Ishqbaaz 14th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Anika throwing dirty water outside the door. It falls over Shivaye’s face. Anika gets shocked seeing him. some time before, Om says we misunderstood Anika, Shivaye chip fell in police station because of you, she returned you, why would she return it if she has stolen it, she is innocent. Shivaye says she is not innocent.

Om says Rudra and I have found out, that journalist told us Anika did not give that chip. Tej says who has done this, how does Gayatri know who goes out and who comes in, and at what time. Shakti says I think some outsider has done this. Om says yes, some outsiders are such who have become more than family here. Pinky says Om said right, maybe Shwetlana did this, she knows everything, she can blame others by doing this. Shwetlana and says I think I should

leave, it’s a family matter. Om says you took many years to understand this, it’s a family matter, don’t get involved in this, I will show you the exit way come. Shwetlana looks at Tej and leaves.

Dadi says we did very bad with Anika, she did many favors on us, she saved Shivaye and Rudra’s lives, we have insulted her, Shivaye did big mistake this time. Shivaye gets some call and goes. Tia talks to Shivaye and says I feel bad for Anika, everyone doubted her, its bad Karma, I should also say sorry, she tried to protect me, she looked genuinely worried for my safety, I will come tomorrow and apologize. He says that’s not possible, I will talk to you. She says I will send Reiki to Anika too. Shivaye recalls Anika. Om says you will know her value now, she was a challenge in your life, that makes a man better, you felt she is your enemy, I feel she made you a better man. Shivaye asks Om do you think she made me a better man. Om turns to Rudra, and says I was talking to Rudra. Shivaye says I understand, I don’t need this knowledge.

Rudra says we came to chill here, Soumya took my room and we are room mates now, mess up the room to get homely feeling, come and think this is your bed, I would have not been here with you both if…. Om says if Anika did not save your life, if Shivaye and Anika’s envelopes did not get exchanged and Shivaye did not get down chopper then… Rudra says don’t give this example, its time for love angel now. They hear radio and love angel’s show. Soumya talks to a guy. The guy Pratap says I have cheated my GF and having affair with someone else now. Soumya calls him Pappu and gives advice to apologize to both the girls for lying, then its their wish to forgive him or not, think as human, not as boys. Rudra does not like her advice. Om likes her advice.

Soumya says say sorry, else you will get stress, wrinkles, white hair, pimples, do you really want that, you want get bad dreams, you can fall from bed and your bones can break, do you want this, its better to keep ego at side and say sorry. Shivaye says whatever and shuts radio. He asks whats all this. Om says she said someone else to keep ego at side, not you. Rudra says wrinkle on your face. Om says white hair Shivaye. Rudra and Om ask Shivaye to say sorry, Anika saved his life, even Rudra’s life, you humiliated her, you should say sorry, that’s least you can do.

Shivaye says fine, she did not leak that chip, but it does not mean she is innocent. Om says it does not mean she is culprit, just because she is not rich and does not have Oberoi surname, it does not mean she is short. Shivaye says okay, but she has quit the job. Rudra says I will call Anika. Her phone rings there. Rudra gets her phone under Shivaye’s bed, and Shivaye recalls her words. He says I did not believe her, she told this to me. Om says go to her and apologize to her personally. Shivaye asks shall I send her three month pay. Om says how shall I explain, apology is asked by heart, not paid.

Anika cries. Tujhse naraaz …..plays……. She counts the money. Shivaye recalls Om and Rudra’s words. She cries thinking of Shivaye. Shivaye sees her phone.

Its morning, Om and Rudra go to Shivaye. Rudra says you will need all this, its sorry card, soft toy, umbrella to save yourself from water, liquid courage. Shivaye says I m not going on war. Rudra asks how will you say sorry to Anika, you need coaching, Om and I will tell you, Om you become Shivaye, I will become Anika. Om and Rudra enact as Shivaye and Anika. Shivaye says excuse me. Rudra says wait, I m in character. Om says Shivaye’s lines. Om says thanks for saving my life, and sorry for talking badly, let bygones be bygones. Rudra says if you said sorry, I will forgive you. Shivaye says lets cut it now, I have to go. Om asks him to say sorry. Rudra asks will Shivaye be able to say. Om says don’t know, but he will say something.

Anika says I will find some job on internet today. She calls out Sahil to wake up fast, he has to rush for school. She throws dirty water outside, and it falls over Shivaye’s face. She gets shocked seeing him. Rudra says you have to give credit to me, Shivaye and Anika’s world war is going to end, we should give credit to love angel too, Shivaye may have said sorry till now, he is prince charming, I m sure he has written long sorry speech. Shivaye and Anika look at each other.

Shivaye asks Anika are you mad. She says you are like hiccups, you come anywhere anytime, why did you come here, did you get dirty water to have bath. He asks what, was this water dirty. Om says Anika is mature, I know she will handle situation very maturely now. Anika asks can’t I clean my house. He says you have thrown that dirty water on me. She says don’t think negative, all germs will end Billu ji. He asks her not to call him Billu, you throw things. She asks do you not throw things, you are Pheku type of person. He says whats that language, I should have not come to talk to you. They argue. She asks why did he come, what is the blame, what did she do today. Om says we did good thing to end their fight.

Rudra says we are great people to bring peace, Shivaye will come home and hug us, he will kiss us and say I love you both to bring peace in my peace. Shivaye says I hate you Om and Rudra, this is happening because of you both. She asks will he just keep talking to himself. They argue again. She says I talk a lot sometimes, but I m helpless to talk to you, why did you come, tell me. He asks are you done, finish it, I have all the time. She asks are you fine, won’t you threaten me, whats the matter. He says actually, I had come to say, whatever happened…..

Anika tells Dadi that she can come back on work, but she has few conditions. Shivaye asks really. Dadi asks her to say. Anika says I want such man to smile and greet me good morning, I want my day to begin well.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Guman

    The last part was bang on yaarrr…..😂😂
    So funny to see omru talks and then shivaay annika’s real condition……😂😂😂😅😅
    And that love angel is toooi cute yaar….😍

  2. Luna

    i dont think shivaye will ever say sorry to anika. if they ever got married then i wonder how will they live together. oberoi mansion will turn into battlefield….Rofl

  3. pradishma

    It was awesome episode ….
    Darling u impress me in each and every single episode…
    His words really touchy…
    Dear friends if possible do watch episode directly,it has many many cute and beautiful moments…
    Even OM doesnt just ask Shvetlena that he will show exit..
    He says ,”You know every entrance of this house, but this time i will show u the exit and he just shows his hand to the door”..It was amazing…

    In precap also,
    When Annika sahys she has some conditins and Shivaye asks really…Annika says…i want good atomosphere to work,imagine dadi morning itself i have to face bhaagad bhilli then whole day will be bad, so want persons to smile,say good morning, so day start will be awesome..

    Love you OM. That Love angel is “Soumya”..haha, nice

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      you are right,i even save the episodes offline on hotstar so that i could relieve it again and again!!!
      the brothers’ expressins are killer one!!! hats off to kunal,nakuul and leenesh

    • Shaina

      Hi pradishma dear, how are you…. what u said is rite..its awesome to watch the episode and also written update is late ,miisjng cute moments…. Happy independence day

    • Shaina

      Hi prads, how are you…. what u said is rite..its awesome to watch the episode and also written update is late ,miisjng cute moments…. Happy independence day yaar

  4. Riddhi

    Lol this was a funny episode, Shiv got what he deserved and so did Rudra but i feel sorry for him. I don’t know why im saying this, but i have a feeling that Anika is Gayatri and Ashoks daughter but then there’s a secret the family is hiding, and also Anika has a long lost sister we still don’t know about and also the love stories of the three brothers, this show is really incomplete! But so far it has got to be one of the best shows Starplus has ever made,right???

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      yes you are right,but ek hasina thi,veera(till childhood) and pyaar ka dard hai(till the death of the grandfather) was better
      Also i loved ipkknd!!(but that was a filmi one)

    • pradishma

      no…iss pyar ko kya naam doon …ArShi was too best….
      Ishqbaaz has just started, still thers’s time to watch how story unfolds…

  5. Luna

    Trp of Ishqbaaz increased from 1.7 to 1.8. though the growth is very low but considering the fact that last week episodes were mostly filler and Rio olympics is also going on due to which most shows loose trp a growth in ishqbaaz trp is actually good. Also this is the perfect time for ishqbaaz to gain more trp bcoz rival show kasam is loosing trp bcoz of kratika exit which also airs at 10 pm in India. So Ishqbaaz can take advantage of this situation if they make storyline more fast paced and less filler episodes.

  6. Sriranjani

    |Registered Member

    Om…..(starting with the Om mantra 😂😂😜) Om and Rudra done a fantastic job. Shivaay deserves this taunt from Anika. Guys in spoiler it said that Shivaay will be dumb struck 😌😖😂😂when Anika gives a long lecture about Khandhan😁😝😜😂😂 and Soumya will be happy when Rudra falls in her Love Angel/Devil Trap..😂😂
    Tia is a Double face women. She is upto something and she is only Planning against Oberoi. Roop, Swethlana, Gayathri, Ashok, Riddhimaa,Tej, Tia, Robin, Tia’s Mom and who were the new antagonists will be failed by the 3 brothers and their would be wifes Anika, Ishaana and Soumya.
    new spoiler: Surbhi and Karanvir will give an dhamakedhaar entry in ishqbaaz by making the 3 brothers realize one will be definitely present to separate the brothers. This upcoming episode will be soo Funny after all.

  7. Khafia Mahmood

    I really love this episode every episode is kind of funny but usually funny.I hope Anika nad Shivaye love story begin and Shivaye apologize to her. I really hope that as well as Om and Ishana love story will start. Rudra and Soumya as well fall in love and as well as priyanka will fall for someone i really hope but all happens dramatically, happily, saddily and funny situations so everyone like it and post comments.

  8. Luna

    friends, how many of u think Ishqbaaz should be a 1 hour show rather than half an hour like 24, Naagin and Kavach. It will give equal screen time to all the lead characters and love stories. but as show’s running time is half an hour Shivika love story is fast paced and Roumya and Ishkara r lagging behind.

  9. Luna

    My guess is once Shivaye and Anika fall in love then the show will focus on Roumya love story and after Rudra and Soumya fall in love the story will concentrate on Ishkara. What do u think guys?????

  10. Niknak

    I am thinking Anikha will be Tejs sister’s daughter.she is taking revinch for separating her daughter.They have shown some burns in her some fire accident must have happened due to that she has got separated from her daughter

  11. MARY

    No Words

    Siriusly Shivaye’s emotional range is just like Ron’s “a teaspoon” . He can’t understand anything more than money. He is a stupid guy.

    Where is Nadiya di, Mukta di, Kat di, and Renima di ??

  12. Iamsofianeak

    |Registered Member

    Did anyone notice Shivays teardrop? That he himself was surprised of ? When he saw Anika’s phone ! & when her phone rings Shivaye knows he’s wrong !
    RUDRA’s expressions are awsomee , the funniest brrooo eveeer !
    Om’s personality is just perfect , he’s always with the truth & listens ton his heart 🙂

  13. Ooshi Akbar

    will shivaye say that magical words(sorry and thanks) to anika it’s a million dollar question may e this time it happen
    epi was super romance is more entertaining than romance and
    Om what to say about u u r loving,caring,understanding and rocking although shivika rocks more but u r too rocking

    • MARY

      How can you forget other three magical words di ??
      Personally I don’t think Shivaye wii say that.

  14. Liji

    Hi everyone, I am commenting for the first time. I think shivaye will realise his love wen something hppns to anika. As Om said in an episode tat shiv will not b able to do anything with his name & money wen he feels for someone, also he might come crying to him to inform abt the person he loves.

    • Trisha

      U r right om always say tum use insan ka bare ma socho without whom u can’t live ur life na ki with whom u can live ur life jase tum na kaha i anything happen to anika then he realise his felling nd also he feel that he cant live without her….

    • ishika

      I ws thnking th same th day smthng wl hpn to anika he wl realze I thnk marriage will b shwn wthn one mnth as astrologer said he WL married wthin ths period only…dadi ws also Said this in an Anika (his wife) wl b th one protectng him in evry situation hs pinky also said tht

  15. Anu

    Omg today’s episode just rocked!!!!!!!!
    From the starting till end it was full on fun!!!(except Anika crying)
    Om n Rudra just rocked as Always ! ^_^♡♥♡
    Anikas n Shivays fights …. ^_^
    So cute n funny when Om n Rudra did that imitation os Shivika! ♥♥♥

  16. Ooshi Akbar

    ASSALAM O ALAIKUM and Good Morning to all members of this page and this serial’s family wish u all a very good day ahead and Happy Independence Day to all indian members(of this page and family)

  17. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Today also no ishkara scenes it’s okay… But CVS u should compensate these things with cute romantic scenes of ishkara.. Hope all ISHKARA FANS want this only.. Am I ryt frns??? And ya love u Omkara.. U r the best ever… Guys one thing I learnt from Omkara jab tumhe jolly rahna hai tab tum jolly raho.. Aur jab tumhe serious rahna tab serious raho.. I mean u pls be understanding.. And react according to situation… A great personality Omkara.. All should learn from u… U r seriously inspiring man.. Love u……

    Guys the way om spoke to shwetlana haha.. I was laughing like mad… Wahoo.. Hero…. “AAPKO ISS GAR KI ANDAR ANE KA HAR RASTHA PATA HAI.. PAR AAJ MEI AAPKO BAHAR JAANE KA RASTHA BATAVUNGA”.. U killed it dear.. Love u.. Tumhe jitni bhi praise karu sab Kam hai Omkara… Atlast Congrats tumne the great shivaay Singh oberoi ko hi mana Liya.. Hats off…..

    @ENASANJIDA di.. U r happy today I mean om Ka strong Roop dekhar???? But missing ishkara right di??

    • Rose

      Totally agreed Priya dr.Today I expected some ishkara scenes but no…hope that they will give more importance to ishkara in the upcoming episodes.I am dying to watch ishkara romance…..

    • Enasanjida

      Yes dear Priya15.. Om is a strong boy. My ques – Do u have any idea Swetelena & Tej ka bech affair kitna year chal raha hain ?? Uff! Ish serial main villain kuch jaida ii hain – Do u think so ? Swetelena ; Roop ; Gaytri ; Tej – Pinky ( confused character ) ; upcoming news Rana ( who play karan ) & Mehek kabir chwdhry ( who play surubhi joyti ) Sorry missed Roop ka husband joh filhaal jail main hain.
      Ridima – Tia ( i don’t think so they r negative ) but I think they r love another person but both girl cheat Shivay – Omkara.

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      I guess the makers are working on how to progress their love story,’coz omkara became an instant hit with the release of ishqbaaaz(this not me saying but read it in a news clipping)!! so have to show something unique and sensible to us…even someone has said that their jodi will also have a song like shivika’s O jaana.
      (P.S-I love om’s background music,what about you??)

      • Priya15

        |Registered Member

        Hii Shai. First of all I think u r ryt.. I wish they have a love track… And dear… There bg score has released.. One music played in their last meet do u remember?? That’s their bg music but they didn’t put the full song… I mean the epi om said meri DIL NE kaha ki tum Sach ho… That’s their bg music..

  18. gouthami

    So funny episode when rudra and on acts like shivika just unbelivible.anika pochaka ka pani tak nahi chodi

  19. Dil

    Gd. Morning to all. Omru. Act ws. Really really very funny.
    I always liked shivaye the most. But now im begining to like om. He just so awsome…… he can be so calm and also assertive when resuired only. Any girl would be lucky to hv. A husband like him. Wow, the way he spoke to swetlana!!!!!!!
    As for shivika, it ws. Nice. But i wished they showed more of shivaye recalling each and every thing he said to annika and every incident like twisting her hand, she falling on the road, calling he outsider and that last incident where she cries. They just showed him holding the phone. They should hv. Atleast shown a photo of her on the phone and him staring at it.

  20. Ananya

    Hi everyone today’s episode was awesome shivika part was great………… I love their jodi very much………… I love surbhi jyoti also she is coming in ishqbaaz as the gf of karanveer vora as Siddhartha rana and she is an architecture by profession……..
    I want surbhi jyoti as main lead but our Anita also done well with her role

    I love om and rudra vvvvvv much………

  21. Sat

    Awesome episode.ishqbaaz always clicks my mind. Om you have really done a marvelous job on your part. I am sure Svetlana is helping that Gayathri that is why she is soooooo nervous when Shivaay declared that he knew the culprit. Damn lady😬😬😬 . Om you give a correct counter for her. 😜😜😜. Shivaay finally you are going to apologise to Annika. Waiting for her reaction😍😍😍

  22. Sat

    Hi all ishqbaazians,how are you all. Anyways first of all, happy independence day . Today there are some events in our school and I am going to do a small comparing

  23. Leenzu

    Anika will be a Rana. The rivals dayghter.
    She will be their long list daughter.
    She can’t be Ashok and Gayatri’s daughter.
    They were pawns in someone else’s game.
    She can’t be Tej’s sister’s daughter. That would make them cousins.
    That is incestous.

  24. Dil

    Just curious . Across how many countries are we connected? So that we know what members celebrate in their own countries and wish them.

  25. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    Happy independence day to u all… Proud to be an Indian.. Let us all give a lot of pride to our country..

    Salute to the great leaders bcoz of whom we got independence

  26. Rose

    Worth watching episode…. Omru acting as shivaay and anika was the best part of today’s episode… And om , such a darling. Love him a lot. I don’t know,how much I admire him.He is the best…plzz include ishkaara scenes in the upcoming episodes…’s my humble request…hope that ishqbaaz L give equal importance to all three couples….B/W love angels part was good… Ishqbaaz roczzzzz. Waiting for the upcoming episodes…

    • Aliya

      Hii ishqbaazians how r u 😊 😊 😊 😊 good morning
      today’s episode was just awesome the best part was om and rudra acting as anika and shivaye

    • Aliya

      Never forget the heroes
      Who sacrificed
      their lives to bring up
      this glorious day to India

    • Aliya

      From today onwards l will give the friendship quotes 👭👭👭👭
      Friends come and go like waves of the ocean🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊
      But the true ones stay like an octopus on your face🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙🐙 (don’t think l am mad)😆😆😆😆😆

  27. Aqua

    My lovely ishqbaazian family, I have missed u all. I was not able to watch the show for last 12 days. I hope you guys have been enjoying the laughter the show has brought to you.

    Anyway, I have to do a marathon ishqbaaz vewing now to keep up myself updated with the current track.

    • Dil

      Hey aqua dear , nice to hv. U. back. Missed ur. Comments a lot.
      Just want. To say u, nadia and kat (sorry if I missed anyone) were like the back bone of this site at the beginning, always spreading positivity and kpng. The Site alive with ur. Crazy comments.
      A very big tnk. U to all who keep the site alive and positive.
      And now it has grown to this big family linked across so many countries.

    • Nelka

      Hey aqua sweetie .welcome back.missed u a lot…anyways keep commenting now onwards…it is nice to c ur comments.luv u..😙😙

  28. Liya

    Happy independence day to all…….
    Mujhe pata dha shivaye sry nehi bolenghe …….areee mere billu tum anikha se ek sry nehi bol sakthe I LOVE YOU kaise bolengheee……I love you bolne valle scene bohot funny hogha i can imagine it now…..par ab tumm sorry boloo…Mobile aur chip ka truth bahar aghaya aise bohot saari truth aur stories bahar anna baki hei like water truth , anikha ki brother ki physical prob thats why she threwed water own him and the reason why anikha hired the lawyer……billu jii apkoo sry kahne ki practice karne chahiyee future mein kam ayenghe+

      • Liya

        ya lol…….I am just waiting for the day when our blame boy turns love boy…….but not so soon #i like waiting#

  29. Navi

    Happy independence day.

    Hilarious episode…
    Love angel’s sorry theory was awesome.
    Rudrakara imitating anika and shivay was so funny. I just couldn’t control my laugh.
    Coming to shivika. This time anika threw a bucket full of dirty water on shivay. He deserved it.
    When shivay said that koi shareef insaan tumse baat hi nahi kar sakta she reminded him of his family. It was epic.
    Rudra expecting shivay to thank them. But instead he wants to kill them.
    Precap is awesome.

  30. Trisha

    Today episode is sooo funny as always pani wala secene as always but little bit twist pocha wala pani 😅😅😅😅 app ko mera pocha wala pani say ganga shnan karna tah ….nd om nd rudhra secene om telling anika is very mature she can handle it… but in real there’s having fight just tom nd jerry rudra telling dat bhai have taken sorry ka speach but he cant speach a single word ….bhai aaka hum ko hug karka kahange that luv u bhia but in real shiv telling i just hate u both just bcoz u both this happing i will not leave u…

  31. disha

    wow saumya love angel .om and rudra acting of anika and shivaye so real acting .billu ne phir sorry nahi kaha ab aaj bhi kahega ya nahi

  32. Aashna57

    Giys, I feel tht the masked man is Rana, and Rana s GF Mallika could be Tia s bestie,thats y Rana is blackmailing Tia so that he can be the reason for their Business loss,and Tia is helpless becoz mallika is her bestie and has to do anything to save her frendship,dont u think?

  33. Haya123

    |Registered Member

    Today’z episode was fantastic..! It’s so funnyyyy..
    OM and RUDRA ,THEY made a fab job.. IMitation of om and rudra ,like anika nd shivay was too good.suprbbb, suprbb. suprbbbbbbbbbbbbbb.. i’m soooo HAPPY 🙂
    Precap was nice, .. SHIVIKA IS THE BEST

  34. mottu

    what a crap show ? totally ridiculous storyline. only some fools can like this. hats off to Gul Khan that how she is fooling a bunch of illiterates and fools

    • Aliya

      Hey mr / mrs mottu what’s your problem a free advice for u if u don’t like this serial.stop watching or stop reading updates and stop commenting ok pappu

    • Nelka

      Paapu is back with his or her nonsense comments .did u check our educational certificates to judge us.Kimberly and u have same traits.r u guys siblings or do u spend some quality time together in a mental hospital???????😆😆😆😆

    • Ooshi Akbar

      u like this show so much na i came to know that it’s the cause u came on this page regularly and praise the serial keep it up dumb oberoi(it’s the name i give u)

  35. Marvel

    Hi guys i’m sorry to say but this serial is a waste of time. They only show illogical incidents.i hate shivika.anika is overacting.i think this is the worst serial

    • Twinkle

      Oye dude if u don like don watch… U hav no rit to comment like dis ok… Better u watch u mouth…. If u hate d serial u better shut down ur TV n stay don give ur stupid comment on ishqbaaz… No 1 need it….,

  36. ishika

    Hpy freedom gyz😊
    Well nthng to say abt shivika Vo ganga snan k liy mera hi poche ka pani Mila ths apko😂…nd dadi to daku sultan ha aur rudra Om bakri chor👌…😂..gosh she is epic…n shivay b like Mai apni kanchi ankho se Jo chahe karu😆😆..todays epi ws indeed funny n precap gonna b awsome trms n cnditions applied n shivay ws o really…gdmrng wsh wth a smile😂😂….
    Yes lastly ishana is damn lucky to hv omkara ……th only prsn who doesn’t nid a partner to bcom a btta prsn cz he is alrdy damn prfct yes ishkara needs ech othr fr supprt n sharing pain…bt morally Om gonna make ishana a bttr prsn indeed though she is gud at hrt..n yes thse oberoi bros nids th ladies as tdy saumya solved shivays prblm indrctly😂😍

    • Priya15

      |Registered Member

      I totally agree the way u described abt ishkara di.. I want ishkara scenes…. U said l have ishkara scenes na?? Par toh kuch nahi Ayi di??

  37. Admin

    O hello mr/ms mattu are u mad.if u don’t like the show then don’t watch it.y r u doing such a stupid thing.nobody have asked you your opinion so pls u don’t need to say nothing.

  38. MP

    Happy indpendence day to all ishqbaazian.. सच मे कया मजेदार एपिसोड था कल. लेकिन ये हमारे PHEKU SING OBEROI को तो कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता यार. न तो उसे अनिका के लिए बुरा लग रहा है ओर ना हि उसे पछतावा हो रहा हे. आज भी माफी नहीं मागी, ओर इंतजार करना परेगा. 😳😳😳😳😳

  39. Shai

    |Registered Member

    Again they have proved that OmRu is the couple of the year….first solving case and now imitating shivika!!!
    Now it’s shivika vs OmRu!! who is more romantic?
    but i missed ishkara!!

  40. nivedha

    Ishqbaaaz is a good story..different story line and innovative script…it is not like daily saas bahu serial..

    ISHQBAAAZ always rocks..

  41. Roz

    |Registered Member

    Hai Priya,,, 😀 I’m btech 3rd year student …and I’m frm Kerala,,,,yea there is another Rose..she is also frm kerala

  42. Marvel

    Good afternoon guys.i must say this three bros are really boring. Om and rudra are really fools.they are showing same story line in shivika story.anika is really irritating.its better stop watching this show

  43. Aliya

    Hii guys l made a conversation
    shivaye :hai tia
    tia :hai shivaye baby
    shivaye :l am little bit tensed l want to share everything with you
    tia :let’s start from your bank account 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
    Be alert shivaye singh oberoi say sorry to anika and start the feeling for her otherwise your life wil be like this😊😊😊

  44. John

    korae kollangal munbu ee site-il ninnu naari odi poiya kore p@@###di kal ivide pinnayum vannu, parrot green symbol aaiytu…Ninakkoke naanam illalodi… God

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      Priya U asked me to introduce my self,,,,yes I’m a clg student,,,Ishqbaaz fan frm Kerala….I’m posting this again as reply to ur cmnt coz TU is not posting my cmnt,,,,I posted cmnt on 12.40 pm and they are still moderating it….>_<

  45. Navi

    I would like to share with you something.

    I have 2 favourite serials which I never miss at any cost. One is ishqbaaz and other is feriha. Both these serials are just awesome. No saas bahu drama. When ishqbaaz started I never thought that I would like it so much. Now I am addicted to it.

    This is the 2nd time feriha is telecasted in zindagi. But still I watch it. It has got such an impact on me. Just awesome.

    Does anyone of you watch FERIHA? ?

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      Feriha is already over i guess!!! last year it was telecasted on zindagi and years long ago it was originally aired on turkey and rest of the world.
      yes it was a nice story,a tragic story!

  46. MARY

    Good afternoon ISHQBAAZIANS. Where are you all ? Do you remember Friendship Day. (580 comments 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜)
    I also think TU isn’t posting our comments rapidly after that

  47. Loveleen

    |Registered Member

    omm n rudras mimicry of shivika ws so perfect…..damn hilarious..n anika always welcums her wud b lover wid a bucket of water n dis tym godd it ws “poche ka paani”..awesm….i dnt think shivaye wl apologise bt her conditions in precap ws damn funny….n d best thing in dis serial is its cinematography…thts soo awesm…d lightinnings d effects r amazing..i hav nvr seen dis effects in any oder serials..

    • Nelka

      Ya loveleen.i too have noticed it.when shivika meet eachother there is some kind of light appear through them.actually it is nice to see

  48. Sat

    Hi aliya, I am fine. The day went on good . The social exhibition was truly appreciable. Hope you guys all are enjoying the independence day . And a message to you all, we are celebrating 70 years of independence only because of those great leaders. We should be inspired and follow their path to continue to be independent. Anyways happy independence to you all once again🙌🙌🙌

  49. apeksha

    wo intruder rana hoga shayad…aur wo sirf tiako use kar raha hoga…hope so shadike din bada twist aye…

  50. Navi

    Shai. . It’s feriha is again telecasted in zindagi now because of public demand. I again watch it

  51. mukul

    Today’s episode was very funny 😘😘😘😘😘😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Om and rudra acting sequence shivika fight and Om says she is enough mature to handle somya part and shivaay expressions was awsum

  52. mukul

    I wish u all a happy independence day
    A part from did wanted to c ishkara love sequence n story soon plz

  53. Shai

    |Registered Member

    good evening ishqbaaazians!!!!
    Did anyone notice the scene where OmRu were sleeping peacfully(actually rudra holding Om like baby holding mother) on Shivaye’s bed???
    that was the CUTEST scene ever!!!!

  54. Kiki

    |Registered Member

    What a lovely episode.. Om and rudra stolen the show yesterday. I luv shivika.. Om was too gud yesterday…
    Today in my english exam I used shivaay,om,rudra,anika’s names for essay,dialogue and letter writing. I think they have made me crazy..

    • Shai

      |Registered Member

      Don’t worry,in fact you will get good marks,as you have poured out your heart and the essay is genuine!!
      trust me,this happened to me too!!
      ( P.S-few years I used the names of all characters of IPKKND to write a script for a play,and it was a huge success!!)

  55. Twinkle

    Guys happy independence to U all….I really want to see today’s episode….. Very excited ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      John z talking abt someone with parrot green symbol,,,
      ” Some one who left this site years before came back again with parrot green symbol,,,,shameless”
      Hope my translation is crct
      and Rose,Aliya….Is he talking abt Marvel

    • Roz

      |Registered Member

      That’s true,,,I’m nt supporting marvel(coz She called Om and Rudru fools),,,bt public sitil ingane cmnt idaavo,,,.kurache koodippoyi……

  56. Priya15

    |Registered Member

    @ROSE di.. I m not in Twitter di.. But when u l open na then do say Me okay???

    @ENASANJIDA di.. I don’t have ans for that qn di.. Tej aur shwetlana ki love story.. I don’t think so tej loves shwetlana.. Do u think he is in love with her???

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Your comment will now be reviewed first before it's published. Read more here..