Ishqbaaz 13th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Veer tricks Aryan

Ishqbaaz 13th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shivaye checks the trolley and doesn’t see anyone. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see Aryan hiding in another trolley. Anika says I told you, you don’t trust me. Gauri says no relation can survive without trust. Bhavya says what will happen after marriage. Veer comes to Aryan and says I got many chocolates for you. Aryan says then give it to me. Veer says its there, go and take it. Aryan smiles and runs to holika. He removes some wood and gets in. Veer says now it will be fun. Shivaye says you are behaving crazy, what happened. Anika thinks sorry to lie, I have no other option. Soumya comes to Veer. He asks did you explain Tia. She says very well, don’t worry, she won’t do any foolishness now, will Aryan come out or will our plan flop. Veer says Aryan has come out, he has to come in front of them, this

child will either die or come in front of everyone, our work will be done. She smiles seeing Aryan.

Pinky says its time for Holika dahan, come. Everyone does rituals. Anika thinks I don’t want problems in Shivaye’s life, I want to know who has sent Aryan and who are his problems. Shivaye thinks I had hope that Tia will help, now Anika is hiding things, I just hope I save family from unknown enemy. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya see the trolley. Anika thinks its empty trolley, where did Aryan go. They look for Aryan. They get shocked seeing him inside firewood. Om says something is wrong, what were they hiding. Dhol plays. ShivOmru smile and do bhaangra. Pandit and someone lights fire. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya run and remove the firewood. Shivaye asks shall we ask Anika, Gauri and Bhavya to come for Bhaangra. Khanna says I got the pandit who conducted Rudra and Soumya’s marriage. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya pull out Aryan and fall back. They see the holika burning. They take Aryan with them. Veer looks on.

Khanna says this is the pandit. Shivaye asks Rudra is he the one. Rudra recalls and says we were drunk and thought its some shooting going on, but yes he is the one, he said Soumya and I got married. Shivaye scolds the pandit and says I can send you jail for this. Pandit says sorry, I did a mistake, I m not a pandit, I m a small time actor, Soumya paid me and asked me to read any mantras for fake marriage. Rudra says it means it was fake marriage. Pandit says yes, everything was a setup, guests were also paid to be there. Shivaye asks him to leave. Rudra says I can’t believe this, such a big betrayal, I considered her my best friend. Om says see the bright side, you won’t have any guilt now. Shivaye says maybe so she couldn’t encash this marriage. Om says if Tej is right, Soumya wants to do it now. Shivaye says it means she wants to marry Rudra. Rudra says I love Bhavya and want to marry her. Shivaye says don’t worry, you love Bhavya and will marry her, Soumya can’t harm you. Om says its fine.

Anika hugs Aryan. Gauri applies ointment to his burn. Anika asks why did you do this. Bhavya asks why did you go there. He says that tall uncle….. They ask who. Gauri says everyone is elder to you here, whom are you talking about. Bhavya says maybe he doesn’t know his name. Anika says he doesn’t know our names, we should tell our names. They cry. Aryan says your name is Anika, yours is Gauri and your name is policewoman/Bhavya. They call him smart. Anika says listen to us now, you will not go anywhere without informing us, say okay. He says okay. They make him promise. Shivaye says this is exactly what I need. Anika sees him and hides Aryan. She asks what are you doing here. Shivaye says I spend time in kitchen, what are you all doing here. Anika says we came here to have water. He says together, you are doing many things together. Anika says so what, unity is strength, why are you jealous of our unity. He says I know you will not answer right, I got to know what you are hiding. They worry.

He moves them aside and sees Aryan. He asks from where did this child come, who is this child. Aryan says Aryan. Shivaye says what did you mutter, nice name. Gauri says its his style. Shivaye says I m Shivaye. Aryan says Papa. He asks who is your dad. Anika says I will tell you, he is Ahluwalia’s son, his wife took purse and forget her son. He asks is he Ahluwalia’s son. Aryan says no. Gauri asks don’t you know your mum, naughty boy. Shivaye says how can she forget her son. Anika says you forgot your wedding, your wife. He says don’t start this again, Mrs. Ahluwalia must be worried, I will call her and say her son is safe. Anika takes phone and asks will you call her, you are trying to be Tia’s lover, I understand, you are not interested in your wife. He asks what. Bhavya says Aryan is feeling sleepy, lets take him. Shivaye stops them and says I will ask Khanna to drop him, its too late. Anika says I can do my work myself. He asks will you three do this together. Anika says Bhavya and I will go, Gauri will stay here. She gives his phone and goes. Shivaye signs Gauri and asks her. Gauri says I don’t know anything and goes. He says even Gauri left.

Veer says these three saved Aryan’s life and Oberois’ prestige, but this won’t happen tomorrow, its Holi, they will get Aryan in front of everyone after having this bhaang, then Oberois’ respect will be ruined. Shivaye says its Oberois’ Holi, I will make sure Soumya consumes this bhaang, she wants to get Rudra, so she must have planned something, she will reveal the entire truth.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Arpita6

    Hiiiii mere khidkitod pagals. ..sry yarron..i can’t reply…now busy with study…
    Ok come to episode. ..?????????
    Emotional funny planning plotting blackmailing hiding matters from.each other…soo basically now a days..these are happening is IB …..
    Producers doing good but Use of more logic is doing Omm of show..PlzCvs don’t use sooo many logic. ..we can’t handle it..????????…
    Ok.So Rumya saadi was nakli. ???????????? MANGALM BHAGWAN BISHNU
    This song first time played on.IB and i felt goosebumps listening to that….and aftr that it played on shivika saadi.
    Btw That most cutest Kiss from rudy to Somu..??? ( i am.really emotional right now)
    How could Cvs do this.
    I will never forget that cutest kiss..when somu was crying He wiped her tears….That crying was fake?????????????????????????????????????
    .give me answer damn it.
    Ok Arpita calm is just a show……calmdown…calmdown
    . Calm down. …………..
    Ok now i am fine.
    Aryan is sooooo cute…..???????????…………
    And when obahus saved him
    .i remembered pari scenes……both obros and obahus are love kids soooo much….
    And he said autter butter annika..awwwww sooo sweet.
    So Sso caught that boy…When Aryan said AUTTER BUTTER PAPA….thatPapa sound was soooooooo cute.imagine Shivaay’s baby will call him.PAPA…..??????..finger crossed. ……
    Annika and her drama..??????..
    She is like
    Shivaay ..aaap aise kaise kar sakte he…hhamari bitaye hue har ek pyarr ki lamhe kko.aap.kaise bhul sakte he…mere pyarr ko apne thukra diya.. kya pyarr ki kabil nahi hun??????????????????..
    I am imagining it and laughing sooo hard..
    Kisi parayi aurat ke saath baat..????KKR DI HAMARI EYES SE BHATTER BEHE RAHA HE..bass karo..i can’t laugh any more.
    Precap-ha ha haha.???????????????oh god Vanmanush as always phuski…
    Now both are playing AAO BHANG BHANG KHELE..???khelo..
    Ok byy

    1. Banita

      Go Arpu Go..!!!!
      Yeh that kiss nd tear… How could all these things r fake???
      I m very much upset with CVS… They just ruined Somu’s character… It’s dissapointing yaar….
      Nooooo…… I don’t want Shivika’s baby now… Ab toh bahat time hain yaar… So Stop Arpita Stop… Apne dimag ko itna vi tej maat doo da…

      1. He he he…thnx bani..
        Ok i stopped my mind.. ha ha ha.
        Yes Cvs ruined somu character.
        Tere ko.shivika ke bacche chahiye…
        Ate yarr.pehele unhe thoda enjoy toh karlene de……????

    2. Go Arpu Go! ???
      Waise I came only for u …I hate how Gulnert think they are clever in ruining Saumya for the audience. They are happy to continue with this of now nothing in it will make me ever contribute to their TRP.

      The Cvs can keep been whatever state of mind they want and under appreciate the super talented Neha. Ally sympathies and love are only for her for butchering her sweet character..I hope she gets a good role in a show that will appreciate her talent.

      As for the rest every one eventually pays for their Karma..

      Other than that. I only watched Rudy scene to reconfirm butchering of poor sumo that was evident yesterday only..

      Baki the utter butter dialogues are only headache inducing for me despite the cute kid and IB magic is all ruined..I was sticking around for Saumya Gauri n character ruined, one character doesn’t get any meaningful roles and one does get ocassionally..

      But I can’t keep wasting my time on utterly butterly idiotically irritating plots that always chose the worst outcome of all possible great stories..

      EDT I like better because atleast it’s plots don’t make me cringe..

      Arpu probably my last post..unless some miracle happens. Cause I just won’t stand Bhavya anymore, I truly feel that actress should be in some other show..she is utter butter shudder for me.

      1. Hiiiii Niviiiii
        What a pleasant surprise……..
        Oh are sooo much upset with IB…btw miracles what yiu are waiting is not going to happen

        Ok i am happy for pkj..yiu came here after sooo long ….thank you soo much..
        Love yiu as always..
        Kabhi maan kare toh yahan aajana plz

      2. Exact same feeling

      3. Aww Arpu! 🙂

    3. Hello Arpita. At first after so long I am wishing GO ARPITA GO
      See order diya aur mai haazir. Waise sach me kudos to you, such a loyal follower you are of IB. Love you yaar for that. About your plan I would definitely try to be here on that day but please inform me ki wo din kab aayega. Aur dear mujhe IB ke plot ka kuch nai pata so I donno ki comment kya karungi but for PKJ a comment will be there. Aur haan yaar laddu to khana banta hai na uss din kyunki chahe jo bhi ho ek time isi IB ke wajah se hum sab mile the and aisa bond ban gaya hai jo koi kabhi nai tor sakta. Frankly I so miss our Anika didi talks. Uss din jamke karenge.
      Love you. I promise to be here 🙂

    4. Hey Arpu nice analysis. Study hard my dear. Exams come first

    5. Pinku

      Hahahha true arpita…. though I didn’t watch the episode after reading ur review I want to watch it but arpita wassup

    6. Ha ha…..?????
      What an imagination dear…I too want shivika’s baby..shivika or ansh?????
      That track will be simply khidkitod. I wish all the present track to end soon.I can’t bear with anika’s desi look nd ESP her language.. Oh god I can’t stand it

    7. Hi Arpita,
      Just perfect analysis.Awwwwww…..You too want Shivika babies?Me too yaar.Hope cvs will give us baby track for Shivika.That entire marriage,the first marriage of Obros became fake.Cvs ki jai ho.Anyway,let’s hope for the best.Go Arpita Go.Many many congratulations….?

    8. Go arpu Go!! I came here today only for you darling!
      I stopped watching from the day sumo got bhavya back! I can definitely not digest whatever is going on now! Every rumya moment n nok jhok just keep coming as flashes to me! After having made such a decision, am sure that gulneet have no sanity left in them… Deserving fandom is door ki baat.. i feel they don even deserve viewership!
      But here, I will definitely join u to celebrate IB500… definitely not for IB or gulneet.. but for you and for our PKJ!! Love u and ur spirit dear??

  2. Arpita6

    I am.very much upset with rudy…???

  3. Pushpa

    Hi luvly pkjs..
    Hw is life, all of u..
    2days episode was not too bad ….
    I still dun like soumya, cheated rudra on fake marrisge..
    First few minutes 2c attat batter in the woods….AniRivya took him out of the woods & fire …brought him out……
    Even the preast ws nakli, how could she…
    Attar batteer aryan meets attsr batter shivsye singh oberoi…tht was a cute moment
    Lets c whose bhaang works as planned…shivaye or veer..
    Dil hua ishqbaaz.
    Gd nite

    1. Arpita6

      Pusi dear
      .for you dil hua ishqbaaz
      And for me dil Hua bhang baaz..??????

    2. Pushpa

      My lines r missing……dun know wht happen…

    3. Banita

      Heyy Pus di…
      Yeh Ater Buter Shivaay part was Cuteeee nd lovly…
      Ohh..!!! I think bhukad moderation uncle was a little hungry today… That’s why ate ur only some part of comment…LOL

    4. Yes pushpa. I also am waiting for bhaang part. I hope Shivika will eat the bhaang and get romantic. Ha ha

    5. Yes dear..eagerly waiting for the bhaang to work..but I am sad bcoz I wished anika will be back to her khidkitod avatar b4 holi..lekin?????
      Waiting for a dhamaka episode???

  4. Zaveesha

    Hello everyone…
    Episode was all ok…
    Aryan is soo adorable..attar pattar cute…
    I’m excited for Oberois Holi…

    Lots of love…

    1. Arpita6

      Hii Zaveesha yes i am.going good.
      And exam.was good.
      Yes aryan is soooo cute. ..i just gone with awwwwwwww??????

    2. Banita

      Heyy Zavee…
      I m also waiting 4 holi track dr…
      BTW HRU???

      1. Zaveesha

        Hey Banita… I’m doing good…
        What about u??

  5. Arpita6

    Hiiii guys…now listen to me.
    As i told i want all to celebrate completing 500 episode of IB so here is the plan

    All Frnds…now they areso many people who checks written updates but never comment on it.
    So guys i am.inviting all of you……
    We have to give a tribute to. IB..
    So.all my frnds plz come to pkj on that day ..
    Nothing to do.soo much..
    YOU just have to write few things.
    1.Use #ishqbaazhit500 or #ibhit500..
    2.How and from.when you stared to watch IB..or from.which episode you stared the show.
    3. What you learn from.this show..or how your life style i mean your daily routine changed after airing IB.
    4.Which character you love most and why…..
    So.this what we all l
    Have to write and remember you have to use the tag before writting.
    and no negatively about show.. if you want say anything about Bad side of show they say it politely not abusive type.
    Not before

    Plz support. It.
    And spread this meag to all PKJ or TU much as you can..

    1. Arpita6

      And yes..if you don’t like now adays of IB.
      Then atleast come for old ib..which you loved…
      i am kindly requesting all of you.

    2. Darling, do sweet of u to do this, for you I may shout out on twitter..but frankly for me the show doesn’t deserve any fan loyalty anymore..

      , coz of sumo butchering by IB team..

      1. Its ok dear..if yiu don’t want to do it then it completely ok…no prblm.

      2. Ranilya

        Totally agree with you Nivi

    3. Banita

      GR8…. Interesting…

    4. ShinyTirupathi

      Arpita dr whether its in twitter or our PKJ page thoda confuge aagaya?
      How r u dr? i missed ur comments and u the more…

    5. Pinku

      Khidikitod idea arpita pakka I will come pls do let me know the date I have to be here Ok??? We always loved IB and will always do and more than anything else we love u arpita for u we will come pakka

    6. Ranilya

      Hey Arpu dear… I’m here today only for you… I’m not eevn seeing the episodes… I just get updates feom Insta…. I totally dislike the way they have butchered Soumya’s character… gulneet cannot be pardoned for this ever… I wouldn’t mind coming here for the 500th episode… only for the sajenof pkj…. but pls remind me a day before.

    7. Wow,exactly same thing I too thought for celebrating IB’s 500 episode.Let’s do it together?

  6. Banita

    Hlo PKJ….
    Sindhu dr , Hope U r fine now….
    Puja dr, Wow!!!! One more from Odisha…. Gr8… BTW tu kana padhuchu???
    Now coming to epi…
    Wah!!! Yeh Ater Buter Aryan toh bahat hi samajhdaar hain… Khud hi jaa kr dusri trolly mein beth gaya….
    Obohus nd their drama was too Funny…
    PLR – Maarega ya samne aayega….!!!!! Seriously… Marega..!!!!????? They didn’t care about d little boy…. Disgusting…
    Anika – Ater Buter Aryan
    Gouri – Nanhe Kanhu
    Bhvya – Aryan
    I like 1st two one… Ater Buter Aryan nd Nanhe Kanhu… It’s not that I don’t like Bhavya so I don’t like it… It’s just I like these two name more…
    Aniriya saved Ater Buter Aryan…
    In Pari’s track CVS show Pari’s attachment with Obros nd now in Aryan’s track Aryan’s attachment with Obohus….
    When Ater Buter Aryan told Aniriya’s name , that sense was Cute one…
    Finally Shivaay found Aryan…. Ater Buter Shivaay…. Sweet….
    Anika – Ap apni shaadi bhul gaye apni biwi ko bhul gaye…. LOL….
    Precap – Bhang ka maha locha….
    GD NT PKJ….

    1. Arpita6 exam.thil thak.gala..not soo good not soo bad..avrage type…….

      1. Banita

        Ohh..!!! Mora ta internal start vi haeni…
        Yeh waiting 4 bhang ka locha only… LOL…

    2. Yes Banita. I am fine dear. Thanks for asking
      I am with you on Bhavya. Still a bit difficult to accept her and Sowmya being negative. Can’t get over it.

    3. Hi Bani,
      You are absolutely right.That little innocent boy got stuck because of Veer.How I wish I could put that Veer inside Holika!Anyway,yeah Obahus are mingling with ABC Aryan too well.Let’s see what happens today.Bhang ka maha locha?Hehehehe…..Too good yarr????????????

  7. Encash marriage,really Shivaay?You said that thing?Perhaps you have better experience on this encashing matter that’s why you could say like that.Let me tell you,encash is such a word which is not applicable for marriage like institution.It is beyond that word and every other thing.You won’t understand that as you are viewing that fake marriage something like very despicable,totally useless.The way you mentioned that word seems like marriage is some kind of business or deal to crack,outside Oberoi Mansion.Have you forgotten your marriage?If Tia could encash her marriage with you then what would have happened?I am sure you can understand very well as you have very sharp brain to grasp anything.

    1. Marriage is something which doesn’t go with the image and identification of Encash.The way you put that word before marriage,it insulted the importance of marriage indirectly.That indicates your subconscious still holds the feeling of deal regarding marriage and it’s buried deep inside your heart and brain.Otherwise you couldn’t use such word.I agree you were upset because of Soumya’s action but it’s not acceptable someone like you to whom marriage is very valuable and respectful aspect to consider and nurture.You yourself have worked really very hard for your marriage and you know the dignity of it without any doubt.So,why to use such word?

      1. In enmity don’t forget other things which is very sensitive to handle.Maybe for Soumya Kapoor marriage was a toy to play with but for you,marriage is not an object to play even the word”encash”to describe it……………………
        P.S.This particular piece is one and only for the great CVS who have made marriage a totall joke and degraded its value……………….

      2. Luthfa dear..once again yiu nailed it..
        Yes you are right..Sso should not use that word….
        It is not good…
        Don’t know why Cvs are obsessed with these ……
        Make the end game rumya..and finish the all matter.

      3. You are right luftha. Maybe cvs did not get any PHD in literature or English so they just lose my mentioned this word.

        Luftha dear i am fine now. Thanks for asking. Nice analysis on marriage

      4. Arpita,
        Cvs have totally ruined the marriage of Rumya to show Soumya negative.I am not liking it at all.Don’t know what they are thinking.And the way Shivaay mentioned that word just got on my nerves.I don’t think makers will make Rumya end game.Thank you soooooo…..much for your love.Love you?

      5. Sindhu di,
        Hehehe…..It’s not about PhD or English Literature.The context and situation in which cvs made Shivaay utter that word was totally unacceptable for me.They made Soumya negative and now trying to insert negativity in everything she did.Cvs made Rumya’s marriage a deal labelled it with Encash and made it permanent picture.I was not ready for it,that’s it.Anyway,very glad to know that your are well.And thank you sooooooo….much for your love.Love you?

      6. Totaly agree with u dear..that word was not ap with the situation.. How can we encash marriage

      7. Sneha,
        You are right.From which point or angle marriage can be encashed?All is the leela of cvs to make Soumya negative.

    2. Banita

      As always Superbbbb analysis Luthfa… Totally agree with U… cvs just make fun of Rumya’s marriage track… Nd Soumya’s character also…
      Keep writing like this yaar… It’s really Amazing…

      1. Bani,
        Cvs are very very chantomai.How cleverly they used Rumya’s marriage in order to prove her negative!Just mind blowing creativity!I was frustrated and that’s why I couldn’t resist myself to write something like that.Thank you soooooo……much for your love.Love you?

  8. Speak your mind!

    You know what…. i want the kalyani mills truth to come out…. and oberois should be guilty of the crime…. sowmya should have a story of how close she was to her father and brother who died in the fire…. and so she took revenge. These Obros should realise why she did all this… and they should end with Rudra remembering the first time he met sowmya when she consoled him and talked about her brother when shivaye was shot and in hospital… and they should all apologise to each other for all the elders mistake… forget the past, help everyone heal and move on! Serial end!! Next serial short and more realistic!!

    1. Dear……
      It is sounding good but Cvs are already made their mind to settle bhabya..
      What to do???,

  9. Now the great Oberio ‘S hate somu. What did the maker’s Want? .If they want to make somu negative why should they don’t do at first. Really upset with ishqbaaz now a days.They want to make bhavya as lead only by ruin somu’s character. Like’s somu a lot. You are so cute and like your acting. ?

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Ammu…
      Yeh it’s totally disappointing dr… Bhavya can never take Somu’s place in our heart… Me also like Somu more…

    2. Right yarr..Cvs are jist ruining somu character.
      But neha laxmi is doing a great job.

  10. Hi dearest ib fans…..I am a newcommer to the comment section of IB but not this page…
    I really to love to go through the conversations among you guys after reading the update….
    Actually its my daily routine……Since I am preparing for my exams I thought that before making an entry into the grand Pkj family I on the 500th episode of IB I should make a small appearance…….
    But I am also a huge fan of IB like all of you
    Love u…..Gud nyt gals…

    1. Zaveesha

      Hello Sonia…
      Glad that u are happy to be a part of this..
      Welcome from everyone here and keep commenting but after your exams…Best wishes for ur exams..

    2. Banita

      Heyy Sonia….
      ADBOL for ur exams dr…
      I will welcome U on ur grand entry day only…
      Till then TC…
      Lots Of Love….

    3. Hiiii sonia..welcome to pkj…keep commenting and enjoy the fun….
      And glad to see that you enjoying our comments
      Ok rock in your exam..and then come here….
      All the best of good luck.

      1. Welcome sonia. Glad you can be part of PKJ.

    4. Hey dear
      Welcome to our GPKJ family..cmnt whenever u get time.And don’t forget to cmnt on 500th episode as our arpita’s idea
      Take care

    5. Hi Sonia,
      Welcome to PKJ family.That’s really very sweet and kind of you.Do comment after finishing the exams.All the very best for your exams.Achieve best out of best.God bless you.Hoping to meet you soon?

  11. Pushpa

    OMG…where r my text ….moderation uncle my lines r missing!!!!!!!?

  12. Hi guys, hru all. i think GK n cvs is taking this anger frastation n revenge on Rumya fans by showing n making jer more character spoiled day by day.
    1. negetive somu.
    2. then showed her with veer ( as partner in crime)
    3. making her aganist oberoi’s ( shivaye)
    4. made her 3rd kapoor’s daughter.
    5. by involving her in all dirty plans.
    6. now showing all her good deeds ad pre planed n trying to turn all her good deeds to bad deeds.

    I think more than Suriya n Amir khan. cvs is suffering more from Selective Amnesia. becoz
    1. acc to the story line Soumya’s entry in oberoi mansion n rudra’s life was abt 1-1half yrs back then how come they show such a big boy of 4-5 yrs boy ( v its just the fake to mislead oberies) bt still they must show baby of pari’s age.

    2. for the kind info to cvs In India 2000 rs. note was introdued on 10 nov 2016. but the marriage sequence was shown on 5 nov 2016 . tht means she must offer only 1000 n 500 rs notes.then how come it b pre planned.
    3. N always forgets the track line in the story.. poor cvs.

    v know tht IB production(GK) is finacelly weak so they always show same dress weared repeatedlly . but from yest eposoid i came to know tht they r soo poor tht they cant even offer dublicate notes of rs. 1000 n 500.

    cvs if u think by showing her so -ve v hate her n accept rudra n bhavya then sry ur wrong.

    The more u make somu negetive tht much more v hate bhavya.

    increase in -ve somu is directly propostional to increase in hate towards

    1. Banita

      Heyyy Jeevi…
      HRU dr???
      OMG.!!!! itna saara logic… IB can’t take it dr… LOL…
      Duplicate notes ko chodo , they can show 100 rupee bundle…
      Wow!!! Now i m solving my physics problems nd ur directly propostional baade kaam ke aaya…
      Thank U… TC…

    2. Jeevi..dear ishqbaaz can’t handle soo much logic..
      Plz don’t use this. ???????????????……..
      Yes we can’t hate somu…and this is final fact.

  13. Atter Batter Papa?????????????OMM!!!!!!!!!!!!Oh my forever wish to see Ansh with Shivaay and Shivika!!!!!!!!!Plz someone fulfill my wish because these cvs are not going to fulfill my wish.Dear Gul Khan,plz introduce baby track for Shivika.ABC Aryan is sooooooooo……cute.I love you Aryan aka proxy Ansh??????????????????????????

    1. Banita

      Nooo….. Luthfa , kitni jaldi hain yaar tumhe… I dont want child in Shivika’s child soon in their life… BTW CVS pehele KMM toh solve krle…

      1. Ooops sry bani..
        I missed to see that you don’t want sh8vika baby.
        Hmmmm thoda jaldi hojayega……
        Really that AUTTER BUTTER PAPA was soooo cute..they way he said papa… ?????

      2. Hehehehe….Bani,I am not in a hurry at all yaar.To see Ansh and Shivika is my wish from starting of Pari track.ABC Aryan is soooooooo….cute.I just love him a lot.Hope cvs will give us baby track at certain point which will be perfect for showing.
        And Arpita,yeah that part was really very cute.I just couldn’t take my eyes off????????????

  14. Hi,
    Luthfa dear : hru. good n super analysis dear. tq for prays. n wish ur of shivka laal ishq of holi. cvs doesnt disspoint u. love

    Sindhu akka : hru. hope ur r health is completely im fine. s akka its time to show our old anika in her old avatar its long time v hv seen her in jer u akka. tc

    Zaveesha dear: congrats for being 1st yesterday. All the Best for ur

    Kadhambari di: ya Aryan looks cute n lovely. S cvs mudered our somu’s character. lots of love. tc.

    Banita dear: OO then kinars words for somu……..sad….S Neha di is also rocking all her character. off course dear v always like our cuty pi somu. lots of love. tc.

    Arpita dear: Hru. hope u hv rocked ur internals. s dear i think kasam serial’s air as turned towards IB of dragging the story. i dont feel tht cvs will reveal km mistery now. lots of

    Ammu dear: hru. Even i cant accept somu -ve character bt v cant change dear. always love rumya.. tc.

    Riana dear : hru. I agree with u tht cvs cant make us

    1. Dear..just hope KM mystery should slove soon.
      We are waiting for it since sooooo long.

    2. Welcome sonia. Glad you can be part of PKJ.

    3. Hello jeevi dear. I am fine. Thanks for asking
      Hope you are good. Nice analysis

    4. Hi Jeevi,
      I am good dear,thank you so much.Hope you are also doing great.Yeah hope so that cvs will give us proper Shivika special Holi.Let’s see what is waiting for us.Thank you soooooooo….much for your love.Lots of love from my side.God bless you?

  15. Shekhar

    So at last it has been come up, VEER has been introduced only to speak the great dialogues and then to make PAPPU out of great DON OF GOA all the time . The little ANT , SK is making fun out of him, and left nothing remain to insult him in anyway. Not a single plan of PAPPU got succeed even to swear and after each failure, he deliver another great dialogue only to make us laugh loud.

    Anyway, if we comes over the MAKING OF PAPPU, then it is also to note it down, we most viewers are also not fall in exception zone. Stepping out from the CHARACTER ANNIKA, SC is moving around with baseless mimic in support of VEER to provide us the ODD MIXTURE of FUN+THRILLS+SECRETS with two co workers GOURI & BHAVYA, and serving us more worst ODD MIXTURE than any 3rd grade movie with third rated characters with 3rd rated plots.

    So CVS will keep all these crap over looking the what they had shown and said in past epis, and challenging even the low IQ of viewers . It is useless to keep hope against any hope from these CVS to come up with any solid and meaning full story line.

  16. RuMya marriage is fake?? Like seriously?? Then, how about RiKara’s marriage?? That was fake too!! No Pandit, no mantras and he didn’t tie mangalsutra too!! At least, Rudra tied mangalsutra for Soumya!! In RiKara case, that also Om didn’t do!! If RuMya marriage is fake , RiKara marriage also fake!!!
    Rudra is the one breaks Soumya’s fast during Karwa chauth!! After ShivIka wedding, both of them too are involved in a game where they have to find the ring!! Now, they are showing that their marriage is fake!!!

  17. Your show is getting shittier day by day. The sanity of the show was it used to end matters quickly and start a new mystery. I don’t even know how these fans are liking this show still so much. It isn’t slowly becoming like those Ekta Kapoor serials where Mihir reunited with his family after death three or four times.

    1. may be right that ishqbaaz is some where losing its dignity..
      But we are watching show bcoz we love it..
      We are hooked to IB bcoz whatever show do with us still we love our actors and some character whom we love.
      Com se cum Saas bahu ka drama like not going na…….
      Sry if my words hurt you

  18. Finally Shivomru know what scheme happened in rumya’ s marriage. Sowmya took marriage as sort of child’s play. Their mothers never explain the true value of marriage. To her everything is a revenge and even marriage.

    The first scene of the episode was emotional. I was sad for Aryan. That butter boy innocently went to the holidakan and sat quietly to eat. Veer and Sowmya do not care whether he comes out or he dies. What mother and son are these? How would Roop feel if veer was burned alive? This is what we say selfishness. To take revenge selfishness has overwhelmed them disregarding a young child’s life. Anika was very emotional when she saw Aryan almost going to be burnt alive. Oh dear she was the one who was in tears. Gauri and Bhavya too but Anika was the one who showed the emotions like Aryan was a child.

    The kitchen scene was so funny. Shivaay and Aryan combination was awesome!!! Too bad Aryan did not do the signature style of SSO.
    Anika stopped Aryan too soon. Actually Anika should tell Shivaay the truth. If Anika trusts Shivaay in everything and vice versa so then where is the trust in this on Aryan”s case.

    Gauri and Bhavya listen to Anika as she is the older bahu but anika should confide in Shivaay as she knows fully well that Aryan is not Shivaay’s son and this pre planned. In this regard sometimes I find that when Shivaay hides something Anika gets irritated and becomes argumentative. Now when Anika hides from Shivaay, shivaay has to just patiently find out. I know they don’t want to trouble Shivomru but isn’t this more troubling when the husbands are figuring out what their biwis are hiding.

    I hope every one is doing fine and have a good day ahead.

    1. Hii Sindhu dear…
      Yes you are right………….
      Annika should tell truth to Sso..
      And how is your health now ????

      1. Arpu dear I am fine. Better now and thanks for asking. I agree that I love IB too much regard less of whether it is logical or not. I love all the stars and the only serial I watch religiously. Hope others do not condemn it too much

    2. Hi Sindhu di,
      I agree with you completely.Veer is a heartless person who doesn’t mind risking the life of a small innocent kid.His revenge is everything for him nothing else.Shivika are just like that.Don’t want to bother another with tensions.Shivaay needs to do something quickly.Let’s see what happens today.Take care.Love you di?

  19. I mfeeling bored with ishqbaaz track nowdays and no logic at all.

    1. Dr Malar dear..IB and Logic can’t stand with each other…..
      Put logic aside..
      Yes…now a days IB is not showing logic in big thing also..
      Hope for the best

  20. Good morning to all my Gpkj Brothers and sisters.yesterdays episode was too good.o’bahus motherly feelings for after batter Aryan I just loved it?????. yes lights di you are right marriage is a sacred relationship.not only between the bride and groom but also between two families and two customs.its not a child is made in heaven a beautiful bonding to bring them together soumya did her life’s biggest blunder by using marriage like relation to fulfill her desire to destroy the oberois.BTW lights di me teacher ship ki training le rahi hu.isliye Hume bachon ki padhane ke liye criticism plan deliver Karna hoga.Please bless me and wish me you Di?????????

    1. Hi PUJA,
      Yeah three of them were so worried for Aryan.It’s lovely to see them bonding with him.Oberois always fail to recognise the value of marriage at first place.All their marriages faced this or that problems and will continue to face.Their enemies are taking the advantage of this weakness.Anyway,wow,that’s really very cool.I am so proud of you.All the very best and lots of sweet wishes and love from my side.God bless you?

  21. Anika s going overboard nw.ybshe s involving tia n shivaays matter nw.cant she just tl d truth y she s acting lyk a mahaan.she want shivaay to tl evrythn wen he hides something if nt she will fight nd aggressive.nw wat she s doing?she s irritating shivaay nd viewers nw.still ppl support anika if shivaay says abt tia lyk nw anika s doing den ppl wl start bashing him.

  22. Nikita_jai29

    Are cvs is having a big stock of bhanng… Jab dekho bhanng ko involve kr dethe h… Arpu dear your idea is lovely

  23. Hi my dears. Glad to be here. i am a new commenter of this page. I am a big fan of IB especially ANIKA.

    @Arpita sometimes ur comments make me laugh.Everyday there must be a smile from my side to ur comments.

    @luthfa one word to describe ur comments “awesome”.

    All of ur comments were nice.i’m so happy that here aft i’m also to be a part of that.

    As we are going to give a tribute to IB.I want to introduce myself to u that’s why i come here.
    But i came here in a wrong time. Yes i’m writing 11th board exams.I have to handle heavy portions so i may not be regular here. But definitely i’ll read ur comments.

    I will come at the day of the tribute. Take care guys……………

    1. Hello Susi,
      Welcome to PKJ family.That’s really very sweet and kind on your part.I am so happy that you have come to visit PKJ despite the pressures of exams.Do comment after finishing the exams.All the very best.And thank you soooooo…..very much for your such sweet and precious love.Thank you once again.Hoping to meet you soon.God bless you?

      1. Thank u luthfa sis for ur kind words and love…..U will going to get a lovely sister soon??……yes it’s me sis…..i’ll come soon….TAKE CARE….

  24. Hi my dear ibians. Glad to be here. i am a new commenter of this page. I am a big fan of IB especially ANIKA.

    @Arpita sometimes ur comments make me laugh.Everyday there must be a smile from my side to ur comments.

    @luthfa one word to describe ur comments “awesome”.

    All of ur comments were nice.i’m so happy that here aft i’m also to be a part of that.

    As we are going to give a tribute to IB.I want to introduce myself to u that’s why i come here.
    But i came here in a wrong time. Yes i’m writing 11th board exams.I have to handle heavy portions so i may not be regular here. But definitely i’ll read ur comments.

    I will come at the day of the tribute. Take care guys……………

  25. Hi my dear ibians??. Glad to be here. i am a new commenter of this page. I am a big fan of IB especially ANIKA??.

    @Arpita sometimes ur comments make me laugh.Everyday there must be a smile from my side to ur comments?.

    @luthfa one word to describe ur comments “awesome”??.

    All of ur comments were nice.i’m so happy that here aft i’m also to be a part of that.?

    As we are going to give a tribute to IB.I want to introduce myself to u that’s why i come here.
    But i came here in a wrong time?. Yes i’m writing 11th board exams.I have to handle heavy portions ???so i may not be regular here. But definitely i’ll read ur comments.

    I will come at the day of the tribute. Take care guys……………☺☺

  26. Hi Arpita,
    Just perfect analysis.Awwwwww…..You too want Shivika babies?Me too yaar.Hope cvs will give us baby track for Shivika.That entire marriage,the first marriage of Obros became fake.Cvs ki jai ho.Anyway,let’s hope for the best.Go Arpita Go.Many many congratulations….?

  27. Hi Jeevi,
    I am good dear.Thank you so much.Hope you are doing great.Yeah hope so that cvs will give us proper Holi for Shivika.Thank you soooooooooo……very much for your love.Lots of love from my side.God bless you?

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