Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 14th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Commandos catch up Shivaye. Mahi holds Anika’s hand. Anika says you are not my Shivaye. She shouts Shivaye and runs out. Some time before,  Kamini says how dare you and raises hand. Shivaye holds Kamini’s hands and comes between. He says you did many mistakes before, if you do one more, I won’t tolerate, if you raise hand on my sister again, or if you trouble her, none will be worse than me, get out of here. Kamini and Ranveer leave. Shivaye hugs Priyanka.

Dadi says its good everything got fine. Pinky says we got rid of them, but where is Mahi hiding. Mahi gets conscious and holds his head. He says what am I doing here, I fainted, I m here, it means Shivaye is outside, I have to do something. He gets up and goes. He finds the door locked. He asks what will I do now, think. He sees the window.

Tej says I don’t understand why don’t we get him arrested if everything is clear. Shivaye says if world knows Mahi was staying here, it will affect our stocks. Shakti says but you have to understand, we can’t leave him alone, he is a dangerous man. Shivaye says I have a plan for him, so that press does not know.

Mahi leaves from the window. Shivaye tells the media and guests, that party did not cancel, just marriage got cancelled, its a good day, as our sister is safe, fine and happy, please enjoy yourselves, thanks for coming. He asks Tej to manage guests, I will take care of Mahi. Anika asks him what’s the plan. He asks her to see there. She sees commandos and asks did they come to catch Mahi. He says there is press and guests, there should be no drama, none will know when they catch Mahi, I have fixed a tracker in his outfit, it will show his location.

Commandos try to track Mahi and run after him. He hides. Anika asks where will they get him. He says lawn behind our house, they will interrogate him and make him admit the truth. Mahi runs. He says Shivaye has sent commandos to catch me, if he is Shivaye, I m Mahi, its not easy to fail me, now game changed, the one who has the tracker in hand is fake Shivaye, now catch me. He runs.

Anika says wow you made great plan. He says it has to get executed, Mahi will try to change game. She says its in our hands. He says I will check him. She stops him and holds his hand. O jaana…..plays….. She asks him to take care. He holds her hand and face. Ishq hai aansu…..plays………He gets away and goes. Commandos look for Mahi. Shivaye walks in the corridor. Mahi hides and sees him. He chews gum and gets the tracker chip from his sleeve. He sticks the gum to the chip and throws on the floor. Shivaye steps on it. The tracker sticks to his shoe. Shivaye senses something and stops.

Mahi gets up and walks the other direction. Shivaye turns and sees him. Mahi then walks to him. Commandos come there and catch up Shivaye. Shivaye struggles and sees Mahi. Mahi smiles. Anika comes and smiles. Commandos take Shivaye and leave. She says thank God, we got free of him, what happens if he tries, I told you its our game. Mahi says you said right. She says I always say right. He says yes, no doubt. She asks wow, Shivaye is praising me. He asks why not, you executed this good plan. Dadi comes and gives him prasad. She thanks God that everything got fine. She asks him not to eat prasad alone, make Anika have it too. She goes.

Anika forwards hands. Mahi holds her hand and keeps the prasad in her hand. She gets shocked and looks at him. She recalls Shivaye’s touch when he held her hand some time before. She recalls Shivaye. She gets her hands back and says you are not my Shivaye. She shouts Shivaye and runs. Mahi looks on and says this husband and wife always spoil my game, I won’t let them meet else my plan will fail.

Commandos take Shivaye outside. Anika shouts Shivaye and runs. Shivaye frees himself and shouts. He says I m Shivaye Singh Oberoi, stop it. Commando says stop acting, we know you are his duplicate. Shivaye says I m not duplicate, he is roaming at home. Anika comes and stands in front of Shivaye. She says move, he is my husband, he is my Shivaye.

Commando asks how shall we believe. She says I m saying it, I m his wife, wife can’t do mistake in identifying her husband. He says we caught him, as he had tracker, Shivaye told us one who has tracker is duplicate. She says he is my husband. Shivaye says I m Shivaye, don’t you understand. Mahi comes and says what the hell is wrong, catch him, he is duplicate, Shivaye is one who has no tracker. Shivaye shouts this man is lying, I m Shivaye. Everyone come. Tej asks what’s going on. Mahi says this duplicate is saying he is Shivaye. Shivaye shouts I m real Shivaye. Mahi says enough, take him. Shivaye shouts stop it Ranawat, I hired you to catch that imposter, not me. The commando looks at Mahi. Mahi runs.

Commandos run after him. Shivaye also runs to catch him. Anika says no Shivaye, please stop. Everyone run to Shivaye. Shakti says you don’t need to run after him, commandos will do this work, its enough that you are safe, we don’t want anything else. Kamini hides and sees them. Shivaye sees Anika and asks why are you standing there, come here. Anika walks to him. Kamini says I told him to kill Shivaye and take his place, if he heard me, Oberoi mansion would have been in our hands, I think Shivaye’s death is written by my hands. She aims the gun at Shivaye. Anika sees Kamini and gets shocked.

Anika shouts Shivaye and runs to him. She stands in front of him. Anika gets shot. Everyone get shocked. Shivaye holds her in arms and shouts Anika.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sab bhul gye na shree ko do din k liye busy kya ho gyi sab bhul gye ( ik more than two days) bt thats nt fair…… ok let me help u guys to remember there was a gal named shree who loved to cmnt here or i shld say chat with her ib frnds bt she went busy n missed d awesome epis n also d lovely cmnts over here……..Bt one fine mrng she realized tat her frnds forgot her noooo nt happening. …..kuch yad aaya dimaag ki ghanti baji yess baj gyi i m talking abt tat same shree ………okay enough of my melodramatic dialogues n a big hiiii to all ( sorry me nt mentioning d names as i m bit aalsi bt all means all each n every frnd of mine frm this pagalon ka jhund)….how r u guys??
    Strted watching epis few days back when they showed annika being shot n i was lyk kya timing h bhai bt now i m upset as hv to cross this long weekend fr tat scene one day is over now hv to wait till mon 10………bdw guys u cn think i m selfish bcz i wnt annika to be in coma at least fr few mins i m eager to hear sso’s love confession……i wnt some hospital drama yr nt sure whether they’ll show tat or simply show tat d bullet jst touched her lyk some r sayng.. …….don’t know lets jst wait n watch wat they hv planned fr us…..i hv dreamt many things also after tat precap
    Bdw I’ll nt be able to regular here till 19 as i still hv my project pending….. actually ib is my energy bar which i take during my project work bt these two days only study without refilling my energy i was getting bored so thought to visit here n charge myself

    1. @Aastha read ur os his reason of existence really awesome it was jst loved it n sorry dr didn’t got tym to read ur ff bt surely will read all d prts whenever i get free……pakka tmhare bhaiyya bhabhi vaala pinky promise

    2. Archiya

      How r u.. V were actually looking for u.. U have been absent for days.. Where is the leave letter

      1. Me fine Archiya n i hd already submitted my leave letter lst tym when i commented here

    3. Shree
      Hi how’s life?? N we did not forget you. I very well remember your last message that u ll b busy till 19th. When Anu enquired U last week, I told her the same. So how come u r free now??

      1. No actually i m nt free till now I’ll be completely free on 19 th only bt wat do yr ib made me crazy n d track going on now is makingme even more crazier……above all tat two days wait was really tough so decided to visit here fr some tym………sorry guys I’ll nt be able to regular here fr few days……forgv me fr tat

  2. @Shab i jst lyked ur question n felt lyk answering to tat…….actually if u ask me to choose my fav i may end up writing d whole ib story till now bcz i lyk each n every scene of ib each n every character of ib whether it be d villains lyk tia romi daksh maahi ( of course excluding swetlana mrs kapoor n kamini)…… its a difficult task fr me bt still trying to choose d most most favs
    First d daksh attacking annika prt starting sso sahil convo to saving annika to Sso apologizing to annika
    2. Roke na ruke naina track
    3. Their whole jungle vaala scene where first sso scolded annika fr being over protective then suddenly turned to a caring sso then annika hanged n then sso fainted n annika’s confession

    4. Both d om annika seq first one after dev incident when sso throwed annika out of OM then omkara went to her place n second one annika as bhabhi brought food fr om( actually i m also a surnal shipper so i luv their scenes which r vry less n also luv them offsceen)
    5. Both d jo bheji thi dua seq first checkmate prt n nxt in tat ground on their mrg day
    6. Sso om prt after om attempted suicide n in kitchen we got a sad obro moment where om apologizing to sso fr his suicide attempt n sso said tjhe sab kuch allowed h par marna allowed nhi h (doesn’t remember d exact lines)…….bt now we get vry less obro moment batwaara kr diya gul mam ne inka
    I think i shld control my emotions n stop here otherwise u’ll be bored of reading this

    1. One more epi striked my mind sso’s desc on annika’s chand bracelet……. ….n how cn i forgt “annika meri biwi h” vaala epi……. d most awaited prt also “tum meri annika ho” again it was also most awaited fr me……….now control shree control nt a word more

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Shree … please no control of words and emotion… iss labz ko jubaan mein aane do….
        About forgetting you… I never forget you as Liji said once that we both are student from Shekhar Bhaiyya School of analysis….I love you my analysis mate….

      2. Haha Shekher bhaiyya School of Analysis (SBSA) right we all r students of tat school n bit by bit learning frm him…….bt wats this our professor himself is absent so how’ll we learn our nxt chapters……..bhaiyya jldi syllabus cmplete krna h

    2. thanks for liking my ques and replying ur ans is aww i will gve the tittles later

  3. Archiya

    Gud morning ishquies… Have a great Sunday with family n frens ? ?

    1. Same to you dear..!!

  4. [email protected] puspa dear, I am fine.
    @ nilash dear, tumhare baat sunli Cvs ne .tum jo chahte the woh gayi.meri didi thik bhi ho gayi aur woh toh sbhi romance bhi kar rahi he ???
    @asthababy I know you will kill kammini I am also coming with toh karta he ki bomb se udadun uski khopdi.???

    @gayatri dear,@archu dear thnx.your dp is soo beautiful.
    @annika dear, plz don’t call me me arpu.
    @ranliya dear, yaa.ab wait karne ki siva koi aur chara hi nahi.
    @amayaa dear, your lines are also khdki tod.
    @uf dear, yaa are rudy dono me rahega.usse rehena padega. Shivika and chulkara ko tease karne main usse accha koi sur ho hi nahi sakta.?
    Akrti dear, your dp is nice.

    Yesterday I was busy so can’t comment.

    I think Cvs are liking my reiki.??? meri didi ko thik bhi kardiya mere bhai matlab sahil ko bhi bulaliya

    1. Hey arpita hope u r fine………. hmm cvs r listening to u so plzz tell them to gv a hospital drama at least fr one day i m eagerly luking fr tat ( became a bit selfish) ……..n send ur reiki to sahil also hope he’s nt kidnapped

    2. Akriti

      hii arpu
      and it’s okk and infact I am also busy so I coudnt reply you earlier….

  5. A sweet good morning to everyone
    let yr day begin with smile
    ello…shab di,archiya di,arpu di, anu di, lax di,diyas di,liba di,firdose,nivedita di,mahi di,nikitajai di,shreya di,arya raju,pushpa di,akky,astha di,amayaa di,surbhi di,nimisha di,akriti di,u,ranilya di,shekar bhaiya,chavi di,ridhima di,renimanyu di,mouni di,shree di,sarah d,rose di,nithu di,samsun,anah di,aditi di,aashi di,radhakale di ,orchid di,bela di,nita di,madhu di,chipkoo, anitaaa,rajjo and everyone
    If i missed any one toh soorry…aur plz bataadena ..voh kya haina main app logon ki naam yaad karne ko koshish kar rahi hoon is liye …
    Silly math samajna…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Annika… have you also installed a micro SD card on your brain like Renny … to store all our names….
      Its just wow!!!!!

      1. Oh…..astha di
        ab meri itni tarif bhi mat karo .

    2. Akriti

      hi anikaa …..
      sorry for late late reply…
      so good morning no no
      good afternoon …….

      1. Hii annika
        Sorry mrng k jagah gd evening ho gya…….luv u dr

    3. Anikaa baby ….love u dear and thanx for good morning…. ???

    4. Hi anikaa..!!
      Have a nice day.

    5. Archiya

      Gud aft dear.. Gud day

    6. IM UR SHAB DI
      what to do i have registered with this name yea its my moms name good morning good afertoon good evening dear and even good night but only when it will be MONDAY 10:00 PM


      – SHAB KHAN

    8. Amayaa

      Gud evening …………
      See u commented Gud morning nd i m replying Gud evening
      Ha ha ha

      Heyyyyyy Anika
      I m not it di
      So stop calling me that

      Dekha dara diya na maine

      Call me by my name only dr
      Amayaa or Ammu
      Whatever u like ……….

    9. Surbhi Sharma

      Hi anikaa .
      Sorry for late reply . It became good morning se good evening .
      And that’s so sweet of u remembering all our names …

  6. @ diyas there wil be no elemination part in dis competition rght. Nd my title reached it so cool u naughty girl hw do u knw abt us , sab ki barae mae ekdum perfect lika tu nae.

    1. Liba dear….u should type any quote on love…… may be u are not romantic…………

  7. i asked every one but i didnt say my fav epi let me say the epi when whole oberois hated shivaay for threatning anika and marrying her instead anika suported shivaay and convinced her bros and first time when anika did that dil bole oberoi moment and om saying anika shivaay singh oberoi for the first time thats my most memorable epi

    and i cant give tittle for myself so diyas please do give me also one tittle and if not diyas any one else

    1. Ranilya

      Shab most of the episodes are good in my list ….difficult to choose one.
      Well I like it when girls show tadi and boys r bumble bees around them…so I would like to mention the 2 episodes when anika was not talking to Shivay and he was desparate to talk to her….
      1–post daksh kidnapping of Anika
      2–post Sahil being blamed thief by Tia n Pinky

    2. Shab ur title naam is ek pyaari ladkie……..or the person who loves everyone….??

  8. Ranilya

    Is it true that there is going to b a leap in IB??
    I mean will they get in Shivika and/or Ansh into the show??
    Will sahil b replaced??

    1. Oh God..!!
      Rani, Where did u get this news from??

      1. Ranilya

        Normally I read spoilers but today out of curiosity I checked as 3 days wait is intolerable…. and serialgossip I think said about the leap….

    2. Amayaa

      No no no
      AISA nahi ho sakta …………..nahi …………..
      Itni jaldi to bilkul bhi nahi

      1. Ranilya

        I too Don’t want the leap…not sure if the spoilers r true…
        Normally I don’t believe then

    3. Waaaatttttt no plzz we don’t wnt any leap in ib also we don’t wnt shivika /ansh so soon……… where u got this news??

      1. Ranilya

        Surbhi n sree I’m not sure 8 just read the spoilers…so wanted to confirm it here…

    4. Surbhi Sharma

      Hain. Rani are u joking . Plzzzzz a big wala Noooooooooooo. Cvs , aisa mat karo .
      But di , is it sure ??

    5. Archiya

      I don’t think it will b true.. Usually written spolier r all wrong.. An Wen iB is running so well they won’t go for a leap

      1. Ranilya

        Yes i too think so Archu. Normally I don’t read written spoilers as mostly its false.. .but today I got curious…
        Hope it’s false

    6. Rani
      Don’t believe any written spoiler. Most of them are wrong. Most of the website said Annika ll go in a coma state. But according to the lastest pics, it doesn’t seem true. I personally think they ll go for a leap only after Annika’s past is revealed or when there is a constant TRP drop.

      1. Ranilya

        It’s metromasti not serial gossip.. .

      2. Ranilya

        Yes Lax the same website said Anika will recover from coma…
        Though I don’t believe written spoilers… I got worried bcos I don’t want any kind of leap now…

  9. Guyshame of u dears…..none of u answered my ques…….u all are idhqbaaz fans and don’t know to type even a live quote??……for this the first winner will be whom if u all not replied……love is great….give a ur sweet to uur lover today……maybe he/she will enjoy it and then u can give me reply……romantic week buddies try it go for itit……..

    1. i love to the core but dont know y i cant live without u the reason i dont know y im so centi dot know y can u say me diyas y im like this

      1. Shab….live without me u can’t?????or anyone else…..
        If me…..u are so sweet and my comments made u centi……..shab don’t worry u are my frnds from Hyderabad……..I visited their once so busy place when I come once more I will visit you…..the charminar so tough to enter the steps and when we enter the top a beautiful place with pigeons so hot climate yarrr……now happy hearing about Hyderabad…….is it???

  10. Aastha_Reddy

    Dear Ishquise… good afternoon…
    Some times I am trying new rule and formula for love with new lead and the response to my hard work is really negligible and disappointment prevails my story..This is after rescuing Soumya….. give a glance if you all have some trust on Astha …

    1. Surbhi Sharma

      Lax di , that a good spoiler . Waiting for my cso and rso . And I think all the blush club members be ready .
      Lax di have a look at this ? . Waiting for that too …

      1. Surbhi
        Hmmm..!! Let’s wait n see yaar..!! Don’t want Shivika n Ansh so soon. Thoda romance tho karne do.

    2. Ranilya

      Lax…good one here…but somewhat similar to the ones I read in metromasti….

  11. Chi…akriti,archiya,arpita,lax,shab,astha,piyuu,……..priya surbi,
    Ranilya,anu,……….renimanju,ridhima,meghal,shrew….etc etc
    Archiya-will u find me u said rite then??????love u dear
    Astha- Andrea ladkie…..HW will I see u???anyway I dreamt u in my life in orange churidar can’t u believe it dear…..tum achi hey…..shab so sweet of u ….love u u

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ha ha… Diyas..I Some times wears Salwar..but never an orange one as bright colours and Astha repels each other…I have also long hairs like Telugu girls as you imagine..but I and my brother have a wheat colour body….(some times we feel like alien in between our cousins)
      Astha in Orange… Ha ha ha… but I am happy as I am your dream girl….lolz…

    2. Hi Diyas..!!

      1. Hi dear….are u finefine…what about ur family??????

    3. Akriti

      hii diyas you remember me it’s a great thing…
      and you imagine astha in Orange Churidhar…
      manna padega tumhare imagination ko…..

    4. Ranilya

      Hi diyas!
      Good morning dear.

      1. Good mrng dear….ranilya……

  12. Not chi it’s hi…….typo error

  13. Shab di- so sweet of u even u r my lovely di
    Archu , amayaa and arpu- voh kya hai na aap log mujhse bade hona is liye aap logon ki naam le ke bulane mujhe thodi michmichi ho rahi hai
    amayaa-maine tum hara ff padi ..tum itne bure writer bhi nahi ho (just kidding) your superb…
    Love u all diyas di, lax di,akriti di ,shree di, sur bhi di
    diyas di – what do u think about me…i mean my title

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Annika… Maine taarif kiya toh kahin tum blush toh nahi kar rahi ho….!!!(wink wink)

    2. ani hope i can call u like that if not diyas i would love to give u the tittle LOOVELY GIRL OF IB

  14. ur title I gave……ek pyaari ladkie,a sweet person who loves everyone and cares-shab………?
    Archuzzz did u get me who I am do u know me??????????
    Astha -u have curly long hair,white skin ,big beautiful eyes,and so cute ladkie tum…..
    Akriti-sis dear miss u……send some comments to me calm girl?????u are a girl isn’t it…..?????..
    Surbi-u are such a wonderful personperson…
    Anika-sorry Yarr tum ek good girl means acchi ladkie spelling wrong sorry ……that is why I don’t type in Hindi into english
    Tum our chotti air acchi girl……☺????❤

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Diyas…again wrong assumption… eyes are small not big….Good night…
      All get recharged to face IB tomorrow….

    2. Surbhi Sharma

      Hi diyas . U too are too cute and innocent person .
      And I am from lucknow …

    3. Akriti

      hii diyas
      yes diyas I am a girl…
      why are you confuse is my name dosent sounds like a girl????

      1. No….dear in this family …..I mistaken many names as boy’s I taught that now also I will become a fool so tat…..I gave to shab, liba ,firdose and many more but all were girls……….sorry dear akriti?

  15. Its really hard to choose my favorite episode of Ishqbaaz becuase I loveee ISHQBAAZ!!!! But if I really think about it, then my top 2 would be-
    1. When girls (Malika, Anika, Sumya, and even Priyanka) tried to show boys (Shivaay, Rudra, Omkara) that even girls have mental strength. All that GHOST drama was really funny!
    2. When Shivaay saved Anika from Daksh. You know when Anika almost died. It was very emotional.

    Anyways, if you guys want to watch old episodes of Ishqbaaz to remember them, then you should visit HOTSTAR. Its really cool. You can watch all the old episodes of any serial that air on Star Plus. And for free!

  16. Aastha_Reddy

    Attention…. Did any one liked Mukesh(commando)… just asking as he also serve to save oberoi family like Khannaji who was loved by Liji…..
    Iss Oberoi family ke raita sametne ki keemat aap kya jaano mukesh commandoji….ha ha.

  17. Archiya

    Gud morning ishquies.. Finally the wait is over an Monday is here.. Last few hours left..have. a nice day

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Archi… I think some dhishum dhishum is on the way… I saw some people lifting Shivaay for a vertical kick to a red shirt clad guy hanging above and Shivaay driving a bike like chasing some goons…My Brother on bike looks so handsome…..girls get ready to drool over Shivaay Singh Oberoi….once again…

      1. Archiya

        Looks like mahi an shivay fight .. the faceoff i was waiting for .. but not a dishum dishum 🙁 i wanted some good dialogues

      2. Archiya

        Lax dear
        it completed successfully, actually well before time .. tats why was able to comment here , thanks for asking 🙂

    2. Archu
      It’s Mahi Shivay dishum dishum only

      P.S.- hey, btw, what about your project deadline. Hope it was met successfully. I wanted to ask u last week only, but I kept forgetting.

      1. Archiya

        Lax dear
        🙁 here we are waiting for shivika scens… an all dishum dishum pics thy have released..

  18. Hiiiii everyone! ! ! Good morning isqbazzians.
    @shree dear yaa I am fine.

    @lax dear thnx for fuzion production article .I love this article.

    And guys get ready for some action. Bcoz I saw some pics on insta .it was a fighting scene. ?????

    Old text tile mill jaisi jagah he . Jaha ek baar meri didi fas gayithi. Mere ko link shere karna nahi aata.

    Pata nahi fir konsa raita filne wala he.????????

    @archu dear, I am also desperately waiting for today episode.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hi Darling ….Good morning… our much waited bullet shot day….

    2. Archiya

      kya yaar.. subah subah buri news 🙁

    3. Arpita
      U r welcome

      It’s Mahi- Shivay fight I think. Rudr also der..!! Let’s see..!!

  19. hi all ishqbaaz fans…………
    the most awaited moment is today ,im eagerly waiting for that from many days.i always wanted to see shivaay’s reaction when anika is in critical condition afcourse we have seen it when daksh was kidnapped anika but that time the relation between them and the feelings towards each other us diiferent when compared to present. i want to see how shivvay express the care,love,and fear of loosing his lady love by seeing anika in that condition also i want to see the happiness on shivay face after anika recovery …………..main jkuch jyaada bol rahi hun so enough of my blabbering and waiting for todday episode………..
    have a nice day all

  20. hi hello guys good morning. only few hours left to ishqbaaaz today so, have a beautiful day

  21. Chavi

    Good morning ishquies.. How r u all dears…hope everyone is fine coz today we have ishqbaaz.. Ah
    Friends…I read all ur comments n analysis n its interesting ???☺keep commenting n writing u all…?

    Dear ishquies.. I’m not feeling well ah dats y I can’t rply u all yaar so plz accept my apology yaar.. But I try to rply u shortly dears..

    1. Archiya

      No need of apology.. Take care dear … an get well soon

  22. Chavi

    Shreya..I read ur spoiler yaar its so??hope so it will come in future story..

    Shabs,nivedita, archiya,mouni I agree with ur comments n analysis yaar..
    Shabs i like every obro moments shivika moments in ishqbaaz yaar u can’t able to say in a word..if u want me to answer particularly I too have d same points as nivideta with few more scenes like shivay waking up anika n invite for d breakfast.. Booth drama many more yaar??☺..
    Astha dear…beautifully described analysis ??..keep writing mere Jaan?..
    Thanku uf..?
    Hi r u dear..n thanku for commenting about me yaar.. I said u na my name is FATHIMA..
    Mm diyas my answer for ur question I can’t express in words..dats love yaar..??..
    Hi nilash..welcome here dear..I also read ur pages ..?keep writing

  23. Chavi

    Hi amayaa I read ur ff its interesting dear..I can’t able to rply in ur page yaar sorry due to network issues.. Ah
    I liked shivay anika’s kitchen wala nok jhok.. Rudy anika’s convo..yaar overall superb..?keep writing dear…☺

    1. Amayaa

      Thank u chavi

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Chavi… I hope my jhansi ki Raani is fine… Ab thik ho tum..Fit and fine hue ki nahi…recover soon yaar aa your health and happiness is important to us.
      love you yaar…

  24. Hi guys what a nice family is this…….IB is rocking and now rockzzzzxx✌?
    Archiya,astha,akriti, anu…….

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    also it seems it will be action too , sso vs mahi , and some spoilers are talking about kamini blackmailing sso by saying mahi is shakti’s son too , but am wondering what about acp , will his role be over here ??

    1. Mouni
      Do u think there ll be hospital drama?? Spoiler pics don’t say so but still hopeful.

      1. Mouni

        am sure there will be some medical drama , but since the media is not aloud in so its maybe some kind of surprise for us lol
        but am sure sso will be devastated and we will have maybe 2 ep of intense drama and l wish there will be hospital drama like with anika

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    1. Ranilya

      That’s ok lax . .
      Most of the times v r so engrossed in nakul n surbhi…and the scenez too that our thought process will go in another direction anticipating what’s going to happen next that v miss out on a word or two…

      Waiting for tmro ment to see the epi…oh such a long wait for me??

      1. Ranilya

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