Ishqbaaz 15th December 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 15th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks why do you do this, you do good, you do bad sometimes, you will save me, you will trap me, or put me in pool, why are you like this, I feel you want to say something to me, your eyes are blaming me but tongue is silent, tell me what did I do, you will tell me and go, you are behaving like I cheated you. Shivaye says yes, you have cheated me. Sometime before, Shivaye hugs Om and Rudra. Hum saath ek duje ke…. plays…. Rudra acts like Shivaye. They all laugh and hug. Anika looks on and smiles. Rudra calls out Bhabhi. Anika stops.

Shivaye sees her. Om jokes on Shivaye who has become paraya dhan after marriage. Rudra asks Anika to come, else Om will say moment has passed. Om says thanks Anika for uniting us, we don’t have place for anyone in Obro moment, but you are welcome,

Anika Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Anika sees Shivaye. She makes them stand with Shivaye and says you three look good together, even if Shivaye shows attitude, never leave him. Rudra says you always be with us, else I will have machmachi. Shivaye says its called Michmichi. Om looks at Shivaye. Om and Rudra ask them to say. They all say Dil bole oberois and smile.

Shivaye sits working. He asks Anika are you going to sleep outside, I have to talk something, I wanted to say…just listen. She says you are stuck at one line. He says you are stopping me. She says so say it. He says I was saying, you said Omru, it was right, I did not finish yet. She says you know when can’t say then, I know what you want to say, I know you did not learn to say thanks, anyways I don’t need your thanks. He stops her and says what do you mean you don’t need, you have to take it if I m saying. She says no need to give me thanks, I did not do this for you, I did this for Dadi, Omru and Pinky. He says you did this for family, I also did that for family. She says you did wrong. He says don’t repeat it, why are you getting angry. She says I m getting sleep, you are wasting my time. She goes. He says ill mannered girl. Anika says he is saying thanks like I m dying to hear it, he spoiled my life and thinks I will be glad by his thanks, if I think of him, I will get horrible dreams like him. She sleeps.

Shivaye gets the sheet on ground and says careless, she left it here. He takes it and keeps at her feet. He covers her up. He recalls her words and switches on the lamp.

Its morning, Sahil says you spoiled my hairstyle. Anika says you are going school or party, its your first day. She gets call. The lady says I m Kusum, principal of boarding school, sorry we can’t get Sahil’s admission done in our school. Anika says I have paid fees. The lady says we will refund feeds, sorry, this is decision of head of board of directors. Anika asks who is he, tell me name. The lady says Shivaye Singh Oberoi. Anika gets shocked. Sahil asks what happened. Anika says Shivaye got mad. Tia comes and says how will will you loot my Shivaye, he kept you and your brother, why will he pay his school fees, he is businessman and no businessman will do his loss. She goes.

Soumya likes the tea. Priyanka gets Ranveer’s call. Hee says you took time to answer call, were you having tea. She looks around. Soumya asks is everything alright. Priyanka goes. Ranveer asks did you get scared, I m not seeing you, I just guessed, I have to meet you. She says I m busy, I can’t come. He says no issues, I will come, better you come, else I will lift and take you. She gets shocked.

Anika says don’t know what Shivaye thinks of himself, he does not understand when I said don’t spoil Sahil’s life. Servant says someone came to meet you. Anika goes. The lady says all formalities are done, Sahil can come school. Anika says your school is costly, it will cost 50 lakhs annually for everything, I took loan for 15 lakhs and got him admitted in other school. The lady says the one who got him admitted paid the fees, check payment receipt, its in file. She goes. Anika says who paid 50 lakhs. Dadi says its best boarding school in city, they will take care of Sahil, he can come on sat sun to meet Anika. Anika says but why all this Dadi, you did many favors, how will I pay back. Dadi says I did not do his admission.

Anika asks who did this then. Dadi says oh, so he did this. Anika asks who. Dadi says one manages Oberoi office, Billu, your husband. Anika says Shivaye. Dadi says he is not so bad, take this file. She goes. Sahil asks shall I come to teach him lesson. Anika says I m enough for him. Shivaye takes coffee. Anika comes and shouts Shivaye. His coffee falls. She asks what do you think of yourself. He says you made my espresso fall. She asks did you play cricket without helmet, or driven bike without helmet. He says no. She says did Om hit on your head, you are mad. He says I m not. She says you are mad, so you decide for other’s life, someone discusses, not like you, you don’t think before spoiling things, you won’t leave SSOgiri. He asks whats this SSOgiri.

She asks why don’t you say it, will your height get less, I got Sahil admitted in school. He says I got him out of the school. She says then you got him admitted in costly big school, why did you not say. He says yes, you got to know it. She says yes, but why did you hide, if you do good thing, do you get ashamed, I don’t understand you. He asks why are you overreacting, Sahil’s admission is done in best school. She says it was not imp, how will I return 50 lakhs. He says 30 lakhs for house too. She says yes, how will I return it, I have to find new job. He asks why. She says I lost this job, as Shivaye Singh Oberoi got married. They see each other. He asks what’s your problem. She says my problem is, I have to return… He asks are you calculating. He gets diary for her. He says your math is bad, who teaches Sahil.

She says me, who else then. He says I will teach him, if you teach him, he will fail. He says you can never return this in your life. She asks are you challenging me, I will return all your money, why did you do this. He says Sahil is bright child, I want him to get chance, I would have done for someone else too. She says thanks for doing it for Sahil. He says no need to give thanks, I didn’t do it for you. Anika asks why do you do this, you do good, you do bad sometimes, you will save me, you will trap me, or put me in pool, why are you like this, I feel you want to say something to me, your eyes are blaming me but tongue is silent, there is hatred for me in your eyes, I don’t know the reason, tell me what did I do. He asks did you really don’t know. She says no. He says good for you. She says stop, you will tell me and go, you are behaving like I cheated you. Shivaye says yes, you have cheated me. He recalls Daksh’s words. She asks when, how. He says I have no time to talk to you and leaves. She says is he man or a riddle.

Om, Anika and Rudra go to some resort/hotel. Tia and Robin are in the pool and laughing.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Shiv

    |Registered Member

    My beauty anika darling is back !! Beautiful episode !! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!! as usual enjoyed shivaay who is a great performer n perfectionist n expressing beautiful moments !!! Totally loved today’s episode!!!❤️❤️

  2. aarosh

    finally our nok jhok shivika are back i think the slapping scene was edited because after slapping scene only the murder mystery promo was released i think saturday’s precap will be anika kidnapping but i don’t know when will anika come out of jail and throw tia out of OM exciting episodes

  3. kajol

    Shitt now kidnap and truth revealation will surely happen next or next of next week i luv show coz there is no meaning less draging in it but i cant wAit to watch d scenes of kidnaping probably till January or mid January this would b only there
    NO RUMYA scene i am dying to watch rumya scene but it would also take a month or 2
    Hope rumya also take part in everyday episode
    Show is awesome but in eavh episode there is too much dragging they should show shivika rumya daksh omkara om to bechara obros ka mosr eligible Batchelor bam gya apne ap m hi khoya rhta h

  4. Shivika

    Don’t know what’s happening..I really liked the first 50 to 80 episodes of ishqbaaz..I used to die to watch those I am losing interest..I think it started from when Tia story was dragging. Iam getting wexed up now…along with Arshi ( Kushi and Arnav) shivika is the best on screen couple of mine in TV..I think if this continues it will change as I cannot see shivaye hurting Anika. She deserves love and happiness. sometimes I feel Om understands Anika better than much ever Anika does for shivaye he will never change. Om stands for her and trusts her a times I think if omika was a pair how would it been. By the way where is soumya..why rumya scenes are not to be seen..and plz get Om gf into limelight..Hey you know what..also watch zindagi ki Mahek in zee TV it is awesome..i started watching it from one week and it forced me to watch from the beginning so I finished all the episodes..the lead pair is Mahek and Shaurya (Mehrya) they also make a very good pair..the current track is great. If you get a chance, please watch it and you will not regret.

    • Trisha

      Ya shivika i used to watch zindagi mehak ki their pair also so gud Now they will going to marry…. Mehak kitni beautiful i like her face even she is fat but thier pair match with eatch other

    • Nimi

      Hi there……I too watch ZKM…… its awesome and the pair, Mehraya..r just amazing……Hero with a killer smile…………………I love Shivika too & OmRu

  5. Trisha

    Om nd rudra are very lucky kunki unke pass itni payari bhabhi hai jo unko apna bhaiya ka karib laati hai…… Aur unka bhaiya kabhi bhi parayadaan nahi hote😂😂she never seprate brother bonding, Aur anika bhi kitni lucky hai kunki uske pass bhi lovble daver hai who always support her ,trust her, luv nd care for her …….Luv to see Bro-romance i luv that BG music most lafjo ka rishta nahi….
    Today i have seen old anika nd shivaya woh always fight i mean nok-jok aur anika’s new words i luv most nd i have in today episode after so many days really i miss old anika …….
    Maina suna hai ki robin mar jayaga nd anika took tht blam on her i don’t know why but i have seen (SBS)
    Anika kidnaap ho jayaga daksh karega kidnaap nd our shivaya ask somya abut that day when she aks sarvent to take tea at daksh room how she know anika was in dask room then somya tell him that day she bcom afraid then daksh bhaiya told her to call anika nd aks her to come back to oberio manssion then she come nd sleep with me,then our got to know the truth then he bcom upset

  6. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    very good ep , so much shivika’s scenes , love it , anika today was on fire , you go guuuuurl
    am really really happy they took the slap scene off , l didn’t want to see anika crying and l just hope l will not find that segment tomorrow bcz there is a lot other things waiting , the clue that anika and omru find that lead them to the resort , they must have heared tia talking to robin on the phone or saw them going there and followed them , and poor robin will drown in the pool , l feel sorry for him , he married a hirl he loves but their life is impossible with tia’s greedy family , he is just a victim and didn’t expect to see him dead in the video l think its a matter of time and tia will be exposed
    also l noticed that sso and somo clothes matches the one from the videos where he finds out about the truth of the ONS so maybe tomorrow too we will see it ( hope so )
    l think sso has completly droped his ideas about the family and blood line with anika , it was clear today , he really behaved like she is his wife and his 1st concern with her was that ONS , he said that she cheated on him , for me its the only reason of his hatred , and once its cleared he will get tia out of his life

  7. Sara

    Omg! Omg! Omg! Can’t wait for tomorrow epi. But I just hope that tia and robin get caught. If not am gonna be so mad coz she has got saved enough times till now.

  8. Lax

    Hi all. That much needed light hearted episode after the dramatic ones. Munhfatt Annika is back and am loving her. Sahil in that uniform – cho chweet..!! Shivay said that he ll teach Sahil Maths, that means he thinks of a long term future that has Sahil in it. Shivika is so cute yaar. Their nok jhoks are to die for. That ‘Dil bole Oberoi’ moment with Annika in it seemed a little forced. Precap- I love AniOmRu together.

    PS.- Wish there was a cute Sahil Shivay scene today.

  9. Luna

    |Registered Member

    Hi guys, I’m very busy nowadays so was not able to comment and also there is nothing much to comment as I am losing interest in the show….Not liking how Anika’s character into….why she wanted Omru to forgive Shivaye for all his mistakes just bcoz he did everything for his family??? would she have said the same if he would have killed Sahil… It was not mistakes but crimes…After some days SSO will kill someone for his family and say that plz forgive me bcoz I did it for my family….funny thing is it’s OmRu who said sorry to shivaye and not the other way round.

    Anika is slowly turning into a typical FL acting like a saint..,I don’t think we’ll see Shivaye’s redemption now, Anika will forgive him for all his crimes like a saint forgetting what he has done to her.

  10. Luna

    |Registered Member

    I want to know why Shivaye is angry with Anika on one night stand with Daksh??? It’s another thing that it’s a misunderstanding but why SSO is angry in the first place???? Did Anika cheated him??? they weren’t in a relationship so what’s wrong in sleeping with her fiance???

    Did Shivaye thought that Anika is a characterless girl for sleeping with a random guy??? But it’s really hard to believe that a guy like Shivaye is a virgin..,His brother Rudra is a casanova and Om was in a relationship with Riddhima, there’s no way we can say that they are virgins…Shivaye has no problem with his brothers on that but has a problem with Anika??? Why??? is Anika his property??? confused soul SSO!!!!!

    • saira

      All 3 are actually virgins as portrayed in the show. Its not imp that being in a relationship means having ons. Rudra is just like a kid he flirts but his character is shown to be completely off serious commitment and ons. And om is such a sweetheart. I can never expect such thing from him before marriage. Shivaye was never ever seen hugging Tia or mallika intimately. Sorry for being rude but ur point is completely baseless.

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        you have a point here , sso never been intimate with tia from ep 1 till now there is no romantic scene btw them , as for rudra he is like a child even girls probably dont take him serioucly his true love are his biceps and om when he wanted to get intimate with ridima and live with her he found out her decieve

      • Sophie

        I dont think any of them are virgins because, Shivaay was in a live-in-relationship with mallika and om was in a live-in-relationship with Riddhima. Live-in relationship means s*x. And rudra must of had s*x with half of the girls he dated.

      • Luna

        |Registered Member

        Shivaye was in a live in relationship with Mallika???? I guess, I missed that, then he’s also not a virgin… what a hypocrite!!!!!!!

    • saira

      Shivaye was never seen even hugging Tia or mallika intimately. Neither was om even a little bit intimate with ridhima. Rudra is like a kid at heart he flirts but is never seen to be intensely involved with any of his gf. All 3 have been in relationship but off commitment and ONS. Sorry but ur point seems baseless

    • saira

      And about shivaye he is angry on anika for ons bcoz he had started developing feelings for her . But he thinks of her as characterless bcoz acc to him she slept with daksh for money. I think his anger seems justified. According to him she was a self made independent and girl with self esteem. She always accepted only hard earned money (remember when shivaye tried to buy her and she proved him wrong). This made him honour her despite her class. He fell in love with this quality of anika and when understanding surfaced shivaye was shattered so his anger is justified acc to me. His faults are that he trusted daksh blindly and he has no right to blame anika as she is not his slave or property.

    • saira

      And about shivaye he is angry on anika for ons bcoz he had started developing feelings for her . But he thinks of her as characterless bcoz acc to him she slept with daksh for money. I think his anger seems justified. According to him she was a self made independent and girl with self esteem. She always accepted only hard earned money (remember when shivaye tried to buy her and she proved him wrong). This made him honour her despite her class. He fell in love with this quality of anika and when understanding surfaced shivaye was shattered so his anger is justified acc to me. His faults are that he trusted daksh blindly and he has no right to blame anika as she is not his slave or property.hope I have not offended u Luna.

      • Luna

        |Registered Member

        saira, it’s okay if u find my point baseless…Shivaye is a virgin or not is a mystery….Om was in a live in relationship with Riddhima before also in London….if he can live with a girl before marriage then he can also go a step ahead….Rudra is a kid but only infront of the Oberoi family, not infront of his friends and girlfriends…His attitude and behaviour changes in the college and he doesn’t acts like a kid.

        These all are just assumptions and not facts, until and unless they confirm it….Shivaye believing that Anika slept for money also doesn’t makes sense bcoz she has proved a lot of times that she’s self independent. SSO blindly believing Daksh without confronting Anika is ridiculous.

    • Diyaa

      |Registered Member

      Agree with Luna.My point too. His feeling jealous is still ok. But to torture her so much Cos he thinks she slept with her fiance??!! That is such a messed up concept CVs are promoting. And even if he is a virgin, still his torture and insult of her are not justified. Only his jealousy is. The problem is that the CVs crossed a line with Shivaay’s character. Trying to make him arrogant and se*y they landed up making him a jerk and a criminal. Now it’s hard to show Anika as self&respecting and still accepting Shivaay. Hence the ridiculous video revelation by Om and Rudra. His brothers and family were angry with him for an entire half a day. And he shed a tear. Oh my . He has suffered enough. 😱

    • Aqua

      Shivay doesn’t think with heart but only with his brain. He grew up in a family where money, power name and lineage is everything.
      And here Anika had nothing but her strength with which she stands up to sso is her morals….. Shivay was falling in love with her without even him set realizing it….. subconsciously he put her in a very high position…. if u remember the Nov 17th episode think he threatens daksh he will forget they r friends him he tries to touch Anika. … because to him Anika represent purity and virtuosity. … so when he saw thme in the room, when he specifically dragged Anika out of OM he felt betrayed…. it’s not her but by himself. .. he believes he was fooled by her moral values. And he still doesn’t know Tia is the oone who is really fooling him.

      Sso is know for his shrewd business tactics and intelligence, so he feels he was betrayed for the first time in his life by Anika…. he doesn’t know how to act other than to feel anger. He feels how can his Anika be like the rest and go after money.
      I see sso has a psychological character. He is very complex. Despite being successful business tycoon, he is very weak in learning about his own inner feelings and desire. He lives a mechanical life and until he met Anika he only cared abt his family. .. so all these emotions are making him loose control… he doesn’t know how to deAL with jealousy and love and heartbreak. All he knows is anger so he is converting all the mixed emotions into anger against Anika because she is trying source of all his pain. I am telling you sso is anger very interesting character in Indian TV rt now… very intense. And nakull is amazing.😊 sorry for the long reply. Pls don’t mind.😄🌻

      • Aqua

        Last point…. I don’t agree he should manhandle Anika that can never be acceptable. I am trying to see the problem from his point of view. Sso is completely wrong for all of the things he is doing. .. but I just want to point out why he is doing what he is doing.😇

      • pragya

        U r right aqua….
        Shivay is complex……
        She can accept live in relationship as its a part of his society may be……..
        But he can’t accept this with a girl who just like that came and took over the control of his inner feeling without a word…..shivay if get s to know about tias truth….the only point which would bother him is he will loose a 1500 crores ka property and a deal…….but when he heard the betrayal….he couldn’t not accept that was done by ” his girl” which he could not show to any one…….and now he wanted her to be with in his eye sight…..and. With which he started fighting with his own mind and heart

      • Diyaa

        |Registered Member

        Irrespective of whether I agree with it fully or not, that was an excellent analysis and so well explained. 👏👏

      • Luna

        |Registered Member

        Agree with u Aqua, that’s why I said SSO is a confused soul..,He himself doesn’t knows about his feelings..and the way he got fooled by Tia and Daksh proves that he doesn’t even thinks from brain..he has set some high standards for Anika which is wrong, Anika isn’t his property and shouldn’t act like the way he wants….it’s his fault that he got fooled by Anika’s morals(as per SSO)….in that case he should first question Om for his live in relationship with Riddhima bcoz Om has much more higher standards in purity and virtousity than Anika…if live in relationship is so common in society then ONS is also common, something which his friend and brother also do….if he has problem with Anika taking money for ONS then sso was also marrying a random girl for money…he is basically a hypocite.

        btw ur analysis is really good, can we become friends???

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        so true , sso is a confused soul , he does not understand his feelings , he is used to have a mechanical life , only work and famiy , even with malika and tia he treated them like a sister or friend never like a boyfriend and malika said it , even though he supported her in work but didn’t care for her romantically , the same with tia , l feel that he only remember her when she is in front of him
        but with anika it another story , from ep 1 he behaved with her differently and let her call him billu and many other things as malika noticed , so when he saw them in the room and daksh confirmed his thinking his confusion became a mess in his head and he expressed the only emotion he knows well ; anger , he let his anger turn him into a beast agaist the source of this anger ; anika , of course he was very wrong but as you said we need to look at his POV

      • Aqua

        SSO has different standards for his brothers. … he is doesn’t care what they do because to him they r best regardless of how they r in their romantic relationships.
        He is prejudiced against middle class people…. I think that is the purpose of the show, he will rewire his built in double standard thinking as all the truth gets disclosed.

        BTW by default, ishqbaazians r my friends 😎 ❤

  11. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    what will make sso ask somya ? something must’ve happend that triggered the truth , l thi,k maybe dadi will talk to him after he gets out of the room about anika’s loan , l prefer this idea better than the scene where she was crying and tried to slap him , l hope they will net use it for tomorrow

    • Lax

      Mouni, I think slap scene is still on cards. It is probably after Tia’s confrontation scene. The voice-over in the spoiler video said, that Annika comes to Shivay to reveal something about Tia n thats when he brings up the whole ONS thing n following it is the slap scene. I am not sure though, thats what I made out from the spoiler video.
      Also I want Annika to know, Shivay has misunderstood her. So when he gets know the ONS truth n try to confess to Annika, she can throw some attitude.

      • Lax

        OK now my take on Annika cheating Shivay.
        From the beginning Shivay was of the opinion that girls like Annika can do anything for money. That opinion was changing gradually when he got to know Annika who is independent n self sustained. Thats one major reason y he loves Annika. And then the ONS confusion happened. So here he feels cheated not just cause she slept with Daksh but also cause she went against her own principles (according to SSO). And now he feels that she never had principles, it was all fake. Getting money from Daksh addded to the whole thing. I am sure he would not ve believed all this if somebody told him, but he saw it with his eyes. And after all seeing is believing. Dakshe played really smart der. And the ultimate thing which SSO denies, he loves her. And is possessive like any other man. Of course his principles are against his love for Annika. He is a confused soul now. Let’s see how things shape up after the MU is cleared.

        I can be wrong here. Was just stating my point of view, always open for discussion.

      • Mouni

        |Registered Member

        oh noooooo
        lax l really hoped that slap was took off the ep , l dont want to see it , l was hoping that they took it like the blanket scene in the pool but apparently omru will believe anika and go with her and l feel in the same time they are in the resort with tia , sso gonna find the truth about daksh , l hope it happen today


      It might be result of direct talk between SHIVIKA or might have been emerged out from 15 lacs loan matter either with ANNIKA herself or DADI for which SSO believe that loan has been borrowed from DAKSH against ONS.

      VERY DISGUSTING THAT GK involved SSO like character in such types of low level inquiry with third party and there by ruin the charm of SHIVIKA love story!

      How can she live with SHIVAAY who once had such a bad belief evenafter not giving a single chance to SSO or OF to create doubt over her!!

  12. ,😊😢EmOcTioN💐💐😯😍

    Hey i am new here may i join u all
    I love this serial and hope it connects our .❤and uv all b frnds😊😊
    Well my name is Aisha arora hy all

  13. DaSha

    Hello dear friends!

    Normally when we see the spoiler the episode related comes in 4-5 days, so Anika to be kidnapped only on Monday or even Tuesday.

    It’s funny but we all take it as if it has already happened:) And we want more spoilers 🙂

  14. Shivika

    Kusuma…hold your tongue and mind ur language..everyone can share their opinion but it does not mean what ever comes to your mouth you will say it.

  15. Abiha

    @Aliya khan..
    If m not mistaken ….r u the same aliya who said that m going for camp…n left tu page for few days…whose birthday in september …i think on 19th sep…
    If yes then reply me…
    Good morning…

  16. aahana

    I think sana will look older than kunal…dnt kno….
    Acc to me d grl who played amaya in tare shehar mai or d one who played vinny s character in channel v ‘s bffs can b considered for oms pair kz dy r equally young n energetic n will complement om. Though its wholly my openion. Wt do u think gys?.
    Mng ishqbaazians 🙂

    • Sophie

      I agree she looks really old.
      To be honest i dont want her to come opposite Om. I really want someone else.

  17. Archiya

    what an episode.. after so long my damekedaar Anika is back… loved all the shivika conversations..
    Bromance was so lovely, an so nice is devars n bhabi bonding
    Shivay says that anika betrayed him,how? they were not in a realtionship,infact most of the time he himself has treated her lik trash.How do her ONS with someone esle be a betrayal.. i understand he has feelings for her, but if Tia wld nt have ran away on the weddin day, he wld have gone ahead n married Tia. I truly hope that ANika comes to know tat shivay is angry on her for her ONS, tat he does nt trust her, she shld knw tat and then only the MU shld get cleared.Without her knowin if its gets cleared.. then she will never know how badly shivay thinks of her.
    Anika dress is so beautiful.. ur lovely gal


    ANIKA at the other corner!!!

    I don’t know, what it is actually ?!
    Though it is very minute, but may not be it!

    ‘What ever he deed, right or wrong, all with me, and I may have complaint, and has it and perheps will remain!Whatever , we will sort out, and if not,, ELSE WE WILL SEE!”

    In OBROs moment, when RUDRA made ANNIKA stand with SHIVAAY, she techfully moved away to the opposite corner of SSO, saying, how much he show his attitude, be with him always!

    She conveniently and techfully managed herself away from SSO!

    What is going on in ANNIKA MIND!
    Is it the reflection of her sayings, ‘…..ELSE WE WILL SEE !”

    No doubt , she seems trying lot to come close to him, and seems copping up herself with the newly borned circuimstences, but with precaution.

    It is very pre mature to make any speculation over the thinking going on in ANNIKA’s mind, eventhough what I marked, I just described

    • Lijince

      |Registered Member

      Yeah Shekhar…..I think she is sure that she will leave from SSO’s life at one juncture….maybe soon maybe later….but she is sure she will not continue in his life…..the way she said to OmRu that they should take care of Shivaye even if he shows tadi….didn’t she mean that she will be out of his life soon?? Somehow I feel her expression told that she will soon be out of Shivaye’s life….maybe after getting Sahil settled in his boarding school….

      And when she told Shivaye that he will again hurt her….later pacify her…..then trap her…and rescue her….and put her in pool….she doesn’t understand why Shivaye is the way he is…..I think she understands that Shivaye loves her but that is not enough for him to accept her….we will have to wait!!

      • SHEKHAR

        ANNIKA is not a mean gal that she wait for SAHIL to set in boarding school, if she decided to leave OM and SSO , then I presumed , after saving SSO from TIA’s trap, she , to prove that she(ANIIKA) is not a gold digger, surely will leave OM. But god knows, SSO now supressed her total of 30+50 lacs loan debt, but she will find some way, if she decided to leave SSO and OM.

        As of now, neither ANNIKA nor any one else except SSO is aware of ONS MU, so , whether it is cleared it or not, she is least concerned as of now.

        For SSO’s contradicting attitude, she is confused, and she is trying to solve it a lot, but COWARD SSP does not allow ton do so.

        She has feelings for SSO, and for OM-RU-DA-PRI, so she will never leave OM untill she find all safe, and this will continue as we know, GAYATRI MURDER CASE, OM ACCIDENT CASE, and now PRIVEER matter.

        But , yes, at one good juncture , she may leave , not now, but later stage we will see this. She just can not judge SSO, and simply she can not find herself comfirt with his different shades, but at depth of heart , she has a strong good feelings, which is still she could not define , but now in this her marital state, she seems to set herself with the new stage of her life

  19. GulafshaIzam

    Guyz…i am new here…
    Pls…could anyone tell wat is d misunderstanding of shivayi in ONS…
    And wat is sowmya going to clear in d upcumig episodes….i m a vif confused

    and aahana….i agree wit u…even i too thnk dat teri shr mey girl ll do good wit kunal….bt vrushika ws good as well.
    and taking kunal..,i really miss dat kunal in chanell v’s buddy project.

  20. Aqua

    Cute shivika moments. Yesterday I couldn’t help but to remember that episode early in July when shivay in his tadibaaaz tone asks Akina “what is your surname? ” and Anika replies “shivay Singh Oberoy……” and I remember I thinking woooo Anika has foretold the future surname already. …. he hehe really yesterday, when om finally called her by her full name, it felt so good… it made a full circle of their takkarwala love. Even both sso and Anika heard her full name for the first time after the crazy wedding.

    During the time when sso was trying to Thank Anika by holding her against the wall…. I feel sso was getting romantic feelings toward his Mrs. .. but then when Anika said she did it only for the family he kind of looked disappointed lil kid. He he he poor sso wants his Mrs to do everything for him. Awww don’t worry sso once u start behaving with respect and love she will definitely reciprocate❤❤❤❤❤

    I am happy daKsh will come back to clear the mu. You know u r a true ishqbaazian when you get excited with the return of the villain hehehhehe😃😃😃😃😃😃

    • Mouni

      |Registered Member

      yes , the way he was holding her agaist the wall is surly more romantic than agressive but still he dont understand himself yet , maybe in the next ep hopfully the ONS clarifed and he will be forced to see the reality of his feeling with the guilt of accusing her without checking , but the same happend with ISPKKND when asr forced marriage with kushi thinking she is shiam mistress

  21. pragya

    Hey guys …i have a big doubt that how com on got the video of dressing room and the where the car blast happened…..ya I accept its a fictional but its pointless to show this……and ….anika was first shown as a girl of self respect and confidence…now how com she stays in Om after this much mess and humiliation s…and accepting shivay s grants of 50 lakhs…..i think they are spoiling Anika’s character……though she saying she will repay but how can u even speak to a guy who behaved like a barbarian ……..its base less……
    But today s episode was superb……the actors are doing justice to their job….hats off to them…..

    • Aqua

      With all text cctv footages there isn’t a single one on tia and her husband/ brother robin lol its very ridiculous. 😂

      Anika hates shivay for all the wrong things he has done with her but she does love him despite everything. I think her journey will be to show her own battle with loving and hating the great sso. And sso journey will be about loving a girl without name, lineage or wealth…. through this journey they will become.ishqbaaaz😉

  22. sneha

    hi Guys I am a big fan of ishqbaaz.. I am watching this show from its first episode. and also read the comments of this page.. I am a big fan of shivikaa and nowadays with shivika I become a fan of preeveer.. I really like their Jodi.. hope u also like them.. specially I like Priyanka a lot…

  23. Mayank Agrawal

    Guyz please tell that Daksh really loves anika ? par ek baar if you remember daksh said to shivay that its all about fun warna mujh jaisa ladka anika se shaaadi thodi karega he said to shivay that mai ye sabh maje lene ke liye kar rha hu and in previous episodes we also see that Daksh is also in partnership with Tia because both executes the plan together..

    and daksh ne missunderstandings create ki anika aur shivay ke bich mei se vo Tia ke liye ki thi na khud ke liye thodi ki thi ?

  24. Lijince

    |Registered Member

    Wow….completely enjoyed the episode….especially the special O bros moment and cute Shivika fights…..Shivaye giving her diary to calculate and telling her that he will teach Maths to Sahil….been waiting for such moments….finally Anika has become ASSO….haha….hope Sahil or Shivaye will call her in that name….

    And thank you CVs for avoiding the slap part….still don’t get why Robin will die and how?? Or is it another story by Tia??

  25. Kiki

    |Registered Member

    Hi friends. .. Lovely episode. Loved the shivika moments. I saw my old shivika in yesterday episode. I really liked the way he gave the diary to do calculation. I felt good to hear Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Obros moment was good . I really like the bonding between Anika and omru . Waiting for the realization episode.

  26. Mouni

    |Registered Member

    l was thinking about the resort / pool scene with tia and robin , so maybe both daksh and tia’s track will happend together ?? am still a bit confused by tia’s track as it does not seem that its ending soon like daksh and how its going to be exposed ?? its still not clear but at least we know that omru probably believe anika bcz they were with her and they will tell sso about it and as we all know he has blind trust in his bros and maybe he starts his investigation on tia and her family

  27. QueenB

    |Registered Member



    • QueenB

      |Registered Member



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