Ishqbaaz 14th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Anika follows Veer

Ishqbaaz 14th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says Veer will be in front of our eyes, I feel someone is helping him, he can’t do this alone, money transfer from my account without my phone and passwords is not possible, I m sure someone is helping him. She asks who can it be. He says we will know it, Veer will need that person’s help, his plan is delayed, he will surely make a mistake. She says amazing, when it comes to making plans, your surpass the clever Saas of tv shows, sorry but you brought Veer home, he didn’t even doubt on us. Veer practices Tai chi. He says I wanted to come in this house, you made my work easy, people invite Ram home, but you got Raavan home. Shivaye says I know he is Raavan, there is no place for him in our house, still I got him here, because this time, Raavan will lose in Ayodhya, not Lanka.


asks Om to pass the sauce. Rudra asks what are you making. Shivaye says pesto pasta. Rudra says hey, they rhymed, this calls for an Obro hug. He hugs them and says I missed this moment, this feeling of three of us in this kitchen. Om says moment has passed. Shivaye says it was emotional and now its awkward. Rudra asks what gift are you going to give to Anika. Shivaye asks why. Om says its valentines’ day, I know its a special day, there is a meteor shower tomorrow, its said that it occurs once in 100 years, if we spend the day with our life partner, we will get the same person as our partner for all births. Rudra says how poetic, if I was a poet, I would have said…. Soumya looks on. Om starts shayari….Rudra says amazing and claps. Shivaye says stop saying it. Soumya says I can’t do this, these three brothers are here. Veer says stop it, just do what I said. Rudra says I m thinking to give golden handcuffs to Bhavya, guys I didn’t mean that, don’t give me that look. Om says I m thinking to gift something unique to Gauri, how about a paint. They say no. Rudra says spend some money on wife. Om says intention matters, not the price. Soumya thinks how to steal a knife. Shivaye takes it. She asks what are you preparing. He says pesto pasta. Om asks her to suggest what should Shivaye gift Anika. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya come. Anika asks are you going to give me a gift.

Rudra says because its valentines day. Shivaye asks am I a teenager to celebrate valentines day. Anika asks won’t you give me anything. Shivaye says no, I m more evolved, I don’t believe in these days. She says you are a miser. Soumya takes the knife and goes. Anika says I can buy a gift for myself. She stumbles. Soumya hides. Anika fixes her sandal. She says I m fed up of you, you are fine now. She goes. Soumya comes to Veer and says you just sit here and order around. Veer says relax, I knew you will get this. She asks why do you need this. He says I will tell you. He cuts the bandages. She asks what are you doing. Shivaye says Anika got upset and left. Rudra asks why do you do this. Om says you won’t understand, this is their way to show love. Shivaye asks Gauri to keep an eye on Om, he is talking about love a lot.

Soumya asks your fracture Veer says its fine, no one can stop me from getting what I want. She says then your reason to stay here will end. He says you are too cute, only the two of us know this, no one else will know, I will stay here and make Shivaye’s destruction plan, its valentines day tomorrow, Oberois will be busy, we will execute our plan, I will make you meet the biggest enemy of Oberois. She asks is he ready to meet us. He says yes, this will be our biggest attack. Shivaye passes in corridor and stops. Veer says Shivaye and Anika don’t know, a big storm is going to hit them. Shivaye says whom is Veer talking to. He enters the room and says Soumya you… She says I was passing by, I heard him coughing so came to give him water. Shivaye asks Veer to tell him if he needs any help. He says as a host, its my responsibility to fulfill your every need. Veer says ofcourse, if I have to trouble you for my need, I will do. Shivaye says Soumya we will let Veer rest. They leave.

Shivaye comes to room and asks Anika what are you doing. She says I m keeping clothes. He says you are throwing them. She asks why do you care, I will do what I feel like. They argue. He says valentines is for teenagers, not for married and mature people like us. She says you mean we have turned old, your hair got grey. He says your eyes got wrong, listen to me, we don’t need a particular day to express love, greeting card company made this special day to loot people, the world is mad, but we are not mad. She says you mean everyone is mad, and you are smart, I don’t want to talk to you. He says if you think I will get that bear and… for you, I m not doing this. She says like on Karwa chauth day, you said you won’t keep the fast and kept it, you are doing the same, I know you are planning something big. He says don’t dream, else it will hurt, I m not going to do anything. She goes. He says I will do, she knows me so well. Its morning, everyone wishes happy valentines day. Pinky says Shakti didn’t remember it.

Shakti says even you could have wished me. She asks for gift. He says well…. okay, wish you a very happy valentines day. He gives her a paratha. They all smile. Shakti says don’t gift parathas like me. Anika says we will be getting good gifts. Shivaye says I don’t believe in this, lets have breakfast, come sit. Shakti says we have to go to temple. Rudra asks why. Shakti says the first wedding invitation is to given to Lord. Shivaye says I will go and give breakfast to Veer. Anika says someone else will take it. Shivaye says I have to give medicines too, I have to recover him. She says if all of us leave, Veer…. He says Veer will be alone, I m giving medicines so that he sleeps, I will come back and keep an eye on him, no one should know his truth, I don’t want them to worry.

Veer thanks Shivaye. Shivaye gives medicines to him. Veer says I m feeling sleepy, don’t know why. Shivaye says get some rest. He goes. ShivOmru are on the way. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya are in another car. Anika asks what did they have to talk. Gauri says maybe they have to plan for evening, gift… Anika says maybe, where is my phone, you both carry on, I will get my phone. Bhavya says we will come along. Anika says no, Dadi asked us to reach on mahurat, you go, I will come. Anika gets down the car. Shivaye thinks to go home by some excuse, its not good to leave Veer alone at home. Anika looks for her phone. She hears Veer. Veer talks to someone on phone. He says I m alone at home, I pretended to fall asleep in front of Shivaye, that fool believes me and got convinced, I m just leaving, see you soon, its imp that we meet, we have to unite for Shivaye’s destruction. Anika gets shocked and thinks he is fine, it means he is fooling us, I will have to inform Shivaye. She moves back. Her phone drops and breaks. Veer turns to see. She hides. He says who can it be, everyone went to temple. He leaves. She says I have to find out where he is going and whom is he going to meet, I have to inform Shivaye.

She hires and auto and follows Veer. She says this phone is broken, how will I call Shivaye. She asks driver if he has a phone. He says no. She says fine, follow that car. Anika goes after Veer. Soumya asks Veer where is the person whom we came to meet. Veer says I don’t like people who question a lot, control your anxiety. She asks who’s this person and what’s his enmity. He says this person is biggest enemy of Oberois. Anika comes. Veer says its an Oberoi, who hates Oberoi family, Shivaye doesn’t know this. Anika thinks who can it be. Veer says the insider will destroy Ayodhya, Shivaye is proud to be an Oberoi, he will learn a lesson when an Oberoi ruins him. Anika thinks who is that Oberoi who wants to ruin Shivaye. Someone comes there and ticks the clock near Anika. Anika screams. Veer turns and smiles seeing Anika.

Shivaye asks where is Anika. Gauri says she went to get her phone. Shivaye calls Anika. He says what happened to Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Pushpa

    Hey gals…
    Today Shivaye’a again..
    All was great….beinging to OM, so he is just in front of eyes but this thangabali ? Shivaye brought problem 2OM…yes true instead of ram shivaye brought raavan bck home…

    These obro kitchen moment…hv missed it a lot…nice 2c tht hug…..Somu waiting to get the knife…..What the wuck????? Shivaye dun believe in valentines dsy celebration…cmon shivaye….u r my valentine,….meaning u will not give me gift?????

    Shivika jagdha ws owsm….and anika of course knows shivaye well…mee too yaar,….he will end up celebrating wt anika .
    Thts beaitiful scene..

    Thts cute shakti giving pinky paratha as gift?..shivzye takes breakfast 4 veer by giving sleeping pills…..shivaye plan backfired??????
    Why anika why????? U clumbsy of wht? Cant u be more careful…Now u cant call Shivaye for help……who is tht oberoi? Anika duplicate? Again

    Precap…..frighten……anika is in veers hand?…acha i think shivaye will shoot the duplicate…hope thts the case..
    Did hua detectivebaaz..
    Gd nite gals…

    1. Pui

      Go Di go ! Congrats on 1st comment

    2. my gelu pusi dear wants gift from her shivaye..chale jao IB ke mangoge woh de dega..
      And..Shivaay will celebrate with shooting her..????..
      And anni’s can’t be happened..she is someone else..
      And don’t get angry on my annika di..??????..
      Congratulations dear..GO Pusi Go..

    3. I really hope pushpa they Don’t have Anika duplicate as another Oberoi member. The story will repeat like Mahi/ Shivaay. I rather our very own Anika comes in a different avartar as a plan by shivika

    4. Go Pushpa di Go.Many many congratulations…….?
      Me too loved their kitchen moments.After such a long time.Your Shivaay is very smart,teasing Anika intentionally.He is a born Ishqbaaz so it’s obvious he had already planned his Valentine.Let’s see what happens.I hope upcoming is going to be exciting.Take care?

    5. Hi pushes dear.
      Congras dear. Waa u Wt gift from shivaye Anna all the best. Tc

  2. Arpita6

    Hiiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ….
    1.i think things are will be alright..but they are spreading much more raita..whatyarr.

    2.After sooo many months i listened those line.PEHELE EMOTIONAL THA .AAB AWKWARD HE.???.rudy as always cute and shivomru as always do fun in kitchen.after sooo many days..shayarkara is back..valentines day pe accha gift mila om se thnx om
    3.And Surbhi di chandu di annika di..plz take care of f your health..your voice said it are sick.get well soon.btw you are looking soo gorgeous in yellow..yellow yellow beautiful fellow..???.
    4.shivika banter as always..ladai nahi karenge..toh din kaise guzrega..inka khana hazam hi nahi hoga..????..Bilu ji aap chahe kitna bhi chupalo..aapki biwi aspko bahut acche se janti he..she know you more than can’t hide things from her for long time..
    5Now i am scared…When Sso heart broken both are unknown about upcoming disaster. .plz save my shivika..
    6.Sumo..for god shake stop it Cvs.why are doing this.when i saw sumo in kitchen i remembered old days when su.o used to be there with rudy and they used to do cat fight..#hitby nostalgia. ..i am missing my old sumo.
    7.Sso i know you are smart.but this veer is more smart than you…and he is not alone…
    8Annika ko fasna tha bhi he.may be annika can be impulsive but i love her impulsive ness.. (you can say i am biased )..
    9.EK OBEROI HI EK OBEROI KO BARBAD KAR SAKTI HE..????.ye dialogue mere ko aab funny lagne laga he..seriously. …??????….but who is she..ROOP????????????????.9nce again a big question. ..
    10.So Sso will shoot annika on valentines day…i wil cry bucket sure…don’t know what will happen..hope it will be shivika plan..or also annika plan..i heard annika will come in a new look…
    . a days i am feeling excited like earlier. My old IB is back..some days before it was like plain..but now full on masalaedar episode. ..
    12 precap-waiting for tomorrow desperately. ..i still can’t figure out the reason behind this big mess..lets see..
    13.NILASH dear..your the Kidnapper…is really awesome. .i am loving it..
    14 GPKJ.happy shivratri..and valentines day..sabko dher sara pyarr…

    1. Pui

      Hi Di !
      Mere mann mein aise hi khayal aaya ki Shivika ka food digest nahi hota bina jhagda ke ! ??
      Even I m loving these epis.. like very interesting things…
      Aapko bhi Shivratri ki wishes and Valentines ki bhi ❤

      1. He he he Thnx Pui…and inke is banter ko dekhe bina meri food digest nahi hoti.. ????….

    2. Hi Arpita,
      Awwwww….You are so cute.Najar na lage tumhari cuteness ko.No yaar,you are not biased at all.That’s the nature of Anika,a little bit impulsive,not calculative and anything.That’s why we love her sooooo…much.Yeah she knows Shivaay more than himself.The everlasting beauty of their relationship.Looking forward to upcoming.Hope this track is going to entertain us.Take care?

      1. Forgot to wish you.Happy Shivratri and Valentine’s day?

    3. Hi Arpi dear,
      Hru. Yes happy for those kitchen scenes ND for the dialogue. Was missing it. But I couldn’t c it??????. Even I’m missing somu Di’s dialogue “Acc to the survey conducted by the——-” missing it. Hoping tht CVS may change her character. with lots of love. Take care

  3. Pui

    Hi guys..
    My mum is back, still I could do this because….
    I have a khidkitod brain like Anika. Will tell u some other day ???
    Shivaay is damn clever, I must appreciate Anika for being an antaryaami ! She was correct in naming SSO as Smart Singh Oberoi ??
    Just imagine how Shivaay would look if he would be one if those TYPICAL Saas of Hindi soaps, plotting against their bahus
    ROFL ??????
    Shivika and Valentines ❤❤❤❤
    Loved the moments in the kitchen ????
    But lagta hai ki Shivika ka Valentines….
    Veerentines banjaega ????
    Rudy yaar, golden handcuffs k liye abhi bahut jaldi hai…
    Tum se zyada Shivika ko uski zaroorat hai ????
    No offense intended

    Om yaar, Gauri is not a painter like you….
    Paint as a valentines gift… way….
    Sorry, actually yes.. good u learnt from Shivaay how to use paint.. ????
    Laal ishq Rikara version ?????
    Bahut naughty ho gaye ho Omky !

    Shivaay trusts Soumya damn too much ! Else he would have deciphered that she was with Veer in his plan….

    Anika is also a chantomind ! She knows what her hubby has planned for her ??

    Shakti gifting a parantha to Pinky….

    So again Anika has taken the trouble on herself to follow Veer !
    Accha Anika, Oberoi Mansion mein landline nahi tha kya ? U could have informed Shivaay na !
    Why do these people always follow the villains alone ? They know that the villains are dangerous and will fall into trouble…still will follow alone so that some one has to come and save them…????
    And this khuraffati Veer knew that Anika was following him ! He is also no less chaalu cheez!
    No Anika is trapped and then Shivaay will come to save her! Or maybe Veer will take her back to Goa and then Friday she will run away and get shot….
    I dont know whats gonna happen…
    But I think that Shivaay will come to know the secret which will seperate them… Tia was saying that it will destroy Shivika and Anika’s family was also involved in it ! I think thats why Shivaay will shoot Anika….
    Lets wait and watch ! Its going on a good track now ????
    Good ni8 ! Love ❤❤❤

    1. Pui dear..tumne mere dimag ko 360 degree main ghuma diya… don’t tell me.Veer will take annika to Goa..i don’t want that Vanmanosh to touch my annika di.and No veer is not a chalu cheez..he is chanto mai..chalu cheez is only shivaay.
      And Veeranatines day.?????..true..

      And your Mom also don’t know you watch ishqbaaz or comment mother too.actually my parents don’t like serials at all..and they don’t know i watch serial..if they will get to know then my gangaram will be done..but i watch only ishqbaaz…

      1. Pui

        Hii Di !
        Kaise ho ?
        Actually mujhe nahi pata ki kya hoga.
        Promo mein jab Shivaay Anika ko shoot kiya toh background mein Goa waale ghar ka lawn lag raha tha. Issiliy , maine aisa assume kar liya. ?
        Sorry, Shivaay hai chaalu cheez no one else.
        Mom ko pata hai ki mai IB dekhto hoon and kabhi kabhi woh bhi dekhti hai….
        But yeh nahi pata ki analysis and stuff karti hoon…nahi toh mera cut off kar degi.
        So she does not know ?

    2. Hi Pui,
      I think Anika was indirectly pointing her saas Pinky.Hehehehe…..Not Om but you have become naughty dear.But thank you so much.I am just loving it.Me too thought that why didn’t she use the landline?Off course,cvs have their own brain to utilize anything.Don’t know what is going to happen and how.Anyway,take care.If possible then do tell us how are you managing to use your phone to comment?

      1. Pui

        Hi Luthfa dearie ???
        Waise Pinky deserves dis…she actually did such things….????
        Shivaay’s expression was ROFL when this happened ???
        I have become naughty ? I was always naughty ???
        How I manage is by telling my mum a story about my non- existing friend and managing to keep the phone with me… ????

  4. Hello everyone, have a great day everyone. Today’s episode is spine chilling. A lot of questions and no answers…

    First I love the obros moment in the kitchen. All the bros cooking together and laughter, jokes and obro hug. Rudra is so funny. I missed the kitchen moment.

    Next I loved Shivika’s nok jhok and the quarrels of Valentine’s day. That was so cute and romantic. Wished they had also shown Rikara a little more as well. Maybe tomorrow they will show Rikara romance. Of course I love Shivka’s moments, It goes without saying. Nver looked forward to Ruvya’s moments.

    Although I love Anika so much but fans of Anika do not get upset with me. I really felt like slapping Anika in this episode. Why did she even attempt to follow Veer when she knows jolly well that he is dangerous and she is treading on dangerous grounds??? Can’t she just use the landline and inform shivaay rather than following Veer in an auto. Honestly, do you think Veer does not realize this? After all an oberoi is going to take revenge. What does Anika thinks she is? A superwoman??? Devi mata or what? Her enthusiasm and eagerness to find out the truth and to help shivaay lands her always in trouble. This trouble she could have avoided by making a detour to the temple and inform Shivaay. Shivaay is SSO and he will know what to do . Now Shivaay has more problem to solve. He has to now get Anika to safety. I wonder how is he going to do that when he does not have any clue,

    I don’t know what will happen tomorrow’s episode and I don’t want to guess. Which Oberoi is helping Veer? That mysterious woman looks like Jhanvi as she has jhanvi’s height. Everyone is at the temple. The other Oberoi that I can guess is Tej and Shakti’s younger sister. I can’t remember her name. Well she is the other oberoi. There isn’t anyone else connected to Oberoi family who are women. Unless this woman is a new character being introduced.

    It is exciting to know what will happen tomorrow. I hope Shivaay will save Anika or Anika escapes from there. It is Valentine’s celebration tomorrow so Anika has to be there.

    I just am afraid Veer will not leave her alone as Anika knows everything now.

    1. Hi Sindhu,

      Even the new enemy look like jhanvi.. It can’t be Roop.. Even she is fat and short..I Think now jhanvi is following Tej footstep of destroying own family.. Even in dinning table everyone where happy but she was making faces..

    2. Sindhu dear..i know you are upset with too but little..just like shivaay.he never share prblms with other ..same is annika..she lands in trouble by this follwing vilians.. .we have complain with Sso and Annika too..if we can be ok with him..then with annika too.
      Don’t get angry and my annika didi’s cheek is very soft if you will slap then it will be red …
      Plz leave her ???

      1. Arpita dear, SSO is a man. He deals with another man it is fine but our dear Anika is a woman. I Don’t that 6 footer carry or touch Anika or caress het cheeks. That is why I am upset for her foolishness. More concern what will Veer do to her. SSO is still in the dark not knowing about the obsession that veer has for Anika. He won’t think too much about the obsession part. Did I get spell your name correctly dear?

    3. Yes .now you spell my name correctly….??

    4. Hi Sindhu,
      That mysterious lady is reminding me of Sultan who turned out to be a woman.You can expect the unexpected in IB.We are expecting that mysterious person to be a woman but that person can be anyone.Let’s see what is actually going to happen.Take care?

  5. It’s too early to depict the Future Mr.Veer Pratap Chauhan.Tomorrow is unknown to everyone and what it holds.Your imagination is very vivid that you can watch it clearly an Oberoi is going destroy Shivaay Singh Oberoi.What if this turns opposite as per your expectations?Are you cocksure that an Oberoi can only destroy another Oberoi?Your this emphasis on Oberoiness is indicating a glaring truth of your strategy to battle against Shivaay.You are afraid to fight him using your own methods.You are not sure that whether your powers are enough to defeat him or not.You are not convinced that you are enough to face him though you are capable of anything according to your self claim.You know what,the emotions of human-love,hatred,affection, etc.are driven by heart.And this heart is the biggest magnet of this whole universe.It will attract you to the opposite direction,when you will want to take the right it will take you rather compell you to take left.So,that Oberoi is very much human and definitely holds a heart inside his or her chest.Be careful,or else your check-mate is unavoidable.As the saying goes-“Birds of same feather flock together”.And where is your individualism?Amidst all these Oberois,Veer Pratap Chauhan is lost somewhere.Go,find yourself first then come to the front.Not any Oberoi but You are supposed to fight against Shivaay Singh Oberoi……………

    1. hey luftha, nice analysis on veer ya. I agree that veer should have a face off with Shivaay and not use people in his evil ploy. I hand it out to our Shivaay for handling Veer alone but of course Anika wants to help as she can’t see her pati in any problem alone. That is true Ishqbaazi.

      But Veer needs Komal, Monali, Shweta, Svetlena, Tej, Sowmya and now new Oberoi member and God knows who. He never comes infront OF Shivaay single handedly but behind a mask all the time. He maybe a 6 footer but he is an absolute coward!!!

      1. Hi Sindhu,
        You are absolutely correct.That Veer is a coward and have no guts to confront Shivaay with his real self.That was my point to highlight.His dependence on others is showing is cowardice attitude and weakness at the same time.He brags that he is powerful but in true sense he is very hollow and shallow from inside and a total parasite by nature.Anyway,thank you so much for the compliment.Take care?

      2. his cowardice attitude…

    2. Oh My God..FIND YOURSELF FIRST…wahat a line yarr..yiu nailed it.i still can’t believe you wrote a analysis about Vanmanosh. ??????…but it is really good.

      1. Hi Arpita,
        Hehehehehe……I was fed up because of that an Oberoi can destroy another Oberoi jaap and that’s why thought to taunt Veer in my style to remind him that this is not Oberoi vs Oberoi but something else.But looks like Veer is suffering from partial amnesia.Anyway,thank you so much for the compliment.Take care?

    3. Hi Luthfa dear.
      Hru. Yes dad is okk now. Tq soooo much for the prayers dear tq.
      Good analysis n well said dear. I totally agree with you even though veer is strong enough still some where he him self is not ready to face shivaye Anna. He know very well tht he can defeat shivaye Anna. Keep it up ur writing. With lots of love. Tc

      1. Hi Jeevi,
        I am fine dear.How are you?Very happy to know that your father is doing great.Yeah Veer subconciously knows that he doesn’t have a chance against Shivaay that’s why he is depending on every other person.And thank you so much for the compliment.God bless you?

  6. Shivika romance & argument was so cute..??
    Shivaay don’t you know know anika knows you more than you know about yourself.. Don’t underestimate our Panika..
    Pinky and sakthi valentine’s gift was funny.. Does jhanvi is jealous of pinky & sakthi bond..?
    Why everyone pin pointing shivaay’s gift for anika on valentine’s day? I just feel michmichi..

    That meteor explanation is good.. But Anika is captivated in veer’s ugly motive?
    So, what will happen to our Annika?
    Already we have more enemies for oberoi’s khandan they are introducing one more new character?
    Cv’s are fond of introducing increasing negative character in IB..
    How come veer know about oberoi’s enemy? Kuch bhi na!!
    Also I think Cv’s are fond of frightening people with bell and clock chain..
    Also there are lots of gossip anika gonna plan twin role.. So, does new enemy is other one.. Just finger crossed.. So, excited is that gonna be throwback of Mahi track?
    Let’s see what suspense cv have for us..
    I hope Cv’s end this track with good note..

    1. Kadambari dear.I personally don’t want Repeat track of Maahi….annika can play twin role just for plan..ek toh aise hi raita faila hua he
      And me too felt janvi face was showing anger in dinning table..

    2. Hello Kadhambari,
      I don’t believe cvs a bit.And their main problem is they start anything on a good note but lose the grip on it eventually.I had lots of hope in Mahi track but got disappointed hugely.Let’s see what is going to happen now.

  7. Moonlight Imagination

    A few words….
    1. Chikni…Oye hoye…new footwear …Annika bhabz.
    2. Chorotaa…So sweet from the Shivaay Singh Oberoi…O sambhal ke.
    3. Sayari…O Bhaiyya…Loved you for this. it was amazing.
    4. Rudra…Pasta…Hilarious.
    5. Awkward…we were waiting for this from so many days…Kitchen moment.
    6. the dash in their room…she literally knocked his down.
    7. Shivaay Bhaiyya….same to same feeling regarding valentine. Shiyana Singh Oberoi
    ….Bhaalu…wo sab.
    8. I will do that…His smile…haye.
    9. Shakti papa…too bad…very nice…Happy valentines.
    10. Veer…This is side effect of SSO attack.
    11. Annika…Annika…Annika…The valentines feeling are coming out for you and kaalratri ka bhi. kya hoga aage??
    12. Pinky Mom…You are so cute….
    13. the advertisement break time happy valentines from Shivika…hmmm…so khidkitod love…glass tod, car tod, mobile tod, laptop tod and finally handtod…
    14. Soumya…bass itna hi…just a small knife. huh…very bad cvs. she seems more of a puppet to Thangavali now. and Veer success fully trapped Annika.

    1. Perfect lines…. dear…

      1. Moonlight Imagination

        Oye perfect lines ke behen…yeh perfect kaise nehi hoga jab ki isko likhne wala hi perfect ho…( well well self praising mode on for me)… So sweet of you Darling…

    2. Hi Moonlight,
      Your analysis is reminding me of Aastha di.Nice reading it.Take care?

  8. saab kuch mere saar ki upar se ja raha hai….
    who’s that woman….??? I don’t know but at one stage I thought it is roop….
    aur aj ka episode to puri tara se mere saar se bahar…
    agar annika ko veer dekh lya to aab kya veer usse kidnap karega aur agar kidnap kar bhi lai to shivay annika ko shoot ku karegi….
    don’t take me wrong my friends but really I am tensed about upcoming episodes….
    don’t want repeatation of mahi wala episode…..
    but one thing I want that everything get clear before holi….
    cause holi symbols the destruction of evil and victory of goodness…..

    1. Wah wah dear..meri muh ki baat boldi tumne..i also want everything to be alright before holi..may be we can get a more hot holi in this year.( ok stop it arpita)?
      And i think kisi bhi tarah Annika waha se bhag jayegi and Sso ko batane hi wali hogi .isse pehele Sso ko kuch pata chalgaya hoga.isliye woh usse goli marega.( just assumption)
      And don’t take stress and don’t be stressed .
      Stay clam and wait for episode…

    2. Hi Sharmin,
      Not only you dear,everyone is tensed because of that Shoot thing.Hope Shivika are going to handle it tactfully.

  9. Banita

    Hloooooo PKJ….
    Today epi was Good one…
    Clever Saas of tv show nd Shivaay… LOL… Kya perfact comparision hain Anika…
    Obro kitchen moment in OM….. Nycc to see this after a longggg time… Feeling like I m watching our old IB…
    BTW yeh Obros or I can say meri Shivaay bhaiya humesha Pesto sause wala pasta hi kun banate hain… Rudy ka famous Obro hug…
    Om- Moment chala gaya..
    Shiv- Pehele emotional tha ab awkword ho gaya hain… Was also missed that line… Sayar Omkara ki Sayari after soooooooo many days… Wah!!! Wahh!!!! Kya baat hain… Ishrad!! Ishrad!!(I think yahi bolte hain , nahi bolte hain toh vi adjust karlena..)
    Valentine day celebration…
    Anika know her Shivaay very well… Every couple is preparing something interesting gift for their patners… I m exciting to see Shivika nd Rikara’s gift , but apni b’day wala gift se jayda nahi…
    Shivaay ki new name Siyana Singh Oberoi…
    Poor Shaktiji…. Phir phas gaya bichara… But I must say his gifts r always sooo different… First phool mein Cactus nd today Paratha…. LOL…
    Soumya , I don’t want to see her like this but CVS…. I m missing our old Cutee Somu… Nd Rumya’s cute kitchen wali fight… Anika ki Chamki vi na humesha perfact time pe nikal jati hain , but Anika humesha miss kr deti hain…
    Obros in one car… Rudy’s cutee boring wala expressions to Shivom from back seat…
    Obohus looks gorgeous in yellow again…
    Ab yeh nayi musibat kon hain..??? Jitne the kaam the kya ,jo ek aur ko le aaya… I think it may be Roop or may be Bhuaji… But she was behind Rikara na.. So Roop’s change is more… Nd that ghanti ki sound… Anika phirse phas gayi…
    Precap- Ab Shivaay aayega apni Anika ko lene PLR ki changulse bachakr…
    Gd Nt PKJ…

    1. That is irsad…???..even i don’t know..i adjust it..and last line of shayri really touched my heart..
      Btw tu shivratri re upas karithilu???

    2. Hi Bani,
      It’s called Irshad.I loved that shayeri of Om very much.So much suitable for the upcoming shooting part of Shivika.Don’t know what that Veer is going to do.Let’s hope for the best.Take care?

  10. Hi guy’s
    Happy episode with tension precap
    Happy Valentine’s Day all of u..
    After long time kitchen scene lovely..
    Who is another villan may be double role of annika she is looking young and slim
    So as per promo this is the secret annika find out and trying to tell shivay ..
    OK now waiting for shivay sides reason why he shoots annika.
    GOOD night guys

    1. Chaithu dear..i dont want that person to be annika’s will mess up.. everything

    2. Hi Chaithu,
      Happy belated Valentine’s Day.I don’t want any twin for Anika.Don’t know what makers are thinking.

  11. Fatmi

    Hi PKJ ❤❤ good morning to all of u pagals…
    – yesterday I enjoyed IB a lot…after a long time IB was full of excitement ..
    -loved their kitchen moment ? ,,Omi’s shayari and Shikivika’s nok khoj abt valentines day…
    -But I don’t understand why that woman done this near Anika and then disappear?

    #My prediction:
    -Today veer will say that he knew that Anika was following him bcoz he saw her coming back to OM.
    -Another oberoi enemy is a woman and I think it’s Roop ShivOmRu’s fufu..
    -My another prediction is that woman is from Anika’s family and Anika is also an Oberoi…this thoughts come to my mind bcoz of Dadi and Tia’s words and fear and definitely for the shootwala promo…
    Gals what are u thinking about this?

    Yesterday I couldn’t able to come here so I’m sending a lot’s of luv of Valentines day bcoz for me luv isn’t for only one day….Luv u so much gals ❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Bani,Arpu, Luthfa ,Pui,Chaithu, Sharmin,Pushpa my flower, Kadhanbari, Moonlight imagination I read all of ur comments and they are nice…sorry can’t reply individually ?
    And Shanaya Khan Tumi Ki hariye gecho? U wanted to talk a lot with me and nw u r disappear ? dear If u have any Insta or fb account then we can be frnds there…my insta id is umme_fatmi and fb Umme Fatmi…

    1. Sorry fatmi apu….. Kmn aco tumi??? Jano,, amr boro apur nam fatma khan….. Kicu ta mil ace r ki!! ?
      Actually,,, my study started like a rocket…!!! Can’t get time……. So sorry for that…..
      And now my insta, fb, twitter everything is deactivated…. For study n assignment…..
      Btw, my insta Id is shanaya _shyni nd fb id is shanaya shyni…..
      I dun think that my lovely ammu ji…. Amk abr amr account khulte dibe!!! Bt hoping for the best ???

    2. He fatmi dear..belated happy Valentine’s day…
      Your prediction are logical..but i can’t digest the fact of annika being an oberoi. It is giving me serious michmichi wali feelings..

    3. Hi Fatmi Apu,
      Me too loved their kitchen moments and the cute jhagra of Shivika.Shivaay loves teasing Anika.Don’t know Apu,what is going to happen.So many things are now on my head.Let’s see what’s makers up to.And Happy belated Valentine’s Day.Love you?

  12. Hlw…. Gpkj
    Episode was so good….
    Obro kitchen mnt was adorable.
    Omg!!! What happened to my chandu’s throat??? Chandu di please.. Get well soon…..
    Shivika cute fight…. ???
    Shivaay anika knows u very well. U can’t hide anything from her…. ?
    Why um feeling so scared??? Hope nothing will happen to my SHIVIKA……
    Awwww….. Bechara pinki…. Shakti ji, u should give some gifts to pinki…. Cz she is now positive….
    Parata??? Really???? ????sooooo funny…. ????
    Awwww…. Anika can’t wait for her gift….. Hope they also can enjoy valentines day without any mess….
    Obahu gang n obro gang in the car…. ?lovely…
    Tnx… God…. Now anika knows abt veer…. Bt wht abt my sso!???
    What anika???? Ur mobile always broke in wrong time???
    Um feeling so bad for somu. If anika get to know abt somu…. Then what will happen to my somu????? ?????
    Who is she??????
    Can anybody please tell me that WHO IS ROOP????? everybody saying that she is ROOP.. Bt I don’t know who is ROOP???? Cz I didn’t watch ib from 1st episode….. So can u guys please tell me that who is ROOP?????? ????
    Anika caught!!! ???
    Precap ::go sso go…. Save ur love…. I just hope may be its their plan…..
    Love u all n take care….. Cz dhamakka is coming up ???
    Dil bole dhamakkabaaz…..
    Take care???

    1. Fatmi

      Shanaya to tomar apur name Fatma…. Even I’m ur sis… See I wrote in my comment that who is Roop… Roop is Tej Shakti’s sister and ShivOmRu’s aunt….. In the very beginning she plottet many plans against Obroi family along with another villain Gayatri and Swetlana…. She was after Obrois wealth before.. Bcoz despite getting her property she thought her brothers didn’t give her right properly…. Ok dear no prob whenever u activate ur ID tell me I’ll join u then….

      1. Oh hoo… Now I understand….
        Hope nothing will happen to shivika….
        Even um also ur lil sis….
        Ok I have name… (Shami)….
        Shanayar sha nd fatmir mi…. (Shami)… ?

    2. Shanaya dear.ROOP is the sister of Tej and Shakti..akka daughter of Dadi..but she is always behind money..and wanted to destroy oberois..infact she tried to kill Shivaay.
      Btw agar mere ko koi paratha offer karta toh main jaroor le leti……i love paratha..??.
      Yes dil bole dhamakabaaz.

    3. Hi Shananya

      Roop is no me other than Tej and Shakti’s younger sister. She married off and then tried to take revenge Of the Oberois. Her story is on the first few earlier episodes when IB started. She was in cahoots with gayatri as she wanted Oberois money. She was ousted out of the house for greed purpose and also framing OM for selling drugs and smuggliing them in his statue. She does not deserve to be het aunt
      She is also an Oberoi and that is why some here thinks it could be her but she is not that tall so not sure whether she fits in the description.

    4. Hi Shanaya,
      I have just one wish.Before that shooting thing Shivika celebrate their Valentine’s Day.Don’t know what will happen but let’s gear up for some intense drama.And Roop is Tej and Shakti’s sister,daughter of Dadi.Take care?

  13. Shekhar


    If the CVS stick to the glimpse of last scene on ANNIKA in this epi, that one glimpse may come up as some lady , that is from OF. Don;t know, who may be that, but then it is all in the the hands of CVS again, to whom they may set it as any RANDOM OF lady, PRINKU, JHANVI, PINKY, ROOP or ANNIKA her self or her DUPLICATE with giving some of FB to justify for what they are saying and showing, let all those FB may not fit with all those sequences we are used to keep seeing all through , and we have to bear with such illogical set up created only to add thrilling experiences into the story line.

    Anyway, they are hell bent to add all types of PEPPER and SPICES into the story so far going on. There is no doubt, when the question of priority may arise, it is FAMILY still there at top for SSO, leaving all others down including ANNIKA, and when the time come for SACRIFICE, then being SSO from SHIVAAY, he will not look back what he is SACRIFICING !, that is what RAMCHARITRA MANASA book handed over by DADI to SSO is signaling .

    All the logical question, quarry does not stand when we are with
    this type of CVS and serials, and just are not in a position to make them with !

    1. Sekhar bhaiya… is soo true..when a thing come about oberoi family Sso never thinks about him….and in previous he always chhose hid family over annika.
      I perosnally don’t want Annika’s imposter..same repeat of Maahi track.i know Chandu di will nail any kind of role..but still i don’t want sonething like that..
      If anyone ask what i am want…
      Then i want annika to die only infront of society.after she will back with a new look.and then at last she will reveal all truth..
      I seriously dont want any imposter of annika.
      It will kill.the essence of character of annika.???

  14. Hi shanaya dear,

    Roop is Sakthi & Tej sister.. She is the one who tried to kill shivaay @ start of ishqbazz.. They end her story just like prinku..

    1. Hi kadhambari,
      Tnx for ur ans. Can u tell me… Why she wants to shivaay???

    2. Sorry…. *why she wants to kill shivaay??? ?nd why she wants to take revenge from oberoi???

      1. Hi shanaya,
        She want to take revenge of oberoi.. It is just said that because of them her husband was in jail & she even tried to create hatred towards pinky & jhanvi.. But pinky didn’t let to do that.. Moreover, she wanna to kill shivaay because he is the foundation of oberoi.. She joined bands with gayathri.. But no Idea why oberoi send her husband to jail.. It’s still unsolved mystery.. Cv’s ended her character same like prinku…

      2. Shekhar

        ROOP is the daughter of DADI, and she trapped her own husband for the crime which she had committed and sent him jail, and sonce then she was being ignored by OF, but once she got entry in OF in the pretext of saving SSO from the attack which she herself planned. She was seen last at the RAKSHBANDHAN RITUAL, and since then she has been eploped from screen , but CVS had left enough traces of her evil intentyion of ROOP who consipired with GAYATRY as well as SWET against OF. Reason of her enmity has not shown yet, which is still to come up.

  15. Nikita_jai29

    It is good episode… I am wondering…the enemy of Oberois are known by their other enemies except for the Oberois themselves…
    Ab ye kon hai jiske liye veer itna confident ho raha hai.. Or please cvs don’t bring a duplicate anika… Just like maahi track..
    And also give a strong base to shivaay shooting anika… Wants some strong reason…

    1. Hi Nikita,
      That’s really weird that Oberois don’t know what their enemies know.I too want some valid reason behind that shooting thing unless it’s a plan of Shivika.

  16. Good episode…shivika n kitchen scenes were awesome.
    Poor Surbhi…sounding lime shes had a flu

    OMG…hope its all a Shivika plan…how can Cvs separate Shivika on Valentines day….so scared to see coming episodes

    ALWAYS someone after Oberoi family n fortune.
    Hope it all makes sense quickly n Does Not Drag…plz cvs finish Veerthangabalis chapter…. quite annoying now…

    1. Hi Zara,
      Yeah cvs should let Shivika celebrate their Valentine’s Day.After all it’s their first proper Valentine.Don’t know what makers are thinking.

  17. hello everyone.

    did not really like the way episode ended yesterday.

    but here begins the duplicate anika entry. exactly the same way like last year – shivay kidnapped and mahi entry and coincided with holi and pinku wedding celebrations.

    here the unknown lady’s face am sure is the duplicate of anika who will replace her in oberoi mansion to destroy the oberois – as per veers plans. and the same again coinciding with holi which is 2 weeks away and rudra’s wedding celebrations.

    am surely not looking forward to seeing shivay celebrating valentines day with the duplicate of anika.

    the only hope is that shivay who can feel and sense the presence of anika. will sense this is the duplicate of her. maybe thats why he shoots her. no idea.

    but not happy with this track. no matter what the challenges and their situations – as along as shivika are together – work it together – they are able to achieve their victory.
    and now this …………
    so sad.
    IB is a romantic family full of fun and love. this is so stress full.

    hope my analysis is wrong. and shivika will be together to fight against the evil veer and put an end to his wicked plans.

    but if the show gets stress full and depressing – i dont watch it. i will only read the updates out here.

    so all the best to our dear shivika.

    1. Hi Christie,
      If any duplicate of Anika is going to enter then Shivaay will recognise her within a second.And her being an Oberoi doesn’t make sense.But hope that Shivika are going to handle everything perfectly as a team.Take care?

  18. When anika go to noe about sso truth and decided to leave him for his good omru had promised not to reveal so they didn’t but y jhanvi didn’t was it an indication by writers to convert her role to a negative one or they wanted to drag that separation track

    1. She even got promise from Jhanvi..

    2. Hi 1234,
      Cvs are hell bent to make us go dizzy.Don’t know what is going to happen.

  19. Did I miss out watching something

  20. Hi Ishqbaazians ,
    If we think shivaay will shoot duplicate anika means after shoot, shivaay should go to jail know.. how could we justify a murder even its done by our shivaay.. and thinking of our sweet anika without shivaay.. No way yaar..!!..

  21. Thank u soooooooooo much…. Fatmi apu, kadhambari, arpu,sindhu nd shekhar bhaiya….. Tnx a lot for ur explanation… ???
    God… Please save my SHIVIKA from this witch roop…. ?

  22. Hi Jeevi,
    Very happy to know that your father is doing great.Yeah Veer subconsciously knows that he doesn’t have a chance against Shivaay that’s why he is depending on every other person.And thank you so much for the compliment dear.God bless you?

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