Ishqbaaz 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika screams seeing the doll and shouts who is it. She calls Shivaye. He answers call and could not hear her. She shouts for help and knocks door asking someone to open the door. Sometime before, Shivaye is worried and recalls Daksh’s words. Om looks on and asks are you waiting for someone, is anyone coming. Shivaye says no. Om says I felt you are waiting for someone. Shivaye says no, its not true. Om says you can share it. Shivaye asks what. Om says problem. Shivaye says I have no problem, I m fine.

Rudra asks Soumya when did the matter reach marriage. Soumya says I don’t know when Reyaan’s mom spoke to Aai, and now they both want to meet to take marriage talk ahead. Rudra asks and you? Will you marry? She says I don’t know, I don’t understand anything. They both get sad.


says its about him right, I also feel it strange. Shivaye asks about what. Om says his behavior, sometimes dancing on Chikni Chameli and then wearing Ghagra to become Dilli wali girlfriend. Shivaye understands his words now. Om says I know he is young, but not so much, I feel he is mad. Shivaye says Rudra…. you feel this now, I feel he is mad since childhood. They laugh. Daksh and Anika come. Daksh says its kind of surprising to see Oberoi brothers laughing, nice. Shivaye looks at Anika.

Rudra asks what do you mean, Reyaan is your BF, you should be happy your parents are not playing typical villain role, no blackmailing and drama, direct marriage, its great. Soumya looks at him. Rudra sadly smiles.

Om says Daksh you know whats more surprising, you both together. Daksh says I wish this togetherness was for lifetime, but unfortunately, journey was till pickup and drop, but conversation was good. Shivaye asks good conversation, its good, did your work happen for which you went. Daksh says yes. Shivaye asks yes? Daksh says I mean, it was heart talk, heart told that to heart, right Anika. Anika nods. Shivaye says super cool…. Daksh holds Shivaye and says you know, what I want, I get after it with strong will. Shivaye says I can see that. He asks Anika does she have anything to say. Anika says actually…… Daksh says actually, I can’t say, sorry, its kind of personal now, I mean Anika may have a problem to say. Shivaye asks oh really?

Ishqbaaz spoiler

Anika says Billu ji…. Dadi calls Anika. Anika goes. Daksh says Billu ji and teases Shivaye. Shivaye says its not funny. Daksh says fine and goes to answer call. Anika asks Dadi not to worry for Ganesh Laxmi puja, all arrangements are done. Dadi says I know you will make everything fine. She goes. Shivaye comes to Anika. He asks so? She repeats his words. He asks will you not say anything. She asks what. He says do one thing, read 2’s table. She asks table? She starts saying. He says will you just shut up. She asks whats your problem, you asked me to say and now shut up, what do you want. He says say but what I m asking. She says what to say, you did not ask till now. He asks will you say if I ask. She says if you don’t ask, am I antaryami to know. He says you are sensible. She says you want to know about puja.

He says you think so, no… She says I don’t know what you are asking, I have much work, Billu ji I m going. He holds her hand and says just stop calling me that, my name is Shivaye, just use that, Tia said right, she said someone special is going to come in your life, I felt its nonsense but its happening. She makes his hand away and says now I understand about how the relations uniting ideas are coming. He asks did you say yes. She asks what do you think. He says what I think does not matter, did you say yes or…. Daksh comes and says no…. she said no, she broke my heart. Shivaye calms down with relief. Anika says Daksh please….

Daksh says don’t worry, I m absolutely fine, I respect your decision, I m cool. Anika says I liked how you spoke your heart in bindaas way, else very few people have such courage, some people can’t say anything. She looks at Shivaye. Daksh says whats the matter, saying and looking at someone else. Shivaye says stop this bad shayari, come we will talk about work. Daksh says you don’t think anything else than work, I came here for work. Shivaye says you got 2 days break and this heart break also, come. Daksh tells Anika that you said no for marriage, not for friendship, we will be friends forever right. She nods. Daksh goes. Shivaye looks at Anika and leaves.

Dadi stops Anika and asks are you leaving. Anika says yes, I promised Sahil I will take him to market and buy a Diwali gift for him, I m already late. Dadi says you told about loan for admitting Sahil in boarding school, I spoke to Shakti, it will be done. Anika thanks and hugs Dadi saying you solved my big problem. Dadi says what about you solving our many problems, you are getting late, Sahil would be waiting. Anika thanks her and leaves.

She goes to hire auto. Daksh calls her out saying stop. She asks what happened, do you want lift. He laughs and says no, tell me what are you doing day after tomorrow. She asks why. He comes close and says I have to marry you. She gets shocked. He laughs and says look at that, I was just kidding, forget it, tell me what are you doing day after tomorrow. She says how can I say it now. He says great, I will say, you are coming with me to watch a play, its famous and beautiful show, I arranged two tickets, that’s it, you are coming with me, no excuses, bye. He goes.

Anika comes home and talks to Sahil over phone. She says you are with Bua in temple, fine, I reached home. She sees the diyas at home and says great, you and Bua have lighted beautiful dhinchak diyas at home, what, you did not do this. The call gets disconnected. She says if Sahil and Bua did not light diyas, who has come inside the house and lighted the diyas. A black doll with scary ugly face falls down in front of her. Anika screams seeing it. She holds the doll and tries making a call by her phone. Her phone gets stuck and the camera gets on. She throws the doll. She loks around and asks who is there, see I don’t like this joke, come infront.

She gets a call and answers. The man asks are you scared Anika, don’t worry, I m close to you, can’t you see. She asks who are you. He says you will worry now, you did not do good. She asks why, what did I do and holds cushion. He says I wish I was there instead this cushion. She throws cushion and phone, and goes to shut window. He says you can’t run away from my sight if you shut window. She asks what do you want. She picks doll and throws it. He says I m close to you Anika. She shuts ears and screams.

Shivaye comes to Daksh and asks are you not ready, you remember we have to go for school reunion dinner. Daksh says I remember. Shivaye asks will we have dinner on internet. Daksh says no, I was sending imp mail, done, lets go. Shivaye asks in these clothes. Daksh says what’s wrong with these clothes, who will see in darkness. Shivaye asks darkness? Daksh says I forgot to tell you, party venue changed, we are going to disc. Shivaye asks reunion disc. Daksh says we are not going to crack a business deal, we are going to party, Billu ji. Shivaye says don’t call me that. Daksh says Anika can call that and I can’t, that’s not fair. Love is such thing, my heartbeat got faster on taking her name. Anika calls Shivaye.

Daksh takes the phone and says let me talk to her. Shivaye says call is for me, I have to talk. Daksh says atleast let me hear her voice. He answers. Anika says hello Billu ji….. Daksh says it got disconnected. Shivaye says what do you mean, how….. Anika calls again and says balance over….. Shivaye calls back and says network…. Daksh asks are we not getting late now and takes phone. Shivaye says let me call her back, it maybe imp. Daksh says she will call again if its imp, come lets go. Shivaye thinks why was Anika calling at night, I hope everything is alright.

Soumya sits sad. Rudra goes to Soumya and sees jewelry sets, clothes. He asks whats all this. She says Reyaan’s mom have sent proposal officially, she wants me to wear one of these clothes and jewelry set when mom and I go to meet their family. Rudra gets sad and jokes saying its your full on marriage week, one marriage free with other. She says stop it, I m not in mood to joke. He says I know your mood is bad, but you did not say why.

She says whats the use to say, you won’t understand. He holds her and says Soumya, explain me, maybe I will understand, whats happening, you said this marriage has no meaning and its joke, when I joke, you get confused and confuse me too, we will clear everything today, does this marriage mean anything to you or not. She says no. He says then you don’t need t be upset and I don’t need to be confused, right. She says right. He says fine, we will not talk about this marriage, I know we decide this always, but today this chapter will end here, okay. She says okay and smiles. Both of them get sad.

Anika runs to call Shivaye from landline. She sees landline not working. She gets the wire cut off. She gets scared and says what to do now. She says I will call by neighbor’s phone. She goes to door and could not open it. She asks is anyone there, open the door. She gets too frightened.

The door opens. Anika gets down the bed/sofa to go. Someone holds her feet. She hits the person’s hand with a hammer and runs. She sits in some corner. Someone walks to her and holds her hand. She gets scared.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Archiya

    It wld hve been really worthwhile to see shivay reaction if anika has said yes, as he was so anxious to knw anika ans to daksh proposal.
    So much of suspense, its daksh only who is dng all tis, he waz seeing anika on his laptop, as soon as shivay came he closed it.But if daksh is wit shivay gng to some party who is there in anika home, the mystery is deepening.
    Roumya scenes were so beautiful today, its lik they love each other, know it also, bt dnt want to b the first to express it.

    Somehow by seeing the spoilers before the episode is spoiling the episode for me, bt wht to do so eager to knw whts gonna happen next

  2. Akky

    Wow!what a lovely episode is this.Anika’s acting was very good as well as shivaay’s expression.I hope the secret of D and tia come before the shivaay in soon and also om and essha should meet in soon and their love life should began like shiru

  3. nikko

    Excuse me all who told u that I’m a fan of kasam? Truly I used to choose IB over kasam.i used to love the bromance and ishaana especially and cute sahil and Anika senes and mallika days.

    But now its nothing rather than tia’s bak bak and really the chemistry between shivika is missing which is sizzle with tansi

    Krasha are awesome tight and a treat to eyes which I miss with shivika

    I am missing ishkara like hell and frustrated yesterday and started my bak bak

    Sorry to hurt ul☹☹

    • Saku

      I can understand dear…
      Me too ishkara fan nd was no is missing them badly…
      But show must go on nd om new lead is also gonna come very soon…
      So just chill IB needs our support…

  4. Samm


    |Registered Member

    wow! never seen a villain like daksh before! he really makes me wanna murder him! and i totally love shivaay 😉

  5. Deeps

    The hand is shivays i saw it on you tube and the hug will happen tomorrow. Thanks for updating so fast. It was not good to see daksh taking revenge with anika for rejecting his proposal. And “dont call me billu ji and call me shivay”. If this really happens. I m eager to hear shivay from anikas mouth. Then it would be sweet.
    Roumyas part was good but they looked sad all during the episode. Rudra was talking to soumya so sweetly to make her happy. Waiting for the time when rudra makes her wear a ring instead of rehaan.
    I m so happy to see om laugh. He looks soooo sweet the sweetest when he smiles.
    Waiting for priyanka to come from her nani’s house and tell om that the girl was acp’s sister. Then i think om’s love interest would come. I just think so.

  6. akann

    The episode was great. Shivika was really good. Both of them were awesome. Shivay is too cute when he is all jealous and uncomfortable. I can’t figure what is up with this Daksh. All his actions are alarming and crazy. I also loved the heartfelt moments of Rumya. One thing I dont get is why they both keep their feelings bottled up like Shivika. With Shivika, it is understandable but Rudra needs to speak up and tell Soumya how he feels. I can see more drama coming with their track. kind of sad that they are sending Sahil to boarding school. Pretty sure it is because of the upcoming Shivika wedding. I miss Sahil but it is understandable and a good thing that they are not making that kid act a lot at such a small age. He also needs to have a child life and needs to go to school and all i guess.

  7. simmy😘

    its gonna be shivaye and he clams down anika and she will say never leave her and he will say hes always there for her 😘😘😍😍😍

  8. Samaira20


    |Registered Member

    Oh god….now I m hating this track….I m not liking this bechari anika……I love jealousy one…but this serious one and baar baar anika ka wrong prove hona and shivaay scolding anika is just gng above my head……hope so they confess soon….

  9. Rajjo

    Ohhh… Just loved shivaye’s expression while he wad asking anika about her answer.. and the relief came to his face knowing that its a NNO….. Waitibg for Shivika hug… Will it happen or not…
    N hello to all mah frnds i was unable to catch up u guys….

  10. Neesha

    Please don’t spoil the beautiful story of ishqbaaz. In spoiler it’s showing that anika Will swap herself with tia and get marry to shivay and then there hate to love story will start. I don’t want that shivay and his family should hate anika. They respect her a lot. Tia’s truth should come out before there marriage. Let’s see what will happen.

  11. Diyaa


    |Registered Member

    I hope there is some drama where Sahil does not want to go to boarding school and takes Shivaay’s help for it. I have been waiting for sooooo long to see Shivaay Sahil interaction.

  12. Trisha

    I like rumya scene most luv to see that scene they looks so cute together 😍💟💟 i think our rudy stop these marriage they both have some feelings after these marriage rudy bcom jealous husband type who can’t see his with others man luv to see both bro jealous scene but today seriously anika indirectly tell shivaya that someone can’t express his feelings Daksh u r rigth “kahipa nigaya kahipa nishana “guys i want to share some news abut tia tia is already married anika also find that proof but when she gone to shivaya she bcome wrong infront of shivaya thse time also……..
    What u think guys who try to scare anika i think it’s sundari bua who try to scare anika bcoz she want to make anika out frm house what u think???

  13. Tara

    LOVE shivika…Plz GM dont do forced marriage, it will spoil the chemistry btw Shivika…and plz always Anika is proved wrong n stupid in front of Shivay….Enough plzzzzzzz
    Give anika her indestructible and positive attitute back..
    If Shivika marriage happens, the oberoi family should ask / plead with Anika to marry Shivay so that there is respect in the house for her, then the married life begins where Shivay cant live without her and will eventually confess his love for Anika when her life is threatened by other baddies such as Swetlana or Roop.
    Im sorry but Daksh is so annoying, it leaves a bad taste for RL of friendship..after all oberoi family have greeeted him with open arms n he repays with dirty trick especially Shivay who was his close friend?
    PLZ end Tia and Daksh track….they are not adding value to the show, only positive is at least Shivay is forced to realize his feelings for Anika.
    Loved Anikas costume but a lovely sheer Dupatta would have added class to it, it looks incomplete, but LOVE SHIVIKA ALWAYS…..

  14. Angel

    Loved the rumya part…..Why these soumya and rudra are not confessing about there love?Iss serial mein koyi bhi apni dil ki baat nahi kehta hai except om and woh stupid daksh.What is daksh real name?Guys,i think daksh is the ‘D’ named person,yani tia ka bf.wt do u think,guys?

  15. SilentReader

    Anika z sending Sahil to boarding school….I thought they will bring him to Oberoi mansion and he will stay wid dem after Shivika mrg,,,bt no,,,nw this will not happen

  16. Razna


    |Registered Member

    Hiii ishquiesss goodmorning… ru alll
    Wooow it was really nice to watch our jelousy sing obroi….mainly when he questioning anika about her answer….and i liked when anika replied imdirectly that someone cant tell his feelings!!!!!…….any way iam waiting for today episode…….but dont understand why soumyas mother want to make her marry fastly…..what will happend to rudra now..i think befor shaadi he will reveal their shaadi secreat towards their family………..and he will stop reyaan……

  17. shahabana

    Gd morning hv a great day guyz.
    About episode loved shivika superb wahhh reallyy shivaye asking anika to say 2 table.shivaye has become crazy to know about whats the anikas reply to dakshs proposal.
    Reallyy loved this jelousy baagad billa.
    Awwww om was smiling he really looks cute when he smiles.
    And who is scaring anika is it daksh ohhhh whats happening.
    And rumya scence really emotional And cute loved rudras line “thum samjaaoona shayed mhe samjaaungi” awwww cuteeee
    Love ishqbaaz
    Guyz dontworry there is no bride swap in ishqbaaz Gk comfirmed it and oms lead will also enter after shivika marriage

  18. shahabana

    Attension plssss guyz there is a news that anika will accept dakshs proposal shoking to shivaye.
    Anika will overhear shivkaras talk where shivaye talks badly about anika .listning this anika will feel bad.after that daksh will again propose anika but this time anika will accept dakshs proposal.
    I really happy to know this because shivaye deserves this

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      Again talking bad about Anika, I guess after she fails to prove that Tia is married. I saw the promo where he talks badly to her because she comes to tell him that Tia is married.

    • Archiya

      True.. After all tis time if shivay does nt understand anika he does nt deserve her. Wahtever daksh is m waiting for anika to say yes to him.Its ok if shivay does nt want to accept his feelings, bt by now he shld knw tat anika is his well wisher

  19. Sahanaa


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys… hw r u ???
    Sahil to boarding school which means he will not be seen in the show😯 i jst wish he was there
    Coming to the epi… it was vry nice..
    I liked the rumya scene very much… emotional😄
    Even shivika was good… eagerly waiting for nxt epi..🤗
    Gul confirmed that marriage vil b a forceful one and tia daksh will be exposed much after the matriage😥.. i dnt like this

    • Deeps

      What a forceful one. But who will force them when tia and daksh’s truth will come out after marriage. Then every body would be thinking her bad na i mean anika. And i dont want her to suffer any more yar

  20. Saku

    Gud morning ishqieessss….hw r u all?? ?….hv a great day…

    Nooooo don’t send sahil to boarding school!!!….i m not getting why is anika sending him to boarding school she can’t leave wdout him ryt???…then bcoz of him she cant manage to go to oberio house thats why sending him?? Its bad decision 😡😡…
    Rumya were very sad today can’t see them like this…plzzz give our bubbly rumya back too us…
    Were priveer come back soon yaar missing their chemistry…
    Daksh is such a cheapo…just bcoz she rejected him he is scaring her like hell…nd it’s confirm now daksh is only tias husband…..
    Waiting for om story…hope they introduce new lady soon can’t wait more…

  21. Saku

    Guys again another story left incomplete nd started new one…this only problem as this show….
    What about om s past not revealed yet….now he is not feeling guilty also till riddhima entry he was taking drugs coz of his guilt nd now forgotten all??..
    Gayatri ka murder kisine kiya kabhi samne ayega ki nahi???
    Acp sister is alive or not dont know!!..
    This many mysteries unfold nd now new twists soumya marriage shivika marriage om leads entry priveer story tia exopse drama daksh proposal drama omridh breakup….all at same time cant digest it…
    Complete one mystery first nd then give another one but no they like to give all sudden at same time…ufff….

    Oh my mata!!! Kuch jyada bol gayi sorry if it hurts anyone…

    • Sumi.SS


      |Registered Member days track is moving fastly fr shivika mrge..aftr their mrge only they r gng to end all mystery one by one..starts with om past hope New lead wl entr opp to om..othrside priveer track..then T and D aftr rumya mrge track..

  22. Gaanavi

    Anika gets to know Tia is already married. Shivay and Omkara practice for Shivay’s sangeet. Shivay teaches some dance moves to Omkara to perform in the sangeet function. Omkara asks Shivay to dance well, as its his marriage. Anika comes to them and breaks news of Tia’s marriage.
    Shivay and Omkara get a big shock. Shivay asks Anika to stop this nonsense and gets too angry. Anika tells him that she has proof. She tells them that she is in all her senses and has photo proof. Anika checks her phone and sees the photo gone. She wonders how did photo get deleted. Shivay scolds Anika for misbehaving like this, by repeating the mistakes again and again. He asks her not to point on Tia’s character. Tia is hiding the evidence and cleverly fails Anika’s plan. Anika feels she can’t show proof to Shivay. Tia talks to Anika and shows her marriage photo. Tia admits to Anika how she fooled her, and now Shivay will never believe her. Anika gets angry and still trying to find proof. Tia has called Daksh to take revenge from Anika. How will Anika tackle the infamous T&D? Keep reading.

    • Diyaa


      |Registered Member

      Oh God. That sounds painful! Time for me to take a break from the show. I find such tracks stress inducing. All that suffering by the girl and negativity.

  23. Lijince

    Hi Ishqbaazians….been little busy with my work….so cudn’t step into the group….hope everybody had a great children’s day!!

    Why is Anika sending Sahil to boarding school?? and Sahil is also missing from the show these days….there should be some serious interaction between Shivaye and Sahil….Anika matters to both of them and both of them matter to Anika….so they should meet soon! Wud love to see that interaction between the two S’s…:D 😀 😀

    And if Daksh is behind this scaring thing, why is he doing it?? If he has come to create a relationship for Anika, then he should be looking ways to impress her…..why this scaring thing?

    And dear Gul Khan….please try to solve the mysteries that are left unanswered… Om is not feeling any guilt and he feels fine without Riddhima’s help?? What about his past?? And what about Gayatri’s murder?? Ranveer is busy with some other investigation I guess….maybe that’s why Prinku went to her Nani’s house…..when she is back Ranveer will also come back with his sister’s revenge right??

    And where are all the negative characters of Roop and Swetlana?? Please don’t drag the story just to create many mystery characters….and thereby confuse the viewers!

    Soumya and Rudra are acting like Shivika now…..but Rudr’s acting was so cute….Sumo u r the love angel who advised Shivaye and now u don’t follow the same advice….not fair!!

  24. Rosu 25

    Plz don’t end sahil character by sending him to boarding school…..I have lot of expectation about sahil sso meeting and Rudy sahil cute fights & all…..plz don’t ruin all this…..

  25. shekhar

    He want to be on a winner side. He sees his defeat in ANIKA to be with any one other than him. He sees his defeat of ideoligy in denying to marry with TIA. In first, a feelings of possedsiveness which leads him to be jealous . His cares and feelings for ANIKA tend him to have untold, undefined rights over her to let him first ever what ever she does, talks anything new to him as She enjoy her such right over him while joking, scolding, missbehaving and while calling him “BILLU JI”, while making him agree over a issue …… be continue

    • Shekhar

      …and while cutting his talks. Such both enjoy their untild, undefined rights and both never objected for such rights to enjoy which create a bond between them and being stronger and stronger day by day.
      But such SHIVIKA bond is moving like PENDULUM between two far ends contrasting to each ither defeat of SSO.
      NAKUL is nicely expressing all emotions as to……….to be continue…….

      • shekhar

        Nakul is nicely expressing all emotions as to his charector framed tangling among wide ranged varied emotions.
        DAKSH, for few D, is very well knew SSO’s mental disturbance and fully enjoying it. He looks to me nor after ANIKA, bt something else, not necessarily doing it only for TIA as her BF but also in good faith of SSO on call of OMRUDA even

      • shahabana

        Shekhar no one can understand or explain the charecter shivaye like u does .its like u are the creater of the charecter sso

      • shekhar

        Take a look over the effect of DAKSH acts. It clearly shows, bond of SHIVIKA becomes stronger, and at least I blv. that is also DAKSH motive. None of his action seems that of a villain, may be of a shrewd villain.
        In the back ground of above, if he is BF of TIA, then I have to say, TIA’s motive can not be different. Some one is pressurise TIA for SHITIA wedding, and as she does not wish this, finding SSO rigid to marry her,………to be continue

      • Shekhar

        ….finding SSO rigid to marry her, she introduced DAKSH in the matter to make SHIVIKA unison. So in POV, if DAKSH is BF of TIA, then cerainly TIA her self can not have a different motive than DAKSH.

  26. shahabana

    Gd afternoon ishquees
    Where are u all
    So less comments today
    Plsssss guyz comeback and comment
    Missing ur comments badlyyyyyy

  27. chithra

    Good afternoon
    😊😊😊.. If there is no bride exchanging in ib, nd tia daksh exposed after shivika marriage then how come shivika wedding vl be???… Lot of confusion….nd there are many spoilers, one of spoiler says anita accept daksh proposal???this too confusing..
    Anyways iam loving this track..

    Good going

  28. Sumi.SS


    |Registered Member

    Coming to yestrday epi..Good..felng vry sad fr rumya..all their prblm r same..nevr accept their lve fr eachoth and making its complcated..
    om looks cute in yestrday epi..and why he is not get upset fr ridima..
    Pls dnt end sahil char..I am also want o’bro and sahil on-screen offscren it’s really nce yarrr.
    SHIVIKA’s very funny when anika starts 2table..Omg..((((((Rudy and anika both r simply superb yarrr..entrtaing us lot by ur u both….))))))))))..bilu ji dnt want anyone who takes his place in anika’s lyf..
    I thnk he wsh anika to be single frevr..what abt him??he is getting ready to marry tia..thr was no chnge in his decision..he is not even thinking abt it..Gul mam said tia and daksh (?) Truth reveal aftr shivika only one qustn arise in my view.
    How is shivay gng to break away from Tia?
    Becz of daksh and anika closeness or any other reason behind the stalker..we knw this last of this month..
    Anyway waitng fr today episode..😍😍

  29. ritika

    Hii ishqeees how are u all comming to episode was gud loved the part when shivay was asking anika about the reply of daksh proposal and he was very eger for her answer according to me dash is the one who is scaring anika and he is wid tia just eating for today’s episode shivika hug OMG soch soch kar 3 din se pagal how rahe hu and I saw a video of upcoming dance sequence of shivika just waiting for that part to on air soon…bye guys wanna do some important work so will comment 2maro

  30. shahabana

    Ghyz atension plssss guyz there is a really good news
    This time shivaye will expose tias truth shocking to anika because shivaye trusts anika gk comfirmed this.
    Ohhhh this is the news of the day

  31. Deeps

    Sooooo many problems and no solution till now
    1.GAYATRI MURDER CASE. The ACP is solving his own problems instead of solving the case. No one remembers him as a ACP who had come to solve a murder case.
    2.OM’S ACCIDENT MYSTERY. The girl is alive or not yar. It was just a simple accident or life taking one.
    3.TIA’S BF. As we cant say that he is really daksh and whether he is only bf or her husband and why she is marrying shivay then
    4.DAKSH-FRIEND OR ENEMY. By todays action he seemed an enemy to me but such close relationship with shivay. It can only happen with trust. No one can be so good friend without any reason.
    4. SHIVIKA MARRIAGE. How the hell will it happen when even tias truth will not be revealed? It will be a forvefull indeed. Plz if u have any suggestions on it plz tell me.
    5.OMS LOVE INTEREST. Many possibilities as now riddhima have gone. It can be the ACPs sister who is still in the hospital. But she haveto be beautiful. But if not this then how?
    6.SHIVAY GOING STUPID. Shivay again saying bad to anika bcz she says tia is already married. And it was indeed bad. So anika says yes to dakshs proposal. It was only due to shivays stupidity.
    Did i say too much. Sorry if hurted but who the hell will solve all these problems hmm?

    • Shekhar

      One more mystery you over looked!


  32. chithra

    Is that true shahabana 😍😍😍😍! If it is proved true den I vl give you diwali gift😉😉

    😀😀😁😁😁.. juss kidding 😁😁he he i want that to be happen….otherwise how can such a great business man unaware of tia’s truth. Now if this is true then we can say there is a logic in ib…. 😊😊😊☺☺

    • Shekhar

      I have a doubt, which was also mentioned in few TU back, SHIVAAY may have some clue for TIA’ s betrayel, but for the unknown reason, may be that of some business related type, just can not step back from wedding now! So why, for that reason, he just over look ANIONRU’s doubts,
      and told ANIKA to stay away from TIA
      & his family, but amazingly, not from
      him !It is just assumption Pl. Finding some one doubting over his to be wife, he did not reacted hard enough which he should be.

  33. aahana

    Hey gys how r u all? Remember me?aahana?? I hope u didnt forget? Was really bzy wd work these days n a function yesterday and my bdy(i ll b 18! Excited 😉)all dis while didnt saw ishqbaaz but followed today…
    Now along wd shivika i want roumya to realies there lv soon plz….i hope daktia shd b exposed b4 d wedding n gys sm 1 mentioned abt om s lead here? Can u plz tell d whole news kz m hellova excited for oms lv story to start.
    Hv a nice day guys. Hope u ppl r fine n enjoying ishaqbaaz:)

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.