Ishqbaaz 14th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anika sees some pics and thinks I think he is Tia’s Dushyant. She goes to some house. She hears sound and says it means someone is inside. Some time before, Shivaye asks Tia what are you hiding. She says nothing, I just wanted my phone back from Anika. Anika says sorry Tia, I wanted to make you happy, as you were saying about Dushyant that day. Tia says that’s fine. He asks who is Dushyant. Tia says he is just a friend. He says I know all your friends, I never heard his name. She says he is old college friend, you know her mental condition is not stable, she assumed wrong.

Pinky comes and asks Tia did you faint, I told you to take care, are you fine, how is baby. Tia says I m fine. Pinky says I went Tirupati to pray for Jhanvi. She asks Anika what are you doing here, give me glass, go from

here. Anikaa goes. Tia drinks the juice. Mrs. Kapoor says I told you not to answer this phone, just do what’s told to you. Someone is seen tied to the chair.

Anika asks baby? It means Tia is pregnant, so she was so sad that day, she was crying thinking of Dushyant, maybe they got distant, but she loves Dushyant a lot, I think he should be with her, he is father of her child. He says why are you using mind when you don’t know anything. She says I know Tia is missing Dushyant, but she is alone, don’t know Dushyant knows this or not, poor baby got away from father before birth. He says stop it, you lost memory and got Tia’s kundli, how do you know about Dushyant. She says the way Tia was upset, I know. He says stop it now. She asks why are you angry. He says because I m saying this. She says but…. He asks again but…. shall I get knife. She says I understood and runs. He says she will make me mad.

Anika says the man who does not talk well, how will he understand love, but I should not say about my husband, Lord tell me what shall I do now, he asked me not to get into this, I can’t see Tia in this state. Whatever he says, I will unite Tia and Dushant. She goes to Tia’s room. She sees Tia sleeping and says don’t worry Tia, Dushyant will be in front of you soon.

Rudra is with Jhanvi. Shivaye asks Rudra how is Jhanvi. Rudra says better. Shivaye says I got this for you. Rudra says I got Nandini’s call. Shivaye asks when are you going. Rudra says how can I go. Shivaye says its your childhood friend’s marriage, be there, I think you should go. Rudra says Jhanvi is in this state, Om went Bareilly and …. Shivaye says and Soumya, I know you got much affected, I want you to go for some time, you will attend this marriage, I will manage everything, I will take care of Jhanvi, stay touch with Om and get Soumya back, you will go. He hugs Rudra.

Anika hides down the bed. Tia’s purse falls by her. She keeps purse back. Some pics fall down. She sees a guy with Tia and thinks he is Tia’s Dushyant. Shivaye comes to room and calls out Anika. He says where did this girl go and leaves from room to look for her. Anika keeps pics back in the purse. Tia turns her side. Anika gets Tia’s phone. She smiles.

Shivaye looks for her. He asks maid. Maid says she went towards Tia’s room. He says she will not change, I asked her to stay away from Tia. He comes to Tia’s room and calls out Anika. He goes. Anika hides and checks Tia’s phone. She says Tia also called Dushyant, it means she really loves Dushyant, I have to tell this to Dushyant. She goes out. She says I will call Dushyant for a meet, I can explain him well. She calls Dushyant. The man gives phone to Mrs. Kapoor. Mrs. Kapoor answers and asks did you go mad to call on this phone again and again, I asked you not to call. Anika says I…. The courier guy asks address and delivers a post. Anika hears address. Mrs. Kapoor ends call. She asks the man to lock house. Anika says strange woman, why was she scolding, I think she is against Tia and Dushyant’s love and does not want them to meet, I have to do something. She recalls address. She keeps Tia’s phone back. She notes down the address. Tia turns. Anika hides and leaves.

Shivaye looks for her. Anika leaves from home. He does not see her. She hires an auto and goes. He calls out Anika. Dadi asks what happened. He says don’t know where did Anika go, she is not here, I tried calling her. Priyanka asks what happened. He asks did you see Anika. He says no. He asks servant. Servant says don’t know.

Anika is on the way. Shivaye says what do you mean don’t know, Anika went out, where will I find her, she lost her memory. Dadi says try calling her again. He calls Anika. Dadi says her phone is ringing here. Maid says Anika’s phone was in kitchen. He says she did not take phone, how to find her. Anika asks a man for address. Priyanka says I got this from your room, its some address, it looks Anika’s handwriting. He says maybe Anika went there.

Anika reaches the house and sees the lock. She says how to find out Dushyant stays here or not. She tries to open a window. She hears some sound and says it means someone is inside, door is locked, who can be inside, Dushyant needs help. She gets a brick to break the window glass. Shivaye comes and holds her hand. He throws the brick away. She says you…. what are you doing here. He says I should ask you. She says I just came, I did not run away. He shows note and says you would have thought to come here and enter someone’s house as thief. She says there is someone inside, maybe Dushyant. He says I told you not to get in this matter. She says I heard some sound from inside. He says its house, someone will be there. She says house is locked. He calls her mad. She says maybe poor Dushyant is inside. He asks her to sit in car and come with him. She refuses. He asks not coming? She says no. He lifts he and takes her to the car. They leave.

Pinky says new drama daily, Shivaye leaves business and becomes her guard. Dadi says she is not well. Pinky says she should be at home, why does she go home, don’t know where is Dushyant. Anika and Shivaye come home and argue. She says there was someone, I heard sound. He says maybe it was some animal, you did not know, how can you enter any random house. He says no, I heard address when I called Dushyant. Tia gets shocked. He asks why did you call. Anika says I wanted to unite Tia and Dushyant. Pinky asks what is she saying. Anika says yes, Tia and Dushyant love each other a lot, Tia is pregnant with his child, I just wanted to unite them. Pinky gets shocked.

Anika sleepwalks. She is about to fall down…..A vase falls down and breaks. Shivaye holds her and gets her back. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Epi was amazing!!! Loved it!
    Super fast update Amena now its just 10:35!

  2. Antara

    wow anika is close 2 dushyant nice but one doubt is robin alive? becoz ek atami ko dekha hai when tia’s mom talks 2 servant IN THAT SCENE all r separating phele om now rudra where is soumya ? & also WAT HAPPND 2 ACP? anyways tia mission – i hope it will succeed

  3. Dil bole Oberoi also has the same cow dung and car breaking story..sad but no differences

  4. Mouni

    Thanks for the update , today was the « big return » of pinky ughhh l srcly hate her drama and overreacting when it comes to anika
    The good news is that finally we know that robin is alive and anika knows that too , he is the only one capable of exposing tia and her mom and end this boring track , am sure anika will somehow save him and get him to the OM to confront tia but l must say that mrs kapoor is crazier than her nafratbaaz , she even deceived her daughter for this stupid revenge , and when anika left that paper in tia’s room l was afraid swetlana or mrs kapoor will see it also the pics are confusing , the other guy is in more pics than robin , maybe it’s a way of tia to not get cought ??
    ANYWAY Am just hoping robin will know something about swetlana so her track will be over too , the only one left is rumi and she is needed for shaking things for rumya
    The thing l loved the most about today’s ep is that sso is always looking for anika lol too sweet , he can’t spend a moment without her around him , he is so in love with her and their convo in front of that house was cute , it was old shivika again
    It seems there will be a marriage for shitia again as anika wants and sso looks miserable in that pool scene , am wondering if he can accept this wedding but pinky and mrs kapoor will force him and anika will be preparing it so am guessing she will expose tia in front of them in the wedding as some spoilers are saying and l hope so bcz it will be epic but am feeling sso will not take it kindly about her fake ML but am hoping anika will defend herself and pacify him
    Ps ; there is some spoilers saying that tia will be exposed probably next week , am not sure its true but l’ve been told its an iv surbi did and said that in a week or 2 its over , lets hope so

    1. True mouni Robin is the only one capable of exposing tia.. for all we know.. on knowing this tia might switch sides too! After all it is now Kalavati helping her and not her arch enemy annika!

      1. Mouni
        I missed the part where Annika is investigating in Tias room. After reading your comment I made out that there is some other guy in the photos. So may b that’s the real Robin, I mean Tia’s brother. Wild guess?

    2. Archiya

      Mouni dear,
      ur rite how can a mom do such, her daughter is preg an when she knows that tia is happy only with robin.. just for a revenge..

    3. Sumi.SS

      Yeah dr i hope it may be next week only..becz thr is lot of drama of divorce mrge discussn..and so on..while we may get some clue on tia’s exposure track.

  5. Nice Episode.. I have been thinking that Tia’s mom is hiding or doing something to keep Tia away from Robin, but they showed the cremation so thought may be he is dead..
    but looks like Robin is alive .. I am happy for Tia 😀

    Also after this episode Annika ML feels like true..

    And Shivay doesnt leave a single chance to lift her up 😀

  6. 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡 😡
    Meri Shivika ki pehli Valentine’s Day ki O My Mata kar diya GK ma’am ne……GK ma’am this is total injustice to us!!
    Episode ekdum bakwaas…that’s it!!

    1. Yeah mann! I was expected something nice today.. they could have timed the episodes well and ensured some shivika scene today.. all we get for Valentine’s Day is pinky’s return huh!!
      Btw.. ur lil one wud have been happy to have her back!

    2. Mouni

      l know , but they are not a couple yet , both are struggling with their feelings and wait for the next episodes they will be full drama ughhhhhh

    3. Archiya

      Lijince dear,
      i expected sme romance too:(

    4. Sumi.SS

      Be calm..liji..our shivika wl celebrate Valentine week in one night..may be today end or tmrw beginning of the epi..I hope In next feb 14 our shivika wl celebrate valentines day as a couple..

    5. I think its im only who didnt espected romance of shivika…..i dnt beleive on valentains day…..i thinks everyday is valantains day for two lovers…

      1. Archiya

        Shahabana dr,
        i believe that in personal life too.. but i m dying to see some romantic moments between shivika.. valentines just being an excuse:)


    Now i have confusion wheather dushyant aka robbin is alive and in captive with mrs. Kappoor??? ????????
    And rest episode was ok.. but due to dil bole oberio- i hope they do justice in scene with om, rudra, soumya, acp and priyanka

  8. when is soumya throwing cowdung at rudra. first annika threw at shivaay. today in dbo gouri threw at omkaraji. same action different actor. god pinky is back.

  9. I think robin is alive nd tia also don’t known that her husband is alive nd her mom kidnap robin “dushyant “whatever he’s name but one thing that tia luv his husband very much but her mom is so selfish to take revenge she used her daughter emotions really i feel tia luv her husband so much nd miss him so much… If robin is alive her mom kidnap him nd if he don’t alive i think her mom killed him but not tia

  10. Helloooo my dr sweet ishqees…how r u? All….hope all are good…
    And anout episode….its not bad….loved shivika….so now rudy also leaving…..and anika is very near to tia and dushyanths truth….hope she gets result soon..
    Ohhh no now this pink mom is back….ohhh i just cnt see she always talks very rudely with anika… I dnt want to see this pink moms….i want ohh matha pinky….
    And kalavathi is right…..this mrs.kapoor is villain in tia and dushyanths love story. . …such a devil mom this mrs.kapoor…..tia get some brain and go against your monstor mom….and live ur life with ur hubby….
    And shivaye….plsss use some brain man….this tia and her mom is playing games with u….and u are not understanding anything….
    And pinky dnt get jelousy with shivika….shivaye is ur son pinky….lsss look at his happiness…
    And guyz plsss someone tell me whats this mrs.kapoors name….i never seen anyone calling her by her name….is her name is only mrs.kapoor…
    And good nt guyz…getting sleepy

    1. TIA’s truth is obvious, and a with a little effort and with the internet knolwledge, SSO could have been found out how much truth was there when ANNIKA first of all raised her finger a the character of TIA . Generally it happens, when such accusations arises against any gal or boy before the marriage, they are being confirmed through the available
      sourcs either by boy/ gal or their parents. But here what we see ? No such process, inquiry has been followed. Infact, SSO never passes on such doubts over any elder of OF, that’s why elder are not responsible.

      Now take a look back over all ?

      For a long time, he was moving around ANNIKA after her entry in OM. He continuously seeking ANNIKA’s presence in OM and specifically around him for the unfold varied and weird reason ! All this time he was double minded. Only OM could have been able to see his that his second mind. He was obsessed of ANNIKA, and that was so much that he many times he forgot presence of his to be wife TIA around and was seeking ANNIKA which was very well observed by MRS.KAPOOR during her visit to fix marriage rituals and that’s why she forced TIA to take a nighthold in OM which was ruined by ANNIKA accidently.
      His subconscious was after ANNIKA and his conscious mind was refraining him with NKK SHIT and HIS EGO . Consciously he was seeing defeat of his ego and NKK ideology in acceptance his feelings for ANNIKA and during his fight going on between his C & SC mind, he kept continue with neglecting and hurting ANNIKA. Major blow his C mind got when ANNIKA tinted her own image and saved SSO from GAYATRY’s murder, and right from that point his SC started to peep from over his C mind. His supressed feeling got started getting heat and many times attained its boiling point. Even though his alert conscious mind made him conditioned enough to see his defeat in acceptance of such feelings, and that’s why, when we all expected him to propose ANNIKA, he proposed TIA again.
      Your apeal to SHIVAAY, USE THE BRAIN AND SEE THE TRUTH OF TIA, is in vein . He afraid, if he try and such truth will surfaced, then what may happen to his trust over NKK ideology! He knows, and already confirmed with ANNIKA, TIA is the mother of baby, but he is not father of that child.And even though, after getting so much clue from ANNIKA, he just can’t prepared himself to come forward and inquire on his own as such revealation is the mirror of his defeat;

      I hope, all this may make some sense over, WHY SSO NEVER FOUND ANXIET TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH OF TIA?

      1. Yes shekhar u are right sso never tried to find out any imformation about tia……even omru tried to find tias motives along with anika….but shivaye scolded them for spying on tia…..and i know its important to trust our life partner then also any humen being will try to spy on their fiance if anyone will put finger or their charecter…..afterall its lifes matter.. .so its very important to know about their charecter….and in shitia case shivaye never tried to investigate about tia in any situation…..s some how he is worried about kkh idiolgy…

    2. gul maam didnt decided her name..character ko naamkaran hua nahi abi tak shayadd

      1. Ishq..!!
        Finally U r back..!! Ek minute, you r the same Ishq right..!!!??? Where were you for so long??

      2. Ishq we should do some namkaran for mrs. kapoor…

    3. shabs dear ..i think some ..cheapdi chudail

  11. Today’s ishqbaaz episode was dob they gave a hint as Anika is acting as she lost her memory..but in ishqbaaz they are trying to show as Anika lost her memory by showing her concern for Tia when no one is around…weird thing…again few days later they will showcase everything as a drama…

  12. Why precap is not given ?? Atleast they can give both the precap’s at the end

  13. So it has been revealed, ROBIN is alived, and at least TIA is unaware of this truth. This truth when revealed to TIA, definately she will be against his both sis and mother and will be the reason of the end of MRS.KAPOOR TRACK.

    Looking at SWET reaction, she might also have been unaware of DUSHYANT aka ROBIN is aliving, but it is difficult to presume her post revealation reaction.

    When SSO gestures over faking knife towards ANNIKA, and threatening her, ANNIKA, mind well , not ANNIKA, just could not stop herself from laughing and screaming awkardly and sneaking away! ?? At this point, I found SSO so much helpless which I never found so far.
    PINKY has been back only to see the fall of TIA with her own and under her own eyes. PINKY’s attitude has reached to its peak only to hit back her own head to settle the score of all shits so far accumulated in her choked mind .
    Any how, it seems to me, makers are going to end TIA track under white shining shadow.

    1. Read ” not ANNIKA” as ” not KALAWATI” Pl.

    2. Wow! Our critic has decided to go soft on revelation of Robin being alive! I was expecting a Diwali here.. bhai.. lagtha hain you have given up on the logic part And decided to get on the groove of IB finally..

      1. When makers made available us the glimpse of ROBIN after a wel long time, tossed the name of TIA’s love interest infront of whole family and shown ANNIKA visiting DUSHYANT house, makers have no reason to stretch the TIA TRACK unnecessarily. Its a different that they kept continue running nonsense track, but I hope this time they will not stretch it now. At least, we may hope the end of TIA track!

      2. No more bashing in the name of logic, because logic will end serial all of sudden as happened in DEHLEEZ ? ??

    3. Ab kisi ne meko sis bol he diya hai to Bharataashree Paaye laagu (Gauri isshhtyleeel)

      1. Either from we both may be elder than other, so please need not to say like PAAYE LAAGU!!

        Looking at your name, it shows , you are SCORPION who used to give back everything with cumulative interest, but please , PARDON ME for whatever the way i have hurted you believing me younger for a second!

      2. Archiya

        Awwww Shekhar,
        Such a sweet reply.. first time I am seeing you talking like this..

      3. Shekhar… its really u…i cnt beleive it that u are commenting like this….k bathaona kiski asar he ye….drana queen neha sharma ki….or pathi parameshwarwali kalavathi ki

    4. Shekhar u are right in indian television they cnt run a show much with logical scenes…..i think even ordience likes illogical ones thats why they where toppers in trp chart….
      And u told in previose episode page that ishqbaaz is better than all other dustbin shows….thats true…..not only ib i will say all gk shows are far better than all other shows….
      And u said dehleez is ur first show….and second one is ib….
      Then i will sujjest u to watch iss pyar ko kya nam do….its arshi story and available on hotstar…..its a best indian tv show….the craziness for that show now also never ending….its a all time and everyones favret show….i have to say its gk mams best show

      1. Archiya

        totally agreed .. IPKKND is one of the best shows on Indian TV, its my fav .. an my 1st hindi show which i totally loved .. after tat its i totally an deeply love IB too

      2. Archiya

        Missed to mention.. i m hoping i m gng to fall in love with Tanhaiyan too 🙂

      3. Archu….i didnt watched tanhaaiya at…..yaa i will watch…im sure i will be also faintastic one….and barun surabhi chemistry…..hmmm im gonna watch it soon….

  14. why the precap is not given?? atleast they can give both the precap’s at the end.

  15. Please amena please update tanhaiyan also. I dont know hindi much .please update writtem updates for all episodes of tanhaiyan. Love u

  16. Guys..!! Missed some portions of the episode ?? Anyways..!!

    Finally Pinks Moms is back. And I made out when somebody is missing from the episode, we can find them at Tirupati. Kalavathi seems clueless how khatarnak Pinks moms is ? Kalavathi is so genuine. I feel Tia ll repent when she gets to know Annika cares for her feelings than her own mother. Pinkys reaction dekhne layak tha when Annika says that Tia and Dushyant love each other.

    And hate SSO for thinking he is bachas baap. But poor SSO is having the hardest time in the world. He is so much in love with Annika, like Pinky said he is always worried about her. And the interest Annika shows on Dushyant, hope SSO does not misunderstand Annika??
    Annikas expressions are so cute esp when she said ‘ghoomte ghoomte, Kasam se, sab kuch samajh aa gaya’

    No Precap again, not done.

    P.S.- A cute article on Shivika

    1. Archiya

      Lax dear,
      nice article, yest wen i was listening to “jaane ki baat at karo mere saath raho” i was remembering shivika, thought to make a VM on them for this song

      1. Archu dear..!!
        Oh good..!!
        This site has some good articles on Shivika, btw I shared the link of an article few days back which is few things we want to see happening to Shivika. Did u read it??

      2. Archiya

        Yeah Lax,
        not just read it suggested a few things tooo 🙂

    2. Lax dr i read it….its really very nc article

    3. Sumi.SS

      Nice Article dr…same lax…I am also take it as diff point when he says anika to come out frm dushyant

      1. Shabs, Sumi..!! ??

    4. hi lax…!! hw r u..? bacchas paap lolzż..tum na… n pinks mom is back ..lax one side oh my mata other side cheapdi maata are insulting kalavati in a spoiler video so sad…but im very happy with annika decision shitia marriage yaar ab shivaay ko kuch nai jyaaada kuchpadega yaar…how cn he say he is father of tia baby ki baby yuckkk

      1. Ishq
        So good to see u back my fellow Shivikan. Miss math karna ab classes, OK???

  17. Gayathri.visu

    Nice episode. Shivaay don’t stop Anika… She is going in correct path. Is really robin alive??? Feeling bad for Rudra.. I miss Om in IB!! Please bring him back OM soon. Precap! I am waiting for it.

  18. Can anyone say when the precap shown in the episode
    I do see the epi but didnt saw the precap

    1. Archiya

      they have stopped showing precap on TV

  19. Hi shruthi. That’s because this new girl in dil bole oberoi is anikas long lost sister that she has nightmares about. Think about it, this girl is also an orphan and when she and anika spoke for the first time, they had this shocking moment with background music like a sisterly bond. And that’s why they are portraying this girl exactly like how anika is, loud, breaking windows and cars, takes care of handicapped children

  20. So pheeka Valentine’s day episode!!!! Guys… for the first time… ishqbaaz disappointed me… & dbo episode was full on khidkitor… actually gaari tor… gauri ne kya gaari tori!!! Saath mein Omkara bhaisahab ki bull dozer sized tadibaazi bhi!!! Missed cute shivika scenes 2day… i hope we get 2 see some real gr8 fun in 2mrw’s epi… #ishqbaaz #dilboleyoberoi#shivika#ishqbaazian…

  21. Sombit kumar mishra

    Superb amena good job awesome update

  22. Krishnaa

    at least now some funny moments of shivika has returned, the way anika respond to shivaay’s threatenings with knife 🙂 the track of dil bole oberoi is disappointing because of omkara becoming SSO version 2 with similar scenes but hats off to their actings.

  23. Am quite angry on CVs today! It’s Valentine’s Day and 2 worst things happen..
    1. stupid SSSo was on the verge of saying he is the father! Trust me had he said that my anger wud have been at different levels! Anikka to wife Bulane se zubaan bandh ho jaati.. but abhi Khulna wala tha.. Great Wall of Shivaay Kahin ka! He is becoming Kapoor family wall and not for oberois!
    2.Pinks moms return!
    We deserve better yaar!!

  24. Not that impressive episode today. Now rudra will be living OM. Oh my mataji is back. That’s good that anika finds out about dhusyant. Hope they tia pregnancy drama. I wonder if mrs. Kapoor is really mother of swetlana. Tia, or roumi. If she is then what kid of mother would tell her daughter to go be with married men who has twi grown sons. She’s also keeping tia away from her husband dhusyant.

  25. OK ok episode… Precap seems interesting

  26. The precap tells that finally there’s goi g to be some sort of romance which I’m eager to see because it’s been ages

    Love you shivika

  27. Hlw everyone! ! aaj oh noooooooooooooo???????????????? are koun pinky ko miss kar raha tha .aaj se usse jhelna padega. Aaj kal toh mujhe uske naam se hi michmichi maxhti he.
    It means ye confirmed he ki dusyant jinda he.
    Annika bass usse pkadne wali thi galat time pe Sso aa gaye.warna aaj annika sach ka pata laga leti.
    Are annika tum chup nahi rahe sakti.???????? Hamesha apna papu banati ho. aaj pinky ke samne chup rahati toh acha hota. Fir pinky usse aur sunayegi.???????.

  28. Archiya

    Today episode had some revelations,but not suitable for Valentine’s,atleast some romance was expected,anways I will make do tat at least Shivay lifted Anika in his arms
    Anika totally ate Shivay head in tat baccha convo, but I feel it would have been better if Shivay had told her about he being the father(though he is not).,as Tia will put full masala an tell Anika the story
    Robin looks to b held captive by Mrs. K but in the photos there was another guy with Tia.. Also Tia lighted the pyre herself, she must not have done that without seeing Robin face… Too much confusion
    Shivay neither do u find any facts an nor do u allow Anika to do it.. Whyyyy?
    But their convo outside the house was cool
    Why is pinky back so soon?
    From when did auto people start giving a free ride or it exclusively for oberois who have lots of money

    1. Archiya

      I missed this why are they eating the precap for IB.. We survive till the next day on tat only

      1. Sumi.SS

        Dear..he nver chnge…today mrng only watched their upcmng segment in pool side…Annika ask so many right and valuable questions abt their relatnship he refused to answr it and said the same dialog while sahil Accusation i dnt think it as necessary to answer all ur questions..look lyk he is hurted inside but nw also he is the same person giving more importance to his ego than Annika..

    2. Sumi.SS

      Yeah dr….already shivaay refused to tel her abt baby..I thnk 2day pinky wl say this to her..poor kalavathi…she wl hurt lot aftr known this..uske pathi parameshwar Ne bechari ki oh my Matha kar thiya…not good shivaay..haha..
      I thnk tia nd dushyant drama wl end in next week..btw did u noticed Anika was good..and she was written that in english..Mrs.ASSO..

      1. Archiya

        Sumi ,
        i really hope dr.. i m getting again bugged up with it.. hope it ends sooooon

    3. Helloo archu….i think they where not showing precape bcz dbo is continue of ib only….its just that dbo is gaurikara story….i think they named show name as dbo bcz of trp sake…

      1. Archiya

        its good its a diff show as i m sure the trp wld have definately gone low if dbo was included in IB

  29. Sumi.SS

    Hiii guyzz.epi was nice….words r not enough fr admiring SC actng and cuteness…awww..shivaay U r perfect husband man..U can’t even live a min wthout ur pannika..loved their cute convo in yes epi..
    I am sure shivaay wl be angry wth tia fr her betrayal not fr havng realtnshp wth dushyant..but he is in super anger wth Annika fr telling his name fr more num of times.just kidding..
    Mrs.kapoor and pinky hv similarity point comes to their daughter and son..both r the worst mother..very wl known abt their happiness both of them refused becz of their own ideology on revenge and status..
    Robin is alive..
    Eagerly waitng fr 2day epi….ful of kalvathi cute craziness….except pinky and nafrathbaaaz bla blah…
    New promo was aired guyzz..shivaay agrees to marry tia..and Anika just leavng frm OM..shivaay stops her and ask her to do the arrangement fr marriage…
    Upto now it seems that SHIVIKA hv no plan to expose tia..what do u think??who wl expose tia???

    1. Archiya

      dr everything is so confusing.. may b tia will get exposed during wedding aas most of them are saying here.. but i want kalavati craziness to stay, its bringing up a new avtar of shivay the one which i m lovin

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr…I am also hv no idea abt tia revelation..we hv to wait fr sme epi..
        And I love kalavathi dr…and he is the same Stone Singh Oberoi..dnt expect more frm him..dr….reason I replied to ur comment section dear..

    2. Sumi dear…!!
      I donno who is Surbhis crazier fan, you or me ???
      Juz saw the promo ?? But Shivay is not the same Shivay, he is in pain. He wants Annika to confess. That’s what I felt.
      And Tia ll get exposed on ShiTias wedding day I feel, donno how.

      1. Sumi.SS

        Lax’s me no..both of us always…I told u already she is the frst FL drvng me crazy by her act..I am completely addicted to her char and acting innocent,ingenuity and her lovely childishness…SC manage these all very well at a time…and I love her offscreen too..

      2. Archiya

        Lax ans Sumi,
        havent seen the promo yet .. but if shivay is in pain i want him to say it.. atleast a voice over:(

    3. Yaa sumi even i too thought same lije u…..both mrs.kapoor and pinky are horriable mothers….mrs.kapoor is destroying her own childrens life just fir a revange….and pinky she dntvwant to accept anika bcz of jelousy and for her stupid dream of getting a high class bahu….

      1. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr..but I knw we nvr hv chutkara frm pinky aftr tia revealation also..but our SSO not as much lyk tia his dialog Shivaay Singh Oberoi kisiki nahi suntha..his mom too..I hope tia wl knw his mom true color very soon..she wl chnge or not..gul mam only knows..Dr.

  30. Archi—Eating precap..hahaha 😀
    @Lax, Archi, Liji,Shahabana, Mouni,Sumo—-I think they r doing this intentionally just for the sake of DBO ki log dekhte rahe :).

    And gals maine ye cheez notice ki hai baaki serials ki tarah Ishqbaaz mai sab festivals ko celebrate nhi karte (Christmas, New Year, Valentines Day) ya firr on time nhi dikhate (Ganpati Sathapna, Visarjan, Janamashtmi, Diwali,Lohri)

    1. Archiya

      True Neha dr, just so that v watch DBO., Monday episode was first an last for me.. as its just an repeat.. but so bad that they stopped IB precap..
      An true they celebrate all festivals late.. mostly after an week.. but i guess thats the case with most of the serials..

      1. Archu..!!
        True yaar..!! What are they doing to Om?? His story is just another Shivika?? And why should we watch it when there is original. So unfair to both fandoms I feel.

      2. Mouni

        me too l couldn’t watch DBO , l didn’t had that WOW EFFECT like for IB and as you said just a repeat and no one can emitate shivika better than shivika , l hope this will change when they return to OM

      3. Sumi.SS

        Yeah dr…I lyk gauri and her convo wth Annika shivaay and rudy..smeway its not lookng nature becz i can’t accept om chnge to this level..shading them as lyk shivika was very bad move..shivika r can overcme them..I lyk the bgm of om’s entry only..all other bgm was k..they can do bettr than this…

    2. S guyz dbo is good but same scenes of shivika… not its too much….they should do some original scene….im not understanding whats wrong with them….really its unfair with both fans and with actors tooo….

  31. Mouni

    l saw the new promo guys , sso agrees to marry tia and asks anika to do preparation for them
    ughhh he looked very hurt but he is stubern , no confession and he wants to punish anika with him but what about the divorce papers ?? he didn’t sign them , he can’t marry tia anyway

    1. Sumi.SS

      Mouni In promo he told Annika has no issues to marry i thnk divrce paper dnt take place of course its a that they nvr fulfill our long lasting logical expectations…

    2. Mouni did u see spoiler dr..even anika also not less in stubborness….
      Shivaye arranged romantic date with anika….but this kalavathi she made it a bbc news in om….and pinky scolds shivaye for pampering anika only leaving his child….
      Later anika asks shivaye to marry tia….but he didnt accept it….he says he cant bcz may be she as lost her memory….but he is not….and he asks her that how she can forgot the feelings between them….so she replies he himself dnt want to accept her as his wife infront of anyone…so its better he should marry tia and live happily….so sso announced his marriage with tia….bcz anika should get her memory back i think
      I have to say both shivaye and anika are not less in stubborness….they just dnt want to comfess their feelings for each other….

      1. Archiya

        Shivika are at equal level of stubborness an tats why i love them .. everything is takkar ka as dadi says:)

    3. Mouni

      this week is gonna be full drama am telling you am just hoping for a spoiler showin robin entering the OM like a boss to mess things for the nafratbaaz

      1. Guys..!!
        From the promo it can b easily made out that Shivay is in real pain. No doubt abt it. I strongly feel he wants Annika to confess her feelings and if spoilers are to be believed she ll confess also ?

    4. And Guys..!!
      The pool area wala spoiler which Shabs is telling about is a lengthy scene I guess, saw a scene where SSO was about to confess- kyunki main tumse …… But did not complete it. I think this in itself shows SSO has come along way. In that scene, Annika seemed more like Annika n not Kalavathi. I made out, Shivay is dying to hear from Annika. He asked her softly, rudely but she is stern in her decision n wants him married to Tia. So I think that instigated him n he is ready to marry Tia. And am sure he ll do everything possible to make Annika jealous n make her confess.

  32. Guys..!!
    Coz I could not watch yesterdays episodes fully, I watched the repeat at 2pm today. And in that, Precap was shown. So I think like some of you said, they are doing this so that we don’t miss DBO..!!

    1. Sumi.SS

      Yeah new show..may be fr frst week dr..i hope they wont eat precap frm next week..I thnk gul mam nver allows shivaay to cnfess frst….but I want..what to do..nthng..

    2. Archiya

      Donno know what purpose it will serve.. if ppl really want to watch they will still watch it whether IB precap is shown or not.. I am really missing the precaps:(

      1. Archu..!!
        I ve seen few others also complaining to Gul on Insta about skipping IBs Precap.

  33. episode was nice expecting more.

  34. I felt sad to see shivru moment without om, now rudra also going to leave OM.. 🙁
    And also I don’t think Anika is acting..

  35. Mouni

    they are showing that sso will save om in DBO so am guessing he will go away after accepting to marry tia ??

    1. Yaaa mouni….shivaye is gone to barelley…and he saved omi from kali thakurs thalwar….and his diologue mardala….i dnt care if anyone kills me but if anyone try to do anything with my brothers i dnt leave them…..thats my shivaye….finally some shivkara scenes superb…..and i think rumya story also going to start will full josh….im really waiting to see them…im curiosed bcz saumyas charecter is grey one….im eager to watch them

  36. Yess guys I also saw the promo.Sso is really feeling pain.Annika se dur jane ka dard
    AND you know what friends? ? Sso peheli bar dil ki baat kar raha he.?????????????? woh annika ko gali de raha he. Gusse se jayada uske behaviour main dard saaf dikhai de raha he. Woh annika se kahta he”jo dimag main hota he woh bhula ja sakti he par jo dil hoti he usse bhulana muskil he” ( somthing like that ) YARR sach kahe rahi hu.mujhe andaza nahi tha ki Sso dil ki baat kar raha he.???
    Aur guys I also disappointed ki Valentine day par kuch khass nahi hua.par don’t worry. Aaj ya kal ke episode main hame shivika ki 2nd forhead kiss and one hug dikhne ko milega.
    But usme bhi siyappa hoga.annika sry kalavati ek stupid si reseon ke liye ki woh maa nahi ban sakti??????? ye toh pagal ho gayi hamen pagal karke xhodegi.
    But aap logo toh pata he meri soch prediction himalaya se kanyakumari tak he??? I wish ki annika shaadi wale din saadi wale mandap main sadi hone ke time pe hi robin introduce kare jis ke baare main pehele kisi aur ko pata na jakke sabko 880 volt ka current lagega.specially tia , mrs kappor, pinks moms aur Especially Sso . tab jake unko samajh ayega ki kispe varosa karna chahiye aur kispe nahi. Aur annika jo kalavati ka drama kar rahi he uska bhi kuch fayada ho I mean nafratbazz ka kuch bada such samne aye.
    But main iss track main do. chhese dekna chahati hu.
    1. Ek shivay ko woh baat yaad aye jab reception ke din annika ro ro kar Sso se kuch baat kahithi (tia ko media ke samne introduce karne ke baad.) Aur ye baat yaad karke unke ankho main assnu aye.
    2. Tia such samne anne ke baad bhi Mrs kappor kahe ki. “Ab kuch nahi ho sakta kyoki tumne media ke samne tia ko wife mana he.” Tab Sso ko aur jhtka lagega.
    Aue ek bhi he
    3.Pinky annika ke paro ke niche gir kar mafi mange.??
    Don’t mind it’s just my soch.what do you think plz plz plz plz plz comment about this .
    Btw Pinku dear where are you????

  37. Hi arpita, archiya mouni n lax…… long time…. hru all…. acha bolo wts ur take on DBO….. mujhe acha nahi laga doston….

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