Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhay uses Tanya in his plan

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye says don’t follow me Anika. She asks why. He says it has much danger, I don’t want you to get in danger. She sings Jaata kahan hai deewane…. and dances. She hugs him. Some time before, Shivaye says there will be some clue to know how Shukla got attacked. He checks the footage. He says this is not happening, this memorial has no meaning, the purpose for which I organized this didn’t fulfill. He sees Tej, Shakti, Pinky and Jhanvi and thinks what are they doing here. Tej says Shukla is in coma. Pinky asks who attacked him. Jhanvi asks and why. Pinky says Tej has to accept, he gets much anger. Tej says I was on stage when he came and fell. Jhanvi asks Pinky to stop it, its their problem and have to find solution.

Shakti says we have to do this together. They argue. Tej says Shukla

did big mistake by not destroying tapes, he trapped us and also put his life in risk. Shivaye hears them. Tej sees his reflection. He says we have to go Goa to end this problem. Shivaye thinks I can’t believe this, my family was involved in that accident, if they are going to hide this matter, I should also go Goa. He says it means there is possibility that my family did that attack on Shukla, no, why did Tej ask Shukla to destroy the tapes, there is something, they are linked to that incident. He sees his family photo and says its my family, my pride, they can’t do this, I can’t deny what I heard, what to do, I have to find out the truth.

Its morning, Shivaye talks to Khanna on call. Anika stops him. He asks her to call him before coming, Tanya can be here. She says its our room, I m trying to stay normal, we tolerate everything, if I have to get scared to talk to my husband, I will have a problem. He says I can’t help it. She says that Tanya…. you are not understanding, she was roaming as your wife. He says she is not imp, why are we wasting time and energy on her, I m going for work. She says don’t lie, tell me where are you going. He says its not necessary. She checks ticket in his pocket. He says ticket is booked online these days. Shivaye says don’t follow me Anika. She asks why. He says it has much danger, I don’t want you to get in danger. She sings Jaata kahan hai deewane…. and dances. She hugs him. She tickles him. He goes.

Shivaye sits dining. Dadi says such a big family and just we are having breakfast, everyone asked for food in their room, don’t know where is Anika. Anika comes and says I m here, some people don’t see me, I can’t have breakfast. Dadi asks why, did you keep any fast. Anika says no, my husband kept a fast, Maunvrath. Dadi says but he is eating. Anika says so what, he is annoyed, I can’t eat food till I convince him. Dadi says you guys fought again. Anika says love ends after marriage, people who take vows don’t say where they are going, and they give order not to follow, I m helpless woman, what shall I do. Shivaye says you are not helpless woman. Dadi says stop this fight, end it now. Anika says I m doing the same since morning.

Anika plays song Rutha hai to mana lenge…. Shivaye covers his face. He says I m going. He asks Anika not to follow. He goes. Anika says he went alone, he asked me not to follow, I can’t bear any danger on him. Dadi says he said don’t follow, what will you do. Anika asks servant to come with her, and tells Dadi that she got a plan.

Rudra wakes up. He calls Bhavya. He asks why did you not come on work. She says I didn’t know I have to come so early. He says I wake up early now, come fast, take my suits from dry cleaners, get pan cakes and coffee. She says why, you drink protein. He asks her not to forget he is Rudra, not Rudy. She asks are you trying to become Shivaye. He says I want this in 20mins, its your problem how you do it. She gets going.

Rudra says where did everyone go. He calls out Shivaye, Anika…. Anika goes. He says why are they behaving like I became Mr. India, did I really become. He dances around Dadi. Dadi slaps him. He says I called Shivaye and Anika, they went. She says they went for some imp work, everyone else also went. He says I m managing Shivaye’s fashion wing, I cleared land matter, he can get time and praise me, I did debut in business, there is no celebration. She pats his face and says if you sleep till 12, will everyone wait for you. He says I work hard all night, so I wake up late. She asks him to have breakfast. He says no, I arranged it. She says I m going to crack deal of crores. He jokes I m alone in such a big house, home alone part 4…….

Abhay gets dressed. Tanya comes to him. She asks what are you doing doing. She says I got tea for you. He throws it and scolds her. She says I just came to meet you. He says my hardwork can get waste. She says I love you and do what you say, can’t you talk to me with love. He apologizes for getting angry on her. He says I find it tough to stay away from you, what shall I do, till I take revenge from Oberois, we can’t start my life, I thought you can help me in this, but you are falling weak, I don’t want to give you stress. She says no, I really want to help you, I love you. He says you are my strength, I fall weak when you fall weak. He hugs her and smiles.

Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky leave in hurry. Shivaye asks Khanna to open dicky. He checks car. Khanna asks what are you finding. Shivaye says Anika. Khanna asks in dicky? Shivaye says my wife is mad, I asked her not to follow me, it means she will follow me. Khanna says so you are finding her in dicky. Shivaye says stop smiling. Anika dresses in a Burqa and says you don’t know your wife, we will meet at airport now. Dadi asks her to go fast, Billu is leaving. Anika thanks her and goes. Shivaye gets in his car and leaves. Tanya says why is Shivaye going airport, I should find out for Abhay.

Gauri notes some expenses. Om comes. She asks what are you doing Omkara ji. He gets shocked and holds his pagdi to check. He asks who is Omkara ji. She says I remember someone seeing you, he has same personality like you. He says so I have a duplicate. He cracks shayari joke. She thinks I m mad, how can someone doing such bad shayari be Om. He says sorry to talk in personal matter, Richa’s Saas is greedy, don’t fulfill her demands. She says I m doing this for Richa, she did many favors on me, she used to get money for my mum’s medicines, if she needs me, I can’t go out. He says right, but you don’t have money. She asks you think I should lose if I can’t do. He says time is less. She says if determination is strong, work gets easy, you may think I m weak, I can’t blame you, when my family didn’t find me suitable for anything, you are a stranger, I believe in myself and my Lord. He looks at her. She goes.

He says I know Gauri, no challenge can break your courage, you can pass this difficulty. He feels hungry. Abhay says I feel I did big mistake to involve such a stupid girl in my plan, thank God Shukla went in coma, if he said I have the tapes, my game would have got over, maybe Lord is with me, so Shukla got off my way, Oberois don’t know their enemy, my arrows will hit the target.

Gauri stitches idol clothes. She gets a call and says don’t worry, I will deliver 100 chunri of Mata Rani in morning. Her mum asks are you machine to make 100 chunri. Gauri asks her not worry, she will leave all machines behind. Her mum asks her to give food to Dilpreet. Gauri says I m doing work, he can take food himself. Her mum says he is shy, he may miss it. Gauri takes food for Om. He thinks where did he go. She cleans room and doesn’t see the card piece. Om comes and picks it. She says I got food, I was cleaning room. He says I don’t have habit to clean, you…. I mean I will keep it clean from now. She asks him to have food. He asks did you have food. She says no, I have work, you have it. She goes. Om says what work does she have, I m hungry, how to eat when she didn’t have food. She sees him beside and gets shocked. She says you scared me. He says I thought to help you. She says you can’t help me. He asks why.

She says you don’t know this. He says don’t underestimate the power of a common Sikh, I can learn. She says no need to help. He says think I m helping myself, my mum always explains me to help, I will get good wife then. She says so you are doing this to get good wife. He says yes, I m doing this for my wife. She asks him to thread the needle. He does so and dances. Tu hai to……Jaane kyu….plays.. They get under a chunri and see each other. She gets hurt. He holds her hand. They do the work.

A man comes to some don and says that actress has come. Don asks who is she, any big heroine. He gets shocked seeing Anika’s Bua. They start arguing. Don asks the man to send her. The man says your flight time is close. Bua asks where is he going. The man says Goa. Bua flirts with the don and says give me chance to do acting, I did Taadka role in Ram leela for 10 years. Don asks her to go. She asks for a role. He says she is thief, I want such cheap woman for my mum’s role, we have to get diamonds, if I take her, police won’t doubt, will you become my blind mum. She says I m ready.

Its morning, Om wakes up and sees Gauri sleeping, resting on his shoulder. Gauri wakes up. He acts to be sleeping. She gets away from him. She goes to apologize to Lord. Om looks on. Gauri says how can I do such a big mistake and cries. Om asks what happened. Gauri says whatever happened wasn’t good. He asks what. She says you are a good man, so I got ready to take your help, I got tired while working and didn’t know when I slept resting head on your shoulder, I m married, don’t think anything wrong, I have place for none in my life except my husband. He says you are great, you love him so much, he is very lucky to get you as life partner, don’t worry, I respect you a lot, whatever happened was just by mistake. She says thanks, be careful and stay away from me, its small city, their thinking is also small, they can’t understand a man and woman can have a relation of friendship, people are making rumors, who will clarify that you are like my brother for me. He says yes, what, no, call me friend, neighbor, tenant, not a brother, we are loving punjabi people, call me by name Dilpreet, I will deliver chunri order, I will just come. He goes. She says what happened to him.

Bhavya says I kept everything. Rudra says throw everything, reach airport, we are flying to Goa. She asks why. He says you would want permission from your husband. Anika is on the way. Tanya follows Shivaye and says I have to find out where is he going.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. KRISH,Thank you…

    Oberois are educated, sophisticated, have sound mentality and modern outlook to judge but when it comes to their life partners they resort to the cave of oblivion and just shed those things like snake shed its skin.I feel sufocated for their this tendencies in treating their life partners and nothing else.
    And Oberois are not alien, they reflect the very mentality of male folk of our society. Yes,there are exceptions,always will be but exception cannot be example.
    Oberois need to prove themselves by setting some solid examples for their life partners…

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