Ishqbaaz 13th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 13th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The guy says my name is ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa, I m handling Gayatri’s case. Shivaye says our case is handled by ACP Rathore. Ranveer says Rathore is a good officer, he has good sight to identify culprit, but to catch this culprit, courage is needed, not sight, so I got this case. Shivaye asks why are you saying filmi dialogues in my house, go and catch the culprit. Ranveer says I m doing the same, I came here to investigate Gayatri’s murder, you know every murder has three questions, when, where and why, you have answers for all three questions, you have done Gayatri’s murder.

Some time before, Shivaye sees someone in his way and moves back. He throws the thing away and cleans his hands. He goes ahead and does not see Gayatri’s dead body. He steps over and looks around. His shoe

prints get on the soil. Shivaye leaves from there.

Its morning, Rudra asks Dadi to have food. She refuses. Pinky says Anika helped us a lot, Shivaye’s temper is not in control. Rudra says I m upset, I went outside for some time and Shivaye fired her from the work, I miss her so much. Jhanvi says me too. Dadi says she was stranger, but ours. Rudra says she is still ours. Shivaye comes talking on phone and says I did not get Gayatri tomorrow, keep tracing her. He greets good morning to everyone. Rudra and everyone get annoyed. Shivaye asks won’t anyone talk to me. Rudra says we are not like you, when we are angry, we give silent treatment. Om says we don’t make people leave from house.

Shivaye asks are you guys still thinking of Anika, I don’t believe this, what are you seeing me mom, tell me whats in your heart. Pinky asks why are you in same clothes since night, won’t you change. Shivaye says if you all don’t want to talk to me, I will go and take a shower, and anyways she was an ordinary employee, I had problem with her work and I fired her, its normal thing, its not an issue. Dadi says look in my eyes and say its not big thing that she left and she was just an employee. Shivaye could not meet Dadi’s eyes. Everyone look at him. Shivaye says Dadi, she was an outsider, she interfered in our family matter and I fired her, story over, anyways we have other serious issues to focus in our life.

ACP Ranveer says you said right Mr. Shivaye Singh Oberoi……… Everyone look at him. Ranveer walks to Shivaye and says you said right, there are serious issues in your life, the way you are handling the issues, I have an issue with it. Khanna says I tried to stop and asked him to leave. Ranveer says ACP Randhawa comes and leaves by own wish, Shivaye I wanted to meet you since long, my name is ACP Ranveer Singh Randhawa, I m handling Gayatri’s case. He forwards hand to shake. Shivaye says our case is handled by ACP Rathore. R

anveer says Rathore is a good officer, he has good sight to identify culprit, but to catch this culprit, courage is needed, not sight, so I got this case. Shivaye asks why are you saying filmi dialogues in my house, go and catch the culprit. Ranveer says I m doing the same, I came here to investigate Gayatri’s murder. They all get shocked hearing about Gayatri’s murder. Pinky asks did Gayatri get murdered. Jhanvi asks how is it possible. Ranveer says you are behaving as if you all really did not know that Gayatri got murdered.

Sahil switches on tv and sees news of Gayatri’s murder and her dead body found in old mill. He calls Anika fast and asks her to see. Anika gets shocked hearing news. Reporter says we heard Shivaye is also in doubt as he has threatened Gayatri infront of everyone. Omkara says but when did Gayatri get out of jail.

Ranveer asks did your elder brother not tell you, Gayatri got bail on medical grounds, and when Shivaye Singh Oberoi knew this, he told investigating officer with love that if police could not do anything, he will end Gayatri’s story forever, am I right Mr. Shivaye. Shivaye says yes, I said, so? Ranveer says you do what you say, you really finished her story. Pinky says what do you mean APC…. Ranveer smiles and says I m not saying anything, situation and evidence is saying this, Gayatri made Shivaye’s life hell, her husband killed himself, Gayatri did chemical and gas attacks, she has put current in water, she shot at Rudra, she planted CD in your home. He says Shivaye has many reasons to kill Gayatri.

Shivaye says I did not do anything, in fact I got her death news now from you. Ranveer asks really, it means Gayatri did not call you twice at night, yes or no. Shivaye says yes, but it does not mean… Ranveer says it means she did not call you around 11.45pm…. yes or no…. Shivaye says yes. Ranveer says then you went to meet her at old mill, where her dead body is found. Pinky asks what nonsense are you saying, how will Shivaye know she was there. Ranveer says I m not saying nonsense, Shivaye knew, as he tracked all his incoming calls, he knew her location when she called, am I right Mr. Oberoi. Shivaye says yes, I did that to track her movements so that she does not harm my family. Ranveer says that’s what you did, now she can never harm your family, you know every murder has three questions, when, where and most imp, why, you have answers for all three questions, you have done Gayatri’s murder. Everyone get shocked.

Ranveer points at Shivaye. Shivaye says you know whom are you blaming. He gets his phone out. Ranveer asks are you calling CM or home minister, call anyone, carry on, I m not like other officers, Randhawa does not bend or get sold. Shivaye says you don’t know what will happen with you. Ranveer says that will happen later, you will go to jail now. Shivaye says you are putting hand on Oberois without any proof, your uniform will get off in 10mins. Ranveer says this is uniform, not any rich family’s respect that it gets off so easily……. Anyways your shirt’s cufflink is missing. Shivaye checks and says okay, it was loose and would have fell somewhere. Ranveer says not would have, it really fell near Gayatri’s dead body, which police got. He shows the cufflink. Everyone get shocked.

Shivaye too gets shocked seeing the cufflink. Its shown how police got Gayatri’s body, and sealed the body. Police got the shoe prints and Shivaye’s cufflink near the body. Ranveer says this is the proof and here is the culprit, now show me what can you do in 10mins. He smiles and says we got shoe prints in crime scene, I m sure it will match with your shoes, I will give you a suggestion, confess it that you went to old mill. Shivaye says I did not kill her. Ranveer says save this energy for hiring a lawyer, you will be punished for what you did. Shivaye shouts I did not kill her. Om says relax Shivaye. He tells Ranveer you are lying. Rudra says clean lie, Shivaye can’t do this. Ranveer says strange, you say something and proof says something, unfortunately, court hears proofs, not you.

Shivaye says yes, I got a call and you got my cufflink, is this your proof. Om says what proof are you talking about, no one has seen Shivaye going and coming from there, you don’t have any eye witness, on what basis are you blaming such big thing on Shivaye. Ranveer says I will agree that Shivaye did not go to old mill where Gayatri was murdered, between 11.45pm to 2am, but did anyone see Mr. Oberoi at home during that time. He greets Dadi and asks did you see him at home. Dadi gets silent. He says I got my answer and asks Jhanvi. She says I was in my study. He asks Pinky. She says Shivaye was in his room after dinner. He asks her to answer, did she see him at home, it means no one has seen him.

Sahil asks Anika to wear Chandni slippers, take scooty Champa and leave, if Champa does not start then take auto. He says we both know that you can fight with Billu ji, but you can’t see Billu ji going to jail, go to him and clear the mess. Anika hugs him and says I m going because I know Billu ji can’t do this, I will meet later. She leaves.

Ranveer asks Om did he see Shivaye at home between 11.45 pm to 2am. Om looks at Shivaye. Ranveer asks Om to say truth, did you see him. Om says no. Ranveer asks did you see him going out. Om recalls Shivaye angrily leaving and says Shivaye got a phone call, then he went out. Pinky and everyone get shocked. Ranveer says great, there is a Harishchandra in this house, nice……He asks Shivaye to say where did he go. Shivaye looks on.

Ranveer asks Shivaye to say where did he go. Anika comes there and says he has come to me…… Shivaye, Ranveer and everyone get shocked seeing Anika. Anika looks at Shivaye.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Naika


    |Registered Member

    Yayy shocking entry given by Anika i am sure she will save him and he will realize his mistake as well.. Well hello everyone how r u all?? Hows everything going on??

  2. Shiv

    I like acp ranveer …he s good for one more male lead… I want shivay to be punished for his ego ….today it’s good episode

  3. Goms


    |Registered Member

    Let shivaay know your value.. Let him suffer.. at least for 1day..

    Again the emotional drama starts.. Dadi will cry and thank anika for saving shivaay.. Rudra om thank anika..
    But our idealistic tej won’t change.. Hate tej’s this character..

    When will prinku reveal the truth that “she only made dev enter oberoi mansion” I just want to see our great wall-Mr.arrogant-rude-ill mannered-stone Singh oberoi “shivaay’s and everyone’s reaction.

  4. Sweetu

    How can Anika come n save him.. after everything he said to her. They r showing she has no self respect at all .. everytime shivay willl say anything and still she wil cme to help him..
    They shld hve shown shivay gng to jail an his family askin Anika to help them..
    And some or the other time it will b proved tat he was thr at the murder site.. his footprints r thr..
    An I m sure this time also shivay wont acknowledge Anika help lik always

    • Diya

      Had Shivaay just said that he fired her for breaking his trust and making Dev meet Priyanka, it would have been ok for Anika to go to help him. But the way he insulted her talking about “yateem sadakchhaap” aukaat etc. ( Yuck! Disgusting language), it is a poor choice for writers to show a girl still wanting to go to help him. This is not love. This is a sickness and it’s high time that they stopped showing sticking with someone in spite of abuse like in old Hindi movies ( The Adarsh naari syndrome) as a firm of deep love. Bad call writers. So much for their women empowerment message. She could have gone after om and Rudra requested her for help. Then she could have agreed for their sake as they have always given her respect and affection. Maybe they would have told her that Dadi is sick after Shivaay’s arrest so please help us in solving this. The way they are showing now looks weak and even cheap on her part that maybe she used the situation to manipulate and show closeness with a rich family. 😮

      • Nandhini


        |Registered Member

        I agree with you diya..this is not helping tendency..anika is desperate to see shivaay so she is finding excuses to see him.

      • Sweetu

        Exactly.. she showed gud examples of women empowerment n now thy r putting a gal down.. its just becomin lik other serials where no matter what the gal is thr fr the family
        BTW I like ur name.. if tats ur real name:)

      • Sweetu

        One question tats cmin again n again to me.. the murder happened bet 12 to 2 as police say.. shivay left house at 12.. but he did ny stay thr fr long.. n thn he comes hme only in morning. . Nt sure wen oberoi morning starts but it can b max 6 as everyone is present so where wss shivay till morning

  5. saima

    hi guys, i hope that u all remember me. actually i couldnt comment here couz of my exams and after my exams i was going to travel. i came back to india yesterday and i will try to comment here everyday.
    btw coming to the episode how can that idiot acp blame shivaay and how did that cufflink reach the dead body? and now anika will come and save shivaay waiting for tomorrows episode and i hope that u all remember me
    good night ishqbaaziyans!!!!

  6. Sanaurifa

    Hello everyone
    Nice epi ACP says same dialogue na jhukta hai na bikta hai
    eagerly waiting for the next Anika got kidnapped scene and Shivaay rescuing her
    Thanks for the fast update

  7. aahana

    Hey ishqies.. how r u all?? Srry guys i didnt comment these 2 days..was buzy havnt seen or read epis these days but today i read all d 3 day epis at once n allur comments as well(took me 2hrs in total😋😅)
    Todays epi was interesting!!i just hope dy dont make shivika marry each other forcefully(as quoted in d spoiler)its too old now. I want shivaye to say thanks to anika now in dis track,mk him realise his lv for her n dn shivaye to propose her!!please dnt get dm married forcefully!!

    @chetna..a very very very very very very belated happy birthday..sorry couldnt wish u earlier…but wish u achieve everything u strive for in life,smile from ear-to-ear always!!gbu happy bdy once again😊😊

    • saku

      Same here dear…..agar un dono ki shaadi forcefully hui toh baaki serials ki tarha wohi ghisapita concept lauenge contract mirrage & all that don’t want to see that already shown in many serials..want to see something new…

    • Sweetu

      Agreed .. bt I think they will get married by force only.. as anika always cant keep cmin to oberoi mansion n stay thr just lik tat.. n their relation to go fwd they hve to b together

    • aahana

      U gys r right…aftr saving shivaye anika shd go back home shdnt dtop for all d thanksgivings frm oberois..wont forgive shivaye n not talk to him as well even after shivaye thanking her.dn afer reaching home prinku tell everyone dt it was her mistake not anikas so shivaye will feel guilty n will dn regret his decision meanwhile realise his feelings..(to hough its just a wild guess) but writers could do this to rectify d image dy showed f anika having no self respect!!

  8. saku

    Intresting episode…ACP Ranveer is gud…isse kehte h takkar ka mukabla..shivaye ka iss bari oberoi naam se kaam nahi chalega..anika yeh tune kya kiya..phir bin bulae chali gayi on selfish logo ki help krne..BTW anika entry looks awesome lookin frwd for upcoming episode…i hope this time shivaye realises his mistake & apologise to anika..

  9. Manisha

    You know all anija will save him by saying that shivaaye was with her the full night. He spent with annika
    She is going to tell a lie

  10. priya

    Nice episode with heated arguments…i lyk ACP [email protected] style…@precap was awesome…waiting for twrw’s episode…

  11. justagirl

    I like the line where the officer said a uniform’s respect is not a fragile as a rich person’s status

  12. afra

    I think thz not anika’s stupidity ..I feel lik shivay was exactly with anika tht whole n8 ..bcz in the beginning he was back home as really relaxed ..Nd I think shivay really felt tht anika was nt reason behind dev ..Nd he had gone to her .. ofcourse he had gone mill bt unknownigly gayatri had murdered he came back ..Nd on the way he may visited anika’s home Nd may stayd thr Nd cleard all confusions ..otherwise anika wont rush to save him saying tht ‘i knw tht he cnt do tht ‘…else wht the need of rushing simply jst creating new ideas shivay Nd anika wer together ..omg ..I hadn’t think thz much evn for ma exams …ok ..thz was jst my guess …bt I feel thz z true ..

    • Sweetu

      May b tats rite.. as shivay left the murder scene soon after n came hme only in the morning. . So frm almost 2 am to morning may b 6 am he must b somewher.. n tat somewher might b with Anika.. a gal simply cant say tat the guy was wit her at nite.. nyways hopefully tomo epi will ans tat

    • Yazhu


      |Registered Member

      I totally agree with you… Maybe Shivaay would ‘ve been with Anika that night…maybe he was intended to clear the mess…as he got really disturbed by Om’s words…he may have thought to meet Anika…I’ll be so happy if it happens this way…

  13. afra

    gys I feel like shivay was really with anika realizing tht I was not her mistake..bcz while he back home he was so relaxed ..Nd how anika rush to save him jst bcz she has some feelings for him..I dnt think so

  14. diya

    I used to love isqbazz from it’s beginning but what show same thing agan and again every time gayetri try to fall trap on obrai and Anika, solve it, and svy always showing his attitude towards anika and Anika endure it… what rubbish…

  15. Diya

    I liked ACP Randhawa. I also loved Om’s conversation with Shivaay yesterday where he talked to Shivaay in his “own language” that was so cool! 😎

  16. Juhi

    I agree with Diya. Anika should have gone to help after the Oberois begged for her the meantime Shivay should’ve gone to jail, even for few hours, deemag thunda ho
    Women empowerment is good but the directors and writers didnt follow thru…why are they making Anika weak…..she should not have gone herself..anyway lets see what happens but
    Plz get rid of TIA, and plz advance Romuya story.

  17. Shaznie

    I totally agree with some of you guys.
    The story writing has become weak.
    Anika should not be goin back to help Shivaye after he humiliated her.this shows character has no self respect or worth.
    Slightly dissapointed.
    Priyanka should have opened her mouth and tell family truth.rather than watching anika take the brunt.i dnt think she gets more than one line

  18. keke

    Although I agree with everyone tht anika shouldn’t help shivaay!!its kinda of impossible 4 her nt to help him its hw she is,she is very very protective of ppl she cares abt and dnt need to ask she jst does it!!I dnt think she 4gv shivaay u can see her face(precap)buy she will protect him,4 herself!dadi!om!rudra!prinku and pinky

  19. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    Ep ….ACP ranveer !? ..I liked his courage to say that I’m not like other ACP’s when shiavye was gonna call ….ep was OK OK ..
    Precap : even I’m disappointed by the precap yr … shuavye first insulted her so much that wedding day remember , idk if she herd or not….if I’d be there at that time only I’d leave the job .then cuz of Prinku and Dev he fired her , not only fired her insulted her soooo damn much..but Anika she don’t have self respect na !! Have to help the Oberois wanna become Mahaan ..wanna become #mahaanSwara2

  20. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    Missed yesterday’s epi…it looks like lot happened in this epi…that stupid Gayathri got murdered and the blame is now on Shivaay…ofcourse Anika’s there to help him…love my Shivika a lot…its interesting to see the murder track…this many twists and turns…ISHQBAAZ ROCKSSSSS…best show ever…

  21. Shaza


    |Registered Member

    I’m thinking why in the hell is Anika being so good to the Oberois !?
    Anyone would have let the job ….even me ..even u also !? Whatsay?

    Shivaye have never done anything good with her
    Their summary is like :-
    Shivaye first misunderstood that she sold the CD and made her life hell ..tried all possible things and 90% broke her …insulted her calling her GARBAGE and what all
    Then Anika. Helps and again Gets insulted and helps
    Again cuz of one confusion Anika left tha job…cuz of shivaye
    The shuavye just comes ..don’t even say sorry ..just kinda rudely like an order aka her join back ..and guess what ? , she agrees
    The another misunderstanding of Dev and priyanak …Shiavey AGAIN misunderstood
    with crossing all the limits this time …anyone would be killed shuavye after that much insult
    But again guess what …Aniak went to help SSO !!!!!!!!
    Wow na …pls tell me ,how can anyone be so good Yr 😏😕
    Seems Like Anika don’t have 1%..actually 1% will be too much for Anika….seems like Aniak do t have 0.000000000000000000000000000001% of self respect also !, if she would have na the she would never come back so easily!
    But somewhat I feel like shiavye after going to the murder area goes to Anika cuz maybe he know that she was not the one..and he apologized .if its so then it will be a lil logical for Anika to help

    Anika should be a lil exclusive na !? ..she is like available all the time .maybe tomorrow OMRU and dadi request Anika the also it will be a lil logical …but if she just went like that na the it will be like …

    • Rosu 25

      U r ri8 shaza…..I’m too felt that shivay was really with anika last night…..that’s why she rushed to oberoi mansion to save him…..otherwise it’s like she doesn’t have self respect….. I hope she has…….

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Shaza she cares.
      she really does..i agree she has to hav selfrespect!!bt dat dsnt mean u allow a entire family to suffr with a blame!!!she has to help him but be VERRRY ANGRY with him.nd NOT ACCPT his apology!!love and care is more important atleasst for me😯😯😯😯…she ahould not spk 2 him dare he!!bt its ok if she helps him win d case!!

    • Roz


      |Registered Member

      yea,,,,,Shaza,,,u r rite,,,,,,,,,,,,before ,there was Prinku to call her to help bt nw she came her own,,,,hope Shivika met last nite

  22. Yazhu


    |Registered Member

    While I read some of the comments it looks like there’s gonna be a marriage track…that too for saving Anika’s reputation…seriously…does Gul Khan lost it…its really too outdated plot…if they show like that the show will lose its charm…Shivika had a real amazing chemistry…no need of marriage and their love-hatred relationship after marriage…if they do so I’m sure it’ll become like IPKKND…Shivika had their own and amazing love track…hope they won’t spoil it by bringing this marriage…

    Gul have already spoiled Ishkara’s track…now it looks like she’s planning to spoil Shivika’s track too…

    • Mayank Agrawal

      completely agree and tej oberoi and shakti oberoi kabhi ghar pe nhi hote kya hai ye vo itna bada matter hogaya or ghar pe he nhi hai ..

    • Chetna

      Honestly saying I thinks she has mad wo ek kam shuru kr deti h… pr usse poora krna bhool jati h…like
      1. Tia meet someone And nobody knows who is he ???
      2. A pandit sail that shivay’s marriage will be in one’s month and I think this more about one month even according to the show.
      3. She started something like break up of om and ridhima.

      And many other things


  23. trisha

    I like that ACP, he is soo handsome ,his attitude ,I have read in spolier he just hate sso higer class attitude nd he come for opposite of priayanka ….

  24. Diya

    So guys, how about some ideas instead of a forced marriage 😰to keep Shivika interaction going? I think, they should not show Anika’s reputation tarnished so no need for a forced marriage. This news should not reach media. Then Anika goes back to her own house. Priyanka takes a
    magic potion and grows a spine and
    confesses her part in Dev fiasco. Shivaay realizes Anika is completely innocent and once again saved HIS khoon, khaandaan, and lineage. Nobody in Oberoi mansion is
    speaking to SSO anymore. Nakul Mehta
    watches an intense Arnav episode of
    IPKKND, acts and actually shows some deep emotion of pain and anguish missing Anika. Then goes to apologize to her and asks her to come back. She refuses. OmRu go. She refuses. Dadi goes , she refuses. Then dadi takes out her trump card- “either come work at the mansion or return my 30 lakhs” Anika, realizes that Dadi loves her and just wants her back. Anika says she won’t do any job with Billu ji involved. So Anika is hired as a general housekeeper and Dadi’s P.A. Phew. Your ideas guys? Kyaa pataa , some writer on Ishqbaaz reads this page and uses one of our ideas instead if forced marriage 😀😉

    • Mayank Agrawal

      no diya ye gul khan ne anika ko kyu bulaya oberois house pe i mean itna sabh kuch hone ke baad mei bhi …so looser and anika chli to aise gayi jaise khaandani handle karti aayi hai vo police case…just over yaar

    • Mishri


      |Registered Member

      Diya😂😂😂😂😂u r awsum!!magic potion!!!dude seriously!!!!??? yh i would definite love it dat way..gul khans shows r sumtyms sooo predictable..either forced marriage or killl the favourite character😂😂😂😂

      • Diya

        Thanks all😀 I am a Harry Potter fan. So my sarcasm often involves spells, potions, wands, dementors, Voldermort etc. And I really think that Nakul Mehta needs to show more expression in some scenes. I know he can because I have seen him in Pyar ka dard hai… He is a good actor. God knows why director s are making him so stone faced here. At least when he thinks Boone is watching, he can show more emotion. I still don’t see any deep feeling in him towards Anika. Or in some of the other shocking or emotional scenes either. And Shivaay feeling for Anika because she came to save him in spite of his insulting behavior. Uthaa le mujhe Bhagwaan…ye pyaar nahi gratitude/guilt hai. I hate this variety of love propagated in movies and t.v.👿

  25. chithra shetty

    I dnt think anika juss rushed to obroi mansion.I think Shiv met anika I guess bcz as far as they showed aniks as strong self respected grl so there might be strong reason so anika went to save shivy its juss my thought nd v can’t tell what gul- Khan thought as v saw her previous some serial she show her week ideas in anytrack ha ha ..let see what happens next .but I really want to see shivy begging fr lv frm anika..the way he spoked vid anika in last episode is juss disgusting. I hate shivy fr dat

  26. Mayank Agrawal

    What the f**k gul khan aapko to story ka track bhi nhi ghumana aata hai …
    biggest mistake
    1. where is tej and shakti oberoi ?
    2. anika ko kyu bulaya oberois house mei kya kaam tha uska waha har kuch he dikha diya matlabh koi or story he nhi mili
    agar aisa he chlta rha na to seriously show jyada nhi chlega lready trp lowest hai and gul mam aap pehle he bhot badi galtiya kar chuki hai
    and this ACP loose acting koi ACP kabhi aise baat nhi karta hai politely producers mind it…

  27. Mayank Agrawal

    guyz aisa bhi ho sakta hai really shivay anika ke sath hoga uss raat ko because when he comes home in the morning he wears the same dress and thats why anika says s hivay is with her..
    may be i think its also a possibility if its true then ok otherwise very weak story line ,,,

    where is tej and shakti oberoi ?????? gul khan please answer ???

  28. Kiki


    |Registered Member

    Good morning friends…
    Finally Shivaay met his male partner who is equal to him. ‘Vallavanuku vallavan vaiyagathil undu’. I really liked that ACP. He is so handsome. But no one can beat my Shivaay.
    I’m confused with the precap. I don’t think Anika is lying. I’m really waiting for today episode. so excited. Actually I’m waiting for the moment when Shivaay realizes his mistake and apologize to Anika. I hope it’ll happen soon. Om once again proved his idealism.

  29. Akshatha

    IDK what’s gul MAM is upto . But i really want shivika to happen soon . I think shivaay will again taunt anika for telling that he was with her that night . And again his same old khoon ,Khandan,and so on.
    Now i really want anika to have a surname that to bigger than the obero’s.Anyways it was a good episode.,

  30. MP

    Hey guys kisi ne aaj ka spoiler read kiya ka. Aaj ke spoiler main to kuch alag hi hai. The spoiler is Shivaay doubt Omkara having an affair with Anika. Haha lol😂

  31. Nit

    Hello guys..I commented here before,but I dnt knw anyone here..I think shivay was really with anika..coz when shivay entered the hall while everyone where there,he came talking on mobile…so it might be shivay went to anika’s place to get mobile…so thats why anika came rushing to save shivay…

  32. Nandini

    Ya its true after so much of insult she again comes as shivay saviour but truth is we know shivay cares for her and she knows tat and moreover she loves the family so obvious she will help I just want shivay get to know the truth of prinku calling dev and at least this time he really feel guilty to core and say sorry and thanks to ani and request her to join job I mean he is so rude yaar one day he says she is family and later he said I told u ur family tat doesn’t mean ur family what the hell was that and tej he was also so nice to ani and now so rude oh god they both na ufffff what do u think guys

  33. Nandini

    And yes shivika contract type marriage or any track that leading to their marriage soon should not happen I mean every serial show same track a compromising marriage or contract mareaige oh god why why don’t they just make something like this tat due to taunts from her colony towards anika she has been told by dadi to stay in their house along with sahil I mean its will be good somewhat than marriage track I want shivika marriage to be happen basis of love with sweet memorable rituals no matter how much time it takes what do you guys think?

  34. Nandini

    And by the ways guys from starting we know one of shiv om ru is illegitimate child right especially om or ru but u know what I think what if anika and shivay are swapped at birth then anika is shakti daughter and a oberoy and shivay would have been gone through all anikas phase but then I also want shivay has also big family but its just tat he becamerbecame oberoy after child swap and the family who lost their baby is a daughter and is anika but actually truth is anika is oberoy and shivay belongs some other family lower status than oberoy but rich . its just imagination guys what do u say if anyone like track please make ff if all readers like my concept and I also think later anika gets to know the truth but hides it cause shuv can’t bear tat him not being oberoy cause she loves him to core. And guys who wrote om and anika pair track I am sorry for them bcoz with my imagination track omru prinku are brothers and sis to anika :-)pls do reply to just know ur opinion

  35. Nandini

    And a small request those who reply plz can you just post ur age in ur msg so that I can address as didi or bhai if u r elder to me I don’t want to call by name plzz and my age is 20 and i am nandini

  36. Tridha

    I think there will be shivika marriage to save anikas reputation. As bua will create drama and gather so much people in front of anikas house.

    • aahana

      I think so it will happen but yr i dont want it to kz if dis happened may b shivaye will b irritated more n i think then he will insult her more n dn i ll not b able to watch anika wd shivaye. Dy r undignifying marriage.. dis is a modern generation show so stuff like forced marriage shd not happen!!
      Dis is just my pov wt do u guys think abt it??

  37. Kumari

    No , the marriage shouldn’t happen like that. It is like boring drama. Shivay should confess his love before marriage …… don’t spoil shivika couple like this

  38. Nandini

    Shivay must gone to anika after old mill cause at night anika took his phone but mrng shivay has his phone with him it might be not a new one cause in tat gaytri issue and night he will get a new phone tats so illogical so shivay would have gone to anika after going to oldmill place if not then track is so illogical and guys plz reply

  39. nithu

    First I like Anika for her self respect, writers plz don’t spoil her character…
    Precap is confused whether she is saying truth or lying…
    By the way, I liked the new ACP…

  40. shahabana

    Gd afternoon guyz. Enyways in yesterdays episode i just liked one thing thats Acp he is really equal comptetion for sso and i dnt want to talk about precape i will be comment after todays episode and guyz its a request if u guyz had any complaint about story line dnt discuss here its will be just wast of time and just go to social media and plss comment there it will be useful and definitely gul khan will answer u may be answer will be positive or negetive but u will get ur answer no doubt

  41. Roz


    |Registered Member

    For a sec I was reallyy happy to see Anika,I was soo happy that she came to save Shivaaye…,.at that tym I was really worried for Shivaaye and got relaxed seeing Anika,,,,, after that I came back into senses and I was lyk what kind of girl is this,,,didn’t she hear whatever SSO said abt her,..why she again back to interfer in their their house matters,,,,,Now Dadi and all will thank her and will ask her to stayback,,,,,,I will hit her with a hammer if she ever agree to them,,,Shivaaye shud learn that ppl are not things to throw away after use

  42. Roz


    |Registered Member

    Anika proved that love is blind,,,,that’s why she returned to Oberoi mansion after sooo much insult,,,,even I saw the same thng in one epi of Chandranandini where Chandr’s maa says that she is staying with her cruel husband till now just bcoz she loves him and I can relate dialogues of that scene with this act of Anika,,,,she really loves him alot and can’t see him pain,,,she easily forgot whatever he did with her and rushed to help him,,,,,bt SSO’s love is not blind,,,,He expects profits not only from business bt also from love / relations(Tia)

  43. Roz


    |Registered Member

    well, why Anika always there to save Oberois,,,give one chance to Soumya too,,,she z also honewaali Oberoi bahu,,,,,,typical story line of ideal bahu

  44. aradhana

    Ishqbaaz is not there in d TRP rank.this is because of the iodiotic plot going on round there.come on yaar!!it’s too outdated…
    I don’t know why the hell anika is being woman of is not shown yet

  45. shahabana

    Why u all are so much worried about anikas step. If a person is in love they can do anything thts why anika is caring towards shivaye after so much of humiliation bcz she loves him whatever. U dnt see how she cried after shivayes misbehaviour bcz she really loves him. U ppl think she will sit like a idel when her billuji is in problem, she cares for him thats why she came to oberoi mansion and she knws he wont kill anyone and little sahil knws how much anika effected by shivaye but u peaple dnt knw and u will say now is she doesn’t had anyself respect so answer is simple thats love is blind and dntwrry anika wont forgive shivaye for his act but definitely she wont sit quite when he is in problem .now plsss dntwrry guyz wait for todays episode after that we will know whats the real matter. So just chill guyz dnt worry and gd evng guyz

  46. Juhi

    I thin Shivay was at Anikas house, maybe sitting in car and waiting for Om to leave, then he went to speak to ANikas but she wouldnt talk to him, thru Sahil they both xchanged phones again and Shivay sat in his car outside Anikas house all night which Anika saw, then finally he went home in the morning….Hope its something like this which gives strength to Anikas character.
    I hope when Shivay suspects Anika and Om and has Anika investigated, it turns out she is one of the most sought out lawyer or CBI/FBI who has experience dealing with law and solving problems, hence her sharp and analytical mind AND it turns out she is from a VEEERRRRYYYY rich family but left the fam when she found her dad had an affair…
    OMG thats answers Shivays ????family, blood, money, prestige, intellect and beautiful in heart and body.
    Then I hOPE they GET MARRIED where he cant taunt her,,,,ONLY LOVE HER DEEPLY and unconditionally….PLZ GUL I HOPE U READ THIS.

  47. rishitha

    i love this show …………………………….but please bring something interesting , i feel ishqbaaz is going out of track.

    • Tarika

      Ishana track is over. No Ishana is coming back. A new love track will start for Omkara with a new female Lead very soon.

  48. Tridha

    Today episode
    Anika supported shivay because he really went to anika’s home to take his phone back. Anika will hold shiv’s hand & told the truth to everyone. There will be cc tv footage as proof in front of her house. Prinku will tell the truth to everyone. Shvay will be shocked.
    Guys a vdo says that anika will get kidnapped and shivomru will save her.

  49. Mayank Agrawal

    good news !! good news!!! good news !!!!

    Challenge karta hu aap sabh logo se agar aaj ke episode mei aap sabh ke sawal nhi clear hue to naam badal dena mera …wahh waah gul khan todays episode was awesome….stepping towards new heights ..mind blowing episode………..very great effort ….guyz apan bina faltu mei panic ho rhe the ye gul khan hai jisne arjun jaise series ko direct kiya tha …
    mai aapko btana to nhi chahta tha lekin bta rha hu in shortcut…

    1. anika clears shivay allegations by saying that shivay was with her whole night then randhava says that anika mam aap soch lijiye aapki izzat uchal jayegi …

    2.priyanka confesses her fault of entering dev in the oberoi mansion….

    3. shivay says – om ye mainey kya kar diya abh mai uss ko kya muh dikhaunga kiss muuh se maafi mangunga.shivay has tears in his eyes.

    dadi says billu dekha tuney aaj uss ladki ne apni izzat bhi daanv pe lagadi tere liye . kyonki vo jaanti thi ki tujhey iss case mei sirf anika bacha sakti thi apni gavahi deke…..

    very fantastic episode guyz agar aaj ka episode nhi dekha to kuch nhi dekha…..even i have a tears in my eyes..

    • Aarya


      |Registered Member

      Thanks yaar for the update…i vl surely watch the repeat telecast… Oh god.. This is getting more n more interesting…

  50. Renimarenju


    |Registered Member

    @ Luna …..dear thanks for ur view @ my ff….well will try to rectify mistakes……dear……and ur doubt about prinku’s boldness well just now i submitted 8th part and when tu will post it by tmrw i will give u the link and then pls comment …….i mean i have put the reason on this part….ishkara..yaar…pls wait…..and tejvi …..also….pls wait…..ok…..

  51. Samyukta

    Hi guys rudra and Somuya will get married and it will the situation like in the movie of ek mai aur ekk tu wala they will be over drunk and they will get married

  52. ayat

    omg…omg… m too happy …..thanku mayank bhaiya 4 update…. m toooooo happy…..i knw anika never loose her self respect….lv ishqbaaz

  53. Soosh

    If Priyanka is not going to confess to Shivay and justify for Anika’s honesty, she would be one character I would not want to see her in the serial. I always thought this character can be a motivating one. Secondly, as someone said rightly, if Anika has come back to Oberoi mansion only to help them its fine & perfect but if she is going to join them back at work and forgive Shivay easily then I think I have to stop watching this serial. Because if Anika forgives Shivay easily then we are entering into the bigger issue of class struggle and patriarchy which are not accepted in this society. I believe in this serial Anika is a character with lot of self respect and also respects others feelings. But now that Shivay has lost all his senses and acted in a nasty and selfish approach he really does not deserve any forgiveness and respect. I hope Anika is not shown losing her self respect. Else, It will be an insult to the middle class, lower middle class and lower class people who are actually watching this serial.

  54. Soosh

    I also feel somehow Tej is also responsible for Gayatri’s murder and her release from jail each time. That is why may be Tej always told Shivay to be away from Gayatri. It looks like Tej is hiding something from Shivay and family regarding his approach towards Gayatri. No doubt he hates or hated Gayatri but he may have his own ways to handle things in this case.
    It could be also possible that Shivay had gone to Anika’s place to collect his phone and as it was shown that Anika had taken his phone unintentionally. Its possible that later he went to see Gayatri when she was already murdered by someone else.

  55. nithu

    Hi ishqbaazians… How was the day… Just read spoilers, there is lot of things happened.. Waiting to watch shivaye reaction…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.