Ishqbaaz 14th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tej saying you would be hungry Rudra, you won’t get good food in jail. Pinky goes to Jhanvi and gets shocked seeing her unconscious. Tej says good news travel fast and bad news travels faster, I know Shivaye has got Om and Rudra out of jail, did you guys think I won’t get this news. Shivaye says it was a small thing, come join us for lunch. Tej says no, anyone would say Tej Oberoi is dining with two thieves. Rudra signs to Om. Om argues with Tej. Shivaye says food will be made soon. Rudra cracks joke and laughs. Tej asks whats the joke. Shivaye says food will be ready in 2mins, don’t be angry, have food.

Dadi, Pinky, Priyanka cry and try to wake up Jhanvi. They see the breaking news. Tej talks to Shivaye about business. Om asks them can’t we stop taking interest in

business for some time. Shivaye nods. Tej asks Om can he take interest in business for some time. Shivaye serves food to Tej. Tej likes it. they get surprised. Rudra asks Shivaye to pinch him. Shivaye pinches him. Rudra says its not a dream, dad really complimented you. Tej says you all feel I can’t compliment anyone, I m some monster, maybe you all said no, I did not hear. Rudra says we did not say anything. Om says but our silence gave answer. Shivaye coughs. Tej starts laughing. Rudra says Papa and hugs him.

Dadi rubs Jhanvi’s hands and shouts Shivaye. They all hear Dadi and rush. Jhanvi gets conscious. They all see the breaking news and are shocked. Tej says this video is fake, its morphed, its enemy’s plan. Roop says how did this video come, now Jhanvi will finish many bottles.

Shakti asks Tej do you know how we will get defamed by this video, we will have to bear this punishment for your mistake. Pinky asks what about my son’s marriage, if Tia’s mum sees this news, she will doubt you will sit instead Shivaye in mandap. Tej says shut up, this is not true, do you all think I m such fallen man. Jhanvi says we don’t think, we know it, you are such a creep. Tej asks are you mad. She holds his collar and says what can we expect from you. He raises hand on her and stops. They all cry. Shivaye says enough, what are you all doing. Tej says don’t ask me, ask Jhanvi, control her, not me. Shivaye says okay, stop it, all of you.

Canteen lady’s son asks her how long will Anika stay here. Lady says don’t know, till she finds a place. Anika and Sahil hear them. The boy says my exams are close and this house is small for us. Sahil asks Anika what will they do now, Bua made us leave and we are homeless.

Shivaye asks did you all think of Om, he was shattered, I made him well, if this happens again, I can’t help him. He asks where is Om and rushes. Roop smiles. Shivaye and Rudra try to find Om. Shivaye says I will check if Om has pills, he would be disturbed. Rudra goes and shouts Bhaiya. Shivaye rushes and they see Om lying in the pool. They get shocked. Shivaye shouts Om and goes to him. Rudra stands in shock.

Anika and Sahil come back to Bua’s house. Bua asks her did she enjoy with Shivaye, why did she come back, you said big things, what happened now. Anika says I understood lately, that this house is legally Sahil’s. Sahil says we are owners of this house. Anika asks Bua not to say anything to Sahil, else I will call police. She takes Sahil to room.

Shivaye hits the reporter and asks how dare you air this news on your channel, who gave you this news. The man says a girl came and gave that chip, she asked for big amount for this news. Shivaye recalls Anika’s conversation. He goes to Anika’s house and she gets shocked seeing him.

He angrily holds her against the wall and asks what’s your price. She says Shivaye Singh Oberoi, things to be sold has a price, I m not on sale. He argues. She I had doubt before and now I m sure you are mad. He asks for how much did you sell that chip. She says I sell puri chole, not potato chips. He says last chance, answer me. She says I did not sell, I gave you that chip.

He asks do you realize what happened with me because of you. She says I just know nothing happened because of me, are you leaving or shall I remove my slipper. She pushes him. He stops her and walks to her. He holds her hand and twists. She gets hurt and looks at him. She bites his hand. She says I think you did not fly kites in childhood, else you would know hand gets hurt when you touch sharp thread. He says I know, but its necessary to touch thread to break it. She says its not easy to break me. He says I don’t like things done easier, its fun to break tough things.

Everyone sit around Om and cry. Jhanvi says if anything happened to you Omkara, I would have shattered. Roop says I have died if anything happened to Om. Pinky asks are you mad. Dadi stops them. Shakti asks doctor do we need to take Om to hospital. Doctor says no, you all are lucky as things did not get worse, it was a close fall. Tej looks at Om. Om sees Tej and closes his eyes. Tej leaves. Pinky says Tej did not say anything today, what a reaction, strange. Dadi stares at Pinky. Om asks Dadi where is Shivaye. He signs Rudra and asks. Rudra signs don’t know. Om thinks to find Shivaye.

Anika asks Shivaye could he not keep chip fine, you dropped it in police station, inspector gave me and I had thrown it, you were dying for it, so I went to station. He says its all your plan. She asks why will I do this. He says why you all do this, you are a gold digger. She asks jeweler? He says gold digger means one who can fall to any extent for money. She asks him to get out. He walks to her. She asks him not to get close and gets a glass. He takes the glass from her hand and throws it. He crushes the glass and says just glass broke today, your breaking and shattering is still to happen.

Shivaye says everyone is sold in the world, I will buy your honesty and your attitude in cheap rate, first I will own you and then I will throw you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. How can this shivaaye behave to anika like this………

  2. Omg Shiv aye is so bad he thinks girl as toy very bad and insults girl so badly.Cheap guy.

    1. Shai

      Remembered arnav singh Raizada???

      1. I hez much much ruder than him

  3. OK guys, just because he is good looking, doesn’t mean he can treat other people that way. I was hoping he would find out about Sahil’s disability and at least apologize to him by now. Instead, he keeps touching Anika and physically hurting her, I don’t like it. 🙁
    Also, I hope Om doesn’t spiral down.

    1. U bet!!
      Shivaay is getting all so aggressive n physical wid Anika…Such ego man!!!

  4. What…
    Shivaay should not have spoken like that.
    Anyways hope Om gets better…

  5. I hate this behaviour of shivaaye

  6. today shivaaye attitude is too bad… without proper proof he cannot blame any one like this…. Three brothers of them om is the best..

  7. Priya15

    Omg… Shivaay ‘s attitude is OK but for that speaking with a girl like this.. This is not done Shivaay bhai…I hate dialogues in the precap but ya even though he was hurt bcoz his brother was in that stage just bcoz of the news… It doesn’t mean he can speak like that.. No offence.. I know it l turn into love soon…..

    Can’t see om like this yr.. Bechara… It’s reality it l be the situation of children whose parents fight like this.. Just hope om teek ho.. I mean perfectly.. Ha tab bhi voh bahut cute Tha…

    1. Khushi

      U r right Priya agree with u….I don’t like the way shivaye always pushes and gets physical with anika…how can he say all this without proof he really behave very badly with her.. I mean how can he say pehle tumhein kharidunga voh bhi saare mein and phir tumhe todunga….I mean u r talking with a girl bro….anyways hope this misunderstanding will clear soon….

      I can’t c om like this….even when he was unconscious types and weak all he was worried about was ki kahin shivaye gusse mein kuch kar na de….love him sooo much??

      1. Priya15

        Ya Khushi tum sahi keh rahi ho.. He is too much… I m n love with ur dp Dear.. And btw ishana bengali hai kya.. I mean I don’t think that she spoke hindi to her papa.. Is it bengali???..

    2. Khushi

      Ummm I don’t know Priya….but that was now Bengali…I think it was Gujarati accent… Baki I also don’t know muchmuch
      Haha thanks for loving my DP…even I love my DP??

  8. Shai

    Shivika (shivaye-anika) story is a replica of arshi(arnav-khushi) of ipkknd

    1. but here anika is far ore stronger and bolder than khushi

  9. Priya15

    Hope to see ishkara scene today.. I m dying to see their next meet… I think om l recognize her by seeing her eyes… Pls give ishkara scenes CVS…

  10. I can’t tolerate this Shivay ?

  11. Oh poor omkara…

  12. I thought that Shivaaye will feel bad after knowing that Sahil is handicapped and he got kidnapped bcoz of him,,,bt na…..He only cares abt his family ,..anyway I just loved Shivaaye’s expressions and looks today,,,.
    Oberois show love and concern for each other only wen there is any prblm,,,,lyk Pinky and Jhanvi fighted before and then stood together for Shivaaye…I felt that even Tej was sad today,,,maybe the video is fake…
    Felt bad for Om,,,.Hope his girl won’t hurt him….Roop and Anika’s bua are too much irritating

    1. Yeah Om is a swhrt!!! That con woman will surely break his heart 🙁 🙁

      1. I also think the same that Ishaana will cheat Om….but I’ve also read that she believes in unity of family…..

      2. yeaa,,,I too felt that she will hurt him,,,,he z such a sweetheart,,,don’t wanna see him hurt anymore

    2. Khushi

      Yeah roz I also thought that after knowing about sahil he will soften a bit coz he also have brothers but nothing happened like this…now let’s wait and c what will happen

      1. Yea,,,he was not at all bothered,,,..

  13. Shivay was way too aggressive towards anika. . That doesn’t look good. .

  14. Khushi

    Guys I have read somewhere that tia was behind all this leaking drama….but shivaye will think anika is behind this and will I’ll treat her….
    Don’t know if it’s true or not… What do u guys think???

    1. Yes Khushi…I have also read that Tia is behind this leaking of video. I hope Shivaaye get to know this soon and all misunderstandings between him and Anika get solved….

    2. Ya Khushi…..I’ve also read that Tia is behind all this but Shivaaye….. he is treating Anika badly without any proof. How can he do so….

    3. Yea….I too heard that Tia is behind all these,,,,Don’t knw what’s she upto…

  15. Similar character as arnav singh raizada

  16. The most hilarious dialogue of today’sepisode
    Shivaaay:’U r nothing but a gold digger”
    Anika(looking all confused what a gold digger means n then says in the most cutest way possible): “Sunaar???” :’-) :’-) :’-)
    I love u Anika!!! Watching thys show just coz of u n Shivaay <3 <3 <3

  17. ? y violence against women is seen as romace in Indian TV! !!!!

    There are so many ways to on showhat shiv being upset wo so much violence. U r giving two message one it’s “heroic to be angry young man and shove any girl around ” aND two ” it’s OK for the girls to accept this behavior as norm”

    Through out human history it’s has been always the women, children and the ones who were weak has shoved around. … we don’t need that in TV shows.
    I really enjoy watching this show but hate shive’s aggressive behavior was Anika. So pathetic!

    1. It’s called drama there are not showing any kind of violence ?

  18. How can Shivaaye behave like this with Anika. He should at least see that he is talking to a girl….like seriously so rude. Hope soon all misunderstandings between them get solved and their love story starts. I’m very exited for it yrr….
    And also hope to see some Ishkara scenes in today’s episode…. love Vrushika and Om….he is so cute…..

  19. Zuha Fatima

    I have notice 1 thing in 4 Lions serials, that the hero is aggressive and judgemental, like Asad was in QH, he was also very judging and aggressive with Zoya, and once without knowing the actual reason he raised hand on her, and same goes for Sanam and Aahil!

  20. Girls are going on about how shivaay is being aggressive and intolerable, it’s fictional nothing else. It is what Indian television always has in thier dramas. It’s nothing new, also they will fall in love despite all the disputes and everyone knows, in other words this is only a way of trying to get them to be together!

  21. Omkara…Waiting to watch more of Kunal…Ishana hope u don’t hurt omkara…though ur character is being portrayed as a confirm..I really hope u don’t play with d emotions if d ppl who love and care for u..else our omkara wuldb shattered 🙁 Must sayy…kunal…u no doubt can perfectly play any role so well that we all keep hooked to ur show…Awwwww love uuuu… rudra and omkara are tej’s sons and shivaay is shakti’s…got a clarity now!!!
    Anyways…starplus always keeps u wd it’s tagline..rishta wahi soch nahi…unlike other channels where supernatural elementary and illogical plotd are being shown!!

  22. And can someone please clarify…what are d pills that shivaay was talking abt??? Does omkara take those pills???

    1. Loveleen

      yes…om takes those pills out of stress cz his parents r always involved in fights wich he doesnt like… he had becm drug addict n shivaye had taken him to rehab to chng him…..n nw wen he is completely fyn he took those pills wen he sw tht news

  23. Loveleen

    arey yr y always showing anshi scences plz shw d oder couples too……i hope ths shw wl giv equal importance to all d three couples nt only anshi…lyk in swaragini imp is given only to swasan nt raglak…..i hv a lot of hopes tht dis shw doesnt turn into crap……i guess aftr ruining anika shivaye wl realse tht tejs gf ws behind all dese rathr thn anika….n then repend n love ……watevr i m exctd fr omm nly…..plz shw his stry soon….

    1. No shwetlana is not behind all this….I mean I’ve read that Tia is behind the leaking of video……

    2. Has loveleen…u are absolutely right…they are giving more importance to anshu…hope they will give equal importance to all the 3 pairs unlike swaragini…it annoys a lot that oly swasan are given imp and most of them stopped watching d show!! Hope d same thing doesn’t happen with ishqbaaz…am expecting equal importance to omkara-ishana too!! Rudra and his pair is cute too!!
      Wat I feel it is like modern Ramayana…hoping to see kunals scene…I watch dis serial esp for him…omkara!!

    3. And thanks loveleen for clarifying d above thing….so sad…can understand omkara positn…and when did they show ki he used to take pills and if I missed any episode I would lyk to watch it now again!! So can u plz tell me so that I can watch?? Thank you in advance!!

      1. Loveleen

        no they havent shown it bt due to their talks i came to knw abt it……m hoping tht they wl shw a flashbck fr ths

  24. Ya.. even I feel they are giving more importance to shivay and anika. . They should even ishana and soumya. .

    Somehow today I felt tej too cares for his family. . Like the way he spoke to the 3 brothers. ..

  25. Khushi

    Exactly guys I m not liking the way shivaye is behaving with anika….being rude and arrogant is one thing and being out of limit is other…he is really crossing his limits I mean I didn’t like the things he said to anika….duniya mein sirf voh hi nhi hai jiski life mein problem hai ya jiski family hai others also have a life….
    And arnav was rude but on the other side he showed care also but here I can’t c any care in shivaye’s heart

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