Ishqbaaz 13th September 2017 Written Episode Update: Shwetlana injures Tej

Ishqbaaz 13th September 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone keeps an eye on Shwetlana. Rudra says she is seeing Shiv Parvati idol. Shwetlana sees Rudra and blows off the diya. Gauri says I saw her in room, she is sleeping. Bhavya says this is that part of that key which I kept it in her cupboard. Some time before, Pinky asks Dadi what could she do, she didn’t had money. Dadi asks what was the need to call that problem home, you should have asked me. Pinky asks till when will we hide this. Dadi says I know why you are doing this, you can’t see your son’s happiness, if you do anything this time, none will be worse than me. Anika comes. Dadi sees her and scolds Pinky. Dadi and Pinky leave. Anika gets a call.

Bhavya says Dadi will get entire family downstairs, Shwetlana won’t know Rudra and I are keeping a watch on her. Gauri says tell me

if you need help. Om says you can challenge even wrestlers, Gauri thinks by heart, not mind right. Saathiya ……….plays….. She says you said right, I think my heart, not mind, I think the other person thinks like me, but its not, other person thinks by mind. Bhavya asks is everything fine. Gauri says yes, I was talking about Shwetlana. Bhavya says I will go. She goes.

Om asks Gauri did anything happen. Gauri says no. He says there is something, you look upset. She says nothing, else you say what is it, you are so educated and sensible. He says if I understood or knew, I would have not asked, because I feel nothing happened that could make you upset, so tell me. She says then leave it, if you don’t care. She goes. He says I can’t understand you Gauri.

Bhavya comes to Rudra and asks what’s this, military uniform. He says you are forgetting, camouflage, there is a big mission at night. She asks will you wear this in photoshoot, everyone will look good. He laughs. She asks why are you laughing. He says I fooled you, I was joking, I don’t wear this. He calls her BB. She asks what did you say, biwi. He says I said BB, Bhavya boss.

Shwetlana says Om has threatened that he will make us leave tomorrow morning, I have to do everything tonight. Tej feels proud of Om. She says you have to divert your family so that I can get a chance to do my work. He asks what are you going to do. She says that’s none of your business, do as I say, else you and Jhanvi will be in jail. He says don’t forget you are dealing with Oberois, you feel they don’t understand your drama. She says just do…….She feels tensed.

Rudra says photoshoot idea was good. Dadi says I didn’t think of any function. Bhavya comes and asks is everyone ready. Dadi says just Rudra come as Sarbala, it means one who is with groom and wears clothes like him. Rudra says he is called best man. Bhavya asks him to come. She gives handsfree to stay connected. He calls her AB, Agent Bhavya. Shakti and Pinky come. Shakti asks what shall we do. Dadi asks Khanna to call everyone.

Tej sees Shwetlana’s reaction and turns to see. He sees Jhanvi. Jhanvi says I came to make a request, can you become Tej, family photo is going on. Shwetlana says this can’t happen. Tej says we came to do acting, let me do, I will become Tej. Jhanvi thanks and gives the clothes. He holds her hand. She goes. Shwetlana asks him to talk about work. He says I have to become what I m, Tej. She says you have to divert them. He goes to change. Dadi asks is everyone ready for family pic. Tej comes with Shwetlana. Dadi says I felt you are my son Tej. Tej asks her to regard him son and hugs Dadi. Dadi asks him to stand with Jhanvi. He holds Jhanvi. Shwetlana asks him to put hand down. Dadi asks about Om Gauri and Billu Anika. Shivaye comes and says this family photo can’t happen, as Anika is not here. Shakti asks where did she go. Shivaye says she got a call from Sahil’s school, Sahil is ill, so she went there. Dadi says then family pic can happen after she comes. Rudra jokes. Shwetlana asks Tej to keep family busy. Tej says fine I will do anything. Tej says when family is together, we should celebrate. He dances with Dadi. Hum saath ek duje ke…..plays….. Tej dances with everyone. Shwetlana dances and goes. Tej asks Bhavya to follow Shwetlana.

Bhavya asks everyone to be ready, Shwetlana has gone. Lights go. Shivaye, Om, Gauri, Rudra and Bhavya cover all areas. Om asks how will we see her in darkness. Bhavya says its imp, so that she doesn’t see us, stay calm, don’t stop her and just tell her location, we have to follow her from far, I m sure she will go where that key lock is present. Shwetlana comes downstairs. She says none can see me in darkness and I can reach my secret. Rudra says she is coming this way, she has the keys, she is seeing Shiv Parvati idol. Shivaye says that idol came home today. Bhavya says I will just come, stay there.

Shwetlana says finally I reached the secret. Keys fall down. She picks it and gets shocked seeing the broken key. She thinks how can this break, its pure brass. She recalls Bhavya. She thinks this key is fake and gets angry. Shivaye asks what’s happening. Rudra says she is just seeing idol. Shwetlana sees his reflection and thinks they have kept an eye on me, they can’t defeat me. She puts off the diya. Rudra says she has blown off the diya, I can’t see anything. Shivaye asks shall I go and switch on lights. They all come out. Shivaye asks where is she. Gauri says I have seen her sleeping in room. Om asks Rudra did he really see her. Rudra says she was here, she was seeing idol and blew off diya. Bhavya says this is that part of that key which I kept it in her cupboard.

Shwetlana thinks how did the duplicate keys come in box, how did they know my plan. Tej comes and asks did your work finish. She says no, someone changed the keys. Bhavya says it means she got to know key was fake, so she didn’t do anything. Shivaye says that makes sense, if she has come here, she came to find something. Om says so lets find it. They check the place.

Bhavya sees the mirrors. Shwetlana says they are not so smart to know my plan, I m sure you are helping them. Tej says you always keep an eye on me, I can’t do anything, you have fixed mic in this locket, I can’t cheat you, shall I rest now. She hits his leg. He screams and asks what’s wrong with you. Gauri says our plan failed. Om says I threatened her that I will give her to police. Shivaye says she won’t get scared, she won’t go till she does her work. Rudra agrees. Shwetlana says I won’t go till my mission completes. Tej asks how can you be sure that whatever you want is in this house. Shwetlana says the more you help them, I have to stay in this house. He says Om won’t let you stay here. She says you will have to make sure that Om doesn’t make us leave, if police comes, you know who will go jail.

Shivaye says so art exhibition, I wanted to come, but I have to be in board meeting, I will see your exhibition on live broadcast, where is Gauri. Om says I was thinking to ask her, she will get bored there. Shivaye says Gauri is your wife, you must introduce her to your world. Shwetlana gets Tej there. Om asks did you two not go. Jhanvi says I told them to stay, see Peter’s leg is hurt, he can’t travel. Om says he got hurt suddenly. Tej says thanks to your slippery steps. Jhanvi says please let them stay here. Om says fine, you can stay till you get fine. Shwetlana takes him to room. Om says you said right, they will make any excuse to stay. Shivaye says its good, we will get time. Om says wish me luck and hugs him. He goes.

Shivaye goes to Gauri. He asks her to get ready to go to Om’s art exhibition. She says why shall I go, he would have taken me along, he doesn’t regard me his wife, he is ashamed. He says I will pull his ears later, just get ready, I will tell him. She says its about my self esteem. He says fine, but matter shouldn’t reach ego, there shouldn’t be any place for ego. She says I know, Om doesn’t fine me suitable for him. He says you are perfect for each other, there will be some reason that you both are together, its special day, I want his wife to be with him, he is shy and couldn’t tell you to come, I think you should be there, you know how much he cares for you, you tied me rakhi right, you listen to your elder brother, we gave you bahu’s place, you have to make Om’s wife’s place yourself, you go as Om’s wife’s right. She says you told me to show attitude. He says yes this is next step, don’t get confused, get ready and go, everyone should just see you. She agrees.

Rudra comes to Bhavya. He says plan failed, but I have worked hard, I should get its salary, I did a good job. Bhavya asks really, you know how did Shwetlana know about plan, its because of you, she has seen your reflection in mirror so she has run away. He says so humans do mistake, its fine, cut some money from my salary. She asks what salary, it should be big thing that you are still on this mission. He calls her miser and goes, thinking its last day to complete challenge, I hope Bhavya doesn’t remember, I will earn money by tomorrow. She calls him and says you have to earn 25000rs and give me tonight, its last day of challenge. He says I remember and goes. She wishes him all the best.

Dadi says its Tej, mum knows son’s shadow as well, how will I not identify my son, don’t know why is he doing this acting. Shakti says I m sure there is some reason. Dadi says his knee is hurt, I m worried. He says you know our Shivaye, Om and Rudra are solving this, they will do it. She says you also find out what’s this matter.

Shivaye talks to Anika on call. He asks Anika is she fine, how is Sahil. He asks her not to worry and get Sahil home. He says just call if you need help and ends call. Pinky stops Dadi and says I want to do a function for Shivaye, he is my son. Dadi says you didn’t like Anika. Pinky says I don’t like Anika even now, I want my son back. Dadi says Billu won’t listen to you. Pinky says I know, but he will listen to you, tell him to let his mum do a function, I have some rights being his mum, I beg you, will you get me my rights. Dadi says fine, I will talk to Billu, but it will be his decision. Pinky looks on.

Rudra says I need to talk something imp, I have to prove Bhavya. Shivaye asks what to prove. Rudra says that I m not a kid, I m a man, but I m not able to do anything. Shivaye says I can’t help you in this. Rudra says you can help me, you have set example in front of the world. Shivaye asks what. Rudra says I m proud of you. Shivaye says you got mad. Rudra says I didn’t get mad, if you don’t help me, I will go mad. Shivaye says I can’t help you, you need a doctor, I will take an appointment for you. Rudra says how can doctor help me, will he give me money. Shivaye says why, he will take money for treatment. Rudra says I want to earn money. Shivaye says its your problem, you want treatment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nila

    ???Hii pkj???

    1.Dadi pinky convo: confusing kya musipath ?????

    2. No shivika??????????today?????? sirf phone convo?.Monday thak wait karana padegi????.

    3.Rudy & dadi so lovely????????& cute.

    4.tej dance make me little emotional along BG.

    5.shivri ???good convo cute expressions by both???? &Shivom ???.
    photo shoot cancel ???.

    6.Mission failed key broken kaise ? Ithna weak key!! ???

    7.pinky ponky kabi sudharne wali nahi ?????????ab kya baaki hai??????


    1. Nila

      Gayathiri ‘s msg (gayu)
      How r [email protected] maahi @astha @[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected]@lax di @ liji @meenu @annie @rani di @nivi @ammu & all

      1. hiii nila hw r u yeah pinki is irritating yaar waiting for shivika scences on mon lets hope

      2. Pushpa

        GNG…i have all wht y hv in your comments…confused and no anika no #ishqbaazz..
        Hi @Gayu…

      3. Ranilya

        Nila, thanks for conveying the msg. Pls say hi to Gayu. Im good hope she is good too.

      4. Hey @nila …. Say my hello to gayu…n tell her i m fyn..howzzz she???…. N why is she not commenting here

      5. Amayaa

        Hahahahahaha poor Nila di conveying our’s messages to de others first mine nd now gayu di
        GNG GNG GNG new milkha student …..?????? love u di
        Nd btw where is gayu di ???? I missed her loads….. please convey my this message to her too ??? our mediator
        I m fine gayu di but ur ammu baby is angry from u …. u became a permanent gayab member not fair come back plzzzzzz nd do check ur insta chats I dm u something few days ago ……????? pyaar vala gussa ????
        Nd thank u Nila di for conveying de message to us again …..

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      GNG… ???????… ??????????
      Hello Gayathri… I am all fine, Take care dear… THANK YOU( SSO meaning).

      1. Nila

        Tq aastha???
        I convey ur hello thank u ?to gayu she will back next week in pkj

    3. Banita

      Congo dr 4 ur hytreck.…????????????????

      1. Nila

        Hey bani tq?
        Yaa hat trick?

    4. Ranilya

      Hi nila. I liked the epi overall though i missed Anika… Tej danc ewas too emotional…
      n that stupid ACP couldnt get a good duplicate key made!!

      1. Nila

        Hii rani di
        Yaa stupid Acp sirf baath kari rahi hai woh kaam nahi?
        Sure I convey ur hi to gayu she is good her phone is prb not working properly that’s y she can’t able to open TU she will be back in pkj next week

    5. Piyuu

      1dadi pinki conv really confused shivika scene i missed anika .anika ke bina ib incomplete hai…shivika scene ke liye monday thak wait karna padega.
      5.shivri conv was good love the scene

      1. Nila

        Hii piyuu

    6. Qwerty123

      Aaj tho thursday hai na..:)

  2. Misha_Mikul

    Episode was Good..missed Annika terribly??
    for me, my Shivaay is Enough to watch Ishqbaaz??? but though quite upset on missing ShivIka moment!!?

    Okay!! one thing is clearly known, a big QUAKE is awaiting to ruin Ishqbaaaz??
    They have been making fans happy with very smooth episodes and suddenly the brought one mystery about Shivaay again which Dadi,Shakti and Pinky have been hiding since long!!!??
    Please don’t say again that mystery is about Shivaay’s illegitimacy!!?? I will kill the CVs then…?
    They started making pappu of us again!! ?
    Not any of rasam is yet to begin for ShivIka’s wedding but suddenly came up with an unfold truth again!!?? God!!
    Trp is about to increase but I think CVs don’t want the trp to increase!!??

    and This irritating Pinky again comes with her dirty plans!!???
    Oh God!! I hope Shivaay won’t believe her even Dadi requests him..but I know this Good Woman Annika will do brainwash of Shivaay and ask him to give her chance!!??

    Loved the incomplete Family moment!! ??
    It wasn’t an amazing moment but still lovely to watch the way Tej uncle as Peter shared a moment by dancing with his family??

    These Oberois always fail to fail Swetlana’s plan???
    She cleverly makes paapu of them??
    A 2rs lady is blackmailing and ruling your family, how can they tolerate her?
    Just kill her, matter OVER!! who will cry for her??
    closing their crime case is not a big deal for senior Oberois!! just kill her and using your influence close the file as did in Ashok’s matter!! ???
    after all she is a criminal, so no need to feel guilty, Chill!!??
    Ahh! one more thing, better please bury Pinky too with Swetlana if she needs a partner in crime!!

    Loved ShivKara moment??
    ShivRi moment is my all time favorite!!?? They are such cute bonding as AniRu❤❤

    Precap- ShivRu…They are Crazy yaar!!LMAO???????

    1. Misha_Mikul


  3. Aastha_Reddy

    For the first time a Father has trusted his son…Tej has believed Omkara, felt Proud of his son…And Om was also back while talking with Gouri to his original self for few minutes…with his philosophical dialogues to Gouri…Tej has opened his eyes before his greatest rival inside Oberoi family Pinky Singh Oberoi, Tej won the battle with a clean victory…Mahesh Thakur rocks!!!!….
    Annika went to Saahil’s school, leave the kid’s illness, leave Annika going there…Surbhi Chandna taking a leave gave chance to OmRi at least to maintain a little screen space but powerfully…(My POV girls, I know here so many are SC fan still Ishqbaaz was ignoring OmRi).
    Bhavya…Cva are just making her glued to every incident so that few fans who hate her and Love IB may accept her(I don’t hate her), as Rudy’s opposite. Those police case, investigations..plan..mission is a crap shit to hide Annika and Surbhi is absent only or just I felt like that only perhaps.
    Still in all this Omkara was fantastic with his takkar ka father Tej Singh Oberoi…. The great Oberoi mission.
    Shivaay is giving free gyaan to Omkara about relationship and wife!!! What a day has come for Ishqbaazi..and Shivaay-Gouri conversation is just aww…Shivaay bhaiyya is again giving free advice on EGO!! The brother-sister duo is rocking…Raakhi-Bade bhaiyya. Historic event ,step-1 and step-2 of Ishqbaazi discovered by Shivaay Singh Oberoi…
    Precap-ha ha ha….Very funny..Shameless Singh Oberoi!!! with his gutter mind to serious.
    Some one please kill Shakti’s donkey soon…Its intolerable now.

    1. Pushpa

      astha…i think with this drama Tej finally realise what is family…he’s enjoying what he hv missed all this years by being peter…..for me shivaye rocked…all his advices astha..shivaye cant believe it at all….shakti’s donkey? pinky?

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        She is getting on my nerves Pushpa…bass bhaiyya ki 6th marriage thik se hojaaye, maij yehi chahti hoon. Dekha Tej whom I keep on praising from beginning didn’t disapppointed me. I am happy Tej won over Pinky..yeah the Shakti’s ugly donkey.

    2. Amayaa

      Gussa ho ????? Sorry!!!! maan jao na plzzzzz
      Not de Secretary but do pardon ur AIR …… ur longgg losttt sis is crawling on de floor for a sisterly hug ….. ROCKSTAR u r listening my words na coming from ur sista’s heart …… talk with me. …. ye khamoshi shabdo se zaada takleef dene vali hoti hai. ….. OKKKkk OKKKkk it was a little extra but see de emotions ……it’s real
      What to do of this chem? ?? I should better learn de chemistry from our bhaiya bhabhi SHIVIKA. …. I’ll be come first if there will be any IB nd Shivika test …. I’ll go through ur analysis as revision materials nd will give exams ….. okkkk olkkk enough but don’t be GUSSA anymore ……????????? love u Rockstar

      1. Aastha_Reddy

        Excuse me!!! You are reading too much between two lines..Usually reading between two lines is my work. Who said I am angry at you!!??…Don’t imagine two much baby sister…I am not angry at you…I can never be angry at you…I just THANK YOU my Ammu AIR. Yeh gussa bhi pyaar jatane ka tareeka hai..for me showing anger is the best and easiest way to express emotions with out emberassment. ??????

  4. Pushpa

    No anika no #ishqbaazz
    No shivika no #ishqbazz

    Hope sahil gets well soon…
    No Photo shoot without anika….4 some reason felt sad 4tej socl whn he was dancing wt each family members…just felt like shooting svetlana….
    Om …gauri is upset cause u r not accepting her as yr wife u dumbo…
    Dadi & pinky convo!!! Michi michi feeling.. Dadi knows why pinky doing all this nonsence??? Wht the hell….
    After so long hearing shivaye hv boardmeeting…u looking great in yr 3 piece suit…
    Ths shivaye+gauri bond r alwsys beautiful..
    How cn villain svet is smarter thn our ShivOmRu…this is not possible at all….Ohhh villy tej kho maara…
    Wht twist is this? And tht letter…

    Why cvs bhar bhar bring in pinky there no limit to her evilness is it???…in the name of shaadi prepartion whts she’s up too?
    ..i just hope shivaye will never agree 2 dadi..thts hw it shld be…

    Cvs….pls show pinky tht getting a son married doesnt mean she looses her son…a sons luv towards his wife & mom r different and sons luv 2moms will never fade& die but lives forever…

    Precap….i dun get it…
    gd nite gals….

    1. Nila

      Puspha no shivika No IB yaa something is missing & athuri too
      Shivaay looks cool in that suit (I love blue theme of Oberois always)??

  5. Zaveesha

    Good episode…missed Anika…
    Loved lafzon k rishta…
    The spy team was amazing…
    Hoping that swetlana drama ends soon…
    Love IB…
    Love pkj..

  6. Missing Anika. Dadi steal the show.

    Tej is hurt. I felt bad. Later thought, he has hurt Janvi a lot, Bad karma.

    I heard Om is going to hurt Gauri. Why Om. Why you are behaving like SSO.

    Shivaay ego bhandar is giving class about ego to Gauri. I am like “Look who is talking? Khud ek ego ki dukan hai”. As I assumed, Pinky is not alone in planning. Swetlana is touching her black necklace many times. May be somebody is giving instruction. Who?

    Pinky has bought some musibath. She is planning something against Anika.

    Rudi-Bhavya “AB” & BB. As usual. What will we do without Rudi?

    Shivaay ki plan ki Tai Tai Phis. Swetlana is 10 times smarter.

    Precap – hilarious. Shiv-Ru’s misunderstanding.

  7. Go nila go
    With out annika episode is empty
    Miss u chandu badly
    Mission failed swetlana very smart
    So we tolerate pinky in Every function nooooo


    1. Yeh oberio mansion kam Mystry mansion jayda hai ??????

    2. Koi Om ko samjgaye jab tak vo hubby nhi banega tab tak gauri wife nhi banegi.. I mean Om need to understand himself and his relation with gauri.

    3. Bhavya and Rudra are just like Karishma and Saif of Hum sath sath hai, who fight & tease each other and have unknown feelings..

    4. Tej and Jhanvi look so adorable now a days as Tej is realising Jhanvi's value in his life

    5. Tej said right, natak to tmko krna hai, mujge to tej singh oberio banna hai jo main hun

    6. Mission Swetlana is again failed… either their plan was dumb or she was too smart ???????????

    7. Tej is getting beaten up Swetlana ?????, she is tooo dangerous ???????

    8. Shivaye is giving advice to Om and Gauri, jisko kud Anika ki value itne der se samjg aayi ??????

    9. Rudra is behind salary for doing nothing ??????

    10. Pinky is too clever, either she joined hand with swetlana or she is behind some conspiracy..?????

    11. Precap is really tooo much funny ???????????????

  9. 1.Serious michmichi: Shinky were already giving me negative vibes nd now dadi s included in list….I m 100% sure they spoke abt Kaamini…..I don’t know what this implies……if even Dadi knew abt this,then how could she agree for Priveer alliance,Knowing d kind of person kaamini was??Even through Mahi was trained,he kept making mistakes…which created doubts in mind of Omkara-Rudra and Annika…When Mahi came to OM,even Dadi was playing along…I seriously doubt how much was Ranveer part of this conspiracy??
    2.Shwetlana must have come to know abt this from Daima and Mrs Kapoor so she came to find evidences abt this to show the world…When She was playing with d keys d key fell down and she found out that the key was replaced……
    3.Annika left….
    4.Tej part was good….Althrough felt bad when he was injured by Shwetlana…..Specially his ishqbaazi with Jhanvi…..
    5.Dadi recognised Tej but that part was just to emphasise Shakti to look out for things…..
    6.Omkara s so dumb….He doesnot want to call Gauri his wife…..Reasons only he knows….
    7.I enjoyed Rudra-Bhavya part…Rudra was like a kid…Love Rudra….
    8..Pinky s definitely planning something..Lets c

  10. hii all pkj family♥♥♥
    tdy we all watched dbo after three months cant tolerete for watching tht one hour tdy only 2min shivaay scence i only watched tht tdy epi without shivika no ib i loved tht tej song part over swt pinki all waste of time
    pinki again started evalo pattalum athu thernthathu
    ani track joined too sahil thedirunu arambichitanga somehow managed her vacation break bt cant bear for tom if thss continues trp low thaan
    yesterday only 45 comments bt tdy it will less only nice track makes nice comment plss cvsss achieve us to recieve more than 500 commentss
    rikara and ruyva love them personly ♥♥♥tejswt plss orama poitunga
    dadi y ur dng thsss plss dnt support tht pinki eppdi pandringalama
    shivika phn covo ♥♥♥missing u ani come back with sahil♥♥
    shivru lol haha definetly rudy needs a treatment
    missing kidikitod precap’s of shivika

    1. Nila

      Hii Meena I am fine?
      Yaa DBO ??? correct ah sonninga?
      Ippdi paniringa ma lol???????
      Pakalam Monday athuvarikum DBO mode thaan????

  11. it was really nice episode today.. but 1 thing , i think swetlana track is going to proceed for few more days..

    1. i jst luvd the acting of shivay and tej…they are reallly superb..

  12. Banita

    Mysterybaaz…… Mysterybaaz…….. Mysterybaaz…….
    Today epi full of Mystery……
    Dadi-Pinky convo….. New mystery related to Shivaay known to Pinky also…..
    Om seriously didn’t know what d matter…… And he didn’t feel to ask Gouri once…….
    I m seriously don’t like this ongoing track of Omri…..
    Next 30min only Pasinalana mystery…….
    Dadi – Rudy convo and Tej dance with family….. Like this two scence only in full epi….
    Broken key…… Metal ka tha ya kuch aur ka….. Ek dhang ki key vi nahi mila kya…… Pure plan ki tie tie fissshh ho gaya……
    Pinky ponky kabhi nahi sudhragi…..
    Precap- OMM???????????????

    Now What is d new mystery coming in Shivika’s life????
    What is d key mystery????
    Nd Pinky ponky What’s d new evil plan going her evil mind????

    Most important When Chandu come back?????????? No Shivika…….??????

    1. Pushpa

      bani dear ..yes mysterybaaz…hope the letter will be unfold soon…pinky is gona die…..

  13. What’s this new complications!??? Irkkkkkkkk…. I hate Pinky Ji… Again, Shivaay’s new birth mystery story… Kadavule……mudilaaaaa… Will marriage happen or not??? I want ShivIka shaadi to happen… Uskeliye mein inthzaar kar ri hoon….

    1. Nila

      Hii shanmathi
      Mudila lol same pa??
      Sab log shivika ki shaadi ke liye inthizaar kar rahi hai?

  14. Archiya

    For me without shivika that is no iB.. So till Anika is absent I will b absent too for watching ib as well as Here..good day everyone

    1. Pushpa

      archu….i know IB is missing the juicy part…will c u soon…

    2. Krish6868

      ARCHIYA,same feelings here. Hoping to meet soon ,good day to you too!

    3. Piyuu

      archu without shivika ib is incomplete…

  15. Today’s episode was ok. I liked Tej’s acting and dancing. But no Anika it seems a little dull with Shivaay though it was nice to see him. IB needs to have Shivika. If not something is missing. But what I like though is they did not use double of Anika for her part. If Anika had to go for leave for few days then be it and focus on others. In other serials, they love to use doubles and it is irritating to watch. So I am glad they don’t use doubles in IB.

    My my…. What is wrong with Pinky again? She needs to be sent to an asylum. She honestly does not like her son as she has not accepted Anika till now. The party she wants to arrange is to embarrass Anika and not to try to give it for her son. I hope Shivaay will flatly refuse the party by Pinky.

    Oh CVS please don’t split Shivaay and Anika. Let them have a proper wedding with all the rasams. The other time it was not all done properly and even the marriage was a forced marriage. This is willing union. Let the problem come after Shivika has got married properly with full media coverage and then Pinky can come up with her nonsense. But please not now…..

    I read that Gauri will go to the exhibition and drop and break one of Om’s famous and pricied painting accidentally. On will get very furious with her. How much of that info is true I am not sure.

    The same website mentioned that Shivika may separate again without him declaring his love thanks to Pinky and the letter that Dadi took it. Shwetlena is after that too. If it is to do with illegitimacy, then Shivaay might leave the home as he is very concerned about blood family line. I only hope all this will not be true. I am sure the cvs can come up with better story line.

    If any one has the latest about IB that is positive please share. I am feeling jittery to watch IB once Anika returns. Not sure how the plot is going to go. I only only hope they will show Shivika’s wedding. End it beautifully with that episode. So far all the episode to the time when Shivaay saved Anika from Vikram till now has been going on fine and trippings are going up sky high especially online. Please keep it this way cvs.

    Pardon for my long comment.

    Have a great day every one who is commenting here.

  16. Ranilya

    Hello…. How r u all…
    No Anika mathlab No comments is it??

    Yes terribly missed Surbhi aka Anika last night…. but on the whole the episode was good….
    the direction n editing was good.
    the scenes dint seem rushed up…. These days Shivika scenes either have been rushed or edited badly!

    So everyone wearing their own shoes in the episode!

    Jhanvi-blind love for pati
    Pinky-evil plots
    SSO-Tadi n concern
    Anika-Sahil’s love n concern
    Om-commitment phobia n indecisiveness
    Gowri-innocence n confusion
    Bhavya-Stupid cop who cant get a good duplicate key done!!

    Oberois/Oberoi Mansion—mysteries n secrets!!!!

    1. Pushpa

      hey rani….its like a cake missing the icing…till the next mystery unfold…drama continuesssssss…

  17. Yesterday episode obro moment surbhi ke bina adhura hai lekin all were managed well shivom shivaay gowry relationship kitni intense bhai behan rishta aajtak kabhi nahi dekha aap very cute shivaay bhaiyya aaj tej singh oberai performance really commendable dadi and Rudy bhi doing well please want more shivaay gouri scences pinky kabhi nahi sudhernewale se mein nahi pleas pinki ko shivaay anika se door rakhna lekin mujhe poora vishwaas hai shivaay bhaiya sab teek karenge us pinky ko bhi usko chhal ko bhi all the best ke bar mein kya bolun mujhe oldwala charming shivaay chhedne wala comedy karne wala om bahut pasand hai lekin aajkal om shivaay part 2 bangaya pls CVS om character ko change kardo usse gouri ke saath happy moment se rehne do i think aaj episode zyada obro moment dekhne ke milega waiting for that moment

  18. LAX

    Om n Dimag se sochna. Kya se kya Bana diya mere Om Ko??
    This Raaz is killing me now. Hope it has nothing to do with Shivika.
    Daadi was a sweetheart today.
    Tej/Peter was showstealer today.

    I wish Oberois were half as smart as Svetlana..!!
    Shivay n relationship advisor – joke of the year..!! ???

    Precap- funny…!! OMG..!!

    P.S.- Hey friends..!! Our darling friend Anu is busy with her new job. So she may not visit our page until things streamline. She has asked me to convey this message in the page and said she misses PKJ. She will be back as soon as possible.

  19. Pls comeback soon surbhi mam we are terribly missing u

  20. ???Hii pkj???
    Dadi pinky convo: confusing kya musipath ?????
    No shivika??????????
    Rudy & dadi so lovely????????& cute.
    tej dance make me little emotional along BG.
    shivri ???good convo cute expressions by both???? &Shivom ???.
    Mission failed key broken kaise ? ???

    1. Nila

      Shona???? Same cmts !!!!???? c&p

  21. Amayaa

    I m back….AIR is back…..Amayaa is back !!!!!
    PKJians a special news for u all
    Rockstar , chief , bhaiyuu , Nila di , neha di , misha di , pu di , Archu , shraddha , chitti , meenu , zaveesha nd all de rests …..
    Insta users nd insta Pkj mansion members like chief , bhaiyuu , Nila di may know about it
    Jankee ( Nakul’s wife ) liked my comment just after my joining on insta for her
    Vihaa ( pari ) ‘s official insta account liked my comment
    Arya ( Shahil ) ‘s official insta account too liked my comment
    Then mreenal ( janvee ) then nitika ( Pinky ) then navina ( Tia ) Nd now navina ( Dadi ) yeahhhhhh so much likes by stars ….lllll celebration time ??????

    1. Nila

      Celebration time ? ammu so happy
      I convey ur msg to gayu

    2. Piyuu

      ammu congrats…… enjoy yaar

  22. Cvs why r they sabotaging their own show ?
    Plzzzz listen to fans, everytime the show reaches good ratings, its stuffed up again.

    1.we want Shivika marriage, love, romance,?
    Shivika means IB?
    2. Plz no more illegitimate track, we r fed up with the same crap
    3. Why is problem created only for Shivika.
    4. Pinki Ponki is up to some crap again, that evil smile..plz cvs get rid of her from Shivikas life or make her a positive again. Its mentally scarring to see a mother stoop to such evillness .
    5. Whatever comes their way, make Shivika fight it together….remember their promise to each other..they can fight any obstruction as long as they r together?
    6. Rikara…dont understand , in one scene they r lovey dovey n next they dont even look at each other…its like a yoyo
    7. Ruvya r getting better but so they should cos they r getting the most screen space at the moment.

    Thoughts to ponder:?
    ❣Anika n Bhavya did actually looks like sisters when tbey were
    lighting diyas….heartwrenching when Anika cried when talking to Dadi and said God has given her family now….wish Shivay had heard their talk.
    ⚘cvs know theyll lose fans if Shivikas wedding does not happen, and if another shivika MU occurs they might just lose all support for the show…so hopefully Shivika will come out as winners, no matter what Pinki plans it will backfire, therefore her true redemption track will finally begin?
    As Shivay told Pinki, he is well aware of her evil deeds n he still anticipates her to continue with her evilness therefore hope he protects Anika always n is always a step ahead of Pinkis evilness.?
    ⌛i thought the letter mystery was 32 years old, n shivika are not of that age so its something b4 they were born?
    ? Swetlana? Dont understand how she comes out as a winner everytime.
    Shivay looked incomplete without our Anika in the episode…hope her return will prompt Shivay to realise how much he missed her n confess his three magical words….?though the phone convo could have been a lil bit more personal or romantic though we could hear only one way convo but somehing like shivay saying he feel like shes been gone for ages, or he has no one to fight with, him asking her to come back to him ASAP or he’ll go to get them himself. Or asking Anika to hang up first☎……..I DONT KNOW WHY SHIVIKA ROMANCE IS ALWAYS RUSHED OR SHORT, WHEN THE ROMANTIC GESTURES CAN EXTEND THE STORYLINE N PUSH IT FORWARD SO SUCCESSFULLY.?

    I dont know what else to say to make the IB team realise their strengths and weaknesses ♦♥♠??

  23. Nila

    @ammu ??? it is OK I love it too
    Sure I will convey ur msg (gussa)to gayu (pyaar vala) she will be back soon (her mobile is not working properly ) may be in next u too???

    @aayushi yaa sure I will tell her & she is fine she will be back soon(next week)??? she also missing pkj

  24. Chavi

    Gud afnoon pkj’s..

    Sterday episode is good along with some michmichi scenes too..ah

    Who’s she d “problem” dadi mentioned DAT pinky doing?..

    Tej praising omkara is nice…

    Loved bro sis convo..its beautiful..?

    Family dance n their moment is emotional.. Nowadays tej as peter valuing family DAT was?☺..

    Liked ruvya scenes..

    Loved dadi n shakthi’s convo abt tej its emotional..motherly love ..??..

    What raita did pinky going to do with shivika ?again…ah plz CVS we don’t want any raita phail gya in shivika’s life again..

    About omri am confused?..let’s see wht they r going to do in future plots.?..

    Liked shivom huggy..

    Swetlana chantu mai words ah.. ..

    Let’s hope for d good moment rather negativity.. I was in hospital sterday so can’t rply ur comments ..sorry ah..
    N guys do pray for my dad …he is having fluid cyst so gonna do operation on 19th for dat..ah

  25. Piyuu

    lax say my hi to anu n we miss her….tell her come back soon.

  26. Chavi

    Hi nila..??comment..
    Thanku dear..for conveying..

    Hi gayathri…how r u dear?..
    Take care n visit dis page soon ah?☺..

    Meri Jaan.. Loved ur comment..
    Yeah..mahesh thakur rocks..
    Bro sis ..covo??..
    Dil hua detectivebaaz..
    Kaan hua bluetoothbaaz..???..

    Misha dear..loved ur comment??..

    Yes its true yaar..?me too happy .. if shivay won’t agree with pinky..but let’s see wht cv’s going to show us..
    Yeah dil bole detectivebaaz..☺☺

    Hoping so dear..
    Love u too..?

    Aniru..liked ur comment yaar☺..

    Chaithu..hw r u dear?..
    Keep commenting☺..

    Neha..?..valued points?☺☺..

    Shraddha sharma..? n agree with ur few points yaar☺..

    U r true yaar..
    Pinkyku evlo aapu vachaalum..thruppi ..thiruppi..tragedy panrangaalae??..
    But sure she will change soon…by d grace of god father cv’s??..ah..

    Sweety. Hi
    Keep commenting dear☺..

    Yes its mystery filled episode yaar..

    Hi shanmathi..
    Yes enakumdaan mudilaaa..of dis pinky yaar?☺?..

    Hi 2days u r on leave ah?..??..take care dear..but comment here..dear?☺..

    Hi Sindhu..
    Ya me too noticed dey dint use doubles..
    ?too don’t want any mess with shivika again of pinky yaar..
    Have a great day too u dear..
    Take care..☺

    Hi ranilya..
    Yeah whole episode is good..
    ???we all know na in OM always have creative mysteries n secrets..especially passages ways?☺?..

    Amayaa dear..congrats..?????☺☺njoy yaar..

    Hi Zara..?? points..
    Keep commenting dear..

    Nice comment ..☺
    ?missing her yaar..

    Lax. ..
    Short cute comment??☺..
    Oh .OK..convey my regards to anu dear..n my best wishes for her new job..??n we pkj’s too mussing her ?☺..n waiting…☺☺

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Hey Jhansi ke Raani…These days our timing is not coinciding, sometimes not able to reply each other. But its alright at least you are present in the same pkj where I am also present. THANK YOU??????

  27. i luv the jodi ishkara than rikara…..ishana was perfect match for omkara….

  28. Missed shivika yesterday. missed anika. so different not seeing anika.
    ishqbaaz is shivika. and either one missing is like food without salt.

  29. IB_Fan_Girl

    I m not satisfied.. Confession.. Happened but zero romance…????? its killing writers.. Plz… Show some mercy on us??? o can’t bear this…??? separation spoilers are already.. Circulating.. and no romance.. I hate u … Writers…???????? this Is the .. Only… Reason trp is still low.. ???

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