will be between Shavay and Anika in future.Thanks for Telly Update.

  2. Loveleen

    so roop was behind dis…..nyways loved todays episd….wat a bond of the bros m quite impressed…..plz shw ishaana too…i felt lyk crying wen i sw omm crying so badly….???

  3. Just love their bromance….shivaye om n rudra Rocks….

  4. They should give equal importance to Om and rudra

    1. Yea,,,,Rudra was not in the picture today….hope they will give equal importance to 3 brothers even after their marriage….

  5. Yesterday i wasnbit disappointed with show with shiv twisting Anika’s hand… but today I loved the bond between om and shiv.

    When shiv slapped om and was cautious not to hurt him too much i was thinking once this crazy man fall in love with Anika how much regret he will feel for yesterday ‘s incident.

    BTW guys, is it me or doesn’t Anika gives you kajol vibes??? I think I of my all time favorite actress kajol when I see Anika on the screen ? I am starting to like anika’s character now days.

    1. Same here?. Her voice modulation is similar to taht of Kajol but I find her looking a bit like Nargis Fakhri?. I seriously want Anika and Shivaay to fall in love at the same time, Rudra to fall in love at first with Somya and Omkara to fall in live with Ishana first?. Just my thoughts though. Am I the only one who likes Shivaay the most?. He seriously has an innocent heart like dadi said.

      1. *that

      2. ☺☺☺☺ I’m eagerly waiting for their loverall to blossom but I want shiv to beg anika????
        My favorite us rudra, he is so adorable he thought they were named after Ajay devgaan movies lolzzzzzzzzzzz?????????❤❤❤❤❤ he can break the ice in the serious scene with his adorable acting.

  6. 3 brothers???….OM❤️?

  7. By seeing today’s episode, I m just thinking, that how much passionately shivaye will love anika in future

    1. Yeah Faraza!!!!! He’ll love her with the same intensity which he uses to hate her now!!!!!!???

  8. wow what an episode . we could see full of anger and care for omkara in shvaye’s eyes when he raised his hand and said I will slap u . so nice and emotional episode

  9. Nishu

    Omg wt an epi………. Im ttly speechless, i mean im so touched……………
    This bromance, im in love with these brothers chemistry……….????

  10. Myan this bromance is seriously noteworthy?. Missing o jaana scenes?

  11. I just can’t tolerate this shivay & his mum… They r too much ?

  12. #OmShivRudr4ever
    I just love their hug scenes,,,,Om-Shiv scenes were superb,,,,,Both of them rocked today,,,
    Bt Rudru’s part was less today,,,,
    For Shivaaye his brothers are his world and he z not at all bothered abt anyone else,,,,,He has a preconceived opinion abt poor ppl,that’s why he z behaving lyk this towards Anika,,,,Hope Anika will stay strong and change his views

  13. Tej isn’t that bad,,,,,I’m glad that he loves Om,,,So may be Swetlana created some misunderstanding between Tej and Jhanvi and separated them,,,,hate both Swetlana and Roop

    1. Yep..even tej cares for his family.

  14. AAYUSH

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ daily popular show Ishqbaaz will witness some major twist and turns.

    It was earlier seen that due to Anika, Shivaay’s family reputation has been tarnished and Shivaay will get furious at Anika.

    However Anika (Surbhi Chandna) will throw a challenge to him that he will never be able to break her confidence.

    Therefore Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) will take a huge step to teach Anika a lesson.

    Apparently Shivaay will blackmail and force Anika to get married to him so that he can torture her and seek revenge.

    It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.

    Will Shivaay to able to succeed in his dangerous plan or not?

    1. OMG,,,,that’s why he said that he will buy her and throw her,,,,strange twist

  15. This roop is so irritating. . When will they make ishaana and om come face to face. . Only om has not seen his love interest’s face yet. . Not fair

  16. Episode was awesome!! Brothers bonding is to be appreciated!! Shivaay and oms part was too emotional and touching!! Hope the life partners they get too keep d family united like them…mean understand d brothers bonding…as in Ramayan…Om as usual u rock…cute….waiting for ur love track scenes!!! Kunal….so adorable!!

  17. Awesme episode….but I want more ishkara scenes.eagerly waiting for Om’s love story.

    1. Heyy…Ishkara…nice name for d jodi!!

  18. i just want shivaay to understand anika fast…itz hurts when he is this rude…after all he is the great shivaay singh oberoi and he can do anything he wants…and anika is no better..she z jst soooo i like it dat way….i like the the thngs becum emotional and thn awkward between the brothers….i want to see more but the show is sloooooow….guyz z any1 having trouble connecting to this website?????????????telly updates is jst not working for me……love ishqbaaz and the partners i got to watch the show with more interest<3<3<3<3u guyz are amazing in commenting….

    1. yea,,,,I too was not able to connect to the site

      1. Yeah.. Same here.

  19. Hi guys ,this is brother’s story so they should give equal importance to all brothers why they give only shivay and anika others two also there need to show their love story also ,in family also all are giving importance to shivay not om and rudru this is not good ,but om acting is super and natural guys

  20. omkara love your acting

  21. Guys according to the latest spoilers ishaana will fake love for om to get his money. Hope its not true. .
    They both will again meet where ishaana recognises him and om feels he met her before. .
    I just hope she doesn’t break his heart

    1. Omg…can’t see omkara/kunal sad!! He wulf breakdown again if disz true!! SAD!!!

    2. yea,,,me too,,,can’t see him sad

  22. omkara you are rockstar

  23. ishika mazumdar

    I feel th same..whn shivay will strt lovng Anika he wl show th same passion as he I showing rt now to hate her…i wnt rudra soumya scenes too…neya is jst adorable as she was in qubool hai!!!?

  24. ishika mazumdar


  25. Anika is ugly……and too old for Shivaye

  26. Anika is ugly……and too old for Shivaye. A better looking girl is needed.

  27. Priya15

    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Shivaay’s brother OM’s life is going to enter in love world after entry of IShana in their life.

    Ishaana is a con woman who has taken money from OM befooling him but OM does not see her face.

    OM feels some attraction and pain in her eyes but does not think about her more.

    Now, OM and Ishaana bump with each other again where Ishaana recognizes OM while OM feels that he has met her before too.

    OM and Ishaana are different from each other as OM has differences with his family while Ishaana loves his family a lot.

    Gud news for ISHKARA fans…

    1. thanx for the news , a good news indeed

  28. Gud news indeed☺☺???

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