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Ishqbaaz 14th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mallika asks Anika to have some juice. Anika does not like taste and dips her face in water. Shivaye laughs. Some time before, Jhanvi and Pinky see Rudra, Omkara, Soumya and Priyanka sleeping on the ground. Pinky says they all got drunk. Jhanvi asks how, what happened. Shivaye and Anika are sleeping. Anika is in his arms. Shivaye wakes up and gets shocked seeing her in his arms. Pinky says I will get bucket of water and put on them.

Jhanvi says this is not good. Pinky says I would have slapped them and woke them up. Pinky wakes up Rudra and asks shall I slap you. She asks Priyanka are you also with them. Priyanka says punch….. Shivaye gets up. Pinky wakes up Omkara…. I wish to cut your hair. Om says please talk in low tone. Pinky asks what about all this. Jhanvi says everyone go to your

rooms before Dadi comes. Pinky asks where is Shivaye. Shivaye falls over Anika. Their heads strike. She wakes up and gets shocked seeing him. He shuts her mouth to stop her scream and signs her to see. Pinky and Jhanvi see Shivaye. Pinky asks him to come out, what is he doing behind pools. She says look at your state, you look 6 year old Shivaye. Shivaye says mom…. Anika gets up… Pinky, Jhanvi, Om, Rudra, Soumya and Priyanka get shocked.

Pinky asks what were you doing together, why are you both behind there. Jhanvi asks what happened yesterday night. Om says Rudra make us drink fruit punch. Jhanvi says Rudra we need to talk, did you add alcohol in punch. Rudra says no, maybe Chubby ahead, I m your Raja Beta. Pinky says I will make you band baja beta, tell me what happened. Soumya says we were just talking. Om says we played some game, then its all blank. Priyanka says I don’t remember anything. Pinky asks Shivaye to recall what happened, I made you eat 21 badams since childhood. Shivaye recalls his moment with Anika at the party, and gets stuck at their moment…. Anika too recalls the same moment. They see each other. Pinky says I can see your face and can know yesterday’s video is going on in your mind. Shivaye and Anika say nothing. Anika says even I don’t remember anything.

Shivaye says I have headache. Pinky asks where is Tia. Jhanvi asks for Mallika. Tia and Mallika come. Tia rests her head on Shivaye’s shoulder. Pinky pities her. Rudra laughs. Om asks whats so funny. Rudra taunts on Shivaye’s character and Rasleela, see his past, present and future is with him. Om says yes, ex, current Gf and.,.., Rudra says and the one which we want for him. They laugh. Shivaye asks why are you laughing. Rudra says on you, I can’t manage one and you are managing three. Shivaye asks Rudra to shut up and asks Om to teach Rudra. Om says you are teaching him. They joke.

Dadi comes and says where are children, Shivaye is not making breakfast today. Pinky and Jhanvi hear Dadi’s call and rush to stop Dadi. They lie to Dadi that children had a get together and slept after having milk. Pinky says come with me, we will discuss about gifting Khannas. She signs Jhanvi.

Priyanka and Soumya try to recall. Anika says leave it, it will be headache. Soumya says we played a game. Tia says we danced. Shivaye says no, there was no dancing. Mallika says come on, which is such party where there is no dance. Anika says its not compulsory. Shivaye says we are Punjabis, but there is no baraat, no dance. Anika says we spoke a lot, right Billu ji. Shivaye says yes, we just spoke, nothing else. Mallika says I m sure something big happened. Soumya says yes, we played truth and dare, such big things happen in that game. Shivaye recalls telling Anika that she is irritating, but cute. Anika recalls complimenting Shivaye that his blue eyes are very beautiful. Jhanvi asks them to go to rooms, she will get place cleaned. They all go.

Anika goes to kitchen and has headache. Shivaye holds his head and comes there. They both see each other and recall their lovey moment. Anika thinks its good Billu ji does not remember anything, else I would have got shy to stand infront of him. Shivaye recalls complimenting her and thinks its good Anika does not remember anything, else it would be so awkward. Anika says I came in your kitchen, don’t scold me, I have headache so I came to make something. He says even I had ache, I will make something. They both get colliding and stop. Jhanvi asks Tia to have lemon water, all the hangover will go. Rudra drinks and asks for more. Tia says why does universe not wishing to end my headache. Rudra says I can do that by a punch. Tia says no need, thanks, send me party pics so that I can share. Rudra recalls keeping phone on for video, and says I have something which she does not, I have party video, yes…..

Rudra says where is my mobile, maybe it fell in party area, I will get it. Shivaye and Anika’s heads strike. She collides again saying heads should strike twice, else horns grow. She tells what pandit says about horn story of cat and cow. He asks what about cat. She says Bhagad Billa. Mallika comes and asks what are you both doing here, what secret talk is going on, whats happening. Shivaye says lemon fell, so… Anika says yes, 4 rupee note fell. Shivaye asks what, 4 rupee note, did you ever see. She says I did not see America, but its there. Mallika says did I not say your talk never ends. Shivaye and Anika say its not like that. Mallika says I will make special drink, everyone will get normal by having it. Shivaye says give anything to her, she won’t get normal. Mallika beats eggs and makes some drink. Anika makes face. Rudra looks for his phone and says I got tired and lied down here, where did phone go. He thinks.

Mallika says its strange, everything got blank. Anika and Shivaye agree and say its total blank. Mallika says fine, its blank, why do you both behave strange. Shivaye says no, and signs Anika. They both start fake arguing to show Mallika. Shivaye says see we are fighting like every day. Mallika says nice try both of you, I m not a kid, there is something strange. Shivaye says no, this is made good. Mallika says you have to drink this without tasting in one go. Mallika and Shivaye drink it. Anika says no, it has raw egg. Mallika says really, I know, I added it. Anika says no, I fel michmichi. Anika says I can’t, yuck, it goes by mouth, so it will taste. Mallika makes her drink. Anika dips her face in water mouth and gargles. Shivaye laughs seeing her. Mallika sees him laughing. He stops laughing. Mallika smiles….

Shivaye says why are we worried, there is nothing in video. Anika says yes. They ask each other do they remember anything. Shivaye says fine, I remember it. Anika says I too remember. Shivaye says we have to stop them. Rudra sees video and asks oh, whats this. Shivaye worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Moderation????

  2. So nyc epi. Shivik was so cute today . Precap? so vry excited for 2day’s epi. Shivay smiled so cutly . Even omru rocked 2day. I think Malik’s understood something frm his smile. 2day for most of d dialogues, Shivik supported each other. So happy to see dat . ???❤️❤️❤️

  3. Sunehri

    Happy birthday priya dI 🙂

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much sunheri cutie… Luv u..

  4. Happy brd priya di.
    Nice episode. I just luved it

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much sunanda di…

  5. Happy birthday ? priya.
    The episode was awesome.

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much dear…

  6. Aliya tum itne Dino se kaha thi???

    Good evening all ishkies.

    1. Hii Nazneen l was busy with my seminar and studies

  7. Anika ne Shivaay ko muskueana sikha siya.

  8. Richu

    Hello guyzzzzzz…..
    Dhruvvv I like ur game yaar…..
    Dhruv Bhai naughty konse angle she lagti hu me.???
    Me toh aapki pyaari so behna hu??
    N mukta abiha shahabana shaza haya priyyuu piyuuuu Luna niveditha missed u..
    Aaliya minik dishu samyukta(u kno I have a friend with ur name) sat mishri sunehri…many more….hahahaaaa…

    Muku shivu nishu babes….
    Loads of luv…
    Thanks fr appteciatin

  9. Richu

    Take a luk
    Dhruv bhai-duniya ka best Bhai
    Dhruvvv-ur friendly
    Mukta- best
    Piyuuu- cute
    Priya-bday grl
    Sat- clever
    Nishaaa- perfect as crystal
    Mukti- my jaani
    Shivu- best friend
    Luna- sweet
    Nivedhita- shayarist
    Sunehri- golden
    Manik- ruby truly
    Mishri- sweetest..

    Guyzzz will soon tell the remaining…did u all like the names????!!!!!??

    1. Hey richu d u forgot me..??

    2. thanks dear for considering best friend

    3. Thankew di……….

  10. Richu

    Hahaaaaaaa dhruv ittii jaldi San ka Bhai ban gaya????????

  11. Hey guyz trp out
    Ishqbaaz 1.9
    Kasam 2

  12. Mukti

    Helooo my baby priya hapy hapy ekdm hapy wala hapy buday to uuu….!!!!!
    May u have very bright future ahead dear…

    Hey guyss thnxx soo it seems all are in teens…..16 17…:-)

    Hey Dhruv 2222 omgg thnxxxxx bro but u are cutee only na writing such sweet cmnts no need to give any cuteness…..wlcm buddy……

    Abiha dear yes I meant feast only..that biriyani n sheerkhurma n all u Cook na….I love it….actualy I have one muslim frnd and her mom called me for feast last yr. it was superbbbb…. 🙂

    Hey mukta meow howru???

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much mukti di.. Love u sooooooooo much..

    2. Yeah mukti d..
      Usually we make sheerkhurma n most sweet dishes at eid_ul_fitr…
      N biryani,kabab n all are made on eid_ul_adha..

  13. Hey dhruvv, so u think I’m silent,haha but yeah its quite true, I’m an introvert in real life.

  14. Oh my god… Full of Shivika magic….. Love them…Shivaay was too cute yesterday…
    Happy Birthday Priya di…

    1. Priya15

      Tq sooooooooo much Kiki dear..

  15. @Shabana d n nivedha d m fit n fine..

    @priya thnx dear for wishes..

    @luna d that’so sweet of u ..

    @piyaliii dear m fine n yeah ur dp is so nicee..

  16. @dhuvvv br u forgot my name in the list… ??
    @dhuvv bhai thnx at least u remembered me …
    But u said m rude n smart ?????…

    1. Piyaliii

      Di I will tell you….
      You are super awesome….
      You are best….
      You are the one who cares for all…..
      You are very loyal….
      You always take care that anyone didn’t get hurt. …
      You always support us….
      Always incourage us….
      And many more things…..
      I can’t describe you in 1 word yrr…..
      Not only you di…
      all isqhies……you are too special that I can not express them in 1 word….????

  17. Priya15

    @MATHI dear… Tq sooooooooo much di…

  18. Y naughty dhruvv bhai???
    Mukta-AWSUM nd luvn
    Priya di-matured nd reasonable
    shivaani-loyal 2 ishqbaaz nd ishqies(will fight 4 it)
    Sat-cute comments
    mukti di-blu moon with a bang..rarely commnts bt positv 1ns..
    luna-sensible..can tel u d gud nd bad of ishqbaaz in 1 commnt..shockn comments aam!!
    Richuu-lovy dovey,dsnt want to miss any1 jst incase..
    nishu di-in her lang exxxxccccciiiited alwaaayyys nd emphatttttiiiicccc..she is a gud frend i guess(she will tell u all wat u did in nursery)
    Reni di-poetic darling,busy with meetngs but will sumhow manage 2 make us happy(miss u di)
    Nadi di-full of lyf nd litreature type,a gud friend indeeed..(missin u toooo)
    Dhruvv bhai-big bro material,kind nd sweet
    Shaza-darln small sisy 4 us??
    piyalii-a caring bday luvs ppl
    aaliya,abiha,rozu,kritz-can make frends faaast..
    Mary nd nikki-kind
    manoj-patriotc to hindhi????jai ho type..dats great
    aiswarya-sweeeet nd friendly
    dhruvvv-insane nd fun..mukta fan!!!”fell 4 her cmmnts”dude seriously??????lol????

    1. thank you dear

    2. Thankew Mishri!!!!!!!!!

    3. Thnxx dear…l lv making frnds..will u b my frnd..m also of 17years..

    4. Disha

      And me??

      1. Piyaliii

        Di you are sooooooooooo cute….
        A happy girl….?????

      2. Di dorry i typed 4 u in d first 1..2 my horror it gt cancelled….???..i typed
        Dishu fi-d big sister of d family,concernd and lovn???

    5. Piyaliii

      Ya….you are right….
      I luv you all….???????

      1. Disha

        Thank you lovely sisters

  19. renima ishqie

    Hey my pretty ishqies, renima is back….. many of u felt that my quiting is like am not facing prblms…..but i just want to make happiness around all the people who are commenting her….and i felt very emotional as any thing i can handle apart from somebody questions my love…….i thougt a lot what should i do ??? then i mailed 2 telly updates and they accepted my complaint and from yesterday’s tu page onwards they are cancelling all abusive comments and tu suggested that if any member of tu find any abusive comment directly inform us to tu and ishqies this is the right way to deal ……not by replying to them…..and my silence was my big resistance and power……and i want ishq only in my family as am an ishqie and the reason for am here is also my ishq…and always love 2 remain as ishqie and now the chapter is over and it is the right time for me to enter in my family of ishqies……and thanks to all ishqies who stand with me in my decision……though i was not here i read all ur comments ishqies…….and ishqies……i was very busy due to work and ganesha visarjan festival …..and am still in office and ishqies …….now onwards i will comment here… are you all ????
    Riya ishqie…….happy 2 see u dear and welcome 2 ishqie family…….and i think so many new ishqies joined here…….ok……a grant welcome from renima ishqie 2 this lovely family
    Piyali Ishqie …….Belated B’day wishes 2 you dear….
    Priya Ishqie…….Happy birthday 2 u dear……..

    And belated eid wishes and onam wishes 2 all my pyaari ishqies……..

    Disha Ishqie, Devga Ishqie pls come back to tu as now am back to tu page……and thank u both ishqies for your kind support……..

    1. renima ishqie

      Zindagi ki karvaten badalte hai
      Kabhi- Kabhi rukavat zaruri hai
      Par hausla aur himmat man mein hai
      Joh aaina hai uss mein kaanch bhi hai
      Kaanch tutte hai par chavi nahi
      Dil ki aaine mein bahut saare ulchan bikhre the
      Abb dil saaf hai aur ek roshni aa chuki hai
      Kyunki renima ka matlab suraj ke kiran hai
      Humein roshni ki kadar hai joh ishq hai
      Bas ishq hai….. ishq hai… aur ishq hi hai…….

      1. missing your shyari

      2. Superb!!!!!!!!

      3. Shaza

        Oh wow renima di …u knew that I can’t stay away from ur ishqies for a long time ….WELCOME BACK ????

    2. Piyaliii

      My di is back. …..Thank you di…????

    3. glad to see u back di

    4. Di……….Thankew… Thankew… Thankew…..So much di!!!!!!! U can’t imagine how much happy I am today!!!!!!! Thank God u came back…….was badly missing ur comments and poems!!!!!!! Love uhh di…….

    5. OMG renima d i can’t beleive that u r back d…
      M sooo happy to see u back d..
      Welcome back..
      I said that i want u back on eid as eid gift n u r back on 3rd dy of so nice ..d m soo happy ..can’t say in words lv u d..

    6. Haya123

      This is our RENii DII… The supr women…
      thnxzz 4 comingg back.. without ur cmtz ,poetry,… This ishqbaaazianzz family was incomplete..
      bt Now.. i’m so happyyy .. luv u 😀 keep rockingzzz… 😛

    7. Diiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!welcum diiiiii!!!i mean welcum back!!!!!!i dnt care hu says wat!!!we stillll looove u!!!oh di we missed u!!!!!hugs from me…..????

    8. Disha

      Welcome Back di
      I’m soooo happy you are back

  20. Sorry kidding dhruvvv…??..u dint ask me 2 play yeah??bt i lykd it so joined…it was fun..never ask us 2 gv 1 word itz difficult…79 epi has passed neh..same family…loving ishkies nd all…????..frankly speakn EVERY1 here is verrry loyal 2 ishqbaaz nd ishqies we saw it in d 9th to 11th page i thnk??d way thy fought..even d silent readers…ONE 4 ALL ND ALL 4 ONE!!!!???????????

    1. So true Mishri……..This is called the unity and strength of family and power of Ishq!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ishqbaaz and all Ishqies!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Haya123

      Yup.. 1 4 all ,nd all 4 1 🙂

  21. @Renima d m missing ur poetry n u verrry much ..

    @nikki d n disha d missing u also..

  22. renima ishqie

    It is the show which made my ishqie family

    Straight from my heart want 2 say am a big fan of this show

    Here my ishqies made me as renima ishqie and am proud of it

    Quicker family bonding and respect 2 each other made my re-entry

    Besides am an ishqie and how long i can stay away from my ishqie family ?

    Admire you ishqies as you all are with me and i feel am blessed

    Zealous spirit of ishqies for ishqbaaz and friends, love you ishqies

    For all die hard fans of ishqbaaz ishqies….

    1. thanks for coming back

    2. I knw u wulddddd cum back!!!we alllll knw…god im typng lyk nishu di nowwww…????

    3. Ohhhhh renima u are back welcome back dr im really missed ur comments dr and plsss dnt quit again and love u renima and thanks for coming back and ur poem asusual its just awsome

  23. Superb awsm episode….it was too hilarious… At 1st i was not lyking anika opposite shivaaye..but now am loving this pair….

  24. Haya123

    U r alwyz our STRENGTH DIiii 😀

  25. Renima d as usual ur poetry is awsomee ..
    Both poemss are superb d ..
    N u know d a few minutes ago i typed a comment that m missing u…
    When it is moderated tu page has shown ur comment so i was not able to beleive that’s why i read ur comment 3 times..
    I can’t say d now how much happy i m ..
    Thank u d ..thnx 4 coming back..i knew that u come back ..thnxss d ..thnxss a lot ..

  26. Okk Dhruvv….. just trying to describe Ishqies in my terms………

    Nadiya di – Treasure of Literature, Caring, Loving, best didi
    Kat di – Sweet and friendly
    Renima di – Brave, Fighter, Sweet
    Priya – Best n loveliest younger sis
    Mukti – Understanding
    Khushi – A good friend
    Aliya di – Sweetest
    Shivani di – Caring
    Ahiba – Very friendly
    Dhruvvv – One n only bade bhaiyaa
    Mishri – Bubbly
    Luna di – Sensible and good interpreter
    Richu di – Lovely
    Shaza – Sweet lovely sissy
    Piyali – Mature and very nice friend
    Sat – Intelligent
    Roz di – Very sensible
    Disha – Veryyyy caring
    Aqua di – Busy with assignments
    Dhruvv – Now one of my good friend and fan

    1. Sorry but a lil busy…… I’ll complete this task as and when I get time!!!!!!!!! Veryyyyy sorry…..plz whosoever’s name I’ve not mentioned!!!!!!!!!!!! But with time….I’ll know about u and then can describe u well!!!!!!!!!! Please……sorry………

      1. Yippeee..bubbly

    2. Thnxx mukta sweet of u..

    3. thank you dear

    4. Mukta dear if u don’t mind ..i want to say u one thing dear..u got confused dear btw dhruvv n dhruvvv…

      @dhruvv is badhy bhayiya.. with 2 vv

      @dhruvvv is ur friend n fan..with 3 vvv..n he gave the task dear..n whom u call DV..

      Hope that know ur confusion will be clear..

      1. Actually I know…….it’s typing mistake!!!!!!!!

  27. Haya123

    anywayss waiting 4 todayzz episode.. shivika’zz stunning CHEMISTRy… omggg i can’t wait any moree.. day by day shivika getting closer.. wowww good.. 🙂

  28. Priya may I know wt r u studying

  29. It’s not asritha it’s sunanda

  30. Hii renima di.
    Hello all ishqies sorry for not commenting for 4 days. Actually my net pack was finished so….
    But now I am back

  31. wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the epi was soooooooooooooo much great. i’m waiting for ishkara & roumya’s cvs.

  32. Shaza

    Omg……… I’m sooooo much in love with shivaayyyyyyyyyyy . I’m going maddddd…

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