Ishqbaaz 15th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 15th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks am I a Baanch/infertile, I could not give you a child, so you had to take Tia’s help. Shivaye says stop…… Tia says I think she is walking in sleep. Shwetlana sends Anika. Shwetlana and Tia hide. Shwetlana says you won’t get better chance to get rid of Anika. Anika reaches the open end of the balcony. Some time before, Anika says yes aunty, Tia loves Dushyant and is going to become mother of his child, I want to unite them. Pinky asks what’s she saying. Tia says its nothing, Anika leave it. Anika says no one is thinking about the child, who got away from father before birth. Pinky says stop it, Tia’s child’s father is him…. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Anika says Shivaye is my husband. Pinky says that’s for namesake, he is Tia’s child’s father. Shivaye

asks Pinky to stop it. Anika asks Shivaye are you really Tia’s child’s father. Pinky asks did she really lose memory, she became Ghajini. He goes after Anika.

Anika sits upset in her room. Shivaye gets food for her. He asks her to have food. O jaana…..plays…….She says I m not hungry. He asks how, just see what’s the food, I made your fav Aloo puri. She asks why. He says you like it. She thanks him. She takes food plate and turns. He asks what happened, look at my side and have food. She says I can’t, I m scared of you, especially by your Kanji eyes, its strange, it scares me and gives me courage too that everything will get fine. He holds her face and says everything will get fine, trust me. She asks how, everything got complicated, I was thinking why do you stay angry, its happening because of me, this is happening with Tia, you and this house, I m responsible for all this, because I can’t give you a child. He looks at her. She says I don’t remember why I could give you a child, am I a baanch. He can’t take more. She says I could not give you a child, so you had to take Tia’s help. He gets back and asks her to stop it.

She says I could not give an heir to this house, so you had to take Tia’s help, so Tia and Dushyant, two lovers had to get away. He says its nothing like that. She says I could not do my Patni Dharm and could not give happiness to my Pati Parmeshwar. He holds himself. She says even after all this, you made Aloo puri for me, you are really my Pati Parmeshwar. He says stop it. She says if we had children, your mood would have been fine. He says my mood is fine. She says maybe you would have not drunk that bitter coffee. He says espresso. She says maybe I won’t be so scared of you, if we had a child, you would have colored in his color. He says be quiet. He says our baby would have had Kanji eyes like you. He says Meri Maa, be quiet. She says I could not become a Maa. She holds him and says its my mistake, if we had a daughter, her name would have been Shivika, Shiv of Shivaye and Ka of Anika. She holds his hand and says I can see Shivika, she is like me, but this dream will be dream, because I m Baanch. She cries. He says ssh…. and makes her sit. He asks her to calm down.

He gets a tape and fixes to her mouth. She cries and says I m a Baanch. He says I will remove this tape when you promise you won’t say anything about baby, baby’s father, Baanch, say yes. He removes the tape. She says if we had a son, his name would have been Ansh, An of Anika and Sh of Shivaye. He folds hands and says please spare me, I beg you. She says what’s this relation and holds his hands. She says what’s this marriage, I don’t remember anything, I could not give you a child, everyone is upset because of me. She hugs him and cries. O jaana….plays…….. He asks her to stop crying and cups her face. He says I m not upset with you, I don’t care whether you give me a child or not, forget this, promise? She says promise. He asks pinky promise….. She says pinky promise, but I don’t know meaning of this pinky promise. He says you don’t remember anything, we call a true promise as pinky promise, you won’t think now and sleep. She nods. He wipes her tears and makes her lie down. He asks her to sleep. He sits by her side and says I told you, I can’t see tears in your eyes. He holds her and kisses her forehead. Similar old moment is shown. Ishq hai aansun…..plays………. They have an eyelock. He asks her to sleep now. She nods. He goes. She sleeps.

Later at night, Anika wakes up and leaves from the room. Tia says I don’t know what was Robin’s phone there with mom, when I asked her, she got annoyed, I feel something is hidden from me. Shwetlana says its not like that. Tia says its like that, Anika went there, mom was there and why did she answer Robin’s phone. Shwetlana says you are saying about Anika, who does not know herself. Tia says atleast she knows my pain. Shwetlana says Anika does not know Robin died, but you know this, he can never come back, forget Robin and concentrate on Shivaye, use Anika to get close to Shivaye. Tia says I don’t love Shivaye, I just love Robin. Shwetlana says just shut up, if anyone hears, it will be a problem. Anika enters their room. They get shocked seeing Anika.

Tia says what are you doing here. Anika says nothing is fine, I can’t give child to my husband, Tia had to get away from Dushyant, I had to say sorry to Tia. Shwetlana hides. Tia asks why did you come here at night. She signs Shwetlana. She asks Anika again. Anika says I had to say sorry to Tia, her life got ruined because of me, she got away from Dushyant, I have to say sorry to Shivaye. Tia checks her by waving hand in her sight. Shwetlana comes and checks Anika. Tia says I think she is sleepwalking. Shwetlana takes Anika outside.

Tia says we will leave her to her room. Anika says I did much wrong with Tia, I have to say sorry to Tia. Shwetlana sees an open space in between the railing. She takes Anika there and leaves her. Tia says di…. Shwetlana signs Tia to be quiet and takes Tia away. They hide and look on. Anika walks towards the edge. Shwetlana says you wanted to get rid of Anika, you won’t get a better chance than this. Anika takes a step ahead and is about to fall down. Shivaye comes and holds her in time. The vase falls down and breaks. Shwetlana and Tia look on. Anika comes to senses hearing the sound. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Dadi asks what happened. Priyanka and Pinky come and ask what happened. Shivaye says maybe Anika was walking in sleep. Pinky says when will we get free of her, will she let us sleep. Dadi says thank God, nothing happened, take care of her. Pinky murmurs and goes. Shwetlana says its good she got saved, she will be of more use to us now. Shivaye asks Anika are you fine. Anika says yes.

Shivaye asks what’s this. Mrs. Kapoor says its application, its written that Anika is not mentally fine, so your divorce will happen soon on this basis, I want your divorce to complete before Tia’s delivery, so just sign it. Anika looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. @Shekhar –Oh My God……..Kisi ne mujhe kal reply kiya aur maine dekha nhi ;-O
    Waowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…another reply 🙂 🙂
    No need to Pardon Bhratashree..Age is just a number 😉 [I guess in a year or two no no three mera ye perception shayad change ho jaye (wink wink) Lolzz]

    You do believe in Zodiac and ol dis stuff …well lil surprised ..coming from a guy 🙂 .. Yeah Scorpion by name and waise I am a Capricorn .. 😀

    @Archu,Shahabana–Array mai to itnaaaaaaaaaaaa zyada cute hun ki koi hai he nhi iss dharti pe jo mujhse baat kiye bina na reh paaye :D…Lolzzz Kuch zyada he ho gya naa hehehe

    1. Nehaaaa…..kudki thaareef karne tho thumse seeklo koi….anyways i agree u are a cute chitchat girl….happyyy now…

    2. Archiya

      Neha.. mere pichle comment pe maine Shekhar ki traif ki thi.. tumhari nahi.. 🙂

      1. Archu..!! Lol..!!

      2. Archu: I knw baba…its jst that ki mai keh rhi hun ki maine mazboor kar diya aise comment k emotional drama ..okay???

        Jokes apart….bass kar behan..aur kitna beizaat karogi 😀
        Ek to jisko msg kiya wahi gayab hai

        Lax: so you loving it huhhh…v bad 🙁

  2. Sumi.SS

    Hi guyzzz..yes epi was included in my shivika’ fav epi segment…Annika’s innocent and cuteness was properly handled by shivaay’s caring and mindblwng exprsn and gesture…shivika slayng the show in their unique way..hug,kiss,pinky prmse…
    .:-).frm startng to endng love love loved it….
    Haha ishqbaaaz fandom goals frm now SHIVIKA and ANSH…’s so weird nw.I am sure shivaay wl nvr forgot Annikas wish for their child..
    It happens some time shivaays dialog was not cleared and very tough to catch his dialogs actually while closing Annika eyes he sings LORI guyzz..U can’t say her as ur wyf infront of evryone but Unknwngly U proved U r the best husband man !!!
    Omg fnaly tia knew who is really think fr her good..tia’s love is always a weakness of nafrathbaaaz gang…
    So now Evryone undr estimatng kalavathi and makng jokes of her and takng advantages too…this thought me to thnk Anika has a plan..evrythng gong vry wel accrdng to her svetlana also showed her real face…
    Drama starts frm 2day..hoping fr the end of the track very soon..

    1. Sumi.SS

      Shivaay makng Anika jealous…by bidding ring to tia..hopefully this tym he did not put the ring to tias can he do this wth kalavathi/Annika our cutie doing this all fr his good..I thnk he desperately wanted Annika to cnfess frst……
      Intestng :-)…..

      1. Ohoooo this baagad billa wants to see his billi has jelousy and he want she should comfess her feelings first… Afterall he is sso…he wont leave his thadi….but now u are dead shivaye…..think what will do this kalavathi now bcz of jelousy….

      2. Archiya

        A big no to the same thing again.. are we back to square one.. where shivay put a ring to tia an anika was suffering.. i m gonna hate this track..if its the one

      3. Sumi.SS

        Shahabana and Archu,
        I hv very less interest in this guyzz..i felt this one is repeated one.. becz we know Annika loves thr is no need of this jealousy track..lookng at all arrangements in OM I wsh fr shivika remarriage….not any rituals fr shitia…I can’t tolerate pinky and nafrathbaaz happiness and shitia togethrness…

    2. Sumi dear..!!
      Yes, that’s what if ML is fake, Shivay ll know that Annika thinks of their kids n all. That would be weird right??

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah lax dr….i dnt think so…if ML is fake..shivay wl not questiong anika abt kid drmz scenes..may be Cvs wl skip this..right nw..but dear i am not talkng abt current track..when shivika track wl start as couple(hopefuly aftr 6 months)i say shivaay wl remember Annikas drmz abt kids..expectng too much is very worst think in ishqbaaz..

    3. Guys..!!
      Anyway ShiTias wedding is not gonna happen, so why are we so worried.
      Shivay is clearly not happy, he would not ve done it if Annika would ve atleast given him a hint that she wants him. So now Shivay is doing things to make her jealous n confess. Shivay has kinda taken it as a challenge I feel, aur Shivay Ko shartein jeethne k bura aadat hain.
      But one thing that bothers me is that why are they going for a big lavish function they could ve done a court marriage. And what ll people think he is getting married to the same girl again, coz for them Tia is already his wife n mother of his kid.

      1. Sumi.SS

        They hv more money…dr…dnt knw how to use that planned this grand arrangement.only fmly members wl be thr in shitia mrge dr…shivika mrge known to fmly members only..dnt hv a proof also..what is the need of divorce drama..only fr dadi and pinky they r doing these all mrge rituals..tia is always ready to stay in shivika room..nthng matter fr her…if mrge happens or not…

  3. Mouni

    l think mrs kapoor deserves to end up behind bars , she belongs to prison with swetlana , and that precap l felt sad for sso , he looked shocked , she wanted him to sign these papers admitting his wife is mentally instable and to think that he is the one responsible for that , poor man he will suffer more when the wedding preparation starts

    ps ; is there any new spoiler ?? am used to wake up to find them ughhh am bored now

    1. Sumi.SS

      He is suffering Annika by gifting ring to tia dr..check this link…next jealous track started…..

      1. Mouni

        thanksss sumi dear , poor sso , that forced smile was painful to watch and even tia am sure she is faking it , ughhh hate her mom
        he seems running at the end , maybe anika was about to fall or something ??

  4. Mouni

    lol l was bored and asking for spoilers and 10 min later many of them comes out
    it seems the shitia wedding is soon guys they poseted a pic of OM and pinky in white with shakti
    also it seems there is another spoiler maybe before the wedding , sso was looking to some pics and someone pushed him ??
    am soo excited ppl lets hope our aniru will make their big revelation in monday or tuesday

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah mouni.nonsense..again and again all shitia rituals..frm the starting of the show..they r getng engaged…I am waitng fr tia’s truth revealation track..I hope they wont drag all this shitia rituals..not intrsted in the same track..but Cvs using this all celbratns to reveal smthng..who wl push shivaay..naavina Mam posted a pic just nw in insta..dnt knw mehandi or sangeet..

      1. Mouni

        yes sumi l saw the pic , its white and green like the one posted with pinky and shakti

  5. ShrutiBose

    HI Guys… i joined a few days ago.. but i am commenting for the first can I join you all? 🙂

    1. Archiya

      wc Shruti… keep commenting ,,,tats one my fav pic which is ur dp

      1. ShrutiBose

        Thank you so much Archiya..i love your dp too 🙂

    2. Sumi.SS

      Wlcme shrutibose….keep commenting.

      1. ShrutiBose

        thank you sumi 🙂

  6. Anika is very beautiful but y they are not giving good costumes to her

  7. Guys..!!
    Its not confirmed but heard that IB has a pretty good number this time 2.4. so happy if it’s true
    @Shabs- party time.

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeeeyyyy can I join wth u guyzzzzz…

      1. Sumi darling..!! We are all partying together.

      2. Sumo why asking permission…..all ib fans are invited….dil bole ishqbaaz

      3. Sumi.SS

        Ohhh my sweetiess….letz do party..hamari kumari kalavathi takur ki jai ko…….the unexpected lovely week fr us……fully enjoyed….
        Dil bole ishqbaaaz !!!!!

    2. Mouni

      yes l heard about it , guess ppl love kalavati track

    3. Ohhh its reallyyy party time guyz…..hmmm last weak episodes are kidki thode episodes….thats why trp incresed…cvs give us more beautiful episodes….then u will get pretty trp no too…keep it up ib and get more no’s

  8. Mouni

    so today spoilers consists of of 2end rituels for shitia second wedding , we have green outfits for the ring and later red ones and finally we got white and green so the next 2 ep will see this hopefully but after that we deserve to see a propor wedding for shivika , come on , we got 2 weddings for shitia so atleast give us one big celebration for anika she deserves it

  9. Renimarenju

    Hello ishqies…….my 200 + sweet members…… How was the episode……well not even 2 ask u guys……..because i know it was a khidkithod episode only……..Enjoyed the first half a lot…..But guys i expected a ” heat of the moment…..” pls don’t misunderstand me…..but when anika was continuously talking all those waaris, maanjch…..shivaay covered her mouth with a tape….even after taking the tape also she was speaking……and i really wish to stop anika…..shivaay should have kissed on her lips…….and for a few seconds both of them have lost on the moment and when they will release themselves from liplock…..anika will be getting memory……and she would say “oh bete ki……phail gayi raita”…….Don’t know why these kind of scene come on my mind……but its high time….guys…..i really want them to be romantic ….i know we are getting nice shivika scenes….but want them in the peak level of romance……only……what do u think guys ? But sso’s care and concern towards his patni…..really he has become “patnivrath” now….. The way he is taking care of anika is really making a worth watch…….He tried so many ways 2 bring back the takkar-e-panika…..which we admire a lot……And yesterday’s pinky promise……that was really emotional and beautiful also…….It was the most catchy moment of yesterday’s episode…….And tia… a days she has a soft corner 4 anika…….It is making some confusions…..But whatever it be…..IB always rocks……..







    BYe…..Ishqies…….love u all

    1. Ohhhh beteki…..u are expecting shivija liplock….hmmm me to expected when shivaye kisses anikas forhead and slowely getting down….i thought he will do something….but what to do renima….he is sso….he is veey slow in romance….only his thadi is expresso….and reni u are right dr sso is becoming lovely husbend.. But think what will do this baagad billa when he will get to know that all this ml drama is fake one…
      Anyways thanks for ur lovely lines….its beautiful…byy tc

  10. Hii everyone…. Saw some spoilers tat shivaye is again getting married to tia n they r again strtng it frm their engagemnt don’t know why they every tym show such mrg dramas….. how many tymes will they show mrg tat too of same 2 persons i think when they doesn’t get anything to show they come up with all d d mrg functions to jst paas some tym uughhh…..n about shivaye’s falling in one of spoiler i think in those pics there is something tat could hv proved tia’s truth so someone out of nb gang pushed sso to distract d ob family

  11. Renimarenju

    hey ishqies……u are planning party…….then i want to share u that by next week……we will get back our old pinky……Tia will be exposed before oberoi family and pinky will feel regret 4 blaming anika….we will get very intense emotional scene between pinky and anika… pinky will bless anika and shivaay and will accept them as hus and wife …..and we will get some emotional scenes between pinky-dadi-shivika also……which will give a worth watch…and we will get that pinky which is good from heart……but her tongue slips…only,.,,,,So finally cv’s are bringing back pinky… that her character will not be spoiled any more by behaving like a typical saasumaa…..And of course…..pinky-anika bonding will be much amazing 2 watch…….
    So party next week mein bhi banti hai……..

  12. hilarious episode…shivika conversation was very funny.shivikas kiss pichele kiss scene sai much better lega.. Shivaay ka expression fantastic. precap kk kapoor ko maarne ka time aagaya

  13. have anyone see web series tanhaiyan

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