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Ishqbaaz 14th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says yes, I was with Anika, but not like your bad mind is thinking, yesterday night I…. Anika says I know, you are saying this to save my respect. She goes to Shivaye and says I have no problem in accepting truth. Shivaye says Anika. She holds his hand and says truth is yesterday, Shivaye and I were together the entire night.

Some time before, Ranveer asks Shivaye to say where did he go. Anika comes and says he has come to me. They all get shocked seeing Anika. Ranveer looks at her and asks now who are you madam. She says Anika, I used to work here. He says oh, so you came to save your boss, how much money did you get for this work. Anika gets angry and says talk with manners, I m famous in misbehaving, I told you I worked here and Shivaye is my boss, I was fired yesterday. He asks

why did Shivaye meet you when you got fired. She says because I called him to meet me. Ranveer asks where did you call him. She says near my house. He asks why, and at what time. She says around 11.45am. He says it means he went to meet you after your call, when did he leave from there. She says morning 8am. Everyone get shocked.
Anika says see his clothes, its same clothes he had worn at night, he was with me the entire night. Shivaye and everyone get shocked. Ranveer says it means, you both, alone all night…. Anyways…… you have any proof… Anika says I have proof. She calls Madan Chacha. She says he has 24 hour medical shop opposite the shop in which I was present, there is CCTV camera fixed, when Shivaye came to meet me, he was captured in the camera, you can see that footage. She asks Madan to show footage. Ranveer checks footage. He sees Shivaye going inside the house. Madan says I was at shop all night, Shivaye went inside the house and did not come out till morning. Ranveer asks Madan to leave. He asks Anika does she know what is she saying, what meaning will come out of it. Anika says yes. Ranveer says fine then, say it once, so that I donlt have any confusion. Anika says so hear it, yesterday, Shivaye and I were together all night.

Ranveer says it means Shivaye and you have spent the night in that room. Anika says yes. Ranveer asks whose house was it. She says my friend Chanda. He says it would be some imp work to call a stranger man to a friend’s house, this case will go in news and media, you will get famous, or shall I say, you will get defamed, why are you silent, tell me, why did you call Shivaye at night, he fired you, so you would have not called him to talk about work, did you call him to get job back, what is it called, agreement, you understand agreement right, arrangement…. Shivaye shouts just shut up, enough Randhawa……. Ranveer asks why are you shouting, I m just doing my duty. Shivaye says you are not doing your duty, you are throwing dirt on a girl, yes I was with Anika, but not like going on in your dirty mind, yesterday night I was…. Anika interrupts and says I know, you are saying this to save my respect.

She goes to Shivaye and says I have no problem in accepting truth. Shivaye says Anika. She holds his hand tightly to sign him to be quiet. Shivaye looks at her. She looks in his eyes and says truth is yesterday, Shivaye and I were together the entire night. Shivaye and everyone look on shocked. Ranveer says I m hearing this since last 10mins, give me details, when, where and how did this happen. Anika says I called him, he came to meet me at my friend’s house, I opened the door, he came inside and then we were together the entire night. Shivaye looks at her. She leaves his hand. Ranveer says this man fired you from your job, and you are ready to get defamed for him, think once, maybe you were somewhere else. Anika sees Shivaye and gets tearful eyes. She says everyone knows that Shivaye can’t murder anyone, just I could prove this, so I came forward to give statement. Shivaye is stunned and looks at her. Ranveer says fine then, if your statement is this, what can I do, Shivaye I will leave, this madam saved you, but I will continue investigation, take care. He leaves.

Shivaye says Anika……. Tia comes and says Shivaye baby, please tell me whatever Anika said is a lie……

News reporter tells about Shivaye having affair with Anika, he is engaged to Tia Kapoor. ACP Ranveer tells about Shivaye got saved by ex employee Anika’s statement. Bua and neighbours see it. The lady says this is same fair guy who came your house once or twice. Bua says girl is open book without parents, anyone can come and read, Anika told me she is doing job, I did not do she is doing this. Sahil comes and scolds neighbours to leave, asking is any show going on here.

Tia says this is so embarrassing, you postponed marriage date, then left from mandap and now this, I have become a joke infront of the world, you know what, this is not your mistake Shivaye, its Anika’s mistake, you know Anika I felt you are a sweet girl, but you are a bad character girl, universe will never forgive you, Shivaye fired you and you are taking revenge this way, if you wanted money, you could have asked universe, and me…. Shivaye says okay its enough Tia, not a word more, you have any idea what happened, I got saved from a murder blame, because of Anika, you have any idea what Anika did for me. Anika cries and leaves. Rudra goes after her to stop. Anika leaves from the house.

Bua says the world knows how is your sister, she is bad character girl. Sahil says shut up, get lost and throws out of the door. Bua falls in the dirt, Sahil shuts the door. Bua says Sahil, you have pushed me in dirt for that step sister Anika, see what I do of that Anika.

Rudra comes and says Anika left. Om says when ill mannered people come home, then good people prefer to leave. He angrily looks at Tia. Shivaye says this situation turned strange for me. Om says Shivaye, we know you did not kill Gayatri, but what’s the entire story, you got phone call and you left, what happened then. Shivaye says my phone got exchanged with Anika’s phone yesterday, Anika called me to tell this to me. FB shows Anika calling Shivaye and saying I got your phone by mistake. Shivaye says okay, listen to me. She says you listen to me, Gayatri is calling on your phone, she said she will call again after 30mins. Shivaye throws phone and says I will end Gayatri’s story. FB ends. Om says it means you got Anika’s call yesterday, when you were with me. Shivaye says Anika was at her friend’s house and called me there. FB shows Shivaye reaching the house and seeing medical store. He goes to the house to take his phone. The doors get shut. Anika gives his phone and says my phone. He returns her phone and finds the door locked. He says door jammed, what type of place is this, what are you doing here, She asks what do you mean, what did you think, middle class people stay in Tajmahal, this is my friend Chanda’s house, she went to night duty, her sister forgot keys, I m waiting for her. He asks what shall I go, I have to go, open this. He gets Gayatri’s call and asks why are you calling me again and again. He takes Anika’s phone and calls someone asking him to trace the call on his phone. Gayatri says I had to say game did not end, I will attack again. Shivaye says you did not get peace even after going to jail, what do you want. She says you will know soon, don’t think you will stop me, I m not alone, Oberoi family has nothing less, not even enemies. Someone attacks her. She screams… He says hello and call ends. He asks the person did the call get trace, okay good, send me directions, I m leaving from here. He asks Anika to open the door, I have to leave now. Anika sees the window and says you can go by this window. FB ends. Shivaye says I left from there and went to old mill, where Gayatri’s phone was traced, I waited for her and did not get her, there was no use of waiting, then I came back home. Om says it means you were not with Anika all night. Rudra asks why were you not seen in CCTV while returning.

Shivaye says Rudra, I explained that I went by main door and left by window. Rudra asks why did Anika lie that you were with her all night. Dadi comes and says to save Billu, as her statement can save Billu, she took all defamation on her name. Shivaye looks on.

Anika comes to her locality. Some guys tease her saying she has become tv star. Bua stops Anika and asks her to go back, I will not let you enter my late brother’s house. Anika asks where is Sahil. Bua says I have kept Sahil inside, I don’t want him to become like you. Anika asks who are you to make me leave, I know you want to snatch Sahil’s house, I won’t let this happen.

Rudra says I used to joke that Anika is Shivaye’s angel, but she is really Shivaye’s guardian angel. Om says I have seen many who give life for others, but for the first time I have seen a girl who gave her honour for someone else. Rudra says Shivaye should apologize to her. Om says he will surely apologize, I m sure he is thinking of it now. Rudra says come, we will go to Shivaye.

Shivaye thinks of Anika, how he fired her from job. Om and Rudra come to him. Om asks what are you doing. Shivaye says nothing. Rudra asks Lady Baba. Shivaye says she is gone. Om asks what are you doing here then. Shivaye asks what to do mean. Rudra says you should go to Anika.

Bua scolds Anika and takes her out. Anika asks her to mind her tongue, do you know I m helpless woman to hear anyone, that I die by shame, I have learnt to live life by fighting with world, I did not forget this talent till now. Bua sees neighbours and starts shouting for help. She says see, she is beating me, whats my mistake, I asked Anika not to do wrong things at home, now will she kill me for this. Anika asks whats this drama. Bua says you like to fight with world, go, fight. She shouts and acts.

Shivaye asks what will I tell her. Om asks will we tell this, in Anika’s language, you spoiled it, and you will rectify it. Rudra says you did many mistakes, you insulted her and fired her from job, even then she made a big sacrifice. Shivaye says I did that, as she made Dev meet Priyanka after I stopped her. Priyanka says this is a lie. Soumya gets Priyanka. Priyanka says Anika did not get Dev to my room, Dev came to meet me, I was scared and took him to my room, Anika did not wish us to meet without your permission, Anika was going to leave Dev outside and you have seen us, Anika too all responsibility on her to save me, its not Anika’s mistake, its my mistake. Soumya says yes, Priyanka is saying right, its not Anika’s mistake. Om asks Shivaye what are you waiting for, go….. Shivaye says what did I do, what will I tell her, how will I apologize to her.

Anika asks why do you care, whatever relation I have with anyone. She scolds the goons and says I will call police. The guys talk cheap way and ask Bua to give Anika as Lord’s Prasad, they will keep her. They surround Anika. Anika gets worried.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Hv gone mad watching d video but dis update says shivaye wouldnt b able to mouth sorry till now but dis will create a very good shivika moment

    Sorry for so many comments just cant wait for d epi my excitement is killing me!!!

    1. Mayank Agrawal

      dont get excited its just a dream which is feeled by a shivay !!

      1. Really mayank?? Gow do u kno?
        N plz tell me ir age(hv asked u a couple f times but u didnt reply)

      2. Mayank Agrawal

        my age is 22 dear whats your ? no its not a dream it just happened because shivay is in drunken state by taking that pain killer..

  2. Wow anika is a real saviour she is so good after shivaaye fired her then also she helped shivaaye

  3. Mishri

    Okok…m including myself?..m fine nd u?

    1. Renimarenju

      Not @ all fine….sorry

    2. Aww haha!! Mishri u r soo cute babe :*

    3. Mishri

      Arre diii..y sooo battery down..cheer up…wats wrng…??r thy workn u hard??hows leg dz morning??

  4. Aarya

    Isshhh …? …that is a dream…oh noooo i was really excited for that…. ?

  5. Mayank Agrawal

    Todays episode update –

    sabse pehle anika ko kidnapp karke goons le jate hai in taxi and at the same time om and rudra convinced shivay to go to anika and say sorry shivay ready for that and comes in a car and dono aapne saamne aa jate hai shivay ki car and kidnapping taxi, then shivay stops the car on the middle of the road and blocks the distance of taxi then shivay remembers the words which shivay says to anika while insulting her, shivay sochte sochte kho jata hai khayalo mei and gunde shivay ki jabardast dhunayi kar dete hai ye sabh anika se dekha nhi jaata hai and vo shivay ko bachane ke liye bhaagi chli aati hai lekin ek kidnapper anika ko pakad leta hai ye shivay se dekha nhi jaata hai then he fires back on goons and at the same time om and rudra comes at the spot they together with anika fights with goons and wins.. om;s dialoge -” mere upar talwar bhi chal jaye to koi dard nhi lekin mere bhaiyo ke kharonch tak bardasht nhi kar skta mai “…then om and rudra says to anika that we apologize to you from behalf of family please come back says to shivay tujhey kuch nhi kehna hai kya then shivay ek bucket pani laata hai or usse apne aage rakh deta hai then anika uss bucket ko shivay pe gira deti hai and then shivay says so….sorry …..they returned home injured then pinky , jhanvi . dadi applies ointment at their injury then shivay says that i have a pain killer which removes pain very easily but it works like a drug also then pinky says its ok you all take it so that your pain removes…a conversation between sahil and anika takes place in which sahil proposes to anika to go back to oberoi mansion …in the meanwhile anika throws out the sundari bhua out of the house….

    precap – and guys that romance vedio which is viral at youtube of shivika is true actually the shivay om and rudra are in drunken state by that painkiller so shivay does all momens in no sense……………hope everybody clears now.

    1. Aarya

      Are yaar mayank aapko yeh updates itna accurately kahan se miltha hein woh bhi episode ke pehale hi….kamal hain yaar….nyways thanks for the updates?

      1. Shaza

        U can watch ishqbaaz ep at 6:00 instead of 10:00 on hotstar if ur premium subscriber or Jio sim user…

      2. Aarya

        Really…thank u shaza for the info….?☺

  6. Hey remina di m fine n crazy kz f dis track!!since I hv seen d epi m smiling stupidly n cant hold my excitement(though it’s just a show)
    Plz di aaj ka update thoda jldi krdena

  7. Guys, I saw a photo of anika throwing water on SSO after his fight wid the goondas LOL

  8. ANIKA’s drastic step to save SHIVAAY from murder mystery drawn down the intoxication of his false social status, family name, blood, lineage, money and what not? He would have been realised that no person even from his own family would sacrifice in the way ANIKA deed it. First time in his life he would came to know the fact that A PERSON’s DEEDS ARE LEAST CONCERN WITH HIS/HER BLOOD, LINEAGES, SOCIAL STATUS, MONEY AND WHAT EVER HE THINK OF! IN REAL SENSE, VERY SOPHISTICATEDLY ANIKA SLAPPED HIM ! WHEN SHE SAID WHILE HOLDING HIS HAND, “no one believe that SSO can murder, and just I could prove it…….” , ACTUALLY SHE WAS SLAPPING HIM, BY INSISTING HIM , IF HE TRUSTED ANIKA, HE WOULD NOT REACHED TO THE CONCLUSION OF HER INVOLVEMENT IN DEV’S ENTRY IN OBEROY MANSION EVEN AFTER ANIKA’s CONFESSION FOR THE SAME! ANIKA’s HEARD HIS SOUL VOICE AND EVEN AFTER HAVING BADLY INSULTED BY SSO, SHE OPTED TO SAVE SSO.

  9. reni di take care

  10. Then its not shivya dream! Wow it’s ok if he hugs anika bcz he is of out of sense .. it is better then dream sequence ..anyways happy to see anika back to mansion

  11. Probably to happen……
    The upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz will show that Shivaay is very much touched when Anika destroy her image just to save him for bring arrest. Shivaay also in guilt when Priyanka reveal sto him that Anika was not involve in her and Dev’s meeting then Om and Rudra asks Shivaay to apologize to Anika. Shivaay , Rudra and Om go to meet Anika and get shocked seeing goon tries to take her with them. They beat goons and save Anika and Shivaay said sorry to Anika. Anika comes to Oberio mansion in which Om sends Shivaay meeting to Anika. Anika unaware about Shivaay is behind her and she turns and falls at him. Shivaay who always has anger look at his face get melt down seeing her and hug her which make Anika surprised. Shivaay turns Ishqbba getting Anika’s love Not only this, Shivaay cares Anika’s face and fixes her hairs while Anika indicate shim to apologize her. But Shivaay as usual hesitate to say it but Shivaay’s soft gesture indicates as love bel has rung in his heart for Anika. Now, Shivaay will turn real Ishqbaaz getting Anika’s love.

  12. hmm… but mayank bhaiya apko kesa updates pta chlta h ……nd on which site…….bt thanx 4 update …one more thing its a dream or not…..plzz clear…

  13. What its all bcoz of drug dose no yaar anyways after omru holding hands front of anika and anika throwing water and shiv saying sry anika should come back but I want shivika moment in sense not in drug mode phew any ways shekahar yaar how come u know whole episode story before telecast ? So surprising how come yaar plz reply

  14. And mayank bro u told story lineline to line before telecast wow!!!!!! May I know how?

  15. Aarya

    Aaj ka epi toh kamal ka tha?omrushiv fight, anika’s paanibazi
    ???sorry …nd cutiepie sahil…..such a lovely epi??precap….its so funny…

  16. Ya mayank bro how come u know pls tell us about tat link ?

  17. After so many forum, aricle published, I found one forum some what keeping pace with real IB, I m posting it, with precautionary word “probabaly”!

  18. Plz update today’s 15th episode fast. Can’t wait for that.

  19. Update kb hoga m waiting!!!!!??

  20. Sriranjani

    Rudra and Soumya will get married in ishqbaaz in a drunken state. and when they find themselves in a married state they will hide this to family members and even to their bf aka brothers and sister.

  21. Why update is slow

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