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Anika says as much as I have seen and understood Shivaye, I can guarantee that there is nothing imp to him than family, when its about his brothers, right and wrong does not matter to him, why is this family doing wrong with him. Sometime before, Shakti says I did not think my son will do such thing, you made our heads bow down in shame, you can’t meet my eyes today. He goes. Tej says wow Shivaye Singh Oberoi, wow, I have so much to learn from you, you played with a kid’s life, you used a girl’s emotions to keep up Oberoi empire, I would have never done this, disgusting. Jhanvi says shame on you. They leave.

Rudra says I told everyone that you are my superhero, why did you become villain, I thought you can make everything fine, you broke everything, our faith, heart….. I felt that

whenever I m scared, my elder brother is with me, and today I m feeling scared of you. Om says I told you not to do anything that your respect gets less in our eyes, I was proud that you are my brothers, today I feel ashamed to call you my brother, you fell so low Shivaye which I could not think. Shivaye says I can explain. Om says don’t…. whatever you did, even Lord can’t justify it. Om and Rudra leave. Shivaye stands alone and recalls everyone’s words. Anika sees Shivaye and goes.

Anika asks Sahil not to cry. Sahil says I m not a good boy, you had to marry Shivaye because of me, when I m not your own brother. She says I will slap you, if you say about own or step relations, I will never make aloo puri for you, are you mad, who do I have except you, you are my family, friend and brother, you know we elders try to become mature and do mistakes, everyone does mistakes, don’t you do. He says then I get scolding and beating from teacher, should Bagad billa not get beating. She says rest now, its your first day at boarding school tomorrow.

Om and Rudra sit talking. Om says I can’t believe Shivaye can fall so low. Rudra says he did not realize his mistake, he did wrong with Anika always, how did he change so much. Om says don’t know. Shivaye comes and says Om, Rudra, I need to talk. They leave. He sits there and cries. Hame chodkar tum kahan….plays. Anika comes there and sees him wiping tears. She goes.

Dadi asks Jhanvi to call Om, Shiv, ru. Om and Rudra come for dinner. Pinky asks what are you doing Anika. Anika says I was taking water. Pinky says I can see that, will you drink water at dinner time, sit and have food, I told you a lot, it was Shivaye’s mistake and I punished you, have food. Anika smiles. Shivaye comes and sees her. Om and Rudra get up. Shivaye sees them. Dadi asks where are you going. Om says we can’t have food, mom send our food in room. Shivaye says no need, you both have problem with me, I will leave. He goes.

Dadi says you all are eating separately today. Anika says you both are angry, I understand, but is this way to show attitude to elder brother, I can’t be quiet seeing this, as much as I have seen and understood Shivaye, I can guarantee that there is nothing imp to him than family, whatever he does is for you all, he can do anything for you both, you are his powers, not brothers, when strength is not along, person falls weak and can break easily, he was always with you in every problem, did he ever say Om you are wrong or Rudra I can’t help you. She says when its about his brothers, right and wrong does not matter to him, he has put me in jail for Om’s sake, and Rudra is like his child, when Rudra got shot by Gayatri, he threatened Gayatri that he will kill her, police was also after him, it was for you, whenever there was problem on family, he was like a shield always, whatever he did with world, he has never done wrong with family, and not let anything wrong happen, when why is this family doing wrong with him. Om says he did wrong with you.

Anika says its our personal matter, he did right or wrong, its with me, I should have complains, I will have complains, but we will solve our matter, else we will see, but why are you punishing him, whatever he did was for you all, he did not want this family to get defamed, he did what he felt right that time, you all should thank him, not make him separated. She cries and goes. Shivaye hears her, standing away.

Shivaye goes to his room and recalls Anika’s words. Om and Rudra come to him. They stop Shivaye. Rudra says I m sorry and hugs him. Shivaye says why are you saying sorry, I did mistake. Rudra says no, I have hurt your heart a lot, forgive me. Om says whatever you did was wrong, but what we did was also not right, friendship with brother is bad, enmity with brother hurts heart but making brother away breaks heart, we are sorry to ignore you. Shivaye goes away. Rudra says this does not happen, when I cry, you never leave me alone, everyone call me Rondhu, I cry so that you convince and console me, I m crying, console me.

Shivaye opens arms and they run to him. They hug. Shivaye says everyone makes mistakes Om, I did a mistake, its not that mistake won’t happen again, I will make mistakes, but fight with me, say something, beat me, but don’t make me away, we always imp portions of each other. Om says three tales of one story. Shivaye says I can see everything, but not tears in your eyes, and not hatred for me. Rudra says promise me, you will not take all pressure alone. Om says yes, no more secrets, we can’t break our rule. Rudra asks what rule. They join hands and say all for one, one for all. Shivaye hugs them. Aa na duri dilon me….plays……

Rudra asks Anika to come fast. Om says Anika, thanks for uniting us again, you are welcome in O-bro moment. Anika says you three look good together, even if Shivaye shows attitude, don’t leave him. Rudra asks her to be along. They all say Dil bole oberois.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Guys heard tht ishana quit the shownow who is the pair for om ???no ridhimma plz…if ishana quit the show then how abt bringing her back with tejaswi s face aka ragini of swaragini???

    1. Hi Aliya
      Yeah u r right ,Varuska aka Ishana quit the show ages ago
      Sana is coming opposite Om now

      1. Sana mathlab sana khan kya ??ya kaun..n thank u for the info u seem so friendly in the entire grp responding ppl…whn no one eva noticed thank u so much didi

      2. Thats ok Aliya
        Sana as in Sana Sheikh from Krishndasi.

  2. Hi guys sana amin sheikh iss main entry kiya hai Kya.i mean acp ki sister sana hai ya nahi ye confusion hai.main instagram main wo video dekha tho mujhe bhi doubt tha,phir main apni sister ko vo video dikhaya tho wo bhi kahra hi hai wo sana hai.but iam confuse sana tho om ki heroin hongi ye bola tha and saath main anika ki sister ka bhi character karengi ye bhi bola tha.but acp ki sister om ki heroin hongi ye nahi bathaya hai.and one thing sana om ki heroin hongi tho show ki lead character bhi hongi na tho uski entry kya aise karaayengi?.aur ab tho uski entry ki baare main koi news bhi nahi aara ha acp ki sister and anika ki sister tho confuse kar rahi hai.anika ki sister chutki (sana) om ki love lady hongi news batha raha hai.and show main wo acp ki sister ki character main dikh raha hai aur entry bhi kaise coma stage main.ek lead character aise entry karengi kya.soch kar dimag karab ho raha hai.
    Ishqbaaz ab story acha chal raha hai.main tho insta main dekhthi hoon.meri ghar pe t.v nahi meri maa ki ghar pe tv hai and waha pe tho raath ko 10pm dekhna mushkil hai.sone ka time hai na iss liye.aap log ishqbaaz ki time change Karne ko kyu nahi bolthe.agar trp badaana hai tho show ka time change karna chahiye.raath ko 10 pm dekhna bahuth mushkil hai.ek tho sone ka time and second is,parents allowed bhi nahi kar thi.agar ishqbaaz ki time 8pm,8.30pm,9pm,9.30pm in main se ek time pe hogi tho sab ko dekh ne ka moka pe dekhne ko bolthe hai trp badaana ke liye,lekhin time change nahi kar sakthi.time change karengi tho sabko dekhne ko chance milenga.aur trp bhi badenga.ishqbaaz trp ki top level deserve kartha hai because ye show main kuch tho special hai iss liye ye no.1 level hona please guys aap log ishqbaaz ki time change Karne ke liye request karo.iam very sure wo log zaroor hamari request accept karengi.kyunki show ki time change Karne ke liye request kartha hua main dekha hai baakhi channel main.and wo log time change karthe hai audiance ki request ki wajah please guys aap log star plus channel ki producer and gul khan se request ki jiye time change karne ko.

  3. Renimarenju

    ishqies….please comment on my ff……

    Hello Ishqies……how are you guys ?
    What an episode….Really enjoyed it to the core…….An emotional episode which offered a worth watch……The great Wall of SSO……@ least for some time the wall was not strong as he lose the two pillars…omru…..and he became very weak… the base….dadi……left him alone……his heart broke into pieces……when paapa..sakthi…..blamed for his low thoughts…..He just fall down when mom…..pinky ignored and he was unable to raise when badi maa…jhanvi felt shame on him and he felt himself as the culprit when the godfather of business……tej…..insulted him……really sso deserves this…..but Anika bearing all those insults by sso….bearing all those miseries…..still was with him….And she hanged the great wall of sso in such a way that……she is just like an angel who is in sso’s life to make him always strong as we can’t find a broken shivaay…..because he is SSO….STONE SINGH OBEROI…The man who always conscious about his family….The man who has did his best to built the oberoi business empire…The man who always deals everything as a deal…The man who always stuborn and straight forward….The man who is very practical…..The billuji whom Anika knows…..she can’t let him down……And her understanding about sso was enough to clear all misunderstandings…….Billuji…[email protected] least now onwards please don’t trouble her……Give her all happiness ….because once you lose her… will regret…….
    Loved bromance…especially rudy’s acting was superb…….and the dialogue which touched me was when sso said”galatiyaan sab se hoti hai…..galati sudhaar nahi jaate toh baat kar….om….chahe toh maar le…..par apnon se paraaya mat kar”…….
    Super duper precap… now anika will also be the part of oberoi moment…..
    Hats off to all actors….because all did well and all made a space in our hearts….great…….

    1. Helloo renima
      U are right anika is a angel in shivayes life
      Ofcourse yesterdays obros moments are best
      And u wrote perfect poem on shivaye..i like it

  4. Renimarenju












    1. Lijince

      Wow Renimarenju…..beautiful lines…..perfect for SSO’s situation!! Keep it up!!

  5. Finally

  6. Mouni

    wooo guys sheck this out

    am sure this ep is really near , maybe friday and saturday youpiii

    1. Thanks for sharing the link…u just watched it
      Daksh’s man bun has grown….he looks nice….but i hate him….psycho
      OMG do u know Shivaay is going to seek help from Ranveer in finding Annika

      1. I just watched it*

  7. Mouni

    l love that sso said that he will feel terrible and does’nt know what to do and he will make amends , finally the crazy ONS MU is over ppl lets partyyyyyyyyyy
    maybe it will take them time to realise she is missing , maybe in the morning they start to get alarmed by her absence , daksh is smart and evil , he will hide her well and am guessing sso will have much trouble finding her bcz daksh dont need a ransome , he wants anika for him alone so it may take time to find her ( hope sooo ) and sso will live in hell ( yessss ) trying day and night to find her and the OF will sure help but daksh is dangerous and wont be easy to deal with and that’s soooooo exciting plz riters make it start from today’s ep plzz can’t wait any longer

    1. Mouni..!! Really looking forward to this track. Daksh is complete psycho. So dealing him ll b difficult. But from wat Nakul said n the voice-over, I think SSO ll turn the world upside down. Daksh ll ve a tough time. Hope Annika is safe.

  8. Ishqbaaz trp is 2.2
    Kasam trp is 1.9
    This weak also ishqbaaz slot leader
    Im sooo happyyy

    1. Yayyyy…!!!

    2. Yaaaaa

  9. Mouni

    LOOOOOOL guys today is the day of big news

    l think robin was hiding from anika and omru and drowned himself , omg

    1. Ahahah

  10. Hi guys
    sana ki entry ka kya hua?kya vo acp ki sister sana hai kya?agar vo sana hai tho anika ki sister chutki ka entry hoga?!sana tho anika ki sister chutki ka character karengi ye news mila tha.and uski saath om ki love story bhi start hogi bolatha.tho phir ye acp ki sister kaise sana hogi yaar.iam confused.and surprise ki baath ye hai sana ishqbaaz main entry kiya hai ye tho kisi sbs segment and up coming twist main nahi batha rahi hai.agar vo acp ki sister sana ho gi tho news hogi na wo show main entry kiya hai dikha the hue.but aisa kuchbhi nahi.aur uski entry ki news main tho usne ye bol rahi hai ki kuchbi confirm nahi hua.aur ha vo tho iss main lead character bhi hogi.aur kisi lead character ka entry aisa tho nahi hoga na.
    sana-anika ki sister Jodi achi and sana ki tho shwo main dekhne ki baath patha chalengi.agar kunal bina wig ki omkara character karengi tho sana uske liye match hogi.and main vrushika kunal ki on screen pics dekhi hai usme wo dhono best lag rahi hai because kunal wo saari pics main omkara ki look main hai i mean wig ki saath.i think omkara ki character ke liye best vrushika hai.i think wo bina wig ki (omkara look)vrushika ki saath match nahi hoga.mujhe tho aisa lagtha hai.i think om ko vrushi ki jaisa koi actress achi tejashwini aka ragini from swaragini mrunal thakur aka bulbul from kumkum bhagya.i know aap log sana and om ko accept karne ke liye ready hai.but sana and neha laxmi iyer aka soumya same height hai iss liye patha nahi yaar wo dhono Jodi bankar achi rahengi ya nahi.i hope uski aur om ki love story sab log accept kare varna usko bhi nikhalne ke liye bolenga.
    Agar main kisi fans ko hurt kiya hai tho sorry.
    Ishqbaaz ki time change karne ke liye request karo please.

    1. Hi Uf,
      main appki confusion clear kar deti hoon
      ACP ki sister ka role Sana nahi kar rahi hai, Sana Anika ki sister ka role kar rahi hai.

      1. Thank you Sophie for clear my confusion.sana ki entry pakka haina?december main om ki love lady ka entry karaane ka promise gul khan poor karengi na?.
        And thank you reply my comment
        i hope main aap ko apni question se pareshaan na kiya ho
        THANK YOU

      2. Nahi aap kisi ko pareshaan nahi karti hain, aur mujhe to bilkul bhi nahi ❤

    2. Heh uf i too mentioned in the abovw comment that it would be a mind blowing omkara n glad many think the same…it wil b nice to see bth together…

  11. So now it is obvious, TIA is not coming in OM as DIL of oberoy family, what ever the matter. Her only one support PINKY has been shifted away for the valid reason, and she behaved like a GENUINE LADY of a big reach family. I noted , though she is greedy, but certainly she mantained her moral level. She is suffering from inferiarity complex with JHANVI, but when it comes to FAMILY, she exposed her sister in law infront of whole OF. She has many negetive corner, but never enhence the height to these negetivitie higher than FAMILY INTEREST AND MORALITY.

    So far as interference in OF matter, TIA has very few option. She now can not go on without exposing her real face to OF, and thats the biggest set back for SSO, adn DAKSH is there to add more fuel to this setback.

    It seems to me, GK is in haste to catch other tracks, and also I feel, she missed many reality and conveniently adopted unusual things to make us laugh at MAKERS!!

    But , it is a show, and she is MAKERS having full power to let us use our imagination to diet her ODD DISH !!

    1. Mouni

      l think they want to open many fronts in the same time , its like there was a statut quo in the events and suddenly all happens in the same time ;
      – anika finds something against tia and aparently omru believe her that’s why they go with her to expose tia
      – sso finds the truth about ONS at last
      – robin killed accidently
      – daksh returns and kidnapps anika
      so l believe that is a start for a new phase of IB where there is a lot of chaos in the OM and their lives will change forever , they will barly catch a breath
      as for tia its still a mystery , how she will deal with OF now that robin is gone , maybe she continues to play her old game now that her secret is dead or she will turn bitter and blackmail the OF and add another misery to their chaos
      daksh in other hand l think wont be easy to find , he will make sure no one finds them and even sso may take time to save her bcz there are a lot of questions ; how they find she is missing ? how sso finds she is kidnaped and by who ?

    2. U know what Shekhar the charecter pinky is realistic…so i like her bcz we can see lady like pinky in real lige tooo…she is little jelousy of janvi and same time she loves her family toooo…she is not devi type..she is like a common humenbeing

    3. Lijince

      Yeah….Gul madam is in a hurry to end up some mysteries and give way for new ones…..if she ends this Tia-Daksh track she will start with Anika’s past track and thereby Sana’s entry…and Prinku’s forced marriage to Ranveer….so Shivika will have new problems to solve and they cannot separate…..and then there will be new villains in the show… you said earlier…SAME OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLE!! Just hope that the wine will taste better!!

  12. love the eppisode!!! perfect!! love Rudra miss Anika Shivaay Sing Oberoy!! it was soo great to see the four off them together! perfect! And the way it was shown howe Shivaay did wrong to Anika and Still sche bakes him up! kya pyaar hai! I hope that the misunderstandig between the two of them gets cleared soon! and Shivaay will Respeect Anika again like before and even more!!!

  13. Wow… Obro’s patch up within a day..
    Anika becomes typical wife..

  14. Guyz….i vry recently startd watching ishqbaaz….and its soo awesomeeee..

    i m nt abl 2 get certain thngs….can anyone pls tell wat is all abt dis ONS MU stuff..??…wat du u all mean by saying in upcuming episds the ONS will b cleard by Soumya…
    I m realy confused abt these.. can any1 pls clr dis out

    1. ONS means One Night Stand
      MU means mis understanding
      So Shivaay has a misunderstanding that Anika had a one night stand with Daksh because Daksh said that to Shivaay. But the truth is Anika was with Soumya at night because she was feeling scared and in the upcoming episode Soumya is going to clear the MU
      I hope this isnt confusing☺

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