Ishqbaaz 15th January 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika slaps Veer

Ishqbaaz 15th January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye falls down. Anika shouts Shivaye. They ask Shivaye to get up. Anika asks Veer to save Shivaye’s life. Veer says he is dead. She slaps him. Some time before, Shivaye dances with everyone. He gets unwell and holds his chest. He falls down. Anika looks on shocked. They all worry for Shivaye and run to him. Anika and everyone shout Shivaye…. Anika stumbles in shock. Bhavya says I can’t find his pulse. Rudr asks Shivaye not to joke like this. Om says I will call doctor. Anika says I will call.

Veer sees Anika coming. He imagines Anika happily coming and talking to him. Anika says please, come with me, Shivaye fainted, save his life, Veer I m talking to you, please save Shivaye’s life. He thinks Shivaye didn’t die yet. She asks him what is he thinking, just come. Veer checks Shivaye.

Anika asks Shivaye to get up. Veer checks his pulse. Anika holds Shivaye and cries. Veer thinks finally checkmate, you are finished Shivaye, don’t worry, I will take care of Anika.

He says I m sorry, he is no more. They get shocked. Anika says he can’t leave me, he promised to be with me, he always keep promises. Veer says I m a doctor, I can’t announce anyone dead just like that. She scolds him. She says Shivaye is fine. Veer says Anika, he is dead. She slaps him. She says don’t dare to say this about my Shivaye, till I m alive, Shivaye can’t die. Rudra asks Shivaye to get up. Anika’s tear falls over Shivaye’s face. His fingers move. Veer sees this and thinks he is still alive, there wasn’t enough poison, now that he has survived, I will get the credit and become hero in Anika’s eyes. He says Anika, let me try once again. He pumps Shivaye’s heart. Shivaye gets back to life. Anika hugs him. They get glad. Veer thinks don’t cry Anika, I don’t like it, tomorrow will be the last day of Shivaye’s life.

Anika sees Shivaye sleeping and cries. She goes out. Om asks how is Shivaye. He makes her sit. He asks what happened, why are you crying. Rudra says we must be glad that he is fine. She says yes, I m not able to forget that moment, what if something happened to him, I just get scared by the thought of losing him, since I have known this, I have seen him fighting with situation, family, world and himself. She says Shivaye has gone through a lot, he has shut sorrow in his heart, we know family is imp to him, even then he had to leave his family, we know how imp is Omru for him, even then he has to leave Omru, whatever he is going through, he keeps it to himself, he doesn’t let us find out, he is really Shivaye, he gives Amrit to everyone and drinks poison, we all have some weaknesses, we fail at times and lose, we get scared, but he is the only one who has been protecting you both and me, he takes every problem on himself, a good husband, son and brother, he manages all his duties well.

They cry. She says we might not be aware of our thoughts, but he knows it all, I had believed that I m getting mad, but Shivaye didn’t believe it, he is our lifeline. Om holds her and consoles. He says Shivaye always fights alone, without getting tired, broken or complaints, he solves all of our problems, we feel that till we have Shivaye, nothing can happen to us, we didn’t try to solve our problems, we just looked for Shivaye for solutions, because he is SSO.

Rudra says we go to him as we know he is our superman, Dadi says one thing, that God gives troubles to them who have the strength to bear it, maybe that’s why all troubles come to Shivaye, problems can’t defeat Shivaye, he is the great wall of SSO. They hug.

Its morning, Shivaye removes a camera. Omru ask what is he doing. Shivaye says I m removing CCTV cameras, I know the ones I have installed, but maybe someone else has also installed the cameras to keep an eye on Anika and me, maybe that woman. Rudra says but she is dead. Shivaye says we don’t think if she was working with someone, we should take off all the cameras to be on the safer side. Veer looks on and says I will always keep an eye on Anika, you can’t do anything Shivaye.

Shivaye looks for his phone and calls out Anika. He gets his phone. He says we forgot to give this packet to Veer. She says so much happened yesterday. He says right. She says yesterday I have slapped Veer. He asks what, you slapped Veer, why. She says you were unconscious, my mind stopped working, when he said you are dead, I lost my cool and slapped him. They laugh. He says we are so ill mannered, he saved my life and we are laughing on him. She says yes, we shouldn’t laugh, but I slapped him quite hard, sorry. He says I have much respect for him, he saved your life, I owe him, I need to thank him and return his parcel.

Veer says I have made this special kheer for you. Shweta worries. She says I don’t want to have it. He says you know my anger, have it. She eats kheer. He asks her to have it. He says I will make you have kheer if you agree to me, don’t worry, this doesn’t have poison today, who knows, there maybe poison in it tomorrow. Shivaye comes. Shweta runs and hugs him.

Shivaye says I left home, but now Omru, its not easy to make a home, but it breaks in a moment. Veer says you can’t have this pizza. He asks the girl to kill Shivaye. The girl says I have come to deliver this pizza. Shivaye asks is this prepaid order.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hello hello everyone of you, have a good day today.

    Today’s episode Nakkul and especially Surbi nailed it. Nakkul falling down was so realistic and Surbi crying uncontrollably and boy was I glad when she slapped Veer when he told her Shivaay died.

    Later when Shivaay was sleeping Omru and Anika were crying and Anika telling them how much Shivaay takes all problems on himself and making sure everyone is protected. I was so glad when Om acknowledged that they do not solve their problems and keep running to Shivaay for the problems knowing that he is there and will solve it. I am glad finally they realized. Om it is about time you solve your problems to and please man up.

    It was so emotional to listen to Anika. What feelings!! I almost had tears listening to what she had to say about Shivaay. Veer I wish I can just give you the slow poison as well. How dare he keeps eyeing on Anika and fantazizing her!! He has lost his marbles.

    It was a very long weekend wait for me to see the episode today.

    1. Banita

      Go Sindhu Go……
      Yeh dr hope Om will solve his own problem himself… CVS plzz give some solution to Om too…

      1. Hello Banita,

        Thanks dear. I didn’t realise I was the first commentator. Yesterday I had to do some work very late and suddenly decided to read comments and submit mine but surprised I am first.

    2. Go sindhu Go……… congrats. ……….

      1. Awww……. Thanks jeni.

    3. ItsmePrabha

      Go Sindhu Go..

    4. Go sindhu dear go……?

    5. Go sindhu Go!! Yeah it’s high time omru start realizing that they have equal responsibilities as well.. Glad that they have accepted it yesterday..

    6. Piyuu

      congrats sindhu

    7. Go Sindhu Go.Congratulations on being first….
      Episode was very emotional in terms of everything except that Veer part.He was so overconfident.Glad to see that Om have admitted they all are depending on Shivaay and it effecting him indirectly.Good to see AniOmRu bonding.After the Obros this are my favourite bonding with trio.Let’s see what happens today.

  2. Aashika

    Today’s episode is so emotional the way anika reacted on shivay’s condition is so good and devar bhabhi part is also good. Thank god nothing has happened to SSO. I like that part when anika slap that psycho. Waiting for that part when anika will slap more when veer’s real face will come to her with her chandni or chameli…… Hope this psycho will get out soon from their life.. Good night everyone

    1. Zaveesha

      Hi Aashika…yes todays episode was so emotional..
      Yeah we are just hoping that the ;psycho will

    2. Zaveesha

      The psycho will leave Shivika life…
      Good night to u too…

      Oopps my comment was half written nd posted..

    3. Banita

      Heyy Aashika ,
      I m also waiting 4 that day when Anika slap that PLR moreee….

    4. Hi Aashika!! Nothing will happen to the great wall yaar.. Yeah hoping to see anika slapping veer with chameli soon..

    5. Hello Aashika,
      Agree with you yaar.Expected one more slap.But I am sure Ani will fullfill my wish.Just wait and watch Mr.VPC???

  3. O god……when shivika will get to know abt veer????????plssssssss finish this track????
    Cmnt will be short……
    Episode nice
    Anika’s cry…..cant bear??????
    Anika’s thappar to veer???
    Debar or vabhi?????so emotional yarrrrrrrrr………
    Shivika room scn????
    Bt blo*dy stupid veer ????????hate him……..
    Gd n8 pkj family……
    Love u all………???

    1. Banita

      Heyy Shanaya ,
      Hope CVS will end this PLR’s track or I can say this Vanwas track soooooooon…
      Love U too dr..

    2. Ending veer’s track?? CVS will drag it to atleast a month dr.. Vanvaas?? May be two months atleast.. We can just hope for veer track’s sooner end yaar.. Btw how r u and how is ur little sis suhana??

      1. Hi dhwani dear…
        What r u saying yr????? 2 months?????????cant bear yrrrr…….i jst hate veer.???hope cvs will listen us….we jst can hope….cant do anything…..
        Btw suhana is great.she thought that veer’s track will finish all hopes goes in vain.gk will drag it more.she is in shock…….bt enjoying ruvya feeling bad for rumya…….
        Love u dear nd take care.?

    3. Hi Shanaya,
      Don’t know when will be the ending of Veer and co.track.I am sure cvs have planned something stretching drama for his part.All the best for your exams.Take care?

  4. Good episode.. So Sso life saved by anika tear and Lambu veer’s Cpr method.. Most funniest part is veer feels he will become hero in front of Anika’s eyes but He is becoming hero in front of shivaay’s eyes..

    1. Hii kadhambari! Yes! Veer is becoming hero in front of SSO only ?? He can never show heropanti before anika.. She will never consider any other hero other than her hero..

    2. Hi Kadhambari,
      Yeah right time but wrong person.LOL!!

  5. Pushpa

    Hello gals..
    Happy pongal..lohri…makarsanjranti….
    Hope u gals hd great celebration…
    So emotional epi..when shivaye fall on the ground..i was like screaming oh nooooooooooo….shivayeeeeeeeeee????
    I cried together anika & the obrois….
    U fool thangabli..anika is cmg to seekmhelp…but u day dreaming….
    And hw dare u said shivaye is dead.?………i want 2c u dead ????tht slap was owsm yes anika u did it………
    Finally anika magical tears saved shivaye’s life….but credir goes to thangabali???? Shivaye veer is the villain here….please do something b4 anything worst 2happen……and my dear cvs…..wht else left???? U guys fond of veer & want2keep him more??????
    AniOmRu convo was heart wrenching too…how shivaye handles all & everyones problem…the great wall of SSO…he is the lifeline for her, his family & OmRu.. its a owsm convo..
    This tgangabali 24/7 on anika….hw do v defeat him…..another villainbaaz to continue,…….
    And shivaye &anika talking abt anika slapping veer…..oh my god does anyone knows tht shhivaye eyes changes per the colour of rainbow….tht green suit reflecks same green in his eye…just beautiful..
    Dil hua ishqbaaz..
    And heart wrenchingbaaz..
    Gd nite gals

    1. Banita

      Heyy Pus dii…
      Yeh I also want to see PLR dead…
      Eye changes per the colour of rainbow..!!!??? Is it..??? Now checking out my brother this muchhhhhh….. LOL…

      1. Pushpa

        yes hv u noticed
        when he wear blue his eyes reflects blue….yesterday green same with his suit…god this man is drivign me crazy yaar…

    2. Hi pushpa sis!! Ohh so much love for shivaay bhaiya.. Don’t worry sis nothing will happen to SSO.. Veer’s OMM will be done by him soon.. Let’s hope sis..

    3. Hello Pu di,
      Happy all the festivals(those you mentioned).How are you?Yeah that Veer poisoned Shivaay but he was thinking the opposite.Facepalm!!!Awww..Di,you are a very good observer.Keep it up?

  6. Hiiioi everyone

    How you’ll doing???

    Really looking forward but today’s my last day watching ishqbaaz at 22:00 bcoz my school starts so I will watch ishqbaaz at 14:00 the next day ????????


    @UFF welcome back missed you alot ?

    I won’t be able to comment that often bcoz school starts so…but I will try

    And good luck to all those writing
    And wish you’ll a very happy festival I’m sorry I’m not sure of the name

    1. Banita

      Heyy Omu…
      It’s fine dr… Study comes first… Study well…

      1. Hiii
        Yep I really have to give my best this year no playing around ?
        And thank youu❤

    2. Omaira yes studies comes first. Serials are for our entertainment. The serials do not determine our future. So study hard.

      1. Totally agree with you sindhu for the future one has to be hard working
        Thank you ❤

    3. Hi Omaira ?.miss you too

    4. Hi omu!! How r u?? Saw your long comment on prev page.. Wowww.. Great going dr.. And try commenting after school or when u hv enough time.. Studies come first.. Study well..

      1. Heyyyyy Dhwani ?
        I’m doing good , what about you ?
        Awwww thank you ❤
        I will try commenting but won’t be able to stay away from long coz school holidays will only be in March and I definitely can’t stay away from you all for 3 months

    5. Awwwwww….I love you more my Omu baby☺?☺?☺

  7. Helllloooo guysss
    Finally anika slaps veer ………OMG my favorite. ……..When anika slaps veer l was just laughing l know that it was not the right time……because…. shivaye condition was very bad………but l can’t control myself. …………. I wish anika give him more……..but writer’s stop with one………it’s more slaps are waiting for u veer ………And what’s next for shivaye………

    @ jeevi thanks for explaination about bhogi…….
    @ Chavi di amazing memory power to written all names………….

    1. Banita

      Heyy Jeni… This one is my fav part also… Me also cant stop laughing after watching that sence…

    2. Yeah same pinch.. More funnier was when anika confesses tht she had slapped veer and they both laughed abt it.. Hehehe..

    3. OMG!!!!!! Same thought dear.Ani will go on slapping him continously just waiting for it.Veer will forget all of his horrible scientific experimentation skill on others?????

  8. Destiny(Veer Pratap Chauhan),how dare you,how dare you telling me Shivaay is Dead?Don’t you know him that he is Shivaay Singh Oberoi?Then how could you tell like this?If you crack joke like this again then I will kill you then and there.He is not only Shivaay,my absolute Desire for anything in life.Can you understand that?You are powerful but let me tell you,you can’t defeat my Shivaay whose another name is “Mrityunjay”(who can defeat Death).He always overcomes Death and returns back to his family,to me.I believe and trust him,he will never leave me alone.So,you better try your luck somewhere else.You can’t fool me through your so called trick.If you want to do such thing again then remember my slapping and turn your back.Our life are bound by our twin souls and hearts.The day I will close my eyes for good,you can smile on your victory.And finally,don’t underestimate my Love for him.May be I am a mere mortal but my Love is Immortal,never ending……..

    1. Zaveesha

      Luthfa dear….I’m in love with ur writings…seriously…
      Keep writing..

      1. Luthfa very beautiful penmanship. Two souls are one. What a delightful thought!!!

      2. Awwwww…Thank you so so so so much.Love you.God bless you?

      3. Hi Sindhu,
        Really?Awww…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.God bless you dear.?

    2. Banita

      Luthfa dr ,
      Love ur description about Anika’s immortal love in Anika’s pov to that devil PLR…

      1. Thank you so very much Bani.Love you a lot.God bless you?☺?☺

    3. Hii luthfa
      Amazing. ………. superb ……….well done……….continue writing. …….l am becoming a fan of uuu………………..

      1. Awwwwww……Is it so?Thank you so much dear.I will try.Love you.God bless you?

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Dear Luthfa… How beautifully annika gave damki to destiny a.k.a VPC.. And how even more beautifully you wrote it… Yaar i am fidaa to your writings.. Love you and Be blessed

      1. Oh thank you so very very very much Prabha.Love you to the power of anything.God bless you?

    5. What r u doing luthfa??????again n again n again. Not fair yarrrrrr…….deep thoughts nd amazing explain….i wanna meet with u…..
      May god bless u dear nd may god give sooooooo much happiness in ur whole life….
      Love u dear……?????

      1. Off course dear why not?Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you.God bless you?

    6. Wowwww?? Amazing yaar.. Am just stunned.. You stunning us with your comments has become regular.. Omg.. I don’t have words dost.. It was the same me who thought this scene was a bit dramatic but now no.. You just change my perception with your comments.. Love you so much dost.. Am proud of being your friend..
      You have planned something for me and my soulmate?!!! Awwww.. Love you dost.. Me too haven’t met my soulmate.. That will take years.. Will say you if I meet him ???

      1. Awwww…So sweet of you.I am glad that you loved my viewpoint.Yeah I have planned that for you and your soulmate.Now just waiting for the right time and their(you and mine)arrival.It will be so much fun.I am exicited like heaven and everything.Thank you once again for the compliment.Love you?

    7. Piyuu


      1. Hello Piyuu,how are you?
        Thank you so very….much for the compliment.Love you and God bless you?

  9. Zaveesha

    Hi people…
    Today episode was so emotional…
    The way Anika nd Omru were describing their SSO was soo amazing..
    Nd one good thing was that Anika slaps Veer..I was smiling after that..nd my bro was like “KHUSHI DEKHO KOI INKI”…
    Nd poor girl Veer scared her…
    I just hope k ye Veer k chapter jald close ho..
    Waiting for the reversal of roles of Obros nd Obahus..

    Keep smiling pkjs…
    Nd keep watching IB..

    1. Banita

      Heyy Zaveesha…
      Same pinch dr… My sis was also like ” Smile dekho toh iski”… LOL… Yeh I m also exciting 4 this reversal part…

    2. Hii zaveesha!! Yeah we want veer’s chapter to close soon.. But CVS will keep dragging yaar..

    3. Hi Zaveesha,
      Hehehe…So funny right?Veer and his haseen sapne.LoL!!!

  10. Banita

    Heyyy Grand Pagolon Ki Jhund basion………
    Today epi was Nycc…
    Shocking parts…
    Shivaay falls down… Anika stumbled in her way to see her love , her heart beat , her Shivaay in danger…
    Every one shocked to see their Shivaay , Shivaay bhaiya or Badde bhaiya in death stage…
    Fear of losing their Great wall was seen in everyone’s eyes..
    Anika – Fear of losing her husband , her heart beat
    Om – Fear of losing his brother
    Rudy – Fear of losing his super man
    Gouri , Bhavya – Fear of losing their bade bhaiya , that brother who support them , who was with them always…
    TEAR , D most important part in Shivika’s life… The only source to bring one from death’s bed is others tear.. As expected tear did it’s work as a miracle… Shivaay gain his conscious…
    P S -While watching d epi i was like kb girega.. kb girega nd finally Anika’s tear dropped on Shivaay’s face nd he regain his life…
    Emotional , Heart breaking , Heart touching part…
    Aniomru talk about Shivaay..
    Anika – He is d fighter for his family , D protecter, A good husband, son nd borther , Their life line… She told about d soft heart which is cover under d great wall boundary…
    Om – When SSO is here then why fear… He is D solution of every problem…
    Rudy – His Super man , D Great wall of SSO…
    It’s d emotional , heart breaking part… Each nd every word about Shivaay was soo true… A perfect description of Shivaay…
    At last Aniomru hug was Heart touching… D Best Bhabhi – Devers ever….
    Obros in Mission CCTV nikalo…
    PLR… Go to hell…
    Hilarious part ,
    PLR’s imagination about Anika….
    LOL dr PLR , this is d only thing U can do… Day dreaming about Anika , nothing more then this becz Anika can never be urs…
    Anika slapped PLR… Funny part in that whole emotional sence…. LOL… Nd after that when Shivika was laughing thinking about it was d most hilarious part… Cholo PLR kuch toh acche kaam mein aaya… LOL…
    Again he threatened that little girl.. Disgusing man..
    Precap –
    I cant understand anything , but it must be something shocking , i think… I m exciting for their character swap part…
    Gd Nt GPKJ….

    1. Banita

      Forget to say today Aniomru nailed their sence… Specially Anika aka Survi… She was Amazinggg in emotional sences…

    2. Hii Bani!! All the best of good luck to you and arpita.. Rock your sems.. Nice analysis Bani.. Part by part explanation.. And yeah anika slapping VPC and shivika laughing abt it is the best part.. Hope this VPC remembers the slap and stops his experiments..

      1. Banita

        Heyy Dhwani… Arpu’s exams starts from today , but mine will be from 29 jan… Btw Thank U dr

    3. Hi Bani,
      Wow,full on emotional and humour mood!Just perfect combination for today’s episode.Loved it.Go Bani Go….?☺?☺☺

      1. Banita

        Awwww!!!!! Thank U Luthfa… Feel like i come first in comment… Epi was like that only… Full of emotinal with little Funny…

  11. Wen will this veer track over yar.. we don’t want any villlian.. we want some romantic moments yar..

    1. CVS will drag veer’s track yaar.. And we will surely get to see romantic moments now and then between scenes..

    2. Don’t know dear.Depending on the mercy of cvs I think.

  12. ItsmePrabha

    Heyya buddies.. Firstly mein apna khushiyan baantloon… Like seriously annika ne VPC ko jab chaanta maari .. here i was like aur do maaro na yaar..pls pls kar rahi thi.. Uss part mein mujhe billu ke liye phikr se zyaada VPC pe hassi aayi.. Woh aur uski 2rs imagination.. Huh bada aaya 25ps cheapde.. Aur abb.. billu ko girte hue dekhkar meri saanse thodi der rukh gayi .. And annika di ki aansu ne apna kamal dhikhadi ..par mera most fav. Part in this epi is Aniomru one ..each and every word they said about The great wall of SSO is 2000% true..very emotional part ..always love this devars-bhabhi jodi…when shivika laughed at VPC for being slapped i was like seriously aise situation pe yeh donno hi hass sakthe hai ofcourse hum bhi toh hass rahe the.. Ab precap ne toh phirse mera dimag ki dahi, khichdi sab bana waiting for the epi to telecast.. Par ek baat toh bolna bhool gayi..VPC you are the most disgusting man i have ever seen (maybe).. Ek choti si bacchi ko dara rahe ho.. Argh i am feeling like scolding you par mein tumhari mooh nahi lagana chahthi hoon.. Well adios.. Jiski bhi exams ho ya aane wale ho un sabko meri taraf se ALL THE BEST OF GOOD LUCK..?

    1. Hahahha prabha sis.. Super comment sis.. 25ps cheapda correct one for veer??

    2. Hi Prabha,
      You too?Oh I was so happy for that slapping part.Wish I could give him that slap instead of Ani!Your comment is so cute.Always make me smile.Love you?

  13. Hii Gpkj!! I know nothing can happen to shivaay bhaiya.. He is SSO, the great wall..

    Bhabhi-devars convo was very good… Atleast now let OmRu start sharing SSO’s responsibilities and lift him off his burden.. Anika slapping veer ???????? And shivika laughing abt it was even more superb..

    I feel IB is going more dramatic.. Is it just me or does anyone else also think the same? Some scenes like today’s ones make me feel if the great wall himself is built of bricks or cells?? Anika’s lone tear brought back shivaay to life!!! Without removing poison from his body how could they stay calm thinking he is out of danger??? No hospital scene and the great wall wakes up the next day without a trace of affliction?!!!! CPR isnt supposed to b this slow.. If CPR is done like what they showed yesterday, then making the heart function is difficult.. Okay.. IB and logic ???
    Hoping for good times and scenes ahead..
    Go swetha go.. Expose veer and tell his truth to SSO.. No saumya today?? Okay let’s wait..

    1. Zaveesha

      Seriously IB nd Logic have 36 ka aankra…those scenes where shivika’s tears brought back their lives were no doubt very emotional but far from reality…
      Just hope that this track ends soon on a happy note…

    2. Hi Dost,
      Agree with you on poison part.Cvs never give any logical touch or try to insert it whenever there is any medical emergency.You know na,IB and logic are like north and south hemisphere.CPR also started following the rules of Veer in Goa as it is ruled by him.LOL!!!??☺☺??

    3. Banita

      Heyy Dhwani….Ib is always dramatic yr… Well writtened.. Like it…

  14. is Surbhi suffering from astama?

    1. Don’t know dear.

  15. Piyuu

    episode was so emotional.
    anika slaps veer ye scene dekh kar kitni khushi mili abhi ek thapad anika ko sach pata chal gaya tho thumari omm pakki hai.
    aniomru scene was heart touching

    1. Hi Piyu,
      Yeah his OMM will be done balti bhar bhar ke.Hehehe…???

  16. Wow….awesome Narbhi nailed it?
    Loved AniOmRu convo and bonding ?
    Hats off to Shivika…really i felt like my heart would stop for moment when Shivay fell and Anika staggered?
    ANIKAS CHAATA…????????????????????BEST SCENE…Lambu ko aur dena tha chaata…anyway Shivika save it for later.?
    I dont know why they are showing Shivay as so gullible…plz cvs , Gul mam……give Shivika and OmRu clues so that they end Veer chapter.
    Waiting for Shivikas more cuddles and kisses scene , especially after Shivikas life/death episodes.

    WE WANT OBROS BROMANCE, OBAHUS bonding and masti, Shivika , Rikara and Ruvya romance whilst they plan to beat Sultanas evilness and Tias eviction from OM and OF?❤???

    1. Hi Zara,
      Cvs and makers are not going to hear us.But there should be some balance while handling three couples.Don’t know what they are thinking.Episode was emotional but Shivaay should have got some inkling about Veer and his intention.But we are not that fortune enough to have it so easily.Let’s see what happens.

  17. Good afternoon Grand Pkj walas!

    Sorry I was unable to comment or reply you all as ITS MY BIRTHDAY TODAY & I am celebrating it with all my family members but with the absence of you all my GPkj walas. I wish if you all could be here with me I will be more blessed.
    I hope to meet you all atleast once in my life. Let’s hope for that.

    Coming to the episode, it was emotionwalabaaz Monday’s mixture treat.
    SSO & Anika di’s naturalistic act, they nailed us with their performance. Bhais & Behans concern for their bade bhaiya was outstanding. Veer’s fantasic dream was disgusting but that was given rewari by Anika di’s slap. It was So cool to watch that slap.
    Mera Shivaye bhaiya is like Lord Shiva. He is the protector of all around him & no poison can take his precious soul from him.
    Devar – Bhabhi conversation was awesome and emotional. I was teary eyed with that part. Shivaye bhaiya is LIFELINE, THE GREAT WALL SSO & HERO LIKE SUPERMAN not only for AniOmRu but also for those who believe him. Atlast it was like a motherly hug and consolement of Anika di to OmRu.

    After sooooo long, that laugh from our Shivika was too good to see. I loved that part. Shivika still believing Veer as good one without knowing his intentions. Let’s see till how long cvs will drag this track?
    Veer frightening Shweta and Shweta hugging Shivaye bhaiya. Awaiting to watch it.

    Precap – SSO’s emotional feelings about his family & Veer’s newly appointed lady for trapping & killing SSO with her flying saucer. Waiting eagerly to watch today’s episode.

    Good bye friends. Stay safe & Take care.
    Love you all.

    1. Happy birthday shivya!! Many more and more and more happy returns of the day dr… God bless you.. Enjoy your day to the fullest.. Who said we are absent? We may be physically absent but we are all emotionally bonded.. Love you girl.. May God fulfill all your wishes.. And.. Hi5 yaar!! We both are Jan borns!!

    2. Zaveesha

      A very Happy Birthday Dear Shivya…May God bless u with all the happiness and prosperity… nd .ay u succeed in ur life and achieve what you want…keep smiling nd spread happiness…

    3. Many Many Happy Returns Of the day shivya?????????????????????

    4. A wish for lots of birthday fun
      To last until the day is done
      Hoping that all ur wishes comes true…….
      Nd the birthday is as sweet as u!!!!

      May god bless u my dear friend
      May ur life filled up with many joys nd enjoyable mnts……????? HAPPY BIRTHDAY………
      Love u dear nd take care???☺?

    5. Many many happy returns of the day.”HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”.May God bless you with more knowledge and wisdom and love.Enjoy your this special day with utmost enjoyment.Take care.Love you?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺?☺

    6. Wishing you a very happiest birthday Shivya?????.. May god bless you with whatever you wish for.. and also Wish you health,prosperity and loads and loads of happiness.. Be Blessed dear..?

  18. Hi guy’s
    Emotional episode with surabhi Lee and kunal
    The combination of trio was awesome it’s fun or emotional they naild it ..
    Veer so creepy man
    They are back to OM look ..very soon
    Veer and his silly planning it’s so irritating..
    Waiting for veer drama ending

    1. Hi Chaithu,
      Me too waiting for the ending of Veer track.Three couples were looking so great.Loved them a lot.Najar na lage?

  19. Nikita_jai29

    It is good one episode… Happy birthday shivya dear…
    Luthfa dear you are rocking…
    Best scenes.. Anika slap on veer cheeks and emotional devar bhabhi moment…
    Keep commenting and keep watching ishqbaaz dearies

    1. Hi Nikita,
      Agree with you.That was the best scene of the episode.Loved it a lot.Veer will get couple of it later.Awwww…Thank you so much for the compliment.Love you?

  20. Hiii everyone ?

    YYesteray was a episode and a half totally fab
    Everyone nailed their scene
    Loved each and every moment but the best was the slapping part ????????
    Loved aniomru wooooowww??????? they nailed it to the core ?????

    Shivika ????????????? the bedroom scene was ???

    Veer really disgusted how could he scare a child shame ???

    Don’t know what the precap meant but won’t be able to watch

    Take care ?

    1. Hi Omu,
      That innocent child is suffering because of that Veer.Just disgusting.Why to trouble a child for drama?Any explanation cvs?Just hope they provide with us proper explanation for exploiting her innocent soul.

  21. Happy Birthday dear shivya enjoy your day..

  22. Hi Jeni,
    OMG!!!Same thought dear.But Ani will go on slapping him continuously just wait and watch.And Veer will forget all his horrible scientific experiments.Hehehe…????

  23. Hi Dost,
    Agree with you on poison part.Cvs never give any logical touch or try to insert it whenever there is any medical emergency.You know na,IB and logic are like north and south hemisphere.CPR also started following the rules of Veer in Goa as it is ruled by him.LOL!!!??☺☺??

  24. Thank you so very much Bani.Love you a lot.God bless you?

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