Ishqbaaz 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update: Anika confronts Ragini

Ishqbaaz 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye and Omru get a message. They get shocked seeing Shivaye and Ragini’s video. Ragini smiles. Some time before, Rudra sings K3G song and takes bath, lying in the bathtub. Shivaye drops the spider. Anika asks him to hurry, is he scared. Shivaye says no, I m angry. She says what did you say, your language is changing, staying with me. She talks much. She asks him to hurry. Rudra holds the spider and says how did tommy get so soft. He gets shocked seeing the black spider. Shivaye, Om and Anika count. Rudra screams and shouts for help. Spider crawls to him. Shivaye says I have to go, my brother Rudra is calling me. Om says I can’t see him like this. Anika says his savior will come, control your brotherly love, stick to plan. Shivaye sees Bhavya and acts to go on call. Om also goes. Bhavya asks Anika

did she hear Rudra’s scream. Anika says no.

Bhavya says I was exercising at pool and came here running. Anika says I did not hear, if you have come, check him, I have work in kitchen. She goes. Rudra shouts help. Bhavya asks what happened. Rudra says there is something big in my bathroom, help. Bhavya asks what is it. He says I can’t say, if I do mistake in describing it, it will attack on me. Shivaye, Om and Anika look on. Rudra says I can’t come out. Anika asks Shivaye not to take tension, Bhavya will manage. Bhavya says I will come, open the door. Rudra says I can’t move. She says I m breaking the door. He says do anything, but save me. Bhavya breaks the door. Shivaye, Anika and Om look on.

Bhavya sees Rudra. He signs towards the spider. Shivaye says salute to women power. Om says salute to female cops. Anika asks them did they see women power. Bhavya asks Rudra to come out. Rudra says interrogate late, make this out. She asks what. He shows spider. She laughs and says you got scared by this, its cute. He says its dangerous and poisonous. She says its baby spider and takes it on hand. He says throw it out. She says I wish to make this my pet. He says do all that later, throw it out. She asks baby spider to go whenever it wants and not be scared of uncle. He says your commissioner would be uncle, not me. She asks him to come out now. Rudra asks her to get towel. She asks why. He says you are not so lucky to see me like this. She asks why, do you bath like this. He asks do you bath other way. She calls him ill mannered. He asks her to go and get towel. She gets towel. He pulls towel. She falls over him. Maana ke hum yaar nahi….plays….. Their old moments are seen. They have an eyelock.

Gauri gets ready. She tries to tie the back string. Om looks at her. He says I came to take my charger. He sees Gauri and goes to her. He ties the backstring. Their moments are seen. Maana ke hum yaar nahi….plays….. Tej talks to Shwetlana and says I miss you a lot, I will make you feel much more special, enough of waiting, our time is going to come. He sees Jhanvi and ends call. Jhanvi asks who’s coming. Tej says my official parcel, look after it. He goes.

Rudra says no…. Shivaye asks don’t you want pasta. Rudra says I know, I mean to say it was big spider in my washroomm bigger than dinosaur. Shivaye says I know how big it was, I mean I know spiders. Om comes. Rudra says there was big spider, but I threw it out. Om scares him. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come. Anika asks what’s cooking. Shivaye says whatever, you can have it. Anika says we don’t need favor, we will make. He says no need, we three are enough to cook. Bhavya takes egg. Rudra says your egg session started again, you have eggs of everyone’s shares. Bhavya calls Shivaye and Om as bhaiyas. Rudra says copy cats, as I call them Bhabhis. She asks them do they have problem if she eats eggs. Rudra nods. They say no, Bhavya says then its Rudra’s problem.

Anika and Shivaye argue. She says I will make aloo puri and have it if I want. He gets hurt and screams. Anika says wait, show me once. He says I m fine Omru. She comforts his eye and asks him to be quiet. He says last time you burnt my kitchen and today you have hurt my eye. Ishq hai aansun…..plays…. He looks at her. She blows in his eye. She says thank God your eyes are fine, if anything happened to your Kanji eyes, I would have died. Om gets hit by Gauri. She says I did not do by mistake. Om says it was my mistake, are you fine. She says yes. She passes the bottle. He holds her hand. Music plays…… Bhavya says omg, spider. Rudra asks where. She cleans his apron. He asks her not to tell anyone about dangerous spider. Shivaye says yes, that Bhavya saved him from small spider. They laugh. Rudra says you told everyone. Bhavya says no, I shared with girls team. Shivaye says none will pull his leg, we Obros are amazing. Gauri says I will get pickle, Dadi kept it on terrace. Bhavya goes along.

Om says you need to say thanks to Bhavya, she saved your life. Rudra asks did Chulbul bhabhi not save you, did you say thanks. Om says I don’t deny it. Rudra says we will go in flashback, you were so mean to her, and made her out of house, I did not make Bhavya out of room. Om says you don’t know what Gauri did. Rudra says she tried to protect you, she did not fight for her rights. Om says I can say this, Bhavya also protected you, you are not able to accept this, because of your ego, that a girl saved your life, grow up man. Anika says I think they will understand while explaining each other. Shivaye says hope no problem comes. Ragini comes there. Rudra acts sick seeing hr. Ragini says Rudra is naughty. Gauri and Bhavya come. Gauri gets pickle and tells Anika. Ragini says you are from village right. Gauri says I m from Bareilly. Ragini says Bhaujai means sister in law, you small town people are sweet and innocent, you still call Anika Bhaujai, when Shivaye and Anika got divorced. Shivaye and Anika look at each other. Gauri says the relations made by heart are forever, right Bhaujai. Bhavya says exactly. They hold Anika. Shivaye asks how are you feeling now Ragini. She says much better. Rudra asks why are you not going home then. She says I m going, I came to say this, driver is not able to reach here because of rains, can you drop me Shivu. He asks her to come. She says thanks, you are a darling. Gauri says I wish to slap her and stick her to the wall. Shivaye and Omru get a message. They get shocked seeing Shivaye and Ragini’s video. Gauri and Bhavya also see the video. Ragini smiles.

Jhanvi asks Tej why do you go Delhi frequently. He says I m a businessman, I have work. She says I miss you, I don’t want to stay away. He says this distance will lessen our heart distance, trust me. He hugs her. Pinky looks on. Jhanvi says call me after reaching Delhi. Pinky says is he going Delhi or…. someone else by business excuse.

Ragini asks what happened. Shivaye throws his phone. Everyone come. Anika picks the phone and sees video. She looks at Shivaye. He says Anika… Ragini says see Siddharth’s madness, he is dragging you, I will not tolerate this, I will talk to him, what will he do, he can just beat me. He asks her to relax. She says no, he crossed his limits, he has sent video to your family, what would they think. Anika says you don’t need to worry, this family’s trust is not weak that a cheap video shakes it, how do you know entire family got this video. Omru ask the same.

Ragini says your phones rung together, so I assumed. Rudra says it can be group message, how did you assume its your video. They all walk to Ragini. Om asks how did your BF get our numbers. Gauri asks how does he know our names. Bhavya says if he has beaten up, why did you not file harassment case against him. Khanna gets a basket and says parcel has come. Shivaye says can’t we see you see we are in the middle of something. Rudra asks Khanna to go to Dadi. Anika asks Ragini how does her BF know about their family. Ragini says I know Siddharth well, he can go to any extent in anger and madness, Shivaye we have to stop him. Anika says wait, you stop him, is he our BF, why Shivaye. Ragini says I can’t stop him alone. Anika says tell police. Ragini says police can’t do anything, Shivaye and I have to stop him. Anika says why, did Shivaye get this work, is he free to stop mad people. Ragini asks why are you saying in between. Anika says I will say in between. Shivaye shouts stop it Anika, let me handle this. Anika goes.

Tej goes to some hotel. Pinky sees him. She says Tej is not going Delhi, he came back to same hotel, Shakti was saying I can’t see their happiness, I will prove I was right, Tej came to meet same girl. She follows Tej. He stops and turns. Pinky hides behind a car. A lady holds her and asks what are you doing down. Pinky says I was picking my phone, we will meet later. Pinky gets shocked seeing Tej hugging someone. She says he came here to meet a woman, he has big heart, all women are in his heart, I will expose him. She gets shocked seeing Shwetlana and drops her phone. She says she is still trapping Tej, first Tej, then Om and now back to Tej, she is so mean. She sees her phone broken. She sees them gone.

Rudra says why do I feel this video is morphed. Bhavya asks can you help me. He says yes, even though we have many differences, I can keep it aside and help. She says I want your phone to make an urgent call, my phone battery is dead. He asks seriously, was this build up just for phone. She thanks him and asks for privacy. He says its my phone and house. She says I will go. He says fine, I will go, I kept something for you on table. He goes. She sees eggs in the bowl and smiles. She calls commissioner and says I want to quit this assignment. He asks why, you never left any assignment. She sees Rudra and says these people are very good, I can’t cheat them. He says you know that locket is very imp, till you find it, you can’t go. Khanna gets basket. Bhavya signs him to go. Commissioner says maybe you get any info related to your past in that locket. She says you are right, I will find it. He says you can’t fall weak, you have to do it. She ends call and says you can’t fall weak, you have to do this.

Ragini says I have to talk to Siddharth. Shivaye says let me just talk to the cops. She apologizes. She says I m scared, don’t know what Siddharth does, if you don’t mind, can I stay here for one more night, I feel secure when you are close. He says you don’t need to change life by someone’s fear, your family will be worried, you must go home, my security will follow you, I will do whatever it takes to make sure he does not reach you. He goes. She says he did not ask me to stay here. I did much drama, he is not affected, he is sending me away, what is this.

Bhavya gets angry on Rudra and says I came here for mission, I don’t have time for this nonsense things, I would have finished my work and went. Gauri says I don’t need your help. I exposed Buamaa’s truth, if you are doing this so that I forgive you, I have forgiven you. Om looks at her. Shivaye says there was nothing such as seen in video, I m just clearing it. Anika asks why.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Arpi..cvs r tyring to get us like bhavua yaar..cause i think almost all pkj family dun like her….so to convince us .,.cvs trying all trick..but im not gona bend myself &Accept boOKBHAVYA…A..

  2. Madhuani

    I’m here almost after a week.
    These 1 hour episodes are a bliss to our eyes really.
    I’m sure after this trp would have shoot up.
    Each n every episode was pure old ishqbaaaz.
    There was every element in it.
    Yesterday’s epi was ??????
    Something of this kind.
    First scene tho can’t stop laughing seeing it.
    God their reaction,expressions everything was just superb.
    Bhavya breaking door n then shivom dialogue?n anika’s proudness?
    Though I don’t like ruvya that much but their scene was superb with the spider.
    She calling him uncle n his reaction to it??
    Rikara scene was nice but felt something missing in it.
    Obros in kitchen???
    Rudy’s dialogue of spider being bigger than dianosaur?????
    Then girls coming in n their nok-jhok with respective partner??
    When that nagini entered my expressions were same as that of rudra.
    Fairies’s tablatodh reply to her was mind blowing.
    N really how dare she call shivaay as shivu ??I was literally boiling in anger at that time but more than that I’m more upset with shivaay for letting her to do whatever she’s doing.
    Gauri’s “ek jhaap me divar pe sata de,sata de ka??” dialogue was too good n cherry on top of it rudra nodding in yes??

    Now the most annoying part that MMS but wait they all asked her right questions but I think cv’s failed to notice this or just avoided it that while receiving MMS shivaay n ragini were in hall n gaurika,ruvya,ani were in kitchen then how she got to know that their mobile received or ringed at the same time ??LOGIC right never mind we know that they keep doing such mistakes we are used to it.

    Tnq god pinky is out for sometime right now n I think she don’t have any other work rather than spying on others.??
    Sometimes this is good(tejvi) but many a times horrible(shivika n others)

    I felt like slapping shivaay to the power of tiffany while he raised his voice on anika to stop her that too in front of that naagini ????
    While she’s maintaining patience n also showing trust towards him.Anika did right by just moving out from there as this was an insult n I hope she maintains the rukh with which she has moved out not giving chance to him to explain his behavior as he’s not worth it.

    Precap:Finally gauri burst out her anger I’m really happy n anika well done girl.

    Now eagerly waiting for Monday to come.

    1. Ranilya

      Hi Madhu…long absence….
      ! hr of IB is fun untill now, hope it stays the same…but compiling thoughts for comments is a Herculean task!

    2. Ranilya

      Hi Madhu…long absence….
      1 hr of IB is fun untill now, hope it stays the same…but compiling thoughts for comments is a Herculean task!

  3. Ranilya

    How could you shout at Anika??? Since the day I had seen this Spoiler my mood was kind of off….today after seeing the sequence Im fuming!!
    @Pushpa….This is what I had told you that day….yeh Shivay bhi na temper or tongue mein control nahi hain..
    @Anu…. Im sure tum danda leke kadi hui hogi, you would have been bashing Shivay all night…. reopen bash club!
    @Lax…. Anika\surbhi was awesome….sply the Rudy bathroom scenes n kitchen scene…
    @Archu….Partial opening of blush club has to b done dear…. today’s kitchen eye blowing/caring scene was too good.
    @Nivi…. What do we do with this Bhavya??? Such a soulful emotional song wasted on her again…. It would have best suited Soumya….

    loved Anika’s concern towards Shivay during ru’s bathroom scene n in the kitchen.
    loved the way Shivay allowed her to care….
    Whole of last week I was feeling sad for Shivay n scolding Anika….Today he made me express disdain towards him… Even after seeing the video Anika showed trust n support towards him and he shouted at her!!
    kitchen scene was too good….
    bed room-dori scene was nice but the excess red light irritated me….couldnt enjoy it completely…
    For all those who guessed about the spider…a round of applause…
    loved Lee today….awesome expression-dialogue cordination….
    Bhaiyya….. khanna….lol….
    Kitchen…they way he told bhavya not to tell anyone about the spider incident….so cute…like a small kid….
    Bhavya—sorry but she was an eyesore…. the whole bathroom scene ambiance was spoilt… her acting is so artificial…..

    Pinky– Imso happy her attention is diverted towards Tej now….peeing to see tejvi!! all she knows is to peep…but this time I dont mind her, as its Tej n not Shivika…

    Jhanvi- She was looking so gorgeous in red, her make up n hair too was good… donno what Tej sees in that Swetlana….

    Ragini- tai tai phis!! ithna mehnath karne ke baad bhi, no results….
    Gowri love u darling….maar do ek jaap aur satka do deewar pe…. Rudy thumara saath zaroor dega… that part was so exciting…
    dil ka rishtha….. super slap to Ragini….

    Khanna- bechare pe bhi Shivay ne bhadakliya…. poor thing pink basket leke pura OM ghumharatha….. Khanna you should have just opened the parcel n played with the cute baby….

    Precap- AniRi showing tadi to ShiOm….good very good…. (Ignore Ruvya…Why should she get angry on Ru? its she who used Ru for her personal mission so Rudy boy has all the rights to b angry on her)
    Shivay came to Anika to clarify abt video only or also to apologize for his raised voice against her??
    If its only for video clarification then…
    Anika….Im telling you….dont budge….Dont melt seeing his kanji eyes…I know its difficult…but pls control yourself….. Yes I know he is hurt that you left him n went 3 mths back but today its his mistake, he shouted at you….

    next week its baby’s day out at OM….enjoy….

    1. Ranilya

      happy that the stupid video was not shown for long and also shown on their small mobile screens…. Seeing that on large screen would have been so irritating……

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Rani…That chipda video on large screen!!!NO …NO!!!
        But OmRu and Annika should watch that on big screen to examine the fake face. But we are not ready to tolerate that on tv screen in place of mobile screen.

    2. Ranilya

      Another thing I just remembered….Shivu….eeeekkks…. That sounded so yuck just like her….. I rather preferred Shivay baby from Tia….

      Girls this makes me think…if not for ‘billu ji’ if Anika would cal Shivay by any other nick name what would it be? Though Shivay sounds so nice in her voice…..

    3. Pushpa

      Rani….ok..ok he should hv not shouted but thts hw shivaye is shout&later explained himself….wht to do rani shivaye temper is such….
      Eye blowing scn was super owsm ……pls gals open blush club…no sign of mouni….mouni where r u????? No bashing shivaye please i already explain why he shouted…..oh god yes yaaar his kanji eye is controlling me all the timeeeeeeeeee…..

      1. Ranilya

        Mouni is missing since long n archu on weekend leave….
        lets see if they r back by Monday

    4. Yesssss
      Can bhavya do mercy on us by telling for what nd why she shout on Ru. ……. she came here for a mission na so it is completed then go back yaar …….l find it locket asap nd then get out
      We r willing for bidding u bye forever
      Please go back peacefully otherwise we have more methods
      About khanna
      When Liji di come back she will surely fire Shivay for giving so much tendion to her khannu
      I m imagining sumo at that bhavya place
      She ruined de whole scene nd song with her artificial acting
      Her face failed to show emotions
      Nd neha
      With such a little screnspace which she could she magiced de whole scenes
      Sumo baby come back

      How r u Rani di ???????
      While watching mms scene bash club comprising u , Anu di , Liji di , Archu , lax di strikes my brain
      Happy weekend

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Pkj…I am perhaps sounding little harsh but you please change the profile name. Pkj means we all here not you alone, I know you are a part of pkj but the word represents “all paagal” here from this page. I may be sounding possessive, but that is what I am. Don’t take me wrong please as we don’t have a copy right for the three alphabets “PKJ ” still…
        # with Love Astha

      2. Ranilya

        Hi pkj….
        Shivay n bash club is close knit, cant help…
        Monday morning…. happy day to you….

      3. Ranilya

        Is that you Ammu!!! Lol!! Ek number ki nautankibaaz…

    5. AnuluvsIB

      Wow, today ranu is on anis side!!
      True dear, the yellingbwas totally uncalled for…
      I am curious on how ani is going to react in today’s epsiode… coz we have the mobile breaking and mobile gifting scene too… all this happens in the red n white checked dress.. the baby saga dress is different… let’s see how it goes..

      Why should she get angry on Ru…
      Why r these ppl trying to patch them up.. nothing abt bhavya fits in the story line ranu.. am so so so fed up…
      Few ppl say Soumya is gonna be back.. it might be her baby..
      Personally I wudn mind having her back.. I wudn be very happy if this is soumyas baby.. coz that wud spoil her character frame.. she isn’t that kinda gal who wud go sleep with a guy with whom she has a confusing relation..
      but again, If that is the only way for her re entry, am ok with it…

      But frankly, the way they are selling bhavya.. don think Neha will be back!

      1. Ranilya

        Anu!! out of the weekend shell?

        hmm the mobile breaking gifting waas the same dress, but how long are they planning to keep the poor baby in that basket??

        Anika wont b angry with Shivay for long…His kanji eyes will melt her….

        Neha coming back is sweet news, but i doubt its her baby…. Though as i had told b4 if thats the only way they can pave her entry back to OM then I dont mind the cute baby being Rumya’s…..
        The baby is chubby like Somu…right?

        Bhavya!!! too much of promotion!! Infact I dint like one bit of what ShiAniOm r doing for RuVya….

    6. AnuluvsIB

      Yup ranu! Weekends over and Monday is here!!
      And hey WC to insta!

      1. Ranilya

        Thanks Anu… how could I miss out on you girls at pkj-insta.
        Archu n Ammu got me in too!!

    7. LAX

      SurbhiC- hands down best actor on Indian TV now.
      Precap- Exactly why was Bhavya shouting at Rudr?? It should be been reverse. Why the hell Rudr is adjusting to it.?

      Annika ll melt U see Rani.

      Thank God that crappy MMS not shown as full screen. Could not stand that even in the mobile phone. I was changing the channel.

      Billuji is the best petname. Cannot think of another nickname for him although I would b happy if he calls her Anni or another cute Nick name.

      1. Ranilya

        Knowing Anika… she will melt…but atleast she should give him a taunt or two such that Shivay feels a pinch of guilt.

  4. hellloo..guys
    this full wekeend epis were good but dont know what will happen next week anything can happen..coz thers swetlana and according to spoiler the baby is tejs plan

    another spoiler is saying pinky will realaize her mustake and accept shivika??it may just a rumour but for noe pinkkys focus is not on shivika i think her changed to tej for now?…guys one doubt us d baby boy or girl
    first i thought its a boy with d boys but when she was with SUrbhi she was looking cute lil sweeet girl..and they both cutipies were looking choo chweet..??jo bhi ho she/he is cute
    yesterday surbhi was also looking cute with her expressions seriously if surbhi wasnt part od IB we cud never fall in love so much with anika
    and one more thing i heard about ADITI dont if its true or not but SHE was also a choice for playing ANIKA???LITERALLY ITS SO FUNNY agar woh lead hoti toh ib ka kya hota thank god she wasnt if was choes like rudy said she is yuck? malika ws their first choice i think after all gul mams fav..
    how i wish i cud meet the whole casts
    the place is notfar but still i cant go alone.
    has any one met the Ib cast here?? as many pple visit them everyday right they are all so lucky

    how i wishes if gauri wasnt a village girl if she was from an rich family with lots if tadi it wud be treat to watch shrenu aka gauri showing tadi to om rather tha n om?
    i also heard that neha is coming back it may be rumour but wish vo sach ho yaar please gul open ur eyes and see their chemistry its not working at all like @neha @nivi said its the actress who cant act and she is also spoling other scene…

    @lax as said please resign ur mission and go to ur home but are they gonna relate her past with OM then toh she will stick there only?it wud even be fine she is shown after saumya coming back but i cant still see her as the 3 main female lead
    @arpita ur right its looks lik a liv in relationship only dont they know tha they are not married?

    1. LAX

      I dont think Pinky ll repent soon n start loving Shivika. There needs to be a solid something for Pinky to start loving Annika.
      Baby is actually a girl I think but in the show baby is named Bunty.
      Additi is from Guls camp, so that must ve been quite possible but then I would not ve been the shows fan if she was playing Annika.
      If u are visitng IB sets, do let us know the experience.
      If Neha is coming back, I ll b the happiest.

  5. Shekhar

    What led him to believe TIA innocent in all consiparcy, same is there while it coe over to RAGINI, that is NKK. During TIA track, he told ANNIKA, if I have a option to trust either you or TIA, then I will trust TIA. Here we can see two his feelings, one his MANLI EGO preventing her from being the focus of family, and there by stopping her to ride over his talent , and second one his belief over NKK. I wrote, NKK seeds are still there, but dead as an exception for ANNIKA, and now we can see this his NKK seeds alive in RAG issue.

    He went on and on on his JOURNEY, but still he is carrying the NKK and EGO, and just can not over come it, and ANNIKA rightly said him recently, this your “I” is spoiling everything, and he again proved it. He just wanted to be the SAVIOR , a WALL of OF, HERO of OMRU, and when he saw ANNIKA on the way of his these wants, he simply tried to sideline her. He thught on her genuine cross inquiry, “,yes, she is right!, but how she can be right? How she can be so more chant than him?, no, this is not right!” and he simply made her shut and frustrated ANNIKA left the venue in anger. I agree with all those, who believe, if he insulted her in public, then he should be regret in public, not in private moment. In precap , what he told ANNIKA is not necessary, because ANNIKA already declared him innocent bluntly even after having the proof against, as she had done in TIA’s pregnancy track, and if he is going to clarify, then it is his attempt to knows her state . This his act prove, no matter what ever the situation was then, but she was right in her decision of leaving him apart from the reasons she had manipulated. I wrote ago, he is selfish in the way that all his concerns for ANNIKA were started only after he started to feel for her, before marriage or after marriage. He is a SELFISH PIG seeking his food even in the SH*T wrapped in SHINING DECEN PAPERS. HIs love for ANNIKA had reached far enough to consider NKK as exception for ANNIKA, but his mental state is stil wanted to RULE OVER HER istead ler HER TO RULE OVER HIM. He believe, he can keep treating her the way he keep continue with, but she should over look all his such crap out of LOVE and SACRIFICE!!

    Here I see, even after being the lead member of RICHEST FAMILY of INDIA, he just does not want to leave the lowest mentality over the woman he possess ! What I feel now is, what ever he is doing, he is doing out of more the his POSSESSIVE NATURE than LOVE! And this equation is again lead to the imbalance situation, and I feel, he has still to travel a lot !

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shekhar Bhaiyya…it seems he again have to travel a lot of distance as leave saying aloud to Annika about his Love feelings, He never had admitted it to himself once. He have to travel the path towards accepting Ishqbaazi over other things.

      1. Shekhar

        Yaa, You are right, he has still to travel a lot. Confession is not the matter, but what happens to a man is just like, HE FALL IN LOVE, AND CAN DIE FOR HIS LOVE, BUT WHEN HE POSSESS HIS LOVE, HE TAKE IT GRANTED HIS LOVE TO GET INSULTED IN THE WAY SHIVAAY DOES WITH ANNIKA, ANNIKA KEEP OVERLOOKING INSULTS & KEEP COMPROMISING WITH HER SELF ESTEEM, and viewers really get fed up with all these crap of SHIVAAY. He is justfying her leaving him , and I personally believe, she should react harshly and SHIVAAY must be treated at LEFT, RIGHT and CENTER thoroughly to keep his sense at right place with right attitude.( IF this is not the combo drama )

  6. Aastha_Reddy

    As you said I went to the previous page and read it now. I am glad you remembered every thing about me. I am more glad you asked me to show more colours shades of my character like I show always. I think I didn’t disappointed you today also with bashing my own Shivaay Bhaiyya which is unexpected from me.
    Feeling lucky to met you all here. You take me down the memory lane in a trance.
    With Love
    Your Aasthu gaaru.

    1. Amayaa

      OKKKkk Aastha di
      I’ll not do like this again
      From now onwards u will not see ???pkj???
      Just for surprise I did it not for hurting anyone
      Aur aap to meri ROCKSTAR thi na
      So how can I ??????

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Ammu… That is like a good girl as others were confused-” who id this pkj yaar??”. But the craziness helped me in identifying you easily.
        I was teasing you with my ASR dp and guess what it worked in irking you. ha ha ha…. poor fellow!!

    2. AnuluvsIB

      Luv u too asthu gaaru! ??

  7. When i saw pinkys character in ishqbaaz i remembered a story from childhood we know a boy crying tiger to fool people and one day that comes true but no one believes him tagging him as liar.
    The same thing is happening with pinky. First she falsly accused annika and all the family except shivaay knew it now when she really wanted to say truth about tej nobody is believing her or even caring to hear her.
    Yes anu i read ur comment on the otherday as nobody can portray pinky better than nikithaji. That innocence, ignorance, hinglish and that over possessive and jealous mother who goes to any extent to get her son back.Even know the innocent woman who want to warn her family about her jattji.
    But because of this one thing is happening that is her focused from shivaay and annikas relationship to become as self declared jassos.

    1. LAX

      I know the story. I hope that happens. I hope Pinky does not blackmail or tie up with Tej this time. Pinky should not be successful now at any cost.

  8. Nikita_jai29

    Hii ishqies… Episode is good…. I wish Anika shivaay ko tadi dekhaye KI usne shivaay ko clarify krene ka chance diya.. Jabki shivaay n Anika k bare ons story sune k Bina kuch soche raay Bana li….
    ..ishqies MMKAD mystery revealed part second episode 18 is here please read and commenting on it…. And thanks for your time and commenting on MMKAD to all my friends and silent readers… Love you all

  9. Surbhi Sharma

    Hey guys .
    Attention please . Please read this message as it’s very very important .
    Okay .
    So , as you all know we have opened a pkj group in instagram . Anybody wants to join they can surely do . But please give your username .

    And the most important thing , we are making a official pkj page in insta . So , are you guys all okay with that ??

    Please reply , if everyone are okay we will make it ….

  10. Piyuu

    episode is good….spider scene is ok bhavya ki vajah se mein vo scene enjoy nahi kar payi.
    kitchen scene was good. shivika moments in kitchen n last dialogue of anika aap ki kanji aanke mei kuch hua tho mein mar love the part.omri dori scene was ok for me i expecting more .
    tej kabhi sudhrengi nahi .nagini thumare himaat kaise hui shivaay ko shivu bulane ka theri muh se sunkar i feel michmichi.mann kar ra tha cheapadi ko ek jhaap se deewar pe satka dene ka…..nagini ka sare plan flop hogayi.

    1. LAX

      Your DP is so cute..!!

  11. everything was good in this episode except for ruvya scenes . They all r acting like as if soumya has never entered in rudra’s life.

  12. Swathi..

    First part was too funny ??? shivom counting n anni’s action just perfect. Superb cool Rudy scared for a small spider ?. Uss Bhavya ne toh Hamri Rudy Ko bolti hain uska exercise karne ka taikha galath hain khud salwaar kameez aur duppatta pehenke exercise Karthi hain. Baal bhi nahi baand thi. I liked when shivom saluted for women power:-).

    Rikara scene was nice. Shivika kitchen scene too.

    The kitchen scene was awesome. I really loved when Ru acted like puking seeing Ragini???? I just enjoyed it a lot.

    Then Ragini asking Gauri u r from village right om’s reaction ☺. Then Gauri proudly saying I’m from bareli n her dailogs hugss to u gauri??.

    That small eyelock when nagini said divorced couple it was like as if both are assuring each other they are not separated by heart. ?

    Rudy saying if u r fine why didn’t u go home? full tie tie phisss of nagini?

    Gauri saying I wish to slap her n stick her to wall Rudy nodding lol???. This family is love?.

    That video conspiracy will be major chop of nagini. Why did SSO shouted on Annika angry Singh oberoi stupid Kahi ka.. pehle chillathe ho Baad mein Safai dete ho..?????when will u change SSO???

    That baby wala Pacel Tej ka hi hoga. Pinky toh sabki romance scene ke peeche hi kyu padi rehti hain??? PPD tu Tej ki matter mein hi busy rehna don’t come in between my shivika…

    O saathiyaan instrumental???. I’m loving it.

    O jaaana romantic n cute. It clearly says abt shivika love journey.
    O saathiyaan is deep, emotional n mature too. It is more abt om n Gauri characters I think so.
    Rumya song was nice too I forgot that. Masti n fun wala just like them..
    This Ru & BH doesn’t have chemistry thus there is no official or particular song for them.. that’s why they play all romantic songs randomly.

    Which one is ur fav ishqies​??
    Mine both o Jaana n o saathiyaan.
    O Jaana male version romantic & o jaana female sad version
    O saathiyaan male romantic version & o saathiyaan female sad version
    All these are my favourite.

    1. Yazhu

      Hi Swathi…
      “Then Ragini asking Gauri u r from village right om’s reaction ☺”
      Thanks for mentioning that scene yaar…

      Om’s reaction was too adorable ?????he got furious when some third person teasing his wife…. And Chulbul’s proud reply and Defending Anika was one the best parts in Friday epi….

    2. Yazhu

      O Jaana and O Saathiya both are my favourite too…. ??
      Totally agree with what you said…
      O Jaana clearly shows our Shivika’s love journey…. As they they were each other’s heart and soul…. ??????
      O Saathiya also perfectly shows Rikara’s love and relationship…. They were more of friends and companion to each other… We can’t forget how much of a great friend Chulbul has been for Om… ???????
      Perfect songs for the two best and perfect couples… And yeah even I forgot Rumya’s song… It was nice and loved it that time….

    3. LAX

      Oms reaction when Yuckini called Gauri village girl was so cute. liked it too.

      Out of all the four, Oh Jaana male version is my favourite esp. from the lines Tanha adhura sa.
      Ishq hain aasu is my phones ringtone waise.

      1. Swathi..

        Hi lax mine too tanha adhura sa most fav line n o Jaana instrumental is my phone ringtone.

  13. Let’s play a game related with IB
    Guess who r singing this song nd to whom they r referring …….Okkkkk done
    Now start

    A.Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga (×4)
    Pal bhar tumhe jo na sochu to
    Dharkane tarasne lagti h
    Tumko jo dekh lu nam aakhain bhi
    Hole se hasne lagti h
    Halat bigar bhi jaye agar
    Hum dono bichar bhi jai agar
    Yado ke chand sitaro pe mai tumse milne aaunga
    Mai phir bhi tumko chahunga (×2)

    B. Cake ki holi jo tune maine kheli
    To puri Oberoi family deewani ho gai
    Mere cake Raja jo tune mujhe mara
    To Maine bhi tujhe kaha chor dala

    C. Oberoi Mansion me dhamal Machi
    O’ bros ki
    Oberoi Mansion me dhamal Machi
    O’ bahus ki
    B’day celebrate hui
    Rudy ki
    Shivay Anika Omki Gauri bhaag rahe h
    Gali Gali me shor machi h pata chala h
    Ishqbaaz to Ek ghante ka ho gaya h

    D.Dil ki phasi h naiya majdhar me
    Sun le vistar se
    Lut gaya pyaar me
    Ye to bata de mere jazbaat ka
    Itna Kam rate kyon h tere bazaar me
    Hua dil ka jagrata halka phulka sa dhoka khake
    Manma emotion jage re manma emotion jage

    E.Kon h wo kon h wo
    Kaha se wo aai
    Sare fans ki band h bajai
    Uski shakal badle channel
    Protine shake bhaag teri taraph revolver chali dekh zara ye irritating drama

    F.Account me hamare bhar bhar ke rupaiya
    Phir bhi Paisa hi Paisa hamara h sapna
    Acchi pyaari bate hum na jane
    Aur paap hi paap karte h jate
    Plan karte ham na kabhi thakte kyoki
    Hum to sudhar hi na sakte
    Hum to sudhar hi na sakte
    Ye apna part time job h bhaiya
    Are ham to aise hi bhaiya
    Ek gali me tej tej duji gali me ppd
    Sabki rago me lahu bahe h
    Hamari rago me paap ki nadi
    Are ham to sudhar hi na sakte
    Hum to aise hi bhaiya

    The one who answer all correct will be announced as winner
    Nd she will be awarded with de biggest trophy
    ‘ Pkj intelligent award ‘

    1. LAX

      Nautankibaaz…!! bahuth smart ban rahi thi.!! rangey haathon pakad liya na.
      Your songs I ll try.
      A. Shivika for each other
      B. Shivika/Rikara/Ruvya
      C. Fans
      D. Om to Gauri
      E. Fans to Channel
      F. Kamini may be
      these are my guesses btw.

  14. I will just write my opinion on Friday’s episodes-
    1.Rudra scenes were hilarious only till Bhavya was absent….
    2.Rikara s getting ignored by CVs…. Absolutely no scenes of Omkara making amends with Gauri ‘s shown….. Bhavya’s character was Gulkhan’s idea so CVs r putting most efforts in developing Ruvya story….They r given beautiful scenes but again poor acting by Mansi s making dem dull.
    3.Cvs had most beautifully written Shivika story..Rikara was developed into a new show…Now they r making futile efforts to develop Ruvya….
    4.Gulkhan s known for her amazing cast how come she failed dis tym??
    5.Priveer story especially Ranveer’s character s changed to suit der needs….
    6.In d upcoming episodes v ll definitely get Tej blackmailing Pinky….Pinky deserves it but Tej s just beyond redemption….

  15. Yazhu

    Hi everyone… Hope all had a great weekend…. I’m so much excited for the upcoming track….
    Shivaay’s junglee dance ????? I’m sooöoooooooo excited to see that….after Shivika’s dance during the party in Mallika’s track and Rudy’s breakup dance for Om I’m definitely going to love this one I think…. It’s gonna be a one hilarious week ahead for us….. Om hiding from Gauri with the baby is also so cute….
    OBros becoming ODads… That’s so sweet and funny ???eagerly waiting for the next episode….

    1. LAX

      If u ve not seen Shivikas jungle sequence (May first week) do give it a try. It was a fun watch.

  16. Bhavya looks perfect with rudra chill and full of fun same like rudra with somya I think story can’t move So it’s a cute couple

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