Ishqbaaz 14 September 2016 Analysis

the episode starts with mallika asking anika to drink something she drinks it and puts her mouth in water shivay who is standing there laughs.
now some time before, pinky and jhanvi see everyone asleep pinky says they must have slept late and also are drunk. jhanvi questions what might have happened. then shivay and anika are shown sleeping together. pinky says good morning and shivay wakes up and is shocked to see anika with him. pinky says she will throw water on everyone jhanvi seconds her. she then wakes up rudra and slaps him and calls him shameless. priyankes wakes u. shivay tries to wake up but isnt able to. pinky then wakes up soumya and omkara shivay watches from behind. pinky scolds them but jhanvi tells that they have to clean all this before granny comes. pinky asks where is shivay? shivay hears this and falls down on anika. she wakes up and is shocked.

shivay gets up and all see him. pinky asks what is he doing behind the moon suddenly anika also gets up from there. all are shocked and see them in surprise. jhanvi asks what happened last night? om says rudra made us drink punch jhanvi asks him did he mix alcohol in it? he says noand starts defencing himself. om says that they talked and played a game. pinky asks shivay what happened. a fb is seen of shivika talking. shivay and anika say nothing happened. pinky asks where is tia and mallika. they come from behind. rudra laughs on tia. om asks whats funny rudra says we wore shri krishan clothes on janmashtami. we changed them but bhaiya didnt come out of the character. he says his past present and future is standing with him (mallika, tia and anika). om laughs. pinky asks why they are laughing. rudra calls shivay and says i am not able to handle one and you are with three three. shivay asks them to stop.
dadi comes in kitchen and thinks where is everyone. she calls jhanvi and pinky. all are scared. she is on the way when pinky stops her. she asks where are the children. they say they are in their room, sleeping. pinky changes the topic.

meanwhile, mallika says she doesnt remember anything, and asks is anyone does. shivika says no. priyanka says lemme remember shivika ask her to dont. soumya says we played a game tia says we were dancing. shivay says there was no dancing anika supports him. everyone says they want to remember what happened. mallika says somthing huge happened. soumya says we played truth and dare and something big always happens in it. shivay and anika get fb. jhanvi comes and tells them to go to their rooms.
next day anika says her head is paining. shivay also comes there they stare each other. fb is shown. they simultaneously think that the other person doesnt remember anything. anika says her head is paining so she is there to cook shivay says the same. they strike again and again.

jhanvi gives tia lemon juice to drink she thanks her. rudra also takes it. tia asks him to send the pics taken last night. he remembers making video. he searches his phone but isnt able to find it and goes to search it.

shivay cuts lemons and it falls down he goes to take it and again strikes with anika. she says heads should strikes twice or else horns will grow. she tells a story. mallika comes and sees the sitting and says omg your talks never end. they stand say show her the lemon. she says now she will make her special hangover drink. shivay says make her drink anything she cant be normal. she makes the drink.

rudra meanwhile searches his phone in the pool area. he doesnt gets it.
mallika says it weird everything got blanked. shivika say blank. mallika says why are they behaving so wierd. they act to fight. he says see we are fighting mallika claps. mallika says i am not a kid something is wrong. she says we have to drink this in one go without thinking much. shivay and mallika drink anika is shocked seeing them. she gets michmichi;d. mallika ask what are you thinking drink it. she says one minute. and says no it has raw egg. mallika says ik drink it. anika takes the glass to her mouth and puts it back. mallika asks her to drink shivay watches them. anika puts her face in water and shivay bursts out laughing. mallika sees him laughing. he realises what he did

precap: shivay says we shouldnt be tensed video has nothing. shivays asks her you remember anything she asks the same question. both say no they dont. and then say they do remember. and say they have to stop them rudra sees something and says haww what is this. shivika eye him tensed.

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