Ishqbaaz 13th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Hello guys, i am a 14 year old die hard fan of ishqbaaz. All these days i had just been reading all the comment related to the episodes so i thought of making an account. This is my first write up, actually is just a small summary of todays episode which i have luckily already seen. So here it goes

The episode starts with shivay and anika holding each other and shivay saying her thanks to her. Also then it is seen shivay and anika dancing on the song paan banara wala. Now some time before, everyone is enjoying then rudra says lets play something anika suggest to play antakshri but mallika object then rudra say lets play truth and beer soumya corrects him as truth and dare, he asks priyanka to bring bottle. All gather in a circle around the table rudra says they have 2 choices either truth or dare anf he will take pics he flips the bottle and it stops on omkara. shivay says what

will omkara say he is already a idol of truth rudra flips it again it stops somewhere between soumya and tia. tia tells soumya to tell but she says it stopped on tia they argue rudra says if she(soumya) is saying then let it be. om and shivay stare him. He again flips it it stops on priyanka she dances then on mallika she also dances then on sounya she says the truth she is gonna say rudra would not be ablr to take it it about romi. She says romi is not what he thinks of her rudra say she is cute this is like her home only and is she feels scared she can come to sleep with him all stare him. He corrects that she can go to anyone all are family. he again flips the bottle it stops on tia she dances shivay gives annoyed look. the they all go to dance. in between there is some conversation between roop and gayatri. roop couldnt get the locker pin and they talk about the same. Then all are seen dancing on chull, shivay is standing alone mallika rolls and he stills her she asks truth or dare he says truth she asks when you dont love tia why you marring her hechanges the topic she goes back and dances on chull with anika. Now anika rolls and shivay stops her they stare mallika asks tia when did she and shivay met for first she say about of universe. rudra say i am tried of taking pics why should i alone take them the puts the camera on video . it captures shivay and anika he says i will tell you truth then you tell me truth he first says thanks for patch up thing and then he say she is weird but cute and also the words she use she say u called me cute? he say now you tell she say your kanji eyes he says not to start again she says are very beautiful and somtimes she wonder which color is that he say he also wonder from where she get thode words from. He says he will make a dictionary words by anika. they talk the camera records all this. Shivay asks her why there is so silence they see all are sleep. Then music plays and they dance it is also captured. in the morning janvi and pinky wonder why there is soo silence janvi says they must have slept early a bottle of wine comes in their way pinky asks her she also went to the party janvi stares, they come to the pool place and see everyone asleep pinky says let me bring water they will wake that way only. janvi stops her.

precap: this is super amzing. pinky wakes up all and questions them about the party she asks where is shivay. shivay stands up from behind the sofa also anika stands up from there both confused. pinks says anika you. om rudra all stare them


  1. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey y..thnq for the ur 14 2 ur the first person in TU ..who. I’ll not be calling di ….btw want is ur name , and where r u from !?

  2. nikki

    Oh my matha kya episode hai by god shivika rokzzz and roumya ka tho abhi abhi track pe a rahi hai i just loved it shivay aur anika ka romance bahuth acha hai truth or dare game me rudra bahuth cute tha

    Good night all ishqbazians sweet dreams

  3. Edvina

    Can v hv full n complete one… Other than summaries…. appreciate yr job but the feel is lacking…. especially today’s written up πŸ˜‘… u can do much better…

  4. Tulasi

    Todays episode is jus killng…..i luved it a lotttttt…..shivika r awesum…nakuul danced very very welll…n his xpressions ….omg… killed me

  5. ishika

    hv seen lots of drunk scenes bt this b the CUTEST…
    Best episode so far😍😍😍😍 fr shivika fans
    I camt hndle so much romnce in an episodeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜
    Rudra soumya part ws LOVELYYYY
    SHIVIKA aahhhhhh how can they b so naturally magical????????/???////???????
    Shivay cant b anymore cute plzzzz…
    Anika saying SHIVAY ws cherry on th cake😍..n shivay said so cute😍
    Ok he fnly said THANKYOU…
    tht kanji ankh wala description…ws beautifulπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚
    Anikas dictionaryπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    When shovay said vo billuji sunke mujhe MICHMICHI hoti haiπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Precap:πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚….pinky b like shivay stnd up anika stnding up wth him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    They r ❀

  6. Ridhima

    I saw the dancing see and their cute talk michmichi … Omg…shivaayee was so cute 😍😍😍…I can’t take my eyes from him … What is meant by michmichi ….??? Can anyone tell ??? …dictionary words by anika πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚…I can’t wait till tomorrow to watch it in hotstar .. But no way have to wait … I wish this night goes fast ….

  7. Goms


    |Registered Member

    Omg…what an epi man… Awesome..i think i need a boyfriend like shivaay..I used hate love (truth is “i don’t believe in love bcoz of daily news in media, newspaper, fake loves) but after seeing ishqbaaz…I’m turning ishqbaazi..

    Don’t think wrong friends.. Actually am expressing the love i have with this serial..

    Ishqbaaz.. Am obsessed with you..

    • Nithu


      |Registered Member

      goms i think we both are similar evn i strongly believe that love is painfull….n i dnt believe in love but u no most funny part in me i suport everyone who are in love….n im literally very obsessed by ishq in ishqbaaz

      • mishri

        Nithu same pinch…..i dnt belv in love stories in real always helpnπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  8. Dhanashree

    Plzzz tell me someone whether ishanais coming or not?? I m watching this serial only for ishkara..plzzz its requst

  9. Krits


    |Registered Member

    today’s episode was hilarious made me a paglet. shivika dance ,romance, stare, being in each others arms ,saying good things about each other this all was fabulous outstanding and mindblowing
    i really liked the precap very much shaay and anika shocked just wonder their reaction after seeing their hilarious and romantic video btw i am new here i often visit this page but comment hardly i also like ur comments and specially of shaza di , mukta di, renima di , priya di. but i am upset as renima di is not commenting now due to some stupid ppl. i request to join ur grup plzzzz

  10. mathi

    Hi frndss…. i am big fan of thiss…can i join wid u…guysss…Wow!!!!β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘nice episode..i lv shivay…in pyaar ka …..serial…now ishqbaaz…

  11. Asmita...


    |Registered Member

    I like shivay’s dance… But i dont understand one thing… Does Anika do job for 24*7… As she always stay at Oberoi house… Whether it is day or night…

    And sorry to say but i feel day by day Anika is doing overacting…

  12. Abiha

    Shivika rocks today…as i said its eid gift for me..anika n shivaye complementing each other..OMG…
    Plz yaar post fullllll amina d used to post each n every dialogue plzzxx…

  13. RANdomfANCreationz


    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ can’t wait to watch it on tv πŸ˜ƒ Shivika 😍😍😍 and is it true that om and Riddhima Gonna break up? If yes then ishkara 😍😍😍 but i miss Ishana if not the show is just perfect πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

      • RANdomfANCreationz


        |Registered Member

        Hey shaza i m so happy u all remember my ff πŸ™‚ actually i m on a trip and moreover i m running a high fever i still have slight fever that’s why i couldn’t write as soon as i get time i will write the epi and publish i m so sorry for the inconvienve caused πŸ™

  14. chashmish

    Good for a first timer…You are lacking in terms of details.I believe you have wrote the summary based on things that you have remembered.That’s why its kind of hanging here and there. Punctuation is a complete haywire.You need to be careful with that. I love the way how you put forward your emotions in writing. Anyways keep writing.

    • Shaza


      |Registered Member

      Hey Krits..if you don’t mind I’m just 1 year older than you so pls don’t call me di .axtually in my family also I’m one of the youngest and no one call me di ..and I feel a lil awkward if sm1 call me di..infact I’m having 3-5 years old cousins ..and for them also I don’t allow them to call me di ..plss ..pretty please with sugar on top …..😁😁..anyway ur already in the group dear cuz u have asked earlier πŸ˜„

  15. Abiha

    Hey guyz…
    First of all thanxxxx to all of u who wished eid to me ..early or late doesn’t matter..thank u soooo much guyz..

    @alaka d, hency , aiswarya, anami, anju n aditi…most welcome in this family..

    @Thnxx starbright 4 telling me about onam..
    HAPPY Onam to all of u who are from kerala..

    @nikki d n haya d …ystrdy my left foot got hurt by broken glass so its paining alot..otherwise m fine..

    @yours nisha welcome…
    @shivika fan thnxx…

    @mukti d plz tell me the word u said mejwani …can u explain..i can’t it means maizbani..??

    @shivani d ur fanfiction is awsome..keep writting..

    @piyalii dear …its ok..btw how’s ur frnd now..??

    @Nivedha d ..m fine ..thnx for wishing..

    N yeah dhruvv bro..i hv so many frnds which have the same habbit of forgetting all the things even they forgot my birthday ecept 2…so no need to say sorry ..m ok with it even m happy with it bcz i used to tease thm that they r bholakr..

    @Hey mukta how r u ..?

    • Mukta

      Hey Ahiba dear!!!!!! I’m good, howz u??? And when did I use Maizbaan word….I don’t remember!!!!!!! But if I used then it means……host!!!!! I’m not remembering exact word but it means like if I come to ur house then I’m Mehmaan (guest) and u will be Maizbaan!!!!!! Hope u got it!!!!!!

    • Piyaliii


      |Registered Member

      He is now ok….
      Aaj tho has raha tha…..uss din mera birthday kharab kr diya…😑😑😑😑
      Gadi chalane tho atti h nhi…bakwas ka udate h gadi ko….
      Kitni pareshan ho gayi thi main….and aaj tho chalna aa nhi raha tha tho sabko pareshan kr raha tha….πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Rosu 25

    What an episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Loved d whole episode…πŸ‘ especially shivika romance and dance😘😍😘😍😘

  17. neha

    Oooo myyy God!!!!
    What an episode!!! 😘😘

    Nakuul Mehta nailed it today.😍
    Thank you…michmichi… anika saying SHIVAYE.. kanji aankhon ki theory…shivaye calling anika CUTE… That dance….all was so romantic 😍😍

    I see a brother in Rudy,best friend forever in Omkara and future hubby in Shivaye…( that may sound funny but i can’t help myself from falling in love with the characters..😍😍)

  18. Zohya

    Hi everyone couldn’t comment for many days as my wifi wasn’t working properly… Welcome to the group mathi…

  19. neha

    Plus..Raumya was toooo cute….ishq ki shuruwat ho gyi h.😘😍

    HIGH TIME TO BECOME ISHQBAAZ and teach viewers some REAL ISHQBAAZI !!! Yayyyyyy..loving this Unique ISHQBAAZI😍😍😍

    • Nithu


      |Registered Member

      rudy says somu to sleep wid him in his room n when rudy somu is cute…awww..lovely expressions by every one at that time

  20. shreya

    the earlier thing was much much better ….and not only ishqbaaz I need yhm…siya me ram..etc too…please post it ….

  21. mishri

    Arreee..welcum all new ishqies….. the family is growing!!!!😚😚😚😚…wat an episode…!!!it was just CUUUUTEEEE!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍..accordg to shivaay…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..i llooovvved him 2dy…nd our rudy is all sweeeeet today!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚..rumya scenes were soooo cute…om was funny 8tooo…EVERYONE WAS!!!LOVED IT!!!!shivaay is impossible wen it cums to tia ryt???lyk kinda embarassed…whoah loved it!!

  22. Jalashrii raju

    I have become a great fan of ishqbaaz. This is the best ever series of star plus and today’s episode was really really good. Thank you for written updates. I actually missed todays ep

  23. Anju

    Aww….. So cute epi . Shivik dance was fab. Precap is super exciting. Can’t wait for each of d epi. Sad dat ishana is not dere. But one thing vat is dat big secret about romi, Soumya shud tell it properly , only giving clues instead . Luv ishkbaaaaazzzzzz😍😍😘😘❀️❀️

  24. Vinayak

    Superb episode of today.
    At last we can see some feelings and love between Anika and Shivay.
    Superb dance
    Thanks Telly Update.

  25. DaSha

    This episode was perhaps the best one and really lots of tension between Anika and Shivay. The way they hold each other and the way she says SHIVAY it’s just music, can really feel all tenderness and love in it…

    Got 2 questions perhaps you my friends know something:
    1. Where Malika and Tia gone? When everyone wake up they are not there
    2. Anika and Shivay are going to remember something or they will need this Rudra’s record to understand that had happened? Or perhaps just one of them will remember and the second one will forget it all?

    Lots of love to everyone and thank you Fizza for this update

  26. Anju

    Hi everyone. I joined sterday only. I really lyk everyone’s comments
    It’s so nyc n interesting . So I thought to comment also 😊

  27. Diya

    The episode was nice. I liked Rudra’s attitude towards Soumya. It was well done by the two actors. I know I will annoy many fans so sorry but I thought chemistry was lacking in the Shivika drunk confessions scene. In my humble opinion Surbhi Chandna still managed to deliver naturally but Nakul Mehta for a change was a little off in that scene. Overall it was cute but it did not touch my heart the way Rudra’s “tum bohot cute ho gayee ho” and Soumya’s “tum paagal ho gaye ho” did. Is Sahil still on that school trip or is he with sundar Bua who is capable of throwing out a lame child at night to wander the streets and get kidnapped. They should address this and find a twist to make Anika stay at Oberoi mansion for a full time in house job where she gets to keep Sahil with her. I can accept that Sahil is studying or sleeping in his room or playing with Rudy while Anika is working in the same house and romancing Billuji. πŸ˜€ And yes I know it’s just a show and it’s just for entertainment but if it is easy to add reasonability without compromising entertainment, why not!Sorry if I annoyed anyone with my comments.

    • DaSha

      Dear Diya, thank you so much for your reasonable comment, I’m totally agree!

      There are some tracks started but not used/developed by screenwriters like who were Anika’s parents and where her sister gone, does she remember smth about her childhood, how it goes with Sahil legal custody, why this Shivay-Tia marriage is so important for Tia’s mother and etc… I’m not even saying about this strange story of Gayatri’s husband Ashok. What is hidden in between? And why Roop Oberoi got such a strange relations with her family she is the part of it no need to steal money or diamonds they are super rich…

      I mean it’s clear it’s show, but would be nice to see some basis of the plot worked more clear and developed little by little.

      • Diya

        Hey thanks DaSha for your kind response.It was nice to be supported. I was afraid to post that comment but still did cos I love this show and am actually a Shivika fan. I believe in healthy constructive and respectful criticism and hope that if by any chance anyone from the show crew reads our comments they can take this viewpoint into consideration. Thanks again! ☺

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      I don’t knw abt the confession scene as I was nt able to watch the epi,,,,bt I agree with the remaining part…both of u said right

  28. Laya


    |Registered Member

    Sorry I couldn’t come I was busy studying for an exam this episode was amazing precap β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ I am certainly not raumya fan there track is most boring sorry if hurtled some people by saying this πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜„

  29. Laya


    |Registered Member

    Sorry I couldn’t come I was busy this episode was amazing precap β™₯️β™₯️β™₯️ I am certainly not raumya fan there track is most boring sorry if hurtled some people by saying this πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜„

  30. iamsofianeak

    The best episode so faaaar shivikaa stole it !! loveeeee it so mucch
    But the written update is not godd sorry but , there is a lack of some words & dialogue…fine..

  31. Mady

    I like each and every episode s of ishqbaaz, it was a very positive show with lots of fun and no more negativity. I like this show very much.😘😘😘😘

  32. jab

    Hm the episode was soo good so excited 2 watch everyone’s reaction about shivika’s chem specially shiva Y’s it’s all gonna be great fun

  33. Aliya

    hello my sweet ishqbaazians how r u 😊 😊 😊 😊
    wwhat an cute episode lt was just awesome shivika rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    All new members welcome
    Happy onam to all malayali’
    Good job fizza keep it up
    our ishqbaaz family is growing congratulations guys always keep commenting

  34. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Hey guys ..latest SBS ..look at Anika and Shivayes reaction after they see their video πŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. ..I can’t wait for it ….and as per some spoilers it seems like sidharth will be evil and will take Malika back because he wanna take revenge of his insult due to her run from the wedding..donno if it’s true cuz we know ryt ..there are many fake spoilers..but let’s hope it to be fake ……and here the video –

  35. Navi

    The precap is too good. . According to the spoilers shivika sees the video and are shocked. They try to stop their family from watching it. Anika will even act like fainting to stop them. .

  36. shreya

    fizza ..please today write a proper episode… this small. summary won’t work….please… vese where is she who writes earlier

  37. shahabana

    Wowww episode is super amazing just loved it. Shivika and rumya are superb. Love the all cast of ishqbaaz waiting for today’s episode.

  38. Mukta

    Nadiya di, Abzzz di, Renima di, Nelka di, Rose di, Roz di, Kat di, Sat, Aqua di, Mukti, Mukti, Aliya, Shai di, Disha, Mishri, Sumo, Naina, Khushi, Priya, Ishita, Ishika, Ishita di, Sriranjani di, Neha di, Asmita, Shivani di, Roo,Pragya, Dil di, Prishu, Isha, Nida, Zuha, Luna di, Devga, Yashal, Maanvi, Srini, Hashi, Rifa, Nivu, Smriti, Ritika, Yesha, Trisha, Rishti, Enansanjida di, Shaza, Gauthmi,Mary, Sruthy, Sujina, Ooshi di, Diya, Shahabana di, Chirag, Abhi, Muskaan, Shit, Sushree, Nevermind, Niyati, Monique di, Krishna, Dharhu, Sreekutty, Rani, Maleesha, Jaz, Pradishma, Haya di, Belle, Guman, Erica, Muzammil,Nisha,Pankh, Bharathi, Fatima, Kitty, dr, Priyanka, Nabanita, Salsa, Manya, Anju, Dhara, Manu, Komal, Sahana, Rimjhim, Laya, Shanya, Twinkle, Athiraappu, Himagiri, Admin, Nivvu, Yashna,Zohya, Jeshna, Nivedha, Naaginfanforever, Sooryapriya, Liya di, Kiki di, Ananya, Apeksha, Malu, Nithu, Harshi, Sri, Preet, Anjali, Adityakiran, Riyadcruz, Mukul, Sunanda, Nikki, Tharu di, Arya, Arya, MP, Fatarajo, Rosu, Fiddu, Ishkara, Riddhima, Hahaha, Lijitha, Swadheenta, Amy, Clincy, Pragati, Asfa, Baishali, Prathi, Asma di, Yrkkh fan, Adithi, Tarini, Parvathy, Lamsofianeak, Poooh, Heena, Piyali, Samyukta,Richu, Cheryl, Elsa, Sharmi, Devi, Nit, Nishi, Nihaarika di, Saumya, Apps, Pritha, Shreya, Shama, Shraddha, Shraddha, Anu, Anu di, Anu di, Raina, Pearl, Siddhi, Vismaya, Falhi, Viv4444, Baby Leemoh, Pari, Nazneen di, Sonali, Sanju, Chikky, Prink, Saima, Shivika fan, Kristen, Aayesha, Chetna, Yazhu, Ro, Anusha, Abiha, Anaaya, Maahiswt, Anita, Dhruvv Bhaiyaa, Lisa, Nishu, Goms, Astha, Sunheri, Manik bhai, Sinzo, Riya k, Riya, Aiswarya, Hency, Alakananda, Aditi, Nishaa, Anami, Krits, Anju, Mathi!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. Rose

    Episode was superb.shivika just nailed it..and omie is also sooo favourite part was shivika dance….

  40. Rasika

    This shivay is such a crap..looser…his acting is so poor n looks too… N this anika is also fat n dumpy sort of girl….
    Ishana n omksr are best

  41. Mukti


    |Registered Member

    Awww shivay is soo cutee mindblowing expressions by shivika…. I am loving this serial now….where ishana hope she comes….

    Howr u all ishqbaazians????
    Abiha dear its the feast I meant….actually I am marathi(mumbai localiti) so my hindi/urdu not good…

    Hey guys we have somany members so lets see who is the youngest n who is eldest dii….
    Plz give ur age guys…I am 21…..

    Krits aditi aishwarya Mukta rosu sinzo fizza shahadhruv shivu nishu richu manik bhai mishri piyu sat haya abiha nazen shabana disha devga mukti.h aliya laya anju simran n everyone sry if not wrire anyones name plz,tell ur age:-)

    N thnx for liking friendship,shayari guys

  42. Priya15


    |Registered Member

    Hii fiza.. Good job dear…. Ur name is amazing yr… Btw.. U said 4 Hours before! Actual telecast??? I couldn’t understand..

  43. Khushi


    |Registered Member

    Oh my mata Meri toh deaths hi hogyi yeh episode dekh ke
    My babies shivika oh god they were sizzling hot I loved the episode ek hi epi2 mein itni khushi I can’t digest I loved it and especially the dance nakuul’s expressions were just bang on
    Superb episode
    Haha pinky is a true Indian mother ek ek KO 10 10 thappad maar ke uthati Lopez
    Even saw roumya in this episode rudra was so flirting with her but I don’t understand Kya secret hai romi ka??

    Anyways m missing my ishkara badly like really badly hope we get some ishkara scenes also…

    How r u all m back after so long
    How r u all??

    • Priya15


      |Registered Member

      Wow.. Am I dreaming?? Khushi.. U r back.. Happy to see u.. Hare yr Kal se dreams Kar rahi hun. Pehla shraman Ka marriage ab tumhara cmnt.. Haha just kidding.. Anyways how r u??

  44. Sunehri


    |Registered Member

    Shivaye anika dance πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚ was damn funny .. anyway guys I’m planning to write an ff on my fav show ishqbaaz so plz dO support me

    Keep going ishqbaaz

    Sunehri mehta β™‘

  45. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Epi was fabbbbbbbb.. I really enjoyed it,bcz it was so cute romance of SHIVIKAaaa Nd Roumya..
    Anyways Shivay said ThnXZZ to anika .. omggg πŸ™‚

    Bt i dnt understand y they showd Shivay-mallika’z holding scene.. is there any another twist..??
    Rudy started liking sumoooo.. nyccc.. πŸ˜€
    Tia ki dance soo funny ,,on that time shivay’z facial expressin!!!@##!! πŸ™‚
    Shivay’z dance mind blowing… great .. wat a exprssn.. damn good. In this epi ,shivay nailed it..
    speechless perfomance by shivika.. Now a dayz i really missng O JAANA … SONG πŸ™

  46. Haya123


    |Registered Member

    Happieeeeeeeeeee onam to all frndzz ..
    OnAM is so spcl 4 me, bcz in this day, in evey house all will celebrate it with full of happinezz and prosperityyy.. I’M ALSO A malayaliiiii ..soo it’s a big day 4 me.. i luv ONAM SADYA.. πŸ™‚
    wish u a vry happy onam to all ishqiesss
    πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€

  47. Manik

    Hii mukta piyali shivani sat,shaza tharu haya mishri dhruv mukti richanshi chashmish:-P nisha aditi ashwariya laya disha abiha nazzen dia n all hiwru
    Hope well….
    Have nice,day guy’s…

    Mukti babe my age is 20..

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      Hallo dear …. 😍😍😍😘 I was at my Amma’s house and was nt able to comment regularly…..

  48. Dhruvvv


    |Registered Member

    Hii muktaa I am dhruv from chennai…
    You know I fell for you when you 1st commented here plz can u be my,frnd???
    Just frnd here on tu…u write so cute…..

    • Sunehri


      |Registered Member

      Bhaiya I’m fine πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ well I’m a indo pakistani and now I’m living in India Chennai Tamil nadu .. I’m a gujarati marwari

  49. Dhruvvv


    |Registered Member

    Hey mukti my age is 18 you are older than m still write so cute. ..give ur cuteness to me also…..
    N mukta wanna be ur,frnd

  50. R

    It is a humble request to star plus that plz in 3:00pm to 3:30 pm slot dont telecast namkaran. At that time only i watch ishqbaaz. It is not possible for me to watch ishqbaaz At 10 pm. Plz change time slot of namkaran repeat telecast

  51. aaliya

    this episode ws THE bomb !!! ..i saw it 4 times (does that make me an idiot ?) n still cant get enough of it :)…i love shivika scenes <3

  52. Aashna57

    I feel the same’ R ‘. I wait till three and tgen I get namkaran which is of ni use at all,the ishqbaaz timing on first epi. Of namkaran,along with yrkkh was changed too…

  53. Aashna57


  54. Kiki

    Lovely episode… Love Shivika… Their dance was toooooooo good… Nakuul nailed the episode.. Rumya was cute… Today episode is going to be oh my maata….
    Onam wishes for the friends from Kerala

  55. leenzu

    guys Ishqbaaz comes ealier in the evening like. Its uploaded on babtameez
    I see it way before it comes on tv at night in the 10.00 pm slot.

    Official statement from Gul Khan. She is not replacing Ishana, just working on the track.

    All ishana fans stop harrasing the writers and the production. Have patience.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.