Ishqbaaz 14th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets upset with Anika

Ishqbaaz 14th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gauri and Bhavya check the arrangements. Gauri says the chef from Lucknow is making amazing dishes. Bhavya says Farhan and Fiza will be happy to taste Lucknow delicacies in Mumbai. Rudra says I have made a list of famous qawwali songs, tell me if you have any special choice. Om says I want to eat seviyan. Rudra says don’t keep mentioning it, I m on diet. Om says I didn’t wait for evening so eagerly before. Fiza asks when will we give gifts to Shivaye. Farhan says you mean Eidi, we shall give when everyone gives. Anika asks what’s Eidi. Farhan says it means Eid gift, elders give it to younger ones. Rudra says perfect, it means everyone will give me gifts, I won’t need to gift anyone. Bhavya says husbands also give gifts to wives. Anika says I will ask my gift from Shivaye. Gauri and Bhavya also ask

for gifts. Rudra says this is cheating, even wives should give gifts to husbands, especially when they are earning. Om jokes. Fiza asks Farhan what is he giving her. He asks her to have patience.

Anika asks Gauri what will she ask Om. Gauri says nothing, whatever he gives me with happiness, it will be my Eidi. Anika asks Bhavya what will she ask Rudra. Bhavya asks Rudra what’s his budget, she will decide based on budget. Shivaye comes. Anika says tell me what gift will you give me as Eidi, will it be a surprise. He asks Gauri about arrangements. She says the chef from Lucknow has made everything. He says great, I have an imp meeting. Farhan asks meeting on the day of Eid? Fiza says Eid looks great when the family celebrates together. Shivaye says yes, I will try to come back soon. Anika says Fiza is right, you keep meetings all the time, it won’t be a big deal if you miss one. He says its an urgent meeting. She says you can have it on phone or video call. He shouts okay stop it. She asks what happened. He says I have work and goes. Gauri asks what happened to him, why did he look so angry. Bhavya asks did you guys have any fight. Anika says no, don’t know why he was angry.

Rudra asks did you comment on his height. She says no, I haven’t done that since a long time. Om says his mood was fine till night. She says yes, we were happy, I don’t know why he got angry. She calls Shivaye and wishes he answers. He comes. She asks where were you, I called you so many times, but you didn’t answer my call, are you angry. He says why do you feel so, you mean I don’t know to talk well, you have one more problem now. She says who told you that I have issues with you, the more I m getting to know you, the more deeply I m falling in love with you, you are one of a kind. He asks really. She asks do you have any doubt. He says I didn’t have before, but now I have it, I got this paper from your old diary. She asks where did you get this, its an old thing, I had just come in your life and I wrote this list. He says say it, come on, this is what you think about me.

He reads…. Shivaye is grumpy, arrogant, stubborn, money minded, ill mannered, he gives important to family and blood, he is proud of his family background, is a terrible singer, he gets annoyed when anyone talks about his height, he doesn’t let anyone touch his hair and he often breaks his phone. She says listen to me, you are just reading negative points, there is positive points too. He says yes, just two, one that I love my family and that I have blue eyes. She says yes, this point is equal to thousand negative points, very few people have such blue eyes, I made the list when I didn’t fall in love with you. He says you kept this safe, the problem is, even now, you think the same about me. She asks are you done, can I speak now. He says you can write one more bad thing, I speak a lot. She says I forgot to throw it away. He says I thought this Eid will be special, you gave me this gift, thanks, I will never forget this. He goes. She says he got serious about it, I have to convince him. Rudra shouts, you made a list of Shivaye’s bad qualities.

She says I made it long time back. He says why did you keep it, its equally necessary to destroy it on right time. She asks what shall I do now. He says its not a big thing. She says I know, I have stated the facts, he is arrogant, stubborn, short tempered. Shivaye says wow, you know it very well and you… Rudra turns… Anika says why are you making it a big deal. He asks are you accepting your mistake or are you telling me that I m overreacting, another bad quality of mine. Rudra says Eid celebrations will begin now. Shivaye says I have work, I need to go. Anika says what’s wrong with you, why are you venting anger on them, how will we celebrate Eid without you. He says you should have thought of this before writing the list. He goes. Rudra says Shivaye has become Eid’s moon, he is angry, he won’t come. She says he has to come, I want…. Rudra asks do you want help. He smiles.

Everyone gets decked up and comes. They hug and wish each other. Farhan asks where is Shivaye. Om says he won’t come, he told me he won’t celebrate Eid. Anika says who told that, he will surely come. Rudra plays the song Jo vada kya wo….. Anika dances. Shivaye is in the room. She gets sad. Gauri and Bhavya hold her. Gauri says give some time to Shivaye, once his anger calms down, he will come. Shivaye comes and asks why is everyone so silent. Anika says I knew you would come. Shivaye says I have come for my friend, who came here to celebrate Eid with me. He wishes Farhan and hugs. He reminds what they used to do in childhood.

Farhan asks how can I forget that. Om asks what. Shivaye asks shall we tell or show it. Farhan says we will do it and show. They dance on Yaari hai imaan….Omru also dance with them. Theey hug. Fiza says now its Eidi time. Om goes to Gauri and gives her a trophy. He says you were always my inspiration, the way you handled that incident and came out of that trauma, you are my hero too, happy Eid. She hugs him. Saathiya….plays…..He kisses her. Rudra gifts a saree to Bhavya and says you look pretty in whatever you wear, but I want to see you wearing a saree, so I got this saree for you, I hope you like my gift, happy Eid. She closes eyes. He kisses her on her cheek. She hugs him. Music plays…… Farhan shows a beautiful pendant to Fiza. Fiza smiles.

He says the last night’s moon rise has returned our happiness for which I had lost hope, this moon will be the witness of our difficult journey which led us to this beautiful destination, I promise your every Eid will be filled with joy, happy eid. She hugs and thanks him, wishing him. Omru ask Shivaye about the gift. Shivaye says I didn’t get anything, I should have made a list too. They ask him to forget everything. Shivaye says yes, we should celebrate the festival, but I have nothing to gift Eidi. He gives her an envelope. Om asks what’s wrong with you Shivaye, will you give gift money in Eidi. Shivaye says what’s wrong, she thinks I m money minded. He asks Anika to open the envelope. She cries. Anika gets a card and reads it.

Shivaye says if anyone takes us back to the same day to the same place where I had been seen you for the first time, but this time if I don’t look back at you, do you think we should still meet. Anika says on the same day at the same place, you and me, but if you don’t look back at me, will we still meet or not? I feel that we will meet for sure, because two lovers can’t be stopped by anyone, those who are destined to meet, the entire universe helps them unite. He says true lovers defeat the destiny, they can change the fate and compel the universe to unite them, because true lovers are those who can defeat the fate. They hold hands. She says what if this actually happens with us…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shivaay has become Stupid Singh Oberoi in today’s episode… She has written it when she got to know you earlier…. She is explaining to you but you are adamant to understand… Whatever she has written was true only…. It’s not wrong at all but that was past…. My poor Annika took too much of afford to convince you…. I loved Rudra’s reaction learning about her diary…
    AniRiZa are gorgeous in their Eid costume (sorry guys I’m not Bhavya’s fan)…. ShivOmRuFar too look nice… ShivFar dance was good… Omkara’s gift for Gauri was awesome…. Their hug and forehead kiss too ????
    Farhan gift for Fiza was lovely…. They are looking good together…
    Wondering about Shivaay’s gift…. And the precap don’t know what to say…

    1. Arpita6

      Swetha dear…….
      Go S go congrats for being first.
      Dear Sso is not stupid is just that he is behaving rudely and grumpy type….
      One thing is even i got emotional seeing Annika broken..
      But Sso gift is awasome
      Both will do Nikah……
      Just wait and watch tomorrow episode. .
      Love you.

      1. I too know that Shivaay’s anger is fake… But I couldn’t find other words that suit SSO in that situation…. ShivIka is understanding couple and all of us know it… I was surprised when he shouted at her at first…. That’s why I said him like that…..

    2. Congrats!!! Swetha for being number 1 again.

      Swetha Shivaay’s anger is fake anger. I don’t think he cares very much what she has written. That is their relationship….. He breaks and she throws water on him and she is the one who coined SSO so he is fine with it. He is just playing along as she did it to him the previous episode. Both of them like to taunt each other and that is what makes their chemistry wonderful

    3. Banita

      Don’t comes to any conclusion soon dr…
      Don’t forget he is tadibaaz… If he will not show tadi then maza hi kya hain… nd drama krne mein toh Shivika maahir hi hain…

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi sweta dear,
      Hru. Welcome to pkj family dear. Congrats for being 1st dear. Sso is acting dear.. Tht gift which ask is invitation if I’m not wrong… Ya even I was bit sad Wen all way enjoying anika was sad.. Tc

    5. Go Swetha Go.
      Congo on being first dear.

    6. Congrats dr for being first…

  2. Banita

    Hlo PKJ…
    TRP of this week is just 1.6 nd overal 11 in position…. Again a disappointing rating…. Everyone do watch ib on tv…
    Now coming to epi…
    Some one plzzz help me…
    Okk relax Banita relax…
    Starting was nyccc….
    Bade baal wale Om…. Was missing this name…
    Now rutha SSO nd manao Anika…
    Shivay bhaiya….. Not fair… Iiinnnniiii gussa….
    Okk after listening that list i remember “BILLU SONG”
    Today bhaiya was looking Aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. to me…
    Aniri scene after a longgggg time……
    There planning nd there own understanding….
    Eid time…
    Set deginer suprising me again nd again by their khidkitode work…. I don’t have any word to prise them this time…
    Hats of U crew nd whole team…!!!!
    Wahh kya grand entry hue 3 couples ki….!!!!!
    Anika’s “Mission Billu manaow”….
    Ani’s dance part was Nycc…
    Shivay- Farhan nd Obros dance was ok…
    Now Eidi time….
    Rikara’s eidi ,
    Most lovly nd sweet gift of today’s epi… I think it’s d best eidi of this Eid in OM… Nd “Saathiya” song made d moment blessfull…
    Ruvya’s eidi ,
    Ru want to see Bhavya in saaree… Nycc…
    Nd Ruvya’s first kiss ( I think)… It was nycc….
    Farhan-Fiza’s eidi ,
    It’s gr8 that they did a new starting forgetting all those bed memories….
    Shivika’s eidi,
    Yet pending… I know it will be a khidkitode eidi for Anika from my Bhaiya… But still bhaiya this type of word “money minded”….
    Poor Anika sad ho gayi , but koi nahi gift dekh kr toh khidkitode smile aahi jayegi na….
    Precap –
    Monday ka precap… CVS why d hell u want to kill me..!!??
    I m soo scared now… Hope koi separation nahi hoga… Wase i m sure koi separation nahi hoga , but still precap scaring tha…
    GN PKJ…

    1. Arpita6

      Bani..even I am too dissapointed with ratings ….
      All Eidi part was good…but yeh Sso bhi na..gusse ka natak ksrte he toh bhi real hi lagti he.
      Bechari meri annika didi..sad he
      Yes tomorrow he wil give her sweet surprise…
      Yes WHOLE CASTE AND CREW are doing fabulous job…I love their Wprk and set is also soo beautiful.
      but something is going to hapen yhat never happened in indian tv…Gul said it..lets see.
      Everybody should watch IB on tv….

      1. Banita

        Haan yr trp is decreasing only…
        Arre koi baat nahi mere bhaiya tere didi ko sweetest gift denge…
        Hmmm… Gul ne kaha hain toh let’s see kya hoga new…

    2. Banita dear don’t worry about trp. Just enjoy IB. If you keep looking at the trp then you will get disappointed only. Relax my dear… There are many others watching on TV. Perhaps people are also busy with the Ramadhan festival and Eid celebrations so probably did not get a chance to watch.

      I agree I don’t know what to say of precap. Very ambiguous and baffling!!! Can’t make head or tail out of it.

      1. Banita

        Diii if like this trp will decrease na then we will also face d same thing what NK fans were face before….
        Yeh i also not getting a small point in that precap…

    3. JeevithaTK

      Hi sweta dear,
      Hru. Welcome to pkj family dear. Congrats for being 1st dear. Sso is acting dear.. Tht gift which ask is invitation if I’m not wrong… Ya even I was bit sad Wen all way enjoying anika was sad.. Tc

    4. JeevithaTK

      Hi banita dear.
      Trp is an thing which I can’t even understand Wen v think it’s low it is high Wen high it’s low… So decided not to think of it… S dear all were looking fab sply gouri….. Aniru r always super nd partner in crime combo lovely…. Om gift was super…… Precap even I don’t understand even a bit… Love you. Tc

      1. Banita

        Haan Jeevi , when we thought it will increase it drop nd vice versa… Wase this time i didn’t thought it will increase , but expected a stable rating…
        Yeh everyones look is superbbb this time…

    5. Hello Banita di .
      How are you ?

      Ya…..trp is quite disappointing .
      Ishqbaaz ka set mujhe humesha accha lagta hai,a ur Kal bhi accha laga .
      All of the Eidis were good .

      Di ….. What is going to happen on Monday that thing I also dont know …..
      But humesha aisa hi hota hai jab bhi koi gadbad hone wali hoti hai uske phele Wala episode khishiyo aur masti mazak se bharpoor hota hai.

      1. Banita

        Hlo Ishu…
        I m good dr… How about U??
        Yeh jb bhi kuch jayda masti mazak ho uske baad toh ek bahat hi bada locha hi ho jata hain…

    6. No dr…dont worry.Separation wont happen..i am also left speechless after watching precap…why monday???? so today no ib??

      1. Banita

        Yeh Sneha i know there will be no separation , but just precap was shocking….
        Nd today there will be ib… I just said they gave promo of monday’s epi on thrusday…

    7. ItsmePrabha

      hello Buddy..I am good..How about you?? ya long time dear..and it feels good to be home…As always cute comment..Love you..

      1. Banita

        Heyyy Prabha…
        I m also f9 yr…. Yup home is home… It always feel gr8 here…
        I really missed U nd ur comments…
        BTW Thank U dr…

  3. Pushpa

    ” Ek hi piece hai duniya me mera tadibaaz baggad billa ”
    This i agree totally…
    The one & only..he love his family and that blue eyes……this point is equal to thousand negative points…..I m happy 4farhaan fiza & all happy celebrating Eid mubarak..
    Confuse why Shivaye is showing atitude…. ist his planning for the nikaah!!! My heart was beating fast looking at the card he gv anika…..whts written in it????
    But i know there is nikaah after this scn again im confuse wt the precap…..
    Yea kya ?????? My dil in confusebaazz now…. hope no MU….my heart cant take it anymore…….
    Gd nite gals….

    1. Banita

      Hlo Pus dii…
      Yup dii one only piece SSO…
      Precap – Sbka Dil hua confusionbaaz…

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi pushpa dear.
      Hru…. If I’m not wrong it’s invitation of their nika…. Precap ???????..lots of love. TC.

    3. Pu di …..Yeh your Shivaye is one and only piece in world…….ha ha ha.
      Even my dil is confusionbaaz…..
      And that is I think weeding card of shivika nikah………

    4. Hii …. Pushpa di…

      Very true ……ek hi piece hai duniya mein aapka tadibaaz SSO…..

      I think that was the invitation card for Shivika’s Nikaah ….
      And after their Nikkah …
      Something big will going to happen ……

    5. pui dii
      keep faith in cvs and ib..mere dil be confusionbaaz ho gayiii

  4. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. …
    Kya bolu……..
    I am totally speechless after seeing Anika’s balti bhar bharke cute ness..And Sso’s grumpy side and also Annika’s tears.
    Bilu letter padha.
    Bilu ko gussa aaya..
    Bilu sadu bangaya
    His upset ness and Annika’s manaoying him…was super-duper se upar cute…..Her words, her smile that sparkling ness in her eyes, pout face…and Touching biluji with soo much love. …I am loving them more and more and more..
    ANIRU?????????????after soooo many days a proper Aniru scene I missed it sooooooo much..both are good to do analysis on Bagadbila…??????…
    I don’t know why..I always love this song.but today it made me cry…Annika eye were moist during song and it made me more emotional.
    Sso I know you are going to fulfil your wife’s dream..but plz don’t be soo rude and grumpy type…
    Last part was totally Painfully beautiful. .???????????????????????I literally cried ……….Sso ….kya aap bhi..matlab surprise do .toh pehekevrulao do fir surprise do..

    Rikara scene was heart warming..
    During rubhya kiss I remembered Rumya kiss during sadi..but don’t know why today both looked good to me..
    NOT FORGET TO CINEMATOGRAPHY and decoration it is mind blowing …..I was all flattered..

    Precap so tomorrow precap is going to ne same DON’T MISS TOMORROW EPISODE. .it is good.

    And plz support ishqbaaz..remember when Shivika will be once again together it will be more beautiful. .
    This time let watch it on both tv and online..
    So keep patience and wait for episode don’t jump to any assumption. ..IT IS MY HUMBLE REQUEST TO ALL PKJIANS..

    Guys keep voting …..jiski bhi phone mil rahi he..login karo vote karo..don’t stop……

    1. Banita

      “When Shivika will be together once again”…
      What do U mean..??
      I dont think there will be any separation… So first relax karo… Jayda maat soch…
      nd jiska vi phone mile… Hahaha… I can’t do like U did… Hahaha….

      1. Don’t know Bani….but something is coming up na…..
        Ok I am waiting…
        Voting toh banti he na….??

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Arpita dear.
      Hru. ??? billu song… Manana was good can’t c anika in tht sad Wen all was enjoying anika was sad….. Nd abt aniru combo always rocks……. Farhan n shivya dance was bit funny for me…… All were looking fab…. Sply gouri….. Even I’m missing my cutie pie couple Ramya…….. I don’t know wt Gul kept for us… Is multiple vote is allowed wt….. Love you. TC..

    3. Hiiiiiiiii …….
      Arpita di.

      How was ur day di??

      Mujhe bhi balti Bhar Bhar k bura laga Annika k aanson dekh Kar ……..specially in the last part ……aur Shivaye ko Maza aa raha tha …….

      Sahi hai phele ……phele Annika ne Shivaye k maze liye ……ab Shivaye ki turn hai……

      Dadi humesha rehti hai na……
      Ishqbaazi takkar ki honi chahiye ……
      Shivika ki sirf ishqbaazi hi nhi …….takkarbaazi bhi takkar ki hai……

      Di …..don’t worry chahe kuch bhi ho jaye …..
      Hum … least mein to Ishqbaaz dekhna kabhi nhi chodungi …….

      Love u Di ….

    4. ItsmePrabha

      Arpu annika di ka… billu song..awesome…

  5. Today’s episode was very nice. First of all I loved the dance of Shivaay and Farhaan and later when the brothers joined in. I think whoever did the choreography did a good job. Very nice dance movements and good coordination. The dance steps were something different. Next Rikara had their moments and that was simply fabulous. I loved just watching Gauri and Om. Om acknowledging the Gauri will forever be his inspiration. How wonderful!!! Ruvya moments were also pleasant to watch. At least Rudra has the money to buy a saree for Bhavya.
    Oh my shivaay’s fake anger looks real. I am sure that card is Anika’s nikaakh. Ok relax Sindhu….. Now the precap is mind boggling….. It sounds very philosophical and at the same time it is also a bit nerve wrecking on why they show this kind of precap talking about lovers’ destiny an the past if they have met at the same place or time. What is going to happen? Please not another separation. I am trying not to be paranoid.

    1. Banita

      Hlo diii…
      At least he have that much money… LOL…
      Yeh his fake anger looks real wala…
      Precap – Di i dont think there will be any separation… May be something else will happen… So relax…

    2. Hiiii Sindhu di..
      Precap and its words..Muqadar…kainath..???????i am hell confused..u can’t understand anything..
      Yeh that will be the card of Shivika Nikah…

      1. Hi arpu,

        What’s the meaning of muqadar & kainath..?

    3. Hiiiiiiiii…
      Sindhu di …..
      How are you ????

      Ya…Sso’s fake anger is looking real …..
      But we all know it is fake….

      Om and Gauri was great yesterday .
      I agree with Om ,it is very difficult to come out of what happend with Gauri …in such a less time …

      Love u Di .
      Take care.

  6. Hello dear PKJ family, dear Luthfa, Arpu, Banita, Kadhambari, Tania, Ishita, little sister Jeevi, Krishna, Omaira, Aayush, Shiny, Sneha, Psuhpa, Beauty and many more of our dear beloved ones…..
    @Luthfa, thanks so much for explaining the Muslim culture on divorce and marriage. It was enlightening. I remember studying History during my high school and we did an entire chapter on Islam. That is where I learnt that Muslim men are allowed to have polygamy but I guess a lot has changed over the past years. So please do not apologize just because you explained at length. I won’t get upset over such matters. It is good information for me.
    @Kadhambari we all understand it is not easy to be a mother especially when your son is still too young and you can’t stay awake very long. Nevertheless we are happy you still could come now and then and leave comments. I hope your little prince is doing well and please say hello from PKJ family.

    1. Haaan Sindhu di …..Aap sudgar rahi ho..good..keep calling me Arpu….I am loving it. ?? hi hi hi

      1. Hey Arpu dear you am I am sos used to calling you this that I can’t change now. I love this name on you. It looks cute on you❤️

    2. JeevithaTK

      Hi Sindhu akka,
      Hru. S Rikara jst superb nd tht forehead kiss was so cute.. But I’m missing my cutie somu during rudra n bhavya…..
      Actually I saw episode @7:00 after Cing the Precap my was abt to blast thinking…… Let’s wait n watch akka….
      Even after knowing that I m jeevi y u did nt wish ur little sister on my birthday ??????… Love you. TC akka.

      1. Oh jeevi dear sorry I did wish but I am not sure why sometimes my comment does not show. Oh it probably does not accept. It has happened about three or four times. Then it will be belated one for you from me. Hope you had a wonderful day.

  7. Am I the only one who scratched my head after watching precap

    1. Banita

      No dr everyone is in same state…
      Sbki dimag ki dahi ban gaya hain…

    2. No no dear…hum sabki dimag main raita failgaya he… hi hi hi.

    3. Never yaar

  8. All are looking gorgeous but gauri can wear another style of earrings because as usual she wear that model of earrings everyday. All jodis gifts are nice that showing everyone have different love story but I love BHAVYA demand the gift through budget
    Precap it’s not understanding for understand watch the serial only option and Precap is so scary

    1. Luthfa

      Oh Shivaay you are just too much!What was the need to make Anika cry?Let me remind you that you don’t love to see Anika cry at all for anything then why did you do all that?I am remembering you once said that variety is the spice of life.May be you were trying to spice up your relation but don’t you think you mixed a little extra spice?Hahahaha….Ok I understood.Anika fooled you by faking her being upset and as to that you got scared like anything in your heart and you planned to counter attack.After all you are the husband of khidkitode Anika so how can you stay behind?As a couple you two are no less in everything by an inch.Whatever you two do,do equally with full tadi.You gave it back to Anika with interest.She made you sweat and you made her go through unimaginable.I must say,you two are made for each other as well as mad for each other.Only Shivaay can do such things for Anika and vice versa.In both of your life love has introduced so many colourful feelings,emotions and make you both experience and cover up a very beautiful journey which is like fairy tale,a modern fairy tale with its ups and downs that contains a very unique love story.You two were poles apart but love did wonder with its magical wand.Continue doing strangest things for each other and break all the records.You two complete and complement each other like two parts of missing puzzle,perfectly.Love was not the foundation of your relation but now it has become the greatest strength and shield for you and anika too,undoubtedly,without any question.May God protect the love you too have,always and forever……………………………..

      1. Luftha hi my dear nice analysis. No one can really define love in shivika. Their love is especially unique. You are right. It is polar opposites. That is what makes their love foundation very sturdy and unbreakable. When Anika cried she really thought he is still unforgiving and I think at that moment she would have realised why keep all this list still in her diary when she should have thrown it away once she started loving him. It must be oversight on her. So shivaay just used that to play along but I guess he just needs to drag until the evening when each of them are giving their gifts. You know luftha Anika will suspect like Jasoos and will find out Shivaay is planning something in secret for her. I am sure he wants her to get surprised and not suspect anything and that is why he has to act angry so her focus is on his anger and not on what preparation he is doing secretly.

      2. Oh no Luthfa I made a mistake in your name again. I don’t know why I just like to call you as luftha.

        Luthfa are you a Muslim? This name sounds like a Muslim name. But the name of your spelling is very unique. You explained so well on Musilim culture so I was wondering.

      3. Wow…wow never failed to amaze me with your khidkitod skilll…I agree. And I .loooooove it……

      4. Hello Luthfa di …..
        How are you ?

        Nice analysis di.
        Aap to habitual hi gaye hoge na……ye sab sunne k…..

        Very true Luthfa di ……
        Shivika are made for each other …..and made for each other ……both completes and complements each other …..
        And both are nothing without each other …
        Love u Di
        And take care.

      5. ItsmePrabha

        Darling…. So true..They are made for eachother and mad for eachother.. As always Fabulous Analysis…Love you God bless you..

    2. Banita

      Yeh today everyone looks handsome nd gorgeous… I m okk with gouri’s earing also… It’s f9…
      Ye watching d serial only one opt left for us…

    3. Aditi…precap ne bheja garam kar diya he..
      Btw Gouri was really looking beautiful and cute…

  9. Oh btw Rudra as usual was amazing in his comic sense. Anika always asks Rudra for ideas and his ideas backfires.

    All the ladies looked so stunning in their respective costumes. Only shivika shares a wonderful chemistry when both of them are angry or happy. Somehow when they are angry with each other they look cute as a couple and when they are happy as a couple they are even better.

    1. Yes Di no one can beat Rudy in comic role..
      And Annika and Rudy … usual khidkitod….

  10. Hello everyone .
    How are u all?

    U know what today something different happens with me .
    I was watching Ishqbaaz then suddenly my Bhaiya came and ask me Do u like this hero? (pointing at Shivaye )
    I said ,I like the show .
    But after my answer the smile which was there on my face….
    I am sure ……
    Meri chori pakde gayi hogi …..
    I mean Mera juth pakde gaya hoga ……
    Wese juth thodi tha ……Mene mana to nhi kiya ki mujhe Shivaye means Nakuul accha lagta hai ……Mene to bas itna bola ki mujhe Ishqbaaz accha lagta hai………????????

    And I don’t understand there were many other heroes also but he asked me about Shivaye only ……

    About episode ,I missed starting part but jitna
    Mene dekha it was good.

    Don’t know what happen to Shivaye ….
    Is it just plan ….or something else…..

    First I thought ki Jo gift Shivaye ne Annika ko diya hai …..wo unke Nikaah…. Ka card hai……
    Precap scared me ….
    And wo precap Monday ka tha to Friday ko kya hoga only CVS knows ….
    Let’s hope for the best…

    1. Banita

      So one more diwani of my Shivay/Nox bhaiya…
      Ya ya U didn’t said anything wrong… After al u said about IB only na…
      Friday ko kuch nahi hoga , but may be monday se kuch different hoga…

      1. Thanks Banita di ….
        Kam se kam aapne to mujhe samjha ….ki
        I didn’t lie .
        Haan …wese wo to hai …
        Mein hun to aapke Nox Bhaiya ki deewni…
        Sahi hai di Friday ko kuch nhi hoga ab Jo hoga wo Monday ko hi hoga …..

    2. Arpu you are making me excited as well as nervous. What do you mean by Gul said something is going to happen that is never happened in indian TV? Whatever Gul is experimenting I hope it is of good and does not end up something bizarre!!!i I don’t mind the recent tracks as they all have been having fresh track. But a bit worried what to expect tomorrow after the nikaah and the three couple dance.

    3. ???????????????Ishu…ha ha chori pakdi gayi..hope tujhe life ek accha sweet and handsome husband mile..bilkul teri tarah…chal dua main mangli maine khuda se….hibhi hi
      Yes Sis that is Nikah card..don’t worry
      Ha ha precap- Now I am laughing..

      1. ????????
        Thank u so much di …
        Aapki duaon k liye …….
        Aap ko bhi bilkul aapki tarah khidkitod husband mile ……
        Aur unme I mean humare hone wale jiju mein wo sabji qualities ho Jo aapko apne future husband mein chahiye……

    4. Ishita you are right. Something big and different is going to take place from Monday onwards. Friday’s episode will be very celebrated and joyful and then I don’t know what experiment Gul is going to bring. I can’t imagine and don’t want to think about it . It can be an agony to wait for Monday to come. Did you realise Ishita that the precap was very long? They both were serious and then they both sort of had a bit of togetherness by holding hands so that was the confusion part.

      1. Ya…. Sindhu di ….
        They will show full happiness in today’s episode .
        And after that …….don’t know ……
        What CVS have for us …….

        Yes di I realized precap was very long …..
        And do u remember di during Vanwas track also precap was long ?

        Let’s see …..

      2. Yes Ishita dear of course I remembered that. The Vanwas precap was also long. This is all is causing a little anxiety. Hopefully whatever it is Monday tripping will go up as many will await what huge thing is going to happen.

  11. Riana

    Whole episodeeeeeee was gooooooood ?❤️???❤️?❤️??????❤️
    Gauri & Omkara kiss was ?????????????????
    Ruvya kiss was fake ????…i didnt saw rudy kissing bhavya…i dont want to see it also ???????
    Id celebrations were out of the world !!…
    Shivaay’s behaviour was really awesome today ?????….hmmmkk bagaad billa ????
    Koi nahi hota hai ??




    PRECAP –





    1. Banita

      Wow..!!! Ur last lines r nycc….
      Yeh waiting for KUDRAT ( Gul mam) ka khel only…

    2. Riana as per our pagal mind i can say dono ki memory loss hojayegi..?????????????????????ok I am joking seriously mat lena..
      Lekun ye do pyarr karne wale, kainath, muqadar , kismat….??????????I am done….sab sar se upar ja rahi he..

      1. Riana

        @Arpu… Mujhe lagta hai dono time travel karenge ye check karne ke liye ki vo milenge yaa nahi ????…as like Doraemon ???

    3. Oh yes Riana, Om planting a kiss on Gauri’s forehead was very beautiful to watch. Nowadays I don’t see shivaay kissing Anika much but Om has become very bold. Even Rudra has become bold by kissing on bhavay’s cheek.

  12. Mimi ? Rikara Eid scene ?

    Awww my babies after long time ??? This scene was wonderful by the word just how Rikara can make 2 Min magical ?? The way Om says give my ur hand and put the award ?..And tell her ur not just my inspiration but my hero ..Om ?❤️❤️ And Gauri tears and he wipes her tears and kisses her ?❤️ Rikara what are u ?!! U not just LOVE u are life u are goals of couple ?? and Ruvya first kisses also was magical I guess I would like to see more Ruvya ?❤️A big Thanks for Gul and writers for giving me Eid gift thank you ?❤️ …Eid Mubarak PKJ ? sorry for not commenting I did not want to full u with my negative tee so I decided only to come when Rikara come up have an lovely Eid ?❤️?❤️

    1. Mimi..dear..only one thunk I can say..that I adore your love towards Rikara…but a request if yiu dont kike any episode then it is your choice..but please don’t say about ishqbaaz offair…..
      When Rikara is there you love them when their scene is not shown then you said Ishqbaaz should go off air and all that..plz don’t do this
      Hope you get my point what I am trying to say..

    2. Mimi thanks for coming only when Rikara comes. This Telly site is unblemished and untarnished. We are impartial. We love all three couples despite me liking Shivika right from the start but I love Rikara and Ruvya all the same. I love obros and Obahus. So please do cause any differences by specifically only liking one couple. We do not want any fan war. No partiality here. Thank you and have a good day

      1. Typo error what I meant to say is ‘I mean do not cause any differences by specifically liking only one couple. All are the same and equal. Please don’t keep emphasiszing on Rikara until you cause division over here. We don’t want that and that is why we call PKJ family without any prejudice to the characters’

    3. Banita

      Hlo Mimi ,
      It’s okk dr come whenever U want…
      Yeh today Rikara part was really nycc… I also enjoyed it…
      I happy that u r trying stay away from negativity….
      EID MUBARAK to U too dr…

  13. Banita

    @Lu Shivika’s “Mission tadi dikhao” chalu hain… Becz of Anika’s tadi we got pool scene nd now becz of Shivaya’s tadi we will get Shivika’s nikah… Jo vi ho end mein fayda toh hume hi hoti hain na…

    1. Yeh Babi such main tu spni bhsiya ki tarah full on business women ban gayi he..fayda haan!!!..
      Good good..??????

      1. Banita

        LOL Arpu… Ab fayda hain toh hain… Nd bhai business tycon hain toh………………

  14. Hey guys
    Today’s episode was amazing! I loved the whole “nakli anger” of Shivay. He is definitely going to give her a card which talks about their Nikaah, just like she wanted??

    I hated all the costumes of the girls today! They were so gaudy and overdressed. Very bad choice by the stylist.

    Btw I did understand the precap quite a bit. I am assuming that they are going to show what is known as the “alternate universe or alternate reality”. Just like shows in the West like Flash, Arrow etc have an alternate universe where the characters experience different destinies, they are going to do the same in Ishqbaaz. This will be the first time something like this will be attempted by Indian TV and I’m guessing they will show how Shivikas’s life would have been if they had never met each other. I am very excited and am really really looking forward to this track and how they will actually execute it. Guys please do watch and support this as it will create a milestone for Indian television.

    Is there no Ishqbaaz tom? I noticed that the precap said Monday.?

    1. Hiii Kritika…
      You didn’t like the was not bad actually…
      I dont know what is coming for us..But I am loving to see you as positive..
      Yeh lets see..I am too waiting for it..
      Dekhte he…

      1. Hey Arpita

        I felt the dressing was very overwhelming. The dress itself is so pretty and heavy and on top of that they accessorized with too much jewelry. That is why I didn’t like it.

    2. Banita

      Hlo Kritika…
      I m okk with there costumes…
      I dont know what will they plan to show , but if something like this will happen then it will be fun to watch…
      Nd yaa today there will be epi… They show monday may be as a promo they show it…

  15. ShinyTirupathi

    Hey guys.. Sindu di thank you so much as I got elder sister and Ishitha dear I’m fine and here after I try not to hide my pain ,Luthafa for such wonderful words…. Epi was good SSO is angry on Annika that to for small diary paper… Hmmm Shivika only you both can do this…. Eid Mubarak guys… Rikara and Ruvya was good….

    1. Hello Shiny….
      Yes …..all the three couples were amazing…..

    2. And ya ……Eid mubarakh to u too.

      Love u dear.

    3. Banita

      Hlo Shiny…
      EID MUBARAKH to U too dr….

  16. There will be a nikaah for Anika but I also wish Gauri and Bhavya also get to do it as well just to be fair to all couples. However the main focus could be on a shivika since it was her childhood’s dream.

    1. Banita

      Yeh Sindhu dii….
      I also wish Rikara nd Ruvya ki vi nikah ho… But i don’t think there will be rikara nd ruvya wedding…

  17. Crap shiw.. no story eft..better to shut the show.. why waste time and money,. Better come up wid something happy d trp is less

  18. Nikita_jai29

    Happy Eid to all… Well episode is good… What was the precap indicating… I can’t understand it… Hope something good is stored by the cvs…

  19. ItsmePrabha

    Billuji kyun itni OTT action kar rahe ho…kuch zyada ho gayi hai…well even then i loved it..lovely epi…excited for shivika’s Nikaah..Saath mein Rikara ka bhi karlete…kyunki unki proper shaadi nahi hui na..toh atleast yeh miltha humko…teek hai… ab yeh nayi siyyappa kya hia yaar.. interesting hai par phir bhi darr lag raha hai.. jo bhi hai i am excited as it is Shivika track.. but i want Rikara to have track tooo.. Bhavya ko mission pe foreign bej do aur Rudy & Dadi ko shivika ka cupid bana lo..bas aur kuch nahi chahiye mujhe…well let’s see what’s in store for us.. Till then take care… bye for now….
    Love you guys…

  20. Aarosh

    precap given as somavar what about today

    1. Today also there is ib..but what showed yesterday was Mondays precap..don’t worry
      Today also there is ib

  21. Oh god
    I am really thrilled and at the same time scared.,.what’s gonna happen?gul mam said that they are rebooting from first…Anika in chawl and shivaay in om..but in love
    Don’t know….fingers crossed

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