Ishqbaaz 14th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika asks Shivaye to wear specific suit. Om leaves. Shivaye asks Anika to stay at home. Anika leaves with him. Shwetlana says race started, who knows when and how it ends, lets see to which result this game reaches. Tej says I feel suffocated by our relation. Jhanvi asks him to kill her. He pushes her and asks her to stop it. Pinky holds Jhanvi. Some time before, Anika asks Shivaye which one will you wear. He says I already changed. She says I know, I m asking about wearing in award ceremony. She suggests the purple one. He says you mean wine color. She says I don’t remember award names, Oscars, you will look fair hero wearing this.

He says its just an award function. She says its big thing, you should go as hero. He asks how do you know this color will suit me. She says I have seen you many

times wearing this color. He says it means you always check me out. She asks you think I m Tadaka that I will stare at you, you should look amazing, its big award, you should look so good that heroes get jealous, look this way, you are getting shy, you are like Lajwanti type. He asks what does it mean. She asks did you tell me meaning of blush, I had to find it, you also find out. He says fine, I will find out. She says you are businessman of the year, you should try. He says you are just mad and goes.

Om follows Shwetlana. Shivaye sees Om leaving and calls him out. He says where did he go. Sahil says I know, he spoke to someone angrily, he has seen video or pic on phone and left. Shivaye recalls Mrs. Kapoor’s words and thinks did she really send video to Om.

Tia cries and wishes happy birthday to Robin. She sees his pic in phone and sings birthday song. She gets Shwetlana’s call. Shwetlana asks why are you disconnecting my call. Tia says you can leave me alone for some time, its my Robin’s birthday today, we had many plans for his birthday. Shwetlana says we have made other plans too, we have to concentrate, did Om leave from home. Tia says I don’t know, I will check. Shwetlana sees Om and says he left and he is following me according to our plan. Om hides. Tia says Shivaye is also following you, this was not our plan, even Anika is following. Shwetlana says whatever happens, stop Shivaye and Anika, Om is following me according to our plan. She leaves. Om goes after her. Pinky says I have to talk to you. Shivaye says I have to leave, its urgent. Pinky says you have no time for me, you have time to take Anika out. He says you are mistaken, I will come back and talk. Shivaye and Anika go. Pinky says I will remove Anika from your life. Tia smiles.

Shivaye asks Anika to stay at home, I don’t want you to fall in problem. Anika says if danger is for you, its for me too, I m also going with you, don’t argue, you know you can’t win. They leave in the car. Tej asks Jhanvi where is Shwetlana. She asks how would I know. He says she is not at home and is not answering my call, you might have told her something that made her leave home. She says you are blaming me. He says fine, you told her to leave home in this state, you pushed her from the stairs, you are capable of anything. She says you are saying this, show me some respect. He says I respect that Jhanvi, not this, you changed completely. She gets angry and says you changed, I wish I could change like you, but I can’t. She throws things angrily and cries.

She says I can’t get annoyed with you, you know why, when man gets annoyed, woman breaks down, when woman gets annoyed, house breaks, I left my self respect, career and life for this house, you snatched our happiness for that Shwetlana, like this relation does not matter to you, I don’t matter to you, did you not think of children, why. He says Shwetlana risked her life and saved my life. She asks does she not have her own home, can’t you provide medical aid at her home. He says there is no use to talk to you. She asks him to stop.

Tia says I miss you Robin, you know your birthday gift is Anika’s death, I m going to take revenge from Anika, I wish I was there to see Anika drying, I think I should be there, how can I miss such big happiness, happy birthday to you, I will call you by your real name, happy birthday Dushyant. She hugs his pic. Sahil hears this. She says its sad we are not together, trust me, your feeling, memories are always with me. Sahil says what is she talking.

Jhanvi asks Tej where are you going, are you going after Shwetlana. He asks why are you jealous. She says I m not jealous or insecure, its wife’s right to stop husband from doing mistake. He says I m not your slave to obey your order. She says I m requesting you, we are husband and wife. He says its problem that we are husband and wife. She gets angry. He says see the way you are behaving, you changed. She says you forced me. He says no, you forced me.

She says if Shwetlana comes in this house, it won’t be good for you. They argue. He asks what will you do. She says my anger came out as pain, if my pain come out as anger, it won’t be good for you. He says I m going to get Shwetlana. She says please Tej, don’t go, everything will get ruined. He says there is nothing between us Jhanvi. She asks what did you say, is there nothing between us. He says truth is our relation is just namesake, I feel suffocated from this relation, marriage and you. She says you feel suffocated, then why don’t you kill me by your hands. She makes him beat her. He asks her to stop it and pushes her. Pinky holds Jhanvi. Tej says you have gone crazy.

Shwetlana smiles seeing Om following her. Shivaye and Anika follow Om. Shwetlana says race started, who knows when and how it ends, lets see to which result this game reaches. Shivaye calls Om. Anika asks where are we going, is Om in trouble. He asks her to shut up. She gets hurt and asks did you not see pit. He says this is car, not plane to fly. He says its your mistake, why did you not wear seat belt. She says you don’t know what to do when someone gets hurt, you should not scold. He holds her. She looks at her. He says you do things to get scolding. She says sorry. He asks why. She says you are already worried and had to stop car because of me.

He says its good you understood you are stupid. She says you are tadibaaz. He asks why are you seeing that way. She says I don’t want to talk. He says if I have to talk. She says why, I m stupid. He says turn this way, I have to talk. He goes to her side and leans to tie seat belt. She looks at him and asks what are you doing. He ties the seat belt. He holds her hair and get that out of the belt strap. He says sit carefully now, if you get hurt, its not my responsibility now.

Shwetlana says I m reaching, do something of Shivaye, else our plan will flop, Shivaye should not reach Om. Rumi says don’t worry. Shivaye calls Om and says answer the call. Om sees call and does not answer. Anika says I think storm is going to come. Shivaye stops the car and says there are two ways, don’t know which way did Om go.

Sahil says this phone will have picture of that man named with D. Tia asks for his phone. Rudra asks is this phone have your secret which Anika was talking about. Anika gets worried seeing Shivaye feeling unwell.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sri anni raju

    actually shivaay has breathing problem
    he has health disorder and it was kept secret and now ASSO will know that

  2. sri anni raju

    whoo whoo i am the first to comment

  3. Riddhima

    What’s going on man … How many plans … How many types of problems … I think kapoor girls will have plan A,B,c,…. Till Z … Kadupethuranga my lord …. Shivay Ku yena achi ?? Om uh yena panna poranga ?? … I think ellam oberai’s um metting onu arrange panni avanga avanga problems lam solli aprom oberai’s discussion panni ovoru problem uh solve pannite vandhanga na oru 2 years LA problems lam solve agitumnu ninaikuren … ????

    1. I think its really disrespectful that you speak a language that others might not understand. This website says strictly english.

      1. What’s there to disrespect?
        People have their own rights to use their language. Even some people using hindi in their comments. Why don’t u tell them to use only English.?
        Tamil la pesna Matum Ena idhu dha kelambi varuvangalo therila Kora solla..

      2. Don’t u dare to say that I’m sorry dia but sharmi was right if u want us to stop commenting in Tamil then u all must stop commenting in Hindi because it’s strictly English right???

      3. ചിയ്ത്ത

        ഹ ഹ ഹ ഹ

      4. Sumi.SS

        Dia.u said others might not sme people can undrstnd her’s their wish..Tamil,Malayalam,hindi,telungu…etc etc..whatevr guyzzz keep commenting..this website is only to share our views on ishqbaaaz…so use ur own prblm..
        Dil bole ishqbaaaz..
        @riddima 2 yrs ah???ckrm obros elarum avaga prblm share pana nala erukum pakalam epothum comment panu..ok.
        @shab Khan thnkq.happy pongal dears.

      5. Riddhima

        If you think so …. Go a head … I will never mind … It’s my right … I will do what I want …. Anyway .. Have a great day dia …

      6. Riddhima

        Sharmi … Engardhu varangane therilla … Iniya pongal nalvazhdhukal

    2. And then like an excel spreadsheet they will start again at AA AB AC

      1. Hi all Tamil ishquies iniya pongal nalvalthukkal ???

      2. Riddhima

        Haha ??? extreme ….

    3. kanchana velayutham

      Hi what’s the problem if we comment in tamil . We comment in tamil to make tamil followers to read and happy and it’s not a big deal

    4. Archiya

      Guys please dnt argue on languages… whatever language ur comfortable, comment n enjoyyy.. finally v al r of Ishqbaaz family .. an v here for a healthy discussion n making frens.. an in case anyone wants to understand any other langauage comment… v can request tat person n m sure they will b glad to translate

      1. Riddhima

        Yes … If you don’t understand ask me ..I will translate …it..dia ..
        Happy pongal archiya

      2. Happy pongal to all tamilians..??????

    5. Archiya

      Happy Pongal Riddhima 🙂

      1. Hii tamil frnds…naanu tamil dha ivungalku enna dha problem..tamilar paatha enna maari thrydhu enga ponaalu prechana cha…naama endha language la pesna ennavaa…oru sila bekkuga idhu dha velenu irukunga…Anyways naanga ipditha inime tamil la comments kuduppo ungluk enna vanchu….

  4. Hai Sri .yes i also think so this is the place where anika hanged right. Is this place may be they both confess their love.if shivay having breath problem anika will say I love you and he open his eyes.and then anika will hanged shivay also said to her I love you and she opened her eyes.

  5. Just dragging this serial from plan to plan.

  6. Archiya

    I have just one comment for today, if I was janvi I wld either have kicked Tej out of OM or left OM myself.Tej does not deserve Janvi.

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah dr..U r ryt..jhanvi is always forgvng tej so easily..aftr knwng his relatnship wth svetlana…he don’t desrve her lve..he is not ready to think abt his wyf and fmly fr a sec..

      1. Archiya

        Rite Sumi.. she forgave him once n accepted him even though he was unfaithful to her… m hoping tat wen shwet truth comes out janvi does nt forgive him

    2. Sumi.SS

      Yeah Archu..but guyz did u noticed..we thnk that aftr Mrs.kapoor blackmail shivaay may get chnge his behaviour towards anika..Nthng happnd..

    3. Sumi.SS

      Yeah Archu..but guyz did u noticed..we thnk that aftr Mrs.kapoor blackmail shivaay may get chnge his behaviour towards anika..Nthng happnd..what do u thnk abt this??I thnk he cmpltly chnged his behaviour..billu ji crazzy on Anika..???

      1. Archiya

        Sumi.. I feel even bfre mrs.kaoor blackmail he had started changin ,once the ons mu gt cleared,his feelings became clear

  7. Jaya

    Epi was…ok. Today I watched on SBB that…ipkknd 2 ki srenu parekh will play opp. Omkara. Don’t know it’s true or just rumour.

    1. Yah, i have also read frm spoiler…. Shrenu parikh frm ISPKKND2

  8. Gayathri.visu

    Very very boring episode…Why should Tia blames Anika for Robin aka Dushyant death, it was Tia’s mistake, this is to much…….And the precap what is happen to Shivaay????????? He has a breathing problem??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thestarkfromhogwarts

    *busy calling the winchesters’
    get these frickin’ demons out of the show!

  10. Susmitha Reddy

    Ha year these many problems and why are these brothers focusing only on shwetlana they should focus on tia also

  11. Omkara told once that shivaay has a heart disease (in the hospital scene)

  12. Madhusoodanan Nair

    this is getting shitter guys…..believe me ….its getting complicated each and everyday

  13. Sumi.SS

    Hi guyzzz..really excited fr upcoming episodes..lotzz of next week we r all going to cry by Nakul and Surbhi wndrful actng..whatevr see in the promo Anika love cnfessn only came true..the situatn is too worst..btw At last they r fne..vrrrryyyy excited..
    Abt 2day epi,starts wth shivika and writers how can that psble they r makng such amazng scenes by the words BLUSH and TADASAN’s too good..shivika rockzzz always…
    At frst their plot is only fr rudy..aftr the video move on to Om..they r chnged the plan so quickly..exactly what’s their plan fr OM? ?what r they gng to do??I hope along wth this track we may expect om girls entry in sme day..
    Chepdi chudail was cmpletly mad..he only kiled robin but blaming anika is’s clr that whatevr happnd to anika in’s tia plot..she said she wl be there..Fr god sake it’s high time to expose Tia’s reality..i hope shivay or Anika wl see tia thr..
    Precap was k..happy fr rudy and sahil scenes..but felt vry bad fr billu ji..I can’t see Him lyk this..???.I am always hates one of his dialogues befre anythng happn to my bro fmly anika..he says I wl die..hate this dialogue lottt..???.

    1. Sumi.SS

      In 2day episode jhanvi actng and dialogues r so powerful..always jhanvi lovess tej so svetlana,he was ready to leave frm his fmly..

    2. Archiya

      True Sumi
      Tia killed her D an blamin on anika.. she just needs a reason to justify his death.. she is nt able to accept tat she killed him herself
      An I m also hopin they see tia thr.. tats the only way she can b exposed as NB.. if tis time also they dnt c her.. thy r simply draggin

      1. Guys…!!
        I don’t think Tia ll b there at the spot. Coz she ll b busy fighting with Rudr here. It ll b her goons who might execute the plan.

      2. Sumi.SS

        Frst very big sorry to both of u fr not relpyng in previous comment section..grlzz..thr was a lot of wrk fr pongal celebratn..
        Yeah Archiya..i wsh the same..smthng a little bit abt tia’s reality..

      3. Archiya

        Its ok Sumi dear.. u need not be sorry… festivals r meant to b busy wit family… n as far as I knw Pongal is the biggest festival for u..

      4. Sumi.SS

        Thnkq Archu..thnkq lax..??

    3. HAPPY PONGAL SUMI..!!??

  14. just love Shivika scenes??? n hate u tez??

    1. WOW!!!. Shekhar thank u for the link. AniKa confessed her love to her tadibaaz bagad billa..I m so excited to watcheck it..yippee shivika rocks..and their first hug..OMG I can’t wait that..

  15. Annika n her vocabulary My God..!! Thaadaka, Jamuni, Lajwanti, Bhaskar? ? Shivikas seatbelt moments were wow. Their eyelocks are to die for?? Shivay is very casual when he does all this. Annika but is a little nervous. But iss romance ke chakkar mein they missed Om, yeh log na kahin bhi shuru ho jathe hain.

    Oms walk was so intense. Now What’s RoTiLana upto?? Am really worried.
    Didn’t like Tia’s acting today.

    Tej – Jhanvi fight was fierce. Liked that sequence. Both their body language while performing was so natural. From the way Jhanvi was sitting on the couch to how she fell on Pinky and everything in between was beautifully carried out by the actress.

    Also I guess Pinky ll give Annika a tough time when she is back after all this drama. May b Shivay ll b majboor then n won’t b able to support Annika.

    P.S.- New spoiler videos of Shivika is out. Hope all of you ve seen. Annika is confessing her love to an unconscious Shivay. Not sure if Shivay heard it. Later when he is conscious they both hug? So That’s how Annika k pyar ki ghanti bajthi hain.
    And in the video, Nakuul helps Surbhi to sit properly n makes her comfortable. So sweet

    P.P.S- Sorry in advance. I ve always appreciated Gul for her choice of cast. She is the best in the industry when it comes to choosing a Jodi. She gave me Shivika. Can’t thank her enough for that. But today for the first time am not happy abt Kunals pair. Kunal is powerhouse of talent and he deserves a takkar k heroine opposite him. I don’t feel the new choice is as good as Om. Since the news is not confirmed by Gul, am still hopeful. Anyway it’s my personal opinion, plz no offence to the heroine’s fans. Sorry once again.

    1. Archiya

      Lax dear
      Ye log kahin pe bhi shuru ho jaate hain.. lolzzzz.. an ur rite.. poor anika she is always so nervous n tats why she will feel her love first
      An abt kunal pair I think v shld wait… ppl are simply spreadn rumors as they knw v r waitin fr om lead

      1. Archu..!!
        Lot of sources ve confirmed the new heroines entry. I think it’s true this time. But am still hopeful.

    2. Sumi.SS

      Hi lax..Yeah Dr hope fr the best.befre ishqbaaaz we knw abt nakul surbhi kunal lee neha..all their previous shows and actng..but I started lovng them and really stunned by their act in’s all becz of the char given by gul mam..
      So we hav to wait..

  16. Razna

    : Star Plus’s popular show Ishqbaaz has grabbed a lot of eyeballs due to its ‘Oberoi brothers’. As we know that Anika (Surbhi Chandna) is Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s (Nakuul Mehta) love interest, Soumya (Nehalaxmi Iyer) is Rudra Singh Oberoi’s (Leenesh Mattoo) love but who will be paired opposite Omkara Singh Oberoi (Kunal Jaisingh)? Every Ishqbaaz fan has got answer for that but it may disappoint them a bit.

    Not Vrushika Mehta but Shrenu Parikh has been finalized to play the role opposite Omkara. There was speculations on various names like Sana Amin Sheikh and Helly Shah but their search ended on Shrenu.

    Shrenu was last seen in Star Plus’s hit show ‘Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon..Ek Baar Phir’. She will soon enter the show and will be the love interest of Omkara.

    Earlier there were reports of Vrushika’s return in the show and this got many of her fans excited. But now air is clear as Shrenu has been roped in for the role.

    Are you excited to see Shrenu and Kunal Jaisingh together?

    1. Razna

      I dont know is this news were right or not….but i think helly or sanam were better than shrenu….realy i like here in ipkknd…but cant see as oms pair……
      And coming to today episode its really nice….shivika rockdd..but iam eagerly waiting for nezt episode….there anika wil realise her love for shivay…i watched it on sbs…..but i think confession will be after 1 yr…they will drag it to the core….

  17. Krishnaa

    I think there is no more “all for one and one for all” moment among the OBros. they are all protecting each other but i think they should share to each other when the matter is serious. the accident,now the mms, rumya’s marriage, illegitimate heir of OM. there is unity among the brothers but they should also share the problems to each other. a new spoiler is about Shrenu Parikh entering the show opposite omkara but i wont believe till it is confirmed by the actress herself. heard some rumors about romi going to blackmail omkara to marry her which is disgusting to hear. another rumor is soumya turning out to be a villain which is really unexpected. i just hope all these are just rumors because i dont want om to marry a villain not do i want soumya to turn villain, it wont suit her and will spoil everything leaving many loopholes. OBros love interests should be only good characters not villains!

    1. I don’t think somya bcome villan she is planing something to find out truth…. She can’t be villan i think she would exachange tia mobile

  18. Single women(Tia) having eye on all oberai’s but all cnt keep eye on one

  19. Boring episode ?
    Really shivay fails to show his knowledge always.. He first should have asked to show tat dayama statement to him.

  20. Mouni

    the dialogues today were powerful from all sides , writers are really good
    this nafratbaaz are too much smart and organised , its painful to watch but we have to be logical , they have been preparing for years and years , they study the plans really well so its normal that they look more smart than the IB but our heros will crack their plans sooner or later , maybe anika will find something in the future attack that will lead them to something and rudra / sahil are after tia and leenech said that anika suspicion will be confirmed so am hoping they will get the proof we are all eagrly waiting for and am hoping om will make a connection btw swetlana and romi
    next week will be action / drama / romance as shown in the videos , anika confess her love to an unconsious sso and it is said that when he finds her in that tree near death he will also confess his love so my guess is that none of them will hear it from the other and when they return pinky will be there to make a scene to anika but am sure sso will stop her and refuse to let her insult anika
    am really eager to know what happend after the tree scene and what will happend next

    1. Archiya

      So confession is frm bth sides.. nt just anika as we thght.. tat will b gud

      1. Archiya….confession from both sides….but the receiver is in unconscious stage….what use of such confession?? Anika can’t possibly hear Shivaye’s confession because she must be totally unconscious….but I feel there are chances Shivaye must have heard Anika’s confession as he must be in a semiconscious state. But, I think both of them have to confess in jungle itself as that is the only place where they have privacy now….once they get back to OM both of them will be under great pressure due to Pinky and Mrs. Kapoor!! Lets wait!!

      2. Archiya

        Lijince dear,
        I knw its of no use..but atleast v will knw fr sure tat they bth love each the promo only shws anika realising her love.. I want shivay also to realise his love fr her.. . n if they confesss so soon to each other wit the bth in conscious state.. then the charm of shivika will go offff… just my pOV 🙂

    2. Mouni
      I ll b super happy if SSO confesses his love to Annika even if she does not hear it, but not sure how true is that spoiler.
      Also am confused, if Annika’s confession is before or after the hanging scene.??

      1. Mouni

        hi lax , l believe the confession is BEFORE the hanging , he will faint first and she will stay with him crying and saying her love and not to leave her now that their love is new and then he wakes up and checks her hand wound and someone told me in insta that he will ask her to get his medics in the car and when he sees she took long time to come back he goes out and finds her in that tree and he cuts the rope with an axe to free her and then he confesses his love just like her and then she will wake up too
        that’s what they told me in insta
        am eager to see the scenes after she wakes up , is it in the hospital or in the OM and what will happend next ???

    3. Mouni..!!
      It’s Oberoi Mansion. Just saw a pic of Shivika in their room both standing n Annika closing her ears. Donno what’s the situation.

      1. Sumi.SS

        Lax I thnk she started ignorng shivaay aftr the realizatn…woooww guyzz it’s really intrstng… what abt Om and Svetlana..

      2. Mouni

        YESSSS LAX l saw it too , something seems wrong with anika , sso looks fine but she seems in shock , its said that he came close to her and she was holding some clothes in her hands and when he come she drops the clothes in fear and closes her ears , he is looking at her confused , it seems she suffers from something maybe after the hanging she had a brain trauma or maybe they drugged her ?? it seems interesting now , we will see sso caring and nursing her

    4. Mouni, Sumi..!!
      Saw the full segment now. It’s a funny situation actually. Whenever Shivay comes near her, she hears bells ringing means “pyar ki ghanti” n that’s y she is closing her ears. Hope she ignores Shivay, that ll b intresting to see.

      1. Mouni

        aw really ?? lol good then , l thought its a new drama

      2. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr..eagerly waitng… this forest drama only fr this pyar ki ghanti..I wsh she wl ignore shivay ..what wl be shivaay reaction aftr ignorng by Anika..really intrstng track.

      3. Archiya

        Pyaar ki ghanti.. lolzzz…it will b interesting to watch.. in ipkknd it was HB.. here its ghanti…

      4. Jungle se direct ghar pahunch gaye?? Not fair yaar! I was expecting Shivika to spend the night in that deserted house. If not whole night at least a few hours!! If not in jungle at least in hospital. It would have been more interesting to see Shivika romance and then in middle of romance Anika realises pyar ki ghanti baj gayi!! Wow….it would have been a feast to watch!!

        I still don’t understand why Oberois never go to hospitals after facing ‘near-to-death’ situations…..naam, khoon, khandan ke saath hospital se bhi allergic hain kya?? 😀 😀 😀

  21. Today’s episode was little boring. On spoiler tia’s mom gone blackmail shivay again and she is going to make shivay to throw anika out of OM and his life. Please make expose tia somehow. It’s getting boring with pregnancy acting. Rudra and shahil finds something about tia’s past.

  22. Today’s epi was just awesome.. from d beginning to the end..first shivika moments then janvi’s pain etc everything was good and ya car scene of words..but from tomorrow the epi will be full of suspense,drama,emotion,action and all.. I hope shivika will be alright and hope Anika’s feelings won’t get hurt..I just wanted a ishqbaAZ would telecast on sunday too.can’t wait….

  23. Minion....

    Hii … everyone how r u all.??
    Episode was good… don’t know what they want 2 do with om…. let’s see…

  24. kanchana velayutham

    Hi tamil fans enniya pongal nalvazhthukal

  25. So Shivika are mislead to the jungle. Its not part of Swetlana’s plan…then what is Swetlana’s plan?? Guys in one spoiler they had told that Romi will blackmail Om to marry her….not sure about it!! Can’t think of Om marrying chudail Romi.
    After a long time Tejvi got opportunity to show their emotions….the actress playing Janvi has done a fab job portraying Janvi’s feelings! Tejvi were Ishqbaazis first…and still Tej doesn’t try to understand Janvi’s feelings…..sad!! When all the truth and plans of Swetlana are exposed and Tej realizes his grave mistake, I feel Janvi should not forgive him….she should just leave OM or ask Tej to leave OM.
    We have to wait for Pinky’s big plan…..still can’t make out what she is upto? I just hope she doesn’t become part of Tia’s planning and thereby put Shivaye in danger!!
    Tia is wasting Luche-Tuche 2 Rs. wali tears for Robin…..yuck….unbearable!! And Rotilana have too many plans I think…..waiting for Obros to find out their truth and start plotting against them!!
    Shivika moments….muaah! Waiting for the hug after the jungle epi! Wondering if Shivaye and Anika have some ‘Superman’ powers….both have been almost dead and such speedy recovery for both!!
    And all those who dislike Shrenu’s entry in IB, let’s wait and see! Let’s hope that she will refuse this opportunity seeing the reaction from fans 😉 😉 😉

  26. PINKY and JHANVI, both are family loving, but both have their own limitations. PINKY is daring but lacking of thought process while J has deep thought process but lacking of daring. But unison of P & J is perfect that is what CVs are exactly doing now to counter attack of KAPOORs……………..

    To be continue

    1. After long JHANVI , when found TEJ on the verge of breaking his own family, her inner woman emerged out with full form, and threated TEJ either to leave SWET or beready for its consequencies there of, and am sure, she does mean it. Some secrets of TEJ which she knows she will use for sure against TEJ to mantain the family unity and to dragg back TEJ again to make it strong and PINKY is her moral support in this hint of which CV has given by showing PINKY taking care of JHANVY when TEJ pushed JHANVI away and was about to lose her balance.

      It is unfortunate that neither JHANVY norYOUNG TEAM never made any convo over SWET drama when JHANVI is all alone confirm, SHE DID NOT PUSHED SWET WHEEL CHAIR. But at later stage they may join hands.

      SSO’s MIND SET has been changed a lot after getting TIA and his MIL at their worst level and his illusion is being start to scattered and his perspective are getting change the direction in his thought process. THat was ANNIKA who made definate and concluding effort to make him comfirt in his worst situation and that was TIA who attempted to make his situation more worst. One is trying to dragg out from the effect of unbearable stress and second one is trying to increase the intensity of that stress, and this difference is very well experienced by SSO which was nicely picturised by CVs during all SHIVIKA MOMENTS. Their feelings for each other made them both realised their relation are OVER & ABOVE any physical relation. Their understandng for each other made DIVORCE PAPER useless, whether it will be executed or not . ANNIKA and SSO both know, as of now there is no future of their present state of marriage, and accordingly both are behaving like a GOOD UNDERSTANDING FRIENDS, but SSO never missed a single opportunity to make her happy and take care of her in a very decent way only to make her realise WHAT DOES SHE MEANS FOR HIM, AND WILL BE ! It is neither his flirt nor his love, it is his guilt for all wrong he had done with her so far. RESPECT, CARE, WISHING TO MAKE HAPPY are the steps to reach at the LANDING OF LOVE.

      SSO is being crushed between two types of VIBES, one sourced from TIA and other one sourced from ANNIKA, and he is feelings the different effects of respective vibes, and thats why he avoid to be around TIA and wising to be around ANNIKA as much as possible. Knowing this ,TIA ,thats why, was complaining PINKY, ON YOUR CALL, HE MAY COME HERE, BUT HIS MIND AND HEART WOULD BE WITH ANNIKA!!!!!!! ha ha ha ………..( GOOD TIA , YOU ARE RIGHT!!!!!)

      Any waym SEPARATION of SHIVAKA may take place under the odd situation, but with different mind set of SSO and ANNIKA as they were in past separation. If SEPARATION may take place again, then it will be happen with good understanding between duo, but never with any types of MU( MISS UNDERSTANDING) as before. Before separatng, both will be well aware , why they are separating, and will not be in dark, why and for what they both got separated again now!!! NECT SEPARATION may leave unbalanced pain on both side, more on SSO side, less on ANNIKA side, that is for sure.


      2. Yes Shekhar I also feel that in near future Janvi will find out Obros planning against Swetlana and surely will join them or vice versa. It would look better if Obros had support from elders like Janvi and Dadi. And I think it will be Janvi who will find out that Tia and Swetlana are sisters.

        And coming to Shivaye’s feelings for Tia and Anika….it is good that he understands the innocence in Anika and Tia and Mrs. Kapoor’s shrewdness. It is clear that hereafter he may not misunderstand Anika for any reason….he will not tolerate anyone insulting Anika….he will do anything to see Anika’s smile and that will make her happy! And Anika is also on the path of realization of Shivaye’s changed feelings towards her… maybe next time Shivaye hesitates to support her she will understand that Shivaye is not doing so out of his own will but under some compulsion.
        But, what bothers me is when it comes to family, Shivaye is almost blind and will not see others pain or emotions. We are not sure if Shivaye is giving importance to the husband-wife relation. Till date, we have seen Anika calling him mera pati and trying to prove her rights as wife and Shivaye is also well aware of that. Shivaye has accepted her as wife only in front of Daksh….I don’t think even Anika knows that!!
        Shivaye is flirting with Anika, caring for Anika, making breakfast for Anika….but why?? Only because he is regretting that he has done wrong to Anika?? Or is it because he thinks it is his right as husband?
        Actually in that scene where he checks Anika’s forehead for any injury and says “kaam tho daatnewali hi karthi ho” I felt Shivaye was showing his husband side.

      3. LIJINCE, I cleared it out, if a separation take place, it will be not with any MISS UNDERSTANDING, but both will now, WHY and FOR WHAT both are getting separated again!!! PAIN will be there on both side, unbalanced, more on SHIVAAY, less on ANNIKA side!

      4. WHEN understanding is there, pain has its unique way to emergeout leaving no space for bothering!

  27. I hate you rotialana just love you shivika guess what will happen next

  28. Esther

    How come they have so many back up plans….!!!

    1. Esther

      *the Nafrathbaaz

  29. After alongwhile, am excited for dz show..?

  30. In yesterday episode l liked shivika….tej and jhani fight ohhh how cruel this tej is…actually this tej doesn’t deserves jhanvi…but I l liked tej and jhanvis acting very much….
    What will happen with shivika and omkara now….We have to see
    There is a news that sherun will play omkaras lead character. ..I know many are not happy with this news but im really happy bcz at least helly is not entering ib….sherun is not a bad choice. ..anyways it’s my pove only

    1. Circuimstances change the equation, and consequently story does, but atlast everything is goint to be a HAPPY END, leaving some sorrow, pain with new born smiles !

  31. Yes shahabana I also hear that shrenu will act against omkara.I like it.
    And I eager to wait to shivika love confession.

  32. When will that nafartbaaz will end.
    And guys I have a doubt is omkara really an illegitimate son or it is a drama of Mrs kapoor aka nafaratbaaz.
    I don’t believe that omkara is illegitimate.

  33. Anika will heAR pyar ki ghanti when shivay comes nearer to her??
    So sweet scene will be it..
    Can wait till tomorrow

  34. Mouni

    l must say that for someone cold and calculating like sso he turned out to be the most romantic of the obros , even om didn’t reach his level with redima and rudra too , his flirty way is too cute , even when he is angry he can’t take his eyes or hands away from her but it seems that anika’s reaction to those love bells is taking out her cothes from sso’s closet , he looked confused poor guy , he was a bit shocked when she stoped him from touching her neck looool poor sso his panika is avoiding him and l hope that will makes him crazy running after her , l hope he didn’t hear her love confession , l dont want him to use her love for him while he has no courage expressing his , anika deserves to hear that confession first , he has to admit that his stupid KKN beliefs are totally wrong and he wants to be with her forgetting about everything else but why am l finding it hard to believe , l can’t picture him saying this now as nakul said its still confusion add to that pinky and tia who will love to see anika staying away from sso anyway am hoping anika will make him realise her importance in his life , she should distance herself a bit from him

  35. Guys in have heard one shocking news that tej is going to give divorce to janvi.
    I don’t know whether it’s true or not.but I have also heard swetlana’s plan of creating rift in OM gets successful. .and by seeing all this situation dadi and omkara shattered. .

  36. Cool precap…. excited for the next episode. But I am more excited for my bae nakuul’s bday tomorrow!!!! N btw I read that 2 of his fans actually named a star after him as a present….he mentioned it on his instaa… already so much happening…dunno what will happen tomorrow?? so damn excited!!

      1. Thanks shekhar for such amazing links

  37. Fear of love!

    When one failed to recognized strange feelings so far, and then when realised it, person get shocked with own feelings, and fear made that person to escape which was nicely picturised by OB MAKERS!

    I do believe SURBHI has already attain her UNBEATABLE heigth of acting in all the fields of expressing all types of emotions. The height at which she is now, will be the dream of any new entrent as well as old actress. She proved to be a non challangable.


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